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Archived Sex Stories

SRU The Sex Genie


Disclaimer: Adult content and sexual in nature. If you are not at least
eighteen years of age, please do not read this story.

Author's Note: This is the fifth Spells R Us story that I have written.
If you would like to read more of my stories, you may contact me at
rjzach@avid.dynip and I can provide you a site which hosts my other stories or provide you a link to my own site.

This is a 'jdw' proofread.

Spells R Us: The Sex Genie by JR Parz


Tony Rodgers was so preoccupied with his ex-girlfriend that he didn't
even realize he had stopped walking until he looked up to read the 'Spells
R Us' sign. 'Who would put an old shop filled with junk inside a modern
mall?' he asked himself. Tony was about to take 'a quick look see' when he
heard some rumbling coming from his stomach, reminding him why he was in
the mall in the first place.

Tony shook his head to clear his thoughts and figured that he could stop
by this place later. As he took a step towards the food court, he again
stopped, this time in confusion. He mumbled; "What the hell?" and then
proceeded towards the store instead of the food court.

As Tony entered, he heard a bell jingle overhead which obviously
announced his arrival. The first thing to capture his attention was a row
of costumes and various outfits. If it were Halloween, this place would be
ideal. Tony moved down a different isle, which showcased a wide variety of
dolls. The Barbie dolls were noticeably on display, taking on various
like-like poses. Figurines and other knickknacks filled the next row,
which elicited a memory of his ex-girlfriend, Cheryl...she loved
knickknacks. Tony was about to go down the next aisle when a bottle caught
his eye. It stood about twelve inches high and was shaped like an old fashion coke bottle. Tony picked it up and examined it. As he turned the
bottle on an angle, the light seemed to hit it on a number of facets, and
Tony found himself totally entranced with the swirling colors.

Tony looked for a price tag...damn! He hated it when you had to ask
what something cost! Tony looked around and noticed an older man stocking shelves at the corner of the store. Huh? Was that guy actually wearing a
bathrobe? Tony slowly approached him, confirming the man's clothing
attire, and asked "How much for the bottle?"

The old man looked at him peculiar-like, and replied. "For you, only

'What a rip off!' Tony thought to himself, but instead replied "Don't
you think that's kind of steep?"

The man looked at him grinning. "Look Tony...that price is a bargain.
Are you aware what is in the bottle?"

Tony was about to shake his head 'no' when it dawned on him that the man had called him by his name. "How do..." he started to say when the man cut
off his question by finishing it himself.

"...I know your name? Easy...I'm a wizard...and if you recall, the name
of this store filled with junk, as you so eloquently described it earlier,
is called Spells R Us. Knowing your name and what you think is the least
of my talents."

Tony looked at the man...still not totally convinced he was a wizard.
Was he being played for a fool here? "Okay. So, what's in the bottle...a

"Yes...actually. Although, not the run of the mill kind of genie that
you're thinking of, but in fact, a very special kind. This genie grants
wishes of a sexual nature...and given that you are just getting over the
break up with that gorgeous blonde you had, this may very well be the
answer you are looking for."

"No fucking way! do you know my girlfriend?"

"Man, this dialogue can certainly get dumb at times. Did you forget
that I'm a wizard? Anyway, it's yours for $299.95."

"Ah...let me understand this. A real genie! Smoke and poof, a three
wish giving magical genie?"

"Yes Tony...a real live sex genie. I must stress the sex part. The
genie won't be the type than can grant you tons of money or a new car.
This genie grants wishes of a sexual nature. I can't guarantee whether
you'll receive one wish or three wishes, that'll depend on this particular

"Story? Wha...what story? Never mind. What if it doesn't work?

"Come back here after your first wish and return it. Otherwise our sale
will be final."

"Do you take Visa?"

"Yes. Now days you have to be pretty eccentric not to."


The closer Tony got to his apartment, the more convinced he was that
he'd been had. When he stepped into the elevator in the lobby of his
apartment complex, Tony's mood brightened when he saw that he was sharing
his ride with his next door neighbor, Lori Wells.

"Hi Tony." said the sexy young woman.

"Hi Lori! How is your modeling going?"

"I was up early for a shoot this morning and I'm really beat. The
background called for one of those scenic views only an early morning dawn
can give you. I can't wait to go soak in my tub and then crash."

Tony pictured Lori naked in the tub and smiled. Lori was extremely
beautiful. Terrific long legs, tight shapely buns, and a cute, yet sexy
face. If he had to be critical, he would have preferred long, thick hair
as opposed to Lori's short black hair and he loved a healthy pair of tits on a girl, but Lori's were small 'A' cup, at best. Then it hit him! Why
not use a wish on Lori? Well...if there was a real genie, it would be
convenient to have a sex toy next door...especially a model. Tony said
goodbye to Lori, and entered his own apartment.

Tony placed his $300 bottle on the coffee table, and headed to the
kitchen. Damn...he had purposely gone to the mall to pick up some chinese food and instead he came home with a damn bottle. He looked through his
freezer and grabbed a box of Lean Pockets. He threw them in the microwave
and grabbed a cold beer. Tony then stripped down to his underwear and
headed to the living room. On the way, he stopped to look at himself in
the hallway's full-length mirror. He stood slightly over 6 feet, and
weighted a solid 180. He worked out occasionally and had some muscles to
prove it, but he wasn't a Charles Atlas. He knew that his face wasn't
Hollywood looks, but none of the woman that he dated had complained. So
why did Cheryl dump him? As Tony envisioned Cheryl, he felt the stirrings
of an erection growing inside his briefs. 'Damn!' he thought to himself.
She still affected him like a virus. It was Friday evening and that meant
he was back to the dating ritual. It was simple. If he wanted to get
laid, he had no choice.

Tony retrieved his dinner and took a seat on his couch. "Where's the
damn clicker." he said out loud. He instead picked up the bottle. A
genie...a sex genie. What a fucking sap! Like, he really believed it. He
rubbed the base of it for a laugh and...

Tony's eyes lit up. White smoke poured out of the opening and within
seconds, standing before him, was a gorgeous blonde girl...stark naked!
She stood about 5'5", possessed a rather large set of tits, which looked
really incredible on her very curvaceous body. Her long blonde hair came
down to her nicely rounded buttocks and she wore a huge smile on her
angelic face. "Hi Master! I'm your sex genie."

"What the fuck!"

The girl looked down at herself, realizing now the effect her nude form
was having on him. "Oh... I'm sorry, let me make this easier for you."
And quite suddenly, a skin tight black jump suit materialized on her
luscious form.

"Wh...what are you!?!"

"Master...duh...think about it... Like, didn't I just come out of a
bottle in a puff of white smoke? I'm your own personal sex genie. Are you
telling me you didn't believe the Wizard."

Tony, still mesmerized by the genie's incredible beauty, found it hard
to think...was this for real? "Yes...I mean no! I...I...You're really my
sex genie? Does this mean I get a wish?"

"Three of them. First though, I need to read you the rules. Standard
mine you, but important none the less. You know...what you can wish for
and what you can't. Stuff like that."

"Three wishes! Awesome! Tell me what I need to know."

" are entitled to three wishes, but must use them in a 24
hour time period. If you don't, you forfeit the balance."

"Second...once you wish, you cannot reverse it. Unless of course you
choose to use up an additional wish."

"Third...all wishes must be sexual in nature. I have a thousand and one
wishes covering every sexual fantasy that you could ever imagine, so, you
merely wish for something and I come as close as possible to granting it."

" two wishes can be the same."

" cannot wish for someone to love you, however there is an
endless variety of other emotions resembling love and I've been known to
come so close to the real thing that nobody ever notices the difference.
You know...infatuation, crushes, lust, you get the idea."

Tony was stunned. This was incredible! Three wishes! Immediately
Cheryl came to mind...but that would wait till later. Who first? Lori!
Yes! Lori would work out great! "I wish that the beautiful model next
door, named Lori Wells, would feel sexual desire for me every time I feel
sexual desire for her. In fact, she'll feel her passion three times as
much as mine and she'll also feel extremely passive while in my presence."

"Hmmmm. Normally I would tell you that you have two wishes worded in
there, but given that I have one spell that can do what you want, I'll let
you slide and consider it just one wish. I call it the RING OF DESIRE and
once you place it on your finger, you won't be able to take it off your
male finger."

Tony took the ring the blonde genie held out for him and listened as she
continued. "Once the ring is on your finger, the first girl you kiss will
fall under the sexual desire spell you wished for."

"Is it permanent?"

"The ring is permanently bonded to you, yes...except if you voluntarily
give it to someone else. If you do this, the spell transfers over to the
new owner of the ring."

"Why would I ever do this?"

"You don't expect me to answer that, do you?"

"No. I guess not. Will Lori feel the way I described?"

"Yes. Every time you think if her, she will feel the desire three times
more intensely."

Tony smiled at the thought of Lori, horny, needing and wanting only him.
"Okay..." he stated, then slipped the ring on his finger. The genie
snickered in response, acting like she knew something he didn't, and Tony
wondered what it could be? But as quickly as the thought came to him, it
disappeared, and his mind went back to his wishes. "Do I need the bottle
to summon you again?"

"No. Just use your mind to summon me and I will appear." replied the
blonde, who giggled once again, and then disappeared.

Tony watched the beautiful genie poof into white smoke, and pour back
into the bottle. He sat there for a few seconds, stunned and silent...did
he just imagine all that? Then he looked at his finger and saw the
ring...nope, it was real all right! He then glanced further down and
noticed, with embarrassment, that he had an erection...and it was poking
out through his briefs. Undoubtedly, the genie had seen it too. Tony's
mind flashed to Lori...and he grinned. He glanced at the clock and then
headed for the bathroom. On the way, he stopped in front of the mirror.
Wait! If this ring works like it's supposed to, then I don't need to
shower for Lori! She'll gladly fuck me as is!

Tony threw on a pair of jeans and headed down the hallway. Tony had
often fantasized about fucking Lori, but given she was a famous model and
he was a banker, he never expected his fantasy to become a reality.

Tony decided he'd totally surprise her by kissing her quickly. He
figured he would either be slapped in the face, or dragged inside of her
apartment. Tony could still feel his throbbing erection and was forced to
squeeze it when he envisioned Lori kneeling down before him. Her long
legs, shapely thighs, nicely rounded ass, and milky perky breasts. would all be his - he hoped!

He knocked on her door.

Tony heard something going on inside, but couldn't make it out. "Yes,
who is it?" Lori's soft, contralto voice asked, sounding a tad bit

"Tony." replied Tony, smirking.

"Tony...who?" asked the voice, sounding confused.

"Ah...Lori, it's Tony from across the hall."

"Oh...what do you want. I'm kinda busy."

"I need to see you for one second...please. It's important."

"Let me put something on...just a moment."

Tony grinned, knowing he had interrupted her bath.


Lori couldn't for the life of her, understand why her neighbor Tony was
out there, but apparently it was important enough to do something he'd
never done before...knock on her door. Lori quickly put her bathrobe over
her wet body and opened the door.

"What is it?"

Tony lunged at her and planted a kiss on her mouth. "What are you
doing!" she screamed, taking a step back. He just stood there with a weird
look on his face. Lori was pissed; "Who the hell do..." she started to ask
when she suddenly stopped, feeling something strange happening to her body.
Lori looked back up at Tony, and was shocked when she found his presence
suddenly attractive. Lori closed her eyes for a second, hoping to escape
this strangeness, but even this did nothing to lessen the attraction she
felt , as her mind was quickly flooded with erotic images of him and her
together. Lori seemed that the harder she tried to fight the
feelings engulfing every fiber of her being, the stronger her desire for
him grew...and Lori found herself drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

"I'd love to see what you look like without that robe on...could I?"
asked Tony.

"I...ah...I think you should leave." Lori said, feeling a small victory
at sticking to her convictions, but also fearing that if she didn't get him
out of her apartment quickly, that she'd be doing more than just showing
him her naked body.

"Leave! I just got here! You don't really want me you?"

Lori wanted to say 'YES', but the erotic feelings continued to bombard
her body, and she was losing to the tidal wave of desire. "No." she

"I didn't think so. Here, let me help you with this..."

Lori watched as Tony untied her sash and opened up her bathrobe. Her
small breasts and thick thatch of brown pubic hair, still damp from her
bath, were now on display.

"Go ahead and let your robe slide off your shoulders." stated Tony.

Lori did as instructed...feeling a sweet pleasure in her passive
response, despite knowing that she shouldn't and normally wouldn't act this
way. When the bathrobe hit the floor, she was completely naked...eyes cast
downward...and waiting for Tony to take her.

"Lead me to your bedroom. We're going to get to know each other a
little better."

Lori, feeling horny, submissive, frightened and quite powerless, led
Tony to her bedroom. Once they entered, she turned around to face
him...and was held captivated as Tony stripped out of his clothes. He had
a good body, not great, and she was used to great why then, did
she find herself more sexually turned on for him than anyone ever before in
her life?

Lori watched Tony walk over to the bed and sit on the edge. She
couldn't help but gaze at his erection...she wished she could kiss it. She
wished she could suck on it long and lovingly. She wanted it inside
her...anywhere, as long as it was inside of her. Why, though? Why did his
cock look so...tasty? "Come over here and tell me what you want." Tony
said in a confident tone, as if he knew exactly what she wanted.

Lori found her arousal licking at her moist pussy as she slowly
approached him. She kept her eyes glued to his throbbing member, while the
rest of her blushed. Never had a man affected her like this. She was the
one in control during her sexual flings...not the other way around. Lori
couldn't understand this at all...nor could she deny it. Lori's breathing
was now ragged. "I want you to fuck me...please fuck me. I need you!"

Tony looked at her closely, knowing something she didn't. Lori knew she
was gorgeous, but now she worried whether or not she met his standards.
Her breasts...were they too small? Did he like women with larger, fuller
tits? Would this mean he wouldn't fuck her? She wondered and worried, as
his face seemed to frown while still gazing at her breasts.

"I...I could go out and get breast implants?" Lori said timidly, hoping
that this would please him in some way.

"That's a thought...but it would take way to long. Let's fuck first,
then talk about your tits later."

Lori felt relieved, but then wondered. When Tony instructed her to
climb aboard, she squealed out in joy! Quickly, she straddled Tony and
lowered her cunt over Tony's cock. The second he entered her, Lori gasped
as a tidal wave of pleasure flooded her...'oh fuck' she thought,' I'm in
heaven'! Lori moved her body up and down, impaling herself on Tony's
erection. She couldn't get enough of him and felt sensations she never
knew existed. The whole time she rode him, impaling herself on his rod,
she wished this feeling would never end. When he finally did come inside
of her, Lori squeezed her vaginal muscles, making sure to suck all his hot
come deep inside of her. Her mind briefly grazed over the thought of
pregnancy, but this flimsy thought disappeared in the throes of another

Lori lay beside him now...panting hard from her lust. She had just
experienced the best fucking of her life, and it came from this man who
lived next door. This still didn't make sense to her, but who was she
question something that felt as good as this. Lori blushed, feeling some
of her old self seep back. "Tony, I don't understand what came over
me...but I...I want you to leave."

"Sure Lori...but first, let's take care of your tits."

"NO! I mean, no. I'm sorry, but I'm just confused over what just
happened. I don't understand it. What do you mean, take care of my

"This..." said Tony, and in a flash, a beautiful, naked girl, with
gorgeous long blonde hair and a pair of the tits the size of melons
appeared at the foot of her bed. "Yes, Master." The blonde stated...
Lori, totally shocked at what she just witnessed, realized suddenly that
she was still naked and reached for her blanket. "Where the hell did she
come from?" Lori exclaimed, covering her self up.

" Lori."

Lori, still stunned, only nodded as the genie smiled at her. Lori
snapped out of it when she heard the genie say. "So Master, what is your

Lori looked back at Tony and saw what this was doing to his cock, as it
sprung erect again...and with his arousal, her own ignited. Tony must have
known somehow that her body was responding to him again, because he
smiled...then proclaimed. "I wish that Lori would instantly grow a set of
boobs the size of yours, but twice as erotically sensitive".

The genie, still stark naked, blinked her eyes and then disappeared in a
cloud of smoke.

Lori was just about to think that she had imagined all this when she
felt a burning sensation in both her breasts. She pulled down her blanket
to take a look, and immediately saw that her nipples were growing. Lori,
already feeling horny, brought her hands down to touch them, and upon
contact, elicited a flash of heat that set her pussy afire! "Ahhhhhh" Lori
gasped. The burning sensation continued as Lori cupped her palms
underneath her tingling breasts. She looked over at Tony, who continued to
smile and then she looked back to her tits. Then it happened. Right
before her eyes, her small, perky breasts began to grow...larger and
larger. Lori watched their growth in amazement, as her hands continued to
caress them, and her sexual desire climbed to even a greater threshold.
"Wh...what did to me?" Lori murmured.

"I merely used one of my wishes to give you a gift."

Lori wanted to say that she didn't want this gift, but as her small
tits, which had already grown from an 'A' cup to a 'B', and then quickly to
a 'C' cup size, found herself incapable of speech. A mere second later,
Lori now cupped her new pair of '38D' cup sized breasts...feeling more
horny than she ever felt in her life, looked at Tony with so much desire,
she begged. "Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeee."

"Turn around honey and kneel for me... I want to see how far they hang
down from a kneeling position."

Lori quickly positioned herself as instructed, willing to do anything as
long as Tony would stick his cock deep inside of her again. Tony
positioned himself in back of her, used his hand to rub her wet slit,
eliciting a groan, and then felt him insert his thick long pole deep inside
her pussy again. "uunnggghhhh." She cried out as Tony thrust up into her.
Then he grabbed her new huge tits, which felt surprisingly light despite
their size and firmness, and he squeezed eliciting yet greater pleasure.
"Oh god! I'm gonna...commmmmmmmmeeeeeee." Lori cried out again. Tony
rammed in and out of her until she felt him shoot a stream of hot come deep
inside of her, while Lori used her vaginal muscles to force all of deep
down in her ovaries. Now, feeling completely spent and satisfied, she felt
Tony's desire dwindle inside of her...and with it, her own desire did the

"Tony, this is just not me! I'm acting like a slut that can't get
enough of you! I've never felt as damn horny for any man as I've felt for
you. Why? What did you do to me? Look at me, you bastard! The small
lovely tits that I needed for modeling...are now fucking huge! They feel
great...and they are beautiful, but I can't model with these! I can't even
see below them! What are you doing to me to make me behave this way?
I...I...please tell me."

"Lori, calm down. Haven't you enjoyed this? Based on your squirms and
screams and the way you came, I'd say you did...and deep down didn't you
always wonder how'd gorgeous you'd look with a set of tits like you have

Lori turned over and started to cry, barely hearing Tony when he said.
"I'll leave you alone for awhile...I'm sure you'll feel better when you
learn to accept the new you."


As Tony walked back into his apartment, he did so as a new man. This
was absolutely out of this world! Lori Wells was his to fuck, whenever he
wanted, anytime, anywhere. The 'Ring of Desire' linked her desire directly
to his, AND magnified it three times! Tony headed straight for his
bedroom, extremely pleased at his decision to 'wish' Lori's tits to grow as
large as the genie's. She'd be his mistress and he'd fuck her in between
fucking Cheryl.

And what about his ex-girl friend? What would be his next wish? To
finally know that Cheryl would be begging him to spread her legs for him
elicited a grin. He'd wait until tomorrow before casting his last wish.
Tony quickly slid out of his clothes, noticing he'd forgotten to put his
underwear back on when he was at Lori's. He felt exhausted and climbed
into bed. Exhausted yes, but happier than he'd ever been before! Tony
fell asleep with a huge smile on his face, while his dick lay limp and worn
out against his thigh.

Tony woke up startled, hearing the ringing of his doorbell. 'Huh'?
Tony quickly jumped up out of bed and immediately noticed his raging
hard-on. He brought his hand down to stroke it for a second, and couldn't
get over how horny he felt. Tony threw on his robe and strode to the door.
He looked through the security hole and saw Lori standing there, wearing a
cherry red teddy and looking quite frantic and confused. Tony quickly
opened the door and let her in. "Tony...please Tony, I need you!" gasped
his new toy, breathing heavy. Tony's eyes were drawn to Lori's new
breasts. They were huge and jiggled with every breath she took. Tony
smiled. He looked at her short black hair, which looked like hell, and
noted that she must have just woken up. Still, the model oozed sex appeal.
He'd have to set some ground rules, though. Just because she was horny for
him didn't give her the right to come to him...and she'd definitely better
look her best the next time she came to him. Tony knew that the Ring of
Desire would weave its magic and make her docile and obedient. "Okay
Lori...since you said please and I'm horny, go hop in my bed and I'll join
you in a few moments...and won't need the teddy. Take it off."

Tony went to the bathroom to take a leak. His mind drew up an image of
Cheryl, and again he wondered what sex wish to use on her? He recalled the
one time they had danced and he had loved the way her long blonde hair
bounced sexily off her lovely ass. It was going to be awesome having her
back and in a more accommodating mood.

Tony could hear Lori moaning as he headed back to his bedroom and upon
entering he was met with the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. Lori,
completely naked, lay on her back moaning, as her hands caressed the
insides of her glistening thighs. Tony looked down at himself and saw his
own hard cock poking straight up out of his robe. He grabbed it and gave
it a playful squeeze..."aaahhhhhhh." Tony climbed on the bed between Lori's
legs, and watched the model's pretty fanny bounce up and down on the bed
with anticipation. Tony looked at her and smiled...but as much as he
wanted to fuck his toy, he wouldn't. He wanted to save himself for Cheryl.
"Please Tony...please fuck me...I need you so badly." Lori murmured. Tony
focused his thoughts at wanting to masturbate, wondering if Lori would
receive these vibes three fold, and was both shocked and pleased when Lori
groaned louder and reached her right hand down to her soaked pussy. Lori,
too far gone in her desire, didn't waste any time and immediately shoved
three fingers deep inside herself while Tony watched in rapt fascination.
Tony couldn't get over how incredibly erotic it was to watch a beautiful
girl like Lori masturbate like this, and wondered how Cheryl would look
along side of her? Then he thought about how erotic it would be to have
Cheryl and Lori together, masturbating each other...and the image of these
two girls together was making him so 'hot' & 'horny' that he was having a
tough time resisting Lori's inviting pussy. Tony wondered and asked.
"Lori...have you ever made it with a chick before?"


Tony wasn't totally surprised, knowing that models had a reputation for
going both ways, and smiled as Lori screamed out in an orgasm.


Tony refrained from fucking Lori, and now that he had watched his new
toy in her marathon masturbation session, he wanted Cheryl desperately. He
sent a confused Lori out the door and back to her apartment, and called out
"Genie." Suddenly, the gorgeous blonde materialized before him...naked.

"Are you ready for your final sex wish, Master?" she said sweetly,
oozing sex.

Tony would have loved to fuck the genie, but he knew that it wasn't
permitted. Why did she have to tease him by popping up naked all the time?
"Yes Genie...I am. I love my ex-girlfriend Cheryl, and I want her to love

"Remember now...I can't make someone love you."

"Yes, but couldn't you do something that know.
Make Cheryl totally turned on to everything I do or say or look like?"

"Yes, I could...but only if you agree to a transformation spell."

Tony wondered what look would turn Cheryl on? Then he thought about
Lori, and wondered if the transformation would affect the 'Ring of Desire'.
"What about Lori...if I change my looks, wouldn't this affect her?"

"Not at all. She'd be confused, but her body is bonded with your body
regardless of what it looks like."

"Then I wish to be transformed in order for Cheryl to love everything
about me."

"Done, and our agreement has been met. Enjoy your new body, honey." The
genie snickered like before, then giggled and in a poof, disappeared.

Tony felt a force of something hit him so hard, that he was knocked off
his feet and slammed backwards across the room against the couch. He felt
a blinding headache pound hard against his forehead and groaned. Huh?
What had happened? Then his eyes lit up! He sat up quickly, feeling a
heavy weight jiggling on his chest...TITS! Huge Tits! He also had long,
dark, silky hair, which cascaded around his shoulders, and nearly reached
his new wide sexy ass! Tony quickly scanned the rest of his body...and
screamed in his new feminine voice!

Tony had passed out, but he was not sure for how long. He looked down
at himself and saw that he wasn't dreaming. He got up, feeling much better
physically, but he was still in a state of shock, mentally. He walked over
to his full length mirror in his hallway. "Oh my god." he whispered,
hearing his new soft, sweet feminine voice again...this time sounding a lot
sexier than he had with his scream. Staring back at him was the most
gorgeous young woman he'd ever seen. She couldn't have been much more than
eighteen. His eyes gazed at his female face in stunned silence. I'
fucking beautiful I want to fuck myself! As Tony/Toni gazed into the
mirror, he couldn't help scan every contour of his new female body...the
feelings that washed over him were making him...wet? Toni looked at his
long dark hair, then into his emerald green eyes, and then to the size of
his very ample tits. Every look sent bolts of arousal straight to his new
pussy. Toni resisted the urge to touch himself down there and instead
reached down from underneath, and cupped his breasts. He couldn't believe
how horny this was making him. Toni ran out to the living room, holding
his big bouncing breasts the entire way. Where was the damn bottle? He
frantically looked around, but didn't see it anywhere. When he dashed to
the kitchen, he again passed the mirror and couldn't resist looking at
himself/herself again. 'God, I'm so fucking beautiful!' he thought to
himself. His tits were even bigger than Lori's and the genie's! 'Wait
just a second'. Would Lori still respond to me like this?' Toni asked
himself. It was one thing to be transformed into a hunk, but a gorgeous
babe was another matter all together. He looked down at his slim feminine
hand and saw the ring still there...appropriately it had shrunk to fit a
female finger instead of a male finger. Again, Toni took in the sight of
his incredible tits, and couldn't help but feel them again! They were so
heavy and sensitive!

Toni heard a knock on the door and figured it was Lori, who was
obviously responding to his arousal. Toni ran to the door, stark naked,
her huge tits bouncing up and down, and quickly opened it wide up.
"Cheryl!?!" she squealed.

"Hi Toni. I'm sorry I'm late. How is my sweet little slave?"

"Huh?" he responded confused, then all of sudden, she felt a sweet
passive nature invade her.

"I bet you've been feeling really horny in your new form...haven't you?"

"Yes." Toni replied...feeling very submissive while compelled to answer
his ex-girlfriend. What was going on? How did Cheryl know about his
transformation? Then Cheryl looked down at his ring and said. "Good... I
see the ring is still on your finger. I've always had a crush on that sexy
model next door, but I never had the nerve to do anything besides
fantasizing about her."

"What?" asked Toni. "How do you know everything?"

"Go sit on the couch, Toni."

Toni again felt that strange compulsion to obey Cheryl and a flash of
pleasure as she acted on it. Quickly she went over to the couch and sat
down. Cheryl was dressed in her yellow shirt and faded blue jeans, but she
still looked so incredibly beautiful. There was something about her that
oozed confidence. She seemed so powerful, and he felt so passive. He
wanted to please her in any way he could.

"I love the new you Toni...and what I'd like now is for you to show me
how much you enjoy yourself."

Quite suddenly, she felt a powerful urge to start playing with her new
female body. Slowly she started to caress her naked body as her female
hand reached down to her new 'V'. One finger tentatively entered the folds
of her new female sex, followed by two fingers, and then three. Within a
mere minute, she was ramming her fingers in and out of her female pussy and
cried out as she climaxed to a powerful orgasm. It was still a few seconds
before she recovered enough to realize what she had just done.

"You are absolutely gorgeous when you get off like
personified." Cheryl then went over to her and knelt down between Toni's
female legs. Toni leaned back, feeling more sweet pleasure from his
passiveness, as Cheryl moved her mouth up to kiss Toni's wet female pussy.
Toni couldn't see his girlfriend's face, but he heard the lapping sounds
and basked in the intense pleasure Cheryl was providing him. "Toni... do
something for me. Pretend Lori is here between your legs, rather than me.
Okay darling?"

Toni did as she was instructed, realizing she couldn't deny her ex
anything, and imagined Lori lapping her new pussy. Strong waves of desire
for Lori to lick harder, and make her 'come', were sent out through the
walls of her apartment, to the next apartment...and into the gorgeous body
of Lori Wells.


Lori called her agent and pleaded for him to postpone her shoot...and
felt great relief when he called back to say he was successful. Lori was a
psychological mess. How would she explain her new huge boobs? Lori tried
rationalizing this strange powerful sexual attraction she had for Tony and
came up blank. This couldn't be happening! This wasn't something she
would normally feel! Lori knew that Tony had done something to her. She
wasn't the submissive type and the way he had treated her was as if he
owned her. Lori flushed at the way she had acted earlier this morning.
One second she's watching television and the next she's engulfed with this
strange sexual craving for Tony again. Seconds later she was outside his
door, ringing his doorbell. Then she was on his bed, masturbating while
Tony watched her. She'd never masturbated in front of one of her lovers!
What was it this man had over her that could make her act and feel like a
cheap slut?

Lori tried to stay busy all morning, but her tits kept on reminding her
of this weird turn of events in her life. Then quite suddenly, an image of
a girl...young and very beautiful flooded her mind. Legs spread wide with
her wet pussy lips glistening...inviting her for a closer look...a
taste...eliciting a hunger. Lori couldn't understand the image, nor her
own aroused feelings as a result. Lori had participated in female sex
before, but it was never a real preference...and it never effected her like
this! Lori found herself heading out her apartment, and again head
straight to Tony's apartment...somehow, she knew that this incredibly sexy
girl was inside Tony's apartment, and more than life itself, she wanted to
be with her. Why would this girl be in Tony's apartment? Why did she feel
this strange sexual craving for this girl? Lori wondered if she was going?

Lori didn't even have to knock before the door opened. A lovely blonde girl stood there. She was stunningly beautiful and had a smirk on her
face. She looked at the door again to make sure she was in Tony's
apartment, when she saw another young girl, sitting on the couch. This was
the girl from her image!

Lori felt her arousal heighten at the sight of this girl, but she also
felt fear at the fact that something strange was going on again.
"Who...what is going on?"

"Hi sure look lovely. Of course you know this, though, don't

"Please tell me what's going on."

"Sure. The pretty teenager you see on the couch...she used to be Tony
Rodgers... You know, the asshole that took you for his sex slave.
Well...Tony is now Toni...get it? And because he, who is now a she, is
still wearing the ring, you're now lusting over that beautiful female
teenager instead of some guy."

Lori could feel her sexual attraction for the girl climb, and although
she didn't want to believe the words she was hearing, her body understood
she was telling the truth. The blonde girl walked Lori over to the
teenager, who was just sitting there in a daze. Then the blonde broke the
silence. " have something that I'd like. Please take
off that lovely ring of yours and give it to me."

Lori watched as the teen beauty smiled, and without saying a word, slid
the ring off of her delicate finger, and handed it to the blonde. The
second the ring came off, Lori felt a flood of relief and the sexual
attraction she had felt moments before for this girl, suddenly dissipated
out of her. Lori was still stunned at everything that was going on, so she
didn't react when the blonde girl slipped the ring on her own finger. Then
it hit her again...the same intense sexual attraction from moments before,
flooded her again...but this time it wasn't for Tony, or the pretty
teenager, but instead for the blonde!


Cheryl lay back on the bed, legs in a 'V', smiling. Never, in her
wildest dreams, did she think that she would not only have one, but two
very beautiful sex slaves at her beckon feet. Toni adopted quick to her
role of pleasure slave...yes, it was hard to think of him as nothing other
than a her these days. Toni appeared way too happy not to be truly
enjoying her new role as a submissive pretty teenage slave to her every
whim. The ex-model also proved to be a very both lover and
maid...and thanks to the old Tony liking girls with big beautiful breasts,
she didn't have to worry about sending out Lori for breast enlargements.

Cheryl thought back to her visit earlier in the week to the Spells R Us
shop... Cheryl thanked the nice wizard for everything he had done for her.
Cheryl remembered her first meeting with the wizard the day she left Tony.
She had initially told the wizard that she left Tony because he was a male
chauvinistic pig, but the wizard proved much wiser and got her to admit
that she really did love him deep down and the real reason she left him was
her own sexual identity crisis. The wizard had hugged her and comforted
her, while Cheryl disclosed her lesbian feelings and wish that she could be
normal. Cheryl also told the wizard that there was an unexplained desire
in her to change Tony into a better person. The wizard replied that he did
have the ability to make her normal, allow her to respond sexually to Tony,
and allow her to make Tony a better person.

So when Cheryl visited the wizard after Tony accepted his transformation
spell, she thanked the wizard for everything... He had showed her that
being lesbian is a lesbian. He turned Tony into Toni, and made
him/her passive, horny, and obedient...and of course, now that Toni's
greatest desire was to please her, it made her a very unselfish person.
Getting Lori in the bargain was because the sex genie told her how to
assume control of the ring... Now, both females pleasured her constantly.

Cheryl thought back to her last question before saying goodbye to the
wizard when she asked why he would do all this for her? He answered with a
smile. "Are you kidding? Obviously you haven't read any of the countless
stories out there on me... I never pass up the opportunity to turn a well
deserving man into a lovely female bimbo...and that very beautiful Sex
Genie that helped you...just happens to be a lesbian friend of mine, and
she begged me to bring you out of the closet."


Toni was busily licking her mistress' wet pussy while she cooed while
having her own (just as wet) pussy licked by Lori. This life as a female
pleasure slave was more erotic, more sexually satisfying, and a greater
pleasure than anything she ever experienced as a man, and Toni loved the
way her body shook when she 'came'. She loved the way her tremendous
female hooters jiggled every time she took a step. She loved the way her
female body squirmed with arousal...constantly...and she loved to please
Cheryl in every way she wished. If Toni had realized that being a female
sex slave was this incredibly exciting...she was sure that the old Tony
would have wished for this in the first place!

The End.


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