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STOR6 old about his erotic fantasy


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-----------------------Manly Massage:

The bedside lamp was on and I was lying next to Raja on the bed. He was
reading the bunch of stapled papers that I had given to him and I was
gently caressing his hair.

"Wow ! "Raja"- a nice name for me " he commented with a big smile and

"Not just Raja. Read later. It is Rajarshi, a combination of Raja
(king) and Rishi (saint)." I replied back.

"But, your real name is lot sexier than Nandita. Hey, I don't like that
name. Think of a better one." he criticised.

"No, it's going to be Nandita only. I like it."I was quite firm to keep
my name as "Nandita" (happy woman).

"Okay, granted. It's your writing." he accepted my words and continued
reading the story that I had written during his three days' absence.

"Good erotica !!!" was his comments after he finished reading my
incomplete story. He kept the papers on the bedside table and said, "Why
don't you post it to asstr ?"

"Kidding ?" I had to ask, because I have never written anything publicly
earlier, except for the college magazines (non-erotica of course !!).

"No, I mean it !" he looked serious. Both of us had been watching this
website for quite sometime and although I love erotica, honestly, I never
contemplated writing anything out there, especially when a powerful female
writer is portraying Indian erotica so elegantly in asstr. But my husband
gave me sufficient encouragement to decide in favour of the submission.

"Tell me how will your story end ? Will Nandita run away with Bachchu
?" he laughed.

"Oh no, I won't go upto that extent ! Haven't I acted just like the way
you fooled me telling about your relationship with your maid-servant ?" we
burst into laughter together and spontaneously embraced.

"So, am I going to give you a manly massage tonight ?" he said with an
amorous glance at me.

"You naughty-----" I just managed to reply before coming within a
tighter embrace of my only man in life. No, there is no Bachchu anywhere.
He is just an imaginary character. And I am perfectly healthy with no
signs of backpain.

The only true part of the story is what you are reading now.

The lights went off.

Then ?

When it ended, I whispered with a passionate kiss, "After what you have
done just now, can I call you a rishi (saint) any more ? You are just my
Raajaaa (the king)...Ummmmm"

"So you are my Raani (the queen)! Do you know we shall spend this
weekend at Chandipur on sea ?"

"Rea---lly ? For more manly massages ?". The smile on my face was very
very naughty.

----------------------------------------THE END

Hello readers,

How do you feel ? I am overjoyed with nice comments (and criticisms)
that I have received from you so long.I thank all of you again.This is a
fantasy fiction, which I didn't want to disclose in the beginning. We
share many such fantasies to add spices and charm to our married life.

Recently I received a mail from one of my readers, who said that my
story has ignited a new feeling of passion in their husband-wife
relationship. Nothing can make me happier than this. If there is any
message that I wish to convey through this story, it goes like this : let
erotic stories and fantasies enrich your own married life.

In Indian society, there is a social barrier between the have-s and the
have nots. Those who are in the lower strata of the society are often
looked down upon. In my fantasies, I often enjoy breaking this class
barrier and mix erotically with the simple rustic folks. Some people may
find this idea objectionable and unacceptable, but I don't. When my
husband had told me about his erotic fantasy with a maid servant, I
imagined a reversal of roles and felt the whole idea so very exciting to me
as a fantasy.

I don't know if and when I will write again. Post emails freely to my
mailbox at: Your comments make me so happy. I
love to read them again and again, any time. Bye,



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