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SPY1 cum down your throat You must


Betty the Spy, Part 1: SPY GAMES
{ MC MF FF MD reluc 1st oral anal F-solo }
Other Parts may include additional codes.

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Synopsis: Betty must enter the sensuous world of the harem on her very
first assignment for the mysterious Agency. Will she be able to resist
the all-pervasive sexual allure of the harem and complete her mission
or like countless women before her, fall victim to the secret needs of
her own body and the unknown power of the harem to transform beautiful
women into pleasure slaves?

Background: This story is a spin-off of the "Becoming a Winner" series.
Betty, a brilliant college co-ed with a huge submissive streak was being
transformed by Hal, a graduate psychology student, from being a fat girl with poor complexion & rotten self-image into the woman she (& he) always
desired. Betty had a fertile imagination when she pleasures herself. This
is one of her favorites.


Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works by
this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion in
another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the
express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that it may
be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access, noncommercial
archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between
adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are
offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the
age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW! Please do not read
or download this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work
may engage in unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually
transmitted diseases do not exist. In reality sex without protection is
unwise and nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such activity,
or any of the other activities depicted herein.


Part 1 - SPY GAMES

I am Betty the spy, only legitimate daughter of the famous Mata Hari. My
very first mission requires that I enter the private sleeping chamber of
the Sultan of Brunei, incapacitate anyone there, locate the hidden safe,
photograph all secret documents contained within, and escape without
anyone realizing security was compromised. Simple, huh?

The private sleeping chamber of the Sultan was heavily guarded. There
was only one way in that would not raise alarm, to be invited. The only
people ever invited were members of the Sultan's harem.

That was my entry point, I would join the harem. Once in, I'd temporally
incapacitate the Sultan with a special chemical agent while I photograph
all secret documents. I'd then awaken him, unaware that anything untoward
happened, saunter out, and signal for extraction. The response will be
delayed 7 days to avoid arousing suspicion.

The Sultan demanded the most beautiful virgins for his harem. They must
be large-breasted, but never artificially enhanced, and he had a special
weakness for belly dancers. I qualify in each of these areas, but I'm
getting ahead of myself.

Yes, harems are notorious for sex and drugs, but I didn't plan to be
there for more then a week, two at the outside including the delay
before extraction.

Thinking about the aura of sensuality that existed around a harem, I
thought back to the times my mom used to mutter vague warnings any time
that I mentioned sex. Things like "becoming addicted if awakened too
fast", "That horn-dog's fault", and "Excessive sex dangerous."

When I was older, she let slip that in her younger days she'd had an
almost unlimited capacity for sex. She was able to read the signs
indicating that my capacity might significant exceed hers.

One time she claimed to have almost single-handed won a war in a remote
desert kingdom. She'd literally taken on the entire palace guard of
hundreds of strong viral men. They were too distracted and too worn out
by her to defend against the attack of her employers who captured the
palace and made its ruler submit to their demands.

For a woman with a sensuous reputation, my mother enforced a very
sheltered early-life, I never even got to second base. Yes, I know
the joke, "the only living 22-year old virgin", although from I've
heard of the Sultan's virility, I wouldn't mind loosing it to him,
if it became necessary, but no way I'm bearing his children.

I'll easily control the Sultan or any man with many secrets of inciting
the lust of men and bending them to my needs. The key is keeping one's
own lust under tight control so it does not affect decisions. I love to
practice a most sensuous form of belly dancing, as taught by one without
peer, Mata Hari. Combine that with my dirty-blond 5'10" tall 38D-23-36
figure and I'd easily meets the Sultan's requirements.

Such an important assignment would never normally be trusted to a new
agent, especially one who had just joined despite the protests of her
mother. However, Mr. Solo's personal recommendation combined with my
own obvious physical assets won me the assignment.

Mr. Solo was a special assistant to the director of the mysterious Agency,
a long time family friend, and according to my mom a very horny old man.
Since I was 16, I had seen him look lustfully at my developing body. I
liked to experiment with the effect it had on the few male visitors we
had at the villa.

I might "just happen" to stop by on the way to the pool wearing only a
string bikini. Did I feel Mr. Solo's thing get hard when I gave him a
big hug, crushing my still developing breasts against him?

He always flirted with me, ogling my tits while dropping veiled sexual
innuendoes like, "You're so cute, I could eat you," "Come in my office
sometime," or "Let me take you around the world."
I knew he would help me when I decided to escape out from under my
mother's thumb. I sat in his office to plead for a job at the Agency.
He'd agreed to see me in the evening after normal business hours.

I was deeply enamored of the mystery and romance of being a spy. To help
make my case, I wore a tight black dress. It showed off the tits and ass
that he'd always admired.


Napoleon Solo walked over to the mini-bar in his office. A man of quick
action all his life he decided to maximize this long awaited opportunity.
While mixing Betty's favorite drink he added a measured amount of a special
Agency created drug. It was a strong, fast acting aphrodisiac.

He asked if she had any current pictures of her mother. Attention focused on
her purse, she did not notice him inserting two small filters in his ears.

He placed the drink in Betty's hand then sat down behind his desk and
flicked a switch which brought soothing background music into his office,
asking "I hope you like the music, I find it soothing at the end of the

The music masked a strong Agency designed subliminal program meant to break
down the resistance of negotiators in his office, making them docile and
receptive to almost any suggestion. His filters neutralized all effects to
which she was fully exposed.

After looking over the pictures, he challenged, "Remember how were used to
shoot down drinks when I visited your mother? You promised to do the same if
you ever visited me. So, here's to old times and new beginnings." Napoleon
drained his glass in a single shot and gazed at Betty expectantly.

He appraised the luscious young body before him. She was more beautiful then
her mother had ever been. He'd known of her rebelliousness, and suspected
why she was here. If she wished to enter his world, he knew how he'd tame


Feeling his eyes on me, I was unwilling to be outdone. I drained my glass
with a flourish, unaware of the insidious drug spreading though my body.

I began with some small talk. He accepted this diversion as if he had all
the time in the world. My body started tingling, as we talked about family and friends.

I'd always had a little crush on Mr. Solo. We had never been alone without
my mother being close by. I felt his piercing stare, his eyes undressing me.
Could I hide anything from them? Did I want to? I was unprepared for such a
strong physical reaction. My conversation faltered as I realized I was
getting turned on.

He deftly shifted the conversation to why I was here. I needed to escape my
mother's smothering influence and wanted to be a spy as she had been many
years ago. Since I had no one to recommend me, he was the only person who
could help me with both.

I planned on flirting heavily, crossing my legs back and forth to give him
glimpses of the softness underneath. I was a tease, making promises with my
body that I had no intention of fulfilling. The tingling centered on pussy as we talked. Surreptitiously, I began rubbing my thighs together.


He saw her breathing pattern change and the slight flush in her cheeks, the
first tell-tales that the drug was working. In a firm monotone he began
describing how he was the only one who could help her. She must satisfy
whatever he asked her to do. He wanted only what is best for her. You know
this all for your benefit. He had know her since she was a small child
running naked on the lawn and now she'd grown into a beautiful woman who
should be proud of her body. Even though you are older he still knew
much more and she must follow the instruction of his vast experience.
He had seen her when she wore only a wisp of a bathing suit and knew
how marvelously she danced.

"I have to make an honest decision about accepting you. You want to dance
now to help me decide in your favor, a belly dance to start with. In place
of your normal costume you may simply remove everything but your bra and
panties, just like you were wearing a bikini".


I felt a thrill run through me at the thought of dancing sensuously before
this man. Wouldn't being half-naked alone together in his office give him
too much power over me, make me too vulnerable? Why did I feel a strong urge
to trust him, to do whatever he suggested? The thoughts battled in my head.
Finally, the growing tingling in my body made the decision, my head nodded

He locked the door and told me to begin while he watched from behind his
desk. I rose to demonstrate my willingness to obey. I asked myself "Why is
obedience important?" as my hands lifted over my head to begin the dance.
Oh yes, he knows what's best for me, for my own good. Everything he asks
is very reasonable, I need his favor. He only asks what was fair. I began
to sway to the sexy music, I think it was Bolero.

Still swaying, my hands reach back to slowly pull the zipper of my dress
down. I could not see him take out his cock and began rubbing it. Slowly
the dress dropped from my shoulders, I caught it at my waist, revealing
my strapless black bra and naked middle.

I swayed and twirled then bent over to give him a good view of my tits bound
in my bra while I lowered the dress over my well-rounded hips to the floor.

Now I began twirling and undulating my belly. It was just like when I used
to rub my young body against his. I felt my nipples tingle and harden at
these thoughts. Did he notice?

The pace of my dancing increased as the tingling moved to my pussy, I moved
sensuously in a way that would incite both my audience and me. My mother had
taught me techniques to control my own arousal, but I was unable to focus on
them. I felt the first moisture coat my hidden passage. I was getting hot.
Should I stop? No, I had to win his favor, I had to please him, obey him.
Why? I wasn't sure, there was only the growing awareness of how my obedience
was arousing me.

"Wonderful girl, do not stop," He called, "A spy must know how to use her
body, imagine yourself on an assignment as a nightclub stripper, show me how
you take it all off for the mission." The image flashed in my mind, it was a
smoky, seedy dive. I was on a raised catwalk dancing for the customers.

He began making lewd catcalls, "Shake it baby, Jiggle your jugs, bend way
over, lift your tits, wiggle your ass more, take it off baby. Hot panties honey, I can see your bush, shake it." I wore only had nearly transparent
panties and the black strapless bra. "Don't get shy on me, I've been waiting
years to see those jugs. Show them to me. You know you want to."

The room I was in faded. The dream became more real to me, getting me
hotter. I wanted to show the customer's my tits. I'd tease them with what
they could see, but not touch. I reached back and unhooked the back of my
strapless bra, then held it to my breast as I twirled around. Mr. Solo was
in the audience, he caught it deftly when I flung it to him. "Look at the
size of that rack, pinch those nipples so they stand out nice and red." I
began to grow still more excited, I felt his eyes and his words controlling
me, arousing me. The drug had almost destroyed my inhibitions.

I grabbed a pillow to cushion from the couch to cover my nipples that had
hardened to sharp points. Never before had a man outside my immediate family seen my naked tits. Certainly not moving so wantonly, so lewdly. I turned
away and let them see my butt swaying slowly from side to side.

The G-string I wore did nothing to hide my ass cheeks. I turned around,
grinding my hips. Let them see the outlines of my pussy through the sheer

"You are hot baby, shake your ass, now take that last bit off, I want you
naked. You want to show off your sexy body." I was so aroused; the
aphrodisiac worked on my pleasure centers, the moisture flowed between my

Dropping the pillow that had hid my erect nipples, I bent over to hook my
fingers in the sides of g-string. My tits swinging freely, nipples pointing
to the floor.

Fingers slowly glided my last garment down my long legs. It was soaked with
my own juices when I stepped out of it. Naked, my hips slowly thrust
backward and forward.

I struck a pose and let him look over his prize. He gestured for me to come
to him. I used my best sexy walk, hips swinging and tits bouncing.


He reached out for her as she got close. She jerked a little as if his touch
was electric, but did not move away. Running his hands over her flanks, he
pressed her downward saying, "You are tired and need to rest. You want to go
down on your knees before me."

Slowly she obeyed. He looked down at her heaving tits. His cock stood
straight and proud, pointing at her lovely face. It was hard not to just ram
it down her mouth, just inches away, but this had to be handled just right,
he couldn't risk breaking the delicate spell he'd woven. Before he lost
control, he cast the next part of the spell.

"You must watch my cock. You cannot take your eyes off of it. You cannot
move away from it." he said hypnotically, "Now baby you must listen very
carefully. Remember you trust me, I'm the only one who can help you, I know
what's best for you."

"There is an important skill you need to demonstrate before I can accept you
as an agent. You've heard about sucking cock, giving head. It's something
you always wanted to do. It something an agent must prove she's good at. It
will make you feel so good, so hot. Now it's time to fulfill you wish. Here
is a wonderful cock to suck. It will taste marvelous. The best part is when
it shoots cum down your throat. You must swallow every drop."

Panting with lust in her eyes, he saw she was fully under the influence of
the aphrodisiac. Her striptease was nice, but it was the control, the power
he had over her that turned him on and made his cock so hard.

She bent down and took his cock into her mouth. It felt hot, and wet, and
wonderful. Of course, she didn't really know what to do. He gave her
instructions on sucking, how to avoid choking, tickling his hairy balls, and
all the other things he liked in a good cocksucker. In a few minutes, it
became apparent that she was a natural. In a few sessions he'd have her
trained like a pro. When he got close to climax he grabbed the back of her
head and pistoned hard into her soft mouth. He shot a huge load down her


I bent over and took his tool into my mouth. It tasted strange, but good. I
began sucking his cock to show him I could be a good agent. He was the only
one who could help me. I had to show what a good cocksucker I could be. I
obeyed the voice that taught me how the best agent would give great head.
Just as he said, it was making me hotter and hotter.

My pussy was soaked with my arousal. It gave a little sympathetic
contraction with each thrust down my throat. I was edging close to orgasm. I
was almost there when jets of his cum shot down my throat. It burned hot and
salty in my mouth. It pushed back my orgasm, but left me so close, needing

I looked for somewhere to spit it out his cum, but I remembered that I must
swallow every drop. It was hard the first time, but grew easier in the weeks
to come.

I had still not cum. He could easily read the signs evident on my body,
short of breath, flushed shin, and nipples still hard. He spoke in that
voice that reached deep into my mind, "You want to cum baby. You need to cum so bad it hurts. You'll do anything for me if I let you cum."

I absorbed his words like a sponge, the taste of his cum still on my lips.
My already hot need flared at his words, becoming desperate and painful.
Moaning, I begged, "Plllllllease Hellllllp meeeeee."


With a little help from the drug and the subliminals, she'd been tamed. He
wondered just how far she'd go, if she'd do anything to put out the fire
burning in her loins. "Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked. "Pleeeease
Noooo, I'm a virgin." "Have you ever had it up the ass?", he asked. "Noooo,
that's too disgusting." I said in horror at the thought.

"Mmmmm, a hot virgin with a sexy body," he thought about the possibilities
this presented. There were still many places in the world where such a
commodity could make the difference between the success or failure of a
critical mission.

Her new value outweighed the pleasure of fucking her. Still there were many
other ways he knew of to enjoy her hot body, yet keep her, at least
technically, a virgin. Besides, his cock was still soft after shooting down
her warm, wet throat.


He told me to lie down facing him in the center of the carpet. Once in
position, I had to spread my pussy wide for him to see the pink insides.
Then he told me to play with myself until I came while he watched.

Simultaneously, I felt exposed and vulnerable yet hot and wanton. I began
rubbing my slit with my middle finger, thinking of the power he had over me.
I was already so keyed up that I came quickly and hard, my fingers soaked
with in my juices. Mr. Solo enjoyed this performance so much it made him
hard again. He made me go down on him once more until I had swallowed the
last of his hot cum.

We did not go further. He appeared to accept the fact that I would not agree
to intercourse, front or rear. He had gotten as much out of me as he could,
more then I'd given any other man.

Early every morning and late every evening I went to his office where I
stripped and played with myself, until I climaxed. He liked it more then my
striptease and he determined he would see it every day. This got him hard
enough to shove his cock down my throat then I sucked him until he came. He
never wanted more, at first.

Mr. Solo insisted that I always dressed sexy, yet elegant. It was apparently
common knowledge among the upper echelons of the agency that he was screwing
me regularly even though I was actually still a virgin. He did not want my
appearance to damage his image by association. He also wanted his peers to
envy the great piece of ass that was at his beck and call. I was instructed
to wear short, low-cut, tight dresses that showed off my legs and my figure.
A bra was only permitted if it pushed up my tits for display. I was
occasionally allowed panties, but only sheer and sexy. red was a favorite
of his.

I noticed as the weeks passed that each day I began to cum a little sooner
and little stronger while masturbating for Mr. Solo. After about a month, I
was still hot when I began to blow him. My hand began to snake down to my
wet slit of its own accord while my mouth was fastened around his tool. I
began a gentle massage of my sensitive pussy lips. A few days later, his
climax set me off for a second time that evening. By the next week I was
subjected to multiple orgasms even before he came, but never once released
the wonderful cock between my lips. When his burning essence shot down my
throat it triggered my own massive climax.

Mr. Solo's fashion sense changed. He now wanted my clothes to be "a little
more slutty, like the other women." There was apparently some sort of
contest among his peers. I was his central display piece. He now wanted me
to wear more blue, and it must be obvious that my tits jiggled bra-lessly.


Napolean Solo was getting a little bored with his pet slut. Their sex was
still great. He no longer needed to use the subliminals. The aphrodisiac
he'd only used that first time. He could not recall having his cock sucked off better. However, the challenge was gone, he needed the feeling of
conquest of domination. Forcing something from her that she did not want to
give, and then making her beg for more.

He made his plans for the next evening when he had no other engagements
scheduled. When she entered she look very hot. He loved the way her big tits jiggled whenever she moved, especially in high heels like tonight. The drink
he handed her was once again laced with aphrodisiac. The subliminal enhanced
music was running strong. She'd be extra hot tonight, susceptible to the new
invasion he was planning.

There were many ways to use a woman while she remained, technically, a
virgin. He smiled, remembering their first night together when he'd had the
same thought.


The evening with Mr. Solo seemed just like the other, except that I got
aroused much faster and when I climaxed, it was so hard it made me dizzy. My
head was still spinning after the third, or was it the forth mini-orgasm,
with him screwing my mouth. He gently disengaged himself before cuming down
my throat, something he'd never done before.

"You want to obey me," he commanded, "Move your body the way my hands
direct." He repositioned my hot, naked, tractable body so that my head was
down on the carpet and my butt was in the air. He told me not to move and
quickly positioned himself behind me. Still dazed from my last orgasm, I
whispered, "What are you doing?"

"This," he grunted as he rammed his well-lubricated cock up my ass. My whole
body had been relaxed, unprepared, so he was able to push right past my
little muscle-ring, plunging two or three inches into my tight, virgin ass.

It hurt; it burned. I let out a scream, but no one beyond the soundproofed
office heard. I tried to jerk away but he had already gripped me around the
hips with both hands. The fingers of one hand grazed my pussy lips that
hotly spasmed at his touch. He began an inciting massage of my susceptible
pussy. The sensations of pain and pleasure battled within me for supremacy.
My struggles rapidly ceased.

When his middle finger found my clit, pleasure won a dazzling victory.
"Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhh!" I gasped as he massaged the slippery, little button.
That signaled him to resume gently thrusting his hard cock into me.
My anal passage had partially adjusted to the intruder. His fleshy spear
now violated me a little deeper with every thrust. "You're so fucking tight,
Betty." he grunted. Thrusting, inch-by-inch, thrusting until it was buried
to the hilt.

It was so obscene. My big tits hung down swaying in time to his thrusts.
Sensitive nipples scrapping against the carpet, sending fire through me.

He rested a moment enjoying the feeling of victory his surprise attack had
brought. My ass griped his cock like a hot, tight, velvet glove. For me,
it was like a large bowel movement. My back channel fitted itself snugly
around the intruder.

Rendered helpless by his assault on my clit, I surrendered to the invasion
of my ass. I felt so abused, violated without my consent, but helpless to
resist. I felt ever inch of his cock inside me. It radiated waves of heat
into me. They began to merge with the overpowering sensations from my clit.
I was rendered powerless, forced to accept whatever was done to me.

He pulled out slowly. My awareness centered on the skin-to-skin feel of
it. With only an inch or two of his cock remaining inside of me he pressed
back in. Slowly thrusting in and out. The pulsation in my ass and my cunt coupled together and grew inexorably. I began thrusting my butt back against
him to help bury his cock deeper inside of me. "Yeah baby, move your hot
ass," he encouraged.

His domination of my body completed, our pace increased. Our flanks slapping
together, faster and faster. I was panting, gasping for air. As I felt a
huge tidal wave grow within me. It was frightening, it was uncontrollable. I
uselessly tried to fight against it. Then I felt his hot seed burn into my
ass; it forced me into the abyss, triggering explosions that wracked my
body. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I came and came and came.

He collapsed on top of me as his softening cock slid out of my ass. His
sticky sperm dripping slowly out of my hole onto the plush carpeting.

When we recovered I could not look into his eyes, I was so ashamed of what
had happened. The moment he'd touched my clit I'd lost it. I went to the
bathroom to clean myself off and get dressed. I hid in there for much longer
than was necessary, crying softly.

I wanted to run away, but he threatened to kick me out of the Agency
immediately and send me back to my mother if I did. There were also vague
threats that no one every left the Agency still breathing.

Despite my embarrassment, he forced me to admit how my body had reacted,
how I had climaxed with his cock up my arse. I sat on his lap while he
began slowly massaging my pussy.

I clamped my thighs together to prevent the lustful hand from doing more.
It was all I could do as my pussy recovered and began to respond to his
manipulation. Naked and helpless, with his hand touching me most intimately,
he made me describe everything I had experienced in great detail, forcing me
to relieve it. He saw it was making me hot again. He smiled and told me for
the first time about my very first mission for the agency.

I was so overjoyed, I pulled him to me for a quick thank you kiss. One hand
held me tight behind the neck while his tongue invaded my mouth. I tried to
cope, focusing on battle between his tongue and mine. My distraction allowed
my legs to relax. Ready for this opportunity, he pushed two fingers just
inside my cunt, before I could trap his hand between my thighs again.

The fingers began scissoring open and closed. My power vanished under the
onslaught of overwhelming sensation. My entire body fell limp, legs parting.
He broke our kiss and my head rolled back onto his shoulder. The prying
fingers slowly probed ever more deeply into my cunt.

I felt a sharp pain as he pressed against the last barricade of my
virginity. A gasp burst from my lips. My passion-weakened body was unable to
offer further resistance. Would he press forward? Panting, my docile body
awaited a decision that was no longer mine to make. I was ready to be taken.

His fingers withdrew. He put me down on the carpeting. Eyes closed, skin
flushed, breathing rapidly, my legs spread to receive the final violation.

Minutes crept by. My breathing slowed. He had not touched me. My eyes
fluttered open. "Do not move," he said, "It pleases me to see you thus."
He gazed at my glistening pussy, the rise and fall of my naked breasts,
the passion that still burned in my eyes.


"I would have taken the virginity of your cunt tonight as easily as I had
the virginity of your arse," he said. "But, that is for another man," he
continued to explain about the sultan, about his requirements for
big-breasted, virgin beauties. I was the only woman now available that met
all these requirements.

He saw her suffering, needing what only he could give her. "What a hot
helpless slut you are," he gloated. His triumph was sweet. She had been
unwilling to let him user her ass, but he had taken her anyway, and made her
love it, need it. Now for the final blow, using the arousal he had fanned so
high to destroying what was left of her pride, "If you want to be fucked
bitch, you'll have to beg me for it."

A deep ache, almost a pain, pulsed through me. The unquenched arousal that
had been forced on me needed to be extinguished. I'd let him fuck anything,
as long as he fucked me. His maddening massage of my pussy had made me
desperate yet unfulfilled, It was degrading, I was a slut, his slut, what he
had made me, what he wanted me to be. I begged him to use me again. If not
my cunt then my mouth, my ass, anything to give me the release I needed.

He ordered me down to suck his cock until it was ready to take my ass once
more. I sighed in relief as he entered my rear passage. It was easier for me
this time. The pleasure was more intense. The glorious release extinguished
the pain of my need. Afterward, I was dismissed until the next morning.

Beginning the next evening from that point forward I was required use the
empty outer office to change into a transparent bodysuit before entering his
presence. It was a visible sign of my submission. There was always the
danger that someone might enter the unlocked door. His domination or maybe
the possibility of being unexpectedly caught by a co-worker half-naked
always made my pussy wet before I even saw him. Still technically a virgin,
I had become Mr. Solo's personal slut.

I often wondered about what my mother had said about "Getting too much sex."
I certainly was getting a lot with Mr. Solo over the last few months. I had
finally admitted the growing sensitivity of my body to myself. However, I
thought that the mission would get me away from Mr. Solo and my body would
return to normal. Most women after all can go for long periods, years in
fact, without any sex.

Mom had told me that the two secrets of her success as a spy were knowing
how to manipulate men with sex and a virtually inexhaustible capacity for
it. I was not having any success manipulating Mr. Solo, but my capacity and
sensitivity seemed to be growing steadily as I submitted to another's lust
twice daily.

Contrary to my mother's warnings, my sexuality had been awakened rapidly.
Was sex twice-a-day every day excessive? My body didn't seem to think so. I
loved the passion, being forced to endure multiple orgasms. I couldn't seem
to get enough.

What I did not know was that I was not "most women". I was ignorant of the
operation that I had received when I was a baby, less then a year old. My
father had come from a Bedouin tribe in Western Africa. They practiced
kakia, the medical term is clitoridectomy, removal of the clitoris. It's
intention is to reduce the pleasure women receive from sex, preventing
climax in most cases. The idea is to insure marital fidelity in women.
Of course, the men are not so constrained.

My mother went into hysterics when she found out. She threatened to kill
my father in his sleep if he went through with it. She thought to steal
me away, but being in his own country, my father was able to keep us both
with him until I was properly initiated into the rites of his tribe.

They finally compromised on a rarely used, but acceptable variant.
My mother insisted that a qualified physician in a hospital, not
a nomad with a dirty knife in a tent perform the procedure.

The outer layers of skin were removed from both my clitoris and my "G-spot".
With the application of special ointments developed over the centuries, this
allows them to grow to double or triple their normal size.

A high percentage of girls receiving either operation have serious
complications. Many world health organizations are working in Africa
today to eradicate this cruel mutilation of female infants.

When the operation performed on me succeeds, the result is to increase the
sensitivity of a woman to sexual stimulation of the affected areas by five
to ten times. My mother had never told me that I was such a woman. She hoped
to shelter me, to gradually increase my experience so I'd be able to avoid
the dangers.

A woman's brain is not designed to accept such intense stimulation. Too
much sex causes over-stimulation that results first in dramatically
increased sensitivity and later in a form of sexual-addiction similar
to heroin addiction.

Women who become "sex-addicts" turn to prostitution to get the constant
"fix" they need. They may service 5-10 men an hour, every hour, experiencing
almost continuous orgasms, until they drop from exhaustion. Death at a young age from some venereal disease is typical. Totally unsuspecting, Mr. Solo
had moved me well into the early stage.

It was two weeks until my departure date. During that time I continued to
meet Mr. Solo twice a day. He took my ass at every opportunity as well as
watching me masturbate and giving him blowjobs. I never failed to climax
when his cock was down my throat or up my ass. During the days leading up to
my departure, I began to have shattering multiple orgasms as he reamed me
from behind.

When I wasn't with Mr. Solo, my time was filled with intensive mission
preparation. The agency outfitted me with all the standard equipment and a
few special items, but with barely enough training to use it properly. I was
told the training I needed to avoid exposure would be supplied by the harem
itself. I was to learn every lesson they taught thoroughly and completely,
as if my life depended on it. Since it quite likely did.


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