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SPOUSE stretch out too long couple


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
The Spouse Trap - (spouse.txt) - Sisterly love gets tested as
identical twins Linda and Lila use each other to get a new husband
and cheat on the old one. M/F- lite b&d, flashing, F/F inc.

The Spouse Trap
Given her tastes, the fuss she was putting up over a few little
pricks was surprising. Linda was the kinky adventurer and she was
squirming in the chair like the tattoo artist was torturing her.
"This better be the last tattoo you ever get," she said between
clenched teeth.
"Quit being a baby," scolded Lila, "I thought you'd like this.
You're the one into pain."
Linda screetched and the young man pulled the needle away
for a moment.
"We can take a break if you need it," he suggested.
"No, just get it over with," Linda growled.
"She is just making a scene so I feel like she's really doing
something special for me," Lila said.
It was a strange story that stood out from a collection of
strange stories for the young man. He thought he was seeing double
when they walked in his parlor. He remembered one of them from
the week before. It was an interesting memory.
She wanted evil Tweetie put on her shoulder and she had
insisted on sitting on the stool in front of him topless while he worked.
She wasn't in the front window, but she wasn't that hard to see.
He had more foot traffic in the shop during the process than
he usually got in a year. They were all- 'just looking."
Now he was putting an identical tattoo in the identical place
on the identical twin. They had stressed how important it was that
they couldn't be told apart. Linda had opted to lay on the bench like
a normal customer and this time Lila's topless chest faced away from
the window as she bared her shoulder for reference.
"Damn, that looks good." Lila said as the young man wiped
off his work. "Wanna see what it looks like, sis?"
The kid reached for a mirror, but Lila stepped in front of her
sister and showed her the one on her own shoulder.
"It looks just like this," she said.
It had been the only week of their life that there had been any
difference in the two. There had never been any difference in size or
detail to tell them apart. Neither even had any intimate little marks
or blemishes to use as reference. They were that identical.
And now they were identical again. That is, as far as their
appearance went. Linda was still the one who held dark secrets and
Lila was still the one that would shout anything to the world for no
But they were sisters and try as they might to hide it, they
loved each other as only identical twins can. Deep down they even
understood why the other was the way she was.
"Now's the time to get drunk and show off your new tattoo,"
Lila suggested.
Linda knew what she meant. Lila would like nothing better
than the two of them to pull off their shirts in a bar and cause a
mini-riot as they showed off identical flesh and identical tattoos to
the amazement and delight of the crowd.
But Linda had other things on her mind. Sure, she'd say that
Lila talked her into the tattoo and there was little Dennis could do
now, but she still worried about his reaction. He thought she was too
soft when it came to her sister.
Dennis always said that it was Lila's turn to give in. He
hammered away on the point that Lila would cave if Linda put her
foot down. It was irritating to hear it over and over. And she certainly
couldn't say anything to change his mind.
It was in her best interest to let him think Lila was the strong
one. He wouldn't like to know that it was his wife that had forced
her sister to take her place while she had affairs.
Lila liked the idea, but not the performance. Fooling Dennis
appealed to her sense of fun, but not hanging naked in the basement
while he teased her. But she had to do it for her sister.
The tattoo was Lila's turn to be in charge. It was the nature
of their personalities that Lila's ideas were public and known and
Linda's were secretive. Most people thought Lila was the controlling
one when in reality Linda was probably the stronger.
"Does that mean you think I've been naughty?" Linda said in
her little girl voice.
It wasn't working. She had a dim hope she could deflect his
frustration by turning it into part of their erotic play. If she could
turn him on, he wouldn't be able to look at the tattoo so negatively. It
wasn't working.
"What the fuck is it?" Dennis asked.
"It's from the Ocar-winning cartoon," Linda said.
Dennis rolled his eyes. He didn't like it when she tried to
bullshit him.
"Like you're so into that crap," he said. "Lila made you do
something stupid again. Admit it."
"I don't think it's that bad," Linda pouted. "There's a lot to it-
metaphorically- and it's cute."
"Like a metaphor of doing something because your
hare-brained sister did it first?" Dennis was not cooling off.
She didn't want to argue. There was no point. It was the
same argument, different day. It was done. There was no reason to
go over the same things again and again because of the tattoo.
"Then why don't I get "spank me" tattooed on my butt and
make Lila get one too?" Linda offered.
He threw up his hands and walked away. She knew that
would infuriate him. He loved their kinky games, but he was also
ashamed of them. Or maybe it was having a secret that was part of
the excitement. In either case, he wanted nothing that broadcast his
private leather fantasies to the world.
They had that argument when Linda wanted to have her
nipples pierced. She thought he'd be hot to tie her breasts by the
rings, but he was horrified by the idea. Even when she said she
wouldn't have to wear the rings all the time, he was sure someone
would notice the holes.
It wasn't a realistic fear, but that didn't matter. Dennis wanted
their sex life private and inviolate. Her revenge was sharing it with her
sister. Lila knew exactly what Dennis thought of her. He had said it to
her face more times than he could imagine.
It was shaping up to be one of those nights. Dennis would
sulk and not get over it until late. Then he would start with the- honey,
I just meant... explanation that he thought his wife should not be such a
follower of her crazy sister.
Linda called Lila. Let her sister sit through the fallout of what
she had started.
"I fuck your husband more than you do," Lila complained.
"When do I get to be the wild party girl?"
"He won't be in the mood tonight. Certainly not for any more
than the old crawl on and crawl off before falling asleep," Linda
assured her. "And you can have a life when you get a life."
"When do I get a chance babysitting Dennis the Drabarian?"
Lila whined.
"You want a man?" Linda asked her. "You want me to play
Lila tonight and get you a man of your own?"
Lila licked her lips. It wasn't the thought of a man that had
images swirling in her brain. She was thinking of Linda flitting around a
bar, teasing guys and offering them a private look at her new tattoo.
The thought of Linda playing Lila turned her on more than
being Lila herself. It was so sexy to think of her twin crawling into her
own skin. It was more intimate than mere sex could ever be.
"Yes, get me one," she whispered into the phone. "Get me a
good one that I'll like a lot."
Dennis just turned away when Lila walked into the house. She
had been through it as much as her sister, but it didn't irritate her a bit.
She thought it was convenient when he ignored her. She could take
up the space left by her twin and get through it hassle free.
She went into the bedroom to see what Linda was reading
this time. She preferred best sellers and Linda always read non-fiction,
but Lila didn't mind learning something every once in a while.
"You might as well read, because I'm not in the mood for
anything else tonight," Dennis told her as she emerged with the book
in her hand.
"Suit yourself," Lila told him. "We go over it and over it and
I'm tired of the same argument. We'll wait until we cool off."
She sometimes wondered what Linda saw in Dennis, but she
didn't want to find out. He was one of the least interesting men in the
world to her and that worked out for the best under the
circumstances. She wasn't tempted at all and since she seemed to
always get called on to substitute when Dennis was going to be a shit,
it worked out.
"Okay, let's see it," Dennis said finally.
Lila knew exactly what he was talking about. She opened
only as many buttons as needed- like Linda would do- and pulled
her blouse down from the tattoo.
"What's it a metaphor for?" Dennis stumbled over the
unintentional tongue-twister.
"The difference between external representation and internal
reality- that you can't judge a book by its cover," she said.
"Like no one can tell you from your dipshit sister now you
have that tattoo," Dennis baited.
Lila was too cool to laugh at the irony. That was at the core
of their successful deceptions. She just did Linda.
"I don't want to hear it," she warned and started to pull up her
"No, wait," Dennis said quickly, "I want to get used to it. It's
a shock, you know."
"And you didn't even have needles digging into you for half an
hour," Lila snapped.
Linda would have said the same thing. But Lila wasn't sure if
she would have expected Dennis' change in attitude or not.
"Was it, was it good?" Dennis swallowed after the false start
before finishing the queston.
Lila knew what he meant and didn't like the direction this was
going. But she was playing Linda and she knew what her twin would
"No. It hurt. It just hurt. There was nothing sexy about the
pain," she said.
"Do you think it would have been sexy if I was doing it?" he
asked, sounding more and more dreamy.
"Maybe." Lila/Linda said to him and then turned on him. "Are
you fantasizing about the very tattoo you've been telling me how much
you hate all day?"
"I'm trying to get used to it," he defended himself.
"Then next time why don't you try to get used to it BEFORE
you get all huffy," she said.
"You know it wasn't the tattoo. It was..." he trailed off. "You
know what it was and that's been why we've been fighting again."
He was offering a truce and Lila knew why. His pants had
creased the wrong way or one ball had bumped the other and he was
horny. That automatically took precedence over arguments. He
wanted to patch it up to get into her pants.
That was another thing wrong with Dennis. He was way too
verbal. He had to hear permission before he'd do anything. Lila
preferred men that would have started kissing her neck to make up
rather than run their mouths.
But Linda said those guys were one-trick ponies and had no
way to expand their horizons. Verbal men discussed things and could
progress as they exchanged ideas. And right now she was Linda.
"And now you're feeling the pinch of your self-imposed stand
and you want to take it back without giving in," Linda said through
Self-imposed? Lila was surprised she knew the word, much
less could use it in a sentence. But sometimes it was that way. It was
part of being identical. She sometimes thought Linda had space in her
brain like a web-page on a server. She knew she heard the echo of
Linda thinking whenever she was thinking thoughts of her own.
"I'm dealing with it," Dennis said. "I had to get over the
feeling you're trying to become Lila when it's Linda I love. I'm getting
used to the idea that the tattoo doesn't make you Lila, but you don't
know how pleased I was when she had a tattoo and you didn't. It was the
first time I had seen you two try and establish separate personalities."
"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"
Lila had a very Puck-like feeling as she listened to this
humorous drivel from her sister's husband. He had no concept and it
was her job to make sure he remained that way. But she couldn't help
but toy with the unsuspecting man.
"Can't you tell us apart?" she pouted.
"Of course I can, honey, you're nothing like Lila," he confided,
"I just wish you'd make more of the difference than the sameness."
Lila had to fuck him after that. He had been too perfect of a
boob for her to not take pity on. His darling "Linda" had exacted her
pound of flesh and was ready to give in.
It wasn't that she minded Dennis as a lover. He wasn't bad in
bed even when he was deep in some domination fantasy. He just
didn't get along with Lila. When she was Linda he treated her very
At the moment she was reaping the benefits of his sheepish
retreat from his indefensible position. He was covering her knees with
kisses as he slid off her shoes and socks. There was going to be some
big-time toe-sucking to make her forget his foolishness.
Just as her sister had learned to become her to deal with the
unsettling feeling of toe worship, Linda had learned to tap Lila's needy
psyche when she showed men her breasts.
She didn't mind the actual hungry looks any more than Lila
minded the feeling of a tongue exploring her toes. It was simply a
matter of submerging their opinions under the mask of the other.
It wasn't her. It was Lila flashing the guys a peek. And she
had to admit that Lila's way made for better pickings. It was a bit
harder picking the one Lila would pick.
Her twin liked them big and dumb- we're talking Jethro
Clampett- to Linda's way of thinking. Lila would say she wanted a
man that acted from his heart rather than thought out a plan of attack.
But even Lila wouldn't have liked the guy that kept trying to
grope her. Too stupid or too drunk to understand 'no' wasn't
attractive to either twin. Robbie just happened. He was perfect. From
the time he told the other yahoo to buzz off, Linda kept getting pangs
of regret.
She wanted this one herself. Even though it would be her own
sex she would surrender to him later, she knew it would be Lila he
would be fucking. It was only the fact that she loved her sister so
much that made her go through with it.
Robbie was non-threateningly physical from the start. He liked
to touch and Linda knew Lila would like that. As she fed him the non-
verbal clues that she would be leaving with him, his touch became
arousing without being overtly sexual. He carressed her waist and
breathed on her ear in ways that told her he would be dynamite when
he turned that same attention to erogenous zones.
He nearly made her cum when he was drawing patterns on
her knee while they exchanged small talk. He was certainly the
exception to what Linda saw as the -grope first and don't even ask
questions later- school of non-verbal male. He seemed to appreciate
her reactions and learn what made her crazy and what didn't.
She found she couldn't have been more right when she finally
got him home- to Lila's apartment. Lila-style, she had thrown off her
clothes and stood naked by the bed crooking her finger at him.
Robbie-style, he had taken off only his shirt and approached
her slowly. She knew he wanted her to touch him like he would
touch her and Lila would have just done it instinctively. It did make
his own explorations spirited.
Linda was positively tingling all over when Robbie wrapped
his arms around her and lowered her to the bed. She appreciated the
fact he didn't dawdle. She was way past the point to be tittilated by
some slow revelation of his cock. He just pushed his clothes down
and stepped out of them, his nicely sculpted cock swinging a little with
the movement.
Somehow Dennis had made her panties disappear while he
was running his tongue between her toes. Lila couldn't remember
when it had happened.
That became an issue when he stood between her legs and
lifted Linda's skirt. She was naked and blossomed under it. She
could see how open she was over the hairy mound of her pubis.
How much she became Linda always amazed her. Lila didn't
like either the subserviance of having her feet licked or the bold,
quick entrance that followed. But there was no faking in the moan that
came out of her as Dennis slid into her.
Whoever she was, she was more than ready for that cock.
It felt like just what she had been missing as Dennis stuffed her full.
He may have bypassed the build-up, but he wasn't short-changing
her on the execution. Even Lila wanted it when he began to move his
cock in and out of her.
"Damn! You feel so good inside! There's not another pussy like this in the world," Dennis enthused as he slipped his cock
deliberately in and out of her.
Maybe not other than the one he thought he was fucking, Lila
mused. She had begun pulling him into her with her heels without
noticing. It was making her cunt rock on his intruding member in a
way that was ripping away her control.
Having his cock inside her turned out to not be a big deal for
Linda. Somewhere while he was enthralling her with his tongue, it had
gone inside her. She was minimally aware he was in her as he lifted
her breasts to kiss her nipples.
It was only when his hand slipped under her to cup her
tailbone that something told her it was about to be significant. He was
nuzzling her neck when he lunged the first time and Linda was
kick-started into the startled realization that he meant to shatter the
calm he had so studiously constructed.
She felt every bit as dominated as she had bound to the bed
as Robbie pushed deep inside her and seated his cock with a little
jab at the end. Now it was his feasting on her throat that slipped
beneath her notice. She felt like a doll in Robbie's arms as he held
her bottom and thrust his cock into her.
Her fingers travelled up und down his back to the rhythm of
his thrusts. It seemed to ignite him to further exertions toward their
mutual passion.
Neither twin said anything. It sometimes took a moment to
remember who they were and the silence was a way of covering that.
For Linda it was no problem. Robbie didn't really know her anyway.
Lila had the advantage of recognizing Dennis. She kind of liked him
right after he had made her cum.
Linda could only describe Robbie to Lila and say he
promised to call. If he did, she told her twin, she wouldn't be
disappointed. Linda could have guessed Dennis' actions, but it was
standard procedure for them to fill each other in.
They were always late to work on the day after a switch.
Robbie called Lila that night. He wanted to assure her it
wasn't a one-night stand for him. He could tell that they were very
much the same kind of people by the way they made love together.
It wasn't a line, he said, he thought people revealed themselves more
by their physical interactions than they did any other way.
Lila didn't swallow that whole, but she gave him points for
thinking it might work on her. It was the kind of thing she'd like to
believe, but she hadn't been the one under him in those magical
She had faith in Linda's impersonation but not her selection.
She had married Dennis after all. This Robbie wouldn't notice
anything different in her manner unless it was a sudden dislike of him.
Then again, he wouldn't have to be perfect to be fun. She made a
date with him for Friday.
"I'll switch with you if you don't want to take the chance,"
Linda told her on the phone.
"Yeah, and every date until the wedding and then I guess I'm
stuck with Dennis for the honeymoon," Lila chided. "You just want to
swap- make me take Dennis."
"No, I guess not," Linda admitted, "But I won't mind getting
filled in for you any time you want."
"If we become an item, that will be swapping." Lila reminded
her sister.
"Well, I really think you'll like him," Linda said. "And I mean
you especially. I wasn't looking to please me. I was thinking what you
would like."
"I'm sure he'll be better than pot luck," Lila agreed.
Lila loved her sister more than ever from the first moment she
saw Robbie. He was indeed just what she liked. From the way he
stood to the way he looked at her, he was perfect.
If she had been at the bar herself, she would have picked him.
She was torn between being grateful to Linda and mad that she had
been the one to fuck him first.
The jealousy only got worse when they got to her place and
Robbie started in on her. She had the same reaction to Robbie's
tracings on her arm that Linda had to his patterns on her knee. She
wanted him then, but she let him seduce her at his own pace and
tried to keep from hyper-ventilating with the excitement.
"I like it better when you let me undress you," he said as he
opened her blouse one button at a time with a pause between each
one to toy with the uncovered skin.
It was driving Lila crazy, but crazy in a good way. She
wanted to consume all of him. She wanted to grab him by the
shoulders and ram his entire body inside herself. She felt that was
what she would need to fill the void he was creating inside her.
She didn't let him have the control Linda had given him,
however. She was active in getting him as naked as he was making
her and at an accelerated pace.
When she tugged at his pants, Robbie moved the proceedings
into the bedroom by picking her up and carrying her there. When he
set her down, Lila let go of his pants and they dropped as well. Lila
was not content to wait. She intercepted Robbie as he put his knee
on the bed and sucked his hard cock into her mouth.
Now she gave him a taste of his own medicine as she
leisurely explored his dick with her tongue. He made her resolve
difficult as he found her ears and began to tickle them. She pumped
up and down his cock faster and faster and Robbie used her loss of
control to roll her on her back and climb between her legs.
He didn't fuck around with stealth this time. Lila knew he was
putting his cock in her when he got over her. By that time it was
blessed relief. She wrapped around him like a constrictor and he
braced himself on his elbows to thrust into her.
He needed all the leverage he could get as she pulled herself
up on him to make their joining like the twining of two snakes. At
times she was hanging suspended from his body as she sought to
impale herself on his cock.
Neither of them could sustain their level of excitement or
exertion for very long. Lila stopped trying to resist first and let
Robbie pin her to the bed with his pleasurable spike.
It was as if her orgasm was the finish line. Lila had stiffened
and begun to tremble with the waves of climax when his thrusts
became jerky and she knew he was filling her spasming sex with his
He rolled politely off her to sink to the bed, but he didn't
drift off to sleep as so many had before. Instead Lila realized he was
staring at her intently. She thought it was sweet, but there was
something besides admiration in his look. At the edges it was a
"You're a wonderful lover," Lila said.
She meant it, but she had said it to see if that was what he
wondered as he studied her.
"You are two," he said, knowing she would not hear the
spelling in his speech.
"I'm glad you called. I hope you call again," Lila said
carefully, trying not to sound too demanding. "We do relate well on
the physical level."
"I like it even better this time," Robbie said, biting off the
addendum he was dying to make.
He left after a much more leisurely fuck and breakfast the
next morning. Lila didn't want to see him go, but as soon as the door
closed behind him, she was on the phone.
"He's like a god," she told her twin. "You made a marvellous
"I'm jealous, you know," Linda said. "I felt that way the whole
time I was with him, knowing I would have to give him to you."
"You're jealous?" Lila mocked, "How do think I felt when he
started to make love to me? You had him first and I was with Denny
Dirtymind instead. How do think I feel about that trade?"
"I'm sure the comparison helped make him seem more
exciting," Linda bluffed. "I think it's a good idea if you keep it in
perspective like that. So when he calls again, I'll take over- just to
help you out, you know."
Lila laughed into the phone and then turned serious.
"No, really, thank you for finding him," she said, being
straight. "He is so much more than just a great bedpartner."
"Do I hear the sounds of true love?" Linda teased.
"Yes. No joke," Lila was serious. "He was like an
inescapable conclusion from the moment I saw him. There's
something about him. He is just so right."
Linda knew the tone. She had heard in in her own voice
when she talked abut Dennis. Her sister sounded like she'd found the
right man- finally.
"You know? This says a lot about you," Dennis was saying
as he traced the Tweety tattoo on her shoulder. "You look so
innocent on the surface, but there's a grinning evil inside you."
Linda was tied to the headboard laying over a pile of pillows
that elevated her rump. Her ankles were loosely tied to the footboard
to give her slack to kick her feet, but not to pull away from her perch.
"I guess I'll have to beat you until Tweety stops smiling," he
said and smacked his belt down on her unprotected rear.
"No! I've been good!" she protested.
"Do you know how much I have to beat a liar?" he
threatened and brought the belt down sharply again.
"Please! I've learned my lesson! No more!" she begged.
"No more lies?" he asked, cracked the belt against her
rapidly reddening cheeks again and raised his arm for another as he
added, "Or no more mercy?"
It truely, truely hurt when he whipped her with the belt. He
wasn't putting on a show. But it was a necessary contrast to go from
the real pain of the belt to his real lust when he moved behind her
and fucked her ferverently from behind.
That she had no say in which she received or when was at
the core of the naughty thrill for Linda. And she liked the words that
told her she was a nasty whore, dirty slut, nothing more than a
fuckhole as his cock took its pleasure from her helpless body.
Degeneracy was useful when the guilt of being a degenerate
made the sex better.
For Dennis it was more complicated. Suffice it to say his
needs were met in their play while remembering that he was blissfully
unaware of the most basic realities in his life. In other words,
Dennis thought he was satisfied, but what did he know?
Her sister's sudden romance had Linda more giddy than Lila.
That was understandable. She would be insulated if the whole thing
imploded and collapsed. Lila was trying to take a more even-
tempered approach against that twist of fate.
How much did she know, Lila asked herself. Robbie had
liked fucking Linda enough to come back for seconds. Did he like
fucking her enough to try again? Was the lure of a sure thing enough
to draw him back? And if it did, was that all it was? Was she just
easy pussy, or did Robbie feel about her the way she felt about
The right answers meant so much to Lila that Linda's easy
optimism was irritating. Miss Merry Sunshine wasn't reassuring her
at all. Linda's talk of wedding plans were downright infuriating.
Lila felt her sister was tempting fate in her superstitious fear.
"Its been two dates. Get serious," Lila told her twin.
"I can tell the fire is there," Linda insisted.
"You mean me or Robbie?" she asked, "because it takes two
and the guy is usually the hard one to convince."
"Oh come on, he thought he was knocking off an easy piece
and then he found he had to call back," Linda encouraged. "That
means he was smitten."
Lila wasn't taking the bait. She had doubts and she was
holding on to them.
"And it was you he was smitten with. How do you know I
didn't scare him off on his second try?" Lila maintained her gloom.
"Because he has no clue," Linda said. "As far as he's
concerned this hot woman has fucked him like he's never been
fucked two different nights. How can he not fall in love?"
The obvious retort was telling Linda Robbie was deeper than
that, but Lila wasn't sure. He did have a remarkable sense of touch.
She now believed that he did understand people on a non-verbal
level and that he spoke fluent body language, but so does a pet
She didn't know anything about Robbie other than he made
her ache to have him again. Her body was in love with his. She was
struggling with how the rest of her felt.
Dennis had done an 180 on the tattoo. It was another little
secret he could feel smug about and which said nothing revealing
about their out-of-the-ordinary sex life.
Linda understood the feeling. While the tattoo wasn't as big
an issue to her, the joy of knowing the reality wasn't what it seemed
externally- that is with her clothes on- was her kind of secret thrill.
Dennis could focus on it in a way that let him exorcise his
feelings about Lila under the guise of playing their sexual games. She
was biker slut one time and branded whore property the next, but
the tattoo was Lila and he was really punishing her for having such a
interfering sister.
That he was punishing the interfering sister directly on at least
two occasions never entered his head.
But mostly Dennis was with Linda now. Lila resisted Linda's
suggestions to switch much more since Robbie loomed on the
horizon. The naughty thrill and the sex itself had paled when he came
on the scene.
The crisis came in their afterglow when Robbie had just
finished fucking Lila on the fourth date. It was a calculated risk on
his part, but he was tired of biting his tongue.
"I guess you two are done double-teaming me then?" he
asked out of nowhere.
It didn't register with Lila. She couldn't turn it around into
any sequence of words that made sense. What two he meant was a total
mystery to her.
"What?" she asked.
"Pulling the switch on me. Is that over?" he asked.
"The switch?" Lila had a vision of an electric chair, but the
realization of what he was saying was burrowing up through her
"I wonder every time I come over which one you will be," he
said. "No complaints either way, but I do wonder."
As soon as the realization dawned on her, Lila tried to deny
it. It was just guilty knowledge coming to the surface. She couldn't
be faked out that easily. There was no way he could tell. No one
had ever been able to tell.
"Who do you want me to be?" she tried to switch the
momentum, "You've been so good to me, I'll do anything to be good
for you."
"You've been good to me too, baby, but I think you know
that's not what I'm talking about," he started. "You must be twins and
I bet you've gotten away with it for a long time."
Lila was in a panic. She didn't know what to say. It could be
a wild guess, she hoped. Maybe he thought all women were twins.
Through it all, feelings of disaster were making her body shake.
Robbie was disturbed by her reaction. He pulled her into his
arms and talked soothingly to her, stroking her shoulder as he spoke.
"It's all right. It's all right," he crooned, "I didn't know how
else to bring it up, but I noticed right away. The first woman I fucked
and you are not the same. You react differently. You respond
differently. Your zones are different. Externally you're identical, but
there were two different women inside."
"I was nervous?" Lila tried through chattering teeth.
"Or schizophrenic," Robbie added. "But I don't think so. I
think you're twins and I'd like you to level with me."
"I don't know..." Lila stuttered.
There was her other half to consider. A lifetime was on the
line here. This one slip could unravel many things, including Linda's
marriage. She couldn't confess if was going to hurt Linda.
"I'll confess first, if you like," Robbie said. "I'm getting
hooked on you. We are good together. We understand each other
at a deeper level. But this thing had been bothering me. How can we
get closer when there's this question looming over us?"
"If I was a twin, I would have more than myself to consider,"
Lila said, confessing without confessing.
"Blood is thicker than water," Robbie conceded, "Would you
like to consult with someone- not saying you have a twin."
She meant later, but Robbie meant right now. He reached
across her to hand her the phone. He rolled a little ways away to
give her the illusion of privacy as she dialed.
"Linda? Can you talk?" she said into the phone.
"Robbie thinks two different women have fucked him saying
they were me. He says he can tell. What do I do?" she asked.
"No, he didn't say he had a preference," Lila snapped, "He
just wants to know what's going on."
"...getting fucked, so what more can he want," Linda's voice
came through the receiver as Robbie took the phone from Lila.
"I want to marry your sister," he said to a gasp on the other
end of the line, "But I want to know what kind of games you two are
playing before I risk being a fool. And your sister is being very heroic
in not wanting to admit anything until she checks with you."
Chastened by Robbie's scolding and a little cowed by the
sudden confrontation, Linda hung up the phone.
She picked it up on the first ring when Robbie hit re-dial.
"I know you're not as open as your sister, but I think you're
more decisive," Robbie told her, "The twin point is moot now. I just
want to know if you two are done playing games or if I'm being
taken for a ride."
Lila was very concerned as she tried to listen to her sister's
reply. It seemed rude that Robbie would let Linda decide her future.
"The question is what do you want," Linda told him,
responding in kind to his direct assault. "Lila has been head over
heels with you since the first time she saw you. She's been aching for
an indication that you return the feeling."
"What about you?" he asked bluntly. "Are you an ally or a
member of the resistance?"
"I'm jealous as fuck," Linda told him, "but for your
information Lila has resisted all suggestions that I switch with her
when you're coming over."
"Robbie!" Lila was keening in his ear, "Let me talk too."
He tilted the phone and the conversation became a three-
conrnered confusion.
"He knew, Linda- This is pretty sudden, isn't it?- I know
what I want.- It's all right, Lila- I was so shocked when he said he
knew.- So when's the wedding?- Who's in a rush now?- It's
because he pays attention to women.- Are we talking about our
wedding?- She brought it up.- I'm just talking bachelor party-
What?!- You're not going to deny me one more chance to fuck him
are you?- Is that all you care about?- What else is there?- Linda!
you bitch!- Look, she's getting what she wants and you say you are
too. What's left for me but a fuck?- That sounds like her blessing,
Lila- It sounds like I'm horny. Are you two naked in bed?- Yes,
Linda- Bitch!- Lila, will you marry me- sometime?- And let him
fuck me?- Yes, Robbie!- What about me?-"
Linda's question went unanswered as the teary Lila and
Robbie sealed their odd proposal with a long involved kiss. When
they picked up the phone, Linda was still squawking.
"Are you two going to fuck while I have to listen?" she was
"Lila was just a little emotional," Robbie explained.
"Well, I'm happy for her, I really am, but it doesn't help me
one bit. This really cramps our style, you know," Linda said.
"I can guess it's a big adjustment, having another person in
on the joke," Robbie admitted.
"I suppose you won't let me borrow her to fuck my husband
while I play," Linda asked.
"I don't know how I feel about that yet," Robbie was honest.
"It isn't your every day situation."
"And you'll have a fit if I turn up in your bed instead of Lila?"
Linda pressed the issue.
"That would be more her say than mine," Robbie admitted.
"What about..." Linda went on and Robbie cut her off.
"We can talk later, sis, right now I've just proposed and I
have a little business to attend to," Robbie said and put down the
Linda listened for a long time to the moans and sighs of her
sister and her boyfriend as they made long and eventually very loud
love next to the receiver.
"This could give me a headache," Robbie said as he sat
across from the twins. "I have to keep telling my eyes that they're
supposed to be seeing double."
"And you can really tell us apart?" Linda was curious.
"Maybe. Sometimes. It depends on how hard you're trying
to fool me," Robbie said. "You're very good. When you were being
Lila, you took on everything about her."
"So you really can't tell?" Lila asked.
"That's according to what you mean. In what context,"
Robbie said. "Normally, there's slight differences, but you two have
been trading places so long that you slip into the other's personality
almost completely- the way you hold youself, the way you move, all
of it. It goes back to whether you're trying to fool me or not."
"So she would be able to sneak into bed with you," Lila
"Maybe," Robbie said and then soothed his bride-to-be,
"But it wouldn't last any longer than that. You two are different
creatures having sex."
"That works for me!" Linda laughed. "If he has to fuck us
to sort us out, I say let's fool him all the time."
Robbie was about to say something of comfort to Lila when
Linda held up her hand.
"What is the matter? I'm your sister. Do I care that you have
sex with my husband?" Linda asked Lila.
"But I love him so much and I don't want him liking you
better," Lila whined.
"Did he ask you what the fuck happened to you and why
you didn't fuck like before?" Linda said before Robbie could protest.
"Did he express any disappointment in the way you were?"
Lila shook her head.
"Then I would guess he likes you best. I bet you don't feel
any tension at all in his arms," Linda went on.
Lila shook her head again.
"Well, let me confess something. We were real good, but
there was the slightest friction over who was in charge," Linda told
her twin.
Lila looked up and gave Robbie a questioning look.
"I love you," Robbie said. "She's making something out of
nothing, but that's because she loves you too. Remember, she was
being you- down to the last detail when I went with her even the
first time."
"Then you don't want to fuck her?" Lila asked.
"I can fuck her whenever we want," Robbie said. "You do
her as well as she does you."
The point was slowly sinking into Lila's head. She was being
Dennis in the conversation. She was trying to make the distinction
between her sister and herself. This time she was the one trying to
stop their fun.
She and Linda were more than a team. They were different
views in the same mirror. Like they were sisters of the same egg,
they were twin orifices into their shared soul.
Without the sentimental trappings, it meant it wasn't really a
big deal which one of them was getting laid- or which one Robbie
really prefered. If he was fucking them both, then they both would
be getting fucked.
"Would you feel bad if you found out it was her?" Lila asked.
"What are you asking? Are you scared I might be fooled or
concerned I'd be mad at you for some reason?" Robbie asked.
""She's figured it out," Linda said. "She's finally realized that
it doesn't make any difference if you know as long as you don't
"Is that it?" Robbie asked Lila. "I'm invited to a twin party if
I don't mind?"
Lila began to laugh. He might be her perfect match, but he
was a guy. It was possible he would stay away from Linda. Dennis
had managed to stay away from Lila- as far as he knew. But it
wasn't likely he would turn her down as long as Lila didn't mind.
And that made him better than Dennis. Lila wouldn't want
to fuck Dennis if he knew which twin she was. Linda was frantic
to have her man.
It was natural in the face of this unique occurrence that they
would try to steal Robbie's secrets.
They tested him blindfolded and he still picked them. It was
a silly test, since visually they were the most identical. But, without
fail, Robbie would touch them and pull Lila into his arms.
"The blindfold makes it easier, girls," Robbie told them. "It
cuts out the confusion and lets me concentrate on your unique
It wasn't enough fun to stretch out too long. A couple of
trials and it degenerated into a pile of naked people on Lila's bed.
Blindfolded, Robbie was more tactile than ever.
His touch around Lila's ears and neck were even more
knowing as she scooted down to take his cock in her mouth. His
other hand was busy working the same magic down to the base of
Linda's spine as they mouths melded together.
They were in heaven at his attention, which was the perfect
way for Robbie to enjoy having both of them trying to return the
pleasure to the best of their considerable abilities. The twins were
sure they were the lucky ones, but Robbie knew he was the one
being subjected to the twin treatment.
It was a wonderful treatment, and for that reason it was
soon time to move along. Robbie couldn't take much more of Lila's
mouth or Linda's kisses.
No one remembered how it came about later. It seemed like
a natural progression for Robbie to end up between Linda's legs and
Lila to lay along his back. And it was very unimportant at that point.
Robbie certainly didn't mind which woman he was inside and
the sisters had the twin thing going for them. He was able to bring
Linda to a climax while keeping his love interested and then he
turned on her.
Linda lay like a sack of potatoes, twitching every once in a
while in her afterglow as Robbie rolled away and caught Lila in his
arms. Every moment he had been plunging into her sister had made Lila
want him more and she was now breathless with desire to feel Robbie
inside herself.
But Robbie was not giving her that immediate relief. He kissed
down her throat as he turned her to her side. Then he was behind and
on top of her as he gave Tweetie its kiss. His hardness slid between her
cheeks and Lila arched up like a cat to invite him into her.
He had one hand planted to free the other to explore the swoop of
her belly and slide down to cover her sex. It wasn't torture, but
the carress of his fingers only made her already overwhelming need for
him greater. She moaned and then begged for Robbie to put her out of her
passion with one deep thrust.
"You know I want to please you," Robbie said, "You know I am
aching as much as you for me to be inside you."
He moved back and when he came forward again, his cock slid down
against her sex, sliding between the engorged and gaping lips but not
entering her. His hand slid up to cup the point of her breast gently in
his hand. He tantalized the pointy nub even as his hardness pressed
against her entrance.
Lila was on her elbows and knees now, as receptive as any bitch in
heat and mewling for him put an end to the waiting.
"Don't tease me any more!" she howled, "Fuck me! Put it in me and
hump me like a dog!"
"What about your poor sister?" Robbie asked, "She looks so lonely
laying there by herself."
Linda had been the last thing on Lila's mind. At Robbie's mention,
she noticed for the first time that she had squirmed nearer her sister
and had one elbow between Linda's legs. She realized that the smell in
her nostrils was the reek of sex from just beneath her.
Robbie defined her discoveries as she made them in a hypnotic voice
that Lila felt she had to obey.
"We want your sister to feel welcome, don't we?" he asked her, "She
shouldn't feel left out, should she? Don't you think we should be good
Robbie had changed hands and suddenly Lila felt the marvellous
completion of his cock sliding deep inside her. Anticipation made it feel
so much more and she was floating away on the sensation. Robbie mussed
her hair and she moaned. He bumped her hard and she gasped.
And then her face was in Linda's sex. It almost escaped her notice
as had Robbie's sly way of moving her into position. But Robbie's quiet
command again focused Lila on what was in store.
"Don't you think your sister should share the pleasure you're
having- if I am pleasing you," Robbie suggested.
It was as much permission as command. Lila didn't have to think.
She was in extremis, impaled on her lover's cock and out of her head
with passion. All she had to do was reach out her tongue...
"Oooohhhhhhh, Lila, that's so good," Linda moaned.
She didn't have time to process the confusion. Robbie was
insistent inside her, prying her buttocks open so he could penetrate
her deeper and bringing a numbing flush to her whole body. Her tongue
slithered in her sister's slit in self-defense against the oblivion
that her climax was threatening.
"Yes, make her cum," Robbie purred as he moved inside her in
the way best suited to this sister.
Instead, it was Robbie that made Lila cum. Perhaps it was aided
by the contradictory feelings of her first lesbian episode, but it
was the throb and surge of Robbie's cock that called the tune of her
She moaned into Linda's cunt and Linda moaned back at the
outpouring of hot breath on her sex. Robbie was certainly a bright
new experience for both sisters.
"Now I think you two owe the man something," Robbie said, his
cock still hard and glistening with the sex juices of both twins.
They assumed he wanted two mouths to satisfy him. A tongue on
his balls, a mouth on his cock- what would be better than that? They,
of course, misunderstood Robbie. His own agenda was as dark as Linda's
and as willingly shared as Lila's.
"Since my love has been pleasing her sister, it seems only fair
that her sister return the favor," Robbie said.
There was less conflict in Linda to the idea than there was for
her twin, but as they moved to trade positions, Robbie stopped them.
"No Lila, you keep doing what you were doing, just slip over
here and let Linda return the favor," he instructed.
It did the whole mirror-image thing one better. Identical faces
buried in identical crotches drawing identical moans as identical
bodies writhed at the end of identical tongues was a side of the
double that the Doublemint twins had never showed. It was as much-even
more than Robbie had hoped.
It seemed almost wrong to ruin the picture with his own
intrusion, but Robbie wasn't going to let being wrong stop him. It was
an idea born when he was the meat in the girl sandwich. He wanted his
cock deep inside a sister as they distracted each other rather than
him. It was his turn.
Lila may have been getting the best of it as he slid his cock
into her, but Lila was his chosen. His balls dragged across Linda's
nose as he thrust into her twin and she took it without notice. They
were both more than pleased with the sensations they were having on
sister tongue.
"Excuse me a moment, my dear," Robbie said as he withdrew from
Lila and aimed his cock down to Linda.
She accepted it willingly and sucked strongly on the inches he
could feed her as his rod bent down to her mouth. Then he pulled away
and again entered his beloved. This was certainly as good as two
mouths. He didn't force the issue then. Better that Linda be cheated
to alternate with Lila's mouth at some later time.
He drove into Lila. It was his turn. He had satisfied two twins
and was long overdue his own climax. Her attention may have been less
sharp as her grunts at his thrusts rose, but Robbie was beyond caring.
He only noticed that Linda had given up on her sister and he was
dragging his sac across her tongue as he plunged frantically into her
twin. And Lila was wild beneath him as he pounded on her rear in his
pursuit of orgasm.
"Fill me up!" she begged, "Cum inside me until it runs all over
Linda! Pump me full! cum with me!"
She was gasping hoarsly as she urged him to completion and
Robbie felt it as a force pulling him to the ultimate end. The spasm
of her vault was the final sign. He fought the contractions to
deposit his seed deep within her with a shout of victory.
But he was not yet done. He had stepped into the pit with two
and Linda was not yet done. Even as he rocked back from the gush of
cumming, she was pulling at him and pushing at her sister. The next
second he felt the liquid warmth of her mouth enclose him and he
jerked with the fury with which she sucked to pull the remnants from
his dick.
It was almost like climaxing a second time. Shivers and spasms
shook him as she took him beyond orgasm into another dimension beyond.
Then they were a pile of flesh puddled on the bed.
"How did you know?" Linda asked long moments after.
"You girls told me," he replied and added after a pause, "What
are you talking about?"
"That dirty Linda was ready to be a lesbian for so long," Linda
"You two are as much a harmony as any two things- for that
matter more than most single people with themselves. It just seemed
right," Robbie said. "You mean you two don't do that when you're by
It was Lila's turn to grab the floor from her sister.
"It always seemed it would be too much," Lila protested, "We are
so linked and bonded that I felt like we'd just melt into one being if
we did anything like that."
"You were just afraid somebody would call you a dyke," Linda
"Then I take it Linda was for it and you were against it?"
Robbie asked Lila.
"Then why today?" he asked when she nodded.
"You had me too confused," Lila said. "I wanted you so bad that
I wasn't thinking about what I was doing. I wasn't even thinking about
who it was."
"She doesn't seem strait-laced," Robbie said to his soon-to-be
"I'm glad to see we still have some mystery for you," Linda
"It's true!" Lila pouted. "I didn't care about that lesbian
stuff. There's something between us I didn't want to fuck with."
"Well, I'm here to keep you two from losing your identities now,"
Robbie soothed, "I'll always pull you back before you become Linda."
"Hey! What's wrong with Linda?" Linda protested.
"There's already enough of them," Robbie answered. "And how much
Linda would there be if there wasn't a Lila to act like?"
That made Linda just 'hate' the two of them more. Robbie was
already entering into the mind-boggling Linda-Lila twists that had
amused the twins all their lives.
Linda began planning how they could bamboozle the wedding itself
by taking Lila's place at the altar and exchanging vows with Robbie.
Failing that, she would be even more eager to replace Lila on the honeymoon.
She was, of course, doing this planning in the presence of her twin.
"I know what you're thinking," Lila piped up, "You've been pushing
this wedding stuff from the first moment. You're plotting something for
the... no, not the wedding. You still are trying to get to be me on the
Well, it didn't have to be obvious for her sister to pick up on it.
And Linda was just daydreaming, she told herself.
"I hate to be the one that suggests the compromise, since I'm the
new guy here, but I think I've worked out what you both were saying just
before we all fell into bed," Robbie interrupted.
They were interested in what he thought. That was good because his
explanation was nearly as involved as their own relationship as twins.
"First off we have to see that this cannot matter to me," he said to
a rustle from Lila.
"Wait," he said to her, "There's more. It's just logic, really. From
my side you are like one identity. I can tell you apart with great attention which adds up to a very small difference in you two. And then
I'm either with the woman I love or the woman that's aping everything
that I love about the woman I love. It's so close to being the same that
we can throw out thinking about it from my point of view.
"I said all that to say this," Robbie took a breath and went on, "I
don't count, so what's really the issue here? The issue is whether Linda
is sneaking fucks, of a value yet to be determined, from her sister when
all she has to offer is a guy her sister doesn't like to fuck. At least
I think that 'who does Robbie love' stuff got cleared up before we got
He looked up over his eyebrows at Lila and she nodded.
"Okay then, what we need is an equitable trade agreement. I propose
an agreement in two interdependant stages. The first stage is value
received for value given. If Linda can find suitable succor for Lila, then
she may impersonate her when Lila is cavorting with this succor," Robbie
"You wouldn't be jealous?" Lila sounded a little distressed.
"I don't count, remember? I'll be thinking it's you for the purpose
of this discussion," Robbie soothed, "Besides, you haven't heard the
second part.
"Failing to find a suitable partner, that is: one acceptable to
Lila, for this trade, stage two comes into effect, to wit, Lila shall be
present and approving of any borrowing of her husband for carnal games."
"So you're saying that I have to get her someone else to fuck or I have to fuck you while she's there or I don't get any?" Linda asked.
"No, he's saying that if I don't let you come over and give him this
twin treat regularly, then it's you I'll have to feel bad about and he
doesn't have to whine or beg or anything for it," Lila snorted.
"You two are amazing," Robbie congratulated them, "You're both right
in your own special ways. And it was just a suggestion, but one I thought
had a nice balance. Lila doesn't have to fuck your hubby for you to have
a night out, and Linda never gets the chance to enchant me away when we're
alone together. It's a little lopsided toward Lila, but then I am going
to be her husband and Linda does have a husband of her own."
"Yeah, and I keep seeing this big grin on your face as the two of
us are squirming over you, fighting for your cock," Lila said.
"I told you I don't count in this discussion," Robbie grinned just
that grin, "I'll just have to deal with those things the best I can."


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