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Authors name: Crystal Brooks story title : My First Time
----------------------------------------------------- -= This work is
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My First Time (Part One) By Crystal

As many of you may know, I have been a regular at Bianca's Smut Shack
for more than two years, engaging in much fun and lively banter and just a
little online sex!

Over that time I have shared much about myself, and have been encouraged
to write my story of how I lost my virginity. It has never ceased to amaze
me the wide ranging reactions to it - from those who feel that all incest is disgusting to those who agree with me that mine was a very special
introduction to sex.

I will say, before I start, that I am not condoning incestuous sex. I
am very aware of the damage that can be done to people by those who have
been abused sexually. I have a great friend that endured the most horrific
childhood at the hands of her stepfather - and it has left her with deep
emotional scars. But that is not my experience, and that is what I am
sharing with you.

For those who no nothing about me, (and have not read my bio on my
page), I was born in 1975, profoundly deaf. At that time the miracles of
the cochlear implant were not yet discovered - and I grew up in a very
silent, but happy world. My mother and father were my best friends - more
like siblings that parents sometimes (and the fact they were only 16 years
older than me helped).

It was the summer of '89, just after my 14th birthday, that I came home
early from being with friends. We'd gone to the movies - in this case an
foreign art house type (I can't remember what film though!). I used to
watch a lot of those because the sub-titles meant I could understand things
fairly well. Anyway - it turned out that it was a but more raunchy than
expected, and I was not given a ticket. I told my friends to go in and let
me know all about it in the morning.

So basically I came home earlier than expected, thought I'd better tell
my Mum I was back before I went to my room to read. She was nowhere to be
seen downstairs and I figured she was in her room. I was right. I've
never had the need to knock on doors - the main reason is that I cannot
hear any answer so I just don't tend to bother. In this case, maybe it
would have been better if I had. I walked in to find my mother naked on
all fours in the middle of the bed with my Dad, also naked fucking her from
behind in strong powerful thrusts. They were turned away from me, I'm
guessing they were making noise of their own too - Mum certainly looked as
if she was being vocal - but they didn't see me - and it looked like they
hadn't heard me either.

I don't think I have ever been as turned on as I was that day - I had
never seen a couple have sex - and I had certainly had no experience of my
own, except for a bit of a pash (just kissing) with a guy at a Christmas
party a few months before. But this was a real hot couple having real hot
sex - and I was completely mesmerised by the scene. I drank the whole
thing in. My Mum, so beautiful, long blonde hair being tossed around her
head, lovely golden tanned skin (it was still Summer), smooth and sensuous.
I saw her breasts jiggling and bouncing wildly - her whole body rocking in
time with my Dad's pumping. I could not see his cock, or even her pussy,
but I was guessing he was quite big, as he took long full strokes. His
strong hands gripped her body as he thrust behind her.

I could feel my own arousal - it was so shocking and yet so beautiful to
see the people I loved most in the world so caught up in each other - a
beautiful expression of their desire and passion for each other. My
imagination wandered to think of what it would be like to be loved this
way. Even though I had not had sex before, I knew all about it - my
education coming from school and my Mum - who had sat me down a couple of
years previously and told me all about it and answered all my questions.

I'm not sure how long I was watching them - a few minutes perhaps - I
could see them increasing their rhythm and instinctively knew that he was
about to ejaculate - and I knew that I should get the hell out of the room
before they caught me. I did just that - hoping I was being quiet! I got
to my room, my head spinning with the images of my parents having sex.
Without doubt it was a major turning point in my life. It was a new
awareness of sex, and of my own body.

At 14 I was about as tall as I was going to get (5'5" or cm) and I had
filled out over the last couple of years to a 36C cup. My hair was a
shoulder length mousy brown. Until this time though, I'd never worried too
much about my body. But when I got back to my room after spying on my
parents, all that changed. My heart still pounding, I went to my
full-length mirror and studied what I saw. I started to slowly caress my
body with my hands - feeling the touch was very special - lingering over my
breasts, feeling their size and weight and tickling my nipples with my
fingers until they were hard and erect….. and then touching myself lower
and lower until I brushed my sex and felt the wetness of my arousal. This
was the first time I had ever really concentrated on my own body and what I
could do do it to make it feel good - it felt so good, I was hooked.

That night, I tried to sleep. My mind would drift back to what I had
seen earlier - I was so aroused thinking of my Dad, his lean gorgeous body
and his big prick. Even though I hadn't seen it I imagined him to be big,
and I imagined what it would be like to touch his prick. While these vivid
thoughts were playing in my mind, my hands once again explored my body - I
was so sensitive, my fingers brushed my nipples which stood to attention at
the slightest touch, and then I again explored lower, opening my legs to
accommodate my fingers, tracing around my labia, feeling the wetness on my
fingers, before inserting first one, then two, then three fingers into my
body. It felt so good, my clit was so hard and I soon realised how good it
made my whole body feel to touch it.

Almost before I knew it I was tumbling deep, deep into a new sensation,
my whole body aching for a release that I had never known before, I was so
aware of my focus on this delicious feeling that I was experiencing - my
naked body now writing on my bed - longing for this feeling to never end
and yet aching so much for a release. Almost without warning, my whole
being froze….. I had reached my first orgasm without really knowing it, my
mind screamed at the wonderful beauty of it all, my body trembled and
shuddered in surrender to the feeling, my vagina tried to grip my fingers
like a vice. The sensation swept through me and over me and then subsided,
leaving my body to come down off its high.

I slowly opened my eyes. It was amazing. My body and then my mind
began to refocus again, very slowly things returned to normal - and then I
realised I was not alone. Mum was in the room with me, smiling, radiant,
looking gorgeous.

"Hello, beautiful" she said.

I was taken aback. I had no idea what her reaction was going to be… but
it wouldn't be long before I found out.

Continued in Part Two


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