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STUNG thick sperm Fighting back revulsion again


Story codes: nc MF beast sm

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered
copy of this story to newsgroups or on websites is
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as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the story. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.

" I don't give a fuck who she's with, I'm checking
her for a wire. "
Tamara's head was clouded with the hazy euphoria of
heroin, but even in this state, her body tensed at
Tony's words. It was hard to know how to react. Nobody
can teach you this sort of thing. If she complained too
much, they'd think she was wearing a wire, no matter
what they found. If she didn't protest at all, it would
seem even more suspicious. She settled on a middle
" Hey, Rabbi, you gonna let this guy talk about me
that way ?"
The older man smiled.
" Take it easy, Tamara. He's just got to be careful,
on account of all the shit that's going down. If Tony
wants you searched, that's the way it's gotta be. "
That was settled. If Rabbi said that they could
search her, she'd have to live with it. She had to do
what he said around here.
" So what do you want to see ?" Tamara asked Tony.
One of his friends answered instead. " I'd settle
for a good look at her tits, " the man said, leering
openly. He was a middle-eastern man, probably Iranian.
Rabbi nodded for Tamara to comply.
This was the scene that Tamara had been waiting
for. If it meant that he had to show her tits to these
guys, she was willing. It was the first time that Joe
'Rabbi ' Rubini had let her stick around while the boys
were over. The fact that Tony was suspicious of her
wasn't unusual. His reputation pegged him as borderline
neurotic about security. She was amazed that he wasn't
demanding she leave.
" All right, " said Tamara, beginning to unbutton
her blouse.

Tamara Ross couldn't help but mentally review the
events that had brought her here. She had to remind
herself why she was doing all of this.
" You can't get in... going undercover into a
criminal organization is a job for a man. " Tamara's
supervisor had been adamant.
" Look, you said yourself, these guys are suspicious
of any new guys. They've all watched 'Donnie Brasco'
enough times to be paranoid about any wise-guys they
don't know. I think we should come at it from a whole
new angle. "
" These guys have no respect for women, " Cecil
argued. " It's a man's business. They would never allow
you to participate in anything. I'd be surprised if
they let you hang around while they discuss anything
important. Besides, how the hell would you get in ?"
That was her opening. She had this planned out.
" I happened to go to school with Josh Rubini. We
even dated for a while, so I got to know the family. "
Josh had been killed in the crossfire of a recent
mafia slaying. Tamara could see the wheels spinning in
Cecil's head. Perfect.
" It wouldn't be out of place for me to show up at
the funeral. His father, Joe the Rabbi, still does some
of the books for the family. If I can get in with him,
I'm sure I can get some important information. "
Cecil was still shaking his head.
" And how are you going to get close to this guy ?"
" Maybe I can be of some comfort to the old man, if
you catch my meaning. Don't worry, intelligence says
that the old guy is impotent. He just likes to have
women around to keep up appearances. "
" I'm still not sold on the idea. "
Tamara wanted this badly. This is the kind of
assignment she had been itching for ever since she
trained as an agent. Instead, she been stuck will low-
level crap. Window dressing, really. She would say
anything to get a decent assignment.
" Look, Cecil, I'll be careful. I'll check in every
week. First sign of trouble, and I'm out of there. "
Of course, they both knew that her assurances were
false. Every successful undercover agent had given her
the same story. The supervisors want to hear you say
that you'll be careful to cover their own asses, but
once you're in, it's the results they're after. After
you're undercover, it's a whole new game.
You'd say anything and do anything to stay under.
The stories she'd heard were both exciting and
horrific. For most of the agents, it meant
participating in the criminal activities of the
organization they were trying to infiltrate. Violence,
drugs, weapons, ... whatever. For her, well, she didn't
know. Whatever it took to stay under. That was the name
of the game.

So this is where she found herself, a month later.
Pretending to be some drugged up whore, and pulling off
her blouse for Tony and his Iranian friends. Rabbi
often had her undress for him privately. He might be
impotent, but he still seemed to enjoy Tamara's naked
body. For that reason, she'd given up early on trying
to wear a recording device. Of course, she would never
put anything about it in her reports to Cecil. That
would only open her up for ridicule by the guys at the
Another thing that didn't go into the reports was
the drug use. Early on, Joe and his immediate family
seemed suspicious of Tamara's motives. Why would a
pretty young girl want to stay in a relationship with
an impotent old man ? It was becoming a problem. After
she began to accept his gifts of drugs and money,
everyone seemed much more comfortable about her
Actually, it made a pretty good cover. When Rabbi
thought that Tamara was doped up, he was a lot less
cautious about what he said in front of her. She could
listen in on his end of phone conversations, and pick
out anything useful. Usually, she could dispose of the
drugs in private, but every once in a while, Joe
insisted that she shoot up in front of him. That's the
way it had been just before Tony and his friends
" Hey, your girl has a nice set, Rabbi, " Tony said,
admiring her now exposed breasts.
Tamara blushed. It was one thing to be naked in
front of the old guy, but it was humiliating for the
agent to strip off her clothes in front of the other
three men. She was actually thankful for the way that
the heroin was numbing her anxiety. She always kept
herself in shape for the physical elements of the job,
and she could see that the men were enjoying looking at
her tight body.
" Let's see the rest of her, " the second Iranian
man suggested.
Rabbi nodded again. He was enjoying the show as much
as the others. Tamara unhooked her belt, and allowed
her pants to glide down her legs to the floor. One of
the Iranians whistled as her shapely legs were
revealed. With the pants around her ankles, she was
left wearing only her panties. She hoped that it was
enough to convince them.
" I don't know, Rabbi, " declared Tony to the elder
man. The big Italian was making a game of this now,
seeing how far Rabbi would let him go. " I've seen cops
hide wires in the smallest of places. Maybe we should
see under those panties. "
Tamara looked to Joe Rubini, but he wasn't giving
any sympathy to his girl. Without further delay, she
pulled her panties down to her knees.
" Turn around, " ordered Tony.
" Bend forward, " added Reza.
If the guys at the bureau could see her now, she'd
never hear the end of it. She bent forward to give the
mobsters a view of her ass. She tried to hold back the
tears of shame. She'd have to be tougher than that if
she wanted to stay undercover. A lot tougher.
" Bring your hands back, and spread your cheeks for
us. Open up your legs a bit. Give us a real good view."
She followed his commands. Slowly, Tamara pulled her
ass cheeks apart to give Tony and the boys a good view
of her tight hole. Bent forward like this, now with her
ankles apart, she was sure they had an unobstructed
view of her pussy too. She had heard stories from other
agents about when they were forced to strip, but she
knew it was nothing like this. She could feel the men's
eyes roaming all over her lewdly exposed body.
As shameful as the position was, and as much as the
whistles and lewd comments about her body hurt her
pride, she had to stay in character. As far as Tony and
the other guys were concerned, she was just some stupid
slut, who would do most anything to keep herself
supplied with drugs. She had to keep that illusion
" You've done good for yourself Rabbi, " Tony
declared. " I ain't seen an ass as sweet as that since
high school. "
Rabbi seemed pleased that the younger mobster was
admiring his woman. Despite his years of service, he
was quickly falling behind the younger man in status.
Tamara's heart began to pound uncontrollably as she
listened to the men talk further.
" What's mine is yours Tony. Any time you're
visiting, Tamara will be available as part of my
hospitality to you. "
" Are you sure ?"
" I'm an old man, Tony. I can't do the things that a
pretty young woman like Tamara should have done to her.
I'm sure she'll be happy to do whatever you want, as
long as you give her a little treat afterwards. "
Tamara couldn't believe what she was hearing. Not
only was she showing these creeps her body, but now
Rabbi was giving Tony permission to use her in exchange
for drugs. The idea revolted her, but she couldn't
think of a reason to protest the arrangement. After
all, that was the premise of her relationship with
Rabbi in the first place. To protest it now would draw
" You're a kind man, Rabbi. Maybe she could give me
a blow job while we talk about business. "
" Done. "
Tony and his two Iranian friends took seat at the
table. Tamara had no idea what to do next. She wasn't
sure they would let her walk away now, even if she
wanted to. Besides, that would end the whole
assignment. A month of letting Joe the Rabbi paw her
naked body would be for nothing.
Do anything to stay under cover, she reminded
herself. Reluctantly, she dropped to her knees, and
crawled under the table.
Okay, I can do this, she told herself silently. At
least he doesn't want to fuck me. Yet.
Tony unbuckled his belt, and dropped his pants. His
big Italian cock was already hard. He was seated across
from Rabbi, with the two Iranians on the other sides of
the small table. She crawled up between his legs and
began to tentatively lick the underside of his prick.
" Oh, she has a frisky little tongue, " he told his
Like the character that Tamara was playing, she felt
like a complete slut. She had only just met Tony in the
last fifteen minutes, and she was already under the
table, flicking her tongue up and down his hard shaft.
A strange sense of arousal was buzzing through her
body. She tried to convince herself that it was just
the role that she was playing, or the effects of the
injected drugs. Yeah, the drugs. That must be it.
" Your cock is making her wet, " said Rabbi. " I
told you that she wouldn't mind. "
The old man had his hand under the table, and was
fingering Tamara's exposed pussy from behind. She tried
to fight the sensations, but Rabbi was skilled with his
fingers, and was playing her perfectly.
Better get this over with, she told herself. With an
aptitude that surprised even herself, she wrapped her
mouth around the big tool. When it reached the back of
her mouth, she took a deep breath, and then allowed his
flesh to penetrate her throat.
" Oh, she's good. I don't think I've ever had a girl
take me that deep. "
Great, Tamara mused to herself. There's a skill that
she could brag about to the other agents. She could see
the scene in her head... a group of FBI agents bragging
about their mastery of mafia etiquette, or
marksmanship, or perhaps their ability to speak
Italian. What would she have to say ? ' Well, Tony
Carusso thinks I'm a great cock-sucker. '
Tamara breathed rapidly through her nose. Rabbi's
fingers explored her wet pussy from behind, and to her
ultimate shame, her body was betraying her. She
couldn't control the sensations of pleasure building
within her. She could only hope to bring Tony off
before..., she didn't even want to think
about it.
" That's right, bitch. Keep those lips tight for me.
" Tony was really getting into it. One of his big hands
came down and grabbed a handful of her dark hair.
It was a race now. She desperately wanted to get the
big Italian off before her own body came too close to
climax. She tried to clear her head of all thoughts,
and concentrate on his cock. She tried not to think
about the fact that she was naked beneath the table,
with her panties around her ankles. She tried not to
think about the two Iranian men, who had pushed their
chairs back, and were watching her suck cock. She tried
not to think about the humiliation.
Especially not the humiliation of being fingered
from behind by the impotent old Rabbi, and the way she
was pushing her ass back lewdly to greet his fingers
now. Where was her pride ?
Tony's cock was throbbing in her throat. She could
still bring him off before her body did the
unthinkable. She could feel her breasts jerking and
swinging beneath her as she bounced her head up and
down with desperation.
" Mmmm... mmm " she groaned around his base of his
prick, trying to coax him to orgasm.
" Oh, man, she's begging for it..."
Tony was so damned close. The big head of his cock
was swelling in her throat. Her jaws ached from the
effort. Just a little more, she told herself. He can't
hold on long.
Just then, her orgasm ambushed her. It came on so
quickly, and so violently, that she completely released
Tony's cock from her mouth with a loud slurp.
" Oh my god... oh my god... oh my god..." she
squealed over and over as the climax overtook her body
and senses. Her hand was still firmly planted around
the base of Tony's cock, and as an afterthought, she
continued to jerk his saliva covered prick.
He rewarded her with a warm stream of cum across her
cheek. He was cumming on her face, and enjoying it
" Oh, yeah. Let me cum on your face, bitch. That's a
good little slut. Take it all. "
His indecent words only heightened her continuing
orgasm. Her whole body shook uncontrollably as she
buried her face in the lap of the big Italian, and let
him spill his cum across her lips, nose and chin.
By the time Joe stopped fingering her pussy, one
side of Tamara's face was completely covered in Tony's
thick sperm. Fighting back revulsion again, she forced
herself to lick the remaining cum from the tip and
shaft of the mobster's cock. While she continued to
clean Tony's cock, the conversation above the table
turned to business. Tamara strained to hear every word.

When all was said and done, Tamara was actually able
to collect some good information for her report. Cecil
was overjoyed. She had some collected some contact
names, and some dates of Iranian drug shipments. It
wasn't anything earth shattering, but it was enough for
Cecil to enthusiastically recommend that Tamara stay
" That is, if you're still sure you can handle this,
" he gave her an escape hatch.
" I can handle it. " said Tamara, with more
confidence than she felt. " Don't worry about me, sir.
She went away from her meeting with Cecil with mixed
feelings. Yes, she wanted to stay undercover. This was
an important investigation, and it would be a real
feather in her cap if she could help to bring down the
Lombardi crime family. This was her first step in
earning herself a place amongst the most respected
undercover agents in the bureau.
On the other hand, she dreaded going back to Joe
Rubini. How many sex acts would she have to perform to
maintain her cover ? How far would Joe let it go ? She
wasn't eager to find out the answers to these
The internal argument raged while she drove towards
Rabbi's urban home, above a kosher bakery. No, she
didn't want to submit to the advances of his friends.
But she couldn't help but think about how sweet it
would be to put these guys behind bars. Especially that
pig Tony Carusso. Once they were in prison, her time
with Joe Rubini would be a distant memory. It would all
be worth it in the end.
She hoped.

The smoke was so thick in Rabbi's apartment, the
mobsters didn't even bother to draw the shades. A
couple of the early arrivals for this evening's meeting
had come directly from an afternoon baseball game, and
were well on their way to drunkenness. They settled in,
lighted up some cigars, and ordered some chinese food.
Throughout the early evening, the room filled, until
there were more than a dozen men in the upstairs
apartment. No sign of Tony Carusso. That was a relief
to Tamara. She didn't want to do a repeat performance
for the big Italian. So far, the other guys had left
her alone. Sure, there was the odd slap on her butt, or
lewd comment, but it was nothing that compared to the
previous meeting. Mostly, Tamara was expected to fetch
drinks for the guys, and act perky. Rabbi seemed
pleased by her manner with his guests.
She could definitely handle this. She was even
getting some decent information from the bits and
pieces of conversations she could listen in on while
One the whole, the evening was progressing quite
well for Tamara. Until Tony arrived.
" Hey Tony... ya beautiful son of a's it
going ?" One of the men announced Tony's arrival as he
walked through the door. Tamara's heart sank at the
mention of his name. One by one, each of the mobsters
rose to greet the rising young star of the Lombardi
crime family.
At first, Tamara thought that she might be able to
avoid him, while he socialized with his associates, but
as soon as he saw her, he waved her over with a gesture
of his hand.
" Tamara, come over here. I brought a little
something for you. "
Hesitantly, she approached him.
" This stuff is going to knock your socks off, " he
said, pressing a small package of heroin into her hand.
" Mmm... thanks Tony. I'll bet it's delicious, "
Tamara responded, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "
I'll save it for later. "
" No. I want to see your face when you shoot this
stuff. It's dynamite. "
God, he was putting her on the spot in front of all
of these guys. There was no way she wanted to shoot up
now. It wasn't only the drugs that she wanted to avoid.
She knew what the exchange was. Drugs for sex. He
couldn't expect her to have sex with him right now,
could he ?
" Maybe we could find someplace more private..."
" No. I'm sure my friends won't mind."
She had no more excuses. With only minor
hesitation, she rolled up her sleeve and prepared to
shoot the drugs into her bloodstream.
" Ohhh.... fuck..." she said, as she felt the heroin
begin to tease her brain. Tony wasn't kidding, this
stuff was really potent. It hit her fast, and her head
spun with chemical pleasure.
Now for the other part of the exchange. Tony pulled
her with him to the sofa. He sat back, and began to
unbuckle his belt. He was definitely showing off for
the guys now.
" How about hopping on for a ride ?"

' I don't know what I'm going to do, ' Tamara wrote
in her private journal. The reports that she prepared
for Cecil were so full of lies that it felt strange to
put her actual thoughts to paper. ' I know I'm losing
my objectivity. Sometimes you'll see a gambler who just
can't walk away from a game. He's lost so much, that he
feels like he just has to win sometime. He knows he
should walk away, but he just can't - - - I feel like
that gambler right now. '
' Every time I think about the things I've done to
maintain my cover, I feel sick to my stomach. I think
about the first time I straddled Tony Carusso's lap, in
front of all those guys, and worked his cock into
myself. I remember how my head was spinning from the
drugs. God, I'm so ashamed of the way I bounced up and
down in his lap, with all the guys watching. The way I
faked pleasure while he sat underneath me, and reached
his big hands up my blouse. '
' So I should walk away, right ? That's what I'd
tell the gambler, before he placed that final bet. I
should walk away before I lose myself. Several times a
week, Rabbi brings over his friends. Each time, I give
a little bit more of my pride away. Each time, my body
craves the heroin just a little bit more. How long
before I can't turn back ? Before I become an addict ?
' I talked to Nick Anderson at the bureau the other
day. He's one of the best there is. I had to ask hima
" When do you know if you're in too deep ? When to
bail out ?"
" You don't, " he confided in me, in a quiet corner
of the cafeteria. " Jesus, Tamara, don't breath a word
of this to anyone... but I once killed a man while
undercover. I was just playing my character, and
sometimes it's hard to draw the line. If I hadn't have
killed him, one of the other guys would've. But it got
me in deeper. Deep enough, eventually, that I was able
to bring a lot of guys down. But that's the thing, Tam.
When you're in, you've got to do what it takes.
Whatever it takes. "
' It was like he was reading my mind. The only thing
I think about when I close my eyes at night is
bringing these guys down. That will be my redemption.
My salvation. If I walk away now, I don't know how I'll
live with myself... with the things I've had to do for
these pigs. If I walk away, the bitter taste of Tony
Carusso will be on my lips forever. '
' So I stay there. Playing the part of a drugged up
whore. Sucking... fucking... shooting up. But I listen.
Even when they think I'm too fucked up to remember what
they say. I listen for names, and dates, and locations.
For dollar amounts and drug shipments. I can't wait for
the day that I can put Tony and his boys in prison.
That will make it all worth while. '
' It's ironic. As much as I detest Tony, he's my
best link to the more powerful members of the family.
He invited me to a meeting with his boss tonight. Rabbi
warned me against it. " You don't know how insane
these guys are, " he told me. " Stay here, and I'll
take good care of you. " Is he afraid to lose me to
Tony ? '
' How could I possibly stay with him ? This life is
killing me. Each day, I crave the drugs more. The
longer I stay with Rabbi, the worse it will get. I need
this chance. I need an opportunity to end this thing.
It's so close I can taste it. '
' Whatever the outcome... I think that this is my
final bet. I'll walk away from the table after this. '

Tamara could feel her excitement growing. Tony's
driver was bringing them to the house of a prominent
member of the Lombardi crime family. Even Tony seemed
nervous about the meeting. Tamara knew why he was
bringing her with him. She was like an offering to a
more powerful member of the family. If he was pleased
by her, it would improve Tony's status in the
He rested his hand between her legs, and felt up and
down her inner thigh absently. She was accustomed to
his wandering hands. He liked to have her sit on his
lap over at Rabbi's place. Like a pet, that he stroked
and fondled while he spoke. At these times, she almost
welcomed his gentle touch.
" You're sure you wanna go through with this ?" He
asked her.
How touching. It was the first time Tony had shown
any concern at all for her. Something in his tone even
made her consider her decision for a moment.
" Yeah. No problem. As long as there's plenty of the
sweet stuff, I'm game. "
She knew what card to play with these guys. As long
as Tony only saw her as a junkie, her cover was safe.
The car stopped at their destination, a large house
nestled amongst ancient conifers. The leaves were
turning, and glowed yellow and red in the evening sun.
Inside, security was tight. Despite Tony's
increasing power within the family, the guards searched
him for weapons. Tamara was searched too, but only
briefly. With the tight clothing that she was wearing,
it would have been difficult to conceal a weapon.
In the living room, six men were already seated. One
of them rose to meet Tony at the door. The other men
listened quietly.
" I'm glad you could make it, Tony. I'll introduce
you to everyone in a minute. "
He gave an appraising glance to Tamara.
" You brought a girl ?"
Tony seemed much less assertive in the presence of
this man.
" Uh, yeah, Len. I heard that Paul likes a girl
who's willing to please. She's definitely willing. "
" Is she okay ? "
" Oh yeah, me and the boys have been partying with
her for a couple of weeks at Rabbi's place. She's an
old family friend of his. Don't worry, she's so wasted
most of the time, she don't know if she's coming or
going. But the things she'll do for a couple of points,
well, it definitely makes her worth having around. "
" A pretty little thing too. I'll bet that Paully is
gonna like her a lot. "
Tamara had heard of Paul Lombardi. He was very near
the top of the family. She felt a chill go through her
body. For the first time since going undercover, she
considered what would happen if she was discovered as
an agent. This was a guy who routinely ordered people
killed. Somehow, that made the whole thing more real.
Len brought Tony around the room and introduced him
to the other guests. The names were all familiar to
Tamara from her briefings at the bureau office: Simon
the Angel. Fuzz Malone. Tido Barone. The list read as a
virtual who's who of the Lombardi family.
Tony seemed as nervous as she was. By the time Paul
Lombardi finally came into the room, Tamara's mouth was
dry, and she was itching for something to take the edge
off. That part of her cover was becoming less of an act
each day. She craved the sweet kiss of heroin to calm
her growing anxiety. It was going to be hell beating
the habit when she finally pulled out.
" Tony Carusso, this is Paul Lombardi. "
" Good to meet you, sir, " Tony choked out.
Paul was a tall man, but thin, with angular
features. His eyes found Tamara's body.
" And who is this pretty thing ? "
" This is Tamara, " Tony explained. " She's a very
accommodating girl, if you know what I'm saying. "
His eyes were undressing her. " I'll bet I do. But
first, we do business. Perhaps Lenny can give her a
little something to get her started while you and I
talk. We'll be back in a minute. "
Tamara's heart was pounding loudly against the
inside wall of her chest. The encounter with Paul
Lombardi left her breathless. This was definitely her
chance. If she played her cards right, this might be
her ticket into the inner circle of the mafia. No more
nights spend in the embrace of Joe Rubini. No more
checking his trash for scraps of financial records.
Here, stakes were higher. If she could stay in with
these guys, she might get her big break, and bust these
guys for good.
" Hey, what's yer poison ?" Len asked her. He opened
a bag full of various drugs. Involuntarily, Tamara
licked her lips. Over the last couple of weeks,
partying with Tony and his friends, she had plenty of
opportunity to try different drugs. She had actually
sampled many of them, in an attempt to avoid forming a
dependency on a single drug. The one she itched for,
though, was heroin, and Len had plenty.
By the time Paul and Tony returned to the room,
Tamara was half way to oblivion. Just this last time,
she promised herself. Just enough to get through this
evening. Len also offered her a line of cocaine, which
she snorted without hesitation. If she was going to do
this, she may as well be fully loaded.
" Would you like to do the honours ? " Tony offered
to Paul.
Tamara smiled. Somewhere through the haze of drugs,
she knew they were talking about her.
" You don't know me, Tony, so I'll tell you this
once. " Paul responded. " I'm a married man, so I don't
mess around with other women. I just like to watch.
Let's bring her downstairs, and you can show me what
she's good for. "
Downstairs. Upstairs. Whatever. Tamara was flying so
high, she didn't care if they did it on a fucking bale
of hay..
She hung on to Tony's arm as they descended the
stairs. It took her a moment to register her new
surroundings. Chains. Leather straps. Paddles and whips
of various sizes. Somewhere in her head, Rabbi's
warning about these guys rattled around. Insane, he had
called them. Something about this should be alarming
her, she knew.
" Strip, " Tony ordered.
Tamara stumbled away from Tony, and tried, without
much success, to lift her tight cotton top over her
head. She struggled to get a better grasp on reality.
She could hear the guys laughing. Her drug induced
stupor was amusing them. God, she wished she could
clear her head, just a little.
Someone helped her out of her clothes. There were
hands all over her. Then she was on the floor.
" Why don't you strap her down, " suggested Paul.
Despite his previous assurance that he was faithful to
his wife, it was clear who was directing the action.
Tony pulled her forward to some leather straps
attached to the floor. First he attached her legs. The
tight leather straps bit into her skin just below her
knees, fixing her into a kneeling position. Tony pushed
her down onto her elbows.
" Wait... I don't wanna..." Tamara began to protest.
Tony slapped her across the face.
" You had your opportunity to back out, " he hissed
through his teeth. He fastened the leather straps
around her elbows, securing her in a most unflattering
position. Her ass was displayed fully for the men in
the room, while her nipples just barely touched the
floor. They could do anything they wanted to her now.
Tony stood behind her. She could see his shadow on
the floor.
When he first struck her ass, Tamara was slow to
respond. It took her a moment to realized that the
sting of the whip was real. When the second blow came,
there was no such delay.
" Aaagh... " she cried out as the little whip grazed
the sensitive flesh of her upper thigh.
With each successive blow, more reality seeped into
Tamara's heroin clouded brain.<whap> She was being
whipped <whap> on her hands and knees <whap> by Tony
Carusso <whap> in front of a half dozen men. This isn't
the way it was all supposed to happen. She was an agent
of the FBI, for god's sake. She was supposed to be
putting creeps like this in jail, not satisfying their
sexual perversions.
" Aaagh... please... no more... I can't take it... "
Tony finally relented. Tamara's ass was burning.
Tears streamed down her face.
" Are you ready to be fucked ?" Tony taunted her.
" Yes... anything... just don't whip me... "
She could feel his cock brushing up against the
painful flesh of her ass. It was so humiliating. She
was going to be fucked in front of some of the most
powerful underworld figures on the east coast, while
tied down to the floor, helpless to prevent it.
Tony squirted something between the agent's ass
cheeks. It felt oily and warm, and even somewhat
soothing on her sore flesh. Tony rubbed his cock into
it, and she felt his big knuckles rubbing up and down
against her ass as he slicked himself up. The haze in
her head was slowing down her mind..
Why was he lubricating her ass cheeks ? Why was his
cock poking playfully into her rear end ?
" Oh, Jesus, no... please... not there..." It
finally clicked in her head, but too late. He was
already driving himself into her tight rear hole.
" No... please Tony, it's too big..."
Her pleading was falling on deaf ears, she knew.
Tony was trying to impress his mafia superiors, and he
wasn't going to show her any mercy.
Tony stopped when he was half way in, and squirted
her ass again with the oil. The excess oil was dripping
down the insides of her legs, and collecting in warm
pools around her knees. Tamara's ass felt so full that
she couldn't believe that Tony was able to ram himself
in further.
" Mmmm... that's a tight little bitch. Have you ever
taken it in the ass before ?"
" N-no, " Tamara answered honestly.
" Oh, that's nice. I'm gonna fuck your virgin ass
for all it's worth. "
He began to grind himself in and out of Tamara. She
could feel his balls rubbing up against her well oiled
crotch, and the bitter sting of his body slapping
against her reddened ass cheeks.
Tamara tried to fight through the pain. Every stroke
renewed her body' protest. Beyond the pain, though,
there was only humiliation. Degradation. Shame. She
wanted out so badly.
" Please... I don't belong here... I don't deserve
this... " she pleaded to Tony, as he continued to
anally rape her. She was sobbing openly now.
" Shut the fuck up, bitch, " he told her, and
slapped her ass cruelly. He was really pumping her hard
" You don't understand... " she didn't know what she
could say next.
Tony's body was signalling how close he was coming
to orgasm. He reached forward with one of his oily
hands and fondled her hanging breasts. She could hear
the other guys cheering him on as he pounded her ass
with an increasing tempo, without mercy for her cruelly
stretched opening.
" Please..." Tamara started again. She would say
anything. Tony shifted his body forward, his cock still
buried within her, to listen to her plea. She could
feel his hot breath in her ear. " Please... I'm not who
you think I am... "
Between sobbing her voice was small. She felt so
vulnerable underneath the big man. His rocking motion
continued as he listened. Tamara didn't know what to
say to him. She just wanted this to end.
" I'm an...FBI agent... " she sobbed quietly.
At first she wasn't sure if he heard her. He
continued to slide his oiled cock into her tight
" I'm an F..." Tamara began to repeat. Tony's hand
came around her face, and covered her mouth. She could
taste the olive oil on his fingers.
" Shut the fuck up... " he hissed into her ear.
Confusion again. Why wasn't Tony stopping ? Her
admission should have stopped him cold. Why was he
still fucking her ass ?
" Hey Len, " he called over, " why don't we gag this
bitch ?"
An instant later, Tamara's mouth was filled with a
rubber gag. Tony latched it around the back of her
head. Tamara tried hard to yell her confession through
the gag. Apparently none of the other men had heard
her. Tony's mouth was at her ear again.
" Shut up, for god's sake... I'm trying to save your
life. "
The big Italian shifted his body back again, and
began to saw the full length of his cock in and out of
Tamara's ass hole. Every thrust felt like a jab to her
stomach. His big hands held her roughly by the hips. He
was getting ready to deposit his cum into the FBI
" Oh yeah... that's right, you fucking whore... I'm
going to cum in your ass... are you ready for it... oh,
Jesus, I'm cumming..."
His cock exploded within her. The big head of his
penis swelled as he coated the insides of her bowels
with his hot seed. He jammed violently into her a
couple of times while his balls continued to pump their
load into her. When he finally pulled free of the bound
girl, her ass made a lewd slurping sound as it released
Tony's engorged cock.
The degradation burned into Tamara's mind. She could
visualize how she looked, with her ass hole stretched
open, dribbling a mixture of Tony's cum and olive oil.
Her entire backside would be striped with the red
marked of her whipping. With the straps on her knees
and elbows, and now the gag in her mouth, she would
look the perfect submissive slut, to be used any way
these mobsters wanted.
" Hey, why don't we let Rocko have a piece of that ?
She didn't know who made the suggestion, but she
could hear Paul Lombardi's voice in response.
" An excellent idea. Any objections, Tony ?"
Please, she begged silently. Please let him object.
Tamara so desperately wanted this night to end.
" No problem from me. " Not that he really had a
He was standing in front of her now. She raised her
head to look at him with pleading eyes. Her face was
moist from tears and sweat. Tony looked down at her,
and their eyes locked. What was it that she was seeing
in his eyes ? Pity. Yes. There was definitely sympathy
in his expression..
And then there was surprise in his eyes, as he
looked behind her, to where Rocko was entering the
room. The men laughed and cheered at his appearance.
Tamara tried to crane her neck around to see her new
tormentor, but couldn't catch a view. She looked up at
Tony again. This time his expression was clear. It was
Then she felt him. Rocko. He was mounting her the
same way that Tony had, from behind. One beast replaced
by another. But as she felt his body rubbing up against
her, she realized why the men seemed so amused, and
Tony seemed so horrified.
Rocko wasn't just another wise guy. He was Paul's
" Mmmmmph... nnnnnnph... aaangph..." Tamara screamed
into the gag.
This was too much for her. She struggled with every
muscle in her body to free herself from the tight
leather restraints. Her struggles only seemed to add to
the amusement of the men in the room.
She could smell the dog now, his big body directly
on top of her, his breath on her back. The animal was
trying to fuck her. She could feel its swollen penis
poking into her crotch, trying to find the right
opening. His front paws were hooked around her hips, in
the same rough manner that Tony had held her only
minutes before. None of her struggles could shake the
big dog off.
" What's wrong, bitch ? Ain't you in heat right now
How could she have allowed herself to be reduced to
this, she wondered, as she sobbed with utter
humiliation. These guys were going to watch while she
was fucked by a dog. It was the ultimate degradation...
to be used for the sexual gratification of Paul
Lombardi's labrador retreiver.
" Don't worry, most of Rocko's bitches are a little
reluctant, but he's a good sport. He'll still enjoy
filling you up with his doggy cum. "
Someone's hands were underneath her now, pulling
open the lips of her pussy. She screamed again into her
gag as when she felt the head of Rocko's penis being
guided into her. The thick shaft was wet and hot, and
drove relentlessly into her body.
Tamara could hear the men laughing and cheering, but
the big dog didn't need any encouragement. Once he was
inside, his canine instincts took over, and he began to
fuck his partner with wild abandon. She could feel the
dog's body wrapped around her hips, and she could feel
his long penis probing the depths of her body. The full
horror of the situation became more apparent with every
" God, Paully, that dog gets better pussy than I do,
" one of the men joked.
The FBI agent buried her face in her hands. This is
what she had been reduced to. She had let it happen
every step of the way. First the it was Rabbi's roaming
hands, then the drugs. Next it was Tony's cock in her
mouth, and later in her pussy. She could have backed
out any time. This is where it landed her. Being fucked
by a dog in a mafia leader's basement, for the
amusement of his friends.
Rocko was letting out little growls of pleasure as
he fucked his human companion. Tamara sobbed repeatedly
as she felt the big knob at the base of the dog's penis
slipping in and out of her opening. It was stretching
her sensitive pussy to accommodate its width.
The dog was going to cum inside of her, she knew. It
was her final humiliation, to be filled with the cum of
an animal. She raised her head to find Tony. For some
reason, she thought that she might find sympathy in his
expression. She needed that right now. She had seen it
before in him. Why did he want to save her life ? Why
did he even care ?
He looked down at her with pity in his eyes. The dog
was humping uncontrollably. With a final thrust, the
retriever buried himself into his mate, the thick knob
at the base of his penis pushing fully past Tamara's
" Mmmmffff..." She cried into her gag a final time,
as the dog began to fill her with copious amounts of
semen. The knob began to swell within her, causing a
new source of discomfort. It would remain within her,
she knew, long after the dog was finished his orgasm.
It would hold Rocko's penis into her pussy, and extend
her vile coupling with the dog for perhaps a half hour.
She buried her face in her hands again, and begged
for this night to end.

Tamara waited outside of Cecil's office, trying to
keep herself composed. Every part of her body ached
from the abuse of the previous evening. Her muscles
were sore from her struggles against the leather
straps, which had produced heavy bruising around her
knees and elbows. Her ass and pussy were raw and sore
from the rapes. But the deepest pain wasn't physical.
No amount of showering could wash away her shame.
She still had so many questions that she needed to
ponder. Why had Tony wanted to save her life ? Was he
simply afraid that the other mobsters would blame him
for bringing an FBI agent into their midst ? If that
were the case, why had he seemed more sympathetic to
her after her admission ? What she had seen in his eyes
was unmistakable. There was a soul behind those eyes.
Strangely, it was Cecil who had called the meeting.
The message had been on her machine when she arrived
home. She hadn't even filed her report yet, or even had
time to reflect on the events of the previous evening.
Everything was still unclear in her head.
Yes, she would have gone to see Cecil anyhow. She
would definitely be quitting the assignment. But why
was he calling her in ? What was so important that he
needed to see her so quickly ?
" You can go in now, " the secretary told Tamara.
It took all of her strength to stand up from the
comfortable chair and make her way tot he office. What
she needed, more than anything else, was some rest.
Some time to think.
This was an odd meeting indeed. Tamara knew that as
soon as she entered the room. There were two other men
besides Cecil. She didn't give them a good look at
first, preferring to let Cecil make the introductions.
" Tamara Ross, I'd like you to meet some people.
This is a colleague of mine, Norm Kenyon, from the New
York office, and this is Tony Portman, an agent under
his supervision. "
She reached out her hand to Norm Kenyon first, but
her eyes locked on agent Portman. The blood drained
from her face. Norm Kenyon took Tamara's extended hand.
" Good to meet you miss Ross. I can see that you
recognize agent Portman. He reported to me late last
night that he believed he had come in contact with
another agent in the field. Of course, both Cecil and I
were aware of each other's investigations, and it only
took a phone call to confirm your identity. "
" Tony Carusso..." Tamara said, stunned.


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