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STOR1 old this husband


Dear Readers, I am submitting a real-life incident of my life. Please
do not proceed beyond this warning, if you are below 18 years of age. The
story is being submitted in parts. If you have any comments, please feel
free to write to me at:

-----------Manly massage : Part-1

I am an Indian (Bengali) housewife, aged 42 now. I wish to narrate a
true incident in my life, which happened nearly four years ago.

I had all along a very active and satisfying sex life with my husband,
but around five years back, a lingering back pain of mine spoilt my sex
life completely. Whenever we attempted, my pain used to be unbearable and
finally we had to stop that. Although my husband all along tried his best
for my treatment and never expressed his sexual frustrations before me, I
could guess that he used to feel miserable. So was I.

I consulted a number of doctors. Most of them said that the pain was
artharitic in nature and there was no cure for this. At last, I consulted
an ayurvedic doctor. He prescribed a herbal medicine and advised me to
have an oil massage in my back everyday. He said that I should better get
it done by someone who knows massaging fairly well. I liked his advice,
but who would do that for me ?

We had a boyservant, called Bachchu, who used to work full-time in our
house and help me in cooking and other domestic works. He was quite young and if my guess goes right, he must be around twenty then. Bachchu was
quite dutiful, efficient and honest and because of these reasons, we liked
him. I asked Bachchu if he knew someone who could do the massage for me.
Basically, I was looking for a woman to do this job. Bachchu thought for a
while and said he didn't know anyone. He suggested that he himself would
be able to do this job as he had worked in a massage parlour for a brief

When I heard his suggestion, I simply blushed !! No, it's certainly not
possible for me to agree to this. Myself getting massaged by my servant -
no, such a thing I could not imagine. Still, I didn't say no to him
immediately. I said I would ask his "babu"(my husband) and then decide.
When I told this to my husband, he said, "Nandita, you should have agreed
straightaway. If Bachchu himself knows massaging, I think that's going to
be the best." I tried to tell him how I blushed at this suggestion. He was
annoyed, "Nandita, what is more important for you ? Your lajja (shame) or
getting relief from the pain ?" I agreed that certainly the second one is
more important for me. My husband looked happy. He said that I should
offer him Rs.50/- extra per month for this job.

Next morning, after my husband left for the office, I called Bachchu and
told him about my decision. He was happy that at last I have agreed to his
suggestion. I told him about the extra money. To this, he looked pretty
embarassed. He said, "Masima, you may give me anything else, but no money
please. I'll love to do this service for you."

After finishing his domestic duties, Bachchu came to me. He asked if I
was ready for the massage. I was getting ready to apply hair oil on my
hair myself, before he started the massage. Bachchu looked at me and then
said "I can do that better ! Give the bottle to me." He almost snatched it
from my hand and told me to sit on the floor. I was wearing a pink cotton
saree with a matching blouse. I love to put on pink dresses as that suits
my fair complexion very well. Bachchu sat behind me and loosened my lovely
long, black hair and let it fall on the floor in a cascade. He started
applying hair oil onto my hair. The whole room got filled up with the
sweet fragrance of the hair oil that I use. He praised my long hair and
caringly applied oil to my scalp and then put his fingers through the
strands of my hair. When he was massaging my scalp, I was trying to
imagine how would he massage my back ? Do I have to remove my blouse ?
Oh, No ! I just shuddered to think that. Otherwise, how, I wondered,
would he massage my back ? I had a strange mixture of nervousness,
shyness, uneasiness and what not ! My heart began to throb as he was about
to complete the massage with hair oil.

Bachchu applied the massage oil on his both palms and applied them on my
forehead. I wondered why he was massaging me there, as I never had any
pain in that region. Bachchu told me that massage is good for the body and
it shouldn't be restricted to the pain region alone. Actually, a good
massage should always start from the top - that's what his trainer had told
him. He gently massaged my forehead and then my cheeks and chin. He
softly applied oil on the bridges of my nose and even cared to apply a bit
of oil to my nostril openings. I relaxed and enjoyed what he was doing.
He massaged my lips as well. After that his hands came close to my ears.
He removed my ear rings. With a pair of Johnson buds, he carefully cleaned
the interior of my ear and applied oil in every part of my external ear.
My body was put to rest. It was so relaxing , so enjoyable. I wanted him
to continue with my face for some more time, but Bachchu surely had more
things to do.

--------------------End of Part-1


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