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STYLES04 hurt will want you


Styles Part 4

Then my wife stopped her story and looked into my eyes searching
for any sign of displeasure. She saw lust and she squeezed my cock
and said,

"Want me to go on honey.. do you like my story?"

I cupped one of her large firm tits and said,

"I love it Janet... please go on... I hope you aren't just a cock tease
in your story."

She looked at me and smiled saying,

"Jim my love, I never tease with out following through. You know

Then she continued

* * * * *

Now I could feel his cock growing against me. I was really confused.
I didn't want to embarrass Don by pulling away... plus it felt good I had
to admit. Then as that song ended he pressed his hard cock into me
and held it there for a second before he stepped back. No one could
misunderstand that gesture. At the booth this time he waited for me to
sit and then sat beside me instead of across from me. His firm thigh
pressing against mine.

The waitress had brought two fresh drinks and I took a long pull
on mine. It seemed even stronger and I was flushed from the booze
and from the bulge. My panties were getting very wet. I wondered what
he was going to do next? I also wondered what I was going to do if he
tried to get me in bed?

We sipped our drinks and joked. I really do like Don a lot and enjoy
spending time with him. Tonight I was enjoying it even more than usual.
We were sitting very close as I said before. I began to relax that no
more was going to happen. I was both relieved and disappointed. Then
he slipped his arm around my waist. I guess I shouldn't have but I
leaned into him and looking up at him I said,

'Careful Don, I am not used to drinking with a sexy man in a
hotel miles away from my husband.'

'Thanks for the compliment love. Tell me, have you ever been
unfaithful to your husband?'

I looked at him and smiled and said,

'I think I will take the fifth on that boss.'

He smiled at me and hugged me to him. I felt my large breast crushed against him and my nipple talking to me. Then I looked up at
him. I was so turned on. Don was exuding sex and I was feeling
receptive. Then he leaned over and whispered in my ear,

'I would love to hear that you had fucked someone besides Jim. I
admit I am not always true to Connie. I just love sex and hate to pass
up a special opportunity.'

'Don, damn.... I love it too. I shouldn't be talking like this but Jim and
I have sex almost every night and weekends are real orgies for two. I
admit I adore sex and OK I also admit that I have enjoyed other men...
a few times.'

'Thanks for sharing that with me Janet.... I was feeling guilty for
wanting to make love to you.'

He looked into my eyes and smiled and said,

'In fact I have to calm down before we can leave or embarrass us

I glanced down at his lap and even in the dim light I could see his
erection clearly. When I looked up at him again he said,

'Aren't you going to ask if it is true what they say about black men's

I laughed and then said,

'Well is it?'

I felt his hand slowly rubbing up and down over the side swell of my
large breast. When I didn't object he said,

'Why don't you reach over and find out?'

I stared at him for a few seconds then almost with a mind of it's own
my hand slid into his lap and my fingers wrapped around his huge rigid
cock. My eyes opened wide as I realized he was huge. I turned it loose
and pulled my hand away and said,

'I can't believe I just did that. But at least in your case it is true.'

I felt his hand slip and cover my breast cupping and squeezing it.
He smiled and said,

"These are nice and large too. I am glad you aren't wearing
a bra.. sure feel s nice.'

I moved his hand and said,

'Don we better get out of here before we get arrested.'

In a moment he slid out of the booth and his cock was still semi
erect and obvious. He dropped some money on the table and we
headed for the elevator.

As the door closed to the elevator he pulled me to him and his lips
covered mine. The kiss was deep and hot and his tongue explored my
mouth until mine met his eagerly. His hands slid down and cupped my
ass and he pulled my hot loins into his hard cock. As I felt it I couldn't
help myself I kissed him harder and hunched slowly against his huge
cock. The elevator stopped and I pulled away. It was our floor and he
caught my hand and led me to his door. As he unlocked the door he
pulled me to him and kissed me again. My resistance was gone. All I
could think about was having that huge cock in me.

* * * * *
janet was stroking my cock rapidly as she related her 'fantasy' and
now I started to cum. She dropped her mouth over the head of my cock
and sucked hard. I shot again and again as she drained me. Finally she
raised her head with cum on her full lips. Damn she looked sexy. I
smiled and said,

"You have to be the sexiest woman in the world. God I love you."

I kissed her lips and tasted my cum on them. It tasted very much like
Don's cum had tasted earlier. janet smiled as the kiss broke and she

"Jim I adore you, you know that without any doubt don't you. I may
lust after others but it is you I love."

"I know hon.... but I still want to hear the rest of your story."

"You sure?... it gets wilder."

"Tell me."

She cuddled closer and we lay facing each other, her leg thrown
over my hip. I could smell her sex strongly and I felt my limp cock stir
as she continued,

* * * * *

When the door flew open Don scooped me up in his arms and
carried me in. He kicked the door closed and set me down as he kissed
me once again. I felt his hands on the fastener on my skirt. I had no
thought of stopping him and it soon hit the floor and he started
unbuttoning my blouse. When the air hit my nipples I shivered and
stood before my boss in just my french cut panties, which were soaked.
I hadn't said a word. Don was telling me how hot I was and how sexy I
looked and how he had been dying to make love to me for months. I
stood there and posed with one hip stuck out and my boobs thrust
forward as he stripped. Soon he was naked and his 9" cock waved

I couldn't help it I wanted it. I wrapped my fingers around it and
stroked it as I said,

'I guess I should protest Don and be hard to get but to tell you the
truth I am dying to fuck.'

I slid my panties to the floor and lay back on the bed. Don was
quick to join me but his head went to my pussy as I spread my legs
wide for him. His tongue soon explored my wet cunt and clit. After I
had cum several times I pulled him up and caught his cock and started
the head in my outer lips as I said, 'Go slow baby, Jim is also this big
and we have to start slow. I will tell you when I am ready.'

Don was great as he kissed me and then my nipples, sucking on them as his huge cock eased in inch by inch. I spread my legs
as wide as I could and pressed back against his drive. It hit the back of
my cunt and I gasped and came shuddering like I was having a fit.
Then I said,

"Yes Don, now... fuck me."

He fucked me missionary, dog style, between my tits, in my mouth.
He ate me again and finger fucked my ass hole. I came and came and
came. When he finally came I stopped him saying,

'Enough for tonight you horse. I may be sore tomorrow as it is.'

He smiled at me as we headed for the shower. When we came out
he said,

'Lets fuck in my bed and sleep in yours, OK?'

I grinned and said,

'No lets fuck in both of them and sleep on towels.'

He covered the cum spots on the sheets with a towel and we
cuddled together still nude. In a moment he cupped my breast and

'You OK with this?'

'Uh-huh... I feel a little guilty but I will make it up to Jim when I get

'Janet, please understand what I am about to say. This is up to you
from now on. If you want this to stop after this trip I will understand. No
pressure... it has nothing to do with work, other than making it a hell of a
lot more fun. We both love our spouses but this is fantastic on top of
that. I would love this to continue from now on but I will respect your

I felt his limp cock between the cheeks of my ass and I smiled as I
enjoyed the feel of it there. I put my hand on top of his on my breast and I pulled it harder into me and said, 'Thank you Don. That is sweet
of you and I appreciate it. I don't know how I feel for sure. I told you I
love to fuck. I loved what we did tonight. I have wondered if you would
ever make a pass at me or not. Right now I think if we are careful so
no one gets hurt I will want you to fuck me every chance we get. I can
be such a slut at times. I get turned on and I become damned near

I felt his huge cock start to stiffen against my ass and I smiled in the
dark as I knew I was going to get it again before we slept. He started
toying with my nipples and I moaned and rolled over to face him. I
caught his hard cock in my hands and I said,

'Don does Connie know you fuck around?'

'I think she does, she has never said anything. I think she caught me
fucking a friend of ours at a party one night. She never said anything
and neither did I.'

'Does she fuck around too?'

'I think so.'

'You don't mind?'

'How could I. She is a great wife and we have lots of fun in the sack
and every where else. If she screws around a little I can't see that it
hurts anything. Does Jim?'

'No ... at least I don't think so.... I think I could tell when he gets
back from a trip if he got laid or not. "

I had been rubbing his cock up and down between my outer lips as
we talked and now I started him in my cunt. He pressed and I pressed
back and he slipped into my wet cunt, stretching me so nicely. It was a
long easy slow fuck, building into a wild explosion for both of us.

Later as we tried to sleep he asked,

'Would you mind if Jim did?'

'No it would keep me from having to feel guilty when I do it

'Did you ever consider swinging or maybe just swapping with close

'I have thought about it... it might be fun, have you?'

'Not yet, but I like the idea...'

'Me too.'

We had shifted and were like spoons again. As we talked I felt his
cock growing against my ass ... again. He had both arms around me
and a tit in each hand as I said,

'Don ...., you're getting hard again?'

'I noticed that too. What should we do with it?'

'We will never be able to function tomorrow if we don't get some

'Janet, would you rather fuck or sleep?'

As I laughed, I raised up and turned him on his back and crawled on
top of him in a 69 position. I took his huge cock in my mouth and I felt
his tongue exploring. After that we didn't even try to sleep. We would
fuck or eat each other and then we would rest a while and talk and then
screw again and again... all night. About sun up we finally dropped off
to sleep.

We slept til noon. Don had turned off the alarm. We awoke
showered, he fucked me dog fashion in the shower, we dressed and
belatedly went to the seminar. It was quite interesting and we both
enjoyed it. Occasionally I would feel Don's hands on me briefly. I would
smile at him and I admit my hands drifted a bit also. Each night we
showered, dined, danced, played with each other outrageously and then
fucked most of the night.

* * * * *

And that Jim love is my detailed fantasy."

"That is some story babe, it sounded so real."

"Yeah, I know, I like to sort of write a story like that in my head. I
have lots of chapters to the story if you ever want to hear more."

"What about the other men you told Don about?"

"Hmmm honey, you want to hear about my other fantasies?"

"Maybe sometime...."

We sort of stared at each other like it was a chess match and we
weren't sure whose move it was.. then I said,

"Janet.... is that the way it really happened?"

She searched my eyes and then said,

"Honey what are you talking about?"

"Was that really how you started your affair with Don?"


"OK honey, let me tell you about the incredibly sexy lingerie I found.
Lingerie that I have never seen you wear. And the cum soaked panties,
a pair a day, in the hidden hamper. And the red outfit with the note from
Don about saving that lingerie for Atlanta. I found those over a month
ago. janet I know you are fucking someone besides me, probably
several others, I know Don is one of them, 'your black warrior', but I
don't know who else."

She lay there looking at me. Not sure what to do. Not sure what to
say. Just looking into my eyes for some sign.

End Part 1
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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