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Authors name: Crystal Brooks story title : My First Time (Part Four)

----------------------------------------------------- -= This work is
copyrighted to the author 2000. = Please do not remove the author
information or make any changes to this story. You may post freely to
noncommercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
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My First Time (Part Four) By Crystal

I was basking in the euphoria of my first sexual experience. My own Dad
had made love to me in the most wonderful way - and I was on an emotional
high. I felt like my whole body was electrified by the experience - I was
still tingling.

My Mum, who had been watching my Dad and me fucking was very aroused by
what she saw. Her eyes locked on mine, and she smiled.

"Was that good, baby? You look liked you enjoyed it." she said as she
came over to me.

I was still lying on the bed, my Dads cum still on my body. My Mum seem
mesmerised by it and without saying a word she joined me on the bed, put
her head down and gently licked my father cum off me.

It felt incredible. I couldn't believe how turned I was by her doing
this, the smoothness of her skin so close to mine, a hint of subtle perfume
mixed in with the aroma of sex was strong and overwhelming. The softness
of her tongue made me melt into her as she licked up the cum from my neck,
then traced down so that she was cleaning my breasts, spending time on each
nipple, letting them regain their erectness.

"Oh, God, Mum, that feels so good, don't stop" I breathed, gently
grasping her head, her long blonde hair cascading over me, making sure that
she didn't break what she was doing.

The biggest dollop of cum was around my tummy, and she ate greedily. I
could feel my arousal building again, my pussy was starting to ache again
from needing attention. I couldn't believe it. She continued licking and
when she had finished the cum meal from my stomach, she went lower still. I
opened my legs in anticipation, the smell of arousal must have been so
clear to her. She licked around my labia, teasing me a little by delaying
her intrusion of my pussy - long flicks of her tongue agonizingly close to
my clit. I breathed harder with each lick. Then, when she sensed I
couldn't stand it any longer, she brushed her tongue over my red hot clit -
sending me into a a near convulsion with the pleasure of it all. She then
used her fingers to probe me, I could feel them within me, not filling me
as my Dads prick had done, but still feeling so good. Again I closed my
eyes, drinking in the feeling that this was causing in me.

When I opened them I was treated to another great view. My Dad had
goteen himself hard again at the site of his wide eating out his daughter,
and he had positioned himself behind her at the end of the bed so that he
could take from behind. My Mum took a deep breath as he penetrated her,
but kept on with the job in hand (and mouth). Her tongue was now working
its way into my pussy and then withdraing to slide across my clit.

I started to massage my breasts, roughly pulling at my nipples, lost in
the sensation of it. We must have looked so incredibble, the three of us,
all naked and fucking. My Mum and Dad were building upto a good rhythm and
I knew I could not hold back from yet another orgasm. My Mum sensed this,
she slurped harder and teased my hole with her fingers, now two or three
buried deep into my hot wet cunt.

At last I could stand it no longer, a huge wave of orgasm swept through
me - my whole body racked with desire - I screamed out my pleasure. It
started a chain reaction. I could see my Dad pistoning hard and fast into
my Mums cunt and she was barely able to hold out her own orgasm.

It was too much, our orgasms had taken most of our energy. I couldn't
get up but both Mum and Dad joined me on the bed.

"How was that, angel?" Dad asked

"Oh, it was so incrediible" I replied.

"Yes, it was, wasn't it. Would you like to sleep with us tonight?"

I was exhausted. I don't think I could have got up if I'd wanted to.
The three of us snuggled up, still naked and drifted off to sleep. I still
had this warm feeling deep inside - the knowledge that I had passed from
being a girl to a woman in a beautiful way was very special.


I hoped you like this story of how I lost my virginity. I have been
asked many times what happened after this. My Mum, Dad and I continued to
have regular sex for the next couple of years. Always at my insistence.
They never forced themselves on me. It was, for me, a very beautiful
experience. It helped boost my self confidence - at the time I was very
conscious of how my deafness made me different from the world in general.
But the loving acceptance from my family - knowing that I was a "woman" in
all but age, helped boost me.


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