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STORY 3 sucking one while gently squeezing


Story 3

Tom had been out of the country for over a year, when Mary was informed
he was coming home. The whole office was planning a big party for him.
Tom had been in London finishing the blueprints for a new museum to be
built in the city. He was then hired for a few more buildings throughout
Europe. Everyone is looking forward to his return because his replacement
has lost twice as many accounts as he added.

The next day, Mary is given the honor of picking up their colleague from
the airport. She hardly recognizes him at first, but is soon greeted with
a huge hug. “God, it’s so good to see you again,” he says. “It’s great to
see you too,” she replies. The whole way back to the office Tom describes
the buildings he helped design and what it was like living and working in
London, Paris, Rome, and several parts of Belgium.

When they arrive at the office, both are surprised to see that everyone
has gone for the day. All that is left is a note saying: Meet us at the
Parker Hotel at 8:00pm. “Well, what should we do now?” Tom asks. “We
could drop your stuff off at your house, then grab a bite to eat, if you
want.” “Well, I am a bit jet-lagged. Maybe I should just go home and rest
before going to the hotel.” “Sounds like a plan,” Mary says and heads for
the door. Tom follows and closes the door behind them. As Mary goes to
lock the door, the keys slip from her hand and fall to the floor. As she
bends down to get them, she bumps heads with Tom, who also attempts to
retrieve her keys. They rub their heads and begin laughing. “Are you
alright?” Tom asks. “Yeah, I’m okay,” she says. “How are you?” He looks
up at her, and slowly moves his hand from his head. She looks back at him
waiting for him to respond. “Tom?” “Oh, I’m fine.” He rubs his head again.
“Sorry, I was thinking about something.” She smiles and locks the door.
“Ready?” He nods and they go to her car.

By 8:30 the welcome back party is in full swing and Tom has told his
overseas experience at least fifty times. The majority of their office has
shown up, most of them already in the bag, but Tom is looking for one
person in particular. By midnight, everyone has started heading up to the
rooms reserved for them, all but those few still sober enough for a few
more drinks. Tom is saying a few last thank yous and good nights when he
sees her. As beautiful as ever, she stands there sipping a glass of
champagne. He finishes his conversation with Joe, shakes his hand, and as
he is saying goodnight, heads for the blonde in the red dress.

As Mary continues her conversation with Jack, she notices Tom walking
towards her. Figuring he is coming to talk to Sarah, the gorgeous woman
standing behind her, with whom he had a huge crush, she continues to
explain the process of billing and other matters to Jack and his wife.
“Excuse me, Mary?” He says. “Hello Tom. Tom, this is Jack and his wife Samantha. Jack started with us last month.” “Nice to meet you,” he says
while shaking Jack’s hand. “Mary, do you have a minute? I’d like to
discuss something with you.” “Sure,” she smiles and excuses herself before
walking out into the hall where Tom is waiting. “What’s up Tom?” She asks.
“I was thinking, Mary. Maybe we could get back together...” “Tom that was
nothing but a one-time thing. You said yourself you didn’t expect it to
last the two years we were together.” “But, I learned something overseas
Mary. I know our break-up had a lot to do with me taking the job, but,
something happened when I was there. Emotionally and mentally, not
physically.” Mary frowns, “so what you are saying is, ‘okay, those two
years were just a fling; I didn’t mean anything to you; Sarah may be the
one, so I have to give it a chance; and Mary, I grew up, please take me
back.’ I don’t think so Tom.” Mary starts to walk away, but Tom holds her
arm and pulls her back. “Mary, I learned how strong love can be and how
important it is to keep good things going. I was crazy to let you go when
I did, and especially for the reasons that I did. Please give me one more
chance.” She shakes her head and walks away. “Mary please. I need you!”
She continues walking, enters the elevator, and hits the button for the
penthouse. She is fine now, except for one thing. Tom said he needed her.

About an hour later, Tom is drying off after getting a shower and has
just changed for bed, when there is a knock at the door. Not expecting
anyone, he ignores it at first, then finally gives into the frequent
knocking on the door. When he opens the door, he is surprised to see a
beautiful woman, dressed in red, at his door. She walks in, closes the
door behind her and slowly wraps her arms around his neck. “I missed you.”
She says, then she gently kisses his lips. “I thought about you almost
every day, and every night.” She whispers, then kisses him again. This
time he kisses her back, then pulls the tie out of her hair, and watches it
fall down upon her shoulders. He gently runs his fingers through it then
kisses her passionately. He wraps his arms around her and pulls her close,
feeling her firm breasts press against him. He kisses her again, then
gently kisses the side of her neck and then slides the straps of her dress
down her shoulders. She runs her hands up and down his muscular chest,
then down and around his waist. They kiss again and he begins caressing
her breasts as they playfully touch tongues. She runs her hands up the
back of his shirt, caressing him, then helping him remove his shirt and
tossing it on the floor. As she kisses his chest, he runs his hands down
around her behind and slowly inches the dress up, revealing her long, thin
legs. He runs his hand up her back, finding the zipper of her dress, and
slowly starts pulling it down. She lets out a soft moan as he kisses the
side of her neck, then gently slides her dress down to her waist. He
kisses her sweet lips, then pushes the dress over her hips and down onto
the floor. He holds her close and starts moving her towards the door. As
they kiss, she runs her fingers through the hair on the back of his head,
and he inches his fingers into her panties. He slides both hands into her
panties and cups her soft firm behind, as he pulls her against his hard
cock. They kiss again and he slides her panties to the floor. They wrap
their arms around each other, kissing passionately, as he gently leans her
against the wall. Tom then slides his hand down her body, reaching her
thigh and pulling her leg up and around his waist. She slides her hands
down his back and into his boxers, and slowly begins pulling them down.
When his boxers fall to the floor, Tom breaks the kiss and looks into the
eyes of the woman standing in front of him. She kisses him, trying to get
his focus back, but he just stands there holding her. “Tom, what’s wrong?”
She asks. He just shakes his head. “What is it?” She asks again. “What
made you change your mind?” He says. She smiles and touches the side of
his face. “You said you needed me. You have never needed anyone before.”
He looks up at her, and opens his mouth to respond. Mary places a finger
over his lips and whispers “Shhhh.” Then kisses him again. As he returns
the kiss he presses her up against the wall. He reaches for a condom
sitting on the table next to them, but Mary pulls his hand away and places
it against her firm breasts. As he begins caressing them, she wraps her
arms around his neck, and slowly pulls herself up, wrapping her legs around
his waist. She lets out a soft moan as he enters her, feeling once again
what she has missed most throughout the past year. They kiss, with their
tongues deep in the others’ mouth, as he continues to thrust inside her.
When they come up for air, they look deep into each other’s eyes. “Make
love to me Tom. Just like before.” Tom nods and kisses her again as he
manages to carry her over to the bed. He lies her down on it and begins
massaging her toes. He then caresses her calves and thighs before finally
reaching her waist. He buries his face into her warmth and begins playing
with her with his tongue. The more she moans, the faster he moves and
feels himself getting more and more excited. He then starts kissing her
stomach while his hands gently caress her breasts. As he feels her nipples
getting harder, he starts sucking on one while gently squeezing and
caressing the other. As she gets more excited, she begins running her
hands up and down his body. As he kisses her breasts, her hand finds its
way to his hard, erect cock, and slowly begins to stroke it. Soon he is
entering her again, only hoping he can please her along with satisfying
himself. He begins to move faster and faster, hearing the familiar sound
of the bed creaking beneath the glorious moans of delight. He reaches for
the headboard and begins thrusting deep within her, hearing her moan louder
and louder, getting more excited with each move. As their pace quickens,
she begins moving her legs around his waist, only to stop at the sound of
someone knocking on the door. She turns her head to look at the door and
motions for Tom to stop. Not noticing at first, Tom continues but wonders
where the knock is coming from. He looks down at Mary, “What is it?
What’s wrong?” “Someone’s at the door,” she says, pointing in that
direction. “Does anyone know you’re here?” He asks. She shakes her head
from side to side as Tom climbs out of bed. As he puts on his boxers, Mary
pulls the sheets up over her shoulders. Tom looks back at Mary, then turns
to open the door.


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