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STORY 4 breasts through her shirt He holds


Part Two

(Character names changed for privacy reasons.)

Heather hangs up the phone, pauses for a few seconds, then picks it up
again. She hears the dial tone, and then dials Mike’s phone number.
“Hello,” he answers groggily. “Hey, You did get my page, right?” She asks.
“Yeah. What’s up Heather?” “Not much.” She pauses, listening for her
husband upstairs. “Do you think you can stop by for a little bit? I have
to be at work at seven, so it can’t be for long.” Mike smiles, “Sure. I’ll
be over in about ten minutes. You’ll be outside right?” “Yep. I’ll wait
on the corner for a handsome man to come pick me up.” “Now I’m jealous,”
Mike says after letting out a soft giggle. “I’ll see you soon Mike.” “You
bet.” He smiles and hangs up the phone. He hops out of bed and pulls on a
pair of sweatpants, socks and shoes. He walks over to the bureau and pulls
out a T-shirt, pulls it on and heads for the bathroom. After relieving
himself, he washes his hands, and quickly brushes his teeth. He then grabs
his keys, from the table by the door, and heads outside to his car.

Heather hangs up the phone and rushes to the bathroom to freshen up.
She then goes upstairs to check on her daughter, and to make sure her
husband is still asleep. She goes back downstairs and quietly steps out of
the house. She looks around, to make sure no one is around, then quickly
walks to the corner near her street.

As she sees the headlights of the first oncoming vehicle, she isn’t sure
whether to duck and hide, or wait to see if it is Mike. As the jeep begins
to slow down, her worries cease, and she walks toward the passenger side.
Mike stops long enough to let her in, then heads for the far corner of the
complex, near the empty field. “Good morning,” he says as he turns the
corner. “Good morning,” Heather replies and reaches for his hand. He
takes her hand in his and smiles as he pulls into the empty lot. He puts
the jeep in park and turns it off. He then steps out of the jeep and walks
to the passenger side, where he opens the door, and Heather gets out. As
she leans against the car, he wraps his arms around her and steps right up
against her. “I’ve missed you Mike.” “I missed you too,” he says, then
kisses her tender lips. They part their lips, allowing their tongues to
wander into each other’s mouths, as they kiss again. They run their hands
up and down each other’s bodies, kissing breathlessly. Mike breaks the
kiss only to start kissing the side of Heather’s neck, pressing his body
against hers to hide his excitement. “Mike, I can’t keep doing this.” She
kisses the side of his neck. “I need more Mike. I want more.” “Heather,
you know we can’t,” he whispers in her ear, then kisses her neck again.
Heather stops him and turns his head to look directly in his eyes.
“Mike...” “I feel it to Heather. But we shouldn’t even be doing this
behind his back.” “I don’t care Mike. I love you. I want to show you
that.” “Heather, you don’t need to. There isn’t a day I don’t think of
you. And the sound of your voice is enough to get me excited. But...” “No
buts Mike.” She kisses him before he can respond, then slowly makes her way
to her knees. “Please Mike. Just this once.” She slowly pulls his sweats
and boxers down, and gently begins to caress him. Then she slowly takes
him into her mouth, hearing him moan almost instantly. “Heather, you know
that once is never enough.” He tries to fight back his moans, but can’t.
She is awesome, and he can’t even attempt to deny it. As she begins to
caress his balls, he manages to squeak out, “Alright. Just this once.” She
slowly gets up and he kisses her immediately, then opens the door to his
jeep, motioning for her to climb in. He climbs in behind her, and helps to
push the seats down. “What time is it?” He asks. Heather looks at her
watch; “we have plenty of time.” She smiles then leans over and kisses him.
He slides a hand up the back of her shirt and pulls her closer. They kiss
again, and then he lies her gently down onto her back and begins caressing
her breasts through her shirt. He holds his upper body up on his arms and
presses his hard cock against her, feeling her warm breath fill his mouth.
He presses against her again and buries his face into the hair against her
neck. He wants her more now than ever, but still feels the need to hold
back. But as she kisses his neck, and runs her hands up and down his body,
he can resist no more. He slides his hands down, then up the bottom of her
shirt and pulls it up and over her head, revealing her firm, soft breasts.
He gently sucks and squeezes them, hearing her moan with pleasure. He
slowly moves down her body, reaching her waist, where he pauses long enough
to remove her jeans and panties. She tugs at his shirt and manages to pull
it over his head before he starts kissing her inner thighs. His finger
soon finds her now moist pussy and slowly enters her, while his thumb
begins rubbing her clit. As she starts to moan, he begins sucking and
teasing her clit, while occasionally slipping his tongue deep inside her.
She soon starts pressing his head closer to her and he feels himself
becoming more and more excited. Slowly he works his way back up her body,
pausing only to suck on each nipple of her firm breasts, then begin to kiss
her more deeply than ever. As their hot breath fill each other’s mouths,
Mike reaches for the condom in his sweats pocket. When he manages to reach
it, Heather tosses it aside and begins pushing his sweats towards his
ankles. He helps her remove them, then sits there, kneeling, and amazed at
what lies in front of him. She reaches for him, pulling him towards her
and greeting him with a passionate kiss. He then slowly enters her,
feeling her lose her breath momentarily, then kisses him again. She wraps
her arms around him as they set a rhythm with each other. The more they
move, the more excited they get, and the faster the pace at which they
move. Mike kisses her as she spreads her legs further apart, allowing him
to go deeper than before. He grabs the edge of the seat as he thrusts
deeper within her, hearing her moan louder, and beginning to moan himself.
Faster and faster they move, hearing each other moaning and turning the
other on more and more. Sweat begins to bead on their hot bodies as the
windows fog beyond visibility. “Oh Mike, Mike...yes...yes....” Mike
reaches for her leg and pulls it up against him, as beads of sweat drip
from his forehead onto the carpeting beneath her. He can feel the orgasm
building within him and the sweet smell of her perfume makes it harder to
fight back. He holds her tightly, then rolls onto his back letting her
ride him. He caresses her breasts then places his hands on her hips,
holding her firmly while she increases their pace. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,
Heather.” As she bends down to kiss him, he rolls her onto her back,
knowing he isn’t able to last much longer. He keeps their pace as they
kiss, then regrips the seat and begins his long, hard thrusts. He grits
his teeth with each one, thrusting deep within her, hearing her moan with
each movement. “Yes, yes, yes!” She yells, almost screams, then holds him
tightly; feeling her own orgasm approaching. With each thrust they come
closer and closer. Heather digs her nails deep into his back as he thrusts
again, releasing everything he has into her, as she climaxes at the feel of
him exploding within her. He thrusts one last time, ensuring there is
nothing left, then lies there holding her.

When they have finally caught their breath, they kiss passionately, then
begin to redress. Mike opens the door and gets out first, checking for
anyone within sight of the jeep. Seeing no one, he motions for Heather to
get out, then repositions the seats. He then closes the door, and stands
there looking at Heather. “You know we can’t keep doing this,” he manages
to whisper. She nods, then wraps her arms around him, “but I don’t want to
stop Mike. I...” she trails off. “I know Heather. I know.” He looks at
her, kisses her forehead, then her lips and opens the door for her. Once
she is inside, he walks to the driver’s side and hops in. They drive back
to her street in silence, neither of them wanting to admit how great they
feel together, knowing Heather’s husband is asleep not too far away. “What
time do you work today?” She says finally. “I go in at nine.” He replies.
“Oh, good.” She trails off briefly. “He won’t be there until noon.” She
trails off again. He nods not sure what to say next. “Are you stopping in
to see him when you get off from work?” He asks. “I could do that, if you
will still be there.” She smiles slightly, knowing that shouldn’t be the
reason. “I’m suppose to leave at five. I don’t think you would make it in
time.” She nods, then leans over and kisses him briefly. “I’ll give you a
call Mike.” “I’ll be waiting.” He kisses her hand and watches as she exits
the jeep and walks to her house. She waves, then walks in the door and
Mike begins his drive home.

She leans against the door and sighs. “Oh God,” she says to herself.
“Oh God what?” Joe asks, as he comes down the stairs. Heather turns
quickly, obviously startled by his presence. “Oh, nothing. I went to get
the paper and some critter jumped out of nowhere. It caught me off guard
that’s all.” He nods then walks up and kisses her gently. “Well, I’m glad
you’re ok. Did you drop the paper on the way in?” She looks down, then
pulls the paper out from behind her.


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