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STYLES05 hurt you could maybe try


Styles Part 5

janet continued to just lay there, in bed with me, both of us nude,
waiting for something. Several times she started to say something and
then stopped, looking at me and then looking away. Now after a long
pause she says,

"Yes.... it is true.......... I have been with Don... and others. I truly
love you Jim and only you, but I have been with other men."

"Tell me why?"

"I don't know the answers but I just told you in detail how Don and I
first ended up in bed in Atlanta. I got so turned on, we were away and
in a hotel and I was dying to get laid. It was so convenient. Since then,
with Don I enjoy the sex almost as much as with you Jim. He is very
good in bed. I enjoy him as a person and as a sex partner. But that is
as deep as it goes. No pun intended."

"Who else has there been?"

"Why go in to that? If you want me to pack and leave I will, I don't
want to,... but if you want me out of here, I will go without an argument.
I guess I couldn't blame you."

"Janet,....... who said anything about you leaving? That sure as hell
isn't what I'm after."

"You aren't? ... You aren't going to boot me out?.... What then?....
Jim I love you and I don't want to go, but I know I am terribly hooked on
sex... lots of sex... and with a variety of guys. Would it be better to bite
the bullet now maybe..I don't want to hurt you.. I could maybe try to be
with only you but frankly it would be difficult if not impossible. I would do
my best if that is what you wanted me to do. I am just afraid that the
first time the opportunity came up I might ... "

"I know.... what if I said that it isn't the sex with other men that
bothers me but just the sneaking and lying."

"I know you said that before Jim, but I can't believe it. I can't believe
you could deal with knowing I was out and some other guy was fucking

"Shit Janet, I have known it for over a month. I have known you
were getting fucked almost daily, plus on the trips, plus on the nights
you worked late."

"And it doesn't bother you Jim?"

"In your 'story' you told Don you knew I wasn't messing around
when I was out of were right but what if I did?"

"Jim I wouldn't mind if it were just sex. It wouldn't bother me. In
fact I would knda like it if you did... I would be glad you were being
satisfied when I couldn't do it for you."

"Then why do you think I can't handle it if you could? Have you ever
heard of an open marriage?"

"Are you serious? An open marriage where the partners have sex
with who ever pleases them. You could do that?"

"I could do that. fact I think I would enjoy that. But there have to
be a couple of rules for me to be comfortable in doing that.....first it can't
be anything serious, if it starts to get serious we talk about it immediately
and cut it off... I don't want to lose you,...second is no lying about
anything. That means full disclosure of everything as soon as possible...
like your story tonight. I would prefer it if we screwed around with other
people together, that isn't 'convenient' always those cases I want to
hear all about it immediately..... and I will follow the same rules."

janet almost jumped across the bed then, hugging and kissing me.
Then she smiled through tears and said, "I love you so much. I can't
believe I am this lucky. I have worried ever since the first time Don
fucked me that you would find out and divorce me. I don't know why I
want it so... except when it comes to sex I can't seem to say no, I don't
want to say no.... I do so love to fuck. Lots of men...."

"OK my love, listen to me, there is no way I would divorce you just
for getting fucked. When I first realized you were having an affair I was a
little shook. But then as I thought about it, about you in all that sexy
lingerie, about you getting fucked by Don and other men, I started
getting excited. I could imagine Don's dark skin against yours, his black
cock sliding into your wet cunt. I got so turned on it was unbelievable.
Then you would come home and fuck my brains out.

I wasn't giving up anything and you seemed to be very happy. As I
said three things bothered me though, one was the lying part of it, two
was the fear of losing you and three was why the hell didn't you ever
wear that sexy stuff for me?"

janet kissed me long and hard as she hugged me to her and petted
me, little strokes, little pats, loving touches. Then she sat up and
replied, "Darling I am so glad it turns you on to think of some other guy
fucking me. I would love for you to watch sometime. I am glad you know
now. I love your rules and will gladly abide by them, I am sorry I lied to
you before but I was afraid I would lose you if you knew. Never again
will I lie to you about anything. You will never lose me. No one could
ever take me away from you. You may run me off when you hear the
all I have done but you will never have to worry about me leaving you.
About the lingerie, you once said that you preferred I didn't wear it, that
you would rather I be naked. So I hid the stuff, other men love it on me.
Most men go crazy to fuck me when I wear it. Would you like to see me
in some of it now?"

"Yeah the latest red one."

"That one is really hot isn't it?"

Without another word she got off the bed and opened her drawer
briefly and then disappeared into the bathroom. Shortly she strutted,
that is the only word for it, she strutted out showing her stuff. She
bounced over to the corner of the room where I could see it all. She
stood there, legs spread apart, hands on her hips dressed in the sheer
red half bra. The bra cupped the lower half of her full 38d tits, baring
the top half and her hard nipples. As she pranced by me her tits bounced and swayed and jiggled and I was hard as a rock. Other than
the bra she had on the thigh high sheer red hose connected to the red lacy garter belt. red heels completed madams clothing, Damn she
was hot.

As she stood there spread legged I could see her pink slit inside her
labia. It was very wet at the moment. janet trimmed her pussy hair and
it was fantastic to see. Then she turned around and shook her little ass
at me. Bending over straight legged her cunt was framed nicely by her
legs and ass. I lay there stroking myself as I lusted after my hot slut

Then she crawled on the bed and straddled me sinking my raging
cock in to the hilt. She fucked me wildly for a few minutes until she
came, then she settled into a slow undulating fuck as she looked at me
with this sultry stare and asked, "Still like me?"

"Love you."

"Still like to fuck me?"

"Damn right."

"Like my outfit?"

"Oh yes...."

"Honey,I love showing off in this stuff... I'm sorry I didn't for you
before. I will from now on. I love to wear it."

"You look so fucking hot."

"Jim... I am so fucking hot... men can't get enough of me. I love
that, they want me as bad as I want their cocks. Want to hear about the
first time I wore this?"

My cock jumped inside her and I smiled and said, "Yeah, tell me."

"It was the last trip to Atlanta, the first night I wore it for Don in our
hotel room. He loved it and he fucked me so long and so hard I almost
passed out. I slept in it and twice Don woke me up to eat me and to
fuck me. We gave a party the next night for three of our special
customers, the really big spenders. These are men I have gotten
to know, the ones I fuck anytime they want me. The party was in our
room and I had this on when the guys showed up. I thought they were
going to flip. They loved it. They ate me and played with my tits and
then I fucked all three of them, one after the other. First I sucked one of
their cocks. Then he moved to fuck my pussy dog style while I sucked the next guy. When the first guy came in my pussy then the second
guy, that I was blowing, moved to fuck my pussy and I started to suck
the third guy and so on. Don just sat there and watched me take on
these three men, dressed in my sexy red fuck me outfit."

I started thrusting harder into my wife's hot cunt, and then I rolled
her over with me on top so I could drive home harder. She screamed
and thrust up to meet my cock moaning, "Yes... fuck me hard honey
you are the best..."

Much later when I could move again I raised up on my elbow and
looked at my wife with her much used pussy, and for some silly reason I
had never been happier. Then she looked over at me and smiled,
reaching her hand up and softly touching my cheek and saying softly,
"I love you and only you."

"I know, I feel the same way.... but now I want to know more."

"What honey, if you are sure you want to know I will tell you. I hope
you can handle it all."

"I want you to feel free to talk about it all, what you have done, how
you feel about it, what you enjoyed..... what you want to do..... but first, I
want to hear more about who all you have been fucking?"

"OK my love, hang on cause here goes. By far, most of my outside
sex can be covered by saying Don fucks me, in lots of ways, in lots of
places. There are many stories with Don that you might enjoy sometime.
Just tell me when you want to hear them. I have fucked a few of our
salesmen from out of town. Several of the late nights at work were
'working' with them in their hotel rooms."

"How many salesmen?"

"Four so far."

"How many are there?"


"Do you plan on fucking all of them?"

"Uh-Huh. At least I hope so."

"Does Don participate in your fucking the sales staff?"

"No. He knows about it, it was my idea... to motivate the guys, plus I
thought it would be hot, but Don was all for it. I thought after I had
fucked each one of them, I would then spend a week-end with the top
salesman of the month from then on."

"Who else?"

"A few customers.... my way of saying thanks to some of the really
big contracts with people I really dig. I told you about three of them."

"How many total?"

She stopped to think for a moment and then looked up at me
and said, "Ten."

"Any others?"

"Yes.... one motorcycle cop, one salesperson, no make that two
salespersons, my mechanic, two friends of Don's in Atlanta, I think that's

"Were they all good?"

"Oh yes Jim... I loved doing all of them. As I talk about it now I am
getting so wet again. Anytime you want all the details, let me know
honey. It makes me hot telling you."


"You mean more than one guy at a time?"

"Yes that is what I mean."



"Well, Don and his friends in Atlanta, quite a few times. Some of the
customers at parties we put on, to celebrate big sales."

"What was the most at once?"

"Three, that has only happened twice, at customer parties."

"How often does Don fuck you?"

"Almost every day, some days several times, in my office or his or
sometimes we go to a little motel near the office."

"Anything else?"

She blushed. I couldn't believe it but she blushed. Then she
swallowed hard and said, "Yes... Don's friend's wife. Their names are
Sharon and Greg Sanger. The four of us swap sex partners a lot and
then Sharon and I do each other while the guys watch. I learned I love
to eat pussy too."

"Anything else?"

She looked away and really blushed. After a moment she looked at
me and then said, "If you don't mind I would rather not say. I am sort
of embarrassed by it. Maybe later I could tell you. OK?"

I looked at her sternly and said, "I thought we said no secrets."

"We did Jim.... but this is pretty gross."

"Get it over with."

"A Dog."

When she said that, she rolled over on the bed and buried her face
in the pillow. Her bare ass jiggling so cute, framed by the red garter

"A Dog, you fucked a dog?"

Her muffled voice answered, "No I didn't fuck it, but it licked me till I
came a bunch, Sharon owns it and she lets it fuck her all the time. We
were at their house this night and I watched it fuck her with the guys,
then I let it lick my pussy till I came..... a whole bunch. His tongue was

After a pause while she still hid her face I said in an even calm, very
soft voice, "Why didn't you let it fuck you babe? I have heard women
love it."

She rolled over and looked at me like she couldn't believe what I had
said, she sat up and said, "Jim... I wanted to. That is what is so gross.
I wanted to, I wanted to feel that dog fuck my cunt and swell up in me,
but I was afraid."

"I find that difficult to believe that you were afraid."

"OK I guess afraid isn't quite right, I didn't want to do it with them
watching. Usually I love an audience while I get fucked, but by a dog?"

"Maybe we should buy a big male dog."

She looked up at me as if in disbelief, "You wouldn't mind that?"

"Not if it appealed to you."

"I really wanted to know what it felt like when I watched it fuck
Sharon... Sharon said she loved it...that it was completely different than
a man, she said she lets him fuck her almost every day. ..... Where
would we get such a dog?"

"I don't know, I think we would have to buy a pup and train it
ourselves maybe, that might be fun."

janet was sitting cross legged on the bed facing me her pink cunt open and wet, her labia swollen. Her nipples also were very swollen and
she was breathing heavier than normal. She looked up at me looking so
sultry and said, "Honey... please fuck me. I am dying for your cock?"

"For my cock?"

"OK for any cock... but I prefer yours and that is the truth."

She got it.

End Styles Part 5
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The End... for now...


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