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STYLES06 panties frequently and



Styles Part 6

We awoke the next morning about 10:00. I looked over at her still in
the red outfit and damn she was sexy looking. I thought about the men she talked about fucking her and I loved the idea. I wished I could have
watched it all. I leaned over and kissed her and playfully swatted her
ass. She opened her eyes and smiled up at me and said,

"Mornin....Still love me?"


"Still want to keep me?"


"Still want me to fuck other men?"

"Yes, the thought of you fucking other men excites me. I would like
to be there when ever possible. I would like for us to fuck around some
together, some not? .....and baby,... I want to watch Don fuck you."

"Really?.... You really do? I would love that."

"I do.... soon... today if you can arrange it."

"Oh I can arrange it. Don loves to fuck me while someone watches.
He is also in a triangle with his secretary and her husband and he told
me he gets a kick out of fucking her while her husband watches them.
By the way he would love to watch someone fuck Connie, would you be

"Hmm I think Connie would be a choice fuck... yeah I would enjoy

"Would you like for me to call Don now? I would love for you to
watch him fuck me."

"Yeah... see if he can come over after lunch."

"Do you object if I tell him what is going on?"

"No... he will know soon anyway."

"He will love this... he has often said he would love for you to join us.
He is dying to fuck me while you watch."

"Well I am... going to watch .... and join you, both."

She jumped out of bed and left the bedroom. When she returned
she handed me the portable phone, straddled my hips as she reached
for the other phone, and dialed. I listened with butterflies in my gut like
you wouldn't believe. I heard both ends of the conversation...

"Hello, this is Connie."

"Hi Connie, janet here, how you doing?"

"Great janet and you guys?"

"Couldn't be better. We have to get together again soon, Jim keeps
talking about what a beautiful sexy lady you are. I think he has a crush
on you Connie."

"Oh really, I am flattered. Jim is quite a hunk."

"Connie is my boss there? I need to discuss something with him."

"Sure ... just a minute hon."


"Hi Janet, how are you?"

"Great Don, in fact never better, clear?"

"Yes it is clear, Connie is in the shower. What's up?"

"Jim knows everything."


"Jim knows everything, about you fucking me... about it all."


"He found all the lingerie you have given me, even the cum soaked
ones in the hamper."

"And what happened. You said everything was great..."

"You won't believe this... he doesn't fact he is very
enthusiastic, it is OK with him if I fuck other men... in fact Don,.... he
wants to watch you fuck me.... today. Can you come over about 1:00?"

"Wow... this is fantastic.. you bet... I will be there at one. Did you tell
him everything?"

"Yes everything, even about the dog, and I will tell him everything
from now on. And he will do the same for me... from now on it is going
to be an open marriage and honest and what fun...."

"I agree... maybe Jim can go to Atlanta with us sometime. I really
like Jim ... this should be the start of great fun."

"I would like for him to go Atlanta with us. I know he wants to watch
the dog fuck Sharon... and me.... uhhh and Don, Jim wants to fuck

"YES! Great...I would love that... especially if I can watch. Damn,
yes, we have to get together soon so Jim can start to seduce Connie. I
think she will help him a lot in her seduction, she likes him. And she is a
hot lady."

"We can talk about it when you get here at one. Don't be late."

And she hung the phones up. I was hard as a rock and she knew
where to put it.

Later we showered and I put on a t-shirt and shorts and janet put on
a sheer black outfit, just like the red one. She looked so hot it was
unbelievable. We had a bite for brunch and then changed the cum spotted sheets. Wanted to start fresh.. we knew how they would end

We had an hour to wait, we relaxed in the den on our couch and I
said, "OK, tell me about the mechanic."

"Want me to hear a real dirty story Mister?"

"Yeah a real sexy one."

"OK ..

* * * * *

It started on a night I was going to 'work late' and fuck Don at our
favorite motel. I had called you to tell you I would be real late, I had
locked up the office and was waiting for Don to come out. I slipped out
of my panties as I frequently do and then Don came out with a big
frown, 'Janet.. I have to cancel tonight.... Connie just called and
there is some kind of a disturbance behind our house. She has already
called the police but I better go see what the hell is going on. I have to
take a rain check? Maybe tomorrow night?'

'I will check about tomorrow night Don... I understand. You better get
on home and find out what has happened. I hope it all is OK.'

'Thanks babe, I'm sure it will be.'

He took me in his arms and kissed me hard as his hands slipped
under my skirt onto my familiar pussy, so bare. He groaned as he broke
the kiss and swore as he rushed out the door.

I turned the lights out, set the alarm and closed the door behind me.
The parking lot was empty and dark. I got in my car and tried to start it
but nothing. I tried again and swore as I went back into my office to call
our mechanic. John, the owners 20 year old son, answered and said he
would be there shortly. I thought about John and smiled to myself. I
had admired this young hunk before. Then I knew I was going to fuck
him before he left.

As I waited I unbuttoned my blouse two more buttons and I knew he
could see my tits at the right angle. My panties were in my purse. This
is the time I really love honey, when I sit waiting to seduce some guy.
Being pretty sure I am going to get fucked by some new cock.

When he drove into the lot I went out to meet him. As he opened
the hood his eyes were all over me. I swear I saw his cock grow
immediately... ah youth... He asked me to try and start the car and I saw
my chance to start teasing him. As I got into the car I pulled up my skirt
and spread my legs enough so he had a good view of my bare pussy.
He stammered and then caught himself and said, 'Try it now please

I wanted to try it now but instead I cranked the car, but no go. He
walked to the door and I knew he could see down my open blouse. My
tits and their hard nipples were in clear view from his angle. Again he
stammered and his cock was obviously hard. He leaned down and his
face was only a couple of inches from mine as he said, 'Hold the foot
feed down hard this time.... Janet, Ok?'

He returned to under the hood and then I heard him say, 'Try it

It roared into action. I revved it a few times and he said, 'It should
be OK, now I fixed the linkage.'

I cut the engine and said, 'Why don't you come into the office... you
can wash up and have a coke with me... or something.'

I knew what the 'or something' was I had in mind. I think he did too
as he looked at me and smiled. He was a pace behind me and I swung
my ass nicely for him. I had no doubt where his eyes were.

I closed the front door and locked it behind us. Reset the alarm and
leaving the lights off except for the dim night lights, I took his hand and
led him to the bathroom. And as he washed up I leaned against the
door frame. As he dried his hands I said, 'John honey, I can't begin to
thank you enough. I was a little panicky until I reached you. How can I
thank you properly?'

He smiled and his eyes slowly ran down my body. I stood there
posed for him knowing my blouse was unbuttoned to my skirt and gaped
open, the swell of my tits were visible through my open blouse. He
returned his eyes to mine after a moment and smiled, 'Janet ... maybe
we could find a private area and figure out how you can thank me... we
can get to know each other better.'

'John.... you know I am married.... are you suggesting I be unfaithful
to my husband.'

'Uh-huh... after what you let me see I sure hope so. Damn you are a
sexy lady.'

He walked toward me and I didn't move. He stopped inches away
and his hand slipped inside my blouse onto my bare tit. He squeezed it
and rolled it as I sighed out loud, 'Hmmm John.... you are naughty.'

His other hand dropped under my skirt onto my wet cunt. His finger
found my open outer lips immediately, sliding up over my hard clit and
back. I groaned and looked up as his lips found mine. He was a great
kisser. After a long kiss I broke it and caught his hand that was
fingering my cunt and led him into my office closing the door behind us.
I slowly dropped my clothes on the floor as he enjoyed the show. Then
I sat on the couch, leaned back and spread my legs wide and watched
as he threw his clothes on the floor. He was on top of me and his lips
found my clit as I spread my legs wider to give him room. He was as
good as he looked. I came and came. Then I stopped him and sat him
down so I could get his big cock in my hungry mouth.

Finally before he came he pushed me down on the carpet and
mounted me. The kid could use that cock of his. I loved it. As we lay
on the floor afterwards he looked at my bare body and said, 'I have
wanted to fuck you from the first time I saw you. You are hot Janet.'

'You were great too John... I'm glad you enjoyed it. Maybe I will
have to drop by the shop more often now.'

'No it is a lousy place ... it would be better if you called me to 'come
fix your car' there is no place at the shop. Call me from your house or
here or where ever. I will run over.'

'Hmmm that sounds good John. You will hear from me soon.'

We dressed and his hands were all over me as we walked out to my
car. I loved the way he handled me. Like I was a new toy. At my car I
noticed his cock standing out again. I smiled and said, 'John ... I can't
let you go like this, come on.'

I opened his truck door... it was just the right height. I pulled his
cock free and had him sit on the edge of the seat facing me and I
devoured his cute cock with my mouth. I sucked him and fucked his
cock with my mouth. It took a while until came a bucket and I eagerly
drank it all. As he put his pet away limp he smiled, 'Shit... that is the
best blow job I have ever had.'

I smiled and said, 'I know'

And walked to my car and drove home... where I showered and
fucked my favorite cock, my husbands.

* * * * *

"Hmmm great story hon. Have you seen John since then?"

"Uh-Huh... a couple of times.... here..."


"Yes ... right here, on this couch and there in the floor. While you
were out of town."

I was hard and janet was obvious hot as hell and wet and ready to
be fucked. Where was Don?

Then the door bell rang. janet looked over at me and said, "You
sure you want to go through with this? about watching Don and me?"

end Styles Part 6

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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