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SPY3 girls who gave birth were required


Betty the Spy, Part 3: Harem girl { MC FF FD oral bd reluc 1st }
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Part 3 - HAREM girl
Despite many difficulties, my secret mission was now a critical step closer
to completion. My Agency instructors had emphasized that for my mission
to succeed, I must focus on doing well at the training given by the harem to
new girls. The recent, overpowering sexual reactions of my body to strong,
powerful men could not be allowed to interfere.

I had to remain a virgin even if my body cried out for penetration. At least
until I was taken to the bedchambers of the Sultan. That should be easy in
a harem filled only with women and eunuchs.

I would be on my guard for any other surprises that may lay in wait for me
within the harem. Then at the moment they thought me conquered, escape
with copies of the secret documents I'd been sent to acquire.

I was escorted directly to the harem. My guide stopped at the door and
rang the bell. A palace eunuch came and brought me before the Sultan's
first wife, mistress of the harem. I was again required to perform obeisance
by touching my forehead to the floor directly before her.

"Rise, slave," she commanded and quickly explained my new station in life,
something she may have done dozens of times before, "You have been
accepted on a conditional basis as a slave girl in the harem of the Sultan
of Brunei, all praises to his name. Your will in this means nothing, do not
bother me with it. You are a slave among slaves. Because you are new
and childless, you have less status then anyone here. You will address
all women as Mistress, all men as Master, and follow all commands you
are given without question, or you will be severely disciplined."

It was not bad as it sounded. As a harem girl, I was never asked to cook,
or clean, or grocery shop. I was expected to be sensuous, give pleasure,
talk intelligently, and bear children.

Harem girls who gave birth were required to do nothing but breast-feed their
own children. It was their choice how much they were involved. Few chose
to change diapers, clean up messes, or deal with tantrums. There were many
female servants who quickly, quietly, efficiently, and almost invisibly did
these things.

The first wife continued, "Your trial period ends when you have issue by
our mighty ruler, the Sultan, all praises to his name. Every woman here
came to us as a maiden. Such is the virility of our mighty ruler, the Sultan,
all praises to his name, that they were all impregnated the very first time they
lay with him. Before you may achieve this boon you must learn what we have
to teach you about the needs and pleasures of our mighty ruler, the Sultan,
all praises to his name. Do you understand all I have said?" she inquired.
"Yes mistress", I said.

"Very well," she concluded dismissing me, "take her to the welcoming
ceremony." This was all happening so quickly. I was in! I was succeeding
in my mission.

Without any men around, I would quickly regain control of my silly body.
I just had to get my travel bag back and I could begin the next phase.

Someone handed me a cup of wine and told me to drink it all as we walked.
It was very sweet, but I finished it as instructed.

I could feel all eyes on my 5'10" tall 38D-23-36 figure as we walked back
down the long corridors. It made me tingle just as if I were performing an
erotic dance.

I swayed my hips more to emphesis the jiggle in my bountiful, bra-less
breasts, only partly concealed by my skimpy outfit. Playing the part of
newly acquired harem girl seems to demand it; and still aroused from my
brief meeting with the Sultan, it kept the feelings between my legs under

As we continued walking I started feeling a little dizzy. Fortunately,
several women joined us and helped me walk.

I vaguely noticed that most women beyond the entry chamber of the harem
were completely nude. How beautiful they were, how finely formed their
breasts. With a warm feeling of pride I realized that none were as large as mine.

Unsuspecting, once again I had been drugged to make me malleable to the
desires of others. I felt the warmth from the wine in my belly spread to my
arms and legs, which tingled wherever the women helping me walk touched.
Two different hands on my behind helped steady my walk. Both hands were
under my short skirt, warming my naked skin.

My nipples and pussy, which had gradually been returning to normal away from
male influences, sprang back to life. Should I be embarrassed? No, they had
made me feel so welcome, complimenting me on my large breasts, long hair,
and soft skin.

A gigantic pool set in the middle of a garden came into view. 50 or more
naked women were splashing about. "They are waiting to greet you" said a
naked beauty beside me. I didn't need a bathing suit; I giggled to myself.

My limbs seemed unable to support me, but the women who had helped me
walk, held me while they began taking off my only garment, they were so nice
to help. They undid the four ties and it fluttered to the ground. I was ready
to go skinny-dipping, just like when I was a little girl.

Before entering the pool, I was commanded to let them put fragrant oils on
my skin. Even had I not been so docile, I was now so weak I couldn't have
prevented it. I remember thinking that they touched my breasts, thighs, ass,
and even my pussy more then they had to when rubbing in the oils, but it
felt so nice, so warm. My skin began to heat where they rubbed. They
marveled at the half moons of my butt and the lovely kus with big puffy
labia, as they referred to my pussy.

"Kus, my kus, furry kus, beautiful kus," they had me repeat several times,
each time a different girl touching it, until they were satisfied I'd
remember the name. Their touches, aided by the drug had quickly
aroused my acquiescent body. My mind seemingly detached, was
unaware of what was being done to me.

They whispered at the size of my clitoris. It was now peeking out of its
normal protection as the oils were applied even there. They who had seen
so many, unlike I, knew how oversized it was. I started panting as the oily
massage of my clit was making me very wet.

There couldn't be anything wrong with them touching me, could there? After
all, they were in a man's harem and had all had children by him. I wrinkled
my nose at the thought of any yuckie girl-girl nasty stuff.

As I entered the pool, they all reached out to welcome me. A hundred hands
on my already aroused flesh, rubbing, kneading my breasts, pinching my
nipples, caressing my kus, wiggling into my ass, I climaxed. What was
happening? These were women's hands not men's. I climaxed again. They
passed me around from group to group in the hot pool, but their hands
were hotter. I came again and again and again.

In a daze, I remember surprise that I continued to orgasm and not pass out.
It became a game to them, how many times they could force their newest toy
to climax, to find the limit of my body's capacity for pleasure.

Later, I found out they became tired of this game somewhere in the 130s. How
could anyone endure such pleasure? mom had always talked about an unlimited
capacity for sex that I'd inherited from both my parents. Maybe she was

My limp form was lifted out of the pool onto a soft carpet for the next
game. My head was lifted so I could drink. I was told it was some
high-energy liquid-concentrate. It was important to the game that I keep up
my strength and not get dehydrated by the now continuous flow of fluids
from my kus.

I was given some small amount of time to recover. Something had been in
that wine. Perhaps a narcotic, hypnotic, aphrodisiac, or all of the above. I
realized now it had scrambled my brain. I had been in a happy fog, accepting
of everything, unable to understand or fight what was done to me.

I had never been attracted to another girl before, but I had never
experienced such a sustained intensity of pleasure. Was I really a lesbian?
Bi-sexual? I wasn't sure. I felt rung out. Even so, I could still feel a
strong arousal coursing through all part of my body. It was only my
exhaustion that was keeping it in check.

Was that the aphrodisiac or was it the twice daily sex I'd been coerced
into since I joined the Agency. Since dancing at the club, I'd had almost
constant orgasms. Were they somehow making me addicted to sex?
Would I become the slave of anyone who could feed that addiction?
I shied away from that frightening thought.

I started feeling a bit better. The arousal surged in me as the exhaustion
receded. I began rubbing my thighs together to better stimulate my still
burning kus. One of the girls watching me noticed and said, "She is
recovering. It is time to call Alisha." Another girl got up and walked away.

She returned a few minutes later with a stunning woman with a cruel face and
breasts almost as large as mine. She was the only one dressed among us, if
you can call her single garment, a pair of leopard skin panties, dressed. "I
am Alisha, Passion trainer," she addressed me, "It is my task to release the
slave heat within each new girl so that she can learn to properly satisfy
our lord and master the Sultan, all praises be to his name."

"From what I have been told, you may be the hottest slut to enter these
walls in many years. I will increase that heat a thousand times. This will
please our master and he will show favor to me. I know you cannot speak
yet, simply nod your head if you understand."

It seemed to take all my strength to do so. I lay like a puppet with its
strings cut. She moved my unresisting legs widely apart, fully exposing my
still leaking kus and said, "I will now begin your training."

Attend me," she commanded, "Look at how I 'hook' my middle and index
fingers." I watched as Alisha brought them down underneath me and entered my
kus. I cried out at the sudden intrusion. Not from pain, but from pleasure.

"Now, I'm going to rub them against the back wall of your pubic bone." She
purred. All I was able to do was feel her finger moving inside me while she
continued, "I do this until I find your 'pleasure dome'. This has been a
harem secret for thousands of years. Recently, it has become known in the
west as the G-spot."

The pleasure became so intense, it re-energized my exhausted body. I began
gently thrusting my hips while Alisha's fingers grazed along the back wall
just inside my kus.

"There, I have found it!" Alisha declared. A mere second later I thrust up
with a powerful orgasm, flooding Alisha's fingers with my cum! Never had I
ever felt an orgasm 'take me' so quickly and powerfully before.

I thrashed around on the carpet so that the girls were forced to hold me
down. Yet another orgasm blazed across my mind like an exploding sun,
blocking out my awareness of everything else in the world. It was as if all
the orgasms she'd experienced in the pool were combined and multiplied just
as Alisha had promised. Alisha continued to rub and play with my 'pleasure
dome' as I cried out with one orgasm after another... then another... and
yet another.

Another harem secret, one I was not told of at the time, was that a woman
became a "highly suggestible" when under the control of her own "pleasure
dome". In cumulative effect, it was more powerful then the most profound
form of hypnotism. Anything suggested over multiple experiences, no matter
how much it violated her most basic beliefs, could become an essential part
of her self-image.

Given sufficient time, a girl might be completely "re-programmed", but would
have no idea or memory that any change was made. The harem has plenty of
time and a detailed plan that had been working successfully for centuries.
Unable to resist, the harem began to change me into a true pleasure slave.

As I was battered by unending waves of unendurable pleasure, whispers in my
mind said, "I am a creature of sensation, I love submitting to sex, I need
sex, I live to please and obey, obedience brings pleasure." As it was
repeated, The words echoed on my own lips and merged with the unending
orgasmic pleasure burned into my mind, body, and soul.

A normal woman would helplessly succumb after a few weeks of almost
continuous stimulation. I was much more susceptible then a normal woman
because my "pleasure dome" was 3 times larger and 10 times more sensitive. I
did not have weeks to escape the harem, I had days, perhaps only hours until
my overstimulated brain capitulated to the sensuous suggestions and my mind
and body became dependent on the furious exhilaration of almost continuous,
unending orgasm.

Then something covered my mouth, it was moist and smelled musky. Voices
spoke to me from far away, repeating over and over "Lick it, use your
tongue." "It has the most delicious flavor, you must try it." My tongue shot
out as yet another orgasm eclipsed my world. It was indescribably delicious.
My tongue searched for more as the voices continued, "Lick faster, drive
your tongue deeper where it is sweetest" "It is magic, you cannot live
without it, taste more, drink more, suck more." The droning voices were
right, the delicious taste was the most important thing in my world, I would
die without it. With each orgasm I licked faster, my tongue dove deeper, my
mouth fastened on to the source of the magic and began to suck like a vacuum
cleaner. I needed every drop.

Suddenly the source of the magic was gone. What had happened? I would die
without it. Three orgasms in quick succession blotted out my thoughts. Wait!
The source has been replaced. My mouth clamped on, my tongue dove in,
collecting every drop of the magic, but this magic was somehow different.
Its taste. Its smell. The voices resumed, "with every change it becomes more
delicious, lick faster, lick deeper" "with every change you need it more,
suck more, drink more." The voices were always right I must obey them. More
orgasms, more changes, more magic. I existed in a reality without time, only
sensation and magic.

Then it ended. I drifted for a long time. I felt very near another orgasm,
but lacked the need to achieve it. Slowly the mists parted and I found
myself on the same carpet. Many women from the pool lay about me, eyes
glazed over, breathing heavily, as if recovering from what? Alisha's voice
told a girl to give me more of the sustaining drink. My head was lifted and
I gratefully drank all I was given.

Alisha addressed me, "You are a jewel beyond price, my little butterfly.
Never have I seen or even heard of one like you. There seems to be no limit
to the amount of pleasure your body can endure. Most women will swoon after
10 or 20 minutes, but your 'pleasure dome' echoed for an entire hour.

And behold, a great demon from within your 'pleasure dome' conquered all the
women collapsed about you in the span of one-hour using only your lips and
your tongue to inflame their kus. They all swear to have experienced a
pleasure exceeded only by the touch of our great master the Sultan, all
praises to his name.

She paused as a woman whispered in her ear. Could she possibly mean that I
had performed cunnalingus on these women until they climaxed? I tried
thinking back, but could remember nothing but the blinding intensity of my
own countless orgasms.

Alisha raised ten fingers to the woman at her ear and then turned back to me
saying, "Ah little butterfly, the entire harem has heard of you skill at
mouth magic and commands you repeat it for them.

I have sent for my assistant, Suri because I am too weary to continue. She
will be next to release the great demon from your 'pleasure dome'. A shiver
of fear and anticipation shook my entire body.

Did Alisha intend to repeat what I had just been through? My body could not
stand that much pleasure. I would surely die of bliss. Another shiver, this
time of arousal shook me. My body was apparently anxious for the challenge
that my mind feared. I was still too weak from exhaustion to speak, let
alone protest. The restorative drink had not yet done it's magic. My mind
must have wandered for a few moments, or perhaps I fell asleep.

Suri's two fingers entered my kus. A lightning bolt of desire sizzled
through my body. The pleasure was more intense then before. My hips leaped
up and began thrusting while Suri's fingers grazed along the back wall of
pubic bone rubbing gently under Alisha's direction found my 'pleasure dome'.

"I have found it! It is large just as you said." Suri declared. With no more
warning then that, my world exploded with a powerful orgasm, my cum
soaking Suri's fingers!

Again I was held down on the carpet by the girls so not to dislodge Suri's
inciting fingers. The entire harem would know I was the fuck toy of anyone
who touched my 'pleasure dome'. A series of 5 orgasms blazed across my
mind like an exploding suns, blocking out my awareness of everything else
in the world.

Once again moist, musky smell covered my mouth and nose while voices I was
powerless to resist repeatedly whispered, "Suck and lick" "Drink or die". I
drank infinite magic for unending time as blinding orgasms burst upon me.

My service to the harem lasted a total of four hours. Every hour I was
permitted a restorative drink as a new assistant took the place of the old.
Alisha, Suri, and even the sultan's first wife sampled the pleasures of my
mouth and tongue. After my hour in the "pool of 1000 pleasures" and 4 hours
at the mercy of my own 'pleasure dome' I had to be carried to my bed where I
was allowed to sleep four hours. I was awoken, fed for one-half hour, then
began 2 hours of instruction on my roll in the harem. This was followed by
one-half hour free time during which I tried to locate my travel bag. Then I
was led back to the pool of inciting hands and the 12-hour cycle began
again, twice a day, every day.

Thus was I submerged into a pool of endless stimulation, every moment
training for sex, engaged in sex, thinking of sex, or eating to re-fuel my
body for sex. I was kept in a constant state of arousal; even my dreams were
of sex. For a normal this process would gradually break down her resistance
until she could not prevent the desired response regardless of whatever
resistance remained. But, my body was an eager participant from the start.
My transformation into a pleasure slave was faster then any other girl's and
all the more sure.

After I was fed I was required to insert two "ben wa" balls into my kus. I
was allowed a lacy white teddy, my only clothing, to hold them in place. The
white showed I was yet a virgin.

The stimulation from the "ben wa" balls whenever I moved kept me aroused
during instruction and "free time". I climaxed frequently. I was required to
remove them and all clothing before re-entering the "pool of 1000

At the beginning of my sleep periods a vibrating dildo was inserted into my
anus, held in place by thin straps around my waist and thighs. This nightly
stimulation rapidly morphed all my dreams to erotic visions; consisting
mostly of being impaled by various phallic objects, such as the Sultan's
10-foot tall penis or a cloud of female hands invading my body, driving me
to multiple climaxes.

It was common for me to awaken in a pool of my own arousal juices. I
eventually realized that I was being kept in a state of heightened
sensitivity and arousal almost 24 hours a day. I could do nothing about it
without jeopardizing my mission. I realized I was quickly succumbing. I
rationalized that completing my mission justified my otherwise total
surrender to all.

After two days, I was getting frantic. What if I was deemed ready to see the
Sultan? I had none of my equipment. No, I'm not talking about my tits and
ass, nor my well-used tongue and mouth. I did not know if barely a week of
birth control pills was enough to be effective. Considering the way my body
was reacting to everything else in this country I was sure to be
"impregnated the very first time I lay with him", probably with triplets!

Finally, the third day after my arrival, my travel bag appeared. I received
a "thousand apologies" that it had been accidentally routed to the wrong
destination. I ran back to my chamber and immediately popped a birth-control
pill into my mouth. I now felt "protected". I continued to take them
religiously every day. Checking my other agency equipment, everything seemed
to be in order. I stored everything away just as I was summoned for the next

On my fourth day, I forgot to say "Thank you. Mistress." when one of the
younger girls, a blonde named Kali "allowed me" to clean off her feet. Such
submissive behavior was commonly demanded of new girls like me to teach
them deference and obedience.

Kali seemed to search me out to perform these tasks. I think she was jealous
of my large breasts; hers were quite tiny. Kali was furious at my breach of
this protocol. The screamed at me, "Stupid, worthless, slave. Thank your
better for allowing you to serve her." I was exhausted from an especially
tiring day and sleepless night filled with erotic dreams. I couldn't control
my anger and refused, calling Kali, a jealous, flat-chested bitch, who
unfairly picked on me.

Kali smiled and walked away. I'd given her exactly what she wanted. She
reported me immediately. It was decided I would be disciplined with the
lash in place of my next session in the pool.

I later found out, it's standard practice to find some excuse to subject a
girl to the lash in the first few days. Once experienced, a girl becomes
much more pliable and less resistant. She will do anything to avoid the
lash. With great trepidation, I presented myself for discipline promptly
at the appointed time, fearing additional punishment.

Kali, eyes gleaming, would administer the punishment herself. She already
held what slave-trainers knew as a "girl-whip." A specialized tool, it was
fashioned of soft material and felt very supple and elastic in one's grasp.
Its blow was calculated to sting a girl like the fires of Hell, but not to
mar her flesh.

Naked and exposed, my wrists were restrained by two ropes hanging down
from above. I could stand comfortably and bend my elbows a little, but not
enough to protect myself from the lash.

I faced the pool and all could see my shame. Alisha was empowered to make
sure the punishment meted out was proper and not excessive. "This slave is
being disciplined for being disrespectful to a superior within the harem,"
She announced, then addressed me directly, "Slave, you will count out each
of the ten lashes. If you lose count then you will receive an additional ten

Alisha nodded permission to begin to Kali who I could not see. I heard Kali
shake out the lash. She was breathing fast in anticipation and excitement.

I tried to brace myself for the first blow, but nothing could have prepared
me. A scream was torn from my lips when the lash struck. I had never felt
such agony in my entire life. Somehow I managed to call out "One."

I began sobbing and begging for mercy. Then the second lash fell, forcing
all the air from my lungs. Taking gasping breaths, I croaked, "Two."

I had no more breath to beg uselessly. I had to save the little energy that
remained to continue the count, lest the punishment be doubled. Tears
streamed down my face, silently. My body twitching with the echoes of pain.

Kali varied the timing and position of each blow. I was never sure when or
where the next would strike. That made it infinitely worse, as she intended.

My universe was pain. Each time it took me longer to respond. Until after
the last blow, I was too far gone to speak.

Kali looked over at Alisha who was there to insure that the punishment was
appropriate. She would determine if my silence would bring the extra
punishment. Kali was eager to continue, but must wait on Alisha's command.

"Slave," called Alisha to me, "You must respond or receive an additional
punishment of 10 lashes." Her words pierced the veil of pain. Sobbing, I
filled my lungs and cried out "10."

My limbs were released from the ropes and I collapsed. Sobbing weakly, I was
carried to my sleeping area. Sari applied some numbing salve to my back. It
also insured that the skin would not be permanently marked.

The lash had worked its magic on me, I would do anything to avoid it again.
Exhausted by my experience, I was allowed to sleep, eat and recover, for the
remainder of that cycle. I was then expected to resume my normal schedule of

A few days later my menstrual period began. It was only two days later then
expected. I guess the birth-control pills had little effect on my lunar
cycle. My periods always came and went like clockwork month after month.

During my monthly period, the only change in the normal cycle was going to a
separate "pool of 1000 pleasures" reserved for menstruating women. I learned
about another important benefit of harem life. The y had secret knowledge of
herbs and exercises that happily eliminated the ago old female banes of PMS
and menstrual cramps. I never suffered from either of these again.

The terrible pain of my lashing faded quickly, but I never again refused any
demand by a "mistress" no matter how demeaning or degrading. Kali was
prevented from going too far by harem tradition under penalty of her own

I began smiling a lot, especially during and after practicing my erotic
dancing. It made me feel so sexy and I was allowed to wear several different
outfits. A revealing blue two piece was one of my favorites.

I knew I was one of best dancers in the entire harem. I felt good about
myself, about the pleasure I gave to my sisters and that they returned to
me. Passing a mirror after a particularly rigorous dance session, I noticed
the silly smile on my face. I realized I was happy here and was becoming
more so the longer I remained.

It came to me suddenly that I'd not thought of my real mission in two days.
I was focused so on my harem training that increasing period of time went by
without thinking of my former life. That made me think about how living in
the harem had already affected me, but I still did not suspect many of the
deeper changes that had already taken place.

My mission was taking far longer then originally planned. I did not try for
extraction because I'd been told there was no time limit. The documents
would be as important in ten years as they were today.

How much longer would I take? Would I continue to be able to resist the
seductive allure of the harem?


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