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STACI4 tv the couch night


The usual disclaimer applies. This is a completely fictional story exsisting totaly in the mind of the author. The characters are fictional
and any resemblance to actual persons is totally coincidental. If you are
not an ADULT or are offended by graphic depictions of sex between adults
and children or acts of incest, please do not read this story. This story neither condones or encourages acts of sex between adults and children and
should not be construed as such. It is intended soley for the
entertainment value of those who enjoy excersing their first ammendment
rights by reading this type of erotica.

By Buck Naked - please send comments to

Staci - My Neice, My Lover

Chapter 4 - A Trip in the Park

As Staci and I approached Gloria and the huddle of policeman that were
gathered in the hallway, my knuckles turned white and the sound of blood
rushed through my head. The officers watched us stone-faced as we
approached them. Gloria was sobbing and holding her head in hands.

How could Gloria have known what had been going on in my room down the
hall? It had been approximately four hours since Staci and I had left
Gloria's room to go for a sundae. Had the sleeping pill Gloria had taken
as we were leaving not had its soporific effect? Had Gloria come down to
my room to look for Staci and heard the mad lurching of the bed springs, my
animal grunting and groaning and Staci's cat-in-heat yeowling as I had
ravaged her young daughter's pussy and plucked her unripe cherry?

As we drew closer, my eyes darted from side to side and up and down the
hall looking for an avenue of escape and I might have made a break for it
had it not been for the fear that paralyzed me and kept my feet walking
steadily towards the two plain clothes detectives who now stepped toward

"Mr. Hornsby?" the taller detective on the right in the dark suit asked
in an official voice.

"Yes," I replied tentatively, my voice catching in my throat. Cold
sweat was now forming on my brow.

"We'd like to have a word with you," croaked the other detective. He
was a short, squat man in a tan sportcoat with a military crewcut.

"Staci, is your name Staci?" he asked the frightened looking girl at my
side. She nodded her head hesitantly. "Why don't you go see that nice
policeman over there," he said directing her to the uniformed officer who
reached for her hand.

As I stood between the two detectives comptemplating prison life and
trying to deal with the sinking, nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach,
I realized that it didn't matter. I wouldn't have changed a thing. I
loved Staci with all my heart and all my body. I loved her little girl fragrance, the sunshine in her freckled face, her sparkling blue eyes and
the tender soft curves of her little girl body. But most of all, I loved
that I could love her with an unrestrained and primal passion and would be
met with no resistance, no judgement and no guilt, only the innocent and
unfettered desires of her own curious mind and developing body. Staci was
just beginning to become aware of the carnal pleasure that her young body
could bring her and how she could use it to make grown men shake. No, I
loved and craved Staci and I wouldn't have changed a thing regardless of
the risks or consequences.

"Mr. Hornsby, I'm afraid we are going to have to ask you to come down
to the station with us," said the short, bullfrog looking detective.

"I undertand," I replied, surrendering myself.

"We are charging Gloria Hornsby with murder and arson in connection with
the death of Frank Hornsby and she asked that you take care of your niece
in the interim rather than turn her over to County. We'll need you to come
down and sign some papers. After we book her, we'll be able to tell you
when the bail hearing will be held," said the tall detective.

It almost didn't register at first. They hadn't come to arrest me for
molesting Staci, they were arresting Gloria for burning the house and
killing Frank. My head spun. The uniformed officers were handcuffing
Gloria while Detective Froggy read her rights.

We went down to the station where I signed the stack of papers giving me
custody of Staci while Gloria was incarcerated. Talking to the detectives
I found out that Staci had called them from the grocery store and spilled
all the details of the events that had lead up to Frank's death. Staci was
still under the impression that Gloria had killed Frank because she was
jealous over the attention he had been giving to her. Staci's bitter
resentment towards her mother and my assurance that I would always be there
for her had been enough to prompt her decision to turn her mother in.

During the initial police investigation into Frank's death, Gloria had
described to the police the shocking details of the scene between Staci and
her father that had greeted her when she had returned home early that
night. The detectives had read between the lines and could pretty much
figure out the rest of what had happened. Not being particulary fond of
child molesters, they figured that thanks to Gloria, there was now one less
pervert to deal with and quietly closed the case, but with the increasing
pressure from the insurance company and now with Staci stepping forward,
their hands were tied and they had no choice, but to arrest Gloria for the
murder of her husband Frank.

It was heartbreaking, the whole time that they had been cuffing Gloria
and taking her away, she had cried and pleaded to Staci, "I love you, baby.
I did it for you. I couldn't let him hurt you, I love you Staci." Gloria
was a broken woman. I felt for her and understood why she did what she had
done. Frank was a louse and probably deserved what he had got, but when it
came time to post Gloria's bail, I opted not. I left her in there. Now
Staci was mine and mine alone.

It was a whole new experience for me. In one quick stroke I had
acquired a live-in lover and a child to care for, and they were one in the
same! The manner in which the parental and sexual facets of my
relationship with Staci crossed over and blended with each other made for
some interesting situations. I enjoyed shopping for clothes for my little
love doll. I would spend half my time in Kids R Us and the other half at
Fredricks and Victoria's Secret.

I would spend hours in the little girl's section of department stores
with a raging erection picking out frilly little ankle socks and panties with pastel icecream cones and pink Power Rangers on them. I liked the
cute little outfits that played up her youth and femininity, short skirts
and tight little short outfits. Staci complained that some of the clothes
that I picked for her were for younger girls and that they were too
juvenile or fit too tightly for her tastes. I asked her to humor her old Uncle Mike and that I would make up for it at the "big girl's store".

At the mall, I would drop Staci off at the Disney Store while I went
into Fredricks of Hollywood where the sales girl helped me to shop for my
"very petite" girlfreind. I had a great time shopping as I picked out
pairs of gauzy little crotchless panties and lacey little bras with the
nipples cut-out. We almost couldn't find a garter belt and stockings small
enough to fit Staci. The black leather bra, panties and thigh high boots
outfit was very expensive, but as I stood there picturing my little blond angel covered in black leather preparing to spank her naughty uncle, my
cock twitched up and down begging me to buy it.

Life was interesting at home also. One moment I would be sitting
bare-assed naked on the kitchen table with Staci sitting in a chair pulled
up between my legs, my thick member planted in her young mouth pumping a
hot load of sticky cum down her small throat, the next moment I would be
shoving her into the bathroom bugging her to brush her teeth prodding her
with platitudes: "You need to brush every day honey, we want to keep your
smile pearly white", "Make sure you get all that cum out of your braces,
honey. We don't want people calling us Cum-Breath now, do we?"

Our nights and days blurred together. We had sex all the time. The
more that Staci learned about sex, the more she wanted it. At night in our
bed we would screw six different ways until I would pass out exhausted.
After I had fallen asleep, I would awaken again to find my little girl sitting on top of me sliding up and down on my big meat pole like a
carousel horse. Her little pussy soon stretched to where it could
comfortably accomodate the massive piece of flesh that dangled between my

We reached this point by doing her "stretching" excercises while we
watched tv on the couch at night. She would climb up on my lap wearing
only a little tee shirt or tank top, her cute little dimpled ass shining
below. Facing the tv and stradling my lap, she would reach down with her
little fingers and grasp the veiny, jutting tool between my legs and
massage the big rubbery head against the glistening folds of her little
love mound as she slowly lowered herself on to it. Once the soft white
cheeks of her little girl ass had slid down and come to rest on the mat of
coarse black pubic hair in my lap, we would watch tv like that, with her
impaled on my large throbbing man-meat. As we would sit there allowing the
wet little lips of her young hairless cunt to spasm and stretch around the
hot shaft of meat, I would take in the fragrance of her soft silky hair and
let my hands enjoy her young body.

My large hands almost covered the whole of her undeveloped chest as they
reached up under the shirt and massaged and caressed the soft skin. My
thick fingers tweeked and teased the little cherries on her chest and I
could feel her baby cunt spasm as it grew accustomed to the size of my
cock. The more I pinched and pulled on the little nipples, the wetter her
soft, hot crotch became. I allowed one of my large hands to gently stroke
the softness of her tummy and I swear that as I pressed my fingers into her
soft belly, I could feel my thick shaft inside, filling her up, reaching up
almost to her ribcage. Her insides felt warm and wet and with each little
movement she made, it felt as if her insides were gently sucking and
nursing on the cock buried within her, drawing it up further into the

I nibbled on a delicate, perfectly formed ear beneath the silky blond hair with my lips as my hand traveled lower across her soft abdomen to the
place of our union. There was tremendous heat rising from the junction
where the slick little hairless lips gripped around the stiff shaft. I
fingered the rubbery little sheath that covered the spot where the
stretched lips met, coaxing the tiny red ruby of a joy button from its
hiding place. It became wet and slippery between my fingers. I lifted a
dew covered finger to Staci's soft panting mouth and let her suck it into
her warm wetness. Having treated her to the taste of her own precious love
juice and let her suck passionately on my thick finger, I removed it and
returned the saliva slick digit to the third grader's sensitive little love

As I began to masterfully diddle and stimulate the hot little baby clit
with my finger, I clamped the other large hand over the soft girlish chest
to keep the squirming, squiggling youngster firmly impaled on the ridgid
pulsating pole of flesh. As she struggled vainly to wiggle off the thick cock and away from the too intense pleasure my finger was generating in her
twitching little love button, the tight lips would slide up the slick
shaft. I would then gently, but firmly slide her back down the shaft again
as my hips would thrust up into her. When the sensation would become too
intense for me and I would feel my straining testicles on the verge of
exploding, I would stop and we would settle down for a few minutes before
starting up again.

We would do this over and over throughout the course of prime-time
programming until I just couldn't stand it anymore and then I would grab
her slender hips and pull her little white cheeks firmly down against my
groin and let surge after surge of my hot searing cum pulse into her,
filling her up. My cock must swell and expand as it explodes or else my
loads must be unusually voluminous because as I would groan and feel my
cock exploding into the tight twat, her eyes would bug out wide and she
would let out a prolonged and tremulous holler as if she were riding on a
roller coaster. This was how we stretched her little baby cunt our first
nights together.

Staci also acquired quite a taste for sperm. She had been sucking her
dad off for nearly five years on an almost daily basis. She said that
while his sperm had not tasted bad, she found mine absolutely delicious!
She would suck me off many times a day and I began to worry about how I was
going to keep up with her love for the stuff. She regarded it as a treat
and would blow me in me moring at breakfast and then have me shoot all over
her corn flakes. "They're Grrreeeaaatttttt!!," she would say as she ate
her sperm frosted flakes. She also liked sperm covered icecream sundaes,
sperm and peanut butter sandwiches, sperm and maple syrup on her pancakes,
the little girl just really had a hankering for sperm!

While I certainly enjoyed having the adorable little third grader
service my thick heavy cock with her wet willing little mouth, my personal
favorite was fucking her smooth little baby cunt (it was hot, wet and
tight) and feeling up her soft, tender, little body.

We had to start reclaiming the sperm that I would shoot up into her to
help satisfy her seminal appetite. After I would finish thoroughly fucking
my little angel, she would scamper to the refrigerator to get a small jam
jar she kept there and setting it on the floor, would squat over it. Her
little stomach would contract and undulate like a belly dancer and the
thick spooge with come oozing out of the little coral hole hidden between
the pink puffy lips and then dangle, drip, and drain into the jar.
Satisfied that she had salvaged all she could, she would run her little
finger around the tiny hole gathering the gooey residue and savor the
flavor from her finger. As much as I hated to ever think about sharing
Staci, I knew I would always place her happiness first and it would only be
a matter of time before I would have to make other arrangements to satisfy
her growing cum lust.

It was summer and Staci was out of school. We liked to go on outings
together regularly. The park was one of Staci's favorite places to go.
Our hunger for each other's bodies would often get the best of us and we
would have sex at the park frequently. Sometimes we would step off the
jogging trail and scarcely concealed behind a bush, Staci would suck me off
hungrily and try to swallow as much of my load as she could. I always kept
a handerkief in my back pocket to clean up the excess.

Other times we would slip into the men's room if it looked like no one
was around and I would lean her over the sink and reaching up under her
dress, pull her undies down around her knees and fuck her vigoruously from
behind. One day I got a bad cramp in my leg as I was fucking her over the
sink and I jerked up abruptly trying to shake it out. I had forgotten to
withdraw my boner from Staci's tight little twat and as I stood up, I
lifted her into the air. The cramp was still attacking my leg and as I
hopped around the men's room, Staci bobbed around in the air in front of me
suspended on my erect cock. The cramp finally subsided and we came to rest
standing in front of the row of sinks and mirrors. Both of us looked into
mirror at the same time and burst out laughing at the sight of her
suspended in mid-air, bobbing up and down in front of me like a one of
those silly toy dogs in the back window of someone's car. We laughed until
my hard-on subsided and Staci was slowly lowered to the ground.

On one particular visit to the park, we went to the playground. It was
mid-afternoon and was a beautiful, sunny day. Staci was wearing a short
little yellow dress with daisies on it. Her hair was pulled up into a
little blond spout on the top of her head that bobbed around as she climbed
over the monkey bars and crawled through the playhouse. "Look at me, Uncle
Mike!," she called as she balanced herself on top of the jungle gym. I
admired the tone and tan of her healthy young body as she climed and swung
and rolled around. She was an adorable child. I felt my cock stirring as
I watched.

Staci sat at the top of the sliding board while I waited at the bottom
to catch her. Raising her knees up she flashed her little her panties at
me below. I was so close that I could see the pattern of the little pastel
polka dots on her panties and the shape of her soft warm mound beneath.
Catching me looking, she smiled playfully at me and with one of her little
fingers began toying with the fluffy lips through the thin cotton.

"What are you looking at Uncle Mike? Huh? You wouldn't look up a
little girl's dress would you, Uncle Mike?" she toyed. "You wouldn't try
to look at her panties and at her hot little cunny now, would you?" she
smiled as her finger traced the contour of her love mound and into the soft
crack forming in the front of the damp polka dotted cotton crotch.

"Staci, stop! You're driving me crazy!" I felt my cock lurch to life
inside my trousers. Staci slid down the sliding board and landed at the
bottom right between my legs. She reached out and felt the stiffness
straining at the front of my Dockers.

"Oh, Uncle Mike! I AM getting to you aren't I?" she giggled as she
stroked the big dick through my khakis.

"Staci, stop! You're going to make me cum in my pants," I complained.
"Let's go swing!"

I walked towards the swings as Staci ran ahead. I admired her shapely
tan legs as she ran, the blond spout on her head bobbing up and down. The
swings were the old kind with the thick wooden board as a seat supported by
long chains to the pipe cross beam high above. You could really swing high
on these babies. I noticed that there didn't appear to be anyone else
around as Staci climbed on to a swing and began to rock back and forth.

"Uncle Mike, push me. I want to go real high. Push me, please Uncle
Mike," she pleaded.

Her cute little derriere hung off of the back of the seat and met my
hands as I pushed her forward. Each time she swung back to me I let my
fingers press into the tender little cheeks and shove her forward.

"Higher Uncle Mike, higher!" she shouted. I couldn't push her as high
as she wanted to go.

"I've got an idea sweetheart. I can really make one of these things
soar. I loved the swings as when I was a kid. Why don't you sit in my lap
and let me do the pumping," I said catching my mistake too late.

"Ohhh!, that's a great idea. You're REALLY good at 'pumping' things,
aren't you Uncle Mike," she said excitedly as her naughty smile widened
across her braces and her eyes sparkled at me.

We sat in the swing facing each other, face to face, crotch to crotch,
and I began to pump us back and forth. Looking into her adorable freckled
little face, my heart began to melt. As we swung back and forth and the
stiffness in my pants rubbed back and forth against the hot soft mound
between her tender thighs, my blood began to heat.

We both began to moan and get hotter and hotter as we dry humped on the
swing in the park in broad daylight. My mouth met hers and our lips locked
passionately, my hand reached under the yellow dress and squeezed and
kneaded the soft cheeks through her underpants. As we would reach the back
of our high arc, I would pull hard on the chains and thrust my feet forward
and my stiffness up tighter into the steaming softness between her tender
thighs. It only took a couple minutes of this and I had to bring the swing
to a stop.

I looked around to make sure that there was still no one watching. I
saw only an older looking man who was walking a large German Shepard that
was nosing around in the bushes beside the trail. They were quite a ways
away from us and not facing in our direction. I ordered Staci to stand up
on the wooden seat of the swing. She looked at me questioningly, but
obliged without hesitation. I pulled my little niece's underpants down
over her slender legs, smiling as I saw the wet spot in the crotch panel
and quickly stuffed them in my pocket.

Grabbing the chains of the swing, I pulled her closer until her sweet
fuzz-less little peach was in my face. I lapped at the glistening little
crack between her legs and drank the sweet nectar from her unripe pussy. I
let my thick tongue snake up the hot little hole between her legs, my whole
head now up under her dress as she stood on the swing. I licked at her
delicate little clit and sucked up the warm, flavorful, fluid now dripping
and running from the soft fluffy crack. As the swing jangled around in
response to her squirming I gave her a few last licks, straining my tongue
beyond her little third grade pussy and bathing her sweet little ass crack
with my big saliva wet tongue until her whole crotch was wet and slick.

I lifted the excited young girl from the swing to the ground and sat in
the swing myself. I pulled the large twitching member from the fly of my
khaki's and guided the pretty little girl's blond head to my lap where I
bobbed it up and down for a moment to coat the thick vieny piece of man flesh with her little girl saliva. I had Staci stand on the swing
straddling me in the same direction I was facing. The idea was for her to
lower her steaming little cunt onto the head of my hard erection and then
continue to lower herself as the big slick cock slid up into her wet little
pussy, but as she was lowering herself, the swing gave a sudden lurch and
Staci lost her footing and fell hard into my lap.

The head of my rigid cock found a hole, but instead of her wet little
pussy, it had found the dainty puckered little hole of her hiney. The
weight of her falling had forced the saliva slick head of my cock into her
virgin poopchute, hesitating momentarily as it met her little schoolgirl
sphincter, and then fully up into this dark, wet, new territory.

Staci let out a piercing scream and I quickly reached a hand to her face
to cup her mouth, but it missed its mark and the side of my hand went right
between the shrieking teeth and braces. She bit down hard on my hand
drawing blood. Her legs were flailing as her sphicter convulsed over the
sudden and unexpected invasion. The little girl squirmed like a bug that
has been stuck with a pin. Eventually, Staci began to gain some control
over herself. Just as the flailing and kicking subsided and I was about to
lift her off of my member, we heard the laughing and hollering of kids as
they ran towards the swings followed by their mother.

I tried to sooth Staci and calm her down as we rocked gently back and
forth on the swing with my huge dick buried to the hilt in her quivering
little third grade ass. I stroked her hair and whispered to her softly
telling her to relax and breath in and out slowly. There was no way I
could lift the little girl up off of my big shitty dick in front of this
woman and her kids who were now climbing on the swings next to us. We
would have to settle down for a while and enjoy a nice leisurely swing and
ass-fuck while we waited for the people to leave.

Staci's little yellow daisy dress covered up what was happening between
us and as I soothed away the tear's and her pained expression left the
freckled face, none of the playing children or watchful parents around us
had known that my huge erection was buried fully in her spasming little ass
as we swung back and forth.

Staci was calming down now and I could feel her breathing returning to
normal and even though it was still extremely tight, I could tell her
little rectum was starting to relax and adjust a little. I had definitely
been looking forward to ass-fucking my little niece, just not now, not here
and not in this manner.

I couldn't help but to enjoy it though, Staci had a wonderful little
ass. Her bare tender cheeks were resting on my lap and my cock twitched and
thrilled in the warmth and tighness of her insides. As we swung back and
forth, people came and went. We said hi to differnt people walking by,
talked to the people on the swings next to us and for all appearance sake
we were just an uncle and his affectionate niece out for a day in the park.
An elderly couple gave us disapproving looks and whispered to each other.
They probably didn't think it was proper for a cute little girl Staci's age
to be sitting on a man's lap. I wonder what they would have thought if
they had known that the cute little blond girl in the yellow dress was
wiggling around on the fat cock that was buried firmly between her sweet

The old man who had been walking the handsome German Sheperd came by and
watched us swing for a long time. His facial expression showed no sign of
emotion and he never turned his gaze, just watched us swing back and forth.
I could tell that the man admired the cute little freckled face girl sitting in my lap by the obvious bulge in the front of his pants. I wasn't
jealous like I thought I would be though. It was kind of exciting showing
Staci off, having another man admire her beauty. As he watched us, I
stared back and began to thrust my slippery cock back and forth, in and out
of Staci's tight ass.

I could tell that Staci admired the man's masculine looking canine. She
stared at it with a kind of fascination. She was also beginning to enjoy
having a cock up her ass. As she watched the dog she began to squirm her
ass around in my lap feeling the cock wiggle around inside her. Staci
grabbed the chains with both hands and begin to raise and lower herself on
the stiff piece of flesh that she was impaled on, a little at first and
then higher and higher. Her tight little rectum felt wonderful as it slid
up and down on my throbbing cock, stroking it, milking it, loving it.

As we swung back and forth she began to intensify the rythm of her
bouncing in my lap. The friction of her sphincter gripping the hairy,
vieny flesh of my penis was building up an incredible heat in our shared
crotch in spite of the slippery ass slime that lubed the fleshy pole. As
she began to work me towards that feeling of wonderful pressure and
delicious tension I could tell that she was working herself there as well.

Staci's eyes were half closed as she continued to stare at the dog and
her mouth hung open drooling. I started to thrust upward to meet the soft
little bouncing cheeks as they fell. Silly little noises like those a
three year old might if they were bouncing on their grandpa's knee were
coming out of her mouth now. Her whole insides were sucking at my dick as
her stretched little asshole lifted up and dropped back down again more
rapidly now. The strange man continued to watch my niece fuck herself on
my dick as we swung back and forth. The man and his dog where the last
ones left at the playground.

As Staci brought me closer to orgasm, I reached under her dress and
began to diddle her little clit and finger her wet dripping little pussy.
She began to convulse as I increased the pace and pressure of my thick diddling finger. I ventured another finger and now worked two fingers in
and out her steamy little baby cunt. The incredible heat and pressure in
my balls began to build until I could contain it no longer. Pulling hard
on the chains, I thrust forward from the swing seat jamming my exploding
cock as far up into the creaming little preteen's spasming asshole as it
would go.

We came together and came hard. I heard her scream out and felt the
flood of warm pussy juice as it ran from her steaming cunt over my fingers
and down into the open fly of my trousers soaking my heavy spasming balls.
The cum pulsed and pumped deep into the writhing child filling her full.
She continued to bounce frantically on my lap. My thick cock twitched and
spasmed and continued to pump more and more of the hot spunk deep within
her bowels. I almost fell off the swing backwards I came so hard in her
quivering young ass. I almost expected to see her blast of the end of my
cock like an overinflated balloon and fly around in the air spraying sperm
from her ass.

As we started to come back down from our high and opened our eyes once
more, I realized that in our excitement I had pulled Staci's dress up to
work her little pussy with my hand and it was now still pulled up around
her waist. The stranger stood still watching. He had enjoyed a good view
of the bizarre scene as I had finger-fucked my niece's bald little pussy while she had rode herself silly, fucking her little girl ass on my massive
cock, all while we had swung back in forth in the brilliant sunshine of the
park. For an instant a small smile appeared at the corner of his mouth
then disappeared again. He turned and called to his dog Rex and walked
away down the path.

It took a few moments for Staci and I to pull ourselves together again
and then for me to pull her petite, perspiration covered body off of my
flagging cock.

What a day in the park it had been. As we got into the car to leave,
Staci and I talked about what had happened.

"Is it wrong to do it in my hiney like that?" Staci asked looking at me
with her sweet innocent blue eyes.

"No, baby. Wrong means different things to different people. Did you
enjoy it Staci?" I asked my little niece.

"YESS!!! It hurt at first, but then it felt really good!" she said

"Then its not wrong for us baby," I told her.

She sat quiet for a moment thinking and then looked back to me. "Uncle
Mike?" she asked.

"What honey?"

"Would it be wrong if a little girl did stuff with a really nice doggy
like that one back in the park?" she asked anxiously.

I stroked the blond bangs from her blue eyes and looked into her
concerned face. "Let me think about that one darling and I'll get back to
you," I responded, my cock getting hard in my pants again.

By the way, the judge set Gloria's bail at $200,000. While I could have
bailed her out, I didn't. I also opted to let her be represented by a
public defender rather than hire a sharp attorney. I told myself that it
was because she had killed my only brother, but truth is he probably
deserved it. I guess I really just wanted to make sure that I would never
be without Staci, my niece, my lover.


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