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STROKE movies women taking that And


Keywords: M/F just all kinds of sex, no games.
Author: W R Jenkins

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon. (stroke.txt)- Internet stroke story = It's
about everybody getting laid all over the place with as little plot as
humanly possible. Oh yeah, The people are kinda related- uncle, aunt,
nieces and boyfriends. M/F just all kinds of sex, no games.
"Geeze, Sharon, that's the kid's car," Bob said as he hesitated in
He hadn't expected the nieces for another half an hour at least.
Now that they were staying for the summer he and Sharon had to grab
whatever times they could find to fuck. They thought they would have the
time as they threw their clothes on the floor in a straight line to
the couch where they were screwing like teenagers.
"Then you get off and let me get on top," Sharon gasped from
beneath him.
"What do you mean?" Bob asked, visualizing the girls walking up the
walk towards the door at that moment.
"They'll get a better look that way," Sharon said, "I think it's
time we popped their cherries about how much we like to fuck. They're
old enough it shouldn't shock them too badly."
Bob didn't think. He had already pulled back from Sharon and the
easy thing was to let her push past him as she got up and settle himself
on the couch on his back. He didn't have much time to think about the
girls coming in and catching them in the act either.
Sharon clambered over him and slid his cock back into the greedy
welcome of her cunt. She had just begun to move up and down on his cock
and he had just begun to think about the impact the scene would have on
the girls and him when the doorknob turned.
Lisa momentarily blocked the door as she stopped in amazement.
Linda tried to push past and was likewise frozen by the sight of Aunt
Sharon and Uncle Bob fucking like teenagers on the couch. Leslie, the
oldest, broke up the logjam.
"Oh my god! On the couch in the middle of the afternoon! Can you
believe that?" she announced loudly.
If she was hoping for an embarrassed response from her uncle and
aunt, she was disappointed. After all, Sharon had been thinking about
this since her sister's daughters had come to stay at their house.
"Yup. Just like real grown-ups in love do all the time," Sharon
answered back without pausing her ass rising and falling on Bob's big
Bill was just beginning to get a charge out of knowing the nieces
were watching his cock disappear into Sharon. Knowing he was on display
made his balls actually feel the heat of the spotlight on them.
There were no secrets left after this. Sharon was making sure to
rise up as far as she could and still have his cock in her before she
dropped down and made her cunt swallow him whole. The girls were getting
a good look at his cock in action as well as their aunt's cunt as it
swelled open to let in his prick.
"We shouldn't be here," Linda whispered to her sisters loud enough
for everyone to hear.
Her sisters agreed, but none of them took their eyes off the spot
where their uncle's cock stretched their aunt's pussy. They knew they
were being bad, but they couldn't tear themselves away.
Their parents never did anything like this. They were pretty sure
their parents didn't fuck at all any more. Watching people their parent's
age doing it made them a little uneasy, but they were still fascinated by
the obscene display of two people unashamedly fucking right before their
It was an awful big thing that Aunt Sharon was pushing inside herself, Linda thought. Aunt Sharon looked like she liked getting all
that big dick inside her, Lisa thought. Uncle Bob sure has a big one,
Leslie thought, I bet that would feel sooooo good going inside me.
The girls' different thoughts had only a few moments to swirl in
their heads. Sharon had nearly forgotten she had an audience as she
slapped her ass down on her husband's thighs. She was only thinking how
good it felt to have the hard pole splitting her insides and how hard
Bob's big dick was going to make her cum this time.
"You cock is so good!" Sharon moaned as she wriggled to work the
arrow-shaped head as deep as she could in her cunt. "I'm going to cum so hard on it any second."
"Go ahead and cum for me," Bob urged, loving every twitch of her
hot twat as her wet pussy ground around the root of his cock.
He didn't forget the girls were watching, but that wasn't as big of
a turn-on as his wife's hot cunt trying to suck the jizm out of him. He
reached up to squeeze Sharon's breasts to help her have a screaming
climax. He knew the kind of fit she had when he fucked her to a good one.
It was like she became a vibrator gone mad thrashing on his cock.
Her cunt fluttered with snake-like pulses running up and down his
cock. Her butt shook with an impossibly quick tremor and somewhere in
the midst of the violence happily wracking her body, Bob would lose
control and flood her gyrating cunt with the contents of his balls.
Bob wasn't personally interested, but the flood this time was a
store he had seldom been able to accumulate before the girls arrived and
abbreviated Sharon's steady need for sex. For once his balls had had time
to fill and the cum fountained out of his throbbing cock in buckets.
Even Sharon hadn't taken that into account. She had only been sick
of waiting for the girls to leave and wanted to declare her determination
to fuck her husband whenever she wanted, as she had always done. She
hadn't thought the effect far enough through to consider the impact Bob's
cum dribbling out of her cunt would have on her nieces.
Leslie nearly fainted. She had been riding her uncle's cock in her
imagination and the copious outpouring of his cum gave her a chill that
ran all over her body. It would be like fucking a horse, she thought.
They were all still standing by the door, dumbfounded when Sharon
calmed down and got her breath back.
"We didn't start this when you girls were here," she explained,
"But I don't care any more. I love Bob very much and I like to have him
show me how much he loves me all the time. I don't think it's really
fair to fuck in front of you, but I don't know what else to do. I don't
think it's fair to have to cut off my satisfaction either."
"You're married and all, so I guess it's not wrong..." Linda was
the only one to offer her opinion.
"Of course it's not wrong," Sharon said, "But I don't want to make
you girls feel funny either. I don't know what the right answer is."
Bob kept his mouth shut. His cock was still inside Sharon's cum-
slick twat and he wasn't moving or speaking. It sounded like Sharon had
an evil plan and he had yet to see an evil plan of Sharon's go wrong.
"Well, how did you girls feel when you saw what we were doing?"
Sharon prompted when she got no response.
"I'll say it. I got horny," Leslie confessed. "Uncle Bob has got
a real whopper you know."
"Then you weren't disgusted?" Sharon asked.
"I wasn't sure it was a good idea to have the kind of thoughts I
was having about Uncle Bob," Leslie said.
"How about the rest of you? Was it disturbing?" Sharon asked.
"I never saw people fuck before. I was curious," Linda said.
"Well, it's kind of funny to see old people doing it," Lisa said.
"But what if it happens again?" Sharon was getting to something
here. "Are you going to be freaked out if you walk in a room and Bob
is reaming me out again?"
"I guess we'll get used to it after a while," Lisa offered.
"Will it be okay to watch?" Linda wanted to know.
"I guess so, but that isn't what I meant," Sharon lied boldly. "I
just want to be able to fuck Bob whenever I want and I want us to work
this out so that can happen."
"This is just a bit too weird for us to say okie-dokie and have you
two fucking all over the place," Leslie said, thinking she was on to
something, "I mean it's not normal and I think we should be compensated
somehow for the imposition."
"I don't know how we're imposing, but I think you want to tell me,"
Sharon told her niece.
"You're not and that's the trouble," Leslie said, and after a deep
breath spelled it out, "I want Uncle Bob to fuck me. That's the only way
I'll be able to stand seeing that big cock prying you open. I couldn't
stand to watch you getting fucked with that and not try it out."
"And you say we're weird? He's your uncle," Sharon said, a bit
calmly for the indignation she was trying to portray. "What will your
sisters think of you fucking their uncle?"
"They'll think it's okay or I'll tell all sorts of things I know
about them," Leslie said with a sharp look at her sisters.
"What I want to know is why you two are so eager to let Uncle Bob
put that huge thing in you," Lisa butted in, "It scares me. Why can't
you be satisfied with a normal one?"
Linda didn't know what had happened, but Leslie and Sharon jumped
on it right away.
"You seem to know quite a lot about normal," Sharon said.
"It sounds like Bill has been in more than the car," Leslie
Lisa blushed a deep shade of red. That was more damning than her
slip of the tongue.
"Oh god! Don't tell me Miss Prissy has been giving up the pussy!"
Leslie howled at her sister. "What rule do you use to justify that?"
"Better than that," Sharon added, "I think she is obligated to let
us watch them if she wants to watch Bob and I."
"It was Linda that wanted to watch!" Lisa tried to interrupt.
"I'd let you guys watch me do it with Bill," Linda offered. "I like
"What about Tom and Ron then?" Lisa finally broke in. "If everybody
is going to perform for everybody, why not invite the whole circus?"
"I know Ron would go for it," Leslie agreed.
"You mean go all the way for Tom?" Linda asked.
"You mean you really haven't? Really?" Leslie asked.
"I mean I never have. Never," Linda said.
"What about this boy?" Sharon asked, "Has he ever?"
"I don't think so," Linda said.
"Then he shouldn't be the first. Neither should Bob- you don't want
to set impossible goals for all the rest of the men in your life," Sharon
reasoned. "I would think this Ron or Bill would be better for you and one
of us will take care of Tommy's virgin voyage."
"You know, Lisa, Ron would fuck you in a heartbeat if he thought it
was okay," Leslie told her sister. "Since Linda likes Bill, why don't you
let him fuck her and then Ron can have his pick of you or Aunt Sharon."
"Me?" Sharon squeaked, "How does he get to pick me?"
"Because you'll be watching me screw Uncle Bob and I bet it makes
you horny," Leslie chortled. "You'll be glad for something hard to stuff
up your cunt."
"Sure, then loser gets the kid," Lisa sighed.
"You know, once it gets started it won't matter any more," Sharon
said. "Consider these starting positions because these things always turn
into everyone with everybody before the night is over."
"Hey I don't know if I can get off three more times," Bob spoke up
for the first time.
"Then the young studs will have to go five each," Sharon teased her

The first thing to do was lay the traps for their beaux. They
considered it too aggressive to call the boys and shout: Hey! There's an
orgy over here, come over and fuck my sister. They would be more subtle.
Essentially, the snares were the same. Only the bait was altered.
Ron would find Lisa in a playful mood and quickly find out that she
wasn't wearing underwear. Aunt Sharon would enter later and be even more
blatant, touching his crotch and using obvious double entendres.
Linda would wait for Bill and use her emerging feminine wiles to
seduce him in the back room. The one not picked by Ron would wait for Tom
and then show him what Linda was doing while promising to make it up to
him in a most satisfying way.
Then everybody would flop on the bed and go to it in a pile.
It went like clockwork except Sharon stacked the deck by
recommending to Ron that he should have a shot of sister because he could
always have her next. That left her to have some fun with Linda's little
When Leslie appeared and explained the scene to the startled Ron, he
was eager to hide behind the curtain and watch as Linda led Bill into the
"Lisa won't be back for a long time. We've got plenty of time,"
Linda said as she reached for Bill's hand and pulled it under her skirt.
She held his hand against her naked crotch with one hand and put
the other around his neck to lift herself up to kiss him.
"Gosh, Linda," Bill said when he pulled back from the kiss. "I don't
think Lisa would like this."
"She won't care because she doesn't have to know," Linda said and
then pouted, "'Sides, I wanted you to be the first."
"First?" Bill was interested, "You mean you're a virgin?"
Linda gave a little nod before she kissed him again. Bill wasn't
struggling any more. They got their clothes off and Bill spent a
gentlemanly amount of time touching and kissing Linda before he was
ready to climb between her legs.
It was just the delay they needed for Tom to arrive and Sharon to
greet him warmly. Sharon could tell Tommy's part was going to go smoothly
when she saw the grin that became stupidly plastered on Tommy's face
when he looked at her. She thought he would get over his shock quickly
when offered the alternative.
The alternative was too brief to count. Tom was transfixed when
Sharon pulled the curtain away a little and he saw someone doing it to
his girlfriend. He seemed more curious than angry. Sharon's hand slipping
around his waist to stroke his hard-on through his pants had its own
tranquilizing effect.
It was when she licked his ear before telling him she would make
it up to him that Tommy came in his pants. It was the perfect excuse to
make a fuss over getting him out of those messy pants. And licking his
cock was the way to get him to do whatever she wanted.
Billy was the one perturbed when they all piled on the bed, but
Linda had him in a death-grip of arms and legs and he had to stay put as
the rest of the couples piled on the spacious spread around them. It was
only a reaction and the urge to flee passed quickly.
They had waited until he had dealt Linda's virginity the fatal blow.
He was even spared the stuttering explanation to Lisa when he saw the
obvious evidence that she had already been sucking Ron's cock before they
showed themselves. His best option, Billy realized quickly, was to go on
fucking his girlfriend's kid sister and then see what developed.
Linda had been easily as eager as he to ram his cock past the guard
just inside her twat. That was a great amount of eagerness since Lisa had
been long past virgin when she and Bill started fucking and Bill really
wanted to deflower someone.
For Linda, Bill was the best choice because they were so close to
the same age. Besides Uncle Bob's thing being so huge, he was way too old for her to feel comfortable her first time. Even Ron was a grown-up to
Linda and she would have felt like some sort of toy he was playing with.
Bill was a conquest for the young girl and having his cock rip away the
veil to her sexuality felt like an accomplishment, a step up in status.
It also felt like he had poked her in the eye when his cock tore
the membrane and went inside her. She gave the same kind of pained jerk
as he deflowered her and she wanted to pull away from the strange foreign
thing she felt moving up inside her.
But Bill was well on his way to his prize and certainly would have
followed her faster than she could pull away if the mattress beneath her
wasn't preventing her following her impulse. He'd popped her cherry- he
felt it give- and now he was going to plant his flag commemorating his
first exploration as far inside her untried territory as his cock could
Linda didn't find the accomplishment to be much comfort as Bill
stuffed her full of cock. I'm not a virgin any more. Now get that thing
out of me was more her feeling as Bill pressed to his utmost inside her.
Then the curtains pushed back and they were joined by couples from
both directions. She noticed the glisten of saliva on Ron's cock first
since she was turned that way. As he and Lisa dropped down to one side
of them, Linda turned to see her aunt and Tom coming from the other.
Tom's cock was just as wet as Ron's, she noted with amusement.
Then Ron was getting over Lisa to fuck her and Aunt Sharon was
letting Tom play with her tits. As she took in this sex surrounding her,
suddenly Bill's cock wasn't such a problem.
"It feels good now," Linda told Bill, "Fuck me. But take it easy."
She had been a virgin until recently. What did she know about easy?
Bill could ram her good and hard and still be going at it easier than
Ron was fucking Lisa right beside them. And she was asking for it,
taunting Ron to give her more.
For a girl that always wanted sweet lovin' from Bill, Lisa was
exposing a different side to Ron. It was as if they were in a sporting
contest to see if Ron could hand out more than Lisa could take.
Bill didn't have to restrain himself much to be less violent than
the fucking going on next to him and Linda. Not that he wanted to use
Linda that way. This was first use pussy and Bill wanted to savor the
feel of a new one- kind of like drinking in the smell of a new car.
Ron had no such sentimentality about drilling out Leslie's kid
sister. Lisa had always expressed her interest with punches and pushes
and now that he had the chance Ron returned those with an aggressive
fuck. If she wanted it that bad he was going to give her all she could
For her part, Lisa wanted him to be an animal. She knew how she
treated Bill and supposed Leslie was the same with Ron. She wanted to be
memorable in comparison by turning Ron loose. She wanted him to think
of her as hot and ready for anything.
Everything was what he was giving her, pushing his cock into her
in full-length strokes as fast as he could pull back to plunge into her
tight cunt again. Lisa definitely had the feeling of being used. Bill may
have felt like he was staking a claim inside Linda, but Ron was mining
her for everything he could get out of her.
Even Ron wasn't enjoying it for the sex's sake. It wasn't the hot
cunt that was getting him off. It wasn't the fuck itself. It was the idea
that he was finally putting it to the kid that had teased him for so
long. It wasn't the ramming, it was the idea that he was ramming it to
Lisa and she was pinned under him taking it.
As those four screwed wildly, Sharon was gently prying Tom off her
tits. He was holding her breasts and sucking happily on her nipples as
they lay next to Bill giving Linda her maiden ride. It was nice and all,
but it felt like Tom was never going to move on without her urging.
"You know what I want," she purred into his upturned face as she
held it between her hands. "I want you to give it to me good and hard."
Sharon ignored the look of panic and pulled Tom up until he was in
position between her legs. She could feel his hard little cock bump
into her pubic mound.
"I want you so bad," she encouraged him as she put her hands on
his ass and maneuvered him around until his cock was at the gates. "I want
you to put it in me and fuck me."
Tom's eyebrows raised and the fearful tight mouth became slackly
open as she pulled on his buttocks and slid his cock inside herself. She
held him tight against herself and didn't move for a moment to let Tom
soak up the feel of his first pussy. Then she started squeezing his ass
and moving her hips up and down ever so slightly.
"Oh geeze, Mrs. Kelly, that feels so good," Tom groaned, "But I
think I'm going to go off right away."
"You do and I'll make you fuck me twice," Sharon warned in a light
tone and slapped him gently on the butt.
She had been kind long enough. It was time for her to get something
for her trouble. His facial expressions had been nice, but it was his
unused cock that made Sharon volunteer to take him on. She wrapped her
legs over Tom's and moved her hips. She used her grip on his buttocks to
set him into the motion she wanted to feel inside herself.
It was self-service for a while, but Tom slowly responded and
began to move in and out of her on his own. Then that threatened
explosion was on him and Tom fucked her with the desperation of the cum boiling up in his balls.
Tom was unknowing and sweet, as she had hoped. He also had barely
started fucking her when he jerked up and whined as he came off inside her.
Sharon clamped him tight with her legs as he finished.
"Not good enough," she told him, "You stay right there until you
can do it again and you'll last longer the next time."
Tom was in no mental state to do anything but follow orders. He was
unsuccessful in willing his erection to return, but Sharon quickly
furnished him with a distraction. She pulled him down and kissed him.
As her tongue chased his and trapped it in the corners, her finger was
exploring down the crack of his ass.
When he was no longer so concerned about getting hard, she slipped
her index finger down to rub over the tight bud of his asshole. Lights
don't come on any quicker when you flip a switch than Tom's cock shot to
full erection when she fondled his anus.
It was perhaps the best part of introducing this child to the ways
of love. It shared common feeling with being entered suddenly, but it was
subtly different. The slight feeling of his limp cock became full-on
penetration like he had pulled a string and a gas cartridge had inflated
his cock like a life raft.
And this time Tom didn't have to be urged into fucking in and out
of her. The new erection had made him a man and he pumped eagerly at her
now that his broken toy was repaired. He was a quick learner.
Ron had long since finished with Lisa and was finger-fucking her
cum-filled cunt aggressively. Bill was done as well, but he and Linda
were holding their embrace as neither of them was ready for Bill's cock
to exit Linda's cunt.
Tom paid little attention to the new arrivals as he had his first
real fuck after Sharon had taking the training wheels of her hands off
his ass. The others snapped their heads around as Leslie led Bob over
to the spot by the heads of all the couples.
For their own reasons, they all were transfixed by the huge cock
swinging hard and proud between Bob's legs. It too was glistening with
wetness, but there were doubts that would be enough to get the over-sized
phallus into Leslie's modest cunt.
Many of these doubts were Leslie's, but she was determined to find
out what it felt like. It couldn't be much worse than being fist-fucked
and she had seen movies of women taking that. And she had to have it.
She had known that from the first sight of Uncle Bob's cock spreading
Aunt Sharon's cuntlips so wide as they fucked.
Uncle Bob had worked her up so she was plenty wet, but now that
he hovered over her, she couldn't help but tighten up with fear.
"Relax, it's no bigger than a baby's head," Bob's joke did nothing
to put Leslie at ease as he brought his cock to her entrance with every
eye watching.
"I want it, Uncle Bob, I want it real bad, but I can't help being
nervous," Leslie sputtered.
"Then I will have to be cruel to be kind," Bob said, sliding the
head of his cock up and down her slit, "I'm going to be rough. I'm going
to hurt you bad. But I have to get it in you so you can relax. Don't
think badly of me. I mean it for the best."
What a load of bullshit, Sharon thought. He could rub the head up
and down like he's doing until she let it in and then he could rock just
a little until it started going in on its own. That was the way he had
fucked her the first time she had taken his huge cock. He was telling
Leslie his lies because he wanted to jam it in his niece and hear her
But then, everyone, with the possible exception of Leslie, wanted
to see Bob bury his cock in one thrust. Obscenity crackled in the air
like electricity for the second Bob was poised ready to rend his niece
with his fearsome hard-on. Then her squeal split the air as Bob managed
to bury four inches of his cock in her with his first thrust.
"It's too big! It's wide! God! It's wide!" Leslie shrieked and then
squealed again as Bob heaved a few more inches into her overstuffed cunt.
"And it's almost half-way in!" Bob taunted her and pushed again.
Sharon's libido was growing a conscience as she watched Bob try to
bury his cock in her niece. The poor girl was obviously less experienced
than she had thought. Bob shouldn't have to thrust so hard to get even
his huge cock into a cunt. Leslie must be dying as Bob gave her three
times as much cock as she had ever taken in her life.
It was the suffering of love for Leslie. She yowled mindlessly as
her uncle drove his huge hunk of meat into her cunt. Her protests were
very real, but at the core Leslie was thrilling to the adventure of
daring this impossible penetration. To be sure, she was feeling the pain
of the impossible, but there was also the glow of knowing what a
monumental feat she was accomplishing.
In her mind's eye Leslie was seeing her aunt's cunt obscenely
engorged with this mammoth cock and knowing that her own lips were now
spread to a like wideness as her uncle forced them to open and take his
cock in. It was the biggest cock she had ever had. It was probably the
biggest cock in the world, Leslie thought as she sweat with the exertion.
Finally, mercifully, after what had seemed ages of belly-numbing
intrusion, Uncle Bob settled down tight on her cunt and sighed.
"You're awful goddamn tight," Bob wheezed.
"You're too damn big!" Leslie grunted back.
The prodigious feat had its effect on the audience. Bill was again
moving slowly inside Linda with a renewed erection. Ron was hard again
as well. Watching Leslie squirm as her uncle rammed his huge pecker in
her had made him feel like he was fucking Leslie himself.
Ron looked at Lisa and she shook her head. He had fucked her rough
enough to last her. She knew he wasn't going to be kinder with the image
of Uncle Bob's big dick swirling in his mind. Ron looked at Sharon.
Their eyes met and Sharon gave him a smile that raised his blood
pressure another 20 points. It was almost like she was daring him to
come over and stick it to her. Their only impediment was Tom and Ron was
sure he could dispose of him pretty quickly.
"Hey, Tommy, you ever cum in a girl's mouth?" he asked the
Getting a bewildered shake of the head from the boy, Ron pointed to
"Your girlfriend's sister is a great cocksucker," Ron announced
without any particular knowledge of the truth of what he was saying, "I
bet you'd really like the way she can suck you off."
That seemed amusing even to Lisa. It would be kind of cute to see
the kid's eyes get wide when she sucked his little thing. And it would
do Bill good to see her have sex with all her sister's boyfriends since
he seemed so enamored with her little sister.
Tommy didn't know what to do and Ron 'helped' him dismount Sharon
and sent him on his way to Lisa. He had business between those thighs and
all he wanted was the little boy gone.
Linda the lovebird and Bill were oblivious in their embrace as the
fucking raged around them. Their faces were seriously linked in a probing
kiss as Bill again probed Linda's cunt. Even Tom didn't seem to notice
them as he made his way to Lisa.
Ron looked down on his prize with naked lust. Sharon was a real
woman and he wanted to know what it was like to fuck a mature woman with
no silly hang-ups like the girls his own age. He bet Sharon did it all
and he hungered for that kind of unrestrained sex.
Leslie was getting hers, for sure. Bob had paused when he hit bottom
and swung his hips from side to side to emphasize how much meat he had
slammed into her. Leslie felt like he was hollowing her out.
Then Bob pulled back and Leslie felt like her insides were being
sucked out of her to follow his humongous cock. It was the edge of
tolerable when he fucked her, but the edge that bordered the highest
reach of bliss. It was far too much cock, but only maximum pleasure as he
began to thrust into her.
Leslie's delighted squeals prodded Ron to fall on Sharon and plunge
to the hilt in her twice-fucked cunt. He'd get the kinky stuff from her
in a minute. At the time he needed his cock in pussy real bad.
Sharon enjoyed the sudden thrust and Ron's enthusiasm. There was no
overtaxing a cunt that took Bob's huge member on a regular basis. She
could enjoy his fervor without discomfort and his hardness felt good
trying to fill her belly.
Tommy was the one in trouble. Lisa's mouth felt so good on his dick
that his blood could not be bothered with thinking about filling his cock.
Lisa tired of his pitiful howls with no result and pulled the boy down
onto the bed. Then she swung over him where she could work most directly
on the recalcitrant cock.
The effect she had on Tom solved the problem, but not for the cause
she intended. As she bobbed on his cock like a robin on a worm, it was the
distraction of her cunt spread inches from Tom's face that let his cock
begin to recover and rise.
When he touched it, Lisa purred and they fell into their own kind
of mutual stimulation.
No one was concerned with any of the others. Each pair was lost in
their separate lusts, except perhaps for the way Leslie's cries still urged
Ron to pound into Sharon.
Ron was maniacal in his haze of sex. He wanted something special on
this opportunity. He wanted to do forbidden things.
"Mrs. Kelly, can I put it in your ass?" he grunted.
"No, Ron, not yet," Sharon answered.
"When? I'm almost there," Ron gasped.
"When you're old enough to shove it up my ass without asking first,"
Sharon quipped to him.
It wasn't a refusal, but Ron didn't have time to consider that
before his climax forced him into overdrive fucking into Sharon's cunt.
He came with a howl that rivaled Leslie's cries as her uncle reamed her
with his huge cock.
Leslie was cumming the second time as Ron shot his load into Sharon
in great gouts. Every thrust of Bob's cock made her burst with a new need
to orgasm and only the physical constraints of ecstasy had limited her to
two. She was far past discomfort as her uncle plunged the big meat to her.
"Now fuck her in the ass with it," Sharon called to her husband.
It was a subtle hint that she had a plan in mind. It was sure to
cause a scramble and she would maneuver the players after that.
"Geeze, no, Aunt Sharon, I can't take that in my ass. No one can,"
Leslie shrieked.
Even in his depleted state, Sharon felt Ron stir inside her when she
made the outrageous suggestion. If they had been mesmerized by Leslie's
cunt swallowing Bob's huge cock, they would be transfixed by watching
him put it in her tiny, tight ass. But that was only the tease. Sharon
had a different plan.
"I can take it in my ass," Sharon argued, "When you see that, you'll
want it too. Why don't we cut out the middle step?"
"You can't," Leslie whined, "That cock won't go into an asshole."
"I'll show you if you let Ron put his cock in your ass while Bob
is fucking mine," Sharon bargained.
It was a great idea for three out of four. Even Leslie wasn't
dead set against finally allowing Ron his new treat. Her own curiosity
outweighed giving Ron access to her ass without claiming some prize or
concession for the permission. She was no more immune to the thrill of
watching that huge cock spread open an asshole than the rest.
"Once Uncle Bob gets it in, Ron can do anything he wants," Leslie
said, "But you've got to take it before I do."
Sharon didn't need to carry on the verbal war. She moved Ron off
her and got to her knees. She wiggled her ass at Bob and he pulled out
of Leslie with a grunt. Bob's devious desire to punish a tight twat had
waned as he watched his niece struggle to take his cock. He had eased his
thrusts and he welcomed the chance to get his cock into a hole that he
knew would stand the kind of fucking he wanted to get himself off.
For his part, Ron rolled Leslie over and urged her to her knees and
elbows in front of him. His cock had not revived completely, but it was
growing every second as he lay it in the crack of Leslie's ass and
dragged it between her cheeks.
Even Bill and Linda paused in their embrace to watch the show. Only
Lisa and Tom were in the last throes of passion and weren't distracted by
the performance that was about to start.
Bob oiled two fingers and pressed them one at a time into Sharon's
anus. She might be able to take his cock, but there was a lot of
preparation she needed before he could push his huge girth into her ass.
He oiled a third and slipped it in when Sharon had become accustomed to
two fingers. Even stretched to those dimensions, it would still be a
struggle for Bob to get his cock into the too small hole.
Leslie watched with a mixture of fascination and disbelief as her
uncle played with her aunt's asshole. She wanted to be proved right, that
Bob's cock was too big to fit, but she was also yearning to watch as her
uncle fit that huge rod into someone's asshole. Sharon's warning that the
sight would make her want the same was ignored for the moment.
Leslie was making it a point to ignore Ron's cock as it got hard
in the crack of her ass. She was still denying the possibility that her
aunt would be able to take Uncle Bob's huge cock in her ass. She didn't
want to have to think about Ron fucking her own virgin hole.
It only got worse as Uncle Bob decided he had stretched Sharon's
asshole as much as he could and knelt behind her. Sharon reached back
quickly and grabbed his cock tight. She trusted her husband, but she still
needed to control how fast he put that big thing in her tight ass. Leslie may have felt that the universe was allowing the impossible just to thwart
her, but Sharon was far more used to Bob fucking her ass than anyone who
saw his monster cock might believe.
It was a special thing for both Bob and Sharon. Bob had found few,
prostitutes included, that would let him fuck their asses with his cock.
He loved Sharon a little bit more every time she showed she was willing to
suffer to give him that treat. Sharon knew how special it was for him
and that first convinced her to try, but she got her own glow of pride
when they struggled though the pain and labor of working the overlarge
item into her backdoor and she knew she had managed what few others had
even dared try.
It was a scene of disbelief for everyone else on the bed. Sharon's
ass gaped like a sewer main, but the opening was still dwarfed when she
pulled Bob's cock to it. The way her sphincter hesitated then spread like
a rubber band at Bob's continued pressure made everyone wince.
And that was only the first miracle. As they looked up from the
particular, they saw Bob was kneeling a foot behind his wife with only the
tip of his mammoth organ in her painfully distended asshole. It was an
inconceivable volume of cock that Bob meant to push inside his wife.
Leslie's ass had clenched in sympathy as she saw her uncle Bob put
the head in her aunt's asshole. The idea of Ron fucking her own ass became
just a bit more real and she shivered. Then, like the others, she saw the
expanse of cock and hoped it wouldn't all fit. And then a tingle of excess
made her wish it would.
For Sharon, the crisis had passed. Stretching without tearing as
Bob pushed the head in was her point of panic. Now all that remained was
to breathe deep and slow and believe very hard that Bob could indeed get
his entire organ in her narrow bowels.
He would push it in. She had only to bear it in the best way
possible. As he filled her, she had only to constantly reassure herself
that it would not reach her heart and pierce it although all her internal
organs were screaming the danger. It was too large to take in the ass. She
had to sell her body on believing the lie that she could take it.
"Hey! Not until he gets it all in!" Leslie screeched as she felt
something probe at her asshole.
"He will. He's got more than half of it up her ass already," Ron
said, "Besides, that's only my finger. Don't you want me to oil it before
I fuck it?"
Ron's finger felt as big as Bob's cock looked. Leslie realized she
had been clenching her ass as she watched the horrifically fascinating
sight of her uncle putting his huge cock up her aunt's ass. She tried to relax the muscle, but Ron's finger still felt too big pressing at the
tiny round muscle. Leslie began to worry about the bargain she had made
with her aunt.
"Don't get any ideas," Lisa chirped up as she saw Tom's cock
twitch, "I'm not about to give you that treat. Try your own girlfriend."
"Does that mean you'll let me?" Bill asked excitedly.
"You've been fucking my kid sister bowlegged and now you want
something special from me?" Lisa snapped, "Well, you get down here and
lick my twat for a while and then I'll decide about what you get and
"What about me?" Tom asked Linda. "Will you let me put it in your
He was Linda's boyfriend. The youngest girl realized it would be
unrealistic to keep their relationship to heavy petting after this
afternoon of debauchery. It would also be unfair to let Bill fuck her and
then deny Tom.
She thought about it. She didn't see the big deal. Her asshole had
more practice pushing things through it than her cunt. And at the moment
her ass was probably more ready for a cock. Even though he had been
gentle, Bill had left her little cunt sore.
"I think I will," Linda started and then quickly added, "But I want
someone to help us so we do it the easy way."
None of that collateral bargaining was easing Leslie's mind. It was
clear Sharon could take Bob's cock in her ass like she had claimed. There
was only an inch or two left outside her and it was pointless for her to
argue with Ron as he slipped his finger into her ass.
She had to turn her concentration to relaxing her ass. As tightly
as she was clamping Ron's finger, it was going to feel like she was taking
her uncle's monster cock if she couldn't calm down before Ron stuck his
cock in her rear.
Sharon opened her eyes again when she felt Bob press against her
ass. She felt like a fucking goddess of sex! Once more she had taken his
huge cock in her smallest hole. The trial was over. Now it was time for
Bob to kill her with kindness.
Bob was brimming with pride at his bride's accomplishment. There
weren't many that would try and fewer that could handle his cock. And that
was just taking in the cunt. He was gratified and grateful each time
Sharon opened up and let him shove it in her asshole.
It was almost routine, but a routine that Sharon never minded. Bob
began by rubbing her shoulders and back as he let his cock bask full-
length in the heat of her bowels. They wanted her to relax.
Leslie wanted to relax too, but it seemed everything Ron tried only
made her flinch more. Finally she couldn't take it any more.
"Just put it in. Put it in now! It's not getting any better and I
want to get it over with," Leslie whined.
"Maybe you'll relax when you see it's no so bad," Ron agreed, too
hot to fuck her ass to offer a reprieve.
It was everything she feared when Ron's cock nudged the clenched
muscle. Her ass didn't want him in there and Ron was doing his best to
overpower her asshole. Her asshole dimpled in under his pressure and then
was pulled apart by the skin surrounding it as Ron pushed hard enough to
lodge the head of his cock in her rectum. He wouldn't have made it any
further if the oil he had spread liberally on her anus didn't pave the way
past the frantic sphincter.
Leslie's asshole couldn't grip through the lubrication and Ron's
cock slipped inside. It felt like he had put his fist in to Leslie.
"OH GOD! It can't hurt this much!" Leslie screamed as Ron made his
first penetration.
"Tell me," Ron gasped back, "You're squeezing so hard it hurts me
too! Let up! Relax!"
"Smack her ass," Bob suggested from where he hunched over his wife.
"What!?" Leslie yelped.
WHAP! Ron didn't wait to question. His hand came down with a loud
smack on Leslie's ass. Frightened, she lost her grip for an instant and
another inch of Ron's dick slid into her rectum.
"Hey!" Ron said with pleasure and raised his hand to spank her
"Your aunt didn't act like that even with that real big one," Tom
said to Linda, afraid the example would make her change her mind.
"I'm not scared," Linda said, "I think it will be kinda fun."
It certainly looked like more fun when you watched Bob and Sharon
go at it. Bob was now cupping Sharon's breasts and rocking his cock inside
her guts. Even Sharon's face had relaxed into a smiling bliss as her
husband toyed with her nipples.
This foreplay after the fact let Sharon enjoy without the painful
interruption of taking Bob's cock. She would be ready when he fucked her
and she would have another blissful experience on the biggest cock in the
"Please, please stop," Leslie begged Ron.
"Take it out?" Ron was ready to be mad.
"No, stop spanking me, I think I get it now," Leslie said.
She had, in fact, gotten most of it as her sphincter was shocked
into letting Ron's cock slide inside her. Her ass had given up its unruly
spasm and Leslie was glad to have control return. It had hurt to try and
squeeze that hard, even though she had not wanted to.
She was in control of the reaction now and pushed down like she was
taking a shit as she had read in the sex manuals. She found it didn't have
to hurt. She felt full and it was a little strange, but it wasn't
necessarily unpleasant.
"Aren't you going to play with my titties like Uncle Bob?" she
Ron was glad to do anything that stopped her asshole from trying
to choke the life out of his cock. When he leaned over to grab Leslie's
breasts, he found the new angle was even better. Leslie sighed in
appreciation as well.
Sharon grabbed everyone's attention with a chuffing series of
grunts. Even Lisa didn't scold Bill as his head came up from her crotch.
The older woman was making the blissful noises as Bob's hand had found its
way between her thighs to cup over her mount.
"Damn, you know how to do that!" Sharon said when she found her
voice. "Now give it to me and make me howl!"
Howling wasn't very far off as Bob massaged her crotch and made a
cold sweat of passion run between her shoulder blades. He had her clit
trapped in the rolls of her cuntlips and was squeezing it as he rubbed up
and down over her cunt. It was the almost kind of orgasm that he could
complete by moving his cock in her ass.
Spinning on the orgasmic plateau, Sharon hungered for the vacuum of
his retreating plunger to pull out her guts and then slam them back into
place as he fucked her ass. The sensation in her asshole couldn't be
felt above the commotion his cock made in the middle of her. It was the
raw feeling of being reamed that brought the howl from deep in Sharon's
"Yeah! fuck it! Show me what you got!" Leslie was screaming at the
same time.
Her aunt's passion was contagious and Leslie suddenly felt the need
for Ron to bore her out. He had a breast clamped in each hand and was
pulling them as he slammed into her upturned rear. It all felt like
passion to Leslie. Her howl soon joined her aunt's as Ron's rapid fucking
took her over the top.
"There! Take it all!" Ron chortled as he popped up to grab Leslie's
hips and pound as hard as he could into her ass. "Take my fucking cock up
your tight little fucking ass!"
Ron let out a shuddering sound that sounded like the cry of a man freezing to death as he slammed one more time into Leslie's ass and shot
off a gut-filling load of cum. Some of it sprayed backwards as he fell
back and his cock popped out of her ass with a pop and swung the sticky
stuff in the air.
Bob pounded his wife's ass a few more time and them slammed into
her so they both landed flat on the bed. He twitched, but the only sound
was a minute-long sigh that sounded like a growl.
"Show's over, now lick me some more," Lisa broke the silence with
her command to Bill.
"Washcloth," Sharon grunted from under Bob's weight.
"You should have waited, Ron," Bob said as he got up, "You wouldn't
have much trouble fucking that ass now."
If she had been in an less of a good mood, Sharon would have
resented her husband making that joke at the expense of her gaping anus.
As it was, there was a family air about the orgy that made her see the
humor in Bob's remark. Besides, she hadn't been deaf to Leslie's cries as
Ron fought to fuck her virgin asshole.
While she waited for Bob to return with a cool, damp bung-stopper,
Sharon glanced over at her younger two nieces. Lisa was in the ultimate
position of the guardian of proper, propped on her elbows, guiding Bill
through the proper licking of her cunt. Linda and Tom were lying together
talking about what had just happened to them both.
"Hey, Mrs. Kelly, can you help us now so we can do that too?" Tom
said when he saw her look at them.
"Weren't you watching?" she asked.
"We want to do it the easy way," Linda answered, "Can you show us
how to do that?"
"What makes you think there's an easy way?" Sharon was curious.
"My girlfriend says there is," Linda admitted, "She says it's just
like the regular way except you can't get pregnant."
"The regular way?" Sharon was puzzled. "You mean face to face?"
"He gets over you and then he puts it in your other hole. That's
what she says," Linda explained.
Bob came back and folded the washcloth in quarters and then rolled
it into a tube. Sharon reached back and plugged the soothing cloth into
the gaping hole left by her husband's mammoth cock.
"Sure sounds easy, why don't you just try it?" Sharon asked Linda.
"Because I didn't know if she was lying or not," Linda said, "Can
you really do it that way?"
"You can do it any way it fits," Sharon said, "But I think you'll
have to pull your knees up a bit so Tom can get to your other hole."
"Would you... Would you put it in for me so I do it right?" Tom
asked shyly.
Sharon knew he just wanted her to touch it, but he asked so sweetly
she couldn't refuse. She picked up the bottle of oil where it lay near
Leslie and squirted some into her hand.
"Just don't cum in my hand, Tom," she kidded the boy.
Linda was the most unaffected little girl Sharon had ever seen.
From her vantage point, she could see she barely needed the oil. There
was not the slightest hint of a twinge of her ass even as she set Tom's
cock to the pretty pink bud.
"Now push it in easy," she told Tom, holding his cock between two
fingers so it wouldn't slip off the mark.
Easy was exactly the way Tom's cock slipped into Linda's little
ass. With no more than a tiny grunt, Linda opened to let her young beau
slip in her rear door.
"Geeze, oh god, Linda, it's so tight," Tom moaned as his cock
slid smoothly into her ass.
"Is it okay to move?" Tom asked sweetly when he had pushed his
cock to the hilt in Linda's rectum.
"You better," Linda groaned back, "It's going to feel sooo good."
Tom couldn't bring himself to pound into Linda. He slid his cock
in and out of her ass at a moderate pace that seemed to only frustrate
"Go more, go more," Linda urged him.
"I'm trying," Tom grunted back.
Linda took matters into her own hands, or asshole. As Tom tried to
ream her, she let her legs drop down to force her ass further onto his
cock. Tom wasn't ready for that.
"Don't you'll bend... Oh yes, Linda, do that!" Tom changed his tune
as his girlfriend swung her legs to bounce her ass on his cock.
She was taking the ass-fucking Tommy wasn't giving her. Full, full,
full and twisting to make his hard shaft give her asshole the stimulation
she craved. Tom felt like he was caught in a sucking machine.
Leslie watched her youngest sister in wonder. Linda liked having a
cock rammed in her rear opening. She was obviously enjoying the feeling.
She was enjoying it so much that she was pushing Tom's cock up her ass
on her own. Leslie's asshole twitched at the sight.
Sharon saw a lot of herself in Linda's adventurous spirit. Lisa saw
a dangerous precedent being set. Hers was the only anus that had not been
invaded in the last fifteen minutes and she knew Bill would make a big
thing of that.
"Come on, Tom, fuck!" Linda's demand broke their reveries. "I want
it harder than this!"
Tommy wanted to please Linda. He wanted to fuck her ass. He wanted,
but every time he tried to move, he found he was immobilized by the
pleasure of Linda forcing her asshole down over his cock. It felt so good
his muscles never got the message.
Then he jumped forward as a sharp smack landed on his ass. Linda
let out a bubbling 'ahhhhh' that sounded so satisfied that it gave the
rest of them chills.
"Fuck her right or I'll keep spanking you," Sharon told Tom and
gave him one more for emphasis. "If she's making you feel that good, then
you owe her a good fuck back."
Tom didn't need the reminder of the second whack. Sharon had broken
the deadlock with the first and he was thrusting strongly into Linda once
he got over the initial hesitation. It was too incredible this way.
It felt like Linda was ripping his cock off at the root as he
pushed into her and she brought her ass down on his invading cock. Her
asshole was tight like a wide rubber band twisted around his cock as they
pulled away from each other. This was good beyond any conception of how
good it could be for Tom. It was umpteen million times better than letting
her fuck him by herself.
It was as much of an improvement for Linda. With Tom giving her a
strong base to push on, her asshole was being stretched in the most
delightful way. His thrusts were pushing the end of his hard cock into
things that added a warm tingle from inside her belly. Her cunt was
getting involved.
Linda charged on in her ecstasy and Tom saw her light up with a
glow he had never seen before. She had never been so intense when he had
gotten her off with his finger. Her state gave him permission to answer
the ruthless attack of her hips with thrusts just as ruthless and bold.
"Jesus, Linda..." had just gotten off his lips when his voice
went up half an octave and Linda arched backwards as if a switch had
been thrown.
Her hips only shook now and Tom was thrusting up into her without
withdrawing, his cock buried to the hilt and bouncing Linda as she
shuddered through a cataclysmic orgasm.
Tom couldn't help himself as she came all over his hard cock. His
cock had been filling her guts with cum when the first clamp of her
asshole gave Tom a new appreciation of the concept of pleasure pain. He
thought his cock had been damaged irreparably and his balls exploded like
they never had before in his life. It was a terrifying feeling that she
could be damaging his cock, but he came with a force that left him awed.
"That was really great, you guys," Linda announced to the others
more than Tom. "It was really hot having you all watching me. It made it
feel twice as good knowing you were watching."
"Our little exhibitionist," Sharon joked, "So, Lisa, what's the
ruling on a girl that likes to show off?"
The issue was coming to a head and it was her aunt that was
pressing the issue. Lisa knew where the conversation was going to go next,
whatever she answered.
"Look, I see where this is going," Lisa took the offensive, "I
heard Bill say I was a great cocksucker and I'm going to suck him off
since he likes my technique so well. You can watch if you want."
"It was Ron that complimented your cocksucking and I know what
you're trying to do," Sharon responded. "Give up. You know you're going
to end up with a dick in your ass before we're through. The only reason
to go through with this charade is that you want one of the other guys to
be the one that fucks you in the ass."
Lisa didn't have a retort. If Aunt Sharon was going to say it
right out loud, Lisa knew she couldn't dodge her butt-fuck. She was about
to concede when Leslie spoke up.
"We all know what she was trying to do," Leslie said. "She was
trying to dodge her part doing what all the rest of us have done. Usually
Lisa would decree a penalty for that. I say what goes around comes around
and Lisa should have a penalty."
"Like what?" Linda was intensely interested in penalties for her
"She wants to show Ron she's a good cocksucker? Let her suck his
cock while Bill fucks her asshole," Leslie suggested. "I'll even help
her with Ron when she gets too wrapped up in being boned."
"He's got to wash it first! Ron's got to wash his cock," Lisa
voiced the only protest she thought had a chance of being heard.
Lisa was kneeling on wide-placed knees and spread open for
sacrifice when Ron came back with his clean cock. Bill had oiled her anus
and had one finger inside as Ron knelt up in front of her. Lisa was
trying her best to open for Bill's finger.
Ron put his hand under Lisa's chin to help hold her head up and
pushed his cock into her open lips. Lisa couldn't concentrate on both
things and ended up thinking about nothing. Her tongue automatically
pressed Ron's cock against her palate as he stroked into her mouth.
Her other end was being taken care of by Bill. She didn't have to
do anything as he pulled out his finger and replaced it with his cock.
Bill pressed outward on her cheeks to part her buttocks and open his
target wide. Then he pushed and Lisa felt hill and valley as his cock
slithered into her asshole.
Ron was keeping her occupied and her ass had to struggle to open
on its own. It did a good job, judging by the smooth progress Bill made
as he stuck half his cock in her ass. It was no less of an intrusion, but
it was accomplished with little fuss. Lisa was a brand new member of the
cock stuffed up my butt club and she hadn't even had the chance to scream.
"Now that's a sight," Leslie teased her younger sister, "It's the
first time Lisa has evened things up that I've appreciated."
Watching Ron fuck her sister's face made Leslie forget her own
aching anus. Leslie was getting hot watching the show and looked to Bob
and Tom. They were still hors de fuck, although Bob looked like he could
be persuaded to rise with the right mouth magic.
Bob had a wonderful cock and Leslie was glad she had the chance to
make it fit inside her, but she was not eager to try again so soon. Tom
was freshly pulled from her sister's ass.
Lisa had no such leisure to languidly explore the two cocks filling
her at either end. The pressure and stretching Bill was causing in her
asshole was no longer as muted by Ron's cock in her mouth. The ends had switched rankings as Bill pushed the rest of his cock into her ass. She
was now uncomfortably aware of the fullness behind her and it was Ron's
cock that was beating against her tonsils in the shadow of her attention.
"Look at how she takes it, Leslie," Ron crowed to his girl as he
fucked Lisa's face.
Leslie remembered her promise to help her sister and groaned. Now
Ron would want to ram his cock into her throat when she took over for Lisa.
This orgy stuff had a lot of booby-traps Leslie hadn't anticipated while
she was blithely horny for her uncle's cock.
Sharon was watching the proceedings in her own pain. Taking Bob up
the ass was wonderful, but her asshole always ached for an hour afterwards.
It did her good to watch as Lisa was boned. Leslie's cries and grunts had
been lost in the furor of Bob fucking her own ass. This time she got to
appreciate the sight of Lisa crossing into unknown territory and getting
the tingle from knowing she was witnessing a first.
Linda was trying to imagine what it would be like to have two cocks
at once. It looked yummy to her. That was helped along by Tom, who was
playing with her ass unconsciously as he watched the two guys fuck Lisa at
either end.
The audience was far down Lisa's list of things to be concerned
about. Bill was taking advantage of her anus adjusting to his size and
fucking her ass with determination. The hard rod ramming regularly into
her was Lisa's top concern. Then Ron caught her throat in just the wrong
way and she choked.
Ron was gentleman enough to pull back as she gagged. He had been
listening to the sisters and called on Leslie to keep her promise.
"Les, help your sister!" he called, "The poor thing's choking on
Just as long as 'Peetie' doesn't choke me, Leslie thought as she
scrambled over to help her sister.
With no one banging against her butt, Leslie was able to put a protecting hand on Ron's belly as she opened her mouth for his cock. She
made a show of holding 'Peetie' at the base, but the hand was there to
limit Ron's enthusiasm thrusting and only incidentally to make him feel
good. Ron used both features as he tried to bury his cock in Leslie's
Freed of the cock in her mouth, Lisa got loud. To everyone's
surprise, including her own, Lisa's cries were not complaints.
"Oh god, Bill! It feels so big!" Lisa groaned as Bill pumped hard
and quick into her asshole. "You're stuffing me! You're stuffing me good."
What came from Lisa's mouth was true feelings, although the young girl meant it to be more protesting than it came out. She knew it wasn't
right to have a cock in her ass. That said, she couldn't work up much
indignation with Bill drilling like he was. It wasn't nice, but it didn't
hurt like it should. In fact, as much as she would blush to admit it, the
novel feeling had its good points too.
Boning the sanctimonious bitch up the butt had a lot of feelgood
value for Bill, too. There were a lot of things to like about Lisa,
including her self-assured decrees and easy decisions, but Bill was
avenging all the times she went too far. She was dancing to his tune now.
Bill was in charge of her tight little ass and he was giving her a
lesson in what men like. And what Bill liked at the moment was giving his
girlfriend his cock to the hilt up her tight little rear. She could take
it and like it.
Liking it was where Lisa was having trouble crossing the line. If
they had been alone in a private, dark place, it would be more acceptable
to give in to her rectal invasion. Now that her asshole had accepted the
inevitability of Bill's cock, she was finding that there were nerves
to be stimulated back there as well. But she didn't feel right giving
in to the feeling with her sisters and the rest watching.
Lisa felt that the whole house of certainties she had built would
crumble if she allowed herself to overcome her prejudice about being
fucked up the ass. Even if she admitted it wasn't too bad to herself,
she certainly didn't want to let her sisters see that hole in her
self-proclaimed infallible understanding of right and wrong.
Her mental confusion only robbed her. Her body betrayed her growing
acceptance of the hard rod ramming up her butt and her sisters could
see that she was liking it at least a little. Lisa's attempt to remain
shocked did feed Bill's desire to bone her good.
"It's full now. Your ass is full now," Bill emphasized as he ground
his belly on her butt to go as deep as he could reach up her ass. "You've
got my cock all the way up your ass, don't you? You're taking it in the
ass, aren't you?"
It made Lisa blush deeper shades of red as she heard the tone of
triumph in Bill's lewd talk. He had found the hole in her infallibility
and stuck his cock to the hilt right up it. Lisa moaned and again it
came out sounding more like pleasure than she intended.
Ron felt a cold shiver go through him at the sound and lurched
forward into Leslie's mouth. The fountain began and Ron grabbed Leslie's
struggling head to keep her face in his groin so he could pump out his
jizm direct mail to her stomach. Lisa's cries of confused pleasure kept
the cum jetting from Ron's cock as he violated Leslie's throat in much
the same way Bill was fucking her sister in the ass.
The active display in the center of the room had two more cocks
coming to the ready. Bob and Tom were going to need servicing soon.
Sharon looked at one cock and then the other and thought where they should
Tommy had fucked her before. Leslie was the only woman that Tom
hadn't fucked. And she had fucked Ron and Bob, so Bill was the only one
left that she hadn't fucked. Using that logic, Sharon had Ron, Linda, Bob
and Lisa to arrange. Ron had started on Lisa and that made it all fall
into place.
Poor Lisa, thought Sharon, she gets her first taste of assfucking
and the next thing up is Bob's big dork. Sharon tried to think of
something that might make it easier for the girl.
While Sharon pondered, Bill had tired of drilling Lisa deep and was
fucking her ass hard and fast. Lisa was past protesting the hard meat
sliding in and out of her back door. It was rousing an unfulfilled passion
like an itch she couldn't quite reach.
"Oh Bill! Billy, oh Billy, please make me do it," Lisa begged, "Fuck
me good and make me cum!"
Lisa was past worrying about how she looked as she pushed her ass
out for Bill to fuck her. His cock taking her had also taken over her
attention. It was going in her, going in her, going in her and feeling
almost good enough for her to climax.
Lisa's begging for it was more than enough for Bill to climax. He
slapped loudly on her buttocks as he drove into her the final few times
and then drove into her to the hairs and delivered his semen enema into
Lisa's bowels.
Lisa was left hanging, but she couldn't bring herself to protest. It
would sound so bad. She was already embarrassed enough by the teasing
from her sisters and aunt about being prissy. Her aunt took away that
temptation when she proposed the next show.
"You girls stay right there because I see two dicks ready for some
action," Sharon told Leslie and Lisa.
Sharon explained who had not done what with whom yet and suggested
the parings for the next round. Leslie didn't mind the idea at all. She
patted the mattress beside her thinking Tom would be a vacation compared
to fucking Bob, taking Ron up the ass and then having him fuck her throat
until she nearly puked.
Lisa was not amused by the prospect of following Bill ripping her
open in the aft with her uncle splitting open her fore. Uncle Bob's big
dick was something worth protesting about.
"Hey! I wasn't the one that had to try on Uncle Bob's dick for
size!" Lisa challenged. "Let Leslie fuck him and I'll fuck Tom again."
"Now you'll hurt your uncle's feelings talking like that," Sharon
scolded Lisa, "It's only right that everyone does it with everyone else.
If it's any comfort, I thought about it and I have a plan that might make
it better for you."
"His cock is as big as my arm! How can you make that better?" Lisa
"Well, Ron and Bill aren't going to be ready for Linda and me for a
bit, so I thought we could all help you relax so it doesn't seem like
such a big thing," Sharon explained.
"You mean hold me down because I don't think anything could make
me relax with that thing pointed at me," Lisa countered.
Sharon started the proceedings by lightly stroking Lisa from her
collarbones to her knees. It wasn't fair because Lisa was still bubbling
with unrequited passion from Bill's assfucking. Her aunt's hands felt so
good lightly caressing her body.
"Come on, Bill, Ron, Linda, everybody get in here and make Lisa feel
real good," Sharon invited.
She left off Bob to help Lisa forget the purpose of their group
grope of her body. Bob knew his wife well enough to see what she was
planning. He sat back for a while as the others closed in on the supine
Bill quickly escalated the touching into licking as he bent to take
Lisa's left nipple in his mouth. Ready to do his part, Ron took possession
of Lisa's right nipple. Sharon showed Linda how to stroke slowly up and down the back of Lisa's thighs and she took the opportunity to apply the
same technique to Lisa's cunt.
Tom and Leslie postponed their own sex to come over and add their tongues to the fray. Tom licked little circle on Lisa's belly as Leslie
bent down and gave her sister an upside-down deep tongue kiss.
Lisa came the first time on her aunt's fingers. As she twitched in
orgasm, Sharon slipped two, then three fingers inside her niece and
continued the stimulation of her clit with her thumb. Linda gave up the
light caresses to knead Lisa's butt and everyone became a little less
gentle as Lisa heated up.
Lisa had her eyes closed as they worked her toward another climax
and didn't notice as Bob took his place between her thighs. The fingers
in her cunt were replaced by something smooth, but hard rubbing up and
down the lips. Leslie's tongue was replaced with a more demanding male
tongue in her mouth and the boys stopped kissing and went back to
touching her nipples and fondling her breasts.
If Lisa had thought Bill took away her need to think when he had
his cock in her ass, it was because she had never felt anything as
wonderful as four or five or six people all stimulating her at once. She
was awash in hands and tongues and lips and fingers as they made every
part of her feel oh so good all at once.
Lisa was only minimally aware of something the slightest bit
uncomfortable when whatever that was rubbing her cunt pushed in a bit.
Then it got bigger and Lisa lazily thought someone was trying to push
their fist into her cunt. Strong fingers massaged her inner thighs and
Lisa was calmed that they (whoever they were) would not try to force it
when they found it was impossible for a fist to fit inside her.
Then the fist was in and Lisa's eyes popped open. It wasn't a fist.
Uncle Bob's face loomed over her and Lisa knew in an instant that he had
managed to work the head of his cock into her without her realizing.
Her mouth opened to protest, but then he rocked and Lisa couldn't
make a noise. Holy Shit! It was huge. But it was in her now and it didn't
really hurt like she had feared. She didn't think she could take a
millimeter more, but the feeling had good points too. She couldn't be any
more stuffed with man than she was at the time and that was an exciting
thought. Lisa fell back and tried to relax back into the haze of the hands
and the fingers stroking her body.
Bob knew he had her then. She had been gushing lubrication from the
time he had pressed his cock to the gate and his cock had slipped into
her with relative ease. She could take it. She could take all of it. The
hard part was over. Lisa's only problem would be knowing how much cock
her uncle was pushing into her belly.
She'd get used to it, Bob thought and pressed forward. Unlike her
sister, Lisa's cunt had made its peace with the slab of meat about to
fuck it. It was a tight and narrow way, but Bob could feel her cunt was
ready for him. Lisa herself was another matter.
"No, Uncle Bob! I can't take it all! Just the tip- okay? Okay?"
Lisa begged as her uncle pushed more and more of his monster cock into
Lisa thought she could feel her organs moving to make way for his
cock. She was sure she felt her lungs pushed to either side as his cock
came up to rest next to her heart. She knew she was having trouble
breathing as her uncle pushed his huge cock inside her.
If Bob had indeed been resting near her heart when Lisa thought,
then his thrust to bury the last four inches would have killed her. It
did feel like she had passed into a different plane to Lisa. That monster
lay buried in her belly and she could only guess at the obscene sight
her cunt stretching around his girth made.
She tried to look down to see if her belly bulged like she was
pregnant, but she was afraid to bend and break something inside herself
on the hard rod she was sure passed thought her whole body. Lisa
determined to lay back and try to survive this fuck.
In truth, Lisa had been so well prepared by the others that she was
the easiest woman Bob had ever penetrated, excepting Sharon, of course.
She felt like a tiny shell stretched over his cock, but Bob could tell
there was plenty of room for him to fuck Lisa any way he wanted. All the
struggle would be in her mind.
"Help both of you," Sharon came to the rescue, "Wrap your legs over
his and make sure it goes the right way inside you."
Lisa grabbed onto that idea like a drowning man grabs onto a life
preserver. She would be doing something to save herself from this huge
pecker. She wrapped her legs over Bob's and became a partner as he began
to fuck her.
"You want to watch, don't you?" Leslie asked Tom.
Tom was looking back and forth between Leslie laying back with her
legs in the air and Bob fucking Lisa. He wanted pussy, but he, like
everyone else, was fascinated by the sight of Bob's monster cock
squooshing in and out of Lisa.
"I want to fuck you too," said Tom in a pained voice.
"Not to worry, I know a way," Leslie said and turned on her side.
She pulled her top leg up and patted herself on the rear.
"Just come up here and put it in and we'll both be able to watch,"
she told the youngster.
Tom happily followed her instructions and slid into her cunt under
the top cheek of her rear. This was very nice. He could go up and over and
back and forth and still watch as Bob drilled out Lisa to an incredible
Leslie sighed in contentment as Tom used his just-right sized cock
in a variety of thrusts that were keyed to the fucking going on in front
of them. It was just right to make her so hot. She could get all turned
on by the huge cock going into her sister and she had Tom's pleasant dick
fucking her to help her fantasy get her off.
Everyone was getting horny from the sight of Bob plunging his huge
dick into tiny Lisa. It was even more lewd than watching Leslie as Lisa
threw her hips around as Bob drove his pecker into her.
"If you don't mind used, we can wash this off for you," Sharon said
to Bill as she pulled the rolled-up washcloth from her ass and used the
clean end to wipe off his cock.
Bill wasn't ready for a command performance yet and Sharon wisely
refrained from mouthing his cock. She tickled his balls and played with
his penis until she could feel the strength beginning to return. Linda
couldn't restrain her own urges.
"Would it be all right if I licked your thing a little bit?" she
timidly asked Ron.
Ron grinned broadly at her request. It was so cute in a dirty old man kind of way. He might not be ready to rise again, but it would make
a nice picture to have the kid sister with her face down in his crotch.
Linda had never put her mouth on a penis before and it seemed to
be the day for such new adventures. So far everything had been wonderful
and she felt so comfortable and safe doing these new things with her
family around watching.
Ron leaned back on his hands and Linda burrowed down between his
legs to run her tongue over the limp organ. It felt like she expected it
to, kind of spongy. This wasn't that much different than when she played
with Tom's dick while she was jerking him off.
"Oh Please, Uncle Bob, please," Lisa was howling as her uncle
pistoned to the end of his stroke and pulled nearly all the way out to
stroke into her again, "Please cum for me. Take me fast and fill me up!"
She had gone from horrified victim to lusty partner quickly when
Bob's big cock made her blood begin to boil. As Bob had noted, it had
never been his size itself, but rather her ideas about his size that had
frightened her. Once the lust in her cunt flowed through the rest of her
body, Lisa was an eager partner for her monster-dicked uncle.
But Bob didn't give in to her pleas. He had an obligation to
everyone there, particularly himself, to fuck Lisa slow for a long time
before giving in and reaming her out with his big tool. It was a treat to
find some strange that wasn't scared to death of his size.
Again Bob's cock had the magic effect of raising the heat in the
room several degrees of lust. They all wanted to fuck or be fucked with
a cock like his. The swampy smell of sex hung in the room like a fog.
Even Leslie, who knew the fantasy was better than the reality of
being bored out by the huge cock, was moaning along the edge of climax as
she watched her uncle fuck her sister. Tom was a machine as he thrust
into her. He too was caught up in the dream of plowing that big dick
into Leslie as he fucked and he was frozen in a rhythm that was making it
last for both of them.
Bill was developing some heft and his girlfriend's crafty aunt felt
his cock twitch. Sharon got Bill up on his knees and went behind him.
She lay on her back and scooted between his legs from behind like a
mechanic on a creeper. Bill's cock was the round thing in front of the
hairy sac from this perspective. Sharon reached up with her tongue and
licked around the hanging head.
In the sexually charged atmosphere it didn't take long for Bill's
cock to rise. As it escaped the reach of her tongue, Sharon grabbed Bill's
ass to raise herself. She hung there for a moment, licking the underside
of his cock. Then Bill crumbled under her weight and they ended up with
Bill doing push ups over her, driving his stiffening cock into her
mouth as she lay on her back.
Only Ron watched the progress of Bob's huge cock into Lisa from a
relaxed position. The feathery touch of Linda's mouth was having the
expected effect on his cock and he leaned back and enjoyed the rebirth of
his erection as he watched Lisa take too much meat and squirm heartily
for more. He certainly was going to get some when he was able, he thought.
"Oh god!" Tom cried out and humped hard into the smooth roundness
of Leslie's hip, "Oh god, I'm going to do it!"
"Bang me!" Leslie replied in desperation, "Bang me hard so I can
make it too!"
The need seemed to come from nowhere for Tom. He was fucking
smoothly along when his balls notified him they were going to pop. The
cushiony feel of Leslie's ass had been quietly building up the pressure and suddenly he had to pound into her as that pressure peaked.
Fortunately for Leslie, the little boy's uncontrolled thrusts
migrated to a back to front angle as he took her from the rear and he hit
something wonderful. Leslie didn't know from G-spot, or anything else, but
Tom hit something each time he started back into her cunt that made bright
lights go off behind her eyes.
"Oh Christ, kid, don't stop," Leslie gasped in an agonized tone,
"Fuck me just like that. Fuck me right there!"
The screaming passion off to the side robbed Bob of his restraint
and he responded to the urging of Lisa's thighs to plunge his massive
meat into the girl and slam at her from close in. He'd given them all
enough of a show. Now he wanted to enjoy a cunt that enjoyed having his
huge cock all the way inside it.
"Oh God, YES! Keep fucking!" Leslie screamed out as she shivered
in a body-shaking climax.
Tom heroically tried to fuck in and out even as his cum was spouting
from his cock inside Leslie. He was a man now kept flashing in his mind
between the mind-blanking jets of pleasure piss from his cock.
"Come on you fucking bastard, give it to me," Lisa was grunting in
an atypical stream of lewd talk as Bob drilled out her stuffed cunt.
"Show me what you got. See if I can take it."
Bob was doing his best to give her all he had and was enjoying her
challenge. It was an intriguing change from women who only protested that
he was too much for them. He took Lisa up on her invitation and put his
weight behind his cock as he slammed it all the way inside the girl.
"You're in my womb! You're fucking in my uterus!" Lisa yelled,
"Fill me up you big-dicked bastard!"
Lisa barely knew what was coming out of her mouth. Bob's cock had
taken her to a place outside all her rules and understnding. She was
gripping her uncle in a haze of mega-sensation and the words were pouring
out by themselves. Full didn't do justice to the feeling in her belly as
he fucked her with his huge dork.
Orgasm, at least all the orgasms she had ever had, would be a let-
down from the feeling of this monster cock stretching out her insides and
taking possession of her soul. And now her uncle was making the emergency
more dire as his cock rooted deep inside her and his belly ground against
the enraged button of her clit.
"HuuuNNNHHuuuHHNNN!" Lisa exploded in something like a climax only
ever so much more intense.
If she hadn't been so securely fastened on the big peg, her
convulsions in her orgasm would have thrown her clear of her uncle's cock.
She jerked wildly, flying off the pad and falling back with super-human
lunges as the passion shook her. But there was no escaping the meat
stuffed to her center.
Bob tried to catch her on the rise and let her spasms work his cock
as he fucked the frenzied woman. She bucked beneath him like a horse that
had never been ridden, digging in her heels to throw her hips more wildly
around his penetrating cock.
Bob's orgasm was a rumble that began in his balls and boiled the
long way up his cock before blasting out the end into his squirming niece.
Just as she had struggled on his cock to make him spurt, she responded to
the flood of cum with determined bucks of her hips. She pulled her butt
off the mattress with the grip of her legs and shook her cunt on him as
Bob flooded her insides.
Sharon knew tricks to make him cum like that, but Lisa had done it
with pure need and aggression. Once she surrendered to his huge meat, the
girl was on a mission to make the fuck as much as it could be for both
of them. She might be prissy, Bob thought, but when she lets loose, she's
a wild thing.
Having conquered the massive monster, Lisa clamped her uncle to
herself when the furor subsided. She needed to savor the feel of that huge
dick laying quiet inside her. It was an accomplishment that she wanted to
enjoy while she was still stuffed with her uncle's cock.
Bill had been fucking Sharon's face almost as fiercely as Bob had
been putting it to Lisa in the end. He was more than ready when Sharon
slid him down and herself up so his dick was poised at the entrance to
her pussy.
"You want it hard, don't you," he grunted at Sharon as he drove his
cock into her in one thrust.
"Shut up and fuck," Sharon croaked back with a throat that had been
ravaged by Bill's face-fucking.
The energetic young man was a welcome relief from the need Sharon
had built up waiting to have her turn begin again. She had every right
to be horny from watching Bob's big dick fucking another cunt. She knew
how it good it felt better than anyone.
Bill wasn't the same, but his cock felt good ramming into her cunt.
He was steely hard and very eager as he poked into her. Change was good
"You want me to keep this up or do you want to fuck, or what?"
Linda raised her head from his pulsing cock and asked Ron. "I don't care
how we do it. You can do it in my ass if you want."
The blow-job was frustratingly good, but Ron sensed Linda wasn't
teasing with her uneven technique. If he thought she would suddenly
become a great cocksucker, he might have been temped to stay where he
was and let her make him cum with her mouth. But he didn't think he could
take the start-stop way she had been sucking hs cock long enough to cum.
Besides, she was offering him the chance to fuck her in the ass.
Just thinking about the sight of his cock disappearing between the cheeks
of her narrow ass made up his mind for him. It would be the second time
for both of them. That somehow made it fate in Ron's mind.
Ron had to leave his comfortable position to look for the oil. He
couldn't imagine that any asshole could be loose after his struggle
with Leslie's before. He was assuming that it would be a greater struggle
because Linda was smaller than her big sister.
When he found the tube and turned back to Linda, she had taken a
position on her belly with her knees drawn up and out to the sides. She
supported her torso on her elbows, making her body bow low to the
mattress with her butt invitingly up in the air.
"I want it like this, like every one else has been getting it,"
Linda told Ron.
The way she squatted pulled her buttocks apart and made her butt
look like the golden arches of McDonald's. Ron wasn't looking for lunch
but it looked like the limited time special was for quick rump romp and
he was ready for a little of that.
Meanwhile, Bill was trying to have a conversation with Sharon as he
jammed his cock hard into her cunt.
"You know Mrs. K, I've learned a lot about you," he huffed out as
he fucked her.
"What?" Sharon gasped back as his cock tried to ram the answer out
of her lungs.
"You like take-charge guys," Bill said.
"Ohhh," Sharon groaned, as much in reaction to his repeated
thrusts as an answer.
Sharon wouldn't exactly call jumping on her and pistoning at her
cunt as hard and fast as you could being a take charge guy. It was
amusing, but it hardly set Bill apart from a hoarde of other fellows.
If he kept it up long enough, Sharon might make it out of sheer attrition,
but it wasn't as if he was firing her lust with his rabbit-fuck.
Linda's butt was a little low for Ron in her position. She had
giggled as he spread the oil on her sphincter and now she waited
impatiently wiggling her ass as he tried to find a way to get his cock to
her back door. Ron had spread his knees out as far as they would go and
his cock was barely low enough to lay on top of Linda's butt.
He thought about asking her to move, but the picture of her
squatting like a frog was too hot for him to disturb. He backed up and
tried to lean over her, catching his weight on his out-stretched hands.
That made the connection. Ron just hoped his cock wouldn't bend as he
tried to fight his hard-on past the tight gate of Linda's asshole.
Linda's ass was about as hard to penetrate as butter. Ron was still
waiting for the struggle when he realized he had pushed half of his cock
into the youngster's willing anus. What he thought was her sphincter
dimpling back into the crease of her ass to set up a new resistance
was actually her asshole opening and lettling his cock slide into her
guts. He was pressing open the hot sleeve of her bowels, not being
stalled by an unwilling butt hole.
Now Ron didn't know what to think about butt-fucking. Was it a
heroic struggle or a magical journey into a hot, tight place?
For the moment it was the magical journey and Ron pushed on until
his belly pressed on Linda's tiny butt. In his position he couldn't see
the electrifying sight he had imagined, but Linda felt so small under him
that his imagination was good enough. Her little butt fit in the hollows
of his thighs and in his mind's eye that meant that his cock was a third
as wide as her ass.
He was exaggerating to himself, but the thought of that huge cock
splitting Linda's little ass made the already snug hole seem all the more
attractive to Ron. And he had sunk to the balls without a struggle. It
was all fucking and no fighting with Linda.
They were an incongruous pair as Ron arched over the back of his
girlfriend's younger sister. He did seem much too large for the little
girl from the observer's vantage point. It didn't make him hung like Bob,
but there was still a thrill watching too much go into too little, no
matter how easily Linda was really taking him in her ass.
Bill was probably the only one not to notice. He was busy with his
relentless boning of Mrs. Kelly. But his oil-drilling technique was only
a means to an end he had planned before he even put his dick in Sharon.
"You want guys that make you give it up," Bill said out of a
long chourus of grunts as he worked to make his cock as steely hard
as he could manage.
Sharon was confused by both his talking just then and whatever he
was trying to say. She thought he was almost done and he was reprising
some speech he had made when they had just started. Was that his way of
making himself last longer? It didn't make any sense to her.
Then Bill precipitously pulled his cock out of her and Sharon
thought he was going to cum all over her belly. She opened her mouth to
tell him it was okay to cum inside her and, instead of words, a cry flew
Bill had heard her jab at Ron and decided he was going to show her
he was a real man. He had pulled out only to aim his cock down to her
asshole and shove it up her back way. He would show her he was old enough to fuck her ass without asking.
Fortunately for both of them, Sharon's anus had only begun to
recover from Bob's penetration. There was no longer a danger of losing
a half dollar up her ass, but it hadn't closed completely. Bill brushed
the fatigued sphincter out of the way with his thrust and was only mildly
intrusive as he slammed his cock to the hairs up her butt.
This was the fuck he wanted from Sharon. He had only been getting
up a head of steam while he was churning away at her before. He settled
as deep as he could get inside her ass and ground around to soak up the
feeling. He was going to keep his cock right in there and fuck her good
before he shot off up her butt.
Sharon had to admit that it was the only way she was going to feel
his cock with her ass stretched like it was. It was a little shocking and
she was stuffed too suddenly full, but it wasn't going to do either of
them any good if his cock rattled in her ass like a BB in a drum.
The shock only lasted on the sudden in stroke and then Sharon was
forced to change her evaluation of Bill's sexual techniques. He was
rooting out her ass with a purpose and not a mindless drilling. He did
have an idea what he was doing.
"Looks like everybody's jammed their cock up everybody else's ass
except me," Bob observed as Ron rode Linda and Bill fucked his wife's
"Don't you even think about it. Get that idea out of your head
right now!" Leslie sputtered at her uncle.
"Oh that's right," Bob smirked at Leslie, "I haven't done you or Linda. I forgot."
Linda didn't even hear the joke. She was raising her ass up to help
Ron invade her deeper and fill her fuller of his insistent cock. Tom gave
her a nice fuck which had been, well... nice. Ron was giving her a hot
fuck and it was so dirty and exciting. Linda wanted him to bang her like
a piece of meat. The incredible rhythm of him jamming through the center
of her was making her cum.
The little minx was hungry for it, Ron thought. She was meeting
him with a force that belied her tiny size. She was so hot, jamming
herself back on him. She was easy to fuck, but that didn't mean it wasn't
a tight fit in her rear. And Linda liked to be stuffed as much as he
liked stuffing her, judging by the way she moved on his ass jamming cock.
She needed him to do it now. Her legs were getting weak from the
passion that made her feel like she was all water inside. He had to do
it now. She needed it and she couldn't keep it up.
"Do me, please. Do me hard," she gasped out to Ron when her hips
would raise no more.
She held them up with her back arched to stretch the rear port
open as much as she could and Ron heeded her plea, delving deep into the
valley of her ass. She was full of him. She was hollowed out, drilled
and tapped. But that was more Ron's feelings than Linda's as he ass-
fucked the young girl.
Linda was busy swirling off into a strange not-the-same land as her
climax came as a sputtering of warm explosions in her groin. It wasn't a
great, mind-blowing cum, but it had a mellow all-over feeling that she
might have missed before in the confusion of climax.
Ron reared back and picked her up when he came. For the time it
took for him to jerk against her and fill her colon with cum, Linda was
suspended in the air on his spouting cock. It was a perfect ending for
the helpless rag doll and the burly man that was violating the tiny girl.
Sharon eagerly took advantage of her opportunity to touch herself
as Bill lifted up to more directly atttack her asshole. He was doing
himself a favor by burying his cock in her ass and she didn't see how
he could object to her doing herself a favor at the same time.
Bill might have been too lost in his own joy to notice, but Sharon's
self-pleasure made it better for both of them. His cock was now a
meaningful addition to Sharon's stimulation and she used it. She moved
with Bill as he deep-fucked her ass and gave him more of the belly
exploration that he was looking for.
Not suprisingly, Sharon was better at doing what guys like than
Bill was at knowing what they were. With her participation, Bill was soon
lost in her rotating ass and beginning to pull out a little farther each
time as his grinding shifted into fuck strokes.
She was doing the grinding for him and he could take it to the next
level. The next level was thrusting into her churning ass as Sharon
moaned her encouragement of his efforts.
From there it was a short step up to orgasm. Sharon matched his new
vigor with a matching increase in the intensity of her stroking and they
were in a race to cum.
Hers set off his like a fuse sets off a firecracker. He was fucking
his cock into the moving target of her asshole and it grabbed the base of
his cock as she jerked into a shivering climax. It was like a demand to
his balls that they give her what her clenching asshole was begging for.
He groaned and they both yipped and yiped through him filling
Sharon's ass with hot seed. Her asshole seemed to suck him as he came and
Sharon could only feel this spouting rod prodding her to an even greater
series of jerks.
They were all slower to respond now. Sex still saturated the air,
but they lay in a torpor like reptiles made slow by sex, not heat.
Bob, who had feared his endurance would fail him, proved to be more
resilient than the young bulls. Watching Bill handle his wife had made him
lively and eager to get back into one of these saddles again.
"So, who's next?" he asked Sharon, "You're the one keeping track.
Who do I fuck this time?"
"I think you need to ask for volunteers, honey," Sharon said as
gently as she could. "It isn't right to impose your size on one of these
girls without her wanting it."
"Hey!" Lisa objected, "I don't remember volunteering!"
"It wasn't that bad, was it, Lisa?" Sharon asked quickly.
"It was easier than I thought, but that's not the point," Lisa said.
Leave it to the voice of the law to blow the whistle on an
irregularity, Sharon groaned to herself.
"You said it was my turn and I didn't volunteer," Lisa said, "That's
all I'm saying.
"So it's my turn," Linda put in, "That's what you're saying, isn't
"Come on, Lisa, Linda is too young, too small to take Bob's cock,"
Sharon added.
"I wasn't saying any of that," Lisa tried to shout over them, "I was
just saying that I didn't volunteer."
Having started the hoopla, Lisa was quickly shut out as Linda and
Sharon took over the argument between them.
"I'm not too young!" Linda said stridently, "I've done everything
else everyone else has done. I even did in my heine better than Leslie!"
"But Bob isn't Ron," Sharon tried to reason with the young girl.
"He's real big and I don't think you understand what it takes."
"I don't care! I can do it if Lisa can!" Linda was determined not to
be too young, too small, too anything.
"She's a little trooper," Bob offered.
"I know what you want," Sharon challenged him, "You just can't get
over the idea of that tiny butt stretched over your cock. Think about the
poor little girl, for god's sake."
"I'm not a little girl!" Linda tried to shout over them.
"And she's big enough to know if she can do it," Bob argued, "Let
her try. If it's too much, no one will think she's chicken if she says
Sharon had to admit it was the best thing to do now that Linda was
all excited about the idea. Bob had given her the perfect out and now
she could try and give up and still feel good about herself.
"It isn't going to work, but I guess Linda won't be happy until she
tries," Sharon gave in. "But you know how much work it takes to get ready
and we're going to make sure Linda gets the best treatment."
"I want everybody to help, just like Lisa," Linda announced, beaming
with what she took as a victory.
It couldn't be quite the same thing as Lisa's group grope. They
gathered around and kissed and touched her the same for a while, but then
Linda had to be flipped over to work on loosening up her asshole. She came
up to her elbows from her knee-chest position so Tom could continue to toy
with the hard pucker of her nipples, but the rest moved back to watch as
Bob took over her other end to get her ready.
She was such a sweet sight with her ass arched in the air that Bob
didn't start his stretching right away. Her tiny ass looked so tender and
sweet that he was drawn to put his face in her asscrack and lick her
cute little rosebud. He moved his thumb up and down her slot as he rimmed
her and Linda sighed with the flood of sensation.
"Oh Uncle Bob! That feels so dirty- and so good!" she said with a
shiver as his tongue worked into her anus.
Bob curled his thumb so it sank into Linda as his tongue wormed its
way into her ass. Bob only had to bend his wrist to make his thumb move a
little in and out of Linda's cunt at the same time the mound at the base
of his thumb was rubbing against her clit. For him that was a mere
sideline to licking the tight, youthful muscle of her asshole.
For Linda it was a double invasion of finger and tongue. His thumb
stroking her made her want something and the tongue squirming in her
asshole let her know what she wanted. The tongue made her feel full in
a different way from a cock. It was soft and fleshy, but still could
be strong and force her ass to open for it.
Bob pushed his face hard into the crack of her ass and drove his
tongue as far as it would reach into Linda. He tongue-fucked her ass and
then pukked back to lick around her asshole. He lapped across the round
gate and then stuck his tongue into her ass again.
Linda could feel herself wanting it. Her ass was opening for him
and her asshole felt like it gaped as if he had just taken his cock out
of her. She felt loose and ready for him to fuck her with his huge cock.
She was loose and open to Bob's tongue. But as he pulled back to
catch his breath, he saw her anus still only had an opening the size of
a dime. He would have to stretch her so three fingers straight across would
fit in her hole before she would be able to take his cock. He licked
around the tiny hole one more time and then put in an oiled finger.
That was nothing. Bob quickly added a second finger and spread them
apart as he pulled them out of her ass. Linda was moaning with pleasure
and her asshole eased open willingly. He put three fingers into her ass
in a triangle and then pulled the fingers up to be side by side. Now he
was pushing against the limit of her anus' flexibility.
"Oh yeah! Make me cum! Fuck it!" Linda grunted as he worked the
fingers in and out of her asshole.
She was responding greedily to being forced to the limit. She seemed
to crave too much. Her ass moved in rhythm with his fingers as Bob kept
the thick digits side by side and turned them in her ass as he fucked
them in and out of her hugely distended hole.
"If you have to, then do it right," Sharon said to Bob as she
reached for his big weapon and lightly stroked more oil onto its skin.
Bob was excited enough by watching Linda's tiny asshole grow almost
big enough for his cock. Sharon's feathery hand-job made him a bar of
steel. He couldn't hold back any longer. He needed to watch his cock split those little cheeks and feel his cock sink into an ass not much bigger
than his cock.
The size of Linda's ass and his cock was less of an illusion in his
case. Certainly everyone watching drew a quick breath as Bob raised up and
aimed his cock at Linda's ass. He was so huge and she was so small. The
sight held the fascination and horror of a wreck. Something awful was
going to happen and they were frightened and titillated.
"OH Jeeze, Uncle Bob, that is BIG!" Linda said as his cock pressed
against her gaping asshole.
"Do you want me to stop?" Bob asked immediately.
"Fuck no!" Linda snapped, "I want to take all of it! I'm gonna cum just from you putting it in my ass!"
Those were brave words since Bob had about half the head of his
cock in her ass when she said them. She was more than a foot away from her
goal and had no idea what she was asking for. Bob gave her a sample by
pushing the head of his cock into her ass.
"Yes! I took it!" Linda reacted as she felt the flange of the head
push inside her, "You can put it in now. I can do it!"
The joy in her voice was contradicted by the sheen of sweat on her
body and beading on her forehead as she braced for her uncle's unnatural
invasion. But it was a labor of love and she was triumphant in her
asshole's ability to span the girth of her uncle. She had never felt so
alive before. Every nerve ending tingled as she took on this task of
engulfing the mammoth cock.
She was aware of every nuance, every bump and vein in her uncle's
cock as it pushed into the direly stretched opening. Then another rude realization came over her. As his cock passed wrinkle, bump and vein
past her asshole, it was going deeper and deeper inside her. She felt
filled to capacity as he hit what seemed like a wall deep inside her.
"Is it almost in?" she asked hopefully as he tried to push past
what was blocking him in her bowels.
"Almost," Bob lilted, although he had less than half of his
prodigious cock in her ass.
Linda lost the sense of him stretching her anus as his cock pushed
past the blockade. The emergency shuffle in her guts took over her
attention. There was room now, but Linda wondered where it was coming from.
Every inch of her felt filled and the cock was still easing its way inside
"You said almost!" Linda whined after Bob had shoved a whole lot more
cock into her ass.
"Just tell me when it's too much and I'll stop," Bob responded.
He had at least eight inches of his thick manhood buried in her tiny
butt. There was a lot more, but he was hoping Linda could fit it all. He
wanted to feel the little curves of her ass pressed against his groin and
know his whole monster was crammed up inside her slim body.
Linda heard what she was supposed to hear in Bob's reply. He was
challenging her to take it all. She was just a little girl if she made him
stop now. She hadn't believed there was more room inside her when he
stopped the first time. She had taken a lot more and she resolved to try
and take it all.
"No, don't stop yet, I think I can take some more," Linda lied.
Finally it was an emergency. Her guts were twisting and her belly
was one big cramp. She couldn't take any more.
"Okay, stop," Linda said, "That's all I can take. But don't take it
out. Fuck me with it."
She was only a couple of inches shy of taking it all. Bob took a deep
breath to control his impulse to drive the rest up her ass. She was
clamping down on so much of his cock that there was no reason to ruin it
in one selfish moment.
After all, she had done an astounding job of taking that much of his
oversized cock. He rocked on his heels to give Linda a taste of what it
would feel like when he vacated the hole he had pushed open in her middle.
It felt like Bob had shoved a toilet plunger up her ass and now
was sucking her guts out with it to Linda. It felt like all her insides
were trying to follow his cock as he pulled it out of his ass. Then he
pushed it back in and filled her to the emergency point again.
Linda was hot, God was she hot, but her sweat felt clammy on her
skin every time Bob filled her to her limit. The was the oddest sex in
her short experience as she felt the need to shiver at the same time she
was having the biggest thrill of her life.
She had Uncle Bob's huge cock way up her ass! Everybody else had
bitched about taking it in their cunts and she took it in the ass! Her
own pussy felt very, very empty as she imagined the scene of her uncle
with his huge hunk of cock way up her tiny ass. She reached down and
curled two fingers into her cunt to help herself cum as Uncle Bob fucked
her ass with his huge cock.
Linda wasn't the only one with chills as Bob fucked her in the ass.
Both of her sisters were wincing in sympathy as they remembered how big
that cock felt when it was inside them. Leslie in particular was in near
pain as she thought how stretched her little sister's poor asshole must
be with Bob's cock forcing it open.
Ron felt as helpless as a eunuch as he watched Bob's huge cock
disappear into Linda's rear. This was the size differential between
cock and ass that he had fantasized when he had fucked Linda and he was
as horny as he could be, yet unable to get his cock to rise from its too
recent use.
"Oh Jesus, Uncle Bob! You're rubbing my tits with your dick!" Linda
sobbed as the cock in her ass coupled with her busy fingers made her passion flood over into tears, albeit tears of happy lust.
It did feel like his cock had passed her waist and was rubbing on
her ribcage, but it was her passion-swelled breasts and tightly contracted
nipples that gave her the sensation Bob was playing with her tits on
every thrust into her tight little asshole. She was on a higher sexual
plane than most women had visited and the marvelous feelings her body was
having all seemed to flow from the huge cock in her guts.
Tom saw the huge cock invading his girl and he wanted her badly. He
wanted a cock like that to ram into Linda. He wanted his cock rammed into
something. Without realizing it, Tom was thrusting a swollen cock at the
air in his mindless lust.
Lisa was amused by the humorous display of male lust gone mad.
Amused and suddenly struck by her own deisre to put Tom's cock to a better
use. She was the only one he hadn't fucked. It was about time.
"Tom," she whispered in his ear, "You want a place better than
She lay back and lifted a leg to give him a clear view of the
wrinkled pouch of her sex. Tom blushed quickly as he realized what he
had been doing, but he didn't waste much time being embarrassed.
He wanted his cock in something and Lisa's cunt looked just fine.
He didn't give a thought to who she was. He didn't care if it was the
same cunt or a different cunt. He needed to fuck and she was laying
there wide open in invitation.
Tom fairly jumped through the air and landed on Lisa with his
cock searching around the pout of her cunt.
"Oh yes! That's just what I need," Tom groaned as his cock sank into
Lisa. "That feels so good."
Lisa had to admit that it didn't feel bad. Age didn't seem to be a
predictor of a good fuck. Tom wanted her badly enough, he just didn't have
to bruise her insides to show it. That wasn't fair to Ron, who she had
begged to fuck her hard, but she wasn't interested in fair at the moment.
She was interested in the way Tom was sliding his cock in and out of
her cunt.
He wasn't trying to fuck her as fast as he could to cum. He was
enjoying the feel of his cock sliding in and out of the grip of her twat.
It was great to have the stimulation as he watched Bob drill Linda out
with that huge cock.
Even though it was her own hand she was chasing, Linda threw her
ass back drive her fingers deeper into her cunt. Somehow she needed more
to balance the huge cock in her ass and jerking her hips made it feel
like more.
It was more. Bob tried to remain at her emergency point, but her
moving ass made it hard to judge how far he was driving his cock into the
wriggling girl. He almost came at the first touch of her ass on his belly.
She had managed to shake and work and wriggle and squirm until his cock
had been pushed all the way into her ass.
Bob stroked faster, but he didn't try to push farther into her ass.
Linda took care of that when her flying fingers brought her to the brink
and her switching ass pushed her over the top. Her ass flew all over like
a ballon with a hole in it and Bob pushed up against the little girl butt
and let Linda dance on his cock.
The brushing of her little cheeks against his groin as much as
anything made Bob's balls rumble and begin pouring out his load in Linda's
ass. Her anus clenched, her ass bobbed and Bob filled her guts with great
spouts of cum. He expected to see it drip out of her ears.
Perhaps he was past any point of sensation, maybe Linda was too
distracted by her own cataclysmic orgasm, but the little girl hardly
noticed Bob was cumming in her ass. She was flying at altitudes too high
above the clouds for mere reality to touch her.
Then, like the balloon her ass had resembled, flying at the altitude
she imagined, she fell and fell and fell and waited for the crash as Bob
pulled his cock out of her and left her hollow, empty and stretched out
of shape.
"Washcloth!" Sharon prompted and Bob slowly rose to get one.
Sharon took it and folded and rolled it into the kind of cool plug
she found the most soothing. She slipped the rolled-up washcloth into
Linda's gaping asshole.
"This always makes me feel better," Sharon confided, "It'll take
almost a half hour for your asshole to get back to normal."
It only stopped the draft. Linda still felt like Bob had withdrawn
all her support when he took his cock out of her ass. She felt broken and
shriveled without that huge cock inflating her.
She also felt a warmth in her heart remembering that she had taken
all that cock into her ass. She wasn't a little girl. She had done
something even the biggest girls couldn't do.
Tom had no distraction now and turned his face and his attention to
the sister laying under him. He had been fucking Lisa for some time now
without paying attention. When he looked at her, his desire spiked. He was
fucking Lisa and he was going to fuck her good.
Lisa hadn't minded the distracted thrusting of her younger sister's
boyfriend. It was nice to be screwed by someone who wasn't in a hurry.
Tom had kept her feeling warm inside as his cock fucked her at a slow,
even pace. The mild tingle served her well as Tom shifted into a higher
Sharon looked at Ron across the sprawled bodies of the main event.
She could see the strain on his face and pitied him his frustration.
She was reading his face, not his mind, but Ron was sure she was psychic
when she crawled over to him and put her hand lightly on his prick.
"It isn't nice to be shut out, is it?" she asked.
Sharon was feeling guilty for her smart remark while Ron was fucking
her before. Bill picked up on it. Obviously everyone heard her rebuff.
She was planning to make it up to Ron.
Ron thought she was hearing his thoughts about his willing soul and
his weak flesh. In any case, it looked like Sharon wanted to give him just
what he wanted, what he needed. He wasn't going to question too long or
too hard. He just needed to get laid.
Bill grinned at Leslie. Lisa was great, but Leslie was a grown woman
in his eyes. The way it had been working out, free cock paired with free
cunt and that meant him and Leslie this time. He just knew she was a great
Meanwhile, Tom was raising the bar of expectation in Lisa. Even with
his attention on what he was doing, he was in no hurry. He was thrusting
deeper and pressing up against her longer, but he wasn't going faster. Tom
wanted Lisa to know she had a cock, his cock, fucking her. And he wanted
to be able to smile every time he saw Lisa from now on because he knew
everything about how the inside of her cunt felt on his dick.
Tom was a fucking marvel, Lisa was thinking in between her huffing
and puffing. His cock felt so good filling her up that she didn't want
to cum- yet. He was keeping her at a very nice level of excitement that
was almost as good as cumming. She would cum, oh yes, and when she did it
would be a geyser.
The gentle urging of Sharon's hand brought the blood back to Ron's
cock in a steady flow. It was going to be great to do something with the
fire the last scene had put in his belly. Sharon was a great fuck. She
had that indefinable something that comes with years of fucking. Ron
recognized the difference and appreciated it.
He was eager to get to it as his cock rose. He had had the desire
all the time Bob was fucking Linda in the ass. That made for a long time
wanting to bury his cock in someone. He tried to wrestle Sharon into
position even before his cock was really erect.
"Whoa, big fellow," she remonstrated her young lover, "This isn't
a race to see who can get done first."
Sharon immediately felt bad for her smart remark. Here she was,
trying to make up for one sharp-tongues quip and she was firing off more.
She guessed she'd have to make up for that one now. She tried it with a
page from the non-confrontational quote book.
"I mean, I'm obviously not doing the best job getting you up and I
want a chance to do it right," Sharon back-pedalled and leaned down where
she could get her mouth on his growing cock.
Ron relaxed. In her mouth, up her wazoo, in a cow's ear, he didn't
care where his cock was going as long as it was warm and tight. He was in
something now and the force driving him backed off so he could enjoy
Sharon sucking his cock.
Lisa and Tom were mutually responsible although neither of them
would think of it as blame. The fuck that was going to last a lifetime
had become a seething, churning thing like a volcano preparing to erupt.
They had each moved a little more strongly, held on a little tighter,
fucked a little faster as their passions grew in the heat of their
They were now one pile of barely distinguishble parts twined around
each other and seething with their common desire for Tom to be in Lisa,
more, faster. They had not lost the resolve they started with. Lust had
made their previous goals moot. Now they just wanted more.
It wasn't jealousy exactly that sent Bill over to lie next to
Leslie. He wasn't inflamed in the normal sense of the word. He was only
generally inflamed by Lisa's passion and he wanted to get a little of
his own.
Ron was likewise ready to get some. Mrs. Kelly had him rocking and
he wanted to put his cock somewhere other than her mouth. He tapped her
on the head and nicely asked her to get up.
"Mrs. Kelly, can we fuck now?" he asked.
"My, you are the lion, aren't you?" Sharon said to build him up.
Ron was full-grown mansize and Sharon didn't feel like a cradle-
robber as she pulled his head to hers and kissed him. Ron reached out
and stroked her, non-specific in area, just her. Sharon decided that he
did have some understanding.
"Now I think you're old enough," she said and pulled away from him
to flop on her belly on the bed.
She spread her legs wide and moved her ass at him so there would
be no mistaking her reference. Ron got the idea at once.
"Shouldn't I get something for lubrication?" he asked.
"Don't bother," Sharon said fancifully, "I was such a bitch before
that I deserve whatever I get."
Perhaps it was a kind of justice that would serve as a lesson to
both of them, but it wasn't what Sharon had in mind when she made the
bold invitation. Her anus had long since closed and Ron did not have a
tiny cock. Sheer elasticity was her only defense as Ron lay over her and
brought his cock to the mark.
That elasticity and the weight of Ron's body were the only things
that made his penetration possible. Even with both, Sharon was tempted
to crawl away as Ron's cock tried to make its way into her asshole.
Massively uncomfortable was the best Sharon could say and she had to
ignore some painful stretching of her sphincter to say that.
But once he had breached the gate, she had only the discomfort she
was due. She had planned on some sacrifice to atone for her quick quip
the last time. That was what she got as Ron's cock rushed into her ass
and he settled his weight on her rear.
This was acceptable. After Bob's ravaging, no amount of hard thrusts
by Ron was going to disturb her insides. She was a little too nicely full
of his cock and her anus was bearing the brunt, but again it was an
acceptable level of dicomfort for her to bear while she gave Ron the
chance to happily satisfy himself fucking her ass.
Ron liked. It was a nice, soft ass with plenty of cushion for him
to pound against. She obviously could take his best effort and that gave
Ron a feeling of freedom that made his hips jerk his cock into her ass
on their own. It was all there for him. She would take whatever he handed
out. He could fuck her ass any way he wanted. It was a powerful rush.
It was no less heady when her cheeks rippled under him as he fucked
her and felt like he was staking her to the mattress. It was his ass. It
was his tight, hot ass to fuck and his fat bottom to spank with his belly
as he drove his spike into her rear.
He wasn't getting that deep, but it felt like his body was halfway
inside her when her buttocks mashed together around the hilt of his cock
and gave him the illusion he was deeper than he was. Ron wasn't thinking
about such things. It didn't matter if her sphincter was closing on the
juncture of his cock and body or an inch away. It felt like he was deep
inside her and that was all that counted as he fucked her ass.
In fact, it felt deeper than all the way inside her. Even with her
butt packed by his thrust, there was a millimeter or two of give left
that he could take with a lunge as he drove into her. That touched some
very male urge in him and made his blood run even hotter.
She was giving it up. Oh god, was she giving it up for him. A damn
fine woman this Aunt Sharon. Ron fucked her feeling happy, grateful and
thrilled down to his nut sac for her opening up her ass for him.
Ron's butt-slapping fuck was in sharp contrast to the writhing pair
of Tom and Lisa. They were locked in a moving embrace of complete
penetration. Lisa followed every attempt by Tom to pull back and kept
them locked in the full embrace. Tom pushed back to drive Lisa'a bottom
into the mattress and they stayed locked in that dance.
Lisa was beyond knowing the details of what they were doing. She
was filled with cock and happily pursuing an orgasm as Tom ground
against her body. Tom was finding this fucking without withdrawing to
be a tantalizing way of easing toward cliumax as his cock stirred in
Lisa's cunt in their exertions.
They were explosive as they reached their goal. The spasms of
Lisa's cunt broke the vapor lock in their joining and Tom was freed to
fuck wildly into her as his cock spouted out his own reward.
Ron dropped his weight onto Sharon and stayed deep inside her ass
as he listened to the pair gasp and moan in orgasm. He would have been
near to joining them if he hadn't interrupted his energetic drilling of
Sharon's asshole. He ground around on the resiliency of her bottom as
he regained control and soaked up the heat of his compete immersion.
"You want it that way too?" Bill asked Leslie, referring to her
boyfriend and her aunt.
"I'm too sore, Bill, cant we do it the other way?" Leslie asked.
It was grown-up to agree. It would have been nice to have the memory
of boning her up the butt, but just fucking her was okay, too.
"Okay," he agreed, "So how you want it? I saw you doing that other
stuff with Tom. You got some position you like?"
"I like it the regular way," she said, "That's usually the best for me."
Meanwhile, Ron couldn't wait deep in Sharon's ass very long. He was
up to his nuts in her asshole and that was too hot for him to just lie
there. He had to fuck this butt. That was what it was there for.
"You have a real nice ass," he told Sharon, feeling he should say
something in gratitude for her opening her back door for him.
"And you haven't even found out what it can do- yet," Sharon teased.
It was easy to milk his cock with her ass. Everyone came with the
ability to control their sphincter. Real control of vaginal muscles was
a talent, but squeezing an asshole was easy. Of course Ron hadn't found
that out yet. Hers was the first experienced butt he had his cock in.
"Are you ready for my nice ass to make you cum?" she asked Ron.
"I think it's going to whether I'm ready or not," Ron groaned.
She was going to pull his cock right off. That was how it felt to
Ron as she clamped down on his cock. He was halted in mid-stroke by the
force of her asshole and it took him a moment of indecision before he
attempted to fight the overly tight grip and continue to fuck Sharon's
She let him ram deep inside her, but she clamped down to make his
take-away a struggle. It made Ron slam harder into her ass. It also
cleared his mind of everything but fucking her. He was working hard to
fuck her and all thoughts, even of cumming, were lost in his concentration
on drilling her asshole.
That was no problem for his balls. They didn't need Ron's attention
to know when to jerk and send his cum surging through his cock and into
Sharon's receptive guts. It was a feeling of victory and pleasure like
Ron had never had together when his cock began spewing hot seed in her
ass as he made the hard thrust into her as to claim it as his prize.
In was the haven since she had started making the out difficult,
and he plunged into her asshole like he was breaching the gates of a
besieged city and his cum were all soldiers pouring out to conquer her.
Ron felt pretty good about the whole thing as he flooded Sharon's
ass with his seed.
Bill had tried to do the whole nine yards of kissing and fondling
before he slipped his cock into Leslie, but the older sister was
impatient with the delay. She had spent little time all day without a
cock in one end or the other and she hardly had to be put in the mood.
Ron had just boned her aunt up the butt pretty good and she wanted-
well, she wanted something. She wanted to even it up. Whether it was
putting on just as good of a show, or getting just as much as Ron did, or
showing him she was enjoying herself as much as he was, Leslie had a need
to fuck Bill.
And everyone else was laying around like wrecks totalled by their
crashes on the carnal highway. She and Bill would be in the spotlight,
just like Bob and his big dick every time he stuck that into one of them.
She was conscious of the audience and wanted to make them all envy her.
She needed Bill in the saddle to do that. Who'd be jealous because
some kid was kissing her tits? She wanted him to give it to her (hopefully)
good so she could show them how completely she was enjoying this orgy of
debauch and incest. She wanted them to cum just watching.
Her fantasy Oscar(R)-winning performance wasn't as easy as she had
it scripted. Billy rolled between her legs and put his cock in her. It
wasn't easy thinking of what to do and doing it while he was distracting
her with his thrusting.
Bill figured he was fucking her speechless. He was even moving his
hips around as he thrust into her. It looked like that was making old grown-up Leslie spaced with overwhleming passion. He was going to fuck her
so good that she'd scream when she came.
Lisa watched with amusement. She already knew what changes Bill was
in for when he fucked her again. He could do all the butt-dancing he wanted
with her sister. She was going to insist that he slow down when he fucked
At the moment, Ron could give a shit about who was fucking Leslie.
He had happily emptied his balls and he wished Bill Godspeed in getting
whatever he could out of his girlfriend.
Leslie was finding that it was easier to go with the flow than to
try and manufacture her passion. She felt like a spaz trying to writhe
and moan when Bill kept interrupting her with his adamant thrusts. She
reached up for him and tried to synchronize her act to his fucking.
She wasn't taking him for granted, Bill thought. She was getting
a new appreciation for him. She couldn't resist his cock when he gave it
to her this way. He was showing her that some young boys know their stuff.
They managed a happy medium between the two of them. Bill caught on
to Leslie's 'mindless passion' and tried to fuck her just the way her hips
were begging for it. With that bit of co-operation, Leslie was able to
synchronize herself to Bill's energetic fucking. It was turning into a
sex act worthy of footlights.
"How can they still be fucking like that after they've been at it
all day?" Bob lamented as he was arounsed by the show, but was too
drained to even fantasize very clearly.
"He's 16, Bob," Sharon answered his rhetorical question, "He could
probably fuck every one of us again."
They did have something going there, Lisa had to admit. She did want
to break Bill of riding her like a bronco, but Leslie was showing her that
there were ways to make that pretty good too. Still she was sure that
she'd have to fuck Bill three times before he could last like he was and
not shoot way too soon for her to follow. Still, it was interesting.
"Jesus, Leslie, it feels like your cunt is chewing on my dick," Bill
dropped his superior air in the face of this marvelous massage.
He was certainly going to scream when he came, Bill knew. He cared
less and less about Leslie's opinion as his climax came closer and closer.
He didn't have to live with the fallout from that decision.
"God, Bill, I'm going to cum!" Leslie exclaimed, almost in
She had been working so hard to mesh Bill's wild thrusts into a
mutual effort that she wasn't aware of the passion growing in her groin.
Sure he had been giving her a work-out, but her concentration on
synchronizing had distracted her from her natural reaction to the hard
cock plunging into her cunt.
"Do it! cum for me!" Bill gasped and stopped thinking about baseball
to hold himself back.
She was so wet and squishy in there. Bill let himself experience his
cock driving into the writhing girl under him. It was such a good place to
squirt his cum.
Then Leslie let out a growl and they both entered another world.
Her cunt clamped down on him. Bill could have thrust through the grip,
but it was easier to drive hard against Leslie and hump as her muscles
stroked his cock like magic fingers. She was cumming!
The first spurt seemed to blast like a bright light in Bill's head
as his balls jerked when the spurting began. His cock had turned rogue on
him. He felt helpless, or at least unnecessary, as his cock kept trying
to penetrate and spewed jizm outside his control.
They were both mesmerized into thinking the other was in charge.
Bill's out-of-control cock throbbed every time it spurted and Leslie
reacted at every throb. Her reactions were ripples in the muscles gripping
his cock and made Bill spurt all the more. As it had been a sight to watch
them climb to climax, it was a sight to watch them quiver in each other's
arms as they trembled through their orgasms.
"Now that was fun, wasn't it?" Sharon said brightly when the last
two stopped their panting. "Now I think I should start with Bill, Leslie
with Tom, Lisa with Bob and Ron with Linda for out next round."
Everyone but Bill and Leslie, who were still entangled, descended
on Sharon and punched her playfully.
"What'd I say?" she protested, "We had fun didn't we?"


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