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STYLES03 cum soaked pair for each day



Styles Part 3
I got back Friday afternoon, before janet got home from work.
Curious I checked the hamper. A cum soaked pair for each day. She
had been busy.

She got home about four and as usual she started for the shower
but I stopped her. I pulled her in my arms and kissed her deeply. As I
expected I tasted cum in my wife's mouth. When the kiss broke she
mumbled something about 'probably tasting awful, lunch was pretty bad.'
I smiled to myself as I thought 'uh-huh if you call sucking cock lunch.'

I led her toward our bedroom as she protested she needed a shower
first. I overruled and soon we were on our bed bare ass and I was
fucking my dear wife like crazy. She responded as usual and it was hot.
Her cunt was terribly wet and I realized I was fucking my wife's cum filled cunt. She really got into it and was throwing me all over the bed
as she hunched back against my thrusts chanting,

"Yes Jim honey... oh fill me up... fuck me"

Soon I did fill her, flooding her cunt with even more cum. I probably
will seem weird to some but I like to eat my wife right after I have fucked
her. I like the taste of our juices mixed together in her cunt. As I
started to go down on her she smiled at me strangely and said,

"I am awfully full down there honey, you may get more than you
bargained for."

I just smiled and ate my honey's sloppy cunt out. She went crazy.
She always enjoyed me eating her but it was more today and I smiled to
myself thinking she was as turned on as I was by the idea of me eating
her cunt full of her lover's cum as well as my own.

We showered together and as we dried each other off I asked,

"Did you do anything interesting while I was away?"

"No nothing unusual."

"How did things work out with you and Don the night he was over

"Oh fine I guess... what do you mean?"

"Well the proposal and being alone here together?"

"Jim and I are alone a lot honey... are you hinting that something
happened between he and I?"

"Oh I don't know. Don is a good look guy and lots of white women
have hot fantasies about black studs."

"So you think I have the hots for my black boss?" she said and the
look in her eye said a lot.

"I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me. You are one sexy lady and
you love to fuck more than any one I have ever known. Don is a hunk
and in that you spend a lot of time with him, here and out of town, I'm
sure the idea has crossed your mind a time or two."

"OK so we are into that hypothetical discussion again huh?"

"Yeah... lets say that."

We had walked into our bed room and had sprawled on our big bed
both of us still nude. I noticed her nipples had hardened as we talked. I
was also aware my cock had grown a bit.

"OK hypothetically what if I did find Don attractive and had my own
black fantasy?"

"I think it might be fun for you. Maybe for both of us"

"It wouldn't bother you if I day dreamed about letting Don fuck me?"

"No.. in fact I might enjoy hearing about your fantasy, want to tell me
about the time 'Don first fucked you', I mean in your fantasy."

"So you would you like to hear a real sexy story?"

"Yeah hon, tell me a good one, lots of juicy details, my cock is hard

She glanced down and wrapped her fingers around my hard cock.
She stroked it and said,

"OK I will tell you my fantasy then you can bury this monster in me
for real. My fantasy goes like this:

* * * * * * * *

The first time Don fucked me, we had gone to Atlanta together for
a three day seminar. It was the first time I had traveled with him. We
had gotten to our hotel late the night before the seminar was to start.
We checked in and I heard the desk clerk at the hotel say,

'Here are your keys, adjoining rooms as you requested sir.'

Don took the keys and handed me one of them and said nothing.
Understand Don and I are tight, we flirt a lot and there had been a little
touching, like he had patted my fanny a few times, hugged me and stuff
like that. We work very close together and we have gotten to be great
friends as well as him being my boss. But I wondered what the
connecting rooms was all about. I have to admit it excited me. As the
elevator door closed he looked over at me and winked as he frequently
did and he said,

'Well I have you alone in a hotel at last.'

'You do boss... you have to behave though.. remember I am a
married lady.'

'You are one hot looking lady Janet, even if you are married.
Forgive me but I had to say that.'

'Thanks Don, I appreciate that. I said I was married not dead.'

With that he slid his arm around my waist and hugged me briefly. I
leaned into his side and enjoyed the closeness, not saying a word until
the elevator stopped on our floor. We opened our doors and went in. I
called you to let you know we had arrived safely. Then I started to
unpack when I heard a knock at the door connecting our rooms. Smiling
I walked over and opened the door. Don stood there having removed
his coat and tie. His shirt was unbuttoned most of the way to his belt
and he looked hot to me. I opened the door and turned to continue
unpacking. He walked in and flopped on the nearest chair and watched
me as I unpacked. Then he said,

'What say we go down to the lounge for a nightcap when you finish

I had taken my coat off too and now I wore this short suit skirt split up the side and a silk blouse. As you know dear I rarely wear a bra
when I don't have to. When I wear a suit coat I never wear a bra. Now
the silk blouse hugged my breast and clearly outlined the nipples. I
realized they were hard and obvious. But I didn't care.....

'A drink sounds good, should relax us.'

I finished unpacking my stuff and said, 'OK lets go.'

And I reached for my coat. Don stopped me and staring at my
nipples said,

'You look great without the coat... lets go.'

I knew he had been looking at my nipples but I smiled at him
and dropped the coat. We left the joining doors open and went
out my door with him telling me he had his key. In the elevator
he again slipped his arm around my waist and I leaned into him

'Don it is nice we can be close without either of us getting too

He smiled at me and didn't answer. He just squeezed me.

The lounge was small, dark, had a small dance floor at the back
and slow music was playing. We slipped into a booth next to the dance
floor and gave our order to the waitress. When she had left us Don
looked at me and said,

'We need to get this out of the way, people are going to look at us
strange Janet. A gorgeous white lady with a black guy. People are
going to look and maybe even make rude comments. I want you to
know if you had rather we can keep pretty distant.'

'Because you are black? Don't be ridiculous. If anyone says
anything they will have me to deal with.'

'Janet they will assume lots of things.'


'Like we are sleeping together.'

'I don't care what they think... screw them.'

'I would rather not Janet.'

And he dropped his eyes to my erect nipples. When his eyes met
mine again I said,

'I can't help it Don, my silk blouses make my nipples hard
when I don't wear a bra.'

'I sure wasn't complaining.'

Our drinks arrived. The waitress was a cute eager looking
little blonde with a very brief uniform on and she looked at me
and winked. I smiled at her and returned the wink as she left.
I mentioned it to Don and he said,

'See. You OK with it?'

'Yeah, in fact if they are going to think it anyway, dance
with me.'

I took a big slug out of my drink and was surprised how strong it
was. On the dance floor Don pulled me into his arms and pulled me
close. I could feel his body against mine all the way and I felt a large
bulge against my loins. He was an excellent dancer and we flowed with
the music. It was over soon and we sat down enjoying our drinks again.
The next number was a slow one with a hard beat. Don stood up and I
joined him. Our bodies could not have been any closer and I knew his
bulge had grown. It made me wet thinking about it and I wondered if
what they say about black guys was true.

End Styles Part 3

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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