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STORY 7 revenge me hurting


Story 6

Mitch sits out on the balcony watching the sunrise over the ocean. He
feels the warm summer morning breeze blow through his hair as he takes
another sip of his coffee. He watches as the sea ernes fight over
something swimming in the water and smiles when one emerges victorious. He
takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out as the thought of his vacation
beginning slowly begins to sink in.

Sara slips through the sliding glass door and gently places a hand on
Mitch’s shoulder. “Beautiful morning isn’t it?” Mitch kisses her hand,
“always is down here in Palm Springs. I just wish it hadn’t taken us this
long to get back and enjoy it.” Sarah sips her coffee then leans against
the edge of the glass table in front of Mitch. “What time did you actually
get in last night? You never gave me the chance to look, and I wasn’t
expecting you till this morning.” She smiles as Mitch looks up at her.
“Well, I didn’t mean to wake you, but I couldn’t help it.” He takes another
sip of his coffee. “I think it was around 2:30. My flight arrived at
1:30am, and by the time I got my luggage and drove here...” He pauses and
reaches for her hand. Her ring sparkles in the sunlight as she places her
coffee cup on the table and takes his hand in hers.

“I missed you these past three weeks,” he says as she stands next to his
chair. She smiles, “Yeah, but you always find a way to make up for it.” “I
try;” he says and gently pulls on the belt around her white, cotton
bathrobe. As the robe slightly opens, he slides his hands inside and
around her waist. As he pulls her closer, she undoes his robe, then slowly
lowers herself onto his lap. He kisses her passionately, while caressing
her body beneath the robe. As they kiss again, tongues deep within each
other’s mouths, Mitch slides his hands down around her behind and presses
her against him.

Two hours later, Sarah is drying off from her shower and Mitch is
checking the stock market on the local news channel. He jots a few things
down in a notebook then goes into the bathroom to put on some cologne.
Sarah, now dressed in her bra and underwear, slips past Mitch and into the
bedroom towards the closet. She selects a light yellow sundress, which
shows her near perfect figure and highlights her brown hair and big brown
eyes. She walks back into the bathroom to spray on some perfume and
quickly catches the eye of her husband. “You know that dress brings back
memories,” he says while gazing at her. She smiles and kisses his cheek.
As she turns to leave the room, Mitch gently grabs her arm and pulls her
back to him. He begins kissing the side of her neck as his hands slowly
inch her dress up her long, thin legs. “Mitch, we are going to be late.
You know how your sister gets when she has to wait more than five minutes.”
“I know honey,” he kisses her lips, still trying to forget about breakfast.
“But this is our vacation. I don’t want to spend it with Tiffani...” “It’s
just for this morning Mitch. One morning can’t hurt.” She turns and walks
out. “You don’t know her very well then,” he mumbles to himself.

Other than not getting a word in throughout the entire meal, Mitch and
Sarah have a decent time at breakfast. Which, of course, is followed by
another fifteen minutes of turning down future plans by noting many
non-existing prior arrangements that they have made. When they leave the
restaurant, they decide to take a walk down the street by their hotel, and
check out the shops and stores. They walk hand in hand enjoying the sun
and each other’s company, soon forgetting the irritating voice of Mitch’s
sister, Tiffani.

An hour later, they head back towards the hotel, stopping briefly to
pick up a few things for family and friends back home. When they arrive
back at the hotel, Mitch takes the bags upstairs to their room and meets
Sarah at the bar downstairs. “Excuse me ma’am. I couldn’t help but notice
you sitting here alone.” He takes her hand and gently kisses it. “Would
you mind if I joined you?” She smiles and nods towards the seat. “I would
love the company,” she pauses, then adds, “and a drink if you don’t mind.”
Mitch smiles and signals for the bartender. “And what would the lovely
lady like to drink,” he asks. “Martini please.” The bartender nods and
looks at Mitch. “Yes, a scotch please, on the rocks.” The bartender nods
and leaves to get the drinks. “What are the plans for this afternoon,” he
asks after placing a twenty on the table. “Well, I was thinking about
going down to the beach for a couple hours. I’m just hoping no one will
recognize me.” Mitch looks up at her and smiles, realizing what she is
referring to. “Well, it should be a compliment if anyone does.” Sarah
begins to blush and takes a sip from the drink just placed in front of her.
The bartender then returns with their change. Mitch takes the five and
waves the rest away for a tip. “Besides, Sarah, I believe the penthouse is
too high for anyone to recognize you.” She begins to laugh and places a
hand on his leg. He smiles then leans over and kisses her briefly. “I
missed you so much Mitch. Please tell me you don’t have to go away again
for a couple months.” She looks into his eyes waiting for his response. “I
can only promise you one thing.” He takes a sip of his scotch. “And that
is that I will do my best to stay home more often. I owe you that much.”
“Mitch,” she places her hand on his, “but I will understand if you can’t. I
knew that before marrying you three years ago, and I understand now.” “Are
you sure?” He replies. She nods and kisses him. “Are you ready to go?” He
studies her face, trying to read her thoughts, then nods and finishes his
drink. He stands up and follows her out of the room.

While passing the front desk, the bellhop stops Mitch and gives him his
messages. He frowns, then turns to Sarah. “Sorry honey, but I can’t join
you down at the beach. I have a conference call at 2:30pm.” Sarah looks
down at her watch. “Well, looks like you better get going. You have less
than half an hour.” “I’m sorry honey.” She nods and kisses him, then walks
to the elevator. He watches as she walks through the doors, then asks when
the message came through. “It just came in ten minutes ago. We rang your
room, but no one answered.” He nods then leaves for the call.

When Mitch gets to the conference room, he immediately calls the front
desk. “Yes, this is Mitch Peterson in Room 1304.” He pauses. “I’m fine
thank-you. Please leave a message for my wife, Sarah. Let her know that I
will meet her for dinner at six.” He pauses again. “Yes. Thank you.” Just
as he hung up the hotel phone, his call came in on the conference line.

Just as Sarah is about to leave the room for the beach, the phone rings.
She takes the message about dinner, and continues on her way to the beach.
When she gets outside, she finds a chair, positions it to her liking, and
sits down. After rubbing lotion on her body, she lies in the chair and
closes her eyes. As the summer breeze gently moves around her, she starts
drifting off to sleep.

She begins dreaming back to when she first met Mitch and how great
things had been, and continue to be. But mostly, she dreams of how he
makes her feel when they are together. She can be just as happy hanging
out with him as she can when they are intimate. And although the physical
part of their relationship is awesome, better than anyone she had been with
before, she treasures time spent with him in general just as much.
Something she hasn’t had a lot of in the past month. Just then she gets a
whiff of the sea breeze and is reminded of last night when Mitch got in.

It was the sea breeze that woke her up last night, when Mitch opened the
window in the bedroom, not him slipping quietly between the sheets beside
her. However, the feel of his warm body against hers fully awoke her, not
to mention the feel of his tender lips against the side of her neck. She
feels the same tingling run through her body as she did last night. She
then awakes to the sense of someone standing over her.

“Matt, I can’t leave for a meeting, I’m on vacation.” “Mitch, George
will only meet today to settle this.” “And no one else can go. Not
Charles, Jack, even Margaret can handle this account. Come on Steve, even
you can do this.” “Sorry Mitch, but Matt is right. George wants this
settled today, and won’t deal with anyone but you.” “Yeah, yeah. How bad
do we need this company anyway?” “Mitch that isn’t the question. The point
is, this company needs us, and needs us now. We can’t buy them for a
lesser price than what he is currently offering. Even your fathers’ files
will show you that.” “Leave my father out of this.” “Matt, let me talk to
Mitch for awhile, one on one. I’ll call you with our decision.” Matt hangs
up, regretting the comment made about Mitch’s father. “Mitch, what has
gotten into you?” Mitch doesn’t respond. Steve picks up the receiver,
taking his end off speakerphone. “Mitch?” “Steve, Sarah will have my head
for this.” “Unfortunately Mitch, that’s the downside of being owner and CEO
of a company.” “Yeah, remind me of that the day I sign my divorce papers.”
With that Mitch hangs up, not waiting for a response.

Sarah opens her eyes to see Mitch standing there, dressed in suit and
tie, and holding a bouquet of flowers. She notices a small card, amongst
the roses, which has two words printed on it. “I’m sorry for what Mitch?”
“Honey I am so sorry.” “What is it?” “I have to go to Tampa for a meeting.”
She frowns and looks away. “I’m sorry.” She gets up and kisses him on the
cheek. “Have a good night Mitch. See you in the morning.” “Sarah...” He
runs after her, into the hotel, and through the lobby. “Sarah wait!” She
stops and turns to look at him. “I don’t have to leave for another
half-hour.” He tries to catch his breath. “If you want to spend some time
together before I go.” “Humph,” she says then enters the elevator.
“Sarah...” He follows her into the elevator. “Mitch let me ask you
something.” The doors close before some man can enter, and she sighs in
relief that they are alone. “Mitch, when was the last time we made love?”
He stares at her blankly, then opens his mouth to respond. “And don’t say
this morning because that followed a conversation about make-up sex.” He
closes his mouth and shrugs. “Exactly Mitch, except for this morning after
breakfast, the only relationship we have had is make-up sex and honey I’m
home sex. No personal time; no playtime; just sex time. Where did the
romance go?” Mitch begins to nod, then hits the stop button on the
elevator, and then the call button. “Elevator service, please state the
problem.” “Hello. This is Mitch Peterson. The elevator is working fine.
Please allow me a few minutes before I turn the elevator on again. I have
a slight situation to take care of, that will be quite embarrassing if I am
caught.” He signals and okay sign toward the camera. “All clear Mr.
Peterson. Have a good day.” They turn the camera off and turn on the
out-of-service signs at each entrance. “Mitch, what are you doing?” “Just
trying to be romantic.” He places the flowers on the floor, then walks over
to her. “It’s not going to work Mitch...” He kisses her gently. She looks
at him. “I’m too angry with you.” He kisses her again and wraps his arms
around her. She feels a warm shiver run through her as he ever so gently
kisses her neck. She tries pushing him away, but emotionally is unable to.
She manages to bring her knee up halfway; not enough to make full contact,
but enough to feel him wince against her. “I’m sorry Mitch, but make-up
sex is not acceptable this time.” She hits the button to restart the
elevator. When it reaches the penthouse, Sarah gets out and leaves Mitch
and the flowers on the floor.

Mitch tosses the flowers in the trash bin as he leaves the hotel and
heads towards the parking garage. No sooner has he gotten into the car, he
turns the radio up full volume, and speeds out of the garage. As he speeds
down the expressway, he slams his fists against the steering wheel; angrier
with himself then at the way Sarah acted. He knows damn well he shouldn’t
be going to this meeting, but his loyalty to his father and the family business make him feel like he is still doing the right thing. By the time
he arrives at the restaurant in Tampa, he is almost completely calm, only
anxious to get it over with and back to Sarah.

When Sarah gets to her door, she sees a note stuck near the doorknob.
“Please call Room 306.” She looks at it, slightly puzzled, pulls the note
off the door, swipes her card and walks in. She puts her towel and bag
down on the table and picks up the phone. She hesitates, but a moment,
then dials 306. “Hello?” “Hello. I had a message on my door to call this
room.” “Ah yes Sarah. It is me, Jake. How are you today?” “Oh, hi Jake.
I’m fine. How about you?” “Good. Listen. I couldn’t help but overhear
what happened ten minutes ago. I was about to say hello when it all
happened. I had someone at the front desk leave a note for you.” “Oh, well
it was nothing.” “What I meant to say was, would you like company for
dinner? I wouldn’t want to see you eating alone.” Sarah thinks for a
moment and decides it can’t hurt. “Sure. I’ll see you at seven?” “Sounds
good Sarah. I’ll see you there.”

“Ah, George. Good to see you again.” He shakes his hand and sits down
at the table. “Thanks for coming on such short notice Mitch. I would have
waited, but even now may be too late.” “Why George? What’s wrong?” “Mitch,
I have some news about your wife.” Mitch’s jaw drops.

Sarah finishes getting changed for dinner and quickly checks the time.
She takes a deep breath, “fifteen minutes left.” Out of habit alone, she
turns on the tv and finds the local news channel showing the stock updates.
“Why am I so nervous?” She says to herself. “I know Jake from work.” She
tries to shake off the nervousness, then decides to head downstairs early
to get a quick drink before dinner. She turns off the TV, grabs the room
key and heads for the elevator.

“George, what’s going on? I thought I was coming here tonight to settle
the account.” “Mitch, you are. But first things first.” He takes a sip of
his drink then proceeds. “About a year ago, we terminated a couple
employees for being involved in an office scam. One particular employee,
named Jake, swore he had nothing to do with the scam and promised to bring
the company down.” “I don’t mean to interrupt George, but what does this
have to do with my wife?” “Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Jake now works with
your wife. We followed him ever since he threatened us. I can only
suspect he is going to use your wife against us because of this deal.”
Mitch scratches his head. “I’m sorry, but I don’t follow you.” “Mitch, if
you buy my company, Margate Digital will stay afloat. If Jake uses your
wife as a hostage, you won’t buy, I go under, and Jake gets his way.” “So I
just won’t settle.” Mitch stands up to leave. “Mitch wait.” He stops and
looks at George. “I have a better plan for this Jake character.” He grins
slightly. “Please sit down.”

Sarah looks at the time and quickly finishes her drink. She walks
towards the entrance of the dining area, and unexpectedly bumps into Jake.
“I’m so sorry.” She says, just realizing who it is. Jake laughs, “I’d say
it’s nothing more than perfect timing.” Sarah smiles weakly. Jake holds
out his arm, “Shall we?” Sarah hesitantly slips her arm in his and follows
him to the table.

“So in the end, everyone will win, except Jake.” George nods silently.
“And my wife will be okay.” “Mitch, you seem to trust me more as a
businessman than as a fellow man.” Mitch lowers his head. “George, you
have an opportunity to suck me dry in account of my wife’s well being, yet
you are still only asking for five million for your company. Can you
really blame me for having my doubts?”

Although dinner is going well, Sarah still can’t get that feeling of
uneasiness to pass. She begins wondering whether everything is okay with
Mitch when Jake makes a comment that catches her attention. “I’m sorry
Jake, could you repeat that?” “I asked if Mitch was still considering
buying Margate Digital.” She looks at him puzzled. “How did you know about
that?” “There’s a lot you don’t know about me Sarah.” He rises from the
table, lays the money on the table to cover the bill and a tip, and then
grabs her arm. “Jake let go! You’re hurting me!” He pulls her from the
table, out of the dining area, and through the door to the hotel stairwell.
George smiles at Mitch. “Let me tell you a little story. About two
years ago, I had cheated a smaller company of about five grand. I later
replaced the money in their accounts, however, I had replaced it after they
had discovered my doings. I came home that night to find my wife hung by
her neck, in the nude, in the main hallway of my house.” He pauses to take
a sip of his drink. “I’m sorry George.” “Well, although it should have
been handled a different way, it serves me right for doing another wrong.
However Mitch, your case is entirely different. By Jake going after your
wife, he is not only getting revenge on me, he is hurting you as well. He
could burn my company down for all I care, but you should not, and will
not, be involved in his madness. Now go, go before it is too late.” He
waves his hand at Mitch, motioning for him to leave. Mitch stands up and
puts some money on the table. “On question George, how did you manage to
get the people that you have working on this matter?” “All I’ll say is
this.” He pays the rest of the bill, and places a folded bill in the
waiters’ pocket. “My uncle is the biggest mob boss in the state of New
York.” Mitch opens his mouth to respond, but walks away as George waves at
him again. “I’ll expect the check by the end of the week Mitch.” “Sure
thing George. Thanks again.” He calls over his shoulder and walks through
the doors.

No sooner does he arrive at the hotel, a valet walks up and opens his
door. “Good evening Mr. Peterson. I have been awaiting your arrival.”
Puzzled at first, Mitch gets out of the car, hands him a bill, and then
runs to the hotel doors. A man with a radio stops him. “Sir, your wife is
located in stairwell seven. The situation is under control, but you are
needed immediately.”

“Jake let go of me.” Sarah yells, trying to pull her arm away from him.
“Sir, I would do as she says if I were you.” Jake and Sarah turn to see a
huge man standing on the stairs. “Stay out of this!” Jake shouts at the
stranger. Another man comes up from the lower stairwell and hits Jake from
behind. Jake slowly falls to the floor and Sarah backs against the wall.
“It’s alright ma’am. Jake has some unfinished business with us. Your
husband will be here shortly.” The other man picks up Jake and the two each
grab one of his arms and place them over their shoulders. No sooner do
they open the door, Mitch comes barging in.

Sarah sees Mitch run through the door and runs into his open arms. He
embraces her and holds her close. “It’s alright. It’s alright now honey.”
“Oh Mitch. Why...why?” She pounds her fists into his shoulders. “Don’t
leave me like that again!” “I’m sorry honey. I didn’t know.” He kisses the
side of her head, holding her close, trying to calm her down. “I’m so
sorry. But I’m here now.” She calms down and Mitch helps her dry her eyes.
“ did you know Mitch?” “George told me. He owns Margate Digital.
Jake threatened him when he was terminated a year ago. George has been
following him ever since. That was why my meeting him tonight was so
important. Luckily his men were here before I arrived. He wasn’t sure
when Jake would make his move, so he wanted to make me aware before it
happened.” She looks up at him. “You said George owned Margate Digital?”
Mitch nods slowly. “Jake mentioned that at dinner. When I asked how he
knew about it, he got angry and pulled me here.” “George thinks he planned
to hold you hostage to stop me from buying Margate. I’m sorry.” He holds
her head with both hands. He looks her in the eyes, “I’m glad you’re
okay.” She smiles weakly and he kisses her lips. He turns toward the door.
“Come on. Let’s go back to the room.” She nods then lies her head on his
shoulder as they walk through the door into the lobby. He holds her
tightly as they wait by the elevator. As the doors open, Mitch waves at
the man at the door, still holding the radio. He smiles and waves back,
then turns to leave.

They walk into the elevator and Mitch pushes the button for the
penthouse. He places each hand on one of Sarah’s shoulders. “Are you
okay?” She smiles, “Yes. I feel better now. I was just a little shaken
up.” He smiles, then kisses her gently. When she opens her eyes, she
slides her hands around his neck and kisses him. He leans her gently
against the side of the elevator. He kisses her again and slowly slides
his tongue deep within her mouth. When she breaks the kiss he begins to
kiss the side of her neck. When the doors open, he takes her by the arm
and leads her to their room.

When they enter the room, Mitch sets the keys and Sarah’s purse on the
table, then follows her into the bedroom. Sarah is standing at the window,
watching the moonlight reflect off the dark water of the ocean below. As
Mitch comes up behind her, he wraps his arms around her waist and begins
gently kissing the side of her neck. She turns to face him and kisses him
passionately. As their tongues touch playfully inside their mouths, Mitch
starts to unbutton the blouse Sarah is wearing. He soon reveals her soft,
firm breasts, which look pale white in the moonlight. As he bends down to
kiss the top of her breasts, he slowly slips the blouse off her shoulders
and onto the floor. She holds his head close to her chest as he slips each
cup of her bra off each breast, showing her firm, erect nipples. He sucks
each one then fumbles with the hook of her bra before dropping it to the
floor. She lets out a soft moan as he buries his face into her chest,
taking plenty of time to caress, massage and tease each breast. She
ruffles his hair with her hands, then pulls him up to her awaiting lips.
They kiss passionately, tongues rolling within their mouths and hot air
occasionally slipping into the others’ open mouth. He presses her against
the wall, showing his excitement but holding back all the same. She tugs
at his shirt, soon helping it find its way over his head and onto the floor
by their feet. He reaches for her legs and brings them up and around his
waist. He wraps his arms around her and slowly walks them over to the bed.
He lies her down gently, then moves down her body, pausing only to kiss
and caress her chest and stomach. He removes her shoes and socks, then
removes his own before crawling up her body and onto the bed. He presses
his waist against her while keeping the rest of his weight on his arms. He
bends his elbows enough to allow him to kiss her neck, then straightens
them again. She leans up to kiss him then pulls him down with her.

He sits up on his knees and starts to unbutton her shorts. She reaches
for the belt of his pants and unhooks it. She then unbuttons his pants and
unzips them as he slides her shorts and panties to the floor. He then
kisses her briefly, then kisses her neck while caressing her breasts. He
rubs her stomach, then slides down her body and buries his face into her
warmth. She begins to moan and he moves his tongue faster and sucks
harder, teasing her and pleasing her at the same time. She moans louder as
his lips grab her clit and his tongue gently rubs it. He begins sucking harder, not letting her go as she reaches her first orgasm. She clenches
the sheets with both hands as her body trembles with pleasure.

She reaches down to him and he makes his way back up her body. She
begins pushing his pants down and he slides them off and onto the floor.
He slowly enters her, feeling her nails dig into his back almost
immediately. They breathe hot air into each other’s mouths then kiss
deeply and passionately. He then begins to move with long, slow strides.
As he props himself up on his arms, he quickens his pace and looks down as
Sarah caresses the side of his face. He leans down to kiss her and notices
a tear sliding down her cheek. “Are you okay?” He asks. She nods and
smiles, then pulls him down and they kiss again. He then wraps his arms
around her and rolls them over.

Sarah sits up and rubs her hands up and down his muscular chest. She
watches his muscles flex as he caresses her body. As she bends down to
kiss him, her hair falls into his face. He quietly brushes it aside and
holds the sides of her head as they kiss repeatedly. Feeling another
orgasm approaching, Sarah sits up and quickens the pace.


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