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M,F/MFf. Sex/voy/mast/
By Typoman
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

This story is totally fictitious. It contains graphic
descriptions of sexual encounters between an adult male,
adult female and her underage sister.
If you are offended by stories like this, or you are under
the legal age to view material such as this, do not read any


I was on the interstate, just outside of flagstaff. I
am an automotive mechanic by trade and was driving back from
a training class that was being held at my employer's
regional office in Oklahoma City. My home is in Phoenix, so
I was on the last leg of my thousand-mile trip and was
looking forward to getting back home. The class was one of
those three-week ball busters that seemed like 6 months to
get through. Not that the training was hard. It's the
boredom of being in a strange city with not a lot to do
after class.
I am a single 40-year-old man that has sowed many wild
oats in his time. I've just broke up for good with a long
time relationship of three years. When my girlfriend finally
realized that I was not going to marry her, she broke our
relationship off after she found a man that that she could
spend the rest of her life with. She's married now and seems
It was early in March and the weather had turned cold
and rainy. I pulled into a rest area to leak my lizard,
stretch and grab a bite to eat before the last 125 miles
left to get home.
After relieving my bladder, I dug out some munchies and
had settled down on a picnic table to eat. I don't know why,
but I got this feeling like I was being stared at. My
intuition was right when turned my head and saw two females
at a table close to mine. One looked to be about 19 or so,
the other was a little girl that was maybe 10years old. They
were wrapped in a blanket together and sitting at another
table about 30 feet away. The older one was just staring off
into space. Her daughter was doing the staring. Actually,
the little girl was looking at the box of cheese crackers
that I had in my hand. She shivered a little and snuggled in
a little closer to her mom. Her eyes broke away from my
snack and went to my face. She had such a sad expression,
all cold and miserable. I smiled at her and she smiled back
at me, then nudged her mother and said something to her. The
older woman turned to look at me, then her hand that had
been around the girls shoulder came out from under the
blanked that wrapped them and up to the girl's face. She
pulled the girls gaze away from my food and into her chest.
They were obviously hungry. My heart went out to them.
Normally, I stick to myself when traveling but I had to at
least offer them something to eat. I figured that I'd better
not try to walk over to their table, so I just sat where I
was and made my offering.
"Pardon me miss?"
Both women turned a d looked at me.
"I couldn't help but notice. Your daughter looks
hungry. Would you like some of these crackers?"
Her daughter's face lit up with expectation, then
hooked up to her mom for her answer.
"No thanks, we've just eaten." She pulled the girls disappointed gaze away from my food again then stood up and
walked over to this poor old decrepit Pinto that had been
sideswiped on the passenger side, opened the drivers door
with a loud pop groan of metal and the two of them climbed
Being a mechanic, I couldn't help but notice the door
drop about an inch as it opened. She leaned over to get a
good pull at the door, then tried to slam it shut. It just
made a bang, then bounced back open.
"GAWD! I hate Pintos!" I mumbled under my breath. "I'm
surprised too see one of those old pieces of shit still on
the road."
She rolled down the window, put her hand under the top
of the window guide, lifted, and then slammed the door
again. This time, the door partially latched. I could see
the frustration in her body language as she pulled in the
handle, slammed her shoulder to the door to try to open it.
The poor woman had to reach her hand to the outside door
handle and lifted it with rehearsed practice, drove her
shoulder to the door and it opened.
I my heart strings were pulled as she left the door
open and reached for the ignition to start the car.
Click, click, click , was all that came from under the
I saw her head slump and go forward to the steering
wheel. Her shoulders were shaking. She was obviously crying.
I had to do something.
I know how defensive people can get with strangers
especially while traveling alone, so I got up and walked
around to the drivers side keeping a safe distance between
us so as not to alarm them.
"Pardon me miss?"
"WHAT!" she yelled in frustration as she jerked her
head up bore into me with watery, frustrated eyes.
I jumped a little in surprise at the response. "I know
you're leery of strangers, and rightfully so, especially at
a rest area with your daughter, But I'm a mechanic. Maybe I
can help."
She looked at me, her glare softened a little. Her head
went back to the steering wheel. "She's not my daughter"
Once again she raised her head and looked at me,
resignation in her expression. "I said, she's not my
daughter. She's my little sister."
"Oh! Sorry. My mistake." I looked at her then said
"Maybe there's someone we can call?"
"We're all alone!" her daughter. oops sister said to me
from the passenger seat. "Tina might get a job in Phoenix!"
"SHHHHH! " She angrily said to her little sister, then
slapped her face. The poor little frightened girl let out a
wail and cowered as far away as she could from her sister.
"OH Lisa! I'm sorry!" She reached over and pulled the
little girl to her and held her. She rocked them both back
and forth for comfort.
"YOU HIT ME!" I could hear Lisa's muffled voice as Tina
held her head to her breast.
"I'm so sorry! It's just that you should NEVER tell
anyone that we're alone! Especially out in this god-forsaken
place! Remember what I told you about answering the phone
when you were alone back home?
"Yeah!" Came the muffled response.
"What would you say to a stranger that calls on the
phone while I'm not there and asks for your mommy or daddy?"
"Not to tell them that they died, and just say that
your mommy is sleeping. That I mommy told me don't want to
wake her for another hour."
Tina looked at me with imploring eyes. "And why is that
honey? " Why don't we want strangers to know that we're
"Ca..cause there are bad people in the world. They
might hurt me if they knew I was all alone. But he's okay
Tina!" The looked up to me with conviction in her voice.
"Well Lisa, I guess we're gonna have to trust him.
Especially now that he knows all about us." She looked at me
then grasped Lisa's face forcing her look at her. "Just
THINK before you open your face to a stranger again OKAY?"
Lisa put her head back to her sister's breast "I'm
sorry Tina! Please don't be mad at me anymore! I can't stand
it when you're mad at me!"
"Well, I never can stay mad at you for long munchkin!"
Tina playfully poked little Lisa in the ribs, then ruffled
her long brown hair." Lisa looked up at her sister with
admiration, then to me with a smile.
"My name's Larry. Maybe that will help." I smiled at
the siblings pointed towards my truck. "Why don' you pop the
hood while I get some tools."
Tina held out her hand "Glad to meet ya Larry I'm Tina
and this here is Lisa, my big mouthed little sister."
I smiled, walked forward, took her hand in greeting. I
held out the box of cheese crackers I was carrying and
squatted to be eye level with the stranded girls `Maybe Lisa
could hold these while I look at your car?"
Lisa let out a little squeal and bounced forward to
snatch the food before her sister could object. I let out a
little laugh, smiled at the pair. `I'll be right back. Will
you pop the hood So.'s I can take a look-see? "
I heard the hood pop while I was heading to the truck.
Lisa said, "I think he's cute! Don't you Tina?"
"SHHHHH!" Then a giggle came from the pair.
I had them hit the ignition when I returned with my
tools. The starter just clicked like before. "Turn on your
lights okay Tina?"
The lights came on nice and bright. "Okay! Try it
Click, buzz. The lights dimmed way down. "Okay, turn
your lights off now."
I pulled out the oil dipstick. It had no oil showing on
it. I frowned then went to Tina and showed it to her. "When
was the last time you put oil in your engine?"
"We put in the last of the oil in Denver, Had to save
our money for gas to make it to Phoenix. This old heap has
always smoked pretty badly! It was rattling like crazy and
smoke was coming from under the hood when we stopped here."
"OH shit!" I mumbled under my breath and shook my head
in disapproval. I picked up a breaker bar and socket from my
toolbox, put it on the bolt in the front of the crankshaft
and tugged. The engine was frozen tight.
I walked over to the driver's door. "Tina, you need to
see this."
"I'm cold!" Little Lisa said as her sister started to
get out. They both had jackets on but obviously had been out
in the weather a while because the engine was stone cold.
Tina turned, pulled the blanket from the back seat and
draped it around Lisa.
"Here Munchkin, This'll help."
She got out and came around to the front of the car.
I gathered my thoughts, then turned to her. "Now, I
know you're in a bad spot. You got absolutely no reason to
trust my word on this, so I'm gonna show you. " I put the
breaker bar and socket back on the crankshaft bolt and gave
a stout pull. "Your engine is frozen up, see? Normally it
should turn when I do this. It ran out of oil and that's
what did the deed."
Her arms were pulled in tight, hugging herself from the
cold biting wind. She looked up at me, realized the truth in
my words. She looked over the hood to her little sister huddled under the blanket. Her face gave way and she started
to cry.
I reached out to her and gently pulled her to me. She
resisted a little, then put her arms around me and started
to sob. Her body shook as she sobbed on my shoulder, racked
with abandon to her plight.
"Did Larry fix it Tina? Can I turn the heater on now?"
Tina turned her face away from my neck, leaving it cold
from the wetness of her tears. "Just a minute Munchkin! I
think it's just about fixed."
"It's cold!" Lisa's little voice piped up from inside.
The weight of Tina's body against me was getting
heavier as her knees bent. The poor girl had came to the end
of her rope.
Now I was getting angry. Not with her, but with the
world. I firmly grabbed her by the shoulders. Her head was
down and rolling back and forth, she was lost in grief. I
shook her roughly, no response. Up went my hand and I
slapped her across the face.
Instantly, her head shot up as the shock brought her
back to reality. Furiously, the brought her hand up to
strike me, I easily grabbed her wrists, then forced both
arms to her side. With anger in my voice I said, "Now I
NEVER HAVE HIT A WOMAN!" I lowered my voice after I got her
attention. "But you need help." I shook her to add authority
to my voice. "YOU AND YOUR sister ARE GONNA GET IN MY TRUCK.
Feebly, she shook her head "no".
I turned her around, shifting my grip to her shoulders,
then guided her to her door. Releasing Tina, I squatted and
looked through the open door of the Pinto and smiled at
Lisa. Get your stuff hun, You and Tina are Gonna ride with
me to Phoenix in my truck.
"She looked at Tina. "Are we Tina? Does he have a
heater that works?"
Lisa and I looked at her waiting for her response. She
paused, then gave a single nod of her head in the
Lisa gave a little squeal and came bounding out of the
dead car, ending up with her arms around my legs and
innocently, her cheek against my crotch. She then smiled up
at me with adoration.
"Now you two pop open the hatch and start getting your
stuff out. I'm gonna go bring my truck over here so we can
get the hell outta here."
As soon as I started up my little S10 pickup, I turned
up the heater to full blast and moved it along side sisters.
I leaned over and unlocked the passenger door, slid the
window to the camper shell open and put a few items in the
back to make room. Lisa had the door open in and a flash and
scooting over to make room for her sister. I climbed out,
shut the door, and then went around to the passenger side. I
shut the other door to capture the inside heat. Tina and I
loaded their worldly belongings into my truck. When we were
finished loading, She looked up at me, put her arms around
me and hugged me.
"Thank you Larry." She turned and started to open the
passenger door but my hand stopped her.
"Before we get started, where are you gonna stay in
"OH! Well, I found this hotel that I can rent by the
week. We have enough money to make it till I get paid."
"Good, What`s the address?"
She opened her purse, pulled out a piece of paper and
handed it to me. The address was at 20th Street and Van
I shook my head "Tina, I'll take you by this place so
you can see for yourself, but this area is VERY seedy!"
She nodded her head in agreement. "I sorta thought it
might be, but it's what we can afford."
The license plates on her car were from Iowa, Maybe she
really didn't know just how seedy, seedy can get.
I gave her a disapproving look "Where in Iowa are you
from? What city?"
"Oh you've never heard of it I'm sure. Its called
Rothville. Population a whopping 6,000 very nosey
inhabitants. No jobs there unless you want to travel 30
miles to work at the Wal-Mart."
I pointed to the address on the paper she gave me.
"Tina, this hotel is right in the middle of
prostituteville!" I looked at the name of the motel. "Yup, I
even recognize this name. This place was on the news several
times last month. The owner is in jail. He's a big time pimp
and drug dealer."
Her hand shot up to cover her open mouth. She looked me
in the eyes, determined not to lose control of her emotions
I put my hands on her upper arms and gently squeezed to
show her I meant business. "Tonight you and Lisa are gonna
sleep at my place. NO! No arguments! You'll sleep on the
I reached for the door handle to show that the
discussion was over, then stopped. She looked at me, trying
to gauge my intentions.
"I've got to warn you though, I'm a confirmed bachelor,
I haven't been there for three weeks. The place was a real
mess when I left for Oklahoma City to go to school."
"You can pay me back by cleaning it up okay? I know you
are a proud girl. To tell you the truth, cleaning that place
up will be a real challenge. Believe me, you`ll earn your
stay till we can find you and your little sis a place to
stay." I opened the door for her to show her that the
decision was over and so were the objections. Heat bellowed
out from the open door. She signaled her acceptance by
climbing in.
The little cab of my truck was toasty warm when I
climbed in and buckled up. I put er in gear and we took off.
Before long, we had shed our jackets. Lisa was starting to
nod off until we reached Flagstaff. Lisa looked at Tina, and
pulled on the sleeve of her blouse. Tina bent towards her
and Tina whispered in her ear not too quietly.
"I'm Hunnnnngry!"
Hearing this, I patted little Lisa on the knee, How
bout we stop at the store and get some groceries? My
cupboard is bare at home and we'll need something when we
get up in the morning anyway."
She looked at her older sister, then to me. "Are you
gonna be my Uncle like Uncle Ron was?"
I looked over to see Tina turning a bright shade of
NO! He's not gonna be your uncle!"
"We are gonna spend the night there okay? Just one
night, tomorrow we'll move in to that motel I told you
"Do I have to sleep alone again? Or can I sleep with
you guy's?"
I interrupted before poor Tina could say anything. "No,
Lisa, You and your sister will have a bed all to yourselves.
I'll be the one that's sleeping alone."
She looked from me to her sister. "Well, Larry, You can
call me munchkin. Even if you and Tina aren't gonna sleep
"Okay, munchkin! You got a deal! I like that name."
"It's gonna be like before then Tina? Before mommy and
daddy disappeared?"
Tina looked at me with a confounded expression. She
opened her mouth to speak, but no words came forth.
I interjected to save her the embarrassment. "You see
Munchkin, It's like this. I gave you and your sister Tina a
job. I've been living alone for a while and I need someone
to help me clean my place up. You two can really help me
out. Then Tina can find a job herself. Soon you guy's will
finding your own place."
"Okay Uncle Larry!"
Tina had been taking a drink from a cola can that she
was sharing with her sister. She spewed pop all over herself
and started coughing.
"Hmmm, Uncle Larry! Well, If I can call you Munchkin,
you can call me Uncle Larry!"
"You are NOT gonna call him Uncle Larry!"
"Why not? Uncle Larry is a whole lot cuter than Uncle
"I'll tell you why MISSY! Because Larry is not my
boyfriend! That is why! He's just helping us out till we can
find a place of our own!"
This charming little girl amused me. We got groceries
and soon were on our way. Tina made us sandwiches, and we
ate while I drove. Pretty soon, nightfall had arrived. The
munchkin soon slumped to her sister's side and fell asleep.
Tina was the first to initiate the conversation.
"I'm sorry for the little brat Larry, sometimes she
says the damnest things!"
"Shoot! That's okay Tina. She's just a little girl in a
big world." I looked over to her. Tina was wearing a
checkered men's wool shirt. Her hair was brown like her
sisters, nice blue eyes. Nice big blue eyes. She looked just
a little bit too skinny like her little sister who was all
skinny legs and arms. Tina's breasts looked nice and firm as
far as I could tell from the baggy wool shirt that hid her
charms. I didn't dare try for a more than casual look at
either. It was bad enough that they had to depend on
someone's generosity. Even worse if they were ogled in the
process. Little Lisa had just started to develop, Her
nipples were starting to enlarge and show through her
blouse. Although the sight of her developing body intrigued
me, I willed myself not to let my gaze linger.
"Bob as you most likely guessed, was my boyfriend
before got the hell out of Iowa. He was a Drunk and a loser.
The bastard couldn't even keep a job:"
"I see."
"Besides, he was a flop in the sack." He'd get all
drunk, come home, and then get nasty. The last straw was
when he started after Lisa!"
"He did?"
"Well, I better clear that up. He never did anything to
her, but I could see it in his eyes. The Munchkin didn't
know what was going on in his mind, but he was getting just
a little too friendly. Hands were going where they shouldn't
be going if you know what I mean."
"Well it's a good thing that you two left when you
"That kid means the world to me. When our parents disappeared, well it was just the two of us. We've always
been close."
"I can see that. And Lisa is a lovely little girl." I
thought for a moment. "Look I don't want to pry but..."
"What happened to our parents? God only knows. I think
they just walked away. I mean We seemed to be well, I
dunno... They just raised us and kept us fed and that was
only some of the time. If it wasn't for our Grandma."
"Yeah, Grandma was the one that really took care of us.
She passed on last spring. mom and Dad took us back for a
while. One day we came home from school...The house was
cleaned out. It was really for the best. At least in Lisa's
"I see."
Tina looked at me for a while, then seemed to make a
decision. "My parents were alcoholics, Wait! I better
clarify that. My mom was the real alcoholic. Daddy drank
too, but mostly cause he was lonely. mom would be passed
out, so I was the one that took care of him and Lisa. She
was just a toddler at the time. To tell the truth, I really
don't see how she got pregnant. She didn't want to have
anything to do with him in bed. Maybe he screwed her when
she was passed out."
"So you loved your dad?"
Tina sighed. "Yeah, He loved me too. Eventually he
turned to me for everything."
I just looked at her, Trying to keep my expression
"Why am I telling you this? Because my sister means the
world to me! She's innocent! She don't carry the guilt of
what I did on her shoulders."
"Don't blame yourself for what your father did to you
as a child. Besides, that's all in the past."
"In the past? No way!....I miss him!" She averted her
eyes from me. "It wasn't all his doing."
"Bob was just a pervert! He wasn't even family."
"Can I tell you something Tina?"
"You're not gonna spout religion on me are you?"
I laughed. "Hell no. I just want to admit something.
After all, you opened up to me."
She looked at me, smiled. "Okay go ahead."
"Well, My older brother started with our sister. Now
they never went all the way, but pretty much everything
Then, Well there was a pretty good gap in ages between
us kids. My sister was 4 years older than I was. My older brother was 5 years older than my sister. He went away to
the Navy when I was 9 and Nancy was 13. So, She came to me
after that."
"Wow! So you are saying that we are sort of in the same
"In a way, yes. I don't feel guilty about it though. I
learned quite a lot from her. We stopped messing around when
she moved out the first time. Well, there was that one
"One time?"
"Yeah...She had separated from her husband and moved
back home for a while. They are back together now. That was
the only time that we went all the way."
"Was it good?"
I looked over at her. And nodded yes. "I feel a little
guilty about the last time, cause she was married.
Tina sighed. "I've done the same thing with Lisa here."
She put her hand on Lisa's sleeping head affectionately.
Maybe it's genetic."
"I don't think so Tina, I think that between brothers
and sisters, living in the same house, It's more or less
experimentation. How else is a kid gonna explore their
developing sexuality?" You didn't force her did you?"
"Oh hell no! She was more than willing. Now she
initiates it more than me."
"Did your father coerce you or force himself on you?"
Tina thought for a second. "No, not at all. He would
sleep in my bed when mom got too nasty drunk or puked in the
bed. I guess it just sorta developed slowly between us. At
night I would feel him against me. He would be asleep but
with a midnight hardon. We both needed love. Someone to
hold. It started with me snuggling up to him for warmth at
first, but later because it was exciting. He would wake up
from erotic dreams. He was pressing and moving his hardon
against my back or butt, and moving. Just a little. At first
when he awoke and saw what was happening. I would pretend to
be asleep. I think he got up and masturbated in the
bathroom, then turn come back to bed and face the other way.
Eventually, he masturbated in bed beside me. He thought I
was asleep for quite a while, until he caught me diddling
myself after he had woke from one of those dreams and
pressed his dick in my buttcrack, and very gently worked it
up and down. I think that was the first time that he
actually fondled me."
"Yes Larry?"
"Do you know what this is doing to me?"
"Want me to stop"
"No! Tell me more please."
`Okay. Well, that was about the time that my breasts were a noticeable size. He reached around from behind me and
very gently felt my breasts, thinking I was asleep. After a
few minutes, he rolled onto his back and got himself off. He
musta been convinced that I slept like a rock. Cause the bed
sure shook while he was jacking off."
I laughed. Definitely not an earthquake huh? "
She smiled at me.
"So...He caught you masturbating..right?"
"Oh yeah!...Well I had to wait for him to drop off
before I did my thing. Well that night I guess I moved the
bed a little too much. Cause he had fondled my breasts. I
woke him up while I was right on the edge of the
precipice...if you know what I mean."
I laughed "Oh yeah! I get the picture!"
"I heard daddy wake up but I couldn't stop till the
ride was over..sorta speak."
"What did he do?"
"He just kept quiet till I was done. I was so
embarrassed! I pulled my hand out of my panties and just
rolled over and pretended like I thought he was still
`So he ignored it then?"
"Oh no! After a few minutes, I thought I heard him
crying. He put a hand on my shoulder and told me that he was
sorry! That he'll never touch me that way again! I thought
he was gonna yell at me for playing with myself."
"Wow! That was not what I'd expected either. Sounds
like your father was human after all!"
"Yeah. Now I had to confess. I rolled over and gave him
a hug. His pelvis was pulled Way back so I wouldn't feel
that he was turned on again. We hugged each other crying for
a long time, Then I confessed that I had been rubbing myself
against very him slowly for quite a while as he was
"Yeah? What happened then?"
"Don't you see Larry? I was the one that enticed him to
do what he did! Remember! His erections were just those
nightly dream things."
"Tina! You were just a little girl! To be honest with
you, I can see the sibling stuff. But your father was an
adult! He made his own decision."
"Maybe you're right, but I've held this in for such a
long time. Lisa doesn't know what happened."
"So did you two stop?"
"We both promised that was the last night we slept
together. He told me that masturbating was not wrong. But
that the thing between us was."
"I see his point."
"But he was so lonely! And so was I. He still tried to
act the same to me, but I could see his guilt. That was when
he started to drink more and more. The next time he came to
me, he was drunk. Tina was about 7 then. We had only done a
little touching and looking at that time. I turned to her
for comfort. Of course, she's always been my little
sweetheart sister. Maybe she was more interested in her
feelings by that age." Tina looked at me. "Larry?"
"Yes Tina"
"Whatever happens between us, don't hurt my sister!"
"Tina, I promise!" I glanced to her, then back to the
road. "I want to tell you something else."
"Whenever I was an adolescent, I had this thing for
younger girls."
I saw her look towards me sharpen. "Now wait! Let me
finish! I'd never do anything to a little girl now! I must
admit though, I still catch myself looking at them with a
little lust. Admiring their growing figure. But I promise
you that I've never done anything like that since the 9th
She said nothing, but I saw her stare soften. "I
thought you should know because Lisa is starting to develop
and you might catch me looking. I try not to. But
sometimes..Hell I don't know! Maybe it's unconscious or
"Okay Larry, We've both made our point. When you first
helped us, I didn't think you would screw up her life. I'll
go with my first impressions.
We rode in silence for a while. Tina got curious.
"So how did it start with you and your sister?"
I thought for a minute.
Well I really don't remember a first time. She was the
one that initiated the play at the beginning. We would be
playing, maybe wrestling. She would end up on top of me with
her pussy pressed against the upper part of my leg. I could
see the change in her face. She was a lot bigger than I was,
so usually she had me pinned by then. I would feel her slip
to one of my legs and straddle it, then press herself
against it. Maybe at first she thought I didn't notice, but
I did. I guess once my arms weren't pinned and I put my
hands on her hips and helped her press down. She knew then.
I felt her rock her hips back and forth. Her mind was
elsewhere. I knew that it must have felt good by the look on
her face. We heard someone coming down the hall so she
quickly let me up. When my mom looked in on us, we were
quietly watching TV. I asked her what it felt like. She told
me that it was too hard to describe. But it felt really
good. I told her that sometimes I got a feeling like that
when I pressed myself up against something just right. She
nodded. I wanted to see what her puss looked like, but she
said it was too risky. Maybe some night after everyone was
asleep. I was disappointed, but let it drop. That was the
early stuff.
"What age were you guys again?"
"I think I was 9 and she 13."
"So, What happened next?
"She dared me to go to bed naked and sleep all night
like that. I said okay. If I was still naked when she
checked on me, I could see her naked and do whatever I
wanted to her."
"That was a big scary thing to do at my age. What would
happen when mom of dad came in to tuck me in? Sure enough,
Mom was the one to say goodnight. I was scared shitless, had
a raging little woody. She kissed me on the cheek and said
goodnight. I waited for forever till Nancy came to my room.
She had to wake me up."
"You fell asleep?"
"Yup! Sure as shit! Anyway, she had her flashlight with
her and woke me up. All that was over me was the sheet cause
it was summer. She turned the flashlight to my crotch. I had
made a little tent just about as soon as I realized that she
was finally there to see if I had gone through with the
dare. When she tried to pull the sheet back. I got
embarrassed and wouldn't let go of it. Nancy just smiled a
mischievous grin and slid her hand from my death grip on the
sheet to my tent. Wow! I still remember that thrill of
someone other than me touching it. I said "See! I did it!"
She just shook her head no. "You could still have your
undies on under there!" She had me there. Slowly, she
caressed my prick with her hand on top of the sheet. I was
just lying there enjoying the sensation, when I felt the
sheet pull back. By then I had lost my inhibitions about her
seeing my hardon. She's seen it a number of times limp, but
there was something about it being erect that made me shy.
Now her hand was on my bare dick. My eyes were closed, I
heard her ask, "Okay, you did it. Now you can do whatever
you want to me."
"What did you do"
"Well, you gotta remember I was young and stupid. "Take off
your nightie first! And that don't count as my treat!"
"Shhhh!" She pulled her nightie off. She had no panties on
underneath. Then, she lay down with her head towards the
foot of the bed and her legs spread.
"Yeah? What did you do?"
"I just looked at her pussy with the flashlight. She took
her hand and spread her lips open so I could see everything.
Still I just looked. She took her other hand and touched her
clit. "That's what I was pressing on your leg the other day.
Touch it! Feel the bump?" She reacted a little at my touch.
I pulled my hand back.
"Wanna see how I play with it? That can be your treat."
"Sure," Not being able to think of anything better.
She took her finger and started to rub on it. "Guess
who showed me how to do this?"
"I dunno, Who?"
"Bruce!" Nancy opened her eyes momentarily. "We used to
play like this all the time before he went to the navy!"
"Yes, really." She continued her diddling. He also
showed me how to make him come too!"
"SHHH! Yes he sure did. I can show you sometime if you
"Show me!"
"Not now! I'm showing you this!"
"C'mon Nancy! Show me what he showed you!"
Nancy stopped diddling, sat up, then started to put her
nightie back on. "Well, I guess the show is over! Good
I jumped out of bed and met her at the door. "Please?"
"Larry, I don't think you are old enough. Besides, I
think you should learn how to make me come first."
"That's not fair!"
Nancy opened the door, turned and looked at me. "Well,
it might not seem fair, but that is what I had to do to
Bruce before he would show me. Now you are like I was!"
With that said, she quietly left, closing the door
behind her.
"Well, Tina, you heard one of mine. Did you like it?"
"Yeah Larry! You are a master storyteller!"

The Exit to my street was coming up. I slowed down and
left the freeway. Lisa woke up as my vehicle slowed.

The end of chapter 1


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