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STORY11 movie each night the Spice


Story 8

It is a typical day at Ridgemont High when Alex sees her. He can’t
believe his eyes. There she stands, amid her high school friends. She has
filled out in the hips and chest, like most young teens do, but to a more
beautiful extent then he could have ever dreamed of back in grade school.
It has been more than five years since he has last seen her, but his
feelings are still the same.

“Jennifer?” He says as he walks toward her. She turns in the direction
of the voice, and does a double take. “Alex? Alex Morgan?” She reaches
out to hug him. “Oh God. I never thought I’d see you again.” He gives her
a big hug, lifting her feet slightly off the ground. “Hey, how are you?
When did you get back?” She smiles, “This past summer. Dad was transferred
back here to Ridgemont. I’m doing great, how about you?” “Good, good.
I’ve been keeping busy though. Hard part is learning what I need to know
for the family business, keeping my grades up, and still finding time for
sports.” “You haven’t changed one bit Alex.” The bell rings for the next
period. “Well, I have to go Alex. Hopefully we can meet up again some
time.” “I’d like that Jennifer.” She smiles and waves, then steps into a
classroom down the hall.

He lets out a heavy sigh as he walks down the hallway to the weight
room. “Yo Alex, what’s up man?” He turns and looks down the joining
hallway. “Oh nothing Matt. What’s going on?” Matt meets up with him and
puts an arm over his shoulder. “Looks like you lost your true love or
something man. What gives?” Alex lets out a small laugh. “No, actually I
just ran into an old friend. Haven’t seen her since elementary school.”
Matt opens the door to the weight room. “Look Alex, I may not know much,
but I know when a man is in love.” Alex looks back at him. “You have
something to tell, and I’m not going to let you leave until you tell it.”
Matt looks into Alex’s eyes, then throws him a towel.

Throughout the whole class period, Jennifer finds it hard to concentrate
in her class. She repeatedly thinks back to elementary school. Alex was a
year ahead of her, but their classes always had the same playtime. Day
after day, she would meet Alex by the swings and they would spend the whole
time together. When she found out her family was moving at the end of her
third grade year, she cried the last day when playtime was over. All she
knew then was that she was leaving her best friend in the whole world.
Now, she feels that maybe there was more to it then just friendship.

“Look Matt, there is nothing to tell.” Matt looks at him and smiles.
“Alright tough guy. Beat me in weights and I’ll leave you alone. Match me
or lose...” “I get it. Tell you everything.” Matt nods and lies down on
the weight bench. “Boy, you are going to wish you spent more time in here
then at your father’s business.” “Funny, I’m starting to think that

“So Jen, who was that guy?” Jen turns and looks at Mary walking towards
her. “Oh, no one. Just someone I went to grade school with. That’s all.”
“Nah, I think there is something more Jen.” Kim walks up and joins the
group forming in the hallway. “You looked like you were daydreaming all
through class.” Jen blushes, then starts walking towards their lockers.
“So?” Mary asks, as she tosses her books into her locker. “So, I’d rather
not talk about it right now. I’m still in shock that I saw him again.” The
girls start to giggle. “Jennifer, let’s grab a bite to eat. Let’s say we
all meet at the Coffee House at four o’clock.” “Well, why not now Sandy?”
Cheryl asks. “Well Cheryl. I have to meet Bobby now. He said he needed a
favor this afternoon. It shouldn’t take too long though. Four o’clock
should give me plenty of time.” “You are so bad Sandy. If your boyfriend
only knew.” “Shush. Not so loud.” They all laugh then head for the parking
lot to their cars.

“Arrgghhhh!” Alex slams the weights down. “Alright, so you win.” Matt
smiles then tosses Alex the towel. “She was this girl in grade school. I
was a year ahead of her, but our classes had playtime together.” “Sounds
kinky already.” Matt says, then takes a punch in the shoulder from Alex.
He opens the door to the hallway, and they head for the locker room. “She
left after she finished third grade. Her father was transferred with his
business. She cried the last day our classes had playtime together. I
didn’t know what to do, so I just gave her a hug. I told her it would be
alright, and that we would meet again some day. I didn’t know any better,
I was only in the fourth grade.” “Sounds like you two became pretty good
friends when you were little.” “Yeah...” Alex stops mid-sentence and looks
to the opposite end of the hallway. “Alex, are you alright?” Alex just
smiles as the doors close behind the group of girls leaving the school.
“Yeah, I’m better.” “Better?” Matt follows Alex’s gaze toward the exit
leading to the school parking lot. “She was just there wasn’t she?” Alex
nods then opens the door to the locker room. “I don’t know Alex. You have
got it really bad.”

As Jen is walking through the doors to leave the building, something
makes her turn around. When the doors closed, she catches a glimpse of
Alex standing in the middle of the hallway. She smiles to herself, then
catches up with the rest of the group. When they get to the parking lot,
they all go to their separate cars. “Jen, want to stop over for a little
while before going to the Coffee House?” Mary asks. Jen looks back toward
the school. “I’m sorry Mary, but I can’t. I forgot I have to see Mr.
Godfrey about a test I took the other day.” “Oh, ok. See you at four
then.” Jen waves back at Mary, then tosses her books into her car. She
waits until all her friends leave, then heads back into the school.

“So Alex. Are you going to tell me what this girl looks like, or are
you going to make me track her down?” “Funny Matt. And she isn’t a girl anymore. That is, of course, unless you are still a boy.” Matt whacks Alex
with a towel, then turns the shower on in front of him. “Well? What does
she look like?” “Well Matt, I’ve only seen her once since we were kids...”
“Cut the crap Alex.” “Alright, alright. She is about 5’6”, maybe 5’7”.
She has dark blonde hair and big, bright blue eyes. That’s the one thing I
remember most about her from when we were little. They would catch your
eye a mile away. Well, let’s see. She didn’t have a chest back then, so I
would guess she’s about a 36C, maybe D and they are definitely real. And
her legs...” “They stretch for miles.” Alex looks at Matt. “Damn straight
my man.” Matt begins to laugh. “Sounds like you’ve got yourself a pretty
hot chick. Why don’t you ask her out?” Alex suddenly grows serious. “I
can’t do that Matt. We are too good of friends.” Matt turns the water off
and grabs his towel. “You were too good of friends.” Alex gives him a
puzzled look. “Think about it Alex. It has been how many years?” Alex
nods his head in agreement, then leans against the wall letting the water
beat down on him. “See you tomorrow Alex. And remember, think about it.”
Alex hears the door close and stands there in silence.

Jen looks down at her watch, and stands patiently against the wall. She
looks up as the door begins to open. “Oh, excuse me.” Matt says, then
closes the door. “Excuse me. Is there a guy named Alex in there? I saw
him standing here a minute or two ago.” Matt smiles as he looks her up and
down. “Say, you wouldn’t happen to be the lovely lady Alex went to grade
school with, would you?” Jen blushes slightly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean
that as a bad thing. He just said he had run into a good friend that he
had not seen since he was a kid.” “No, it’s alright. I am just surprised
that you know already.” “Nothing to worry about. Alex and I play ball
together. You name it, we play it. My name is Matt by the way.”
“Jennifer. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” “The pleasure is mine. Alex
should be out in a little bit. He was just about done when I left.” “Thank
you Matt.” “No problem.” He turns and walks through the double doors
leading outside to the parking lot. Jen watches as he leaves, then leans
against the wall and waits for Alex.

“I just know that even though he is the football, basketball, and
baseball captain doesn’t mean that he is the best guy to go out with.
That’s all I’m trying to say.” “Kim, you can’t possibly be talking about
Alex Morgan, the football captain of our school. He looks too good to have
a bad personality.” “Tiffani, that is not what I mean. Yeah, he looks
great, and he has a great personality.” She turns and looks at Jen. “Hi
Jen.” Jen waves then watches as they continue towards the doors. “What I
mean is, he can get any girl he wants. And when he is done with them, he
leaves them for the dogs.” They walk through the doors and out of Jen’s
sight. Jen looks at the locker room door, then back outside.

Alex puts his watch on then closes the door to his locker. He grabs his
books and gym bag and heads for the locker room door. He stops to tie his
shoe, then opens the door and walks out into the hallway. As he walks
through the doors and outside, he looks up and lets the sun shine down upon
his face. He continues walking down the sidewalk toward the parking lot
and looks at the brick wall of the building to his right. ‘This past
winter was the last time I will have played ball in that gym.’ As he
approaches the road of the parking lot, he looks over to the front of the
gym. He watches as the students play quarters or have a catch as they wait
for the first late bus to arrive. He crosses the road to his car in the
parking lot and looks over at the old football field, now the practice
field. ‘Four years of football. Four years of memories. Man, it seems
like yesterday.’ He looks up above at the late-afternoon sun and feels the
warm breeze blow by. He then unlocks his door, tosses his books and gym
bag on the passenger seat, and gets in the car.

Jen pulls up at the Coffee House, turns off the ignition, and just sits
in the car. She waits until she regains her composure and walks inside
looking for her friends. “Hey Jen, what took you so long?” “Oh nothing. I
just lost track of the time.” “So, what does this guy look like?” Mary
asks, then sips her tea. “Mary you know Alex. That’s who Jen met today.”
Kim squeals with delight. “No way! You just got here last summer. How do
you know Alex Morgan?” Mary places her cup on the table, nearly spilling it
in the process. “I’d rather not talk about it.” Jen looks down at her
hands folded in her lap. “What is there not to talk about? Jen, Alex is
the hottest guy in the entire school.” “Yeah, and from what I recently
heard, he treats women like crap.” Jen replies, feeling slightly relieved
that it was finally off her chest. She then looks up at the shocked
expressions of her friends’ faces.

Alex pulls into his driveway and gathers his books and gym bag from the
seat. He closes the car door, then walks to the mailbox to get his mail.
As he turns to head back up the driveway, he notices the little girl from
next door watching him. He waves and smiles then walks up his steps and
unlocks the door. He puts his keys on the table by the door and heads for
the kitchen. He puts his books and mail down on the table and drops his
bag on the floor. He opens the refrigerator, then closes it and jogs to a
room at the side of the house. As he enters the room, he hits the light
switch and soon begins to dig through a stack of boxes on the floor. He
finds the box marked “Clarke Elementary” and opens it. He fumbles through
the papers and pictures and sighs in relief when he finds the neatly folded
red piece of colored paper.

“Hold on. I still don’t get it.” Everyone turns and looks at Cheryl.
“Who is Alex Morgan?” Sandy’s jaw drops to the floor. “Cheryl, you have
got to be kidding me. He is about 5’8”...” “I think he’s 5’9”.” Kim says.
Sandy just looks at Kim. “Anyway. He is 5’9”, has dark brown hair,
gorgeous blue eyes, built like a God, and has the cutest butt I have ever
seen.” Cheryl stares at her blankly. “And he is the captain of the
football team,” Jen adds. “Oh, that Alex.” Cheryl nods. “Jen, how do you
know him.” “I went to elementary school with him. He was a year ahead of
me, but our classes had playtime together. We used to meet by the swings
and just hang out the whole time. Then I moved.” They all sit there in
silence. “I never expected to see him again. Now, I wish I never did.”

He puts the lid back on the box and stands up, still holding the piece
of paper. He slowly makes his way out of the room, turning the light off
and closing the door behind him. He walks over to telephone and slowly
unfolds the piece of paper. ‘To my sweetest friend. Will you be my
valentine? Luv, Jen’ A tear slowly runs down the side of his face and he
places the paper on the table by the phone. He picks up the phone and
dials the number for information.

“Jen, why do you say that? Obviously there is more to the friendship
than you thought.” “Why do you say that?” All three girls settle around
Jen. “First of all, if you didn’t care about him, you wouldn’t be as upset
as you are now. Second of all, who told you he treats women like crap?”
Jen looks down at her hands again. “Some senior named Kim and her friend
Tiffani. Kim was saying how he just ‘leaves them for the dogs’ when he is
done with them.” Just then, Matt walks over to their table. “Sandy, I need
to see you right now. Please.” Sandy looks up at Matt, then back at the
girls. “I’ll be right back.” They watch as she leaves, then back at each
other. “Isn’t that Alex’s friend Matt?” Jen asks. Cheryl and Kim nod,
then Cheryl says, “and I bet you ten bucks he knows about Bobby.”

“Hey Alex, how have you been?” “Very good sir. I heard you moved back
this past summer.” “Yes, and we are happy to be home.” “I know this may
seem a bit strange sir, since it has been so long. But could you ask
Jennifer to give me a call when she gets in? I ran into her at school
today and I thought that maybe we could catch up on what’s been going on
these past five years.” “That sounds like a fine idea Alex. Maybe you
could even stop by for dinner one night.” “That sounds great sir. Do you
need my number?” “No, actually I spoke to your parents a couple months ago
to tell them we were back in town. I was surprised to hear that you were
living on your own.” “Yeah, well, what can I say? Some families still
believe in their children moving out when they turn eighteen.” “Well, I can
understand that. I’ll give Jennifer the message when she gets in.” “Thank
you sir. I really appreciate it.”

“Say, are you still going out with Jason tonight?” Jen looks up. “Oh, I
forgot all about that. Maybe I should call and cancel.” Cheryl looks at
Kim, then at Jen. “Why? You like him don’t you?” “Well, I don’t know.
Honestly, I don’t know how we got mixed up together to begin with.” She
lets out a sigh. “It will all work out Jen. Just give it some time.” ‘I
have given it some time.’ Jen thinks to herself. Kim looks out the window.
“Maybe we should pay and get ready to go. It looks like they are going to
be arguing for a while.” “You both owe me ten.” Cheryl says then smiles.
“Wait a minute.” Kim says. “How do you know they are arguing about Bobby?”
“Because Matt doesn’t get pissed over the little stuff, remember?” Cheryl
smiles again, and both Jen and Kim reach into their pockets for the money.

Alex hangs up the phone and walks back into the kitchen. He takes a
glass out of the cabinet and walks to the refrigerator. He pours himself a
glass of orange juice then sits down at the table and sorts through his
mail. ‘Three more weeks and I can work full time.’ He looks up at the
calendar. ‘Cool, off for the next two days.’ He gets up from the table to
throw his junk mail away, then grabs his books and heads for the stairs.
As he puts his foot on the first step, the Valentine caught the corner of
his eye. He reaches around the lamp on the table, grabs the Valentine and
starts up the stairs. At the top, he makes a quick left and heads towards
the second door, leading to a small office. This one is more of a study
room compared to the large office downstairs, but it is also equipped with
a small stereo, phone and computer. He places the Valentine next to the
phone, and sits down at his desk. He sighs heavily, then opens a book to
begin his homework.

“Dad, I’m home.” Mr. Harris walks around the corner from his study and
hugs his daughter. “You would never guess who called for you Jennie.”
“Jason?” Her father gives her a strange look. “No, Alex Morgan. He asked
if you would call him.” “Oh, ok daddy.” Mr. Harris hands her the phone
number and watches as she walks up the stairs. She closes the door to her
bedroom, then picks up the phone. She hesitates at first, then slowly
dials the number. After the third ring, she hears a familiar voice.
“Hello?” “Hello Alex?” “Hey Jen! How are you?” “Alright. I can’t talk for
very long Alex. I have plans to go out tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”
“No, not at all. I just wanted to see when you might want to get together
and catch up on things. A lot has gone on here while you were gone.” “I’m
sure a lot has changed too Alex. Especially some of the people around
here.” “Well, I’m sure you’re right about that. So what do you say?” “I’ll
have to check my schedule Alex, and see if I am free anytime soon. I have
to go. I’ll call you later.” She hangs up the phone not waiting for a

Alex hangs up the phone and stares at it for awhile. ‘Wonder what that
was all about.’ He scratches his head for a moment, then picks up the phone
and dials Matt’s number. “Yo, what’s up?” “Hey Matt. This is Alex. Do
you have a minute?” “Yeah Alex, what’s up?” “Does Sandy know Jen?” “Yeah,
as a matter of fact, they were at the Coffee House this afternoon with Kim
and Cheryl. Why, what’s going on?” “I just spoke to Jen on the phone.
Granted, it has been awhile since we actually held a conversation, but she
seemed really distant. Didn’t even give me a chance to say goodbye before
she hung up.” “Hold on for a second Alex, I’ll ask Sandy.”

Jen hears the doorbell ring, checks her outfit in the mirror and heads
down the stairs. She opens the door and sees Jason standing there. “Hey
Jay.” “Hello Jen. Are you ready to go?” “Yeah, let me get my purse real
quick and then we can go.” Jen grabs her purse, says goodbye to her parents and walks out the door. “Where are we going tonight?” “It’s a surprise.”
“Alright, but can you give me a hint?” “Nope, you’ll just have to wait and
see.” He smiles at her as he opens the door of the car for her. She gets
in and watches as he walks around to the driver’s side.

“All she is telling me is not to worry about it. She says you should be
more worried about her seeing Jason tonight then what she overheard.”
“Jason? Jason who?” There is a short pause. “You know, the one from the
rough side of town. He thinks he can do what he wants and no one can tell
him otherwise.” Alex suddenly remembers when Jason pushed some girl on the
floor and proceeded to scream in her face. When he saw Alex standing
there, he just walked down the hallway like nothing happened. “Why?” That
was all Alex could say. “Sandy doesn’t even know that one. Says it all
happened so fast.” “How long?” “Only a week or so.” “Matt, I have to go.”
“Alex, what’s going on?” “I just thought of something.”

Jason drives along the road by the river. Not that unusual, except for
the fact that he passes the normal hangout and continues to drive to a
darker more wooded area. As he drives further, Jen begins to feel nervous.
“Where are we going?” “It’s just a little further Jen. Relax.” He pats her
on the arm, trying to reassure her. He pulls off the road near the train
bridge at the end of town. “Jason, I really don’t feel comfortable here.”
He reaches across the seat and kisses her. “It’ll be alright. No one will
bother us here.” He kisses her again and she pushes him away. “Jason I
want to go home.” He grabs her arm. “You are not leaving until I say you
can leave.” He pulls her over to him and proceeds to kiss her face and
neck. She manages to hit him in the groin and pushes the car door open.
She slams the door and takes off running down the street, in the direction
they came from; knowing it was a one way road.

Alex turns down the street leading back to the river. He drives under
the bridge and onto the road along the river. As he comes up to the local
hangout, he slows down and starts looking for Jason’s car. He is not quite
sure which one it is, but is sure he will know it when he sees it. As he
continues down the road, he figures he should drive to the end of town,
then go back and look again. As he passes the last few houses before the
woods, he sees someone running in the middle of the road. He slows down
and the young woman jogs up to the driver’s side window. “Alex, what are
you doing here?” “Please get in the car and I will explain.”

He turns around, knowing it is illegal, but not wanting to start a
confrontation up the road. “I had this funny feeling about ten minutes
ago, that I should go for a ride.” “Alex, you don’t have to lie. You knew
about Jason didn’t you.” “I found out ten minutes ago.” He tries to look
over at her, but finds himself entering a busy part of town. “It’s not
that I...” He stops and tries starting again. “I know how Jason is Jen. I
know his reputation. Even Sandy said something about it tonight.” “So now
you are prying into my business.” Jen folds her arms and drops them into
her lap. “No, that isn’t it.” Alex turns onto the highway, not noticing a
small piece of paper falling off the dashboard and into Jen’s lap. “You
can drop me off at the corner of my street. I can walk the rest of the
way.” Alex nods, not knowing what else to say. Jen reaches for the paper
that fell and opens it. She can’t read the writing, but notices something
familiar about it. Alex pulls the car over to the side of the road, and
Jen sticks the paper into her pocket. “Thanks for the ride.” Alex nods and
watches as Jen gets out of the car, and begins walking down the street.

He drives through the intersection heading home. After he enters the
house, he places his keys on the table, and picks up the phone. “Yeah,
this is Matt.” “Hey Matt, I need a favor from you tomorrow.” “Sure Alex,
what is it?” “Keep Jason away from me.” “Sure, no problem. What happened?”
“Matt, what usually happens when Jason goes out with some girl for at least
a week?” “I’m gonna...” “Matt. He is mine.” “Ok. I understand.” “I’ll see
you tomorrow Matt.” “Get some rest Alex. We have a lot to do tomorrow.”
“Yep. Goodnight.” “Goodnight Alex.” Alex hangs up the phone and heads
upstairs to take a shower.

Jen walks upstairs to her room and sits on her bed. She debates on
calling Sandy to see what is going on, but then remembers the piece of
paper from Alex’s car. She reaches into her pocket and unfolds the paper.
‘I can’t believe he still had this.’ She reaches for the phone and dials
Sandy’s number. “Hey girl, how are you?” “I’m alright. Do you have a
minute? I need you to clarify a few things.” “Sure thing. Fire away.”
“Alright. First of all, what were you going to say about what I overheard
today? What did you tell Alex about Jason? And he still has my valentine
from grade school.” “Hold up girlfriend, one thing at a time.”

Alex steps out of the shower and wraps the towel around his waist. He
walks into the hallway and enters the small office down the hall. He turns
the light on and walks to the desk, expecting to see the valentine still
near the phone. ‘Must have brought it in the car with me. I’ll just get
it tomorrow.’ He turns off the light and walks across the hall to the
bedroom. He turns on the light next to the bed, then reaches for the
remote control. He flips the tv on, then walks around the bed to his
dresser. He grabs a clean pair of boxers and a T-shirt out of the top
drawer and puts them on. He walks into a bathroom adjoining his room and
hangs the towel up to dry. He then walks over to the bed and lies down on
top of the covers. He checks the time on his alarm clock on the table to
his left and changes the channel to Law & Order. He checks the alarm on
his clock, then sets the timer on the tv in case he dozes off.

“First of all Jen, Kim went out with Alex back in eighth grade. She
played him like a deck of cards, and only because of his popularity, the
break up was bigger than it should have been. Do you know what I mean?”
“Yeah, but why would she say something like that?” “I guess she still feels
that she did no wrong and that he was wrong for breaking up with her.
Therefore, she still gives him a bad rap.” “She needs to grow up.” Sandy
begins to laugh. “That is so true.” Jen laughs a little then says, “Ok,
then what did you tell Alex about Jason?” “Nothing other than he should be
more worried about you going out with him, then why you hung up without
saying goodbye.” “What’s that all about?” “He called Matt tonight asking
what was going on. He said you seemed really distant. That’s when I
mentioned you were going out with Jason. Then he said he had to go, and
just hung up.” “Hmmm, that must have been when he went looking for us.”
“What do you mean Jen?” “Well, Jason kind of attacked me. I hit him in the
groin and took off running. Alex was driving the first car I saw.” Sandy
smiles, even though she knows Jen can’t see her. “Is that when you found
the valentine? When he was driving you home?” Jen grows real quiet.
“Sandy?” “Do you see the connection here Jen?”

The next day at school seemed to go real quick for Alex. Matt had done
his job fairly well, and met Alex in the weight room last period, as usual.
“So how did you sleep last night Alex?” “Sleep, hardly a wink. I couldn’t
stop thinking about Jen.” “I don’t think you have too much to worry about
any more Alex. Seems that she heard a few things and Sandy cleared them up
just like she said.” “Yeah, but I was kind of hard on her about Jason.” “No
one can be hard on someone about Jason. They can only talk some sense into
them.” “Very true my friend.” Alex lies down on the weight bench and waits
as Matt slides the weights on.

Jen spent most of the day avoiding Jason. She was even late for a few
classes, which isn’t usual for her. At the end of her last period class,
she begins to feel relief. “So ladies, are we meeting again at the Coffee
House?” Kim asks Jen and Sandy in the hallway. Sandy looks at Jen. “I
don’t think everyone can make it today.” Sandy nudges Jen in the arm as
they pass the weight room door. “I may have something to do this
afternoon.” Jen finally says. “That’s right. She has something to do with
me this afternoon. Right Jen?” All three of the girls look down the
hallway towards the boys’ locker room. Jason walks up and grabs Jen’s arm.
He pulls her down the hall into the breezeway and pushes her against the
lockers. Sandy runs up and tries to free Jen from his grip. Jason swings
his arm around and knocks Sandy to the floor. Kim helps Sandy to her feet
and they both run to the weight room.

“Matt, you have to come out here!” “Sandy, what’s going on?” He spots
Alex as he lowers the weights, then starts walking towards Sandy. Alex
sits up, grabs his towel and walks over to join them. “Jason has Jen. I
think he was waiting by the exit near your locker room.” Alex dries his
face then throws the towel in the hamper. “He grabbed her and pushed her
into the lockers. I tried to stop him but he swung his arm and knocked me
on the floor.” By now both Matt and Alex are heading out the door, and the
rest of the guys in the room are questioning Sandy and Kim.

No sooner has Alex cleared the door, he pushes past Matt and takes off
down the hallway. Jason only has time to turn his head when Alex grabs the
front of him and throws him against the lockers. “You touch one more hair
on her head and consider yourself a dead man.” Jason looks at him, not
knowing what to do at first. “And what would you do about it pretty boy.”
Alex slams him against the lockers then tosses him onto the floor. “I
shouldn’t even waste my time on a loser like you Jason. But this time, you
messed with the wrong person.” Alex turns around to see if Jen is alright,
then feels something hit him in the back. Alex turns around and puts a
fist into Jason’s jaw, laying him flat on his back. He reaches over and
grabs his shirt, then brings his arm back to swing again. Matt grabs his
arm and pulls him back. “Alex, don’t waste your time on this piece of
trash.” With that, the rest of the guys from the weight room run over and
pick Jason up off the floor. Alex begins to calm down as the guys drag
Jason outside and around the corner. Matt lets Alex go then goes to the
door of the breezeway. “Try not to break anything guys.”

Matt pats Alex on the back, then walks over and hugs Sandy. Alex takes
a deep breath and walks over to Jen. She looks at him, then gives him a
hug. “I’m so sorry Alex. I didn’t know you cared so much.” Alex shakes
his head, then backs away to look at her. “Jason had that coming for a few
years now.” Jen shakes her head, then pulls a red piece of paper out of her
pocket. “I mean this.” Alex looks down at the paper. “It fell in my lap
last night when you were driving me home. I don’t know why I brought it
with me.” Alex looks her in the eyes, then leans over and kisses her. Jen
raises her eyebrows, not expecting him to kiss her, then kisses him back.
Alex backs away. “I’m sorry. I’ve wanted to do that since fourth grade.”
Jen put a hand against the side of his face. “I’ve wanted you to do that
since...Can you do it again, just as good?” Alex smiles, “I can certainly
try.” He leans over and kisses her passionately. Matt, Sandy and Kim look
on and begin to smile. “I bet you ten bucks they are going out.” Kim says.
“I agree,” says Matt. “I’m going to bet you two twenty bucks that not only
are they going out, but they will still be going out when we graduate next
year.” Matt looks at Sandy, “What’s that suppose to mean? I graduate this
year with Alex.” Both Kim and Sandy look at him and each of them punch him
in an arm.

Chapter Two

“I’d like to take you out to dinner tonight.” “For what Alex?” Sandy and
the rest of the girls just smile. “Well Jen. It is your birthday, and as
your boyfriend, it would only be the right thing to do. Not to mention
that I would like to as well.” She kisses him on the cheek. “But honey,
you have already bought me roses and a cute little teddy bear.” “But I was
just warming up.” Jen smiles and her friends begin to giggle. “I take it
this is a no win situation.” “Well, I would cook you dinner, that way we
could be alone...” “Personally Alex. I like that idea better.” Everyone in
their group stops dead in their tracks, including Alex, but Jen keeps
walking. When she notices no one is around, she turns around. “What? Did
I say something wrong?” Alex smiles then walks up and puts his arm around
her. He leans over and whispers in her ear. “I like that idea better
myself.” She looks at him and smiles, then he leans over and kisses her.
When they get to the parking lot, the group splits up and goes to their
cars. “Hey Alex,” Matt says before getting into the car. “Are we going to
the weight room tomorrow?” “I don’t think so Matt. I have one final at
eight in the morning, then I’m done for the week.” “Ok. I don’t get done
until noon. I’ll give you a call though.” Sandy reaches over and hits his
leg. “That’s unless something else comes up.” He looks into the car and
says something to Sandy. “Alright Matt. I’ll talk to you later.” Matt
waves and hops into the car. Alex hits the button to unlock the door, then
hops in himself. He reaches over to open the door but Jen is already
getting in the car. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you out there.” Alex looks
at her and smiles. “No. I was hoping to get that answer, just not in
front of everyone.” Jen leans over and kisses him, then he starts the car
and backs up to leave.

“So I’ll pick you up around five?” “Yes, that sounds like a good idea.”
He leans over and kisses her passionately. She wraps an arm around his
neck and they touch tongues then break apart. She touches the side of his
face. “I love you.” “I love you too Jen.” She gets out of the car and
walks to the door. She waves when she reaches the porch and Alex begins to
back out of her driveway. He drives home and tries to think of something
romantic to cook for dinner. He turns around in someone’s driveway, and
heads for the store.

“You are going out with him again?” “Yes Jeff. He is my boyfriend you
know.” “I don’t see what you girls see in someone like him. I mean, it
will all be flab when they get older anyway. Muscles are the first things
to go.” “Jeff, that’s not why I love him. Maybe when you get older, you
will understand.” “Gee thanks sis. Love you too.” Jeff leaves Jen’s room
and heads for the kitchen. Jen sprays on some perfume, finishes her hair
and heads downstairs. “Come on Becky, I’m graduating in three days. Just
this once before I go.” Jen shakes her head. “You will never learn will
you Jeff.” Jeff waves at her then turns around and continues his
conversation. “Mom, would you mind if I spent the night at Alex’s tonight?
He has a three extra bedrooms, and he is having a few people over for my
birthday. I’m not sure how late we will be partying.” “He is having people
over? That’s fine then. Have a good time.” “I will mom and thanks.” Jen
walks over to the computer and checks her email while waiting for Alex to
come pick her up.

As Alex pulls into Jen’s driveway, her dogs start barking like crazy.
She waves to him through the window, then grabs her bag and heads out the
door. “Hey honey.” She says as she gets in the car. “Happy Birthday.” He
kisses her briefly and begins backing down the driveway. “What’s in the
bag?” He asks as he puts the car in drive. Jen smiles, “Oh, just something
to wear when I leave tomorrow.” Alex looks over at her and smiles. “I take
it you are staying the night.” “Only if it’s okay with you.” Alex slides
his hand between her legs. “I’m sure it will be okay.”

After he pulls into his driveway, Alex insists that Jen wait for him to
open her door. As he opens it, Jen slowly gets out, then wraps her arms
around his neck and kisses him passionately. “What was that for?” He says
with a smile. “Oh nothing.” She turns and starts walking up to the house.
Still slightly dazed, Alex closes the car door, then rushes to get the
house door for her. As Jen walks through the door, she places her purse on
the table and takes the keys from Alex. She sets them on the table, then
wraps her arms around his neck as he closes the door. She tenderly kisses
his lips, then his cheek, then begins to kiss his neck. He wraps his arms
around her and buries his face into the hair against her neck. He turns
his head and whispers in her ear. “I guess we will be skipping dinner
then.” She kisses him passionately. “Unless you are really hungry.” He
shakes his head and slowly moves his hands under her shirt and up her back.
He looks her in the eyes. “Are you sure you want to do this?” She looks
back at him. “I think the question is, are you sure you don’t?”

Alex looks back at her and kisses her briefly, then heads up the stairs,
holding her hand behind him. He leads her to the top of the stairs and
into the main bedroom to the right. He gets halfway to the bed when she
stops him and pulls him to her. They begin to kiss passionately, as their
hands run up and down each other’s bodies. Alex soon finds the bottom of
her shirt and slowly pulls it up and over her head. As he tosses it to the
floor, he stares down at her chest longing to reveal what lies beneath her
bra. His hands find them and begin to caress them. As he begins to kiss
them, Jen holds his head to her and runs her hands through his hair. He
reaches around and finds the clasp on her bra, and successfully unhooks it
on the second try. He backs away as the bra falls to the floor, revealing
every inch of her voluptuous breasts.

Jen begins tugging at the bottom of his shirt, and removes it before he
starts caressing and sucking on her breasts. She lets out a soft moan and
runs her hands down his back as he gently pulls at her nipples. He looks
up and kisses her then slowly leads her over to the bed. He lays her down
upon it and removes his shoes and socks as she gets situated. He reaches
for her feet and slowly removes her shoes and socks, then kisses his way up
her legs across her stomach and up to her awaiting lips. As he kisses her
he presses his body against her, both of them longing for more. She moves
her arms down his muscular back and into the back of his shorts. As he
moves down her body, kissing her breasts and stomach, she reaches for the
button and zipper of his shorts. He sits up on his knees and watches as
she unbuttons them, then unzips them. He begins undoing her shorts as she
tries to slide his down off his waist. He removes hers, then finishes
removing his own. As he leans over to kiss her, he tries to slide her
thong off with one hand.

Failing to remove the thong with one hand, he pulls the covers down the
bed as he moves down to her waist. He slowly slides the thong off her hips
and gently down her legs. As she lowers her legs back to the bed, she
pushes the covers further down the bed. Alex then begins to rub her legs,
up and down, teasing her as his hands reach her waist. He then begins to
kiss her legs, and slowly makes his way up. She looks down at him as he
kisses her stomach, then moves down to her warmth. She begins to moan
almost instantly as he plays with her with his tongue. Further and further
he reaches into her, longing to taste every juice that begins to seep out.
Jen bends her legs and reaches down, pressing his face closer.

He continues until she reaches her first orgasm, then helps her remove
his boxers. He pauses long enough to grab a condom out of the night stand
drawer and put it on, then lowers himself against her. He looks deep into
her eyes, “Are you sure?” She answers him with a passionate kiss, only to
break it as he slowly enters her. He waits to make sure she is okay, then
begins to quicken the pace. She begins to moan, making him join her with
each move. He begins caressing her breasts, one at a time, then kisses
her. He rolls them over, and watches in delight as her breasts rise and
fall. As she leans back, she reaches for the covers, and brings them up
over her shoulders as she bends down to kiss him.

About two hours later, Jen is sitting up watching tv as Alex sleeps
peacefully with one arm around her. She looks down at him and gently
brushes his hair away from his forehead. She watches him as he slowly
comes to. “Hey,” he manages to whisper with sleepy eyes. “Hey honey.” He
smiles then props himself up on one arm and kisses her. “How are you
feeling?” She smiles “Very good thank you.” Alex sits himself up and pulls
the covers up to his waist. “How long was I out?” He asks, a little
embarrassed. “Only about fifteen minutes. Why?” “Oh. I would have felt
bad if I slept through your birthday.” She lets out a soft laugh. “Alex,
you wouldn’t have been able to sleep for too long. I’m sure of that.” “And
what makes you say that?” He asks with a grin. “Let’s just say I would
have made you an offer you couldn’t refuse.” He scratches his head, then
looks over at the alarm clock. “Are you hungry?” “I thought you’d never

Alex then gets up and walks over to the bureau. He reaches into the top
drawer and pulls out two pairs of boxers. He then reaches into the second
drawer and pulls out two T-shirts. As he turns around, Jen clicks the tv off with the remote and catches one pair of boxers and a shirt. “What are
these for?” Alex smiles as he pulls on his boxers. “I thought it would be
easier than gathering your clothes right about now.” He pulls on his shirt and walks around the bed as Jen begins to dress. He waits until she pulls
the covers up to the pillows then takes her hand and pulls her close.
“Happy birthday dear.” “Thanks,” she says then they kiss briefly.

Once in the kitchen, Alex reaches into the refrigerator and pulls out a
veggie tray. “I thought this might hold you over while I reheat dinner.”
He says as he hands Jen the tray. “You make it sound like you planned on
skipping dinner.” “I had to be prepared for anything. Actually, dinner
still would have had to be heated up even if we ate when we got in.” As she
places the tray onto the kitchen table, she grabs a carrot stick and smiles
as she slowly slides it into her mouth. Alex catches the movement out of
the corner of his eye, and almost drops the tray he is placing into the
oven. She lets out a soft giggle as he awkwardly shoves the tray in and
sets the timer. “You find something funny?” He asks, trying to be serious,
as he walks towards her. “Uh huh.” She says, then places a carrot stick
into his mouth. As he chews the carrot stick, he reaches for a slice of
green pepper and as he places it into her mouth asks, “and what may that
be?” She chews the pepper then says “Oh nothing really.” She leans over and
kisses him, then pops another carrot stick into her mouth. “Nothing?” He
asks after finishing a slice of cucumber. She nods and reaches for another
carrot stick. Halfway to her mouth, Alex reaches for her arm, and directs
the carrot stick into his mouth. Jen frowns, then dips the next one into
the creamy dip sitting in the middle of the tray. As she goes to take a
bite, she gently taps the end of Alex’s nose with the dip. Not to be
outdone, Alex dips his finger into the dip and reaches for Jen’s nose. She
takes his arm into her hand, and directs his finger into her open mouth.
She watches his jaw move up and down as she slowly sucks the dip from his
finger. He licks his lips as she slowly pulls his finger from her mouth a
second time.

“I hope you are enjoying that.” He says between gulps. She nods, then
lets his arm go only to wrap hers around his waist. She slowly pulls him
towards her then reaches for another carrot stick. She moves it in his
direction, but as he opens his mouth to bite it, she pulls it away. She
moves it towards him again, only to pull it away and put half of it into
her mouth. He leans over and bites half of the carrot off then kisses her
before backing away and chewing his half. She moves a hand up his back and
up the back of his neck. As she ruffles his hair, they look deep into each
other’s eyes. “Jen, where do you think we would be now if you didn’t have
to move away?” “Hopefully right where we are now.” “But it would be
different.” “Yeah, I think so.” They kiss each other, then look into each
other’s eyes. “Alex, I have something to tell you.” He looks at her
slightly concerned. “It has just been so long.” “I know what you mean Jen.
I understand.” She places a hand against the side of his face. “I’m so
sorry.” “No, I’m sorry. I should have...” “Sorry for what Alex?” “What are
you sorry for?” “Alex, I’m not a virgin. Had I known we would meet again,
I would have waited...” Alex sighs in relief. “What Alex?” “I thought I
hurt you earlier. From the way you broke our kiss as I entered you. I
thought you were too embarrassed to tell me.” They look at each other and
begin to laugh.

“I never expected to see you again Alex. It just sort of happened. I
had been dating this kid name Jake for over a year. After our graduation
party, from eighth grade, we went back to his house. I don’t think I
realized what really happened until I woke up in the morning. I guess I
was still in shock, but it was the only time.” “I know what you mean. It
was almost the same for me. My parents had gone out of town after our
graduation party had started. They were setting up our beach house for the
summer. The baby sitter for my younger brother was still awake when I got
home. She said she wanted to tuck me in. I was up the rest of the night
replaying what had just happened. I think her name was Sarah. But I
agree, had I known we were to meet again...” She places a finger against
his lips, “We are here now.” She whispers then leans over and kisses him.
They both jump as the timer goes off on the oven. Alex looks at Jen, then
at the oven, then turns to shut it off.

After putting the veggie tray back into the refrigerator and setting the
table, Alex and Jen sit down to eat. Both of them are no longer hungry,
for food anyway, and notice each other playing with what is left on their
plates. “Are you finished?” Alex asks. Jen nods then helps him bring the
plates over to the sink. As he begins to wash the dishes, Jen slides her
arms around him and gives him a hug. “Thank you.” “You’re very welcome.”
She continues to hold him, feeling his muscles flex with each motion. She
begins to kiss his shoulder, then his neck. As she runs a hand through the
hair on the back of his head, he puts the last dish into the drainer and
turns around to face her. He pulls her close and she smiles at the feel of
him against her. He wraps his arms around her and holds her tight as they
begin to kiss. He slips his tongue deep into her mouth, feeling the warmth
of her breath and the tender touch of her tongue against his. They break
apart long enough to breathe, then kiss again holding each other closer
than before. He slowly walks them towards the table and leans her against
it. Finding that it isn’t the right height, they turn towards the counter
and Jen leans up against it. Alex runs his hands down her legs and up
underneath her boxers. He reaches around each cheek of her soft, yet firm,
behind, and pulls her against him. She lets out a soft moan as she feels
him against her, then lets him pick her up and sit her on the counter
behind her.

He spreads her legs around him, and pulls her against him. She runs her
hands up and down his back as they continue to kiss passionately. As he
slides his hand up her boxers and around her behind, the doorbell rings.
Jen turns and looks towards the door, as Alex kisses the side of her neck.
“Alex, are you expecting anyone?” He kisses her neck again, then looks up
at her face. “Huh?” “Are you expecting company?” “What time is it?” They
both look at their watches. “Oh shit!” He says. “I forgot I invited the
gang over at 8:30. Quick, go on upstairs and get changed.” “Alex put that
away before you answer the door.” She smiles as she looks down at the bulge
in his boxers. “Funny.” He says as he looks down. “Can you at least throw
my shorts down when you get upstairs?” “Yeah, just give me a second.”

As he catches his shorts, change falls out of the pocket and onto the
floor. He slaps his head and quickly pulls on his shorts. He picks up the
few noticeable coins and answers the door. “Hey guys, come on in. Sorry
for the wait.” “I was starting to wonder if we came at a bad time.” Matt
says, then hits Alex on the shoulder. Alex smiles weakly, closes the door
then picks up the rest of the change. Jen slips around the corner from the
stairs and wraps an arm around Alex. “Hey everyone. I’m glad you could
make it.” “Hey Jen. Happy birthday.” Cheryl hands her a balloon and a
card. “Everyone signed the card and we all pitched in for your gifts.”
Sandy says, as she hands her a box wrapped in birthday paper. “Kim
couldn’t make it tonight. She got stuck baby sitting her brother and
sister, but she said to save her some of this.” Matt says as he hands her a
case of Smirnoff Ice and a six pack of Jack Daniels wine coolers. “Hold
on, there is one more.” Alex says as he reaches under the table by the
couch and pulls out a bottle of Goldslager. “You guys are too much.” Jen
laughs as she takes the bottle from Alex and gives him a kiss. “You still
have one more to open,” Cheryl says. Jen slowly unwraps the box, then
looks up in disbelief. “We thought you might be needing them,” Sandy says.
“Especially after all that booze,” says Matt. Jen throws the box of
condoms at Matt and begins to laugh. Matt tosses them to Alex who places
them around the corner and onto the steps. “So where’s this pool table you
were telling us about Alex? It’s about time someone kicked your ass.” “In
your dreams pal,” Alex says as he leads them across the room and to the
pool room door.

He opens the door and turns on the light. “Gee Alex. I thought you
just had a pool table.” Alex smiles as everyone stares at the full wet bar,
pool table, dart board, 32-inch television and various couches and chairs
filling the room. “Damn, and you still have room to screw on the floor.”
Alex punches Matt in the arm. “That’s not what it’s for Matt. You do need
room to play pool you know.” Matt nods and helps Alex fill the bar with the
Smirnoff, Jack Daniels and bottle of Goldslager. “Anyone care for a drink?
The bar is open.” Alex states as Matt turns the tv on to the Phillies game.
“I would, but I’m the designated driver.” States Cheryl. “You wouldn’t
happen to have any Coke or Pepsi would you?” Alex tosses her a can and
places a glass of ice on the counter. “Anyone else?” As he begins to hand
out the drinks, Jen walks up to him behind the counter and kisses him
lightly on the cheek. She reaches down in front of him and slowly pulls up
a bottle of Smirnoff. Alex gulps and hands her a glass of ice. Matt,
bunny hops his break, as he catches the end of the incident behind the bar.
“Yo Matt, be careful man. I just had that redone.” Matt turns red and Alex
winks letting him know it’s alright.

By two in the morning, they are almost out of booze. “Hey Matt, are you
out of money yet?” “Never, my man.” He says as he looks into his empty
wallet. Alex is sitting on a barstool with Jen next to him. She has her
arms wrapped around him and is kissing his neck. Sandy walks up to Matt,
“I thought you said you could beat him.” “I thought I could, then I
remembered the deal I made with you.” Sandy hits his shoulder and sits down
with Cheryl on the couch. “What deal was that Matt?” Alex asks then kisses
Jen. “I told her if I beat you, I would kiss her goodnight, and go back to
my place. If you beat me, she would have to stay at my place.” He winks at
Alex, then looks over at Sandy. “Don’t worry honey. I’ll be out when my
head hits the pillow.” Jen gets up and pours herself one last drink. “Last
call.” Alex says then opens the last Smirnoff. “I’m good,” Sandy says.
“How much of the Gold is left?” Matt walks over to the bar. “Just enough
for a shot Matt.” Alex pours the last of the bottle into a glass and hands
it to Matt. “To Jen. Have a mighty happy birthday.” Matt says then misses
Alex’s bottle and spills half the shot on the counter. “Oops, sorry Alex.”
“No big deal Matt. Good thing Cheryl is driving.” Jen walks around the bar
and wraps an arm around Alex’s waist. She downs what is left in her glass
then places the glass on the counter. “Alex, I’ll be back.” Jen says, then
walks towards the bathroom door at the opposite end of the room. “Matt,
are you about ready? Cheryl is going to fall asleep soon, and you’re out
of money.” “Yeah, just wait until Jen comes back from the bathroom.” Alex
walks around the bar and begins to clean up.

No sooner did Alex finish cleaning up, Jen walks out of the bathroom.
Sandy and Cheryl stand up and head for the door of the pool room. “Hey
guys, thanks for coming.” “No problem girlfriend. It was a pleasure.” They
all take turns giving Jen a hug, then they all head for the front door.
“Next time Alex. Next time I’ll kick your ass.” Alex nods then says to
Sandy. “Make sure you get him straight to bed will you please. I’m sure
he will have one heck of a headache tomorrow morning.” “You bet Alex. Have
a good night.” She helps Matt get into the car. “Hey Jen.” “What’s up
Sandy?” “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Jen smiles then puts an arm
around Alex. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” Sandy laughs. “Good night you
two.” They wave as she gets into the car and watch as Cheryl drives away.
When her taillights disappear around the corner, Alex turns to Jen and
says, “Are you alright?” “Never better.” She smiles and he kisses her after
closing the door. After he locks the door he pulls her through the living
room, and dining area, then to a sliding glass door at the back of the
house. He flicks on the outdoor lights and looks over at Jen. “You feel
up to a swim?” She looks at the full size pool and Jacuzzi attached to the
patio leading to the sliding glass doors. “Maybe a dip in the Jacuzzi.
But I don’t have a swimsuit.” Alex smiles. “Then that makes two of us.” He
reaches into a closet next to the door and pulls out two towels. “Ready?”

He opens the door and leads her out onto the patio. Once on the patio,
Jen realizes that she can’t see any of the houses on either side of Alex’s
property. “Feel better now?” She looks at Alex who is already in the
Jacuzzi. She nods, then slips out of her clothes and steps into the hot
water. “You seem to be doing fairly well for yourself Alex.” “Well, it’s
still a work in progress.” She gives him a surprised look. “What else
could you possibly need?” Alex reaches for her and pulls her close. “A
woman’s touch.” He touches the side of her face and kisses her. As she
kisses him back, she slowly lifts herself into his lap.

As they kiss passionately, he rubs her back then pulls the tie out of
her hair. As he tosses it aside, she leans back wetting her hair and
lifting her breasts up and out of the water. As they hit the cooler air,
her nipples become firm and Alex leans over to kiss them. He watches as
the steam rises from them, then begins to suck on them one by one. Jen
sits up and holds his head close to her. As he looks up into her eyes, she
raises his chin, and watches his face as she quickens the pace. He tries
to pull her legs around him, but runs out of room from the side of the
Jacuzzi. He raises himself enough to turn them around, and leans her
against the side. With steam rising from his back he begins to thrust
deeper into her. With her legs wrapped around his waist, and toes dipping
in and out of the water, she wraps her arms around him and moves them up
and down his back.

Hearing the water falling over the side with each thrust, Alex backs up
and pulls them into the center of the Jacuzzi. Both shoulder deep in the
water, they begin kissing each other passionately. His hands find her firm
breasts and begin to caress them as she continues to run her hands through
his hair and down his back. Feeling themselves reaching orgasm, both begin
to moan as they strive to hit it on each thrust. She gets in one last kiss
before they both climax. As he thrusts again, she reaches a second orgasm
and slowly digs her nails into his back, leaving long red scratches. As
they begin to relax, they watch the steam rise from each other’s bodies.
They continue to hold each other and kiss until there is nothing left of

He kisses her one last time, then stands up to get out of the Jacuzzi.
He reaches for a towel and wraps it around him. As she stands up, he
reaches for the other towel and holds it open for her. She steps up onto
the patio and he wraps her tightly into the towel. He kisses the side of
her neck then bends over to pick up their clothes. Once inside, they turn
out the lights downstairs and head up the steps. Alex leans over and picks
up the box of condoms that they left on the stairs. When he reaches the
bedroom, Jen is in the bathroom. “Alex, I forgot my toothbrush. You
wouldn’t happen to have an extra one would you?” He walks into the bathroom
and looks in the medicine cabinet. “Yep, last one.” She smiles as she
takes it from him and opens the package to the toothbrush. Alex goes to
the bathroom as she begins brushing her teeth. When he finishes, he washes
his hands in the sink, then stands behind her. Watching her reaction in
the mirror, he wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck. He begins
caresses her breasts through the towel as she finishes brushing her teeth.
She bends over to spit the water out not realizing that she hits him in the
process. She begins to laugh, “I’m so sorry.” He lets her go and reaches
for himself. “Honey, I’m sorry.” She tries not to laugh and holds him
until he can stand again. “Are you okay?” He nods, not saying a word.
“Honey, breathe. Your face is turning red.” She begins to laugh again.
Still in a bit of pain, he reaches for his toothbrush and lets her put the
toothpaste on the brush. Through short breaths of air, he manages to brush
his teeth, then hobbles over to the bed. He sits down on the side of the
bed, and proceeds to massage the pain away. Jen gets him something to wear
to bed and places it next to him. She kneels down and looks into his eyes.
“Are you okay now? I’m really sorry.” He nods, then kisses her. They both
get changed and climb into bed. Alex sets the alarm and turns out the
light. He lies down and moves up against Jen. She nestles against him,
and reaches for his arm to place around her. He gently cups her breasts and wonders, as does she, how long before they will want each other again.

They made love once more before waking to the alarm at six in the
morning. Jen rolls over and kisses Alex, then places her head on his
chest. She looks up at him and asks, “Who showers first?” Alex looks at her
sleepily; “there is another shower in the bathroom to the right of the
bedroom door, if you don’t want to wait.” “Ok, I’ll use this one.” She gets
up and out of bed. As she stretches, Alex sits up in the bed and smiles.
“I have a better idea,” he says. She turns and looks at him. “We will
never make it to school in time.”

As Alex turns the car off, Jen kisses his cheek and shoves a slice of
toast into his mouth. “You have to eat something before you take your
exam.” He touches the side of her face and they both exit the car. “Good
luck Alex. See you after exams.” He nods to her then takes off for his
exam room. No sooner does he dash through the doors, Sandy pulls up with
Matt. “Hey girl, how was your night?” “It was great Sandy. Did you two
make it home alright?” Sandy turns and looks at Matt who is struggling to
get out of the passenger seat. “We had to wake him up when we got to his
house. I think he is still feeling it now.” She smiles, trying not to
laugh, then helps him out of the car. “You better sober up boy; you have
an exam in less than five minutes.” Matt smiles weakly, then heads towards
the building.

Sandy is sitting across from Jen in a booth at the Coffee House. “So?”
Jen looks up from her coffee. “So what?” “How many times last night Jen?”
Jen blushes. “So I am right?” Sandy says behind a huge grin. “Well at
least tell me how it was. He is the hottest guy in school you know.”
“Well, I will say this. I wouldn’t mind doing it again any time soon.” “No
way!” “Did you know he has a Jacuzzi in the backyard, and a full size
pool?” Sandy shakes her head back and forth. “Well, he does.” Sandy’s jaw
drops. “No you didn’t!” Jen nods. “Only once. In the Jacuzzi. It just
sort of happened.” “Now that I don’t believe. Nothing in a Jacuzzi just

Jen sips her coffee, “So what are you getting Matt for graduation?” “I’m
not sure yet.” Sandy says, “What are you getting for Alex?” “Well, I’m
splitting the cost with his parents, but I’m getting us tickets for a
cruise on the Caribbean.” “Wow, I never thought of that. But then again,
Matt doesn’t like to leave land. Not even by plane. We might just go down
to Seaside for a week.” “And let him lose all his money again?” “Well, his
parents did offer to pay...” “Sandy, you are bad.”

Around eleven o’clock, Jen comes walking out of her exam room. She
walks down the hallway and heads down the stairs to the first floor. As
she heads down the hallway towards the weight room, a flyer on the wall
catches her eye. She stops to read it and is greeted by arms around her
waist and a soft kiss on her neck. She smiles as she turns around and
faces Alex. “Hey honey, how did your exam go?” He shrugs his shoulders
then gently kisses her. “Alright I guess. I’ll find out when the report
cards get mailed out. I’m not worried though. How was your exam?” “Over.
Finally over.” “I know the feeling.” He says as they walk down the hallway.
“Hey Alex, is there anything you want to do before we leave? This is the
last time you will walk through this building as a student.” Alex stops and
scratches his head. “Nope.” She looks at him, knowing he is hiding
something. “Okay, so there is one thing. But I still have one more year
to do that.” She opens her mouth to say something, but shuts it and
continues down the hallway. Alex has that up-to-no-good look on his face.

As he slows to a stop in Jen’s driveway, Jen reaches for her bag in the
back seat. “Thanks for the party last night.” Alex smiles and touches the
side of her face. “It was a pleasure my dear.” He licks his lips then
leans over to kiss her. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, that is if I don’t
talk to you tonight.” Jen nods then gets out of the car. She looks through
the open window at him. “When will you get home tonight?” “I shouldn’t be
any later than six o’clock. Dad never stays at the office later than
that.” Jen smiles, “I’ll be waiting.” Alex’s face drops, “Oh, I almost
forgot.” Jen watches as he unbuckles his seat belt and digs into one of his
pockets. “I meant to give this to you last night.” He hands her a key.
She looks at it for a minute, then looks up at him. “Anytime you feel the
need, don’t hesitate to use it.” Jen smiles, then leans into the car to
kiss him again. “Thanks.” She says as she backs out of the window. He
nods as he buckles his seat belt then begins backing out of the driveway.
As he drives away, Jen pulls out her key chain and attaches Alex’s house

Chapter Three

Jen leaves work anxious to get home. She hasn’t seen Alex since they
had gotten back from the Caribbean, and is starting to miss him dearly,
even though it has only been three days. After pulling into the driveway,
she rushes into the house and upstairs to get a shower. She grabs a pair
of shorts and a blue, tight fitting Abercrombie and Fitch shirt from her
dresser, then opens the top drawer for a thong and bra. As she turns the
handle to the bathroom door, she finds that it’s locked and impatiently
begins knocking. “Who is it?” “Jeff, come on. Get out of the bathroom.”
“Jen I just got in here.” She frowns and walks back into her room. As she
waits impatiently for her annoying brother to leave the bathroom, the phone
begins to ring. Before it finishes its first ring, she answers it.
“Hello?” “Hey Jen. I’m glad you sound so anxious to hear from me.” “Sorry
Sandy. I was hoping it was Alex.” “How long has it been?” “Three days,”
she says with a heavy sigh. “Three days since you slept with him. Ah,
that is nothing.” “No, three days since I had any contact with him. We got
back from the cruise on Sunday and we have both been working since.” “So
how was the Caribbean anyway?” “It was awesome Sandy. I only wish you all
could have been there. People were hooking us up with liquor and the bars
never bothered to card any of us that were under age. Then again, we did
manage to get on the VIP list and it was during the time when all high
school students were celebrating their graduations.” “So I guess they all
cut you a break. It was the same way in Seaside. All the bars served
those of us underage, but we were limited on the number of drinks.” “I’m
sure you two solved that problem real quick.” “Of course, we just went to
another bar.” They both continue to laugh and tell about their trips.

Alex steps out of the shower and begins to dry off. He walks into the
bedroom and turns to the right toward the bureau. He reaches in for a pair
of boxers, jean shorts, and a plain white T-shirt. After dressing, he
walks back into the bathroom and hangs the towel on the rack beside the
mirror to dry. He opens the cabinet that the mirror covers the door of,
and reaches for his comb. He combs his hair, slightly parting it on the
left side, and then splashes on some Calvin Klein cologne. As he walks
back into the bedroom, he glances at the clock and frowns when realizing
that Jen is probably still at work. He considers calling, but remembers
the receptionist saying that she would be in meetings all week. He thought
this was odd at first, but then remembered that she was working at her
fathers’ company, and was sure that he would make sure his daughter had a
decent, well-paying job. He shrugs over his disappointment and walks
downstairs, through the hallway and family room and into his office. He
sits down at his desk and reaches into the bottom drawer to the right. He
grabs a stack of papers and closes the drawer. Then he leans to the left
and reaches for the stack of bills sitting next to the lamp on his desk.
Glancing around the room and desk for anything he may have forgotten, he
stands up and leaves the room. He closes the door behind him and walks
through the family room and into the kitchen.

Jeff pops his head into Jen’s bedroom. “Sorry Jen. I got to thinking
and I’m sorry for taking so long.” Jen looks at him and smiles weakly.
“Sandy, I’ve got to go. Jeff is out of the shower and I really want to see
Alex.” “Well, don’t let me stop you girl. Get going!” They both laugh then
hang up the phone. “You really do love him, don’t you Jen?” Jen looks up
at Jeff, then gets up and walks to him in the doorway. “Yeah. I think I
really do.”

About twenty minutes later, Jen is pulling up in Alex’s driveway. She
parks the car behind his Mustang and gets out of the car. She walks up to
the door and puts the key into the lock. As she closes the door behind
her, she hears papers turning in the other room. She places her purse on
the table next to his keys and her keys by his wallet. She walks to the
left into the family room and sees Alex sitting at the kitchen table. As
she walks into the kitchen Alex looks up and begins to smile. “Hey there.”
She says as she leans over and kisses him. “Hey honey. I’ve missed you.”
“So have I.” She walks behind him and begins to massage his shoulders.
“Did I come at a bad time?” “No, I was just finishing up here. But I could
use a break.” He stands up and reaches for her hand. “I found that tape I
was talking about on the cruise.” “Oh good. I wanted to see that.” He
leads her through the kitchen and into the living room. He sits down on
the couch, as she joins him, and turns the tv on with a remote, and presses
play on another remote. He wraps an arm around her shoulders and gently
kisses her forehead. She smiles back at him and rests her head on his
shoulder as the old movie “Blue Lagoon” begins to play.

About two hours later, Alex wakes up and finds that the movie is over,
and Jen is sleeping peacefully against his shoulder. He tries to reach the
remote with waking her, and just as he thinks he has succeeded, feels her
stir against him. She looks up at him with sleepy eyes, and smiles. “Hey
Alex.” He touches the side of her face. “Hello dear.” She leans up and
kisses him, then sits herself up facing him. “I’m sorry I fell asleep. I
really wanted to spend some time with you.” “Well, you did sleep with me.”
She hit him playfully as he began to rub his neck from sleeping with his
head back. “Hey, I didn’t deserve that.” She smiles and starts to hit him
again. He grabs her arm and begins to laugh. She moves her other arm and
he grabs that one too. “Now what?” She pushes against him so that she can
pull her legs up beneath her, both smiling while she struggles. When she
succeeds, he leans over and kisses her. She begins to relax from the rough
housing and tries to reach for his face. He hesitates to let her go, but
after breaking the kiss and seeing the passion in her eyes, he lets her go
and they reach for each other. They begin kissing breathlessly,
passionately as they let their hands go as the may. As the passion begins
to build within them, he reaches for her and pulls her into his lap. She
feels him press against her, and breaks the kiss to gasp for air. She
smiles as his hands caress her and his soft, tender lips find that special
place on her neck. She feels her skin tingle beneath his touch and she
feels herself getting more and more excited. As he begins to suck on her
neck, she catches a glimpse of the time, but is too wrapped up in the
moment to care.

She slides her hands under his shirt as they kiss again. He breaks the
kiss long enough to remove his shirt, and watches her run her hands up and
down his chest before kissing her again. He pulls her closer, longing for
her as she kisses his neck, then bends to kiss his chest. He reaches under
her shirt and unhooks her bra as the clock chimes eight times. Jen stops
and looks at Alex. “I can’t stay the night. I have to be at work tomorrow
and Dad is taking me to breakfast before we go in.” He kisses her briefly,
“that’s okay. You don’t have to stay tonight.” They kiss passionately
again, and Jen pulls her bra off through the arms of her shirt. Alex looks
at her in amazement, but soon finds himself distracted by her chest showing
her excitement through her shirt. He begins kissing her breasts through
her shirt, hearing her moan slightly at the feel of his warm breath against
her. He caresses her as she looks down at his hands. She holds them to
her and he looks up and meets her eye to eye. “Oh God how I want you.” She
smiles at him. “I want you to.” She leans down and kisses him as he wraps
his arms around her and pulls her up against him.

As she feels the bulge getting as large as his shorts will allow it, she
opens her legs further, yearning for the feeling it will give her. They
continue to kiss passionately, stopping briefly to breathe until they are
both gasping for breath. Alex starts to unbutton her shorts and watches
her face as he slides down the zipper and moves his hand into her shorts.
He finds what he is looking for and smiles as she tilts her head back with
pleasure. He reaches around the strap of the thong and slowly slides a
finger into her. As her juices begin to seep over his finger, he slowly
inserts another while kissing her neck. She holds his head closer and
pushes her pelvis toward his hand. When her legs begin to tense, he
presses his thumb against her clit and holds her tightly as she moans
through her first orgasm. When she looks down at him, still gasping for
breath, he slowly slides his fingers from her and places them into his
mouth, sucking her juices from them. She pulls them away and kisses him
then moves her legs away from him and onto the floor as she kisses her way
down his chest.

She kisses his stomach then reaches for the button of his shorts. She
unbuttons them and pulls the zipper down, then tugs on them until the bulge
is in full view. She reaches through the slit in his boxers and slowly
pulls out its contents. He watches her every move as she slides her hand
up and down his hard, long shaft. She looks up at him as she slides it
into her mouth and begins to pleasure him. She reaches up and begins
caressing the sack beneath him as she continues to pull and suck, stopping
only to lick and kiss the top, yearning for the taste of what is inside.
As he tilts his head back, she places a hand around him, stroking him
faster and faster. When she sees the droplet forming on the end, she takes
him into her mouth again and pulls and pulls at what is inside. He looks
down at her long enough to find her head with his hand, then leans his head
back again, longing for the end, but wanting to hold back all the same. He
holds her head closer, hoping he can last a little longer, but lets out a
loud moan as he loses control and shoots deep into her throat and the back
of her mouth. She lets out a muffled moan as she sucks every last drop
from him, then swallows and slowly pulls him from her. He looks down at
her, only to see her lick her lips and swallow again before leaning up to
kiss him.

She reaches his eye level, and he pulls her into his lap again. As they
continue to kiss, his hands make their way up her shirt and begin to caress
her firm breasts. He begins to gently squeeze her nipples as the clock
chimes half past the hour. She breaks the kiss again. “I can’t stay for
much longer.” “It’s ok. You can leave when you want.” She kisses him again
and begins to move her legs to stand when he lowers her to his left and
onto the couch. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him down to
her. As he kisses her neck, he reaches for her shorts and slowly pulls
them down. Her hands slide down into the back of his as she arches her
back allowing him to push her shorts down to her knees, and slides them off
with his foot. He presses against her, still free of his boxers. She lets
out a moan as he presses as far as her thong will let him. “Oh Alex!” He
breathes heavily as he presses against her again, feeling himself harden
with the feel of her juices against him. He slides his shorts off, then
sits up to reposition himself so that he can remove his boxers. He barely
notices the wet spot in the front of them from when he pressed against her,
as he tosses them to the floor. He lowers himself onto her, not entering
her, but close enough to make her moan.

He begins to suck on her neck, feeling her caress his back and arch hers
towards him. As the clock chimes quarter till the hour, Jen stops him and
sits up, “Alex, I am so sorry, but I have to go.” He kisses her
passionately, then backs up allowing her to sit up. “Can you meet me in an
hour? At my house?” He touches the side of her face. “I would meet you
anywhere if it meant us being together.” She touches his face and kisses
him as he slides his hand down her chest. She gets up and fixes her
shorts, then bends down and helps him gather his clothes. He walks her to
the door as he buttons his shorts and pulls on his shirt. They hold each
other as they kiss one last time before departing for the time being. He
watches as she drives away, then walks into the kitchen for a drink of

Chapter Four

An hour later Alex knocks on Jen’s back door. He turns the handle to go
in just as Jeff opens the door. “Jen, it’s for you.” “Hey Jeff, how’s it
going?” “Alright.” He says, then walks over to the refrigerator. Jen walks
into the room and kisses Alex briefly on the lips. “I missed you.” “I
missed you too Jen.” He says then kisses her again. “What is wrong with
you people? You were just together an hour ago.” Jeff says, then storms
out of the room. Alex watches Jeff leave, then follows Jen as she pulls
him towards the counter in the middle of the room. “What was that all
about?” Jen looks at the door Jeff left through and back at Alex. “He is
upset about us because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Actually, I was
hoping you could talk to him about it.” Alex shrugs, “Ok.” He turns to
leave, but Jen stops him and wraps her arms around him. “Not now silly.”
She kisses him briefly. “I want you now.” She smiles as he lifts her onto
the counter and kisses her passionately. He runs his hands down her back
and around her behind as the door opens and Mr. Harris enters the kitchen.
“Ahem,” he says as he walks past the counter to the refrigerator. Alex
breaks the kiss and steps back from Jen. “Good evening Mr. Harris. Good
to see you again.” “Good evening Alex. I would appreciate a hello when you
stop over.” “Sorry sir. How are you this evening?” “Very good Alex. Won’t
you two join us in the living room. We are watching The Firm.” “In just a
minute Dad. I want to talk to Alex about something.” Mr. Harris turns
from the refrigerator and nods before leaving the room. “Sorry about that
Alex. You know he doesn’t like seeing us...” “I know. Don’t worry about
it.” He kisses her briefly. “By the way, you left this at my house.” He
pulls her bra out of his back pocket. “I knew it was your favorite one,
and thought you may want it back.” She smiles and kisses him again, before
hoping off of the counter and leading him into the living room.

“Sorry guys, the only seat left is right in front of the air
conditioner.” “It’s alright dad. I had a blanket with me earlier.” He
continues watching the television as Alex and Jen sit on the love seat by
the air. “Where did mom go?” “Upstairs I think.” Jen nods and pulls the
blanket over Alex and her lap. She leans against him as they begin to
watch the movie. Alex reaches his arm around her and holds her closer.
The smell of her perfume and the thoughts of an hour earlier, slowly
driving him wild. Jen slips a hand under the blanket and slowly moves it
towards his lap. Alex looks down at her, then over towards her father.
She smiles, then sits up and moves the side of her body against his and her
right hand behind his neck. He shifts in his seat as he feels her fingers
running up his neck and through his hair. He leans over and whispers in
her ear. “Are you trying to drive me wild?” She smiles as she removes her
hand from his lap. “Dad, can we go upstairs to my room? The tv is bigger
and...” “Sure honey, just leave the door open a crack.” Jen tosses the
blanket aside and reaches for Alex’s hand. “Enjoy the movie Mr. Harris.”

“Hey Jen. I forgot to tell you.” Jen walks back into the living room.
“I can’t go to breakfast tomorrow. Mr. Murray called and I have to go to
Colorado tomorrow morning. I leave on the seven o’clock flight.” Jen
frowns, then turns back to the stairs. “No problem Dad. Maybe next time.”
She takes Alex’s hand and continues up the stairs. They are at the top of
the steps when Alex puts his arms around her, making her slightly loose her
balance. He pulls her closer to break a possible fall. “Sorry, didn’t
mean to trip you.” She smiles, “No problem.” She stops at her door and he
kisses her neck while she opens it. They walk into the room and Jen turns
on the light as Alex closes the door behind them. Jen walks to the bed,
turns on the light on the nightstand and flips the tv on with the remote.
She meets Alex halfway and they wrap their arms around each other. “Where
were we?” She asks before kissing him passionately.

They move towards the bed, kissing passionately while trying to remove
each other’s shirts. When they reach the bed, Jen sits down and pushes the
covers to the foot of the bed as Alex removes their shoes and socks. He
climbs on the bed, and slowly approaches Jen on all fours. She smiles and
laughs aloud as Alex gives her a raspberry on her stomach. Her smile fades
as Alex reaches for the button of her shorts and undoes them. She touches
the side of his face, then raises her hips allowing him to remove her
shorts. He tosses them onto the floor, then struggles to remove his own,
without falling off the bed. He only has time to drop them onto the floor
before he is wrapped in Jen’s arms. They kiss breathlessly as Jen lies
back onto the bed, and Alex slowly lowers himself above her. He presses
into her, and slides his hand down her body and into the top of her
panties. He sits up and pulls them down her legs and onto the floor as Jen
reaches for his boxers. He lies on his side as Jen slides them down his
legs, and he reaches into the far nightstand drawer and pulls out a condom.
He slides it on as Jen pulls the covers up over them. As she reaches for
him, he slowly lowers himself onto her, feeling her warm breath against his
neck as he enters her. “Oh Alex.” He kisses her neck, then looks into her
eyes as he presses into her. He touches her face as she leans up to kiss
him. As they kiss again, she opens her legs wider, allowing him to go
deeper then before. They break their kiss, gasping for air and begin
caressing each other before kissing again. Slowly the door opens and Jen
turns to see her mother peeking into the room.

“Mom!” “Jennifer!” Mrs. Harris closes the door and waits outside. Not
even a minute later, Jen opens the door enough to stand in between the door
and the wall. “Mom.” “Never mind that Jen. I was coming to tell you I was
going to bed and that Dad said Alex could stay the night since you two are
not going to breakfast. I put clean sheets in Tommy’s room. I suggest you
get the bed ready and Alex out of your room before Dad comes up for bed.”
“Mom, I’m sorry.” “Just tell me you used protection.” Jen blushes and her
mother sighs in relief. “Get your brothers’ room ready for Alex.” She
pauses and looks towards the stairs. “And I won’t tell your father about
this. But don’t let me find him in your room tomorrow morning either.” Jen
nods, “Thanks.” Her mother smiles and kisses her cheek. n Then she turns
and walks towards her room.

Jen closes the door behind her as Alex pulls his shirt on and walks over
to her. “Everything okay?” She nods, “She isn’t going to tell Dad, which
is good.” “But I still have to leave right?” “Actually, Dad said you could
stay since we are not going to breakfast.” “But...” She smiles. “You have
to stay in Tommy’s room.” Alex lets out a sigh of relief. “Ok, let me get
my bag from the car. It has a change of clothes.” “Okay, I’ll be in the
first room to your left when you get to the top of the stairs.” “Why?” “I
have to make your bed.” He kisses her forehead and she follows him out of
the room. As she enters the hallway, she feels her cheeks flush as she
remembers the conversation she just had with her mother. As she enters her
oldest brothers’ room, she notices that her mother already made the bed.
’She must still be upset.’ She thinks to herself. She turns to leave the
room and walks into Alex. “Done already?” “I think mom did it for me.”
Alex grimaces. “She is that upset huh?” Jen shrugs as Alex wraps his arms
around her and hugs her. “I’m sorry. But it won’t be the first time it
has happened.” “But it is so embarrassing.” He holds her head as she buries
her face into his chest. “I know, I know. But it should be an interesting
conversation for breakfast tomorrow.” Jen looks up at him and hits him in
the arm. “Hey!” He says as he grabs his arm. “That’s not funny Alex!” She
says while trying to hide a smile. “Then don’t laugh.” He smiles back at
her. “I said don’t laugh.” Jen tries to hold back, then busts up laughing.
He raises her chin with his finger and gently kisses her. She opens her
eyes and licks her lips. “I’ll come back in about two hours.” He nods,
“Wake me if I’m asleep.” She smiles back. “Most definitely.”

Half an hour later, Mr. Harris opens the door to his daughters’ room.
“Goodnight honey.” “Good night Dad.” “Where is Alex?” “He’s in Tommy’s
room.” “Oh.” He shuts the door and walks back to Tommy’s room. He knocks
gently and opens the door. “Good night Alex.” “Hey, good night Mr.
Harris.” He shuts the door as Alex goes back to watching “The Newlywed
Game.” He walks to the end of the hallway and enters his bedroom. He sees
his wife Amy sitting up in bed reading a book. “I’m surprised you are
still up.” She puts down her book and looks at Greg. “I guess I couldn’t
sleep.” “Oh. Is everything okay?” He says as he climbs into bed. “Yeah, I
guess.” She puts her bookmark in the book and sets it on her nightstand.
“Greg.” “Yeah.” “What do you think of Alex?” “He is a fine young man. I
only wish he and Jen had gotten together when they were kids. Besides, he
makes her very happy. That makes me feel good about him. I know he will
take good care of her.” Amy looks at her husband as he turns out his light.
“He does make her very happy.” She agrees. ’Happier than you know.’ She
thinks to herself as she turns out her light and lies down to sleep.

Chapter Five

Around eleven o’clock, Alex gets out of bed and heads towards the door
of the room. He opens it slowly, trying not to wake anyone. Noticing the
bathroom door ajar, he quickly crosses the hallway and enters the bathroom.
He switches on the light after closing the door and walks towards the
toilet. As he is finishing up, he hears a door in the hallway open. He
flushes the toilet and washes his hands before quickly drying them on a
towel by the door, thinking Jen may be stopping over early. As he opens
the door, he turns off the light and sees Jeff standing in the hallway.
“Hey Alex.” “Hey, what’s going on?” Jeff turns and looks at him. “Nothing
really. I was about to head downstairs for a midnight snack. But I was
also curious as to who was still up.” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”
Jeff smiles, “No not at all. I just heard the toilet flush.” He turns to
head down the stairs. “Hey Jeff,” Alex says, remembering what Jen asked
him earlier. “You mind if I join you. I wanted to ask you about
something.” He shrugs. “Sure, why not.” They head down the stairs and
through the living room to the kitchen.

Alex sits at the counter and watches as Jeff rummages through the
refrigerator. He brings bags of lunchmeat, some mustard and a loaf of
bread over to the counter and sits down. “You care for one?” He asks as
Alex watches and waits for the lunchmeat to slide out from between the two
slices of bread. “No thanks. I had a big dinner.” “I bet she offered you
an irresistible dessert too.” Alex looks at him puzzled. “What is that
suppose to mean?” Jeff looks up with a huge smirk on his face. “Come on
man, don’t play dumb. I see the way you two act with each other.” Alex
relaxes as he realizes exactly what Jeff has been angry about lately.
“Actually Jeff, I ate alone. Jen had to come home early because of plans
she was supposed to have with your father tomorrow.” Jeff looked down at
the table between bites of his sandwich. “Jeff, what’s going on? What has
you so upset?” Jeff looks at him through narrow eyes. “Like you really
care. All you want is what my sister can give you at your beck and call.”
He looks down at the table again. “I still don’t see what she sees in
you.” “Jeff, for one thing, that is not how it is between your sister and
I. And the second thing, I would do anything for your family. I have known
you since Jen and I were in grade school. You can trust me to talk to
about anything.” Jeff looks up and studies Alex’s face. When he seems
satisfied that Alex is telling the truth, he sighs and puts down his
sandwich. “Alright, so I’m jealous.” “Jealous about what?” “You and Jen.”
Alex looks down and waits for Jeff to continue. “You two have like the
perfect relationship. She hangs all over you, and man, she can’t talk
about anything else.” Alex blushes slightly as he looks at Jeff and
continues to listen. “And I bet you can get it whenever you want it. All
you have to do is look at her that way you do.” Alex holds up a hand.
“Wait a minute there. Is that what this is really about? How much sex I
get from your sister?” Jeff looks straight into his eyes. “Well, it’s true
isn’t it?” “Well, no, not exactly.” Jeff looks away, slightly embarrassed.
“Then how do you do it? Get any girl you want, and get them to hang all
over you all the time.” Alex smiles and stands up to get a drink. Jeff
sees him reach for the cabinet where the glasses are located. “Here,” he
says while opening the fridge. “Have one of these instead.” He hands Alex
a beer and they sit back down.

“Well, let’s look at it this way.” Alex pauses as he pops the tab on his
beer and takes a sip. “What do you do when you are with a girl?” Jeff
opens his beer and laughs at the question. “I am being serious.” Jeff’s
smile fades and he opens his beer. “Well, if I take them out, I butter
them up all night and try to get something from them before dropping them
off later on.” Alex shakes his head. “What?” Jeff asks, wondering what he
said wrong. “It doesn’t have to be sex or anything. Just compensation for
all I spent on them that night. Even a make out session or blowjob will
do. Depending on how I am feeling, sometimes I just want to be able to feel
them up for a bit. You know?” “Your relationships don’t last very long do
they?” Jeff shakes his head back and forth. “First of all, you have to
stop putting yourself first. That is probably your biggest mistake. If
you make them feel good, you will be compensated.” “Yeah, but that takes
forever.” “Not all the time. And you don’t always have to go all out with
things...if you are that concerned about expenses. A simple phone call
saying ’I love you’ is sometimes all it takes.” “How did you hook up with
my sister?” “I kept her valentine from grade school.” Jeff busts up
laughing and almost spills his beer. “Man, you have got to be kidding me.”
Alex smiles, knowing how it sounds. Jeff continues to laugh until he
notices that he is alone in his laughter. His smile fades. “You’re
serious aren’t you?” Alex smiles weakly.

“Well, honestly, I have had a crush on Jen since grade school. I also
never expected to see her again, and that was all I had other then the
memories of grade school. However, I have dated many girls all through
high school, and my method has always been the same.” “So how many have you
slept with? Ten, twenty?” Alex looks down at the table, then back at Jeff.
“Actually, Jen is the second person I have ever been with sexually.” Jeff’s
jaw hits the floor. “Get out of town.” Alex smiles. “There are more ways
to pleasure each other than sex my friend. Once you learn that, you have
no reason to have trouble with your relationships.” Jeff stares at Alex
waiting for him to continue. Alex finishes his beer and stands up to throw
away the can. “If you don’t believe me, try it. I guarantee you will have
better results than using your own method.” “Wait, one question.” Alex
tosses the can and walks back to the counter. “So you are saying that if I
learn how to please a women, with the little stuff and all, that I will
have sex more often?” Alex smiles. “Not exactly, but you will get more
respect from the ladies, and they will know you are not just using them for
sex. They will feel like you actually love them...” “I do love them.” “I
mean really love them. For example, look at how your sister thinks of me.
I know from my standpoint that I can’t stand to be away from her for
extended periods of time.” He pauses. “Now don’t get me wrong, the sex is
totally awesome.” Jeff smiles and holds out his hand for a high five. Alex
slaps it, then continues. “Then again, we may not do anything intimate for
a couple days, but being together fills that void. And when the time
comes, man watch out cause the floodgates open and whoosh!” Alex smiles as
he pauses. “You can’t even put it in words.” Jeff stares at him, trying to
picture the scene Alex just painted. Alex looks at his watch. “I better
get to bed. I have a feeling there will be an early breakfast anyway.”
Jeff laughs. “Yep, good old mom and her early morning breakfast.” Alex
heads out of the room and towards the stairs as Jeff cleans up in the

Chapter Six

Around twelve thirty, Jen wakes up and looks at the clock. She sits up
in bed, stretches, and then slides out from between the covers. She
reaches for her nightstand, then slowly walks toward her door. As she
grabs the handle, she listens carefully for any sounds out in the hallway.
When satisfied that all is quiet, she slowly opens the door and walks into
the hallway. She pulls her door closed, and tiptoes to the room Alex is
in. She gently knocks on the door and walks inside.

“Alex, are you awake?” Alex stirs in his sleep and turns to face her.
“Hey honey. I didn’t think you were coming.” Jen sees the remote on the
nightstand and turns the tv on with a low volume. She then walks over to
the bed and climbs on top of the sheets. “Sorry I’m late.” She says before
bending over and kissing him. He looks up at her as she pulls the covers
down and straddles him. “No problem. I spoke with your...” She places and
finger against his lips and leaves the condom package on his chest as she
traces her way down to his waist. She struggles to slide his boxers off as
he opens the package. As he slides the condom on, he watches her slowly
pull her nightshirt over her head and drop it onto the floor. She grabs
the covers and pulls them over her as she bends down and kisses him

The next morning, Alex wakes to the wonderful smell of breakfast and
coffee cooking downstairs. He rolls over to find the other side of the bed
empty, and vaguely remembers Jen leaving to go back to her own room. He
does remember, however, how she came to his room in nothing but a
nightshirt, and bit the sheets to help muffle her cries of pleasure in the
night. He rolls out of bed and finds his boxers near the tv across the
room. He pulls them on along with his T-shirt and walks to the door. When
he opens it, the smell of breakfast makes his stomach growl and he stops
into the bathroom before heading downstairs.

“So how did you sleep last night Jen, knowing your boyfriend was down
the hall?” Jeff smiles childishly as Jen sends him a glare. She smiles
quickly as her mom turns from the stove and looks at her. “Very well as a
matter of fact.” Amy turns back to her eggs with a smile as Jen glares at
her brother again. Alex walks into the room and up behind Jen. He wraps
his arms around her and kisses her neck. “Good morning.” He says as he
releases her and stands beside her. She takes his arm in hers and begins
to gently rub it with her hand. “Good morning Alex.” Amy says as she turns
around. “How do you like your eggs?” “Uh, over easy please.” Amy smiles as
she puts eggs on a plate and turns around to give them to Jeff. “By the
way, Mr. Harris said he heard something last night. Did any of you hear
any strange noises?” Jen and Alex look at each other, then Jen looks over
at Jeff. “He said it sounded like someone was hurt.” She turns around to
face them. “No, I didn’t hear anything last night mom.” Jen says. Alex
shakes his head and relaxes when Jeff does the same. Jen smiles, “Maybe
Jeff ordered from the Spice channel again. You know he forgets to turn the
volume down when he does.” Jeff gives her a look saying ’touché’, then
notices the look on Alex’s face. Alex then winks at him and watches the
recognition spread over Jeff’s face. “Jen, when will you learn. I can
only get one movie each night on the Spice channel, but I can get three in
a row on Playboy. Sorry mom.” She turns back to the eggs. “Just try to
keep it down next time alright.” Alex and Jen sigh in relief and Jeff
realizes this is not a time for blackmail, even though it would be perfect
under other circumstances.


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