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SSS3 cum life We have


1ЙФ.DіЉЉЉЉњЊSSS3 - Subject Short story #3

Hypno revenge Part One (mc, nc, revenge, mf, ff, MF, FF)

by JS3729

=================================================== This is the third in
a series of short stories based upon a theme. The theme for this story is
revenge. It is NOT a nice story. Unlike most of my stories, this one does
not have a happy ending. It deals with mind control and the deliberate
ending of relationships without the consent of either person. If this
offends you, check out one of my happier stories.

My reason for writing this is simple. I enjoy a romantic and happy
story that comes to a satisfying conclusion. This story is an attempt to
purge out my darker side to let me write my preferred story type without
making it too sweet or too dark.

E'Mail me at


1. Carla

I can hypnotize people into doing my bidding and I can keep them
hypotized as long as I want to. Because of my past, I am not a nice
person. I use my power for my own personal gain, but mostly I use it for
revenge - sexual revenge. This is my story.

As a child, I was fat. I also had severe acne, so I was not going to
attract any willing females. I had accepted that as my lot in life. My
parents were about the same way I was, and as I think back, it's truly
lucky they found each other, or I could see them both dying single and

By the time I entered high school, I had a large chip on my shoulders
and I was mean to everybody. I just thought of it as payback for my
boyhood. I never really had a friend, let alone a girlfriend. Most of the
kids I grew up with were fucking their brains out most of the time, and I
was sitting at home alone with a perpetual hard-on.

My life all changed when I picked up that dusty, old book on hypnosis at
the flea market one Saturday during my sophomore year. I took it home and
read the whole book cover to cover in one sitting. I was fascinated.
Maybe this was my chance to pay some debts.

My first victim was easy. My next door neighbor, Carla, was a gorgeous
senior who had every boy in school hanging on her hoping to slide their
dick in her twat. I knew she was a prick tease, and I kinda thought she
might even like girls better than guys. I decided to find out.

I knocked on my neighbor's door and asked if Carla was home. She hated
me because she knew I wanted to fuck her. I had lusted after her since
seventh grade. She sneered at me whenever I got the courage to ask her for
a date, and then she'd laugh about it with her girlfirends for days. She
spread it all over school, so I became even more a laughing stock than I
already was. Carla answered and started to shove the door in my face
screaming to get the hell away from her. I simply locked my eyes with hers
and told her to come over to my house that night after dark. She gave me a
blank stare and nodded. I turned my head away and she resumed screaming. I
left chuckling to myself. She'd be screaming tonight as well, but for a
different reason.

I was waiting for her and sure enough about nine-thirty she knocked on
the door. Both of my parents work the late shift so I had at least two
hours to have some fun before they came home. She was pissed at having to
come over here and started yelling at me again. I locked eyes with her and
she went quiet.

"Carla, you will not ever raise your voice to me again, understand."

She nodded.

"Carla, have you ever fucked a boy? You must tell me the truth."

She was fighting me, but I knew I was stronger. She finally mumbled

"Louder, slave, I couldn't hear you."

"No, I've never fucked a boy." She spit that out. I could feel the
anger in the air. I was starting to get hard. This was going to be fun.

Now for the big question. I thought I already knew the answer. "Have
you ever fucked a girl?"

Again she was fighting me. "Yes, quite often."

So she WAS a lesbian. This was great. I wondered how her boyfriends
would feel if they knew this. She would not be very popular.

"Carla, from now on, you will not want to fuck a girl any more. Your
pussy will lose all feeling if a girl licks you there. You will begin to
crave the taste of male semen - MY male semen. Any other male semen will
make you throw up. You will not be able to say no to any guy who asks you
to fuck him, but you will not enjoy any of the sex. You will not be able
to stand the site of a girl's bare breasts or naked pussy. You will only
be able to stand the idea of sex with me. You can only orgasm with me, and
you will love the taste of my sperm. If you understand all of these
things, take off your blouse. You cannot resist my commands even though
you want to ."

I didn't think all of these commands would hold, but it would be fun to
see just what ones did. She began removing her blouse. (Yeah!)

"Carla, tell me what you want to do tonight."

She was fighting me again. Her mind wanted one thing, but her pussy wanted another. I began to smell a woman aroused. My dick was hard as
iron, and I knew I would be the first dick to get into that girl-lover's
little snatch. " f...f...f..uck me."
She looked at me with hate in her eyes, and she was starting to cry. Even
better. She'd remember this night for a long time.

She stopped fighting and ripped the rest of her clothes off. She
grabbed my shirt and began pulling. I let her. She tried to unbuckle my
pants, but she was having trouble. I guess she'd never had to do that
before. (hee hee) She was built like a centerfold - long shaply legs,a
tiny waist and large juicy breasts. She had long blonde hair, but her
pussy was dark brown. She dyed her hair, eh? Well I'd fix that too.

"Carla, from now on, you will let your hair go back to its natural
color. You hate blonde hair."

She was beyond fighting now, and she just nodded. She fished out my
somewhat small prick and started to suck on it with a look of extreme displeasure. She hated the idea of sucking a man off. She was going to
hate this dick when it rammed up her pussy even more then. She gave me a
terrible blow job (not that I had any to compare it to, it just seemed
horrible), and I pulled my rod from her mouth and told her to bend over the

She looked at me with fear now. She understood her virginity was about
to be taken. I just smiled and sneered as I rammed in hard, breaking her
hyman to pieces. She tried to scream, but my earlier command wouldn't let
her. My God, she was tight, but she felt great on my dick. I shoved in
and out as hard and fast as I could. She was starting to juice up inside
and my dick got easier and easier to slide. She starting moaning in
pleasure. This surprised me. I always figured lesbians couldn't enjoy sex
with a man, and that they wouldn't feel any pleasure from the act. She was
proving me wrong. She started coming and coming hard. She was on her
fourth orgasm when I finally came in her. I thought about pulling out, but
I would have loved it if I'd knocked her up. Let her try to explain
that!!! After we cooled down, she turned to look at me. She no longer had
a look of hatred, she now had a look of lust. She immediately licked all
the come of my dick and started to scoop up what she could from her soaked
pussy. After it was all gone, she smiled at me for the first time.

"My God, that was the best I've ever cum in my life. We have to do that
again, please!!!"

"What are you saying, Carla?? I thought you only liked to fuck woman."
This was a test to see if she remembered my earlier commands.

"Not any more, I don't. The thought of it makes me ill." She shuddered.
Great, she was taking all my commands and following them to the letter.
I began to see the possibilities of this. I now had a nice obedient sex
slave. My nights alone were a thing of the past now. I fucked her two
more times that night, the last one in her ass. She loved each fuck more
than the one before. By the time she needed to leave, she was beginning to
fall for me. I had other plans for her, though.

"Carla, you will follow my orders, now, won't you." She smiled and
nodded happily. "You will give me a list of all your girlfriends that you
fuck. You will tell them that I am your new boyfriend (her smile got wider
when she heard that) and that you want to share me with them (the smile
vanished again and sadness appeared). You will tell them that you will
only fuck them if I am there to fuck them also."

Carla started to sob. "You don't want me anymore."

Not really, but she was still valuable so I lied. "Yes, I still want
you, but I need to find out which of your girlfriends are wasting their
time with other women when they could be fucking all the guys in school
like they should be. Remember, lesbianism is OK, if you are doing it while
you're with a guy." I waited for her reaction to this blatant lie. I
admit, I hate lesbianism. I think guys and girls were meant to be
together, and none of my slaves would ever do any homosexual things while
under my power.

Carla looked at me with the inner turmoil back. This time she fought it
down for me. "You're right. How could I have been wasting my time licking
cunts, when there are good cocks like yours just waiting for my pussy.
I'll convince these girls for you master (Where did she come up with that)
if you'll promise to keeping fucking me. I can't live without that prick
of yours in me, and your semen in my throat. Please!!!!" She was begging
now, and she was sincere about it. I had won. She was now my personal
plaything. I couldn't wait for that list.

"All right, Carla. I'll see you get me on a regular basis as long as
you give me that list as soon as you can. You'd better go home now, my
parents will be home soon. I want you to stay with me all day tomorrow in
school and I want to you to point out the best fucks that you know of.
Will you do that for me?"

"Anything, just let me have that prick when I need it." She turned to go
blowing me a kiss as she left. Boy, was I in for some fun.

Carla continued to be my slave along with a couple other chicks from
high school. When she went off to college, I told her that she was to
remain celibate until she saw me again. The only time she could fuck was
with me. She was not to date or get married, ever. I told you I have a
cruel streak in me. I visit Carla once or twice a year because she is
still drop dead gorgeous and there is something about visiting a woman who
won't even let you in the door before she is ripping your clothes off
begging you to fuck her. All in all, a pretty good job for my first

2. Carole

Carole was probably the closest thing I ever had to a friend growing up.
We met at summer camp when I was eleven and she was twelve. She was just
as unpleasant looking as I was - she had frizzy thick hair, a plump
shapeless body and an even worse case of acne than I did. We hit it off
immediately. I think if we hadn't been so young, we wouyld have probably
screwed each other before we left camp.

I went back the next summer, but Carole wasn't there anymore. She was
at a different camp for older girls that was miles away. I found out the
camp name from one of the counselors, and I tried to call her. She came to
the phone sounding about as misarable as I felt. When she heard my voice,
her voice lit up and she seemed happy to hear from me. I never saw Carole
after that until my second year in college.

By this time, Carla had graduated and she was living in the college town
where I was going to school, just as I had ordered. She brought me women
three times a week for me to fuck, while she just looked on pitifully.
Once in a while I would take pity on her, and have her give me a blowjob,
or I if was really horny I would screw her in the ass. pussy fucking was
reserved for rewards if she brought me a special girl that I wanted to fuck
more than once.

One day Carla earned a good pussy reaming (which she happily accepted) -
she brought Carole back to me. Carole had changed a lot over the years -
she still had frizzy hair, but it was long and thick and flowed down her
back. Her body had filled out quite nicely. She still had a problem with
her weight, but she was not grossly overweight. She had a set of the
largest tits I have ever seen. I guessed at least 44DD if not more.
Carole was estatic to see me, adn we were kissing and rubbing our hands
over each other's bodies within seconds. We talked for hours while Carla
waited on us hand and foot. Literally. Carole used Carla for a footrest,
and Carla didn't say a word. Carole retired to my bedroom for a night of
joyious fucking. Carole may have been overweight and had problem hair, but
she was a wild woman in the sack. She made me come four times in one
night. I had never done that before, but Carole wore me out. By the time
the night was over, I knew I wanted another slave.

Carole surprised me by saying "I see you're into hypnosis too. I
remember what Carla used to be like back in camp, and I knew even back then
that she was a lesbian. I can tell if a person has been hypnotized,
because I do it myself. How do you think I got so good in bed? With my
looks, it would be the only way I could have a man fuck me, other than you.
Want to join forces?

"Carole, you are the closest thing to somebody I could love that I will
ever have. You and me are two of a kind, and I think both of us together
would be unstoppable."

Carole agreed and offered to show me some of her hyponsis tricks, while
I showed her mine. We each learned a lot from each other. I told Carole
about my feeling on homosexuality, and she agreed with me. She told me the
only boy that she had ever loved had turned out to be gay, and the only
reason that he went with her was to throw suspicion off his sexual
orientation. He was her first subject, like Carla was mine. She said that
he is now the desk clerk for the seediest gay hotel in San Fransisco, but
she has made him into a straight guy. His mind still knows he is gay, but
the sight of another man's cock makes him ill. She also added that the
only way he can climax is if a woman shoves a strap-on dildo up his ass.
He can't come in a pussy, and he can't come in an ass. He can't stand the
thought of a blow job, even if offered. She didn't seem the least bit
sorry about his condition.

Carole then asked what I had done to Carla. I told her and her eyes lit
up. By the time I was through, we were ready to fuck again. Carla was
crying on the other side of the room. I could tell she was horny as hell
and wanted to get fucked bad. Sorry, Carla, I have something better in my
bed now.

Fucking Carole was and is still the best sex I have ever had. I think
it comes from knowing that she is not controlled and is doing it because
she wants to, not because she has to. I had a thought for Carole, and I
asked her to listen before saying anything.

"Carole, how would you like to transform yourself into someone
beautiful. I doesn't make any difference to me, I'll like you anyway, but I
can see where a centerfold model type like you could become could make us a
fortune if we do it the right way. I only have one request - if this works
and you become beautiful, please don't stop screwing me, and please don't
stop being my friend. It was hard enough going through life knowing I had
only one person I could call a friend, and I don't want to lose that

Carole was smiling a broad, happy smile. "Maybe you can read minds,
too. I had come to the same conclusion, and I wanted you to be the person I
arranged it with. Now, having finally fucked the only boy in my life that
ever saw me as a person, not as a fat tub of lard with zits, I sure as hell
don't want to lose him either. You are the best stud I have ever been
with, by far, and I'd be a fool to give you up. How do we go about this

Carla was now crying openly and she was being ignored.

I won't bore you with the details of Carole's transformation, let's just
say the results were fantastic. The only thing she kept from her old body
were those luscious tits, only now they were perfectly formed and demanded
to be sucked. I gave in to those demands nearly every day. MM- Good!!

Carole and I decided, what the hell, and got married. Neither one of us
wanted to fuck anybody else anyway, and I guess I did love her a little
bit. Carole told me that when she found out about her gay boyfriend, the
first thing she thought about after she changed him was me. She wanted to
see me and find out if the friendship was still there. After that first
night of fucking, she knew that something else was there also, something
deeper than friendship, and she didn't want to lose it either. Inside of
six months, we were in love.

But we still had plans for that new body my wife was now sporting. Our
first choice was to be Ross, the guy at summer camp that we shared that
caused all the trouble, and is why Carole was assigned to a different camp
that summer.

To Be Continued in Part Two

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ht of a blow job, even if offered. She didn't seem the least bit sorry
about his c ArialCarole then asked what I had done to Carla. I told her
and her eyes lit up. By the time I was through, we were re


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