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SSS2 hurt her more than you know

1̆Short story Series SSS2.txt by JS3729

e-mail: JS3729@mindspring.com

# 1 - Loving the Babysitter (mf (teen) MF rom, love) (Part 2 0f 2)

============================================================= This is
the first of a series of short stories I am writing on specific themes.

This one deals with the realization a young teen has that his babysitter
is his perfect woman, and then how he deals with a tragedy.

Please let me know how I am doing.

I am now archived in ASSTR - The Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository Please
check my other stories out and all of the other great authors there.
ftp.asstr.ml.org. It's free and well worth the time.

Forever lasted four years.

When I made love to Eileen that first time, I was expecting total bliss.
It didn't happen. I was in love with Eileen, and I lusted after her body,
but there was something missing with our sex life. I knew she was no
virgin, and I was (she didn't know, however), and maybe I had built this up
to more than it could ever be. Eileen, for her part, was in bliss. I
would never had believed a woman could come so many times during one round
of sex, but Eileen seemed to be in a state of constant orgasms. It wore me
out just watching her.

We made love all that night, and by the time the morning arrived, we had
decided to make it a double wedding with Jennie and Todd. Jennie came in
about eight to change for class, and we told her. She was beaming and told
me that the wedding would be the most memorable day of her life - marrying
the man she loved, and watching her little brother marry the woman he

Eileen had to go to class -she had finals that week, but she made me
promise to be there when she got back. There was no way I was going to
leave, but I did want to see the campus. I asked Jennie when she could
take me on a tour. She told me her last class was over at eleven, she'd
pick me up then. Eileen was to meet us in the cafeteria at noon.

While I was waiting for Jennie, I called Todd at work and told him the
news. I asked him to run by my house and tell my parents. Todd just
laughed. He said my mother was already trying to find a larger hall to
have the wedding in, and my father was picking out tuxes for me and Todd.
They knew when you left that they were going to have a daughter-in-law as
well as a son-in-law.

When Eileen and I tried sex again that night, it was much better. I
think both of us were too keyed up last night, and we took it slower and
more loving. I finally got to do everything to the girl of my dreams I
ever wanted to, and she just kept on smiling and making happy noises all
night long. The first time, I stroked in and out of her surprisingly tight
pussy very slowly and lovingly. Eileen was so wet and aroused, that she
was literally squirting out her come all over our bellies. I had seen
pornos where women could squirt when they come, but always thought that
they were faked somehow. Eileen could squirt, and she did quite often.
When we finished we were both satisfied and we talked.

"Honey, have you always been able to squirt like that when you come?"

"No, sweetie. It surprised me as much as you. I never thought any man could make me that excited, but you do with no effort at all." Eileen
looked sad, and I was concerned.

"What's wrong, Eileen - you look unhappy somehow."

"I was just thinking of how wonderful you are to give me your viginity
that way (She knew???). I was also thinking of how many years I wasted
trying to find what I already had. I really regret that I couldn't have
been a virgin too. I want you to know that no other man will ever touch me
again. I have found paradise and I'm not letting it go ever." She had a
happy face that made the whole room brighter. I loved her even more, now.

"Sweetheart, how did you know I was a virgin?"

"Simple. No other man would have been as patient with a fool like me,
and yet be as tender and gentle in his lovemaking as you are. Even when
you are pounding me fast and hard, the gentleness is still there and I just
fall in love with you all over again. Now kiss me. I need some more of
that gentle lovemaking to let me sleep tonight."


The wedding was wonderful, and Jennie and Eileen just radiated
happiness. Todd and I were so happy, we started crying. The girls joined
us and we gave ourselves a group hug.

Two years later, Eileen gave me a son we named Samuel Todd Jr. My wife and son brought me nothing but joy. I was at peace with the world, and I
was truly happy.

Untll that night two years later, when I got a phone call from the
hospital. There had been a car accident. Eileen had taken Sam Jr for his
monthly checkup. The car's brakes had failed and the car had slammed into
a tree. Eileen was killed instantly, and Sam Jr. died on the way to the
hospital. They wanted me to identify the bodies.

I was in a rage. My whole life had just ended, and they wanted me to
identify the bodies!!!??!! I slammed the phone down and broke down in
tears. Jennie and Todd lived next door, and they became worried when
Eileen's car didn't return. Jennie came over and knocked. Not getting an
answer, she let herself in with the key we had given her. She found me
lying on the couch crying like a baby and muttering Eileen's name over and

She called Todd and had him come over. He arrived, took one look and
me, and pulled me up and shook me.

"What's wrong Sam?"

"Eileen (sob sob) and the baby (sob sob) are dead (sob sob sob). They
were killed in the car tonight." At this point I broke down in tears again,
and was joined by Jennie who was crying even harder than I was. Todd,
however, still had enough control to do what had to be done. He called the
hospital and verified the news, and then called the morgue and said I'd be
down as soon as I could.

Todd put the phone down, and broke down himself. He composed himself
and he asked me if I felt like going to the morgue. I just looked at him
with anger that he would even ask me that. He nodded and left. Jennie and
I just cried and cried until we ran out of tears. Then we cuddled each
other for strength.

Todd came back an hour later looking like a walking skull. His face was
ashen and he was shaking like a leaf. He ran to Jennie and just hugged her
for a long time.

"It's true. I could only stand to look once. I know you couldn't have
done that Sam, and I am disgusted that the hospital would want you to
identify the bodies of the people you love the most in the world barely an
hour after they died. I am going to have a nice long gripe session with
those idiots during the next council meeting. Todd was an intern at that
hospital, and he was mad that they had screwed this up so bad.

The funeral I don't even remember. I know I was there and so were most
of the people that had known either of us. Strangely, the only thing I can
remember at all was this redhead standing back from the mourners with an
expression of profound sadness. She stood there for about ten minutes
before walking off. I didn't know her. I knew all of our friends. I
figured she must have been a friend of Eileen's.

A year later I was still in mourning. Jennie had tried to fix me up on
dates, but I wasn't interested. If I couldn't have Eileen, I didn't want
anybody else. The doorbell rang. I didn't want to answer it, so I ignored
it. A voice called out "Sam, please let me in I have to talk to you."

I didn't recognize the voice, but it was female. I figured Jennie had
set me up on another blind date and then forgot to tell me. I was miffed
at her, but I had to do something with the girl at the front door. I
thought I would just say hello, then goodbye and then go back to my
wallowing in my grief.

I opened the door and got a shock. It was the redhead from the funeral.
I also thought I recognized the face, but I wasn't sure where. I invited
her in. I was still miffed at Jennie, and she caught it.

"Jennie didn't set me up with you, I'm here to help you, Sam" she was
pleading with me.

Huh? How did she know Jennie had been setting me up? How did she know
Jennie? I would have remembered a girl this gorgeous being one of Jennie's
friends. Wait a minute! - did I just say this girl was gorgeous? I
haven't noticed woman since Eileen died.

"Wh..Who are you, and how do you know about Jennie?" I was stumped.

"You mean you don't recognize me? We used to know each other pretty
well years ago."

Let's see. She's a redhead. I've only known two redheads in my life.
One is my aunt, and I know what she looks like...

"Rhonda, is that you?" I was increadulous. She looked like she had
stepped out of this month's centerfold. I was getting an erection for the
first time in over a year.

She laughed and nodded. "I wanted to see you again."

I motioned to the couch and I sat in my recliner. As she sat down, her
extremely large tits caught my eye and my cock. She didn't appear to be
wearing a bra. I was becoming very aroused. I remembered that Rhonda used
to have a big crush on me. I wondered if it was still there. Wait a
minute - I was in mourning, I shouldn't be having thoughts like this. My
cock, however was no longer in mourning. I was as hard as I had been in
ten years. Even harder than I was when I was with Eileen. Oh my God, she
noticed the tent in my shorts. What is she going to think now?

Rhonda looked down at my pants, and gave a gasp. Then she smiled
happily. "I guess you remember me now,eh. I'm glad. I wanted to offer
whatever solace I could to you. I got to know Eileen after you broke up
with me. I saw the kind of person she was, but more than that, I saw the
unabashed love in her eyes every time I mentioned your name. That hurt like hell. I was so in love with you back then, that it was tearing me
apart to know that you loved another. When I heard about the wreck, I was
as sad as if I had actually known Eileen all of her life. That's why I
came to the funeral. I wanted to pay my last respects to a woman that
taken the only man I have ever loved. I wanted to look at you one more
time before I ended this heartbreak I've had for five years. But, I found
I can't end it. I still love you, I always will. I know you are still
grieving. I called Jennie to ask where you lived. I wanted to let you
know that you have one more friend to depend on if you need one."

"Rhonda, I don't understand. We only went out for six months or so.
You knew how I felt about Eileen from the very first. I never tried to
have sex with you, even though you almost threw yourself on me. How could
you feel so strongly about someone after the little bit of interaction that
we had?"

"Jennie told me that you knew Eileen was the one the first time you saw
her. I knew you were the one after our first date together. I've dated a
lot since then, but I've never been able to get you out of my mind. I
compare my dates to you, and they come out second or worse. When I went
off to college, I really began to bloom. I was a real late bloomer, as
you've probably noticed (she was looking at my lap and my tentpole jutting
up from it), and that just made it worse. I've had to fend off guys for
four years now, and I'm getting tired of it. Just seeing you again has me
so aroused that I may attack you right on the couch. I'd better leave now,
before we both do something we may regret later. If you need to talk or
whatever, here's my phone number. I promise you I'll answer you back."

She gave me a business card "Rhonda Dawson, MD Veterinary Medicine. On
the back it had two numbers - home and work. She left after kissing me on
the cheek. I could see her fighting with herself not to kiss me on the
lips, and dammed if I didn't want her to. She left and I was alone once

I decided to call Jennie and Todd and ask their opinions. I needed
someone to talk to. I wasn't really sure how I felt about Rhonda, and I
didn't want just sex anymore. I wanted another person to share my life
with like I had with Eileen.

Todd wasn't home - something about working late. Jennie came over,
though and it looked like she had been crying. Rhonda vanished from my

"Sis, what's wrong - are you and Todd having trouble?"

"No, little brother, I just found out today that I can't have kids.
Todd doesn't know yet - he had to work a double at the hospital tonight -
one of the interns got sick."

I was stunned. I knew my sister had wanted kids from the first moment
she had laid eyes on my son. This was a crushing blow to her, and I knew
Todd would be upset too. He wanted a family just as much as Jennie did.

"Sis, you still have your neices and nephews. That should help some.
(I knew how lame that sounded, but I couldn't think of anything else to
say). Have you thought about adoption?"

"We've never checked into it, but I guess that's our only option now."
She gathered herself together and took a couple of deep breaths. "Now,
what did you want to see me about? You sounded pretty puzzled on the

"Rhonda stopped by tonight. She wanted to see me again.
She...she...she told..." I couldn't finish the thought, I was embarrased to
have such thoughts again after such a short time after Eileen's death.

Jennie was no dummy. "She told you she was in love with you, didn't
she?" I just nodded. "How do you feel about her, little brother?"

"I don't really know, sis. I had loved Eileen for so long that no one
else could ever have had a spot in my heart. It still tears me apart to
know I'll never see her again. But I can't deny that I feel something for
Rhonda too. I must have unconsciously, because she said that my dates with
her were the best she has ever had. I know I was distracted for all of
those dates, so maybe I wanted her, but my conscious mind wouldn't accept
it. This doesn't make any sense does it?" I was really confused. Jennie
smiled and looked at me with an expression of sadness.

"Little brother, you have been mourning Eileen for over a year now. If
Eileen was alive, you would have hurt her more than you know. I knew her
well enough to know that tearing yourself apart like you're doing would
tear her apart inside. You need to get on with your life, and I think
Rhonda is the solution. I've talked with her at length and I know she is
sincere about her feelings for you. But what you don't know, is that
Eileen also knew Rhonda, even better than I did. Eileen asked Rhonda to
approach you for a date when you two were dating other people. She knew
that Rhonda was probably as close to your perfect match as you would ever
find. Both you and Rhonda liked the same things, you were handsome and she
was beautiful. She also knew that you wouldn't screw her unless Rhonda won
you over. Eileen figured that this was the best test of your feelings for
her she could give you. When you broke up with her, Eileen finally fell
head over heels for you. She stopped dating and just waited. She knew you
would be up to propose soon and she was estatic."

Jennie's words hit me like a thunderbolt. Some of the things that
happened on Rhonda's and my dates now were beginning to make sense. I also
understood why my lovemaking sessions with Eileen were not all that they
should have been. Eileen and I made love frequently while she was alive,
but I could never quite get over that feeling that something was missing.
Maybe that something had to do with Rhonda. I had to find out.

"Sis, thank you for telling me that. I'm going to sleep on it, and then
I'll decide what to do about Rhonda. Why don't you go home so you can tell
Todd the news. I help however I can if you decide on adoption." Jennie
smiled, kissed me warmly and left. I went up to bed to dream troubled
dreams. I dreamed all night of fucking some women, but the face was never
shown. I was fucking two women, and there were a group of men judging each
of the fucks. I never got a passing score with the first woman, but I
could do no wrong with the second. When I woke up that next morning, I was
sweaty and I knew I had to see Rhonda.

I called the vet clinic where she worked. "Dr. Dawson, please."

"Who should I say is calling?"

"Her old friend, Sam. I have a problem with one of my pets I need to
discuss with her."

Rhonda's voice came on the line. "I didn't know you had any pets, Sam?"

"I don't, but somebody I know has a pussy that needs tending to." I
wondered if I had just made a mistake. There was silence for about a

"Hmm, you may be right. I think this calls for a house call later.
What say I make an appointment with you about 5 tonight?" I could hear the
excitement in her voice. It was a match for mine.

"I'll wait patiently for that pussy, lady. I think we need to finally
see what we have been missing, don't you?"

"You have no idea how good that idea sounds. See you tonight."


When 5 o'clock finally came around, I was as nervous as a teenager on
his first date. Rhonda had sounded like she wanted to have sex earlier,
but I wondered if she would change her mind.

The doorbell rang.

As I answered it, I couldn't believe my eyes. Standing in front of me
was the epitome of class, beauty and desire all rolled up into one. Rhonda
had on an outfit that was screaming to be taken off as soon as possible.
There was certainly no doubt here.

I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. I was mortified. I must have
blushed four different shades of red. Rhonda didn't seem to notice. She
did, however look down and smiled when she saw the effect her outfit had on

I think we made it in the bedroom in record Olympic time. By the time
we hit the bed the only clothes still on were her panties and my underwear.
I looked at Rhonda in the almost nude for the first time and I was struck
dumb. Eileen was beautiful naked, but Rhonda was a goddess. Huge suck-me
tits, large loving lips that could suck a cock for days, a flat sexy belly
and bellybutton, long thin legs leading to extremely wet and sheer panties that were soaked all the way through. She also had no pubic hair around
her glistening cunt. I was back in lust with another woman. My cock
hadn't been this hard since the first time with Eileen back in my living
room when she was babysitting.

"You like?" purred Rhonda stating the obvious.

"You have no idea how MUCH I like, but I'm prepared to prove it to you."
With that almost incoherant statement, I ripped (literally) my shorts off
and took her panties off. The hell with foreplay now, I wanted to fuck
this creature of beauty as quick as I could. My clouded mind reminded me
of something, and I grabbed a condom (I had bought some earlier in the day
- be prepared the scouts say) and as quick as I could, put it on. Rhonda
was laughing at me trying to fit the snug condom on without ripping it.
She waited until I had it on and then she said

"I appreciate the thought, but I'm on the Pill, so you don't have to
wear one unless you want to."

By this time I already had it on, but I was in too much of a hurry to
bother removing it. I carefully inserted my dick in her waiting hole, and
I wanted to be as gentle as I could with the raging hormones coursing
through me. She was the tightest pussy I had ever been in. Somehow, that
didn't make much sense. As I went about halfway down, I met an
obstruction. A HYMAN??? At her age??? I stopped dead, and my cock began
to deflate.

Rhonda saw my look of amazement and simply said "It was always your
cherry to take, so please take it and complete me."

"Are you sure, we can't undo this, you know."

"Sam, I told you before that you were the only man I have ever loved. I
meant that. The man I love will be the only man to take my cherry, so
please take it, I want to be a full woman at last." She was crying when she
said this, and I was in a state of shock. In that instant, a beam of light
came in through the window and settled right on the junction of our two
bodies. Rhonda saw it and said "See, Eileen knows and is giving us her
blessing." I collapsed on Rhonda and began sobbing my eyes out. Rhonda was
sobbing just as hard, and we lay there for a good five minutes not saying a
word. In that period of time, I finally put closure to my life with Eileen
and began to look forward to my life with Rhonda. I got off her and went
out to the kitchen. Rhonda followed me with a questioning look in her

"Rhonda, I want to make love to you tonight more than anything, but I'm
not capable of that right now. I need to just hold somebody close for a
while and let my emotions out. Later we can finish what we started up
there. I'm not going anywhere tonight, and I hope you're not either."

Rhonda kissed me tenderly. "Just lean on me, Sam. I'll be here as long
as you want. I have nothing else I ever want to do but be here for you
when you need me. And I'll always need you."

We went into the living room, both of us naked. I just sat and thought
for a while. Looking at Rhonda, I could tell she was concerned. She
finally spoke after a few minutes.

"Is this too fast, Sam? I'm willing to wait a while longer if need be.
I want to be with you, but only if I know you want to be with me. I know
what Eileen meant to you, and I never want to intrude on that, but you have
to get on with your life. You can't just ignore the world. I know. I've
tried to ignore it and you for five years. It doesn't work."

"Something is bothering me, Rhonda. I was shocked when I found out you
were a virgin. You said that you had been dating people after me, and in
this day and age, dating usually leads to sex. I wanted to be with the
woman I loved before I lost my virginity, but I knew I was unusual in that
respect. Do you mean to tell me you felt the same way?? I find that hard
to believe."

"Sam, as unbelievable as it sounds, that is exactly how I felt. You
have no idea how hard it is to say no to a good looking man who had spent
time with you and loved you, but was willing to wait for the final act. I
kind of stopped dating when I got to college. I threw myself into my
studies and rarely, if ever, dated. When I did, I let the man know I was
not going to have sex with him until I was ready, and I guess I was never
ready. I lost several good friends and possible mates during that time,
but being here with you, I have absolutely no regrets. As I said before,
you are the only one I want to be with, and the only man I want to make
love to."

"You're overwhelming, you know that. You look almost unreal to me. Any
man in their right mind would be thrilled to hear what you just said, and I
pushed you away when I saw the evidence of your words. How many woman
would save themselves for a man they thought they could never have? You
had to know I would never leave Eileen for you."

"I realize that. I also know you're not the type of man to cheat on his
wife. You don't have that capability in you. I actually came back into
town about a month before Eileen died. I was going to see the both of you
and tell you both how I felt. I figured if I could see you happy and
contented, then maybe I could get on with my life and find myself a
partner. The day Eileen was killed, I had called her to ask if I could come
see you both sometime that week. She was surprised, to say the least, but
when I told her why I needed to see you, she said she'd ask you when she
got back from the hospital. The timing couldn't have been worse." Rhonda
started to tear up again.

By this time I began to realize just what Rhonda gave up for a chance
that almost would never have been. I had long since removed any doubts
that she was sincere about her feelings for me, but what were my feelings?
Did I still love Eileen? Yes, I always would. But Eileen could no longer
love me back, and I didn't have Sam Jr. to rely on for love. Did I love
Rhonda? I guess I did. Maybe not consciously like Jennie had suggested,
but if I didn't feel something strong for her, I would have never let her
being a virgin affect me the way it did. I would have plowed right
through, and we'd probably be on our third or fourth fuck of the night, and
in the morning, I would be back thinking of Eileen, and not give Rhonda a
fair chance. I had to try to bring my true feelings for Rhonda (whatever
they were) to the surface. And I had to make love to her to know if those
feelings were just sexual or did they go deeper than that.

I took the teary woman next to me in my arms, and gave her a deep kiss.
When I stopped and began to pull away, she grabbed my head and pulled me
back in. This went on for minutes until we had to come up for air. I
looked at Rhonda fully again and I wondered to myself again what I had done
to make this vision want me so much. I had to ask her.

"Rhonda, before we resume what I so stupidly interrupted upstairs, I
have to know. What is it about me that makes you so sure I am the right

Rhonda was fully aroused again and her cunt was giving off very strong
arousal messages. It took a few minutes for her to find her voice. "Sam,
you have no idea what it is like to be a woman who can attract a man without any effort. Even in high school, before I fully bloomed, I was
being asked out on dates nearly every night. I used to be called a tease
because I got a reputation for not putting out on dates, but my looks kept
them coming back. You were the only boy besides Todd who never seemed
interested. At first I thought you might be gay (my eyebrows went up at
that one, she saw and smiled shaking her head), and we know that's NOT
true. I knew Todd was going out with Jennie steadily, and knowing Jennie
fairly well I could tell that they were a couple. You, however were a
puzzle. You were very handsome (I blushed at that), yes you were!, and you
didn't appear to have a girlfirend. I asked your sister, but all she would
say is that you were involved with somebody, but it wasn't serious. (I had
a look of astonishment, why would Jennie have said we weren't serious?). I
thought about that for a few days, and decided to take a chance. Remember,
I asked you out first."

"Yeah, when you did that, I had enemies from most of the guys in

Rhonda chuckled at that. "I guess you would have. Anyway, after that
first date, I was hooked. You treated me as an equal, but never once did
you make an overt pass at me. By the time the date was over, I was so
aroused that I almost raped you in the car right there. I played with
myself all that night dreaming of you. By the end of our third date, I was
like a junkie. I couldn't get enough of you. The fact that you were
making no moves to get in my panties was arousing me even more. I guess
its like when you want something you can't have, you want it all the more.
After our fourth date, I decided to go out with another guy who would want
to screw me, and see if it was you that was doing it or the fact that you
wouldn't fuck me. I soom discovered to my dismay, that any other guy just
wasn't worth the effort. I asked him to take me home after an hour, and I
cried myself to sleep that night. I wanted you, and only you. That was
when Eileen came back into town. I saw her come back into school that
afternoon, and I saw the two of you kissing like lovers. It was all clear
now, or so I thought. Jennie, however was with me at the time and she
pulled me over to the side. She told me what was going on between you two,
and by the time she was done, I felt ashamed of myself. I was intruding on
something I had only dreamed of someday having, and I wanted to apologize
to both you and Eileen. I was a little mystified though. I still
remembered Eileen as the stuck-up bitch that she was throughout most of
high school and I couldn't understand why you were with her." Rhonda took a
deep breath and I offered

"Eileen had changed by that time. I brought out the fact that she was
bitch and she was alieniating everyone she could. When she fell for me,
she realized what she was and she made a conscious effort to change

"Well, when I got a chance to talk to Eileen, I found out how right you
were. If I had known an Eileen like this earlier, she would have been my
best friend. As we talked I began to see what you saw in her, and my heart
was breaking inside because I realized I never had a chance with you. I
was deeply in love with you by that time, and my emotions ran wild. I
tried to hurt you by telling her that we were going out together. I
expected her to get mad and yell at me. I was secretly hoping she would
get mad at you also, so I could pick up the pieces."

I had a look of amazement on my face as Rhonda continued.

"But she didn't get mad, she actually hugged me and said thank you. I
was a good thing she was hugging me or I would have fainted dead away. She
told me that Jennie had talked to her about you when you and I first
started dating. (I had also told Eileen, she wasn't real happy about it
but she gave me the go-ahead) She told me that the two of you were to date
other people to test the bond between the two of you. She also said that
every time she dated anyone she was comparing them to you and none of them
even came close. I knew what she meant and I was hurtiing even more. Then
it hit me. Eileen was going to let me date you, adn she actually WANTED me
to try to steal you away.

"Huh? She wanted you and I to date? That doesn't sound like Eileen?"

"She felt the deep feelings I had for you even then. She told me that
if I had met you first that she would be in my situation trying the same
ideas. By that time, I knew that if I got you, I would be breaking the
heart of a girl I would be proud to call a friend. It was a no-win
situation, but I had to try. I tried every trick I knew or could think up
short of tying you up and raping you. I even considered that one time, but
I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I had. Eileen thought
that I would be the only serious competion for you that she would ever
have, and if she got me, she wouldn't ever have to worry again."

"She was right. You have no idea how powerful an attraction you can be
sometimes." My cock was agreeing with me and Rhonda saw it and took it in
her hand. "But I was so in love with Eileen that you had no chance to
pierce that love. I felt like an absolute cad for ending our dates the way
I did, but I knew if I let it go on, you would just be hurt even more, and
I didn't really want to hurt you. You had more of an effect on me that I
wanted to admit, even to myself, but I ignored those feelings. I'm glad I
did then, because the years I had with Eileen were blissfully happy, but
I've finally realized they are over now. Why don;t we finish our
unfinished business now. I think I'm up to the task."

Rhonda looked at my fully erect cock and grinned. "Yep, sure looks that
way. Why don't we do something about that now. Why bother going

She came over, and straddled me. She sank her pussy down on my rigid
cock, and she slid in to where her hyman was. By this time I knew what I
had to do before I lost my nerve again. I grabbed her hips and shoved
hard. Her hyman tore and she screamed. I saw tears streaming down her
face, and I started to pull out. She gritted her teeth and choked out

"Don't do that. Let me get used to it. I don't want to lose it again."

I had suink to the end of her pussy by this time and her tight cunt on
my wrapped cock felt like heaven. She even felt better than Eileen.
Eileen had had sex with a lot of boys before we went exclusive and her
pussy, while tight, was nowhere near as snug as Rhonda's. I began to pump
up and down, and Rhonda's look of back had been replaced by a look of pure

"Finally, after all these years! This feels so damn good! Am I ever
glad I waited. Sam, pump me harder. I'm starting to go off already!!!"
She was bucking up and down rising to a cresendo of passion, and she was
taking me along with her.

Somewhere around her third or fourth orgasm, I came and I came hard. I
filled up the condom, and some was leaking out the sides. I felt like I
never had. Even better than I was with Eileen. The thing that was missing
with sex with Eileen, was here in full force with Rhonda. I had my best
and biggest orgasm ever the first time with a woman whose heart I broke in
high school. I knew that I was in love with Rhonda then, and I began to
believe thatdeep inside I always had been.

After we recovered, I looked at her and she was literally glowing. It
was like she was an angel and all she needed was the halo to be complete. I
asked her "Was it worth the wait, honey?"

Her answer was to kiss me harder than I've ever been kissed before. and
then she did a double-take. "Honey?? Does that mean what I think it
means, Sam?"

My answer was to get on my knees and ask one question. "How's this for
an answer... Rhonda will you help me correct a mistake, and become my

She got out one "YES" before attacking me with her mouth again.


Now, as I thnk back twenty years ago on all the things that happened, I
look over at Rhonda who is happily crying. My younger son Todd sure looks
handsome and uncomfortable in his suit. My older son, Sammy is up at the
front with a big smile on his face. Todd and Jennie are a row back of us
with two of their children. They all look happy. Oh, the organ music is
playing. I take my daughter's hand and walk her up the aisle. She looks
so radiant that I know she is as happy as I was when I saw Rhonda make that
same trip those many years ago. Eileen is just as pretty as her namesake,
and her fiance is beaming. I steal a look at my sister as she is looking
at her son taking my daughters hand. As the minister starts his speech, a
ray of light suddenly comes in through the roof glass in the church as
Eileen and Sam Jr. join the wedding. I start to cry softly as does

THE END. ut how right you were. If I had known an Eileen
lik̆wA`7e$@`Me'$ TWT` ȧ0gpahr|`h4
 ce,.ac2 4
@8(898(lf if I had. Eileen thouLMonly serious
competion for you that she would ever have, and if she got me, she wouldn't
ever have to wo [ !-A9CO \ j w ^you can be sometimes."
My cock was agreeing with me 0Courier New Arialt in her hand. "But I was
so in love with Eileen that you had no chance to pierce that love. I fel

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