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STYLES02 cum covering the crotch appeared



Styles Part 2

I always got home an hour or so before Janet, and in the next few
days I discovered a hamper in the back of a closet in our bathroom, a
hamper of her dirty sexy lingerie. I picked the top one up and the
panties were stiff in the crotch with what could only be dried cum, I
picked up another pair and they were identical. In fact every pair of
panties in the hamper had dried cum covering the crotch. It appeared as
if janet was getting fucked daily at her office. Or at least somewhere
away from home. The wildest part of it was she was getting fucked a
couple of times each night at home too. My little wife seemed to be a
real nymphomaniac.

I was hard as a rock and I pulled my cock out and beat off into a
pair of her cum stained panties. As I wiped my cock on the sheer
material I dropped it back into the hamper and closed the lid. I put my
pet away and walked into the kitchen to fix myself a stiff drink and think.

Things went on like that for several weeks, including janet and
Don's trip to Atlanta. I found the red outfit the day after she got back
from Atlanta in the hamper. There was cum all over it, the bra the garter
belt, the hose.... I didn't believe one guy could cum so much.... then it
dawned on me... maybe it wasn't just one guy.

That night she got back from the Atlanta trip, as janet fucked me
silly I imagined her with two and three other guys and I blasted harder
than in a long time. In fact afterwards janet smiled at me and said,

"Wow... I could tell you missed me... you were bigger and harder and
you came much more than I can remember. You really filled me up."

I almost said, 'More than the guys you were with in Atlanta' but I just
kissed her and said,

"Two nights without you is tough."

She looked at me sort of funny and after a bit she said,

"I bet you really have a tough time when you are out of town for a
week huh?"

I just nodded.

"I guess it is understandable that a lot of guys fuck around when
they are away like that. I know how hard it would be on you to go for a
week without sex."

"Sounds like you are trying to tell me something."

"Well honey.... I'm just saying if you couldn't stand it and found
yourself a temporary bed partner... I could understand it. That is as long
as you came home to me."

I kissed her and hugged her to me and said,

"Would you want me to tell you about it?"

"Hmmm...that is an interesting question.... I don't know... it might be
hot hearing about you having sex with some one else. Let me think
about that. For now if anything were to happen just keep it to yourself
unless I ask specifically... OK?"

She kissed me again and she was hot, her kiss was deep and sexy.
I went down on her and cleaned her tangy cunt of our combined juices.
I wondered if I had ever cleaned any other guy's cum out of Janet. Was
that why she showered immediately when she got home? Of course it

That week end was fantastic. We were naked all week end and it
was a fucking orgy for two. We must have fucked twenty times. I visited
every lovely orifice janet had to offer... at her direction. I loved Janet's
tight ass hole and I was in it three or four times that week end. She had
always loved that but not too often. Usually about once a month but not
this week end. In fact she seemed insatiable every where, her ass, her
cunt, her mouth, her tits, getting her pussy eaten.... after a short rest
she was ready to go again. I loved it but by Sunday night I was shot.

We were cuddled up in bed and she said,

"I loved the weekend darling... I love to fuck you my love.... there is
nothing I enjoy half as much as taking a big hard cock in me..anywhere."

"Me too sweetheart... but it does seem like your appetite is growing...
this was one hell of a week end..... we must have fucked twenty times."

"Twenty two." she said smiling....

"If your appetite keeps growing I am going to have to have some
help in satisfying your hot little cunt."

We both laughed but you got a gleam in your eyes and you said,

"I guess that is something a guy couldn't deal with?"


"If his wife wanted more sex than he did. If say my appetite got to
be too much for you."

"What are you asking hon, could I handle it if you got a little "help"
on the side?"

"I was just saying guys would have a hard time agreeing to
something like that."

"Maybe... some guys."

"Are you saying you could?... Yeah I bet."

I wasn't going to fall in that trap but I said,

"I think a lot of guys could handle that if circumstances were right."

"Like what circumstances?"

"Like if they were sure there was no threat to the marriage, that she
wasn't going to run off with some other guy. And if both of the couple
agreed to whatever they decided to do."

janet looked at me like she felt .... sad. It was clear what was going
on in her head. She had unilaterally been fucking around. Now she as
looked worried.

She looked up at me and said,

"Honey... you know I love you and only you right? I don't like to hear
you talk about someone running off with someone else. I would die if
you left me. I would never leave you. You are my mate in so many
ways... sex is just one of them."

"I feel the same honey... no I would not leave you, even if I caught
you having an affair."

"Are you serious, even if I let other guys screw me?"

"I love you Janet. If you did that I would want to know why more
than anything else. If it were just for fun, or being horny and lonely on a
trip, if it didn't take anything away from us, I think I could handle it. At
least I would try."

"What if it I wanted extra sex with other men on an on going basis?
You know more than a one time thing?"

"Hmm interesting question. I think if everything were great between
us.... I could handle that"

"This hypothetically stuff is fun honey, if your wife were fucking
several other guys in a sort of business/personal relationship for both
fun and profit, on a on going regular basis, are you saying it would be
OK with you?"

"Possibly. You trying to tell me something?"

"No...just talking..... but now I'm tired. Goodnight my love."

She kissed me and rolled over and was instantly asleep. If her
conscience was bothering her it sure didn't keep her awake. Over the
next week I watched her cum soaked panties pile up in the hamper daily
and then disappear when wash day came. She worked late a couple of
nights that week. After the second, the next day the red outfit appeared
in the hamper again and it was literally covered with cum again. I knew
she had been with more than one guy the night before.

But as before when she got out of the shower that night she fucked
my brains out. I figured on an average janet was getting fucked at least
four times a day, by several guys... and she never looked better. She
glowed with happiness. Strangely enough I was pretty happy too. I was
turned on all the time thinking about janet fucking other guys.

Then I had to go out of town for a few days. To Dallas. I
normally call home each night at about ten. I was surprised the first
night of my trip when Don answered the phone. I wasn't surprised that
he was there, just that he answered the phone. He recognized my voice
immediately and he identified himself, not that it was necessary and said
Janet was in the bathroom... she will be right here.

janet came on shortly and her voice was a little high pitched, like
when she is nervous or scared,

"Hi Jim ... how are you honey? Don and I are working on this new
proposal. Working on how to get more business. You don't mind us
working here do you sweetheart? It was more comfortable to me to
work at home and Don was nice enough to come over."

"No that is fine hon. Just checking in.... don't work too hard. Good

And I hung up. It was the briefest call I had ever had with my wife. I
had cut it short for two reasons, one to put janet on edge and second I
wanted to get some hand relief for my aching cock.

The next night, when I called, janet answered. She seemed anxious
about the previous night. I wasn't sure I wanted to reassure her too
much. She was nervous and she talked non stop, something she does
when nervous. I said very little. When she brought Don up I just said 'I
understood, I guessed.'

She told me she loved me twenty times. I just listened and grunted
in response.

As I sat there after hanging up the phone I thought, 'This has to be
brought out into the open or it was going to put too much strain on us.'

End Styles Part 2

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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