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STOR5 cum within me turned


Dear Readers, Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement.
Looking at my mailbox, I could never dream that I would have such a long
list of admirers (and critics). I am much delighted to find quite a few
overseas readers, who do not originate from the Indian soil. I wish that
the Indian background of the story doesn't cause any problems for them for
the visualization of the scenes, as I am not too sure how successfully
could I translate some of the key Indian terms to English.

When I posted part-4, I anticipated 10 days delay before posting part-5.
Readers have accused me of being a teaser. They say I am notorious for
leaving the story in peak stress and promise to return within 10/15 days.

Let me thank you for your impatience, which was responsible for my
completion of part-5 ahead of the schedule that I anticipated. Are you
happy ?

If you are a new reader, please visit the author's ftp site to read the
previous parts of this story.

Comments and your precious feedback are always welcome at :



--------------------------------Manly Massage : Part-5
-------------------------------------- While Bachchu was removing my
petticoat, I wanted to make the whole atmosphere so very natural that I
told him with a husky voice, "What's the point in being shy before you ?"
as if to suggest that Bachchu was so close to me. I tried to introduce
some innocence in my words and it sounded so very exciting in my own ears.

Even two days before, could I ever believe that I would dare to lie down
completely naked in front of my boyservant ? What was unthinkable two days
back, was a naked reality today. I was not in a state to think of the
shame and embarrassment which was so natural for a lady, with no exception
of myself. My mind just drove me wildly into a new state, where I rather
enjoyed and was excited by my own nudity in front of this young stud. Let
him look at his lady mistress. Let him be proud of his wonderful massaging
power that could transform her lady mistress into a state where she was
burning with forbidden lust for him. Has any lady ever dared to lie naked
in front of her boyservant and passionately wish for a penetration ? Is it
that I was the first woman to do this daring act ? Possibly yes and I was
feeling proud about it. It was this sense of pride and my evergrowing
excitement that took my shame completely away. I closed my eyes and
completely surrendered myself to this young masseur.

His hands reached my ass cheeks.I am quite fleshy down there and even a
soft pressing of his fingers could penetrate quite deep into my flesh, all
the way upto my bones. He was using both his hands, in a rhythmic
way.''Ahhhhhhh......Mmmmmmmmmmmm.....Ahhhhhh.........'' were the utterings
that I was unconsciously making out of my mouth. OH ! It made me feel
so...... good !!! As he pressed my buttocks, I could feel more and more
pressures on my bare cunt, which was clearly spoiling the bedsheet
underneath. Unknowingly, my fingers went there to touch my clitoris.

"Do it nicely, everywhere" I said, without clearly explaining the word
"everywhere."I wasn't sure what message did the word carry to Bachchu.

I didn't dare to look at Bachchu's condition. I guessed that his
erection would now be at its peak and he must be close to reaching his
orgasm. He might be desparately trying to close his floodgates and prevent
any embarrassment in front of me.

Bachchu's oily palm slowly went upslope upto the crest of my ass cheek
and then travelled downslope. Just then, there was a ring in our
telephone. The cordless handset was within my easy access. ``Hello, is it
Mrs. Bhattacharyya ? `` was the question from a female voice. ``Yes,
speaking'' I replied. Bachchu's palm was drying up as he had to oil a
large lump of flesh. ``Just hold the line please. Mr.Rajarshi
Bhattacharyya is on the line''. Bachchu put some fresh oil on his palm and
continued massaging my buttocks. After a momentary pause I could listen to
Raja's voice. He just wanted to tell me that he had safely reached his
office in Delhi.In the meantime, Bachchu was kneading my oily buttocks from
both the sides. Before going off-hook, Raja asked ``Had your lunch ?''
``Oh, not yet ! Aparna-di came to me and I am late for everything.'' I
replied. Raja was understandably in a hurry to finish the call. It was a
long-distance call after all and he must be busy with his meeting (or, the
sweet-voiced female operator ???) It was not possible for him to even
wildly guess that I was getting a nude massage from my boy servant and at
that very moment, Bachchu's palm was deeply buried inside my ass crack and
was trying to locate my ass-hole. He carefully oiled me there too. I felt
a bit of pain in that soft, delicate area of my body. Along with the pain,
there was so much of an illicit pleasure in it ! His hand almost touched
my pubic area, although he didn't exactly do it.

Thereafter, Bachchu started massaging the backside of my thighs. His
fingers then rolled over to the front side of these. He was still not
tired, but continued to grow in strength I felt. He went further on : my
knees, my legs, my toes and even upto my toe nails. I just can't describe
how wonderfully he did. You have to imagine that. My entire body was
shivering in pleasure - something I had never experienced before. And
where was my pain, because of which I had agreed to a massage in the first
place ? I tried to sense my backache, but believe it or not, I couldn't
even feel a trace of it.

I suppose I had already crossed the point where I could tell him to stop
for the day. By then, my cunt was feeling restless to accept the strong
manhood of my servant, which was harder than a steel rod and was about to
explode. I had fully revived my sexual passion and I was desparately
waiting for a hard rock like cock to penetrate me with a force. I felt
that my heart bit was going to cross all possible limits.

After finishing my toes and the nails, Bachchu paused. Both of us were
speechless. There was an uneasy calmness, exactly the way it happens
before a storm. He hadn't yet massaged my dark hairy triangle and I was in
no way prepared to leave that out. Perhaps he too was eagerly waiting for
a signal from me. He rubbed his palm again on my nude body, this time
moving up and sideways. His palm moved upto my thigh bone and his fingers
rested on my groin. Was he waiting for me to tell about further massage ?
I touched his fingers and slightly raised the left side of my body, leaning
rightways. Still, I was a bit shy about exposing my dark hairy pubic
triangle before him. Instead, I dragged his and my hand together and
rested them on my bushes. That served two purposes. My hairy triangle was
still hidden from his direct view and at the same time, I was getting a
manly touch close to my pleasure zone. He must have sensed my wetness
there. He was looking so much excited. I sensed his body heat, which was
melting more and more cum within me. I turned my body sideways and gave
the first frontal view of my naked body from the front. My nipples were
still very tight and erect and Bachchu was standing like a vessel
containing vigorously boiling water. Being so much excited, he must have
forgot that his job was to massage me and stopped moving his hand anywhere
else. Also, how could he, because my left hand gripped his palm tightly. I
was dying to tell him that I needed a massage in my most sensitive part,
but what to tell ? I couldn't find a right Bengali term for that region
which wouldn't sound vulgar. I tried to use a childish word to pretend a
kind of childish innocence in the whole process. "Hissi-r jayga ar
charpashe ektu kore dibina ?"(Won't you do it in and around my pee-hole ?)
my tongue was drying up and my throbbing heart-bit was about to cause a
heart-attack I felt. With renewed encouragement, Bachchu pressed his palm
around my pubic triangle in a bid to massage there. His palm was getting
thoroughly soaked with my cunt juice.

Bachchu was standing quite close to me now. I could now touch his
manhood. I did. Was I touching a hot iron rod ? I couldn't feel the
direct heat, as his pyjama's fabric was protecting his cock. I unfastened
its string as I myself lay down on my back, parting my thighs wide apart.
The sliding of his pyjama halted, as its top front portion was unable to
slide past his massive erection. I started laughing wildly out of my own
excitement as well as the big dirty fun that was involved with it. I gave
his pyjama a small jerk and then it fell down,exposing his massive
erection. He wasn't wearing anything on the top and so, this made him
completely naked. I was amazed by the magnificence of his dark, strong,
rustic body of his. His cock head was pink and the overstretched skin on
top of it was shining. I sensed he was about to lose his erection because
of his nervousness, inexperience and unpreparedness of the situation.I
touched him there, as his cock swelled up within seconds under my fist.

His fingers went into my cave. His index finger touched my clitoris and
I moaned, almost reaching my orgasm. I could smell my own juice and the
drops that oozed out of of his cock into my palm. With the rustic smell
coming out of his naked body, the smell of olive oil from my own naked body
and the combined smell of our love juices made the entire environment so
seductive !!!

"You have to use this tool to massage me there", I said, tapping his
cock gently with my fingers. I was trying to suggest that I could't wait
any longer for a coital pleasure. Instead of telling that directly, I
tried to behave as if everything was a part of the massage and it's a part
of the job that he had willlingly volunteered.

"Masima......sotyi bolchhen ?(Madam, is it true ?)" Bachchu was too
excited to express his feelings beyond this.

At this point, I wish to draw an analogy with an approaching storm, as I
mentioned before. During the peak summer months in Bengal and in some
parts of northern India , late in the afternoon, we find an accumulation of
dark rain-bearing clouds in the sky. After a lull, when a mild soothing
breeze starts and the trees start dancing, you know that the storm is about
to start.

The storm was approaching as Bachchu came on top of me. His cockhead
was now resting on my triangle. His body was shivering as he rubbed
against my nudity. I grabbed his cock again and moved his organ close to
my opening.

"Lower yourself here --ahhhh--- and press ..........." I felt the
soothing breeze and the dancing of trees as his eager cockhead pierced my
wet opening. It was thoroughly wet to guide him deeper and deeper down,
upto the end of the tunnel.

I cried out, as my boyservant went further and further in. Where was the
pain, that prevented me from coital relations so long ? It was incredible.
I revived my passion through an extremely forbidden relationship but it was
a naked truth. I was overjoyed. I wanted to cry out, "See Raja, look
here, I can do it....". But, it wasn't Raja. It was my twenty year old boyservant, with whom I have just started an illicit relationship !!!

"Now you can start the massage " I said in a naughty manner. I wanted
to make the boy understand that fucking is just a part of the massage. I
could then feel the trees and the leaves dancing. And there was a storm in
no time, as he started the rhythm.

"Ooooohhhhh.....Bachchu. Harder !!! Faster !!! Do it,....., ahhhhhhh,

"Masima, ever since I started working in your house, this was always my
dirty wish.ahhhh... I --I never knew --- it would be true some
day....ahhhhhh..", he said while both of us were deep deep inside our
coital pleasure.

There was a storm all around me. A storm that was threatening to blow
everything up and it did. I could hear the murmurs of the storm.
Everything was deafening. The storm has to end soon. It did. It ended in
rains, as both of us reached our ultimate climax and my cunt got flooded
with Bachchu's love juice.

I kissed this young boy before getting out of the bed. He was looking
at me with gratitude, as if to say that he had got the best possible reward
for the wonderful massage that he had offered to me.

I went to the bathroom and closed the door. I turned the shower on and
washed myself all over. I wanted to express my joy. I was humming some
tunes that came to me instantly. I again felt horny to think that I have
two and a half days more to go. So, when am I going to invite my forbidden
lover again ? What am I going to do at night ? Invite my servant to the
bed which I share with my husband. No, way......!!

Then ? What am I going to do ? I must have him again - that's what my
body tried to say with a sense of determination. When ? Again in the
afternoon ? I just can't wait !!! I tried to impose a self-discipline on
me. Not today anymore. Since everything started with the massage,
everything should be restricted to massage as well.

So, tomorrow ? Yes,... surely and then I would have one full day and
night to ignite my passion more and more. What happened next ? Let me
tell in brief.

* * * * * * * * * * Second day : Yes, we did it. We had a massage (and
fucking) session after Aparna-di left (her chat was as much boring as it
was on the previous day).

Then, it was a wait for another day and night.

* * * * * * * * * *

Third day: We did it again. Luckily, Aparna-di didn't spoil my morning.
So, we had a much longer massage (and fucking) session. Raja was supposed
to return by the evening flight. How am I going to face him after all that
had happened ? Am I going to tell him everything ? How do I start ? I
was getting more and more tense as the time of his arrival approached. I
was waiting alone in the balcony, as his office car parked in front of our

------------------------------------End of part-5. Part-6 will be there
VERY VERY soon. No more teasing !!----------------------------


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