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STOODUP hidden within dry oaken flavor


This is a work of fantasy. It is not about real people, and if it is, its
not what they would do. (not that you are likely to know them anyway). If
you are under 18, go away, since I don’t like to get in trouble. If you
are turned off by perversion, what are you doing at asstr? In other words,
go away. If none of this applies to you, great! Read on! Have fun! Let
me know what you like! Oh, and I work hard on my writing…so guess what?
Its mine. That’s right boys and girls… its copyrighted…so if you want it?
Just ask- we’ll talk.

*** Stood Up (MF, Rom)

Her fingernails tapped gently on the white linen tablecloth. She looked
around the quiet, tasteful restaurant, watching the Maitre D’s podium.
Still no sign of him. Well, damn. She took another small drink of her ice
water. Lily was too old for double dates. That’s why when her friend set
her up on a blind date, Carrie said she’d make reservations for her and her
new beau at the same time. Neither hide nor hair of her friend, or of her
supposed date.

Lily’s eyes started to wander, though still keeping half an eye on the
door. The fresh flowers lent a scent of freshness to the air, along with
wonderful food. The light was adequate, but subdued. When she finished
her perusal of the restaurant itself, noting the paintings and plants, she
began to study the patrons.

A couple by the door. Older, perhaps a retired professor and his wife.
Another couple near a potted palm. They seemed to be out of place somehow;
perhaps they were celebrating something. A group of four, middle-aged; the
men seemed to be in some sort of money field, perhaps brokers. At least,
that was Lily’s impression. Their wives both wore fur coats and were
wearing enough make-up to sink the Titanic. The table next to hers was
occupied. The gentleman sat alone, handsome in a Spanish sense, very
sauve, dressed impeccably; dark hair and sparkling brown eyes the color of
a very rich chocolate. Eyes that were looking directly at her. He smiled
at the recognition in her face, and raised his glass in her direction. She
bowed her head in acknowledgement, her chestnut hair falling to hide her
blush and quickly looked in another direction out of embarrassment. But
the lone gentleman kept intriguing her, his charisma calling to her at even
this distance.

The spell was broken by the waiter. “Miss, we know you are waiting for
your party, but we need you to order, or we’ll have to ask you to give up
your table.” Nodding her understanding, she asked for a moment to make a
decision, mentally cursing her friend up and down. She chose a beef
tenderloin dish smothered in a mushroom and wine sauce. Handing her menu
to the waiter, she sighed.

“It seems we are in the same predicament.” the gentleman addressed her.

“Excuse me?” She was a bit confused, lost in her own thoughts.

“It seems we are in the same predicament. I seem to have been stood up
as well.” She snorted lightly, not imagining anyone standing up this
specimen of seductive male form. “I’m sorry, but it was hard not to over
hear your waiter.” Taking her snort as derision.

She visibly relaxed. “Its alright. My friend set me up on a blind
date. I thought it was foolish at the time, and you’d think by now I’d know
to go with my gut instinct.”

“Would I be too forward if I asked you to join me instead? Eating alone
is simply a miserable occupation.”

Would she sit with a gorgeous man? That and the fact that she actually
agreed that eating alone was horrible, she picked up her water glass and
joined him at his table. She stood up, and her soft grey cashmere dress
hugged her curves coming down to her knees, making her feel rather feline.

Her newfound friend unfolded his tall, lean frame from his seat and
reached for her chair, holding it out.

“Thank you.” She smiled, surprised at the chivalrous gesture. “I rather
hate eating alone myself.” She sat down. “I guess I should introduce
myself, if we are going to be dining together. My name is Lily.”

He smiled, and it changed his whole persona, from somber sophisticate to
someone filled lively exuberance. “My name is Antonio.” His eyes followed
hers, seemed to read her thoughts through her eyes. From most people it
would have been disconcerting, but from him, it almost seemed as though he
already knew what he’d find there. Like she’d known him forever.

She confided a bit in him. “You know what is really funny?” her fingers
played with the pearls she had at her neck. “Carrie, my friend, was
supposed to be here with her date as well. She’s the one who made the
reservations. And I haven’t seen her either.” The waiter passed just then,
and she caught him to let him know of the change in plan. He smiled,
thanking them, as they were rather busy and could use the extra table.

Because of the distraction, she didn’t notice Antonio’s sputter. What
she did notice was his rather discomfited look. She smiled warmly at him,
and asked, “Something wrong?”

He chuckled rather nervously. “Carrie? Carrie Broder?” He laughed, the
mellow tones flowing over her as she nodded her head.

“You know her?” she looked at him slightly confused.

Antonio stared at her. “Ever get the sudden feeling you’d been had?”

“When it comes to Carrie? Quite often.” She chuckled. “ She knows I
hate blind dates. Why?” Lily looked at Antonio ponderingly.

“Carrie is the one who stood me up.” He shook his head. “She’s up to
something, but I’m not exactly sure what. Any ideas?”

Lily stared back at him. “What a brat.” She snorted then shrugged.
“But you know what? I don’t care.”

“I have to admit to being very thankful to hear that.” He smiled warmly
at her; so warmly, she felt her insides begin to melt.

“Would you like some wine? I know you ordered the beef.” She nodded,
and he called discretely for the wine steward. He ordered a bottle, though
she didn’t catch what beyond a red. She watched him surreptitiously,
watching the way his long, strong fingers would move as he elaborated on a
piece of discussion. It took all her concentration to focus on his words,
and drag herself back to the real world, thinking what such wonderful,
expressive fingers would be capable of. If this was a mistake, and Carrie
sincerely missed this date, Lily wasn’t going to care. Call it kismet.
And Carrie, the ultimate believer in Fate wouldn’t either.

They discussed inane topics as they waited for dinner to show. The pull
he had over her was incredible. It was like being in a dream. The wine
was brought with its usual panache. The wine steward showed the bottle,
uncorked it and poured a small amount for Antonio to sample. He tasted it,
then nodded, letting him pour the two glasses. He raised his glass.

“To Fate and unexpectedly pleasant surprises.” He looked directly into
her eyes.

She murmured a reply, and lifted her glass, never breaking eye contact
with him. The warm liquid flooded over her taste buds, flavor of bright
summer days hidden within a dry oaken flavor. The longer it settled in her
mouth, the more complexity could be discerned. Thankfully, the waiter put
their plates in front of them, and it took them a moment to realize their
food was there. They smiled at each other sheepishly, and began to eat.

Lily smiled, eyes closed sighing softly over the exquisite flavor of the
beef and the sauce. He looked up at her sigh, watching at her. She smiled
at him. “Would you like a taste?” Nodding mutely, he looked at her. She
raised her fork, laden with beef and mushroom. His hand enveloped hers,
holding the fork steady. She watched as he closed his lips over the food,
then slowly released her hand. She shivered at the gentle touch.
Flustered, she picked up her wineglass and took a sip. Okay, a gulp. Some
must have been on her lip, because he reached over and wiped it with the
tip of his finger. She nearly sighed out loud as he put his finger to his

“Much sweeter than what I have in my glass.” His low timbered voice sent
her body trembling, and she looked to cover it by taking another bite of
food. When she looked up at him again, he, too, was eating his dinner, but
had a slow smile that didn’t leave his face. The sexual tension continued
to build, even though her conscious thoughts were that he was a stranger,
and her best friend’s date, even if Carrie hadn’t shown up.

They made it through dinner, chatting about their respective jobs,
families, hobbies; the sorts of things you talk about with new people. The
desert trolley came and went, then coffee, then an after dinner brandy.
They prolonged the dinner as long as they could, continuing to feel each
other out mentally. Lily didn’t want to leave, not wanting to lose this
dream-like quality to the date.

“Would you like to go dancing?” Antonio asked her after their brandies
were finished. It seemed Antonio didn’t want it to end either.

She felt safe in saying yes, since he already knew her taste in music.
She didn’t like the average hiphop club music. Lily felt guilty letting
Antonio pay for dinner, since this wasn’t exactly your typical date, but
when he insisted, she felt she couldn’t politely argue. She agreed to go
in his car, since she had taken a taxi to the restaurant.

She slid into the older model Lexus. Obviously well taken care of by
the reflection off the leather in the dim streetlights, but it showed her
that while he might be able to afford quality, he wasn’t in it for the
flash. It was a nice quality in a person. Some men want a new car every
other year, just because it’s the newest toy. She peeked at him as he
drove, thinking about that.

“Here we are.” Antonio pointed through the windshield. He parked the
car on the street, and led her to a blues club that was in the river
district, only a few blocks from the river itself. She’d been there
before, as they played a good mix; blues, swing, even a bit of big band.
Stuff you could really dance to. The music changed to a rather decent
rendition of Glenn Miller’s “Moonlight Serenade”. One of those songs
that’s always heard playing in the background of some World War II movie,
but it was lovely to dance to.

Antonio took her hand and led her to the dance floor. With nearly a
foot between them, he placed his hand on her waist and the other in her
hand. She felt his heart through the jacket where she placed her hand.
She was surprised to find it beating so quickly. She smiled up at him as
he took her out on the floor. They moved around in circles, listening to
the music, as their bodies grew closer together. By the end of the song,
her head was resting on his chest, as if she’d been doing it for years.
She felt his breath stir the hair on the top of her head. After the last
note played, they separated grudgingly, clapping politely for the band.
But the next song was a slow number too, and the clung together as they
moved across the floor. Her breasts brushed his chest, his thighs bumped
gently against hers. They were feeling each other out physically, in the
socially approved method. It was a sleepy, intense feeling, surrounded by
the penetrating music, the soft clatter of glasses, the smell of a thousand
shots of liquor. The stale smell of smoke still lingered, even though the
club had had a no smoking policy for years now. The waft of someone’s
perfume reached her every so often, as they passed other couples on the
floor. Lily felt Antonio’s hand run up and down her back softly, gently,
as though petting a cat. It made sense since she has the urge to purr.
His fingers holding her hand would move just slightly, caressing the backs
of her hands. The man knew how to dance, how to use dance. She was
falling under his spell, but she didn’t care.

They danced for what seemed forever. The crowd thinned, the music
slowed, and still they danced. Finally, the announcement was made that
they were closing up. Hand in hand they walked out of the club. Lily
hummed a few bars of a song they had danced to, and Antonio swirled her in
his arms. She giggled, delighted, as they made their way, unspoken the few
blocks to the riverfront. They settled on a park bench, listening to the
flow of the river, the far off sound of a water fall. His arm settled
around her shoulders, and she rested her head against his chest. They
began to talk about the serious things, religion, deep beliefs, old hurts;
things that can only really be talked about in the dark. They gazed out
over the river, watching the stars, noticing the blush in the east that
heralded the rising of the sun.

“I can’t believe we’ve been up all night.” She murmured. She felt him
kiss the top of her head.

“Neither can I.” His arm squeezed her closer. Their hands found each
other, and they watched the sun come up. The sky blushed lavender, then
watched the stars disappear one by one. The reds and oranges of a fiery
sunrise quickly followed, swirling into each other. The view changed by
the second, and nature’s display matched their feelings. Once the sun had
broken the horizon, he asked, “May I take you to breakfast?”

The fatigue and the dancing made her dinner seem like years ago, rather
than hours, and she readily agreed, knowing sleep would have to come soon

They walked back to his car, and drove to a small mom and pop diner the
kind where pictures of the grandkids hung up behind the cash register.
They forgoed the coffee, but ate voraciously of homemade Belgian waffles
smothered in strawberries. The tension grew as they skirted what to do
next, neither wanting to leave the other; desperately needing sleep, yet
not wanting to take a blind leap. When the finished, they paid and left a
tip on the table then headed out to the car. They both sat for a few

“Where do you…”Antonio started.

“What if…” She began.

They both laughed. Lily gave him her address, still thinking. She knew
he lived farther out than she did, and quite frankly, not ready to let him,
this whatever it was, get away.

“Antonio, why don’t you just crash out at my place? You’ve been up just
as long as I have. I’d worry about you driving.” While that was true, they
both knew the real reason.

They drove up to her condo, parked next to her car. Her cat looked out
the window lazily. Antonio reached into his trunk, where he had a gym bag,
then followed her to the door.

Lily pat the cat as she passed. “Sheba, meet Antonio, Antonio? This is
the Queen of Sheba.” To underline that, Sheba turned her tail to Antonio.
He smiled tiredly. Both of them were running on fumes, so she led him
upstairs. They each took a turn in the bathroom, using the conviences and
changing into sleeping attire. Antonio changed into shorts he’d had in his
gym bag.

Lily closed the blinds in her bedroom. The filtered sunlight made dim
shadows on the pale green wall. She curled up under the comforter, and
Antonio slid in beside her. She pulled his arm over her, holding it under
her breast. She was asleep before he whispered in her ear.

She sighed deeply, stretching slightly. A wonderful dream. She felt
his arms wrap around her side, his gentle fingers resting under her breast.
His breath gently ruffled her hair, and she felt his heart beating
rhythmically against her back. She curled her fingers around his, holding
them tightly, her bottom pressing into his center. Definitely not a dream.

To be held. That is what she needed. She could feel his murmur in her
hair. She felt her body relax into his. That is all it really is.
Breathing. Up and down, in and out; control and release. Deep relaxation
and high-pitched excitement.

The phone jangled her awake.

“Lily! Where in god’s name have you been? I’ve been trying and trying
to call you to see how things went with you and Antonio!”

“hmmm. Carrie. That was a rotten trick.”

“Yeah I know.” Carrie replied totally unrepentant. “So, how did things

“Just a minute, Carrie.” Lily covered the mouthpiece and nudged Antonio.
“ ‘tonio..its for you.” She smiled as she handed him the phone. Then
choked back the roll of laughter as she could hear Carrie screeching into
his ear. She took pity on his poor hearing and took the phone back.

“I’ll call you later, Carrie.” She smiled into the phone. Then a
surprising turn, Antonio hollered loud enough for Carrie to hear. “Better
start looking for a bridesmaid’s dress.” With Carrie’s shriek, Lily hung up
the phone.

Lily nudged him. “That wasn’t very nice to her!” she giggled.

“Not in the least, but at least decent payback.” He kissed her neck,
sending shivers through her skin. “ Not that I was entirely lying.” Lily
rolled to look him in the face.

He was totally serious. Hell, so was she, who was she kidding. They
knew it was right from the moment they saw each other. Nothing needed to
be decided that instant, but he looked so concerned. She leaned up and
kissed him softly, her arms wrapping around his neck, her fingers working
through his thick, dark hair.

Copyright 2002 Dryad (


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