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STANLEY tv while show your brother


The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

Stanley's Peril By Cactus Juggler 1999

Stanley Roberts wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Anyone
with an ounce of brains could tell that much from the fact that he was
twenty-four years old and sitting on the couch watching pro-wrestling.
Stan was just barely smart enough to grasp the fact that it wasn't real,
but he still loved watching it. Other indicators of his brilliance
included the fact that he still lived at home, didn't have a job, and
sometimes thought about his younger sister when he masturbated.

In Stan's defense, the younger sister in question was eighteen, and hot
as they come. Debby was her name, and she and her best friend Sherry were
both gorgeous. Sherry's ass in tight jeans was a sight worth seeing, and
she wore tight jeans all the time. It was Stan's obvious interest in his
sister's friend that gave her the easiest route to making fun of him.
Between that and making fun of his intellect, she pretty much had all the
tools she needed to belittle and humiliate Stan daily.

On this particular day, as Stan watched pro-wrestling re-runs and lay
stretched out on the couch, Debby and Sherry wanted to watch something
*other* than pro-wrestling. But Stan wasn't having any of it.

"I was here first." He proclaimed.

"You're always here, so of course you were here first! Lazy bastard."
His sister Debby ragged on him.

It was a major point of stress in the house. Debby and Stan's father had died ten years ago, and their single mother had to work hard to keep up
a full time job and take care of a layabout like Stan. Debby was always
trying to convince her mother to just throw him out, but she still put up
with him for some reason.

"Come on Stan, wrestling is so stupid. It's so immature of you to watch
it." Sherry commented.

On the television one wrestler had a stranglehold on the other and
seemed to be trying to make his victim pass out. Debby and Sherry watched
the mesmerized Stan as the wrestler kept the stranglehold until the other
wrestler feigned passing out.

"Oh that's *so* fake. Like you could really make somebody pass out that
quickly." Debby laughed.

"That's a sleeper hold. And it *does* work."

Stan lay with his head resting on the arm of the couch, and he was
startled to hear Sherry's voice coming from above his head.

"I don't know Debby. It might work." Sherry said, as Stan craned his
head back to see her standing there behind him in her usual skin-tight
jeans and skimpy shirt.

Stan straightened up on the couch and was going to turn to face her
(actually to ogle her chest), but he noticed that she suddenly seemed to
see something interesting on the tv.

"Wow, look at that." Sherry said, gesturing to the television.

Stan flicked around to see what had caught her eye and didn't see
anything out of the ordinary on the television. He was about to ask what
she meant, when he suddenly felt her arm slipping around his throat.
Before he could react her arms had snaked around his head and she had him
in a sleeper hold!

"Let's find out!" Sherry laughed as she dropped to her knees behind the
end of the couch and applied as much pressure as she could to his throat.

"Gakkhhhhmmmmm......urggghhhhhhllll.......hhhhmmmmmm" Stanley sort of
moaned as she choked him.

Stan tried to get up, but he wasn't a big guy. Actually he was about
the same size as Sherry. And she had all her weight below him helping her
hold him down as he struggled. He tried to reach back at her, but the arm
of the couch kept getting in his way. He was already starting to feel
faint as he tried desperately to pull her arm away from his throat.

"Alright Sherry, put him to sleep!" He heard his sister laughing at his

Sherry squeezed harder and harder, and Stan started to see flashes of
light. Sherry kept up the pressure, and before she knew it Stan started to
slump in her arms.

"I'm going to show your stupid brother some special wrestling moves of
my own." Sherry said as she pulled the slumping Stan down onto the floor by
his arms.

Pulling Stan around the coffee table and out into the middle of the
living room floor. She laid him out on his back, with his arms stretched
up high over his head.

"Settle in and put something better on tv while I show your brother how
*I* like to wrestle." Sherry suggested.

Debby watched in amazement as her friend sat down on her brother's
chest. Sherry sat up high on his chest with her knees pinning his
out-stretched arms in against his head. Squeezing her legs in tightly, she
pinned his face between her thighs as he lay moaning and gasping under her.
Stan heard his sister flicking through the channels as he lay there
helpless, just trying to catch his breath. Sherry waited for him to
recover a bit, slapping his face a few times to help him along.

"" He moaned pathetically under

As Stan looked up from between Sherry's thighs he had a great view of
her big tits hanging above him and her crotch was only inches away. But it
was just too humiliating being pinned down by a girl for him to enjoy the
scenery. He tried to push her off of him, but she easily held him pinned
down. It infuriated him that he couldn't stop a girl from throwing him
around like this.

"!" He angrily shouted between gasps as he
fought to get free.

"I'll show you a cunt, you stupid little shit!" Sherry told him, and as
she said it she moved up and sat on his face!

"Mmmmmphhh.....mmmmmmhph........" Stan's cries were muffled under her.

Debby's mouth hung open as she watched the wantonly dominating position
Sherry was now sitting in. She couldn't believe what her friend was doing
to her brother.

"My god Sherry. What are you doing to him?"

"He called me a cunt. So now I'm letting him get a little closer to
mine." She laughed as she ground her crotch down in his face.

Underneath Sherry, Stan not only couldn't breathe, but was also in
incredible pain from her tight jeans abrading his face. Her weight was
smashing his head down into the floor, and he was even more embarrassed and
humiliated at the ease with which Sherry dominated him in this perverted

"What's wrong Stanley. Poor little baby can't breathe?"

He was only catching the odd little breath here and there as she moved
her crotch and ass on his face. His lungs began to burn and he thought he
would soon smother.

"Mmmmmmm!!!!.......mmmmm!!!" His cries were getting more and more

Sherry lifted herself off of his face just long enough for him to catch
a breath before she sat back down on him.

"You know Debby, this feels *really* good." Sherry told his sister as
she rubbed her crotch in Stan's face.

"Well you're the first person to find a use for him then." Debby

"But I don't think Stan's enjoying this as much as he could. I mean
he's always staring at my ass, don't you think he'd like to see it up

Stan coughed and sputtered for breath as she climbed off of him and
turned around. He found himself staring up at Sherry's perfectly shaped
ass, tightly encased in denim, and he knew immediately what she intended.
He was too weak to fight her as she straddled his head, trapping it between
her feet before lowering her ass back onto his face! He was totally
immersed in the heat of her smothering behind as she wiggled it into place
on his face. He weakly twisted and kicked, but it was hopeless. He was at
her mercy.

"How do you like my ass now? It's nice, isn't it?"

"Mmmmmhhhh.....mmmmm........mmmmhh...." Stan was totally muffled by
Sherry's ass.

"I can't believe you're doing this to him. It's so.....kinky. Can I
have a turn?" Debby asked her friend.

"Sure, he's your brother. Have a seat!" Sherry told her as she climbed
off of Stan.

Stan's sister wore a loose-fitting knee-length summer dress. He tried
to resist her, but she easily captured his hands and pinned them down over
his head. He watched in horror as his own sister straddled him and lowered
her crotch onto his face! His nose sank into the soft cotton of her white
panties as she settled in and let her skirt fall over his face. His nose
filled with the aroma of his sister's sex as she smothered him under her

"Ooooohhhh. This feels *so* good. Maybe Stan has some use after all."
Debby exclaimed as she reveled in Stan's humiliation.

"No fair Debby, I couldn't feel him that well through my jeans. Pull up
your dress so we can see his stupid little face." Debby's friend suggested
to her.

Debby pulled up her dress, and exposed Stan's bulging eyes staring up at
her. She laughed at the sight of him before lifting her crotch up and
letting him catch a breath. Holding her skirt bunched up so she could
watch, Debby slowly lowered her crotch back onto his face. Sherry looked
on as Stan's nose pressed deep into Debby's pantied mound before she let
her dress fall back down around his face.

"This is so....*nasty*. It's making me wet." Debby said.

Underneath her, Stan was in a living hell. He was trapped on his back,
his own little sister smothering him by sitting on his face! And that
awful Sherry watching the whole thing. He was helpless to do anything but
lie there as his sister started rocking back and forth on his face.

"Nasty? I'll show you *nasty*." Stan faintly heard Sherry saying, but
he couldn't see what she was doing.

His sister continued roughly rubbing her damp panties in his face as she
rode him. Being forced to sniff the scent of her arousal made him even
more sickened by what she was doing to him.

"Sherry, you're not!" He heard his sister exclaim above him.

"Why not?" Sherry her.

"You're awful....go ahead!" Stan heard as his sister suddenly lifted
herself off of his face.

As he lay gasping, Stan looked up and was startled to see that Sherry
was now naked from the waist down! She moved over him and he struggled
vainly to stop her as she straddled his head and sat her naked pussy in his
face! His nose sank into her hairy mound as she ground her wet pussy in
his face. She cut off his air again as she began rubbing her sex in his

"Now that's a cunt Stan. And if you want to live you'd better start
eating it!" She ordered him.

Debby was amazed, and turned on, by her friend's total domination of her
brother. She watched as Sherry started to moan and move around more on
Stan's face.

"That's it you little shit. Eat my cunt!" Sherry urged him as she
smashed his head under her thrusting hips.

Sherry wasn't letting Stan get a whole lot of air, just enough to keep
him working. She fell into a steady rhythm humping his face, letting her
body respond fully to the wonderful sensations Stan's slurping tongue were
inducing in her clit. The sensations grew as she continued to use him,
getting stronger and stronger until she had to hunch over him with the
strength of her orgasm.

"Alright Sherry, now it's my turn." Debby said, anxious to use her
brother the same way.

Stan's face was slick with Sherry's fuck-slime, his head ached, and he
felt like he would never regain his breath. Sherry's pussy quivered in his
face as she enjoyed the little aftershocks from her orgasm. As she climbed
off of him, he barely new what was happening as his sister moved above him.
Except for a bra she was totally naked as she sat down on his chest. Debby
scooted up until she sat high up on his collarbone and throat, with her
brother's head trapped between her thighs. She let him catch his breath
for a moment, before reaching down and grasping his hair. Pulling his head
up by his hair, she jammed his face in her crotch.

"You know what to do *Stanley*. Eat my pussy! Eat it now!" She shouted
at him.

He was broken and humiliated. As he began to tongue his sister's sex
she knew how totally destroyed he was. She gloried in their triumph over
him, rubbing his face in her sex as she made him pleasure her with his
tongue. As she too started to feel her clit pulsating with need, Debby
moved up and sat on his face. Smothering in pussy once more, Stan fought
desperately to please his sister. He needed to breath so badly! Now Debby
was actually using his nose as a little dick to hump, mashing it against
her clit over and over again as she humped his face. Stanley knew he was
going to die. He was sure of it. He was barely even aware that his sister was approaching climax on his face, his brain was starved for oxygen. He
saw flashes of light as he passed out under his sister's asphyxiating
sexual frenzy.

"That's it Debby, ride his worthless face. Make him do something for
you for a change."

Debby wasn't even aware Stanley had passed out as she came on his face.
Once, twice and then yet a third time. When she finally realized he wasn't
moving anymore and lifted off of him, Stan's head lolled limply to the

"I think you killed him!" Sherry laughed, but they had both already
noticed that he still breathed, albeit faintly.

"My god, that was awesome. I felt so wonderful, so completely in
control." Debby said as she caught her breath.

"I know! We should have made him do that a long time ago."

As Stan regained consciousness he lay there weakly gasping for breath
while he listened to his tormentors giddy exchange.

"I think we should make him do that all the time. For all the years
he's been a pain in the ass to me, he can pay up with his tongue!" Debby

"Yeah, he's a little wimp. From now on I think he should treat us like

As Stan tried to roll over onto his side, he groaned in pain, drawing there attention.

"Look, little Stanley's awake. Let's play some more!" Debby said.

"Come on Stan, get on your knees." Sherry urged, pulling Stan up from
the floor.

Stan was too weak and dazed to resist her. She had him unsteadily
kneeling and then motioned to Debby.

"Debby, I think Stanley here would like to kiss your ass!"

"Is that right? Well I wouldn't want to deny my brother." Debby laughed
as she stood in front of her kneeling brother and put her ass in front of
his face.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Kiss your sister's ass!" Sherry
commanded him.

Stan meekly leaned forward and touched his mouth to his sister's ass.
Sherry wasn't satisfied though, and immediately positioned his face in her
ass-crack and then mashed it forward. Debby pushed her ass back against
him and Stan recoiled in terror as he found himself smothering again.

"Go on, get your face in their and show your sister some respect!
Worship her beautiful ass!" Sherry shouted as she kept his face rammed in

Stan brought his arms up and tried to pull his face from her butt, but
Debby easily grabbed his hands and held them out at her sides. Stan felt
like a child, helpless before these two dominant beauties. Finally Sherry
pulled his face out of his sister's ass and he could breathe again.

"Now get your face in there on your own and thank your sister for
letting you kiss her ass!"

This time Stan thrust his own face into her sweaty ass-crack, as he
obeyed Sherry's orders.

"Thank you Debby.....for letting me.....kiss your ass." He said, and
this set them both off laughing.

For the next hour the two girls did every humiliating they thought of to
Stan. Stan quickly learned that disobeying orders meant being hit, or
being thrown down and smothered under the girls' asses or pussies. They
wore him down until he quickly obeyed their every command. They enjoyed
playing with Stan so much that they lost track of time and didn't realize
that Debby's mother would be coming home soon until she walked in the door
and caught them playing with their new toy.

When Debby and Stan's mother walked in, Debby was laying on the couch
stretched out on her stomach naked, with Stan's face rammed into her ass,
and the naked Sherry sitting on his head. Stan was sandwiched between
their asses, with Sherry's weight make sure he was totally deprived of air.
The girl's looked guiltily at Debby's mother as she stood amazed at the
sight before her.

"Uh, hello Mrs. Roberts." Sherry managed.

"What on earth are you doing? Is that Stanley?"

"Mom, I can explain. He wouldn't behave so we had to punish him." Debby
said as Sherry climbed off of the pile and pulled Stan's face from his
sister's butt.

Without instruction, Stan knelt quietly by the couch as Debby got up and
tried to figure out how she was going to get out of this.

"What have you done to him?" Sue Roberts said, as Stan knelt meekly by
the couch.

"We were just training him. He's very obedient now. Stanley, get up
and get me a drink." She ordered.

"Yes Debby." He said as he hopped up and hurried to fetch his sister something to drink.

The two girls quickly dressed themselves, as Debby's mother watched
silently. The older woman was flabbergasted, as her lazy good-for-nothing
son quickly returned with a glass of coke, and then set it down in front of
his sister.


"It gets better mom, from now on Stan is going to do all the housework.
The dishes, the laundry, everything." Debby explained.

"And he's really useful for other things, too." Sherry said with a
wicked smile.

Debby elbowed her friend, and motioned for her mother to sit down.

"Come on mom, sit down and let us show you. Stan, your mother has had a
long hard day. Why don't you give her a nice foot massage?" Debby
suggested as her mother sat on the couch.

Stan quickly eased off his mother's shoes and started massaging her

"With *kisses* Stan." Sherry told him, and he began softly kissing his
mother's feet as he rubbed them with his hands.

"My god! What did you do to make him like this?"

"We just punished him when he was bad, that's all."

"Punished him how?"

There was a moment of silence as the two girls looked at each other for
a moment.

"When he's bad, we sit on his face Mrs. Roberts." Sherry explained.

"You what?"

"We sit on his face, to control his ability to breathe." Debby added.

"Do you......does he......Have you been making him.......lick you
there?" She asked finally.

The two girls nodded guiltily.

"Stanley, stop that and look at me. Is that right Stanley?"

"Y-yes mom. They-they made me do all sorts of things. Awful things.
And they practically smothered me to death!" He sobbed, as he began to cry
before his mother.

Sue Roberts looked at her crying son, and then over at the girls.

"Listen to me girls. I do not want you telling anybody about this. Not
a soul. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mom. Yes Mrs. Roberts." Came the replies.

Stan's mother turned back to her sniveling son and addressed him.

"Quit your crying. It's about time you did something around here. From
now on you'd better behave!" She told him, as she kicked him down to the

Stan landed on his back, and found himself looking up at his mother standing over him.

"Well girls, Stan's been bad again. Why don't you teach me your new
method of punishing him? Could you girls hold him down?" Stan heard to his

The girls were on him in a flash, pulling his arms out to his sides and
pinning them down. He didn't dare resist them, so he just watched in
horror as his mother pulled down her slacks! Her panties followed, and
although she carried a little extra weight, Sue still had a pretty good

"No, mom. Please! Please don't!" He sobbed, still crying.

"Go on mom. Sit on his face, that'll shut him up!" Debby urged her.

He watched in abject terror as his mother moved over him. He sobbed and
plead as he watched her hairy muff descend on his face! And then it was
happening. The ultimate humiliation. His own mother was sitting on his
face! How could this happen? How could his own mother do this to him? As
his breath was cut off his training kicked in and he started to lick, lick
his own mother's sex. His brain just shut off from the torture he was
receiving. He tongued his mother in a zombie-like state until she was
moaned and twitching with a string of orgasms. Even after she was done, he
continued to slurp away at her, until she climbed off of him.

"Does he do other tricks? Show me." Stan cringed as he heard his mother addressing the girls.

Stan lay there, his brain pretty much fried, as they discussed his new
life above him.


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