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STACI2 thick massaging finger pressing harder


The usual disclaimer applies. This is a completely fictional story exsisting totaly in the mind of the author. The characters are fictional
and any resemblance to actual persons is totally coincidental. If you are
not an ADULT or are offended by graphic depictions of sex between adults
and children or acts of incest, please do not read this story. This story neither condones or encourages acts of sex between adults and children and
should not be construed as such. It is intended soley for the
entertainment value of those who enjoy excersing their first ammendment
rights by reading this type of erotica.

By Buck Naked - please send comments to

Staci - My Neice, My Lover

Chapter 2 - At The movies
Gloria entered the motel room obviously distraught and distracted.
Things must not have gone well at the lawyer's office. I couldn't believe
that she didn't notice the heavy scent of semen that permeated the air of
the small room or the sloppy job I had done at only half tucking my shirt in. As I tried to calm my nerves and act normal, I could hear the shower
turn on in the bathroom. Staci must be washing away the evidence from our
little cumfest, good girl.

"So how'd it go, Gloria?", I asked trying to act nonchanlant. Gloria
didn't answer right away. She looked troubled and preoccupied. She paced
the room then stopped and turned to me.

"Mike, I can't tell you everything, but believe me when I tell you that
Staci and I have been through a lot. It's a lot more than just Frank's
death and it won't be over right away. Staci is going to need someone
strong to lean on and I'm not sure that I can provide what she needs right
now. Do you think that you could be close by for a month or two and spend
some time with Staci? I know it's a lot to ask, but Staci loves you and it
would mean a lot."

Gloria looked at me with pleading eyes waiting for my answer. I
couldn't believe that she was inviting me, pleading with me, to spend time
with the love and passion of my life.

"Of course Gloria. You know that I love Staci and would do anything for
the two of you, you're my family. It would be my pleasure to spend as much
time with Staci as she needs and provide whatever else you or her might be
needing during this difficult time", I said trying to contain my mounting
excitement and maintain my consoling and "sincere" expression. I would
have hugged her to try to provide some additional comfort, but I was afraid
that she would detect the hard-on growing in my trousers over the thought
of spending time with Staci. I took her hand and patted it instead.

She told me that though the police had quickly closed the case of
Frank's death, the insurance company was conducting its own investigation.
The report from the fire inspector stated that the fire had started in the
bedroom, in fact they even were able to narrow the start of the blaze down
to Frank's bed. This might not have seemed strange except for the fact
that Frank wasn't a smoker and was purportedly asleep at the time. There
were other extenuating circumstances that the insurance company wasn't at
liberty to discuss yet, but they would be witholding the settlement until
their investigation was complete. Gloria looked nervous and troubled.

As we were sitting on the bed and talking, the bathroom door flung open
and Staci emerged from a cloud of steam like a magician making a grand
reappearance. She had gone into the bathroom looking like a cum covered
little slut dressed in black nylon and lace and here she was emerging
looking like the fresh and radiant little third grade girl that she was.
She was wearing a navy and white, loose fitting, sleeveless top that had a
sailor theme to it. I admired her long, smooth, shapely legs now freed
from the black nylon. They started at her little canvas deck shoes and
frilly white ankle socks and curved upwards gracefully until they
disappeared mid-thigh under the short, pleated white skirt that went with
her outfit. The skirt showed her round little bum off well. I longed to
run my hands over her smooth tan legs, up under her skirt and squeeze her
supple little ass cheeks.

Staci smiled at me radiantly, rose color now in her freckled cheeks and
a sparkle in her blue eyes. I winked at her and her smile drew wider
across the braces. She skipped across the room to give me hug and wrapped
her arms tight around my waist. I stroked her golden hair and held her
tender body tight against mine. She smelled of talcum powder and shampoo.
I pulled her tighter against me pressing my stiffening member against her
warm, soft belly. Acknowledging the growing hardness that I was pressing
against her, she looked up and gave me a wink and a little girl giggle and
swayed back and forth against it. I reigned myself back in, best not to
show too much excitement. After all, we had just come from burying my
brother, but I was in love and I was now holding her tender, hot, little
body against mine.

Afraid that I might lose my self-control and blow it if I didn't get out
of Gloria's sight, I suggested that I take Staci out to a movie or
something so that Gloria could have some quiet time to herself. Gloria
looked relieved and thanked me profusely. I hurried down the corridor to
my room and showered and shaved in record time. I felt like a school boy going on his first date. Staci and I had been pals for years, but now
everything was different and new. I picked Staci up from her room and
waved goodbye to Gloria. Staci gave her mother a scowl.

Once we pulled out of the motel parking lot, I leaned over and kissed
Staci full on the mouth. Her lips were wet and delicate and her mouth
tasted of peppermint. I had to return my eye to the road, but let my free
hand settle on Staci's bare thigh. I had loved the way the nylon had felt
on the little girl's legs, but it didn't compare with the exquisite
smoothness of the skin I was now caressing between the child's inner
thighs. I let my fingers marvel at the soft silkiness as they caressed her
little legs back and forth from her knees to up under her skirt. The side
of my hand brushed against the hot, soft, mound that lay nestled between
her legs under the cotton panties and felt its heat. Flipping her white
skirt up with a wave of my hand, my thick forefinger began to caress and
fondle the soft, hot, moistening love-mound between her little legs.

Sneaking a peak, I glanced down to see her parting her creamy little
thighs even wider. My forearm held her skirt up and my large hand rested
on her round little panty covered abdomen. She was wearing white cotton
panties that had little pastel colored balloons on them. The waist and leg
holes were trimmed with delicate lace. My finger tested the fullness and
resilency of the fluffy pussy lips beneath the cotton and then began to
massage the hot moist crack that lay between them. With increasing
pressure and a steady back and forth motion, my thick finger worked the wet
panty deeper into the soft, hot crack and on into her steamy, wet, hole.
Staci layed her head back on the seat and gently rolled it from side to
side, her eyes half closed as if in a dream. She was breathing faster,
panting, her little chest rising and falling rapidly and a thin coat of
glistening perspiration forming on her feverish forehead. She placed both
of her little hands on my thick massaging finger pressing it harder into
her wet crack, urging it to go faster as I frigged her hot, wet, little
third grade cunt through her damp panties in the front seat of my car.

The horn blared loudly as the other driver swerved, shocking us out of
our private world back into the one where my car was in the lane of
oncoming traffic. I barely managed to jerk the car back into my own lane
in time. The excitement left us breathless-the excitement of frigging my
darling little niece's hot, hungry, little baby cunt in the front seat of
my car and the excitement of almost getting killed in the process.

We looked at each other and laughed. Still exhilirated, we tried to
catch our breath.

"We better not try that anymore, what do you think?", I asked her.

She looked at me with a mock pout, "I was just about to get that really
good feeling too. I wish it could have waited just another minute." But
quickly smiling again added, "but ya know what, Uncle Mike? I really like
it when you touch me out here where people might see us. It makes my cunny
get really hot and wet and I get that queasy roller coaster feeling in my
tummy. I really like that a lot!"

The excitement in her eyes and face was genuine. This little girl really liked to have her pussy rubbed and fingered and especially in
public. I kissed her quick on the forehead and told her how much I loved
her. She beamed back at me, her blue eyes sparkling from beneath the sandy
colored bangs, her smile all little white teeth and multi-colored braces.
Her cheeks were flush and rosy beneath the freckles and she wiped the
persperation from her forehead with the back of her dainty hand.

"We are going to have a lot of fun Staci", I told her. "There is so
much I have to show you".

We pulled into the Cinema 8 parking lot and pulling ourselves together,
went into the theater. As Staci looked at the boxes of candy in the glass
case of the refreshement counter she looked like any other innocent nine
year old girl.

"Do you see anything you like honey? A box of candy maybe?", I asked.

"No, I don't think so Uncle Mike. How about if we just share a large
bucket of popcorn and a soda?", she said. "I love the flavor of butter,
can you ask them to put on lots of it?"

"Anything for you, Angel".

We found our seats in the theater that was showing the film that Staci
wanted to see. The theater was about half full, but we found a couple of
good seats in an empty row and settled in as the movie was starting. After
eating a couple of mouthfuls of popcorn, Staci announced that she needed to
go use the little girl's room. I asked her if she wanted me to escort her,
but she assured me that she was a big girl.

Staci and I had always enjoyed pulling pranks on each other and each of
us tried to out do the other. Our "new" relationship afforded some new
possiblitites and a mischevious thought came to my mind. I quickly pulled
out the small pocket knife attached to my key chain and cut an almost
complete circle in the bottom of the popcorn bucket. Looking around to
make sure that all eyes were on the screen and that no one was observing
me, I unzipped my pants and using the popcorn bucket as as screen, pulled
my large cock from my pants. It only took a thought or two of Staci's hot
little body and a whiff of my finger that was still fragrant with her love
juice and my penis was fully engorged and standing at attention. I forced
the popcorn bucket down on my cockhead, forcing the paper hole I had cut to
give way and then worked the bucket of popcorn completely down over my
long, meaty pole. I could hardly contain myself, I was so proud of this
one. Staci would never see it coming. The heat of the popcorn felt good
against my veiny member, although the kernels tickled the sensitive skin. I
tried to keep a straight face as Staci side-stepped her way down the row
and took her seat beside me again.

"Did I miss anything, Uncle Mike?", she asked.

"Not anything that's important, honey. I think all the good stuff's
about to come", I said covering my smile over the pun I had made.

Two boys about twelve or thirteen years old who had come into the
theater late, sat down a seat away from me on the side opposite of Staci.

I watched Staci's sweet little lips sucking on the straw and remembered
how wonderful they had felt gliding back and forth over the saliva coated
head of my cock earlier today. I watched her slender little fingers
scooping the popcorn from the top of the bucket and feed it to her hungry
little mouth and then lick the butter from each finger with her precious
little tongue. She was driving me crazy. I was afraid that my dick would
start throbbing and twitching so hard that it would thrash about and knock
the popcorn from the bucket.

I watched in anxious anticipation as the level of popcorn went down
within the bucket. Finally, Staci's buttery, little hand reached into the
bucket, but instead of popcorn, she palmed my waiting cockhead and tried to
lift her small hand. She pulled, but her hand didn't go anywhere. I felt
the tug on my dick like a fish on the line. I watched her from the corner
of my eye, and tried not to bust out laughing. She had a strange look of
confusion and puzzlement on her sweet little face as she tugged on my
dickhead again and again.

"What the heck?", she said, her brow furrowed, as she leaned over to
look closer into the bucket.

A look of recognition spread over her face as she figured out what was
hiding in the popcorn bucket. Her jaw dropped and she looked at me with
wide-eyed suprise.

"UNCLE MIKE!!, I don't believe you! I can't believe that you've got
your... in the... I just don't believe you!."

She was smiling broadly at me with mock shock. "You're a NASTY, NASTY,
uncle aren't you?", she teased, obviously delighted with my prank.

"Well I'm not going to let you ruin a perfectly good bucket of popcorn.
You're just going to have to leave your big thing in there now", she said

The two boys gave us annoyed looks for making too much noise during the

Staci had lost all interest in the popcorn and the movie. Her little
hand reached down through the popcorn, her delicate fingers gripping around
the girth of my hot, buttery penis. The light from the screen illuminated
my little darling's angelic face as she stared intensely into the bucket
and jacked her uncles large buttery member in the dark theater. Having
finally figured out what was going on, the two boys were also watching
closely, looking now into the bucket in my lap rather than at the silver

It was too late for me to do anything rational. Staci's deft little
fingers worked the loose hairy skin back and forth, up and down the length
of the thick vieny shaft spilling popcorn into my lap. Her little fingers
momentarily dove to the bottom of the bucket and coated themselves in the
excess butter, then rose to the top of my pulsating cock. She gently
rubbed and massaged the butter into the spongy twitching head, watching it
squirm around beneath her fingers. She rubbed the tip of her finger over
the monster's one eye for a moment in fascination and giggled, then went
back to stroking the length of the buttery shaft again rythmically.

Both of the boys were watching unabashedly, their eyes riveted to my
large dick as my little niece jacked it off in the bucket of popcorn.
Their hands were glued to their crotches as they shamelessly rubbed their
own aching boy dicks through their jeans.

As I started to moan, quiver, and convulse in my seat, I gently reached
over with a large hand and guided my little darling's head toward the top
of the bucket. She instinctively knew what was next and removed her tiny
hand from my twitching member so that I could push her tender face into the
bucket and onto my cock. Her hot, wet, little mouth eagerly found the
buttery head and sucked on it in earnest. While I gently pumped my little
baby's head up and down in the bucket with one hand, I reached down beneath
the bucket with my other hand and rubbed and kneaded my heavy, inflamed
testicles through my trousers. I was in heaven again for the second time

From the corner of my eye, I saw one of the boys stiffen and twitch and
with a restrained groan, cum in his pants. This set off the second boy who
followed suit and spasmed, groaned and came in his pants as well. I was
not long to follow. As I felt the pressure mount, I tried to restrain
myself by squeezing my nuts tightly with my hand and gritting my teeth, but
my self-control was no match for the little slippery little tongue and soft
doll lips that were hungrily sucking on the head of my dick. I watched her
sweet blond head eagerly bobbing in and out of the bucket in my lap and
reveled in the warm, wet sensation the soft, tender lips provided as they
slid up and down over my cock. Her urgent, sucking, little mouth
skillfully coaxed the cum from deep within my balls and I could only
surrender now. I felt the pressure mounting and my groin stiffen. I bit
my lip so as to not holler out and blinding lights went off inside of my
head. As my heavy testicles errupted, jet after powerful jet of the thick,
smoldering liquid surged up from within, pulsing through my cock and
blasting into her eager, innocent, waiting mouth. After the first few
heavy blasts, I grabbed a handful of her soft flaxen hair and lifted her
little head up slightly from the bucket, but my cock was still spasming and
spurts of warm sticky sperm continued to shoot onto her pretty face and
drip back into the popcorn.

As the twitching in my cock began to subside, my little niece lifted her
face up from the bucket. Some of the first powerful blasts of my thick white sperm had gone directly down my baby's throat, but quite a bit of it
had run back out of her mouth, some dripping from her braces and pink
tongue into the popcorn and the rest running over her lower lip. Her lower
lip and chin were glazed over and thick strands of spunk now dangled
lewdley from her chin. The other random shots of spunk that had hit her
face had done a pretty good job of covering it and now either ran in
rivlets down her cheeks and neck or stuck to her face and hair in thick,
gooey, globs. Through all that sperm, she was still smiling her sweet
little smile, but looked a little confused about what to do about all that
sperm. Using my finger as a squee-gee, I scooped the sperm from her messy,
angelic face and flung the gooey fingerfuls into the bucket on the popcorn.
The two boys looked as though they were in shock as they watched me
clean the massive load from my little niece's smiling face. Suddenly, they
jumped up and bolted from the theater. I guess they would have a story to
tell. I wondered if they would leave in the part about jerking off in
their pants when they retold it.

We had missed most of the movie, but Staci and I stayed and watched the
rest. I took a handkercheif from my back pocket and finished cleaning
Staci's pretty face. All that jerking off had knocked most of the popcorn
from the bucket, but what was left was thoroughly coated in the sticky
semen, with more sperm pooled at the bottom of the bucket. Staci continued
to eat the soggy popcorn, taking a few kernels at a time in her dainty
fingers and rubbing them around in the butter and goo at the bottom of the
bucket and then popping it into her mouth. She smiled at me and ran her
cute little tongue around the outside of her dainty lips, savoring the
sperm and butter flavor. I removed my wilting prize from the hole in the
bottom of this perverted version of a box of cracker jacks and tucked it
back into my pants.

Staci smiled over at me adoringly, "Ya know what Uncle Mike? I'm gonna
miss my Daddy, but I'm really going to enjoy getting your love everyday,
there's so much of it and it's so thick and creamy and yummy. As much love
as you have to give, I'll always be ready for. Thanks Uncle Mike." I loved
my dear little cum loving angel with all my heart and embraced her tightly.

As the credits rolled acrossed the screen, Staci and I walked up the
center aisle of the theater, my hand reaching down and squeezing the sweet
round cheeks of her little ass through her skirt. I was already thinking
of the next special treat I was going to prepare for Staci, my niece, my


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