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STORY 6 panties the phone stops ringing


Story 5

Stephanie knows Mike had a bad day at work because he went straight to
his office when he came home. When she walks to the office door, she sees
him flipping through papers and files on his desk. She walks over to him
and starts massaging his shoulders. “Another bad day at work?” He turns
around and gives her a quick kiss. “Yeah, we still can’t find that
account.” She frowns, “is there anything I can do to help?” “If they had
only made back-up files like they were suppose to, we wouldn’t be in this
predicament.” Stephanie places a hand against the side of his face. “It’ll
be alright,” she says, then kisses him gently. He looks at her and she
kisses him again. He kisses her back, then picks her up and sits her on
his desk. He starts kissing the side of her neck, only to find himself
scanning the files scattered on his desk. She feels herself losing his
interest and slowly slides a hand down toward the belt of his pants. With
that, he stops and moves away from her. “I’m sorry, but I have to find
this file.” She gets down off his desktop and walks into the other room.
He watches her leave, then sits down at his desk and continues flipping
through the files and papers.

About an hour later, Mike leaves his office and heads towards the
kitchen. He sees Stephanie standing at the sink, washing the dishes. He
pours himself a drink, takes a sip, and then places it on the counter. He
walks up to Stephanie, gently brushes the hair away from her neck, and
while moving his arms around her waist, gently kisses the side of her neck.
She pushes him away and continues washing the plates and glasses. He wraps
his arms around her and hugs her, not letting go as she tries to push him
away again. He leans over and whispers in her ear, “I’m sorry.” He
squeezes her gently, “I haven’t been paying much attention to you lately,
and I’m sorry.” He slides his hands down her arms and into the soapy water,
slipping his fingers between hers. He begins to caress her hands through
the soapy water. “Mike, it has been so long. I was starting to wonder
what was going on.” “I know and I’m sorry. I was too wrapped up with work,
when I should have been spending time with you.” “Did you find the file?”
He pulls their hands out of the water and up against her body. “No, and
I’m not going to. That’s in Matt’s hands now.” She turns around and looks
at him. “But I thought it was a big account.” He nods, “it is, but I’m not
going to worry about it anymore. I have something more important to take
care of.” She smiles and they kiss passionately.

He picks her up and heads for the staircase. Halfway up, he stops to
reposition his arm under her legs. She kisses his neck and he continues up
the stairs. When they reach the bedroom, he carefully lowers her to her
feet and closes the bedroom door. They continue to kiss as they make their
way to the bed. As Stephanie sits on the bed, Mike slowly removes her
shoes and socks. He then begins to massage her feet, and playfully tickles
her by sliding a finger down the bottom of her foot. He then kisses her
and slowly makes his way to the bathroom. “When I return, I hope to see
you wearing something most comfortable.” Mike walks into the bathroom and
reaches for the tray full of little bottles. Stephanie smiles as he
disappears and slowly begins to undress. She pulls the covers on the bed
down and lies in the middle of the bed, awaiting his return.

When Mike returns to the bedroom, he is wearing nothing but his boxers
and carrying a small tray of massage oils. He looks over at the bed and
feels a warmth run through him at the sight. There she lies, in nothing
but the nude. His heart begins to beat faster as he savors the curves of
her near perfect figure. ‘Where the heck have I been,’ he thinks to
himself, as if it was the first time he has seen her like this. He places
the tray on the table next to the bed, and picks up a bottle. He smells
it, puts it down, and picks up another. This time, he sprinkles some of
the oil on his hands and gently begins rubbing it against her chest. He
moves up and down her body, pausing only to sprinkle more oil on his hands.
Stephanie closes her eyes focusing on every move of his hands across her
body, yearning for his sensitive touch. He gently rolls her over and
begins massaging her back then slowly moves down her body to her legs and
feet. As he makes his way back up her legs, he pauses at her soft, firm
behind to gently caress each cheek. He leans over and softly kisses her
back, as she jumps slightly at the touch. As he moves her hair away from
her neck, she rolls over to greet him.

She looks up at him and smiles, then places a hand against the side of
his face. “I’m so sorry Steph. I just hope it’s not too late to make it
up to you.” She smiles again. “So far you’re doing great. Let’s see what
else you can do.” Her smile begins to fade, and her hand moves behind his
neck as he bends down to kiss her. As their mouths touch, they part their
lips and playfully touch tongues. He moves above her, still holding his
weight on his arms. As she kisses him again, he slowly lowers his weight
onto her and buries his hands into her soft hair. As they continue to kiss
they move their hands all over each other’s bodies. Stephanie then slides
her legs apart, feeling the bulge in his boxers press firmly against her.
He slowly moves himself up, pressing his waist against her even more. She
kisses the side of his neck and slowly moves her hands down his back. He
presses against her again and she lets out a soft moan. He buries his face
into her hair, then begins kissing the side of her neck. As he begins to
suck on her neck, she lowers her hands down to his waist. She slowly
slides his boxers down and he helps her remove them.

He kisses her and they roll over. Stephanie then reaches for the condom
sitting on the nightstand. She opens the package and slowly slides it on
him, feeling him harden even more at her touch. She then kisses him and
slowly lowers herself onto him. She smiles at the feel of him within her
and slowly begins to move. He moves his hands to her waist and watches as
she sets the pace. She lifts her hair with her hands then slides them down
her body. He watches with delight as she begins caressing her breasts then
brings one hand to her mouth, only to suck on her finger. Feeling himself
becoming more aroused, he sits up and kisses her, then after pulling her
down with him, gently rolls her on her back. Holding himself up with his
arms, he pulls himself up and into her, driving deeper and deeper into her
warmth. He begins kissing her, falling to his elbows, and holding the side
of her head with one hand. He then slowly slides his hands down the sides
of her body and raises her legs up and around his waist. Feeling the end
approaching, he reaches for the headboard and begins thrusting deeper,
hearing her moan louder and louder until they both climax, feeling the
warmth running through their bodies. Mike gives her one last kiss, then
rolls to the side and falls asleep with her in his arms.

Early the next morning, Mike awakens to the phone ringing. He reaches
for it and sleepily answers, “Hello.” “Hello, Mike.” “Yeah, who’s this?”
“Mike it’s Matt. Did you ever find that file?” “No Matt. I didn’t find
the original at my home office. Maybe you should check the storage area at
the office. Maybe it was sent there by mistake.” “Mike, can’t you come in
and find it. I mean, it’s your filing system.” “Yes Matt. That is true.
But it’s the same system my father used before he died. You should be
familiar with it by now.” “But Mike...” “No buts Matt. I’m taking the day
off. Do your own work for a change and fix your mistake.” There is a
pause. “I’m not sure when I’ll be back. Just make sure it is taken care of
before I get back.” There is still no answer. “Good day Matt.” Mike hangs
up the phone and looks at the clock. “6:30, damn it’s early.” He rolls
over and notices Stephanie isn’t there. As he goes to get up, he feels
something on the bed. “Oops,” he thinks, as he picks up the condom and
throws it away.

Stephanie had awakened at 6:15. She is still wondering if last night
was just to avoid a fight, or if he really realized how little time they
had been spending together. Either way, she feels great from the night
before, and feels even better when she overhears Mike’s conversation. As
she starts running the water in the shower, she hears Mike turn on the tv to watch the morning news. She steps into the shower and closes her eyes
as the hot water beats down upon her. “Stephanie, are you in there?” Mike
asks from the doorway. “Yeah Mike, it’s me.” He smiles and begins to
undress as he heads for the shower. “Do you mind if I join you?” She opens
the curtain and he steps in. Immediately, she begins to cover him with
soap as he lathers his hands with shampoo to wash her hair. He gently
massages her head with his fingers as she turns with her back towards him.
He then takes the soap and begins to rub it across her body, making sure he
covers every spot. She smiles as he helps her rinse her hair and then
washes the remaining soap from their bodies.

Stephanie begins to leave the shower so Mike can wash his hair, but is
unexpectedly pulled back in. “Hold on,” she says, and leaves to get a
condom from the drawer next to the sink. She hands it to him, and stands
under the water as he puts it on. He then stands behind her and begins
kissing her neck. She pulls his arms around her as he begins sucking the
water from the side of her neck. She turns to kiss him and he leans her
against the wall. She kisses him passionately as he lifts her legs around
his waist and enters her. She begins to moan as he starts kissing and
caressing her breasts. He then lets her legs slide down and turns her
facing the wall. She slowly separates her legs so that he can enter her
from behind. Almost immediately she feels her orgasm approaching. He
kisses the side of her neck and caresses her breasts as he continues to
thrust inside her. As he quickens within her, she begins to moan and soon
reaches her first orgasm. As he is about to reach his own, he slows to
long strides and sets her off again as he feels himself explode. As he
begins to shrink away, she turns and they hold each other until they catch
their breath.

About an hour later, they are dressed and having breakfast in the
kitchen. “So what did Matt have to say this morning?” “Not much. He was
trying to get me to come in and look for those files. Well, quite frankly,
I’m tired of covering for him.” “But he works for you right? I mean, he’s
not a partner.” “Yes, he works for me, and no, he’s not a partner. When
dad died, he left me in charge of the company. No partners, just full
control of the company. But since Matt has been there since we got out of
high school, I figured I should try to help keep him there.” “Sounds like
he’s slacking off to me.” Mike nods, then sips his coffee. “I told him he
had until I get back to find that file. I think he figured out what will
happen if he doesn’t.” “Does this mean you won’t be working late anymore?”
“Well Steph, I can’t promise that. However, I can promise to spend more
time with you. How stupid was I this time?” She smiles, “One more week,
and I would have been gone. Knowing you Mike, one month is too long to not
be touched.” “That reminds me,” he says then gets up and walks over to her.
He pulls her up from her chair and wraps his arms around her. “I have an
errand to run. One I can’t put off any longer. What would you say if I
propose we take a trip, for the weekend, when I get back?” “Well,” she
smiles, “if it has anything to do with last night, I’d be crazy to say no.”
He smiles and kisses her, then cleans up his plates and heads out the door.

When he returns, about an hour and a half later, he goes upstairs and
begins packing their things. Stephanie guessed they were headed for
Upstate New York, where Mike owned a cabin, and surprised him by having
most of her stuff already packed. He puts the bags in their Jeep Cherokee
as Stephanie locks up the house. He heads to the passenger side, to let
her in, but pauses before opening the door. “If things go as I hope they
will,” he says, “I will have made up for the past month, and not think
about work until Monday.” “We will see about that,” she says, then got in
the Jeep.

When they get to the cabin, Mike starts a fire, then cooks a romantic
candlelight dinner. After they eat, he opens a bottle of red wine and
proposes a toast. “To many years of happiness,” he says. Steph looking at
him with a puzzled expression on her face raises the glass to toast, and
then goes to take a sip. Just as she is about to sip the wine, she notices
a little black box sitting where her glass was. She stops and looks at
Mike. He smiles and grabs the box as she puts the glass back down. He
takes the ring out of the box and kneels down beside her. “Stephanie, I
know I have been a fool this past month, but I want you to know that I
never could have made it without you here by my side. You give me the
strength to get through everyday and I only hope we can put that part of
our lives behind us and start a new life together, as man and wife.” She
looks at him and smiles, as tears start to slide down her face. “What I’m
trying to say is, will you marry me?” As the tears begin to flow, Steph
nods her head, “Yes Mike, I will marry you.”

As he stands up, she stands up with him and kisses him repeatedly. He
reaches for her hand, and she watches as he slides the ring on to her
finger. “Now would you like to propose a toast?” He asks. She smiles, “I
think you already took care of that.” She kisses him again and he walks her
over to the front of the fireplace. He motions for her to stay there, then
walks to the radio and turns on their song, “For You I Will” by Monica. He
walks back to her and takes her hand to dance. He catches her admiring the
12-carat ring in the light from the fire and can do nothing more than
smile. They hold each other close as they dance, letting their hands go
where they may. He kisses her neck, then whispers in her ear, “I love you
Steph. I always have.” She smiles and looks deep into his eyes. “I love
you too Mike.” They look into each other’s eyes, a moment longer, then tilt
their heads to kiss. He slides his hands up her shirt and begins rubbing
her back as they kiss again, tongues deep within each other’s mouths. Mike
then breaks they kiss and reaches for the blankets sitting on the couch.

He has just finished placing the blankets on the floor by the fire, when
Steph is unbuttoning his shirt. He stops her long enough to remove her
shirt, then helps to remove his. As they kiss, he successfully unhooks her
bra on the first try, and tosses it to the floor. She pulls his head down
to her chest and as he begins to suck on each breast, the phone begins to
ring. Mike picks his head up, only to see Stephanie shake her head back
and forth. “No one knows we are here. There is no need to answer it.” He
kisses her, then gently lies her down on the floor. He teasingly removes
her jeans and panties as the phone stops ringing. They smile and Stephanie
unzips his pants. She struggles, a little, to pull them down, due to the
large bulge at the beginning and quickly tosses his boxers aside shortly
after. She teasingly begins to stroke him, watching him tilt his head with
pleasure. She soon takes him into her mouth, hearing him moan instantly
then slowly making her way up his body. As she is about to straddle him,
he pulls out a condom. She tosses it aside and says, “I don’t think we
need that anymore. Besides, I’m on the pill.” “Then why before?“ “You
never objected, so I thought you didn’t mind.” “You lie,” he says and they
laugh. He slowly enters her and places his hands on her waist. As they
quicken their pace, the phone begins to ring, startling them both. They
ignore it again and try to regain their focus. Stephanie momentarily
squeezes her thighs together, causing Mike to begin moaning. He rolls her
over and wraps her legs around his waist as the answering machine comes on.
“Stephanie, this is your mom. When you get this message, please call me
right away. It’s about your father.” Mike looks at Stephanie, then slowly
gets up and starts gathering their clothes.

No sooner has she finished dressing, she is on the phone with her
mother. “Hi Mom, what happened?” “Hello dear. I’m glad I got a hold of
you. Your father had a heart attack. He’s at St. Mary’s hospital here in
Fairview. They don’t expect him to make it through the night.” “Don’t
worry mom. Mike and I will be right there.” She hangs up the phone and
heads for the door. Mike is right behind her.

When they arrive, Steph’s mother meets them in the lobby. She hugs both
her daughter and Mike, then leads them up to her husbands’ room. No sooner
did they get to the room, Stephanie is in tears at the sight of her father.
“They said he can hear everything; he just can’t respond.” Her mother explained. “Daddy, I’m here. I’m here daddy.” She takes his hand and
continues to cry. Mike stands beside her, with his hands on her shoulders.
“Do they know what caused it Mrs. Johnson?” Mike asks. “No, they don’t. I
guess it was stress, but I’m not sure. He said he had been feeling really
good lately.” She puts her head down. “I should have known something was
up.” Mike goes over and gives her a hug, then goes back to console
Stephanie. “Honey,” Mrs. Johnson says, “What’s that on your hand?” Steph
looks down at her hand, “Oh, Mike proposed to me tonight.” She tries to
smile between the tears. “Oh, I’m so happy for you,” her mother replies.
“Hear that dear, little Stephanie’s getting married.” She takes her
husbands’ hand. “Oh he would have loved to see it. When is the date?”
“Well,” Mike says, “I don’t see why it can’t be now.” Steph looks up at him
and nods. “Yes, now.”

No sooner had the pastor arrived, the ceremony started. Mike’s parents had passed away and he was the only child, as was Stephanie, so the only
people missing were friends. The nurses were even kind enough to bring up
cake and apple juice from the cafeteria, the closest they could get to cake
and champagne. “Do you, Stephanie Lynn Johnson, take this man to be your
lawfully wedded husband...” “I do.” She smiles as she looks at Mike. “And
do you Michael William McNulty, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded
wife...” He takes her hands in his, “I do.” “Then with the power invested
in me, I pronounce you husband and wife.” He pauses. “You may kiss the
bride.” Mike smiles, then leans over and passionately kisses his new wife.
She kisses him again, no longer afraid to slip him the tongue in front of
her mother. They smile and take the slices of cake from the nurses. At
the same time, they let the other take a bite of their slice, then mash the
rest into each others’ faces.

After they have cleaned up, they stand next to Mr. Johnson’s bed,
holding each other. “He would be so happy to see you two right now. The
first day he met you Mike, he knew you would be Stephanie’s husband.” She
smiles as Steph and Mike hug each other. No sooner have their smiles
faded, the machines next to the bed start sounding off one by one.
Stephanie holds on to Mike as the nurses come rushing in. Her mother stands next to the bed, holding onto her husbands’ hand.

“Mrs. Johnson...” Mike says. “Please Mike, call me mom.” She replies.
He looks at Stephanie who nods. “Mom, if you need anything, don’t hesitate
to call.” “You’re so sweet. You two go and have your fun.” “Mom,”
Stephanie says, “we decided to wait until after the services to go on our
Honeymoon. Like Mike said, if you need anything, let us know.” “Thank you.
Both of you.” She hugs them both. “I’ll call you with the final
arrangements.” They hug her again, then slowly make their way to their car.
“Do you think she’ll be alright?” Mike asks. “Yeah, she’ll be alright.”
She holds his arm tighter. “Although I’ll probably need some extra tending
to.” She tries not to smile when Mike looks down at her. “Well, no
offense, but I was hoping you’d say that.”

When they get home, Mike brings the bags inside, and joins Stephanie
upstairs. She is already changed and is brushing her teeth. He walks up
behind her, wraps his arms around her and rocks back and forth. “What a
day,” he whispers. She nods and rinses her mouth out. Mike picks up his
toothbrush and asks, “are you alright?” She nods and heads into the
bedroom. Mike brushes his teeth, relieves himself and hops into bed next to
her. He puts an arm around her and gently kisses the side of her neck.
She holds his arm closer, but does nothing more. He lightly kisses her
shoulder then lowers his head onto his pillow. He lies there, holding her,
and when she begins to shake as she cries, he holds her closer, trying to
comfort her. “It’ll be alright.” He whispers. He moves her hair away from
her face and gently kisses her cheek. She sits up and turns to face him.
“Why Mike. Why did he have to die?” She says between tears. Mike sits up
and holds her shoulders. “I don’t know honey. I’m sorry.” He embraces her
and she weeps on his shoulder. He starts rocking her, and softly strokes
her soft blond hair. She looks at him, with tears in her eyes, and kisses

He isn’t sure what her intent is, so he just sits there with his arms
wrapped loosely around her waist. She kisses him again, then slowly
removes her shirt. He looks down at her, feeling aroused at her beauty.
She takes his hands in hers and places them on her firm breasts. She
kisses him again, feeling him begin to gently squeeze and caress her
breasts. He breaks the kiss only to begin sucking on each erect nipple.
She runs her hands through the hair on his head, then down his muscular
back. She starts tugging at his shirt, and he helps her remove it. He
runs his hands up and down her back as he begins kissing her chest. She
holds his head close while tilting hers back with pleasure. He slowly
slides his hands down her back to her firm behind, and begins to pull her
closer to him. She wraps her arms around his neck as he pulls her legs
around him, sitting her on his lap. As she feels him pressing into her she
begins to move her hips toward him. He lets out a quiet moan and gently
starts leaning her back and onto the bed.

He looks down at her, admiring her beauty. “Are you sure,” he asks.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” She asks, running her fingers through his thick hair.
“Well, you seemed...” with that she places a finger over his lips and pulls
him down to her. He looks into her eyes, then slowly lowers his lips
against hers. As they kiss more passionately, his hand finds her breast and begins to caress it. She holds him close as he begins kissing her
neck, then her chest and stomach. He pauses long enough to slip her silk
panties off, then buries his face into her warmth. He sucks and pulls at
her clit, feeling her juices flowing more freely. As he slowly makes his
way up her body, his finger finds her and slowly begins moving in and out
as his thumb presses firmly against her clit. As he begins sucking on her
breasts again, she rolls him over onto his back. As she straddles him, she
leans her head forward causing her hair to fall loosely on his bare chest.
She slowly moves down his body, her hair flowing behind her. When she
reaches his waist, she pauses and slowly removes his boxers.

After she tosses them to the floor, she kisses the head of his long,
hard shaft and gently caresses the sack below it, watching as it begins to
pulsate. She soon takes all of him into her mouth and starts sucking long
and hard while still caressing the sack beneath. He begins to moan softly
and holds her head closer. When she starts tasting the saltiness of what
is forming inside, she takes one last long stroke, hearing a pop as her
mouth leaves him. She then takes his hands in hers and pulls him up to a
sitting position. She slowly places a leg on either side of his hips and
slowly lowers herself onto him. Immediately she feels an orgasm
approaching as he enters deeper into her. As she wraps her arms around his
neck, they match rhythms and begin to pick up the pace. Knowing neither of
them will last much longer, Mike begins thrusting in long, deep strides.
His hands found her rear and hold it closer to him as he feels the buildup
inside. Stephanie begins to moan as her own orgasm approaches. She then
digs her nails into his back as he releases within her, setting off her own
orgasm. He trembles slightly as whatever is left of him is released into
her. They kiss each other breathlessly and lie each other down on the bed.
They kiss a few more times, then fall asleep holding each other in their


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