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STRANDED stretch little unkink the

From sandman@bitsmart.com Sat Jan 03 20:15:46 1998
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
Subject: {ASS} STORY: Stranded (Bi) (M/M/F) (MM) (M/F)
From: sandman@bitsmart.com
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 02:15:46 GMT

Content Warning: The following work of fiction deals with the subject
of graphic bisexuality between two consenting males and a female. If
this bothers you or it is illegal to possess such material in your
locality please hit the delete button now. This is a work of fiction
and any similarities between any person(s) living or dead is pure
coincidence. Under no circumstances should this material be deemed
suitable for minors.

Subject: Whatís a lonely, sexually repressed nerd to do when he finds
himself stranded on a desert island with a handsome homosexual man and
a beautiful woman?

Authorís note: This story marks my third entry to alt.sex.stories and
probably my last for a while as the real world calls me back from the
cyber mists. If youíre just here for hot sex scenes I suggest you do a
word search on "slurped" because there are fifteen single-spaced
typewritten pages of verbal foreplay separating you from instant
gratification (followed by fifteen pages of fairly detailed graphical
sex with a few intermissions - after that feel free to leave when it
turns into a story again) To those of you who subject yourselves to a
good hour of reading time (at least!) and plunge right in from the
beginning to the end, you have my sincerest, heartfelt apologies in

Subject Matter: (Bi) (M/M/F) (MM) (M/F)
Rating: (X) Not suitable for minors. May be illegal in some areas.

Author: The SandMan
Copyright: 1998 sandman@bitsmart.com
Distribution Rights: May be distributed freely WITHOUT MODIFICATION on
USENET, USENET II, not-for profit web sites, not-for profit ftp sites,
and news archival services which offer free public access to archived
articles. All other rights are specifically reserved by the author.

Creation Date: 1/3/98
Distribution Date: 1/3/98

Stranded (By Sandman)

Thomas stood by the rail, looking out into the deep black waters far
below as the moon began to set on the horizon. As pretty as a sunset
really, the way the moonglow caught the shimmering waves and sparked
like a million tiny stars. The warm tropical sea breeze brushed him
lightly, giving a slightly unruffled look to his straight blond hair.
He should be sharing this moment with someone. At least that had been
his intent when he booked the cruise. Lonely bachelor looking for
good times and attractive woman, old story. The cruise ships probably
booked thousands like him a year, some even found what they looked
for. But Thomas just didnít have the knack of picking up women, and
while not displeasing to the eye, he was by no means handsome enough
for women to pick him up.

He shifted his glance to the deck around him and his already low
spirits plummeted as a virtual line of happily kissing singes lined
the deck. He sighed and headed down the deck to his cabin. As he
neared the stairs the P.A. cracked to life and a strangely accented
voice came on. "Attention! To protest the treatment of Arabs in
Israel, This Israeli owned ship will be destroyed!" There was the
sound of scuffling and fighting and suddenly a huge explosion ripped
through the vessel, followed by a second and a third. The ship
lurched violently and only the rail kept Thomas from falling

People where screaming and running around him and Thomas kept a death
grip on the rail as he watched two men try to free a lifeboat nearby.
The fourth and most powerful explosion ripped the ship in two throwing
Thomas over the edge. As he hit the water he passed into utter and
complete blackness. He woke as he felt strong hands pulling at him
and the sharp blow of a narrow edge buried deep in his stomach He
coughed up salty water as he fell forward the rest of the way. He
laid on the rounded deck a few moments as he tried to get his
bearings, coughing a few more times.

He sat up and found himself in a lifeboat with two other people. A
man and woman where standing looking overboard, no doubt for more
survivors. Thomas surveyed the carnage around him. The huge vessel
had completely disappeared, only scattered wreckage gave clues that it
ever existed. But in the absolute darkness of a moonless sky, it was
hard to look for survivors. Only low moans in the far distance gave
hint that any others had survived the explosions. Another lifeboat
drifted nearby but was totally devoid of life, unless someone was
lying on the deck.

Finding no one to help, Thomas sat down and studied his shipmates
briefly. The woman was very pretty by most standards, despite being
as drenched as he was. She had long blond hair, a very pretty face
and a good figure that showed through the clinging shirt and pants.
The man was tall, maybe 6í3 with jet black hair framing a strong face.
The man and woman had sat down as well.

"The fools." The man muttered. "Half of them couldnít release the
rafts, and the ones that did wouldnít jump in after it had fallen."

The woman started sobbing and the man put his arm around her. They
floated in the darkness and Thomas surprised himself by falling
asleep. He woke with the sun peeking through a dark overcast sky. He
found his two companions sleeping against each other. The calm sea
showed no trace of the carnage of the previous night. Having little
else to do, he explored the tiny craft and found a water tight
compartment filled with a few rations, a couple of gallons of water, a
flare gun, a package of flares, a short-wave radio and a radio beacon
if the packaging could be believed. He followed the instructions and
activated the beacon. Much to his distress the red indicator light
didnít come on. He checked the batteries and then replaced them with
the batteries from the short-wave. Still nothing. He left the beacon
on, hoping it was just a burnt out light bulb. He turned on the
short-wave and spun the dial until he found something familiar.

"This is the BBC news. Terrorists yesterday claimed responsibility
for the destruction of the cruise ship Haven in the south pacific. No
word yet on survivors or casualties, but rescue ships have been
dispatched and are expected to arrive at the last known position in
approximately five hours. The rescue attempt may face significant
hardship as weather reports indicate a strong storm building in the

His companions had woke when sometime during the report, and when the
announcer moved on to other irrelevant subjects, Thomas turned off the
radio. "I found a radio beacon as well but I donít think itís
working." He passed it over to the man who looked at it for a few
minutes then set it down.

"Iím Brad Johnson." The man said.

"Thomas Grant.", Thomas replied.

"Anita Green." The woman said.

It had begun to rain, a cold wet drizzle that brought the grim mood of
the company to new lows. The storm worsened and as the wind picked
up, so did the waves. After an hour, they where all holding fast to
their seats as the waves battered the small craft. Though daytime,
the storm was so intense that it might have well been night. Only the
frequent lightning gave enough light to see how angry the sea had

The wind howled and had become almost a wall of air now, driving rain
into their exposed flesh like so much buckshot. When they could
manage it, they bailed water out of the craft, realizing that if they
took on to much the craft would sink lower and take on the water even
faster as the waves washed over the sides. It was a miserable,
exhausting day and thought the storm relented it was still strong
enough to make for a miserable and exhausting night.

Thomas woke the next afternoon when he heard the radio. His back
protested as he raised himself, and he was sore in paces he had never
been sore before.

"This is the BBC news. Early reports from rescue vessels report no
survivors from the cruise ship disaster. Captain Shrike of the rescue
vessel Jordan reports," The reporterís voice gave way to another
manís voice. "The life rafts are equipped with radio beacons, but
there are no blips to follow. Either no one made it off alive or no
oneís found the beacons to turn them on yet." The reporterís voice
returned. "The severe storm in the area hampered the visual search.
Several rescuers have confided that even if there were survivors they
would be hard pressed to survive in life rafts through that storm.
Still a visual search is being made, though hope of finding survivors
grows dim."

Brad turned off the radio. "Maybe we should set off a flare." He

"Better wait until dark." Thomas replied. "Easier to see it."

"Do you think we could break out the rations?" Anita asked. "I donít
know about you but Iím famished! And strange as it sounds, parched!"

The men agreed quickly and they each took a long gulp of water from
one of the jugs and passed around the dry rations bars. It was some
granola type bar, but in their present condition it might as well have
been a gourmet meal. Weather it was the food and drink, or just
surviving two life threatening experiences their mood had dramatically

"So what do you two do for a living?" Anita asked as she nibbled on
her bar.

"Iím a stock analyst." Brad replied. "Pretty boring job, but I
manage to have fun to remind me Iím still human."

"Some fun!", Thomas quipped. "Iím a computer programmer for NexCor,
though I do some freelancing on the side. This was my first vacation
in three years. You?" He asked Anita.

She shrugged. "I manage a flower shop. I won the cruise on a radio
contest." She started to cry. "I lost my best friend! I gave my
other ticket to her!"

Once again Brad comforted her and Thomas could only look on, feeling
as useless as a fifth wheel. The drifted in silence until darkness
fell and they launched a flare. Two hours later they launched
another. In the evening they took turns standing "guard duty" where
one stood in the boat while the other held on, ass to the wind to
answer natures call. Anita had thought of it, and the men agreed it
was a good idea.

The third day they all sweltered under the brutal tropical sun. They
were cautious with their water and alarmed at how fast they were going
through their supply even being cautious. They had launched a third
flare at sunrise, but there was no sign of any rescuers. The news
didnít mention their flares. They drifted mostly in silence, the
sun stripping away to much of their strength for anything else. They
launched the forth flare that evening as they munched on the rations
and as the night offered some comfort they began to talk.

"How is it a beautiful woman like you isnít wearing a wedding band?",
Brad asked.

Anita shrugged. "Lisa, thatís my friend, always said I had lousy
taste in men. Iíve had a few offers but none from anyone Iíd care to
spend the rest of my life with." She paused. "I donít see you two
wearing bands either. You hiding them from the cruise or are we all

"Single." Thomas answered.

"Same here." Brad said. "Not that I could get married anyway. Iím
gay you see. But Iíve never found my significant other." After a
long quiet where you could have heard a pin drop Brad said, "I guess
I should add ĎDonít Come out on a Lifeboatí to my list."

Anita laughed, "Just unexpected. Itís impossible to even think about
sex or possible mates under these conditions, at least for me."

Which is something we could all agree on.. "So whatís youíre story?"
Anita asked Thomas. "Do you need to come out too? Or just havenít
found Ms. Right yet?"

Thomas flushed. "I just havenít found Ms. Right. Really I donít get
out much. Itís pretty much work and home. I took the cruise to try
to improve my social skills, but it wasnít working last I checked."

Brad laughed. "It figures Iíd be stranded in the middle of nowhere
with two confirmed heterosexuals."

Anita arched an eyebrow. "I wouldnít say that. Lisa and I used to
have a good time together. I still like a good man, but I donít turn
my nose up at a good time with a woman either."

Thomas felt their eyes on him as it became his turn to volunteer,
"Sorry no help here, my only experience in the area is what I see on
the net."

Anita shrugged and the conversation drifted into safer waters until
they turned in for the night. By the fifth day they were on their
last water jug and the news no longer mentioned rescue attempts, only
reprisals and crackdowns. The mood on the boat was grim and silent as
each silently came to grips with the very real possibility that they
may soon die.

On the sixth day Thomas shouted "Land!" as he urgently pointed off to
the horizon. Brad and Anita stood and looked off to the distance to
the small bump on the horizon. Thomas and Brad started rowing but it
took them a good two full days to pull up on the beach. The dot on
the horizon had hid a fairly large island. They where laughing and
celebrating as they finally stepped ashore. And they hugged each
other in the joy of just surviving impossible odds to have come this
far. They set out down the beach to look for people or just to find
a place to shelter in during the night, stretching sore legs which
where cramped from disuse.

When they found a small rock bottomed stream that emptied into the sea
they eagerly drank their fill of the cool clean water and followed it
inland a few minutes until they found a crystal blue pool fed by a
bubbling waterfall. The lush rich foliage surrounding the pool made
the place seem like a botanical garden. A house stood on a hill
overlooking the pool though from the overgrown vegetation it had been
long abandoned.

Though badly in need of repairs, the house was very well built and
solid. It had a breezy, open architecture with open windows to let
the air through, but there were sliding shutters to close them off
during storms. A stone lined fire pit stood in the center of the
house, and it was furnished with well crafted tables and chairs, even
two beds though there was nothing resembling mattresses. There where
a few wooden bowels and metal eating utensils. And the most important
find of all, a toolbox filled with various tools.

"Take a look at this!" Anita cried. She showed them an age ravaged

"Friend," It began. "If thereís a place to be marooned this is it.
The fruit grows year round, the sea life is plentiful, and thereís
pigs, goats, and sheep to hunt. The island is large but uninhabited.
Thereís flint by the pit and more on the north side of the small
mountain, look for an outcropping of black rock. Take our house, our
tools which have served so well, and our best wishes. David Vance and
Larry Croft, shipwrecked 1908, rescued 1938."

"Looks like weíve found a home for a while." Thomas said.

"Thirty years on this island." Brad said softly.

"Well the worldís smaller now." Anita said. "A ship will probably be
by soon enough."

Night was falling fast. And Brad lit a fire out of the old wood in
the pit. They ate the last of their rations. When Anita went to one
of the beds and Brad to the other, Thomas stood until they noticed
him. Laughing he said, "Who should I join? Either way itís seems

They laughed and settled the matter with Brad and Anita taking one
bed, and Thomas taking the other. The only comfort to the hard wooden
beds was that it was the first time they were able to really stretch out.

Thomas woke up and rubbed his back. There had to be a way to make the
beds more comfortable, surely the previous inhabitants didnít sleep 30
years on these things. Anita and Brad where still asleep so Thomas
crept out quietly when he went to answer natureís call. He gathered a
few bananas wolfing down a few, and leaving the rest on the table as
he set out to explore, taking a char pointed spear he found laying

He followed the stream back to the beach and followed the shore until
the jungle relented to brush and finally grassland. In the distance
he could see the "small mountain" which looked to be about 500 feet
high. It was certainly a prominent landmark at the very least. He
followed the grassland inland and stumbled on a small flock of sheep.
Feeling lucky, and hungry Thomas began to stalk. As he moved in, one
of the sheep raised itís head and let out a bleat and Thomas soon
found out the damn things could run and as fast or faster than he

He sat down and studied his prey as they grazed about fifty yards
ahead of him. He wasnít sure how far he could throw the spear but he
was fairly certain he had to be close. The grass here was to short to
really provide any sort of cover. So Thomas found himself following
the herd as it wandered the field. And when they wandered close to a
brush line that turned into forest, he circled around them. Reaching
the brush, he fell flat on his chest and crawled along, cautiously
lifting his head now and again to get his bearings. If anything the
sheep where closer to the brush now and he was closer to them than he
had ever been.

Judging the distance right, he popped up and as the frightened heard
bleated and made to run, Thomas let loose his spear with every shred
of energy he had. The spear traveled swiftly and just missed the rump
of a swiftly fleeing sheep. Sighing Thomas retrieved the spear and
began stalking the heard again. It was well into the afternoon when
he got another chance. This time his spear flew true and embedded
itself in the gut of a fair sized animal. The beast tried to run, but
pain and the spear made it awkward and Thomas had little trouble
catching up and finishing the job.

And now that he had made his kill he found himself completely unable
to answer the question of what to do with it. It was a fair distance
back to the camp, and the sheep weighted at least 80 pounds. Next
time heíd have to choose a much smaller sheep. But for now he grabbed
the animal by the hind legs and began dragging it back. Darkness was
just beginning to fall when he finally made it back to the house.

"Where have you been?" Anita demanded.

Thomas shrugged. "Exploring, hunting. Iíve got a sheep outside but
need a knife to prepare it."

Brad laughed. "Behold Thomas, great white hunter!"

Thomas blushed and dug through the chest until he found the hunterís
knife. "After days of rations, I thought meat would be a nice change
of pace." Thomas said.
No one argued. Brad came out and together they managed to figure out
how to skin the animal and thought the cuts were not pretty, they
finally had a nice hunk of meat and set it to roast over the fire.
There were no metal pots, the meat was skewered on a spear and placed
on two rods over the fire.

"You two have been busy." Thomas said, noting that the place had been
cleaned and some small repairs made. The plants outside had been cut
back a little too.

"It kept us out of trouble." Anita said with a wink. "Brad tried
his hand at spear fishing this afternoon, without much success."

"The damn things will swim right through your legs like you werenít
even there but every time I tried to spear one I only managed to hurt the sand.", Brad grumbled.

Laughing Thomas told him of his hunt and how hunting sheep had turned
out not to be as easy at it sounded. When he was done they judged the
meat to be cooked and they slid it off the spear into a wooden bowel.
Without spices it wasnít as tasty as they where used to, but after
days of nothing but rations and a few bananas it was manna from the

With filled bellies and in the best mood ever since finding themselves
in the lifeboat, they talked and joked over the dancing fire.

"The first thing Iím going to do when we get rescued is to get a huge
double fudge ice cream Sunday." Anita declared. "With all this heat
and with all respects to the hunter, the menu on this vacation seems
to have left out desert!"

Brad laughed and said, "Iím going to call my travel agent and book my
next vacation at Disneyworld. I doubt Iíll have to run for the
lifeboats there!"

Thomas smiled. "Iím going to get a new pair of shoes! These are
definitely not made for hunting."

"What if weíre not rescued?" Anita suddenly said solemnly.

Thomas shrugged. "David and Larry survived." He said. "Thereís
food, and water, and shelter."

After they had turned in Thomas heard them whispering, and the house
was not so large that he couldnít understand their muted voices.

"Is it that you canít or wonít have sex with a woman?" Anita

"Neither really." Brad replied. "Just a preference really."

"Then maybe?" She let the thought trail.

"Not tonight." Brad answered.

"Do you find Thomas attractive?" She whispered after a while.

"I think before today I would have answered no. It takes some time to
realize it but he has some very nice qualities." Brad said and Thomas
blushed in the dark.

"I think so to." Anita whispered back and then as silence filled the
house Thomas finally drifted off to sleep.

Anita was still asleep when Thomas woke but Brad was gone. He paused
outside to stretch a little to unkink the sore muscles abused by the
hard bed. He followed the creek down a ways planning to answer
natureís call when he found Brad doing the same, squatting naked in
the middle of the creek in the middle of expelling a fairly large

"Sorry." Thomas said quickly when Brad spied him.

"Donít be." Brad said. "I doubt weíll have all that much privacy
around here." Brad lowered his bottom into the water and washed
himself. Then stood and fingered his 2" flaccid penis as he took a
long piss. Thomas shrugged and relieved his own pressure.

"So what do we do today?" Thomas asked. "We still have meat from
last night."

"Well weíve got to dispose of the carcass for one. And Iíd like to try
skinning it. Iím not sure how to tan hide, but if we could get enough
of them we might be able to fashion some sort of mattress or at least

"That sounds good to me." Thomas agreed.

A silence followed as they finished. Brad coughed nervously then
said. "Look Thomas, we might be here a long time. And well, you know
what I am, and if you want to try Iíd be more than happy if you did."

Thomas blushed. "Iím flattered, really. But my only sexual
experience when I was in the tenth grade with a girl on the swim team
who drug me out in the woods to experiment with. That was terrifying
enough, I donít think Iím ready for anything more exotic."

Brad smiled warmly. "Youíre what, 28? 29? Let yourself go already!
Iím not asking for a lifestyle change or, gasp!, a relationship. All
Iím saying is when youíd like to have some fun, and I think thatís
going to be hard to find on this island, thereís an easy,
uncomplicated way to have it."
Thomas smiled. "I donít see you chasing after Anita."

"Toucheí" Brad replied. "But Iíll tell you this, Anitaís a pretty
girl and before to long I think I wouldnít mind in the least having a
little fun with her."

Thomas shrugged. "Iíll think on it." He said noncommittally.

That morning they hauled the carcass down to the beach and then made a
fairly decent job of removing the skin. They pitched the remains into
the surf and carried the skin back to the house. After a bit of
fumbling they managed to erect two poles and attach the skin so it
could dry.

Anita had been busy with the house, dusting and sweeping with a
makeshift palm frond, and she came out and joined them as they started
weeding back the overgrowth from the house.

Their dinner was leftover sheep, although reheated over the fire. It
tasted a bit gamy but it wasnít objectionable and neither did it make
them sick. The dinner was quiet and the short evening was as well
before they all turned into bed.

As Thomas drifted on the border of sleep he heard them whispering

"Tonight?" Anita whispered.

"I thought men where supposed to be the aggressive ones." Brad

Anita sobbed a few minutes before replying. "I need someone Brad, I
need someone to let me know Iím safe and wanted. Iíve been through to
much not to need that."

"I know." Brad said finally. Thomas heard a shifting then the sounds
of low gentle lovemaking. They were careful to be quiet even in their

"I propositioned Thomas today." Brad said after a long quiet.

"And?" Anita replied.

"He declined." Thomas said. "The poor thing really doesnít have all
that much experience. He might be open to it if heíd only try."

"In a college class we learned that most people are bisexual at
heart." Anita said quietly. "Most are just hemmed in by society and
maybe opportunity. The primary inclination is for one sex or the
other, but at itís core sex is fun no matter who you do it with as you
just nicely proved."

"Why thank you. You werenít all that bad yourself for a woman."
Thomas quipped back.

Thomas heard a light slap and two quiet laughs and then the house fell
silent and he drifted back off to sleep as he tried to figure out how
to deal with his two curious roommates.

When Thomas woke, he found he had slept in which was unusual for him
as both Brad and Anita where gone from the house.

When he stepped outside he saw Anita taking a swim in the pool, very
naked and very pleasingly so. As she rolled and twisted he built a
mental picture of her without the distortions of the water. Her
breasts where pleasingly plump though tending towards the petite they
were well shaped with large round and quite erect nipples. Her
slender waist widened pleasingly to rounded hips and her pussy was
topped by a small tuft of pubic hair that looked like it had been
trimmed to a small triangle.

"Good morning!" She called when she saw him.

Thomas blushed.. "Good morning. Should I leave?"

"I donít see why." She replied swimming in closer. "Iíve been to
countless nude beaches before. My bodyís my best feature, I like to
show it off. Why donít you join me? The waterís very refreshing!"

Thomas blush deepened and he fumbled for an excuse. There was no way
he was going to get undressed now with a morning hardon strengthened
by the sight of this water nymph. "I thought Iíd go round up dinner
this morning." Thomas replied.

"Nope. Bradís got that end covered. Said either he was going to kill
a sheep or a sheep was going to kill him." She giggled.

Thomas smiled back. "Then Iíll try my hand at fishing." He replied.

"Careful sailor!" She bantered, "Thereís mermaids in these waters you
might just catch yourself one!"

Thomas laughed. "I was thinking of the lagoon."

She frowned. "Sure you wonít take a dip first?"

"Not today but thanks for the offer." Thomas said as he selected a

"Men!" Anita said derisively. "Either theyíre all over you until you
canít stand it, or you have to throw yourselves on them and itís like
hitting a brick wall!"

Thomas swung around. "Iím sorry Anita, I was raised believing that
sex was a small part of love and romance, not something you do with
every passing stranger."

"Iím hardly a stranger." Anita replied softening.

"A compatriot maybe. Even maybe a friend. But thatís not enough for
me." Thomas said. Then he turned and went downstream leaving Anitaís
puzzled gaze behind.

The stream emptied out into the lagoon, reefs and the curvature of
the land kept the waters calm here and clear enough to see the
abundant life below. It didnít take long for Thomas to realize the
truth of what Brad had said though, the fish might have looked lazy
and stupid, but they where quick enough to avoid the spear. A net
would yield a virtual cornucopia of sea life though, and Thomas added
it to his mental checklist of what theyíd need.

He was backing up when he felt a sharp pain in his foot and fell over
into the water as he rapidly shifted his weight. Whatever he had
stepped on had stung him good and a red hot fire burned in his injured
foot. He looked around but couldnít find whatever it was he had
stepped on. As the pain in his foot grew he dragged himself to shore
and started crawling home, he didnít make it far before he fell

"Heís awake." He heard as if from far off. Dimly he was aware of a
swirl of lights and colors and he felt a cold cloth pat his forehead.
He tried to speak but all he heard was a mishmash of words, like a
stranger talking. But that was silly, there where no strangers here.

"Heís delirious." Another voice said. "Heís so hot you could fry an
egg on him."

"Damn you! You get well! We need you, you silly nerd!" He
recognized Anitaís voice and then blackness consumed him.

Brad and Anita kept vigil over him through the night, dipping Thomasís
shirt in a bowl of water and rubbing him down, trying to cool the
fever which threatened to consume him.. At times Thomas was deathly
still, barely breathing, at times he thrashed and moaned in agony.
Brad had cut and drained the angry wound on Thomasís foot but it was
swollen and red as the toxins destroyed whatever they touched.

Thomas woke the next morning to Anitaís toweling. "What happened?"
He managed to croak..

"We donít know, we found you by the creek." She choked. "We thought
you were going to die, but your feverís going down. Last I heard that
was always a good sign."

He smiled and drifted back to sleep. He was out the rest of the day
and most of the night, but the danger had passed. His fever had
finally broken and the swelling in his foot had subsided greatly.

"Hey there bud." Brad greeted him as Thomas woke the following day.

"Morning." Thomas said groggily. "You two are lousy doctors but at
least youíve got good bedside manners."

Brad laughed. "Weíve decided youíll live. Next time watch what you
step on."

Thomas grinned weakly. "I promise."

"Look you need to eat. Thereís nothing to make broth with, so some
leftover lamb and a banana will have to do. Think you can manage it?"

"I think so." Thomas said as he tried to sit up, not really
succeeding until Brad helped him up. "Where are my cloths?" He asked
realizing he was buck naked.

"Anitaís out washing them. You havenít been in them for a while so
donít go missing them now. With the fever you didnít need them and
thereís not much cloth laying around for things like cooling down a
patient or cleaning up their messes so we had to make do."

"I must have been a real bother." Thomas groused.

"Letís just say you kept us otherwise occupied.", Brad said. "Iím
sure youíd have done the same for any of us."

Brad brought over the fruit and warmed meat. Thomas surprised them
all by devouring every last morsel, he was famished. When he was
done, he slept a little bit longer and woke around noon. He felt
strong enough to walk and though he was a little shaky at first
managed to do just fine after a few minutes.

"There!" He said as he started walking around more confident.
"Almost back to normal."

Anita arched an eyebrow. "I see a terribly frail and very pale man still. I donít think youíll be doing any hunting for a few days."

"Nonsense!" Thomas protested. "I feel fine really and the sun will
do me good. Now are you going to give me my cloths or do you find me
so handsome that youíve designed to keep me naked?" Thomas quipped.

Anita laughed and walked over to him. She poked him lightly in the
chest and said, "YOU sell yourself to short, youíre very well
endowed. But Iíll go get your clothes so you can prance around and
prove what a man you are by ignoring the fact that youíre just two
days away from your deathbed."

Thomas sat down on the chair as what she had said hit home. He HAD
almost died, it was probably that close a thing. And if he had died,
he would have died the reclusive nerd he had always hated being. A
lifetime of loneliness then two offers of companionship in two days
and he had almost died without accepting either one. Slowly he felt
around the concept of not being immortal for the first time in his
life, and he found he really didnít like the idea at all.

When Anita returned with his sun dried clothing which were
surprisingly clean considering all they had been put through, he
dressed quickly. He paused at the door and turned. "Would you like
to walk with me a bit? Iíd love to have your company for a while."

She smiled broadly and took his offered arm. Soon they where walking
along the beach, both enjoying the warm sun and warm breezes.

"You know, I often dreamed of walking along a beach like this with a
beautiful woman at my side." Thomas said.

"So why didnít you?" Anita asked.

"Oh I donít know. When I got out of high school I threw myself to
heavily into college to really pay attention to the people around me.
Then I got my job and it pretty much consumed me for a while. By the
time I figured out people where really important I discovered I really
hadnít developed the skills. After the fifth time of leaving a club
alone I let the net substitute, there I was a God."

She sighed. "I know how you feel really. Iíd go to a club, Iíd get
picked up, have a few laughs maybe. Sometimes I slept with them
sometimes I didnít but in the end I always ended up alone again. Itís
hard to find people who are good for you these days, and if you do
manage it theyíre usually not interested in anything beyond a few days
of fun."

"Have you ever wanted to climb the tallest building you could find and
just scream Iím hear world! I exist!", Thomas asked.

Anita smiled. "Almost all the time. At least you tried to change
things, just being here proves that. And at least two people found
out you existed."

"You know youíre right." Thomas said with a quirky grin. They walked
together in silence for a while, their arms around each other just
enjoying each otherís company.
"You know, I always dreamed of being a pilot when I grew up." Thomas
said on the way back. The hour had grown longer than either of them
had realized and darkness would be falling fast when they made it back

"I always dreamed of being a world famous model.", Anita giggled.

"You could have been." Thomas said seriously.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh please! The modelís these days all look
like rails, thereís not a single ounce of fat in their bodies save for
their breasts."

Thomas laughed. "Iíve noticed. But you are definitely shaped right
in all the right places."

"Is that a pass?" She asked.

"It was a compliment." He smiled back at her. "A patient waits at
least two days before making passes at his nurse." And winked.

"You learn fast for a nerd." She laughed, wrinkling her nose at him.

They stumbled in the dark moonlight up the creek and into the house.
"I thought Iíd have to go looking for you two!" Brad said as they

"Heís a typical male. Tell him he shouldnít go out walking so soon
and he practically breaks the door off the hinges to do it anyway."
Anita laughed.

Brad had a haunch of meat already over the fire and they didnít have
to wait long for dinner. And though it seemed like all he had done
lately was sleep, Thomas dragged himself over to bed soon after and
drifted off into sweet untroubled dreams.

"Did you two have fun?" Brad asked in a suggestive tone.

"Yes we did." Anita replied. "And get your mind out of the sewer, we
just walked and talked. He really is quite the romantic charmer."

Brad sighed. "Iíve been looking for one of those all my life."

"Me too." Anita said wistfully.

When Thomas woke up, both Brad and Anita were gone. Though he only
had to step outside to find Anita.

"Good Morning!" he called

"Good Morning to you too!" She called back.

"Brad away hunting again?" He asked as he noticed three large
sheepskins hung out on polls.

"Not yet, went downstream to attend to business." She answered.

"Think Iíll join him." Thomas said and walked a short distance down
the creek. He really wasnít interested in catching up with Brad, only
in a place of relative privacy where he could relieve himself. He
ditched his clothing and squatted.

"Nice to have you doing that yourself for a change." Brad joked.

Thomas flushed but in this delicate stage was unable to move. "I
imagine." He said dryly.

"I think one more sheepskin and weíll have enough to try for a
mattress." Brad said and Thomas couldnít decide if Brad was honestly
trying to engage in conversation or having a bit of fun at his

Thomas sighed mentally and replied. "Iíll go hunting with you today
if you want. Probably easier if someone drives the sheep to the

"Probably, but youíre still on injured reserves for at least today. I
think I can manage." Brad said. Thomas washed himself and stood up
letting his water flow. When all that was left was dribbles Brad
said, "You have other needs youíd like to attend to?"

Thomas was about to politely decline, and then caught himself. With a
brief exception when he was sixteen he had lived a cloistered life and
a few short days ago he had almost died. And but for the saving
graces of having squirmed over Susie Banner for a minute or two, he
would have died a virgin. The net was a very open place, he had seen
the pictures, read the stories. Brad was an attractive man, he was
making an obvious pass, and life was to short after all. "OK."
Thomas replied.

Surprise registered on Brads face, replaced quickly by a broad smile.
They walked over to a relatively flat clear place and sat down. Brad
took the lead as was expected by lightly running his hands over Bradís
chest and back before dropping his head to Thomasís crotch. Even as
Brad sucked the cock into his mouth it was growing with the
anticipation. A wave of pleasure swept through Thomas as he leaned
back, a low moan passing through his quivering lips. Thomas reveled
in the expert attentions of his partner, the way the warm moist
cheeks pressed against his shaft, the way Brads tongue played
pleasingly and utterly satisfyingly across his head, the way Brad
would take all of him inside and then back out again only to begin

Thomas found his hand running through Bradís hair, while another felt
the smooth soft skin of his partnerís back. Brad responded to the
subtle cues and picked up his pace and waves of pleasure rolled
through Thomas building in intensity until it was impossible to do
anything other than to surrender to the rapture around him. His eyes
rolled back in his head and he quivered as he shot load after built up
load into Bradís throat. Brad took it all with style and grace, even
licking Thomas clean afterward.

"Not so bad was it?" Brad said with a wink.

"No." Thomas said. "No it wasnít." he said firmly.

Brad removed his pants to reveal a raging 6" erection of his own.
"Courtesy dictates the favor be returned."

"Iíll try." Thomas said. "Just donít expect miracles."

"Only an orgasm buddy." Brad said with a smile.

Slowly Thomas slurped the organ into his mouth and after a few
bumbling tries he managed to approximate what Brad had done for him
Though he gagged every time he tried to take in everything Brad had to
offer and eventually stopped trying, taking in only as much as he
could comfortably handle. It was oddly pleasant Thomas decided after
things had settled down enough for a few stray thoughts to emerge.
The throbbing member was soft and warm and hard all at the same time
and it had a nice feel to it. Bradís hand on his head urged him to
pick up the tempo and Thomas complied. Suddenly Brad grunted, "Ohhh
Iím gonna cum!"

Thomas almost pulled away but at the last second decided against it.
Heíd swallow nothing that would kill him, and he knew what sperm
tasted like even if he didnít make a habit of tasting it. And cum Brad did, in copious amounts that filled Thomasís otherwise occupied
mouth. Some he swallowed in self defense. The rest he just gritted
his teeth (mentally!) and bore it. When Brad sighed and was obviously
done, Thomas leaned over and spit out the salty, bitter liquid and
started swirling his tongue around to get rid of the taste that

"Itís an acquired taste." Brad said lightly. "Iím surprised you took
it, though very thankful."

"Just returning a favor." Thomas smiled as he sat down.

"You did great. If you practice a bit youíll be an old pro in no time
flat.", Brad said with just the hint of a hint.

"Thanks." Thomas said, flattered despite himself.

After a short silence, Brad asked, "Why today?"

Thomas thought a moment before he answered. "Letís just say Iíd
rather not die without at least trying whatís on the menu."

"Ohhh!" Brad laughed. "Mid-life crisis and youíre not even 30 yet!
So tell me, did I change your life? Have you decided to put away
foolish thoughts of girls and roam where the men are men and damn
proud of it?" The tone was utterly outrageous and could be mistaken
for nothing more than hysterical sarcasm.

Thomas laughed freely. "Brad if my cock is in your mouth Iíll get
hard as a rock for you, but all I have to do is think about Anita."

Brad sighed wistfully. "Sheíll have you in a second if you ask her
you know. She thinks youíre a hopeless romantic and to hung up for
your own good, but she really does like you."

"I know." Thomas said seriously. "But with her I wanted to take it
slow with her. I think Iím falling in love, and hard. I want to
build something on that."

"And when youíre done building poor olí Brad will be left out in the
cold. You get me all worked up thinking maybe my time on this island
wonít be half bad and then go panting after the first girl you meet on
the island!" It was meant to be humorous but a note of bitterness
crept threw that said it wasnít all a jest but a serious concern to

"You have sex with Anita." Thomas said pointedly. "Iím no fortune
teller but I think I know us well enough to say that I doubt anyone
will be left out in the cold."

"Damn, and I thought we were discrete."

"You were, but itís a small house and Iím a light sleeper when Iím not
poisoned or anything like that.", Thomas replied.

"Well I guess Iíll just do what Iím best at and take one day at a time
and take pleasure whenever I can find it. If Anita asks again should
I say no?" Brad asked diplomatically. "Itís not love, or really
anything physical at least for me. She just needs someone to hold and
to be with for a while. And really so do I."

Thomas shrugged. "Sheís not mine. Answer however you feel like."

Brad arched an eyebrow. "I donít understand you at all."

Thomas laughed. "I like you both to much to let such a stupid thing
as jealousy come between us. I think this place would be unbearable
if I didnít have someone to share it with."

"You know, Iíve often wondered if the two guys who where here before
us were lovers. Thirty years is a long time for anyone.", Brad said
as he donned his clothes.

Thomas shrugged. "There were two beds, and things where a lot more
repressed in those days, but youíre right thirty years is a long

"Well Iíd better be off, thereís fierce sheep infesting our jungle!"
Brad said with a flourish.

Thomas smiled as he made his way back to the banks and donned his own
clothing. Anita was still swimming, floating on her back rather, when
he returned.

"There you are! I thought Iíd have to go looking for you!" She said
when he returned.

"Brad and I discussed building a mattress." Thomas said as his cheeks
flushed despite himself.

"Join me?" She invited.

"You know that water does look tempting." Thomas said as he started
to remove his clothing.

"I thought you were to shy to go skinny dippiní with nekkid ladies."
Anita said slyly with a twinkle in her eye.

Thomas laughed and slid into the water. He swam over to her and tread
water. "Would it disturb you if I said I accepted one of Bradís

Her eyes rounded in surprise and a thousand different expressions
crossed her face almost at the same time. "I, I donít know." She
stammered. "I wouldnít have though. Well I donít know what I would
have thought."

Thomas swam closer until his face was less than an inch from hers,
"Would if disturb you if I made a pass at you now?"

Her face melted into a look of pure joy and radiance and as he pulled
her in to him and kissed her lips softly he already knew the answer.
They paddled to shore and sat down on a warm flat rock near the shore.
Thomas leaned over her, staring deeply into those endless sky blue
eyes. "Itís all still very new to me." Thomas said softly. "Forgive
me the mistakes."

Her eyes softened and she guided him into her. His only previous
experience in the area was useless here. He and Susie had been to
young, inexperience and terrified to really do anything but play at
what he was doing here. Hesitantly at first, then with more and more
confidence he began to move in and out, reveling in the hot, moist
tunnel that enfolded his throbbing member. Her thighs brushed his
legs as she moved below him, timing her movements to enhance his own
thrusts and their own pleasure. Her hands played freely along his
back until her own mounting needs drove them to his buttocks and she
pulled him into her fiercely. Thomas grunted with effort and pleasure
and she whimpered in return.

Then she trembled, Thomas felt her hands clench his buttocks hard,
almost painfully and felt her vagina clamp down on his throbbing
member. Her orgasm came and he followed her only a short moment
later. Exhausted and utterly happy, Thomas rolled off her and leaned
up on his arms so he could gaze into her lovely face. They where both
smiling with the dreamy far off look that only comes in the afterglow
of sex.

"You were everything I ever dreamed of." Thomas said softly.

She smiled at the compliment and touched his face with her palm. "And
you have talents you never imagined. You fit me in all the right
places." She cooed.

Thomas rolled onto his back and let the warm rays drench his skin.
After a while Anita asked, "Did you really accept Bradís pass?"

"Uh-Huh" Thomas replied.

"Any particular reason why?"

Thomas sat up and looked deep into her eyes. "For many of the same
reasons I made love with you. I donít want to face death again
without really knowing what itís like to live. But with you I also
did it because I love you."

"You donít know me." Anita protested, though not to harshly.

"I know a beautiful woman who once dreamed of being a fashion model,
who survived where thousands perished, who cared for me when I was
sick, who makes love that takes me to heights I could only dream of
before, who I can talk to, and who I can be quiet with and not feel
uncomfortable. Isnít that well enough?" When she gave him a long
passionate lingering kiss with a single tear falling down her cheek,
he figured it was.

Later she said, "Brad and I have been sleeping together too, though
Iíve had to goad him into it."

"I know." Thomas murmured as he pulled back from the edge of slumber.
After a long quiet, Thomas spoke what was on his mind. "We need to
talk about how Brad fits into all of this."

"You want him." Anita said with a hint of jealousy and betrayal.

Thomas frowned. "Want isnít exactly the word. There really isnít a
word. How about saying Iím enough of a friend to realize he has needs
and desires like anyone and it doesnít hurt me to help him meet those
needs." Anita mulled that over. "Like heís been friend enough to
meet yours." Thomas concluded.

"I always thought that when I found the man of my dreams Iíd have him
all to myself." Anita said. "I think, no, I know I love you

"And I love you with all my heart and soul." Thomas said lovingly as
he touched her cheek with the back of his hand. "If you say the word
youíll have me all to yourself. But I think that if you do it will
drive a wedge between Brad and us if you do."

Anita smiled. "Youíre a very special person Thomas. Iíll have to get
used to the idea but I think I can learn to live with it."

Thomas leaned over and growled playfully, "I can think of several
VERY interesting positions if youíd like to try a threesome sometime.
Physically I may be inexperienced but the stuff on the net is VERY

Her eyes widened, "Oh! My little kitten has turned into a tiger!"
and she pulled him onto her.

Their lovemaking was more hurried and passionate this time, more vocal
and physical as well. Her thighs wrapped around his waist tightly,
her feet brushing past his legs as they moved. Her fingernails dug
into his flesh as she pulled him into her. He started making dipping
motions when he thrust so his chest rubbed against her breasts,
rubbing against her erect supersensitive nipples. It was harder on
him physically, but her moans of pleasure made the effort more than

She began to pant and clenched her teeth as the orgasm rippled through
her like a blossoming flower. Thomas, well used though, was only at
his midpoint. As her own pleasure receded it receded into new waves
of pleasure as Thomasís urgent thrusting continued. She had rarely
achieved orgasm with any man, always managing to find the selfish
lovers who took what they needed and then left her at half boil. What
Thomas lacked in experience he made up for in size, enthusiasm, and
most certainly the caring for a partnerís needs that comes from Love.
Her second orgasm was merely a continuation of the first, built upon
what was already there and took her to an earth shattering climax the
likes of which she had never experienced before. And as she came
Thomas was caught up in her tides and finally gave in to the
sensations, utterly and completely.

As she caught her breath between gasps, Anita quipped. "About that
threesome, do you think we could arrange you and Brad back to back?
Iíve never had a double orgasm like that in my life! If they just
keep getting stronger and better like that Iíd be in nirvana!"

"I donít see what fun youíd have with us standing back to back, but
hey, Iíll try anything once." Thomas said in a mock puzzled tone,
then as Anita got the joke joined in with her laughter.

When Brad returned, carrying a haunch of meat into the house he knew
with a glance what had transpired. Anita and Thomas were sitting by
the fire, arm in arm laughing softly at some missed muse, and the way
they leaned together, the way they touched, how happy they both looked
said more than any words. Despite himself Brad felt his heart fall
and mood darken. In his experience three had always been a crowed and
it was usually uncomfortable being the crowed.

Brad cleared his throat since they hadnít noticed him. "I see you two
have had a busy day." He said conversationally trying to put up a
brave front.

"That we have." Thomas agreed with more than a trace of pride and

"Heís quite the lover once the shyness wears off." Anita agreed.

"Uh, should I leave?", Brad asked uncomfortably.

"Lord no!" Anita scolded. "Weíre both famished and way to exhausted
to do anything that would offend your prudish sensibilities!"

Brad smiled weakly and placed the meat over the fire to begin cooking.
"Brad." Thomas said. "Anita and I are definitely an item now. Weíve
talked it over and would like you to join us. Youíll have to teach
me, and Anita has a rather interesting idea or two that includes you
with her as well, but I think we might just manage to have some fun
despite it all."

Brad swallowed hard and whipped at his eye with the back of his hand.
"I donít know what to say." He choked. "When we ended up here I
figured eventually you two would shack up and Iíd be out in the woods
playing solo. Even after this morning, I had resigned myself to that.
You donít need me." Brad said as he gestured to Thomas, "And now
that you have him you donít need me." He said gesturing to Anita.
Why?" He asked.

"As a wise woman once said, sex is fun no mater who you do it with as
you nicely proved this morning." Thomas laughed with a sly wink.

Anita and Brad laughed. "You know, anal sex is no walk in the park.
It takes some determination and practice to work up to it." Brad said
as he turned the meat. "But if we donít get you ready for it, youíre
going to be exhausted from servicing me and Anita both." Brad warned.

"You know I read this story once complete with picture about a man who
fucked a beautiful woman while another man fucked him up the ass."
Thomas replied conversationally as if to say he had already considered
the matter. "The story made it sound like it was the absolute
pinnacle of sex."

"Timing can be tricky in a threesome." Brad said. "I tried it once.
Itís a lot harder than it sounds."

"Maybe it just needs practice." Anita said with a smile. "Maybe lots
of practice?"

Brad rolled up his eyes. "One minute this place is Gilliganís Island
and the next Fantasy Island. Any more sudden and alarming personality
changes I should know about before tomorrow?" He joked.

"Maybe Gilligan slept with Mary Ann And the Professor." Thomas quipped
with a hint of scandal in his voice.

"What about Ginger?", Anita demanded.

"Upkeeps to high." Thomas smiled. "A sensible man would always
choose Mary Ann unless it was just a one night stand."

"You know, there really isnít much in that show for a gay man to latch
onto. Now TattooÖ."

"Tattoo!" Anita and Thomas exclaimed almost in unison.

"Just kidding folks! Just kidding.." Brad laughed holding up his

"Seriously though. Have you two given thought to what happens when a
man and woman make love over a long period of time?"

Thomas hadnít, and the question came as a rude awakening to him.
Anitaís eyes fell to the floor and she flushed slightly. "Thereís no
need to worry about that. Iíve known for years that I was barren. My
doctor says thereís a good chance surgery can fix the problem but
until then I have natural birth control."

"Oh." Brad said. "Iím sorry, I didnít know."

Anita smiled. "Itís all right. Thereís no way for you to have known
and Iíve had years to accept it. And it IS reversable."

After dinner they looked questioningly at the two small beds and by
mutual unspoken agreement wandered outside and laid down on the gentle
grass under a star studded, full moon sky.

"You two go ahead and get started." Brad suggested. "Iíll start
preparing Thomas for anal sex, and I know one or two tricks that
should have him hopping out of his skin before itís all over."

"Should I be scared?" Thomas asked.

"Only if youíre allergic to extreme uncontrollable pleasure." Brad

Thomas positioned himself above Anita and with a long slow kiss he
slowly slid into her and they began to move. The already electric
thrill was amplified as Thomas felt a probing around his anus. Thomas
grunted and a completely involuntary moan emerged as the finger pushed
into him and he felt his hole throbbing against the intrusion, each
throb as pleasurable as the pleasure he was receiving from Anita. And
the two pleasures merged to a new height as the finger started
swirling around the hole, pushing at it, coaxing it open.

And then a little over a minute after they had started, the finger
found Thomasís prostrate and began to massage it slowly. Thomasís
mind wheeled under the over-stimulation, he gasped sharply and unable
to contain himself he climaxed so completely he could only fall over
Anita and hold her while the convulsions overtook him, while the
insistent finger coaxed every last bit of seed from his body.

Anita who had only just gotten started looked over sharply at Thomas
and scolded. "If having you around means heís going to finish before
I even get started I may just have to reconsider!"

"What did you do?" Thomas gasped between breaths as he slowly
recovered. "I never felt anything, ANYTHING like that in my life."

"The prostrate." Brad said. "Otherwise known as the manís G-Spot."

As Anita to her dismay felt her lover shrinking inside her, said
demandingly, "And what about me?"

Brad cleared his throat. "Fortunately a substitute can be found for
the injured player." He quipped.

"Maybe we should go with oral sex for now." Thomas said. "I donít
want to feel left out and I guess I do need to practice."

"Hmmm." Brad considered. "That will be new for me but Iíll give it a
whirl. OK with you Anita?"

"Anything!" She said exasperated. "Just donít get me all worked up
and leave me hanging!"

After a brief minute of trying different positions they settled with
Anita sitting on Bradís face, that gave Thomas the best position to
work on Brad. Brads surprisingly long tongue parted Anitaís pussy and
ran down her swollen clit. He paused briefly swirling around it a
moment, much as he would a manís head and then worked down pushing in
and out of her vagina before working back up again. Anita decided
very quickly that Brad was very good at this.

As she opened her eyes she gazed down to see Thomas sucking on Bradís
swollen prick, and smiled as she saw him try to deep throat the thing,
without much success. She recalled for a second her own few forays
into the field, with similar results. "You know," she purred, "I
donít know if itís just Brads delicious tongue or not, but seeing you
with that dick in your mouth is definitely turning me on." She had
meant it to be humorous but as soon as the words came out she realized
it was only the truth.

Thomas paused to look up and smile at her. He mouthed "I love you"
silently then went back to the task at hand. Brad had brought her to
several pleasant orgasms before he grasped Thomasís head and exploded
himself. As Brad neared climax, Thomas had plunged his finger into
Brads ass, ignoring the obvious turd, and finding the prostrate, much
to Brads very intense surprise. As oral sex went, Thomas was merely
interesting, though he was improving rapidly. But even interesting
could explode into the uncontrollable when that little trick was used.

Thomas whipped his finger on the grass as he spat out Bradís cum.
Anita smiled remembering a few spitting sessions herself. "Well that
turned out rather nicely." Anita admitted as she lifted herself off
of Brad.

"Itís an acquired taste." Brad said, "Any more orgasms like that
while I go down on you and Iíll be a confirmed heterosexual in no

"Labels." Thomas said. "Thatís all they are. Youíre a homosexual but you do just fine by Anita. Iím a heterosexual but I think I do
all right by you. Does it really mean anything?"

Brad shrugged. "I donít know anymore."

"Right now, right this moment if you had to choose between Anita and
myself who would you choose? Youíve had Anita as much as itís
possible to have a woman, but with me itís only been inexperienced
oral sex. What would it be?"

"You." Brad replied without hesitation.

Thomas frowned as the crux of his point was blown away. "Why?"

"Because I like to be fucked. I like to be filled. I like having a
strong man behind me. I canít get those things with a woman. I can
get different things yes, but not what I really want." Brad said

"And if you could also choose to have both of us?" Anita asked.

Brad thought a moment. "Thatís really what I have now isnít it? The
best of both worlds? I thought maybe I was just playing at sex with
you, like Iíve done with a few women before I just decided to accept
what I really wanted. But maybe between the two of you Iím just a
little bit more than who I think I am. Yes I need everything a man can give me, but you give me something as well. I would choose both
of you."

Anita laughed and hugged him. "Be careful what you ask for." She
said slyly.

"Youíll probably get it." Thomas replied wickedly.

They slept under the stars and woke before dawn in pouring rain. They
rushed inside with all haste, remembering to close the shutters before
trying to fit into the beds returning to slumber in whatever bed was
closest at hand.

"Weíve really got to do something about those beds." Anita said the
next morning over a breakfast of water and fruit.

"Not a one of us is a carpenter." Thomas replied. "I doubt we could
build anything so sturdy. A lot of hard work went into this house."

Outside the storm raged and thunder rolled ominously. "Anything
worthwhile is a lot of hard work." Anita retorted, "But the results
speak for themselves."

"Can we at least wait for the rain to stop first?" Brad asked meekly.

Anita arched an eyebrow and said, "Oh I can think of a few things to
do while the rainís coming down. Something Iíve wanted to try since a
most remarkable experience I had yesterday." She winked at Thomas.
"You see you fuck me first, nice and long, then when youíre done
Thomas takes over." Her face became stern. "And absolutely,
positively, no male G-spots!"

Thomas and Brad laughed. Thomas moved over to the far bed while Brad
and Anita began. Anita spread her legs invitingly and grasp Bradís
cock, giving it a squeeze as she guided it in to her. Brad settled
down and after pausing to lick playfully at her nipples, he began to
move. As Thomas watched he marveled at how aroused he had become and
how titillatingly erotic the view was. They fell into a slow gentle
rhythm that gradually increased in tempo. After several long minutes
Anita succumbed to her first orgasm, Brad was ready with one of his
own but that wasnít the point and he forced himself to hold out.
Moderating his pace a little after she had peaked to extend his own
time out a little. It took every shred of self control to bring her
to her second and he gladly followed her.

Brad rose quickly and before Anita could mourn the loss inside her,
she was filled even more by Thomasís even more well endowed member.
As before her second orgasm had been more intense and powerful than
the first and she was very soon on her way to a third one that even
now seemed like a giant wave rushing towards shore. Thomas for his
part was as excited as he had ever been, watching the two had been a
form of sex in and of itself, and as he plunged into her, his cock
sliding through her juices and Brads seed, that thought was very much
in his mind like a coiled viper waiting to strike.

Thomas was more than ready to let go after just a few short minutes.
But he pulled back waiting for her time. It was harder than he
thought. The need to fill her after watching her with Brad was almost
more than he could stand. A deep primal part of him pushed to
consummate the act so that his seed would find fertile soil not his
competitor. The deep primal part that did not understand concepts
like barren, and friendship, and love. But it was the primal part
that added spice to their union and added a new found lust and
urgency. And that urgency finally satisfied Anita and with a gasp of
utter relief he allowed himself to surrender to his needs.

Anita floated in a ball of pure pleasure for what seemed like ages.
Nothing existed save this one true thing. It was a high unlike any
she had ever known before. Thomas though surrendered to his primal
needs, submitting to the animal within and he groped and thrust with
animal abandon as he shot load after load of seed. His body throwing
every last drop he had to combat the foreign seed it knew to be
waiting. The thrusts were powerful, the ejaculations even more so.
Until he collapsed onto her panting and gasping. His orgasm had not
been pleasure so much as a victory or conquering hero mixed with
pleasure. To both it was the fulfillment of epic proportions.

"Wow!" Brad said as they parted. "That looked intense."

"It was." Thomas said, still panting.

Anita could only nod her agreement.

The rain was tapering off and Brad skewered some cooked meat and
reheated it over the fire. Thomas looked up suddenly straining to
hear something and then sat back down, shoulders slumping. "I thought
I heard a plane for a second. Must have been my imagination."

"Hmmm." Anita purred. "Hot fudge Sundayís."

"And what if we are rescued?" Brad asked. "Right now I donít feel any
pressing need to go back to so called civilization." Anita and Thomas
frowned. "Itís hard enough being gay out there. My own parents kicked me out of the house when I told them, I wonít tell you my
Fatherís exact words but it basically boiled down to the fact that I
had wasted seventeen years of their lives and what he thought of it.
Out there you two would settle down have a nice happy family, but Iíd
be the guy han around youíd have problems explaining to the nosy
neighbors. Either the gossip or the pressure would drive me away and
Iíd go back to being lonely gay Brad bouncing from one, one night
stand to another. Iím happier here right now, than Iíve ever been in
my life."

"But if weíre not rescued, we can never have a nice happy family,
because we need to be rescued for her to have the operation." Thomas

"Simple!" Anita pronounced. Weíll get rescued, liquidate all our
assets, get the operation and a gazillion years of the pill and come

Thomas and Brad laughed. "I donít think it will be that easy." Brad
said finally.

Anita shrugged. "Why worry about something that may never come? Iím
sure things will work out, at least they have so far I think."

Thomas started laughing suddenly. Brad and Anita turned to see what
had struck him. "Sorry." Thomas said still laughing. "I just had
this overpowering image of walking into my motherís home and saying
ĎMa this is my wife Anita and our lover Brad!í" He started laughing
so hard he rolled on the floor holding his side. Whipping away tears
he continued. "Sheís been telling me for years to get out and live on
the wild side. I do believe sheíd given up on me as a hopeless
celibate. Just imagine her surprise."

As much as from Thomasís own reaction to the image as any real humor
therein they joined him in laughter. Until Thomas could sit up again.
"Iím sorry. I know itís a serious subject but youíd have to know my
mother to really appreciate it."

"Did you ever make up with your folks Brad?" Anita asked over lunch.

Brad shook his head. "No. When they kicked me out I left and never
looked back. I got through college on loans and a very small
scholarship. When I graduated and found a good steady job I never
looked back. I think it would hurt to much if I tried and they
ignored me."

"My parents are dead." Anita sighed. "They died in a crash almost
five years ago. My mother and I never really got along all that well
but I still miss them both."

"Well that settles it." Thomas said. "If weíre just going to sit
around and talk about parents, and death, and what some self anointed
voice of God thinks about us, Iím going fishing!"

Brad laughed. "You know thatís a damn fine idea."

Anita sighed. "I guess Iíll make sure the hides are still hanging and
maybe try to figure out how to sew the two oldest together. Just
watch where you step!"

They returned that evening with four nice sized fish even after they
had been gutted and filleted, not an easy task with an old hunting
knife. And for most of the early evening as they learned how to
properly grill the fish with nothing more than a spear they were
insufferably pleased with themselves. Until Anita coughed and bobbed
her head over to one of the beds.

Sitting on top was a small three inch high lambskin mattress. It was
a bit smaller than the bed maybe but it certainly looked more
attractive than the bare wood! "Ohhh!" The men said in awed unison.

Anita beamed. "It wasnít as hard as I thought really once I figured
out how to cut strips of the hide to use as thread. I used grass and
leaves as the stuffing, Itíll probably have to be changed often. And
it kinda has a gamey smell mostly from the newest skin but once I got
started I got to excited to stop.

Thomas went over and sat down and then sighed as he laid down. "Itís
perfection." He sighed. Brad soon joined Thomas and echoed the

"I almost fell asleep on it during all my testing." Anita said
smiling. "I made it, I get the first good nightís sleep on it.
ALONE. I want to be free to indulge my poor abused bones. We can
trade off until we get more made."

"Sounds fair." Brad replied.

"Fair?" Thomas scolded. "We caught them! We skinned them. We set
them off to dry!" He quipped. "And itís fair she gets the first good
nightís sleep in weeks?"

Brad failed to see where this was leading and his face was puzzled as
he said, "What are youÖ"

Thomas waved him off, turning his Attention back to Anita. "Iíd say
our overwhelming generosity deserves some small reward." He winked
and smiled broadly.

Brad, finally catching on, grinned just as widely and leaned back
confidently. "At the very least!" he echoed.

Anita rolled her eyes, "Men! I always heard they thought with their
dicks, but I donít think I really believed it until now!" She
laughed. "Seriously though Iíve had two very full days of fucking
including our incredible adventure this morning. I think I really
would like some time to recover tonight."

"You know," Brad mused. "I havenít been fucked in a long time. Maybe
in exchange for our generosity you could consent to let Thomas fuck me
Ďtil dawn?"

Anita laughed. "You know this threesome business really does have
itís advantages! You know how many times I had to physically push a
randy man away when I wasnít in the mood? And here you two have the
perfect alternative when I need some rest now and again."

Thomas smiled. "Another advantage is you get to watch until you beg
us to come over and service you when you find out you really were in
the mood after all!" He winked.

"Uh-hu" Anita said mockingly. "Whatever, come eat dinner, this fish
is GOOD!"

They wolfed down all the fish in a surprisingly short time. After
weeks of sheep and bananaís the salty fish was a wonderful
alternative. After they had cleaned and rested a while, Brad caught
Thomasí eye and jerked his head over to the bed with a smile.

"I think weíre going to turn in now Dear." Thomas said. "Try not to
think of us poor abused men sleeping on the hard wood, it will only
spoil your dreams."

"I wouldnít dream of it!" She replied as she stripped and made a
great show of settling luxuriantly onto the mattress. But she lifted
up on her elbow to watch the two men as they retired.

"Just take me however you want, pull me, push me, however slow, hard,
or fast you want - you wonít hurt me Iím more than used to it by now.
But while youíre at it reach around and jerk me off. I love cumming
while Ií ing fucked." Brad instructed. "But firstÖ." He spit on
his hand and wrapped it around Thomasís expectant member. Then with
another liberal dose of spit he double checked his work. Finally he
used his spit to make sure his ass was nice and moist as well.
"Better with jelly, but this should do. Itís worked before in a

Thomas nodded and moved up behind Brad and guided the member home.
Brad was a well practiced participant in this sort of sex so he was
relaxed and stretched enough to accommodate Thomasís size without
pain. None-the-less he was incredibly tight and Thomas marveled at
that tightness especially since it ensured that every single
millimeter of his throbbing penis was in contact with something warm
and moist that squeezed against him with a pressure he had never
experienced before.

Tentatively at first he put his hands on Bradsí shoulders, then
drawing them down across his broad back and then wrapped them around
his waist. He experimented with a few thrusts, finding he liked the
power and control of this position. As he got going he remembered
his instructions and moved one hand down and felt for Bradís crotch.
He took the bobbing piece of meat and began jerking Brad off. It was
easier than he imagined, the position was such that was much the same
as jerking himself off and his muscles knew what to do of their own

Brad didnít last long. Being royally fucked by Thomasís enviable
cock, while at the same time being jerked off with expert hands was
more than enough stimulation and he shot his load over all over the
wooden frame below. Responding to the contractions of Bradís anus,
Thomas reached his moment quickly and he shot his seed deep into
Bradís ass as he was slumped forward letting Brad support his weight
while he concentrated only on plunging as deep as was humanly possible
into the incredibly tight hole.

"A very good fuck!" Brad said when Thomas had pulled away.

"Not bad at all!" Anita interjected from the other side of the room.

Thomas smiled feeling more than a little satisfied himself After a
short break to clean the mess off the bed, they were all drifting in
dream filled sleep, though Anitaís dreams where a bit more comfortable
than her lovers.

The weeks passed in a dreamy haze of sex and everyday concerns,
Together they designed and built a new bed, though it was harder than
any of them ever dared dream, and though it was shaky and tended to
creak disturbingly when they were active, and though it didnít come
close to the craftsmanship of the one it replaced, it was large,
waist high, and had a large sheepskin mattress on it. And when they
where finished building it they gave it a proper christening by
spending the an entire day of love making. In all that time there was
no sign of plane or boat and the truth is they didnít really look that

They had been a year on the island when their flint supply finally
gave out and they all made an adventure of it by spending a day
traveling to the "mountain" and crawling around looking for that
"outcropping of black rock". They had finally split up trying to find
the flint in time to make it home before dark when Brad lost his
footing and slid into a fairly deep fissure.

Thomas heard the shout and turned to retrace Bradís direction. What
he saw brought his heart to his throat. Brad was lying in an
unnatural position at the bottom of maybe a three story deep and ten
foot across fissure. "Brad!" Thomas screamed, but there was no
movement. Anita came running up the path and seeing Bradís body below
brought her hands up to her mouth in a shocked gasp. "Oh no!" She
moaned and started to sob.

Thomasís determination reared. "Anita go find that flint, if you
canít find it in an hour run home and get the last from the house.
Iíll need firewood too. Iím going to climb down there and see what I
can do to help. Having something to do, and knowing something was
being done Anita snapped to and rushed off. Thomas studied the walls
of the fissure, they where smooth with no many protrusions it would be
a tough climb down and he very much risked falling as well.

Slowly and with great caution, Thomas lowered himself into the ravine.
Finding footholds and handholds in the thin, shallow cracks in the
rock wall. When he found a protrusion he rested. Never before had he
worked so hard for such a long time, and never before had the stakes
been so high if he failed. It must have been an hour and he was only
halfway down as he cautiously felt his way down the treacherous face.
Anita returned and yelled down "I canít find the flint! Iím going to
have to go home!"

"OK!" Thomas called back. "Bring as many sheepskins as you can
carry, weíll need them for blankets. A bowel to carry water in, and
most important of all, the tools. I donít think Iíll be able to climb
back up, weíll need to make a ladder!"

"OK! Take care of him Thomas.", She said with a tremble in her voice.

"Heís breathing. If I can get to him and we can figure a way out of
this damn hole he should be all right!"

The sun had just started to set when he finally made it to the floor,
jumping the last six feet. But it was already almost dark in the
hole. In the rapidly fading light he ran over to Brad and studied
him. There was a deep gash with dried clotted blood on his forehead.
He was lying on his back but his left arm was twisted around
underneath him. But worst of all his right leg was clearly broken
between the knee and ankle and the bone jutted out from the skin
through a still bleeding wound. Judging from the deep, rich pool of
blood by the wound, Brad had lost quite a bit of blood in the time it
had taken Thomas to climb down.

Sighing and cursing, Thomas knew he had to act quickly before he lost
all his light. Carefully he pulled Bradís left arm free, relieved to
find it wasnít broken or at least broken in any way he could feel.
He turned his attention to the leg. What he was about to do was
risky, he had never set a bone before and if anything like the back or
neck was broken it would only make it worse when he jerked the leg
back into position. But if the neck or back where broken, maybe death
would be kinder. Thomas gritted his teeth and lifted the leg until
the bone disappeared back underneath the skin, then jerked hard until
he judged the leg as straight as he could make it.

There was nothing he could use to make a splint, so a bandage would
have to do at least for the time being. He needed that to stop the
loss of blood in any event. Thomas removed his shirt and tied it as
firmly as he could across the wound. Then exhausted, tired, and weak,
he sat back against the wall and allowed himself to sob slightly as he
drifted off to sleep.

"Thomas!" Anita called. "Wake up! Iíve got the stuff!"

Thomas woke groggily. It was still a shadow in the pit but if Anita
was here then it must be close to noon.

"Throw in the skins, the flint and some kindling down on the north
side!" He called back pointing to the farthest point of the fissure.
As he heard the sounds of falling items he crawled over and checked on
Brad. His breathing was shallow but less labored than the night
before, though he was still deathly pale.

"We need a rope, or something you can lower some water down with!"
Thomas called. "I need to clean his wound! Heís got a badly broken
leg, and probably a concussion as well."

"Will he.." She choked unable to say it.

"I donít know." Thomas called back. "Itís bad Anita, itís really
bad. Find a way to get some water down here then start finding stuff
to make a ladder so we can get up and down. Weíve got to figure out
how to get him out of this pit before the rain kicks up."

Anita nodded and her face disappeared from the edge. Thomas grabbed a
few skins and covered Thomas, using one to roll up and make a pillow
of sorts. He built a small fire nearby for some warmth. Despite the
ever-present tropical heat, the fissure was always in the shade and
cooler than any of them were used to by now. He set aside two sticks
which looked to be promising splints, but decided to wait to apply it
until he could wash the wound..

Then he realized the water would have to be boiled! No good cleaning
the wound with half a dozen invisible bugs all more than eager to
feast on what to them would be a veritable universe of food. But they
had spent a year trying to figure out how to boil water, when the
thought of a stew or soup grew to savory to resist the attempt. But
there was just no way to put a wooden bowel, even filled with water
over a fire. The results where always the same. But necessity was
the supreme mother of invention and as he looked around he noticed
quite a few flat smooth rocks laying around, a thought began to form.
You couldnít put a wooden bowl over a wooden fire, but maybe you could
put a bowel over a hot stone. If he was wrong the only thing heíd
loose would be some time and a bowl leaving them with only one. But
if he was right it might save Bradís life.

As he waited for Anita to return he hastily arranged the free rocks he
found until he had built a nice stove over the fire. The top stone
was close enough so that after only a few minutes the top of the stone
was warm to the touch. By the time Anita returned it was to hot even
to touch. Anita had devised an ingenious tool that was basically
three bamboo shoots tied together at the base with the bowl resting
between them. The long bamboo stalks where tied to more bamboo stalks
by pieces of clothing that had been generously wrapped around the
poles. Slowly she lowered the bowl down and Thomas was just able to
reach it and was satisfied when he saw itís contents was relatively
intact. Very little had been spilled.

Thomas poured some water over Brads lips and let a little flow into
the mouth. He thought it was probably a good sign when Brad
swallowed. When you stumble in the dark, any sign can be welcome. He
fed the water slowly and cautiously, careful not to pour to much that
would cause Brad to choke or drown. When he judged Brad had swallowed
enough he set the bowl over the fire and sat down.

"Great job with the water Anita!" He called.

"Thanks! Howís he doing?"

"About the same but at least he swallowed the water."

"Did you build a stove?" She asked.

"I think so." Thomas replied. "I need the water boiled, otherwise we
may loose him to infection."

"Great Idea!" She yelled down. "Wish you had thought of it that day
we where all talking about how good stew would taste."

Despite the grim circumstances Thomas smiled. "Better late than never
I guess."

"I donít suppose you have much clothing left." Thomas said as he
waited for the water to boil.

"Not much. Remember, Tarzan and Jane? Well Iím Jane without the
bikini top!"

"It probably would have been better to use one of the skins." Thomas

"Donít think I didnít think of that every time I put the knife to my
shirt! But theyíre all down there with you, I didnít think to keep
one or two up here and thereís none back at the house." A long quiet
followed and the silence loomed. "Tommy, tell me everythingís going
to be all right."

"Everythingís going to be all right." Thomas said as soothingly as he
could muster. "The water is going to boil and Iím going to clean the
wound and set him up in splints. Youíll make a ladder and together
you and I will devise some gizmo to get him out of here and weíll get
him back to the house. Heíll have a headache from the concussion, but
heíll wake up. Heíll grouse about his leg but weíll force him to
treat it right until itís healed and in a month, maybe two this will
all be nothing more than a bad dream."

"Well then," Anita said, "Thatís the way it will be." She smiled
down at him. Thomas passed up a few skins in her tool to make the
going easier on her clothing before she set off to make a ladder. The
water finally came to a boil! Thomas nearly scalded his hand as he
removed the bowl and set it aside to cool. While waiting he removed
his shirt from Brads leg and was not happy to see an angry festering
wound. Whatever had set in would not be put off by warm water and
though he let the water cool a little it was still hot enough to scald
as he used his shirt to hold the bowel and pour the hot water over the

What disturbed him about the operation more than anything was that
Brad didnít move the entire time. Thomas had probably inflicted
enough pain to wake the dead and still no reaction. Now though,
Thomas had a new problem. He had used almost all the water on the
wound and there wasnít enough to clean his shirt to make a new
bandage. He needed more water, but when he called for Anita there was
no answer.

He kept shouting until Anita returned and he explained what he needed.
The bowl was passed up again and she passed down the second that she
must have already had filled at the rim. He poured some more water
down Bradís throat and then stuffed his shirt into the bowl and set it
over the fire. When Anita returned shortly she passed down the second
bowl and he put that on the stove as well. Finally he was able to
wash the wound again and dress it with scraps of his shirt he cut with
the knife Anita had passed down. He tied the sticks he had set aside
around the leg, binding them tightly with more of the precious cloth.
For the next two days, cleaning, dressing, and rebinding the leg
occupied pretty much all of Thomasís life. He was sick and tired of
the bananaís Anita passed down to him and even more sick of the smells
from his makeshift latrine. And he was sick and tired of seeing the
wound turn from an angry red, to a fiery red, to seeping white puss,
to turning back around the edges. The wound was only getting worse.
And Brad had not awakened. Brad had a fever now as well, he was hot
to the touch and almost painful to the touch around the wound itself.

Finally Anita announced she was ready to try the ladder and she
lowered down a long rickety thing that looked like a ladder, but also
looked like it would collapse the first time any weight was put on it.
Anita wanted to come down, but Thomas was firm on the matter. If the
ladder broke she could fall and be hurt and theyíd all be trapped down
here. Eventually passion yielded to logic, and step by tentative step
Thomas tested each rung on the ladder.

It tended to wobble horribly near the top, but the months of working
on their bed had given them all at least a basic understanding of
carpentry and Thomas pronounced the ladder sound if used with extreme caution as he hugged her hard and she hugged him just as hard in
return. Night was beginning to fall and one at a time they both
climbed down. If would be the first time the three of them would be
together in three the last three days.

Anita felt Bradís forehead and drew back with a hiss. "Heís so hot!"
"I know." Thomas said weekly. The wound isnít healing either. I
donít know what to do.

Anita didnít know either and they huddled together by the fire as they
kept vigil. In the night Brad moaned and Anita shook Thomas awake.
They rushed to his side, each taking a hand. Brad opened his eyes,
but they had a distant unfocused look. They felt him squeeze their
hands briefly and a small smile touched his lips and then his
breathing stopped.

"NO!" Anita shrieked. "No Damn you! Donít you dare leave us! We
NEED YOU." She was crying hysterically now and started to perform

Thomas rose silently and grabbed her wrists and pulled her away. The
look of profound loss was written on his face even as he saw it
mirrored in hers. His voice breaking and stuttering he said. "He
waited Anita. He waited until we could be together to say goodbye."
They held each other tight and comforted each other as only true
friends could.

"This is the BBC news. Almost three years to the day, two survivors
from the ill-fated cruise ship Haven were found on a deserted island
and rescued by a passing cargo ship. Thomas Grant and Anita Green,
are said to be doing fine and are both looking forward to their return
to civilization. More details as they become available on this
breaking news story."

"Here lies Brad Johnson
Friend, lover, husband
You Will Live in our hearts forever."
- Engraved on a rock near a large fissure.
- Sandman.

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