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SUBLIMED camera over the door brought little


If you're under 18, this story is not for you. Don't read it. Skip or
erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for yourself.

The following is a work of total fiction and contains a scene of graphic
nc sex. This is my first and likely only attempt at a mind-control story.
It is not particularly good, relative to others I have read. Like most of
what I write, this story exorcised one particular demon.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 1999, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors). Any resemblance to persons or events living or
dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is free
and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal forums,
as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or the
content are made.

Hope you like it.





((((( Sublimed - M/F NC MC

))))) _(((((_ Subliminal messages in muzak render a young
(0) o woman helpless to the assault of its controller.

/ > | ~~ |


Sublimed By Monocle (

Friday afternoon, in the city, at the Dons Job Placement Center.

"Francine Smyth? Mr. Dons will see you now," the woman said as she
poked her head in the door.

The 21 year old brunette sat quietly, staring ahead unseeing in the
small waiting room. The walls were covered with employer brochures, fact
sheets, and advertisements for job-skills programs. She had come for an
interview with the reputable agency, but her mind was now empty of thought.
She didn't move.

"Ms. Smyth? Ms. Smyth!" the suited receptionist called. She entered
the room, snapped her fingers and clapped, trying to awaken Francine, who
didn't move. The woman paused, and stepped out of the room, closing the

Over the next minutes the lulling, quiet music changed. The buried
subtext of the new melodies flowed on wings of song deep into Francine's
wide-open mind. The notes were at turns cloying, dangerous, instructional,
sensual, threatening. They filled her ears and took root beneath her
waking self.

Francine sat, still and silent, for the next two hours, listening to the
music, looking at nothing. Finally, it slowly faded, leaving her with a
blurry memory of an interview for a job she might really want. She
startled when the receptionist - was her name Jayne? - opened the door to
the waiting room and said, "You can go now, Ms. Smyth."

"Thank you," she said, "Oh, excuse me, where is the nearest bathroom?"

"Down this hall, near the back exit to the parking lot."

Francine thanked her again, and left through the door held open for her.
She caught Jayne looking at her strangely as she passed, and was surprised
by a flush of arousal she felt pass through her. That was followed quickly
by a tinge of hard unnamed fear that made her shiver. She shook her head
to clear it and hurried down the corridor. Lost in strange thoughts, she
used the bathroom and touched up her makeup. She left, not noticing that
her panty-hose and bra lay discarded on the bathroom floor.

The back exit was closer to her car anyway, and Francine felt a vague
reluctance to risk seeing the receptionist again if she left through the
main entrance. She opened the door onto the nearly empty back lot and
stepped out. The interview had taken longer than she had expected, and it
was now dark outside. Two lamps lit the alley lot, one at the door that
clicked shut behind her, and the other just above her car. The security
camera over the door brought little comfort to the bleak scene.

Francine started towards her car slowly, alert for danger. She was half
way there, when she heard a low male voice behind her.

"Francine Smyth, I am going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you and make
you mine."

Francine jumped and whirled to see who had addressed her. Only shadows
greeted her. Her heart started pounding, and she started backing towards
the safety of her car, keys at the ready. Through the buzz of apprehension
she felt butterflies dancing in her stomach - she recognized that feeling
not as fear, but the stirrings of lust. This alarmed her even more. The
voice resumed from the shadows, too far too see, but too close for comfort,
chilling her to the bone.

The voice floated around her like a drifting ghost "You should know, my
business is mostly legitimate. I interview men and women and get them
jobs. I'm actually quite good at it, as my track record shows. That's why
you came. About one in every 20 or so people that come in are susceptible
to the sub-music. Yes, I try it with everyone so I can learn the
statistics. A little project of mine. Most men I just wake up and send
along - perhaps with a suggestion or two to be kinder to women, or at least
less boorish or chauvinist. Most women, too I let go - not to my taste.
Perhaps I suggest for them to be a little more adventurous or uninhibited.
But once every few months, someone like you, Francine, comes along. You're
just my type. Beautiful, susceptible. Firm hips I can grab when I drive
my cock into you. Pouty soft lips that will wrap snugly around my prick.
Tits that will just overflow in my hands. A well toned body and hot, tight
belly I can fill with my spunk."

Francine shivered at the casual coarseness of the voice. She tensed
ready to bolt.

"You can't run. I'm going to fuck you and cum in you and take you," the
voice said, now off to her left side.

Francine spun again to see nothing. She knew she should be screaming
and running, but she did neither. Prickles of fear raised goosebumps on
her skin, yet her insides were turning buttery warm. She gasped in dismay
and distress as she felt a trickle of her own lubrication start to drip
slowly down her leg, realizing with confusion that she was both highly
aroused and bare under her skirt.

"The messages buried in the music are subtle, Francine - they snuggle
into your unconscious mind and play off what's already in there. Right now
you are feeling a growing sense of fear and helplessness. The fear is
probably real, the helplessness and disorientation I put there, magnifying
your most private emotions. You're also feeling aroused. Getting quite
hot by now I imagine. Your body wants attention, even needs it, though I'm
sure not from me. But I am the only one here."

Francine could only half understand the words through her rising panic.

"You see, Francine, you're MINE!" the voice was behind her again, too

Francine whirled around again, but stumbled and tripped, landing on her
hands and knees. The pavement stung as she hit. She started backing away,
but she couldn't move easily. Her legs kept getting tangled in her skirt,
slowing her down. The motion caused her lower lips to rub together,
sending shivers of excitement up her spine.

"See how your body and mind are fighting each other. Your pussy is
soaked, isn't it? You're turning yourself on just by moving your legs.
But you can't let anyone have you, can you? That would be dangerous - you
could lose... everything."

She barely managed to stand and run for her car.

Her hands trembled as she tried to fumble the key into the door lock.
Just as it clicked she felt one strong hand grab her left breast and
another her right ass cheek. A hot breath whispered in her ear.


Francine let out a short scream as she yanked the car door open. But
before she could move to get in, the hands groping her moved to her waist
and pulled her away, swinging her around, causing her to stumble and land
on her hands and knees again, facing away from her car, her skirt partly
raised. She was dimly conscious that whoever was behind her could probably
see her inner thighs and her womanhood and that it was now glistening wet
with her own juices.

"Ah just as I said. Your sweet pussy is ready for me, isn't it? The
rest of your body too. But your mind is screaming to get away. If only
your mind had more control."

"Get away from me!" Francine yelled as loud as she could as she tried to
get up from her hands and knees. It came out as an urgent whisper. She
righted herself and tried to get a leg under her, but was shoved roughly
from behind onto all fours again. She felt a pair of strong hands on her
hips and for a moment was paralyzed. The brief pause gave the attacker a
chance to raise her skirt the last little bit to fully expose her ass and
dripping cunt. She frantically began to crawl again, but the remaining
hand grasping her left hip seemed so amazingly strong. It alone slowly
pulled her backwards. Her straining legs slipped, spreading winder with
the effort to get away, only succeeding in exposing and opening her even
more, leaving her completely vulnerable.

"Not so fast, my little pussy. You're not going anywhere. Not until
we've had a proper introduction. See how even trying to get away from me
somehow gets turned against you. You're spreading yourself open so nicely
for me I don't even have to ask."

"OHH! no!" With a desperate cry she felt the hot touch of a fat
cockhead against her vaginal opening. It sent a shock of pleasure up her
spine, and a jolt of fear into her belly. She redoubled her efforts,
concentrating on one lunge for freedom. Just as she tensed for it, the
other hand again grabbed her right hip and both hands pulled her back onto
the flared head of the cock as it slammed forward into her.

"GAaaaiee!" Francine screamed in terror and pleasure, delirious with
fear and arousal. The cock that speared her cunt was like nothing she's
ever felt before. The thick head plowed her tight inner walls, stretching
them as it pushed passed, filling her steadily. Every nerve in her pussy came alive and resonated with the deepening penetration. At the same time,
she became even more frantic to get away. She knew that she couldn't let
this man fuck her. She was lost if he did. But it felt so good, and she
couldn't seem to move away from the penis now buried in her. She was
impaled, helpless.

"Ahhhh, yes. That's very nice Francine. You're just as tight and hot
for me as I thought. Feels good for you too, I know. Horribly good. I
can feel you squeeze me inside. Trying to push me out? Suck me in? Make
me cum? Oh I will. Don't you worry, I'll fill you up. Squirt myself
right into your womb I will. You want that? No? Can't let me have you,
can't get away. What is a girl to do? Poor sweet cunny."

"Unhh! Uh...Gnnno.. NN..Nuh Hunh!" The cock pulled out and plunged
back in, hard. Then again, and again, taking up a savage rhythm of fucking
that jarred Francine's bones and made her ass and breasts ripple with each
thrust. Her body sang out with pleasure as she cried out in anguish. She
had to get away - she couldn't let him cum in her! He spoke again in short
sentences, sometimes grunting with effort between them. Each period
punctuated by a deep slam of his cock into her.

"You like it. I know you do. Hmph. And you hate it. But your body.
Your pussy. Feels so good. Unh. Get away! You have to. Can't let me.
Cum in you. erh. No. You'd be gone. You'd. Be. MINE!

After some minutes of the terrible, wonderful pounding he stopped,
holding his throbbing cock rooted in her. She could feel every glorious,
terrible inch of it pulsing, pressed against the stretched walls of her
cunt, the head pushed almost to the end of her passage. He held her tight
to him for several heartbeats, then loosened the grip of his hands. She
sensed a chance to get away and quickly surged forward, almost reluctantly
pulling off the hard cock. But it was only a deception. Seemingly
effortlessly, the hands gripped her again and slammed her backward onto the
rigid pole, the underside of the prick dragging against her sensitive
flesh. Francine wailed. It felt soooo good! But she had to get free! She
lunged forward again, harder this time, only to be yanked back and impaled
again. She was losing her sensibilities now, repeating efforts that had
already failed.

"Ahh....Ahhh. Yess, Francine. Keep trying to escape. I'll keep
pulling you back. Ah! That's nice, isn't it. Ahh. Under more normal
circumstances, You'd probably be able to get away. I'm not really pulling
very hard anymore. It feels very strong to you, I know. Far too strong to
resist. Run away, Francine! Get away from that awful cock. Ahh! Before
its too late!"

Each time she thought she could pull away just a little harder. Each
time, her ass smacked back against his thighs with a wet slap and his
bloated balls bounced up against her clit, and she was stuffed full of
cock. She let out mewls and short cries of unwilling passion as she was
repeatedly fucked onto the rod. She did not notice the grip on her
sensuous hips get lighter and lighter as she shoved back onto him. Soon
only the slightest twitch of his fingers caused her to lunge back as if he
had yanked her with all his strength, skewering herself on his rock hard
cock again and again.

"No... please.. ooh! hhh! nnnn!" Francine was now moving almost by
rote. After a minute or two more the hands did not even need to hold her.
She was jerked forward and back as if he was still gripping her and ramming
her back onto him. Her mind was a whirlwind of desperation and arousal.
She felt she was being force-fucked by an unyielding grip, but she alone
now shoved herself onto the huge cock without any more physical coercion.

"Good, baby. Good. Fuck yourself on me. Fuck me. You have to. Get
away, but I pull you back and fill you. Yessss."

"Nah! ah! aah! NAAh!" Her voice rose higher and higher with each
plunge. It was like nothing she'd ever felt before, so raw and powerful.
The cock in her felt so good. But she was starkly aware of a nameless
pending horror that came nearer and nearer with each thrust into her.

The man's free hands slid up her waist under her blouse. They stroked
up her sides up to her breasts, caressing them and rubbing across her
nipples. Francine gasped between animal grunts at the unexpected touch.
Her mind momentarily could not reconcile the new touch of hands on her tits with the iron grip she still felt ramming her back onto the phallus. In
reaction, she moved her right hand up to investigate, still fucking back
with her muscular thighs. Her tormentor settled back just a little on his
knees, adjusting his position to allow even deeper penetration as she sank
back on him. Her eyes widened at this. It made her feel that his cock had
suddenly grown within her, pushing further into her most intimate depths.

"Feels good doesn't it Francine? So good you can't let it stop. But
you have to. Your body is lost already. I have made it betray you. See?

He intercepted her right hand with his and brought it up under her
blouse to her breast, brushing her hand over her own aureole and nipple.
He made her squeeze it, massaging and pinching her nipple with her own
fingers. To Francine it seemed like her hand was now somehow stuck to her
breast, and she couldn't control her fingers' motions. The more she tried
to pull her hand away, the more it gripped and pulled at her tit. He
continued holding her hand at her tits, gently manipulating it until it,
too continued without his touch. He kept his left hand fondling her other
breast, and set his right hand sliding back down her side, around to her
flat, heaving stomach. Slowly his fingers began to work their way under
the waistband of her skirt, progressing a bit further each time she slammed
back on his pole.

"Oh... God... Oh.. God.. Ohgod" In Francine's perception, she kept
trying to lunge away from the cock, only to be yanked back until the head
thumped against her cervix, and now her own hand was out of her control,
pulling and pinching at her breast, seemingly both breasts at once.

"Good, Francine. Give yourself to me. Soon now. Not much longer.
Feel me. Feel me take you."

Francine was desperate, and getting tired. Sweat dripped from her skin
and juices of lust oozed from her pussy as she continued what she believed
to be efforts at escape. She was also very close to orgasm. Something she
both craved and dreaded with every fiber of her frazzled being now. Every
intake of breath was a gasp, every exhalation a wail of mixed fear and

"God, I just love this view. You've got such a fine round ass. And it
looks so good rising and sinking on my cock. You know, If I lean back a
bit, I can see just what I am feeling - your pussy lips stretched tight
around me. It feels like your cunt grabs my cock and swallows it all by
itself, over and over."

"nnnNNOoooOOOoooOOOooOOOooooOOOOooo.." Francine shuddered at the lurid
descriptions of what was happening to her, still unable to get her body
under control. Dragged back onto the prick again and again. Filled with
pleasure and lust with each impaling shove. Her back arched instinctively,
and her head turned up as if she were howling at the moon, though the sexy,
fearful sounds she emitted were far from howls.

"Mmmmmm. I'm almost ready to cum, my darling pussy, my little fuck
girl. I can feel my balls boiling. Can you feel them slap against you when
you hump back on me? Very soon now. You're close too, aren't you? I can
feel you changing. You still need to get away, but your body is getting
ready to cum. I feel it hot and sweet."

"NOooooooooongggghhhh!" His creeping hand was now through the tangle of
her pubic hair, starting to tease her clit just a little.

Now the voice was growling, strained. He was holding himself back.
"One last thing. And I want this to be perfectly clear, Francine. In the
end it will be your choice."

With that, the fingers of one hand pinched and pulled at her nipple
while those teasing her pussy rapidly and intensely frigged her tiny erect
clit. Francine drew in a deep breath and trembled in ecstasy. Then both
hands pulled away and disappeared as the assailant leaned back on his
haunches and waited.

Francine was on the edge. She burned with pleasure and terror. She
needed to get away. She knew the nameless dread was upon her, but still
she could not break the iron grip driving her onto the hot cock, and still
she could not free her hand from rubbing and pulling at her sensitive
nipples. Then a sensation like lightning coursed from her breasts down her
belly to her clit and cunt. The shock of pleasure at her most sensitive
spot sent her completely over the edge. She jerked forward.

In the instant of her orgasm, the cock was almost completely pulled out
of her, head resting just inside her inner lips. Francine experienced a
moment of crystal clarity. For a flash, a fraction of a second she was
aware of everything...

The music had drawn her in, mesmerized her cum
She desperately needed to be fucked cum
She couldn't stand the thought of being taken cum
She would belong utterly and completely to the man that came inside her

He wasn't holding her! She was fucking herself onto him! But now she
could get away! She had complete control, could break free before he could
react CUM!!

She chose.

"AH! NAH! NAAAAAAAAIIIEEEEEEE!" Instead of pulling away, Francine
shoved herself back and down with an anguished cry of ecstasy and defeat,
impaling herself again on the fat cock as her pussy spasmed in orgasm.
Wave upon wave of pleasure crashed through her, and she screamed over and
over at the sensation, her body rigid and tense. Francine came like she
never had before, crying out with each wracking spasm, rising to a
crescendo as she felt the bloated cock expand further and pulse deep within
her, ejaculating spurt after spurt of hot semen deep, deep into her because
she had made it cum. After a minute her orgasm began to subside. Feeling
the phallus buried in her twitching in after-cum, Francine had a brief
panicked instant, when she _knew_ she had lost her chance for freedom. She
had given it up for the price of a climax. A low moan of anguish escaped
her. The realization soon faded to a dim dread, though, as a mental cloud
descended around her and she became aware that a man had just cum inside
her. She was now his. Completely.

"Good girl. Good girl, Francine. You chose well, my little pussy. My
sweet cunt. Very well. You all do, don't you. Once you get that hot, all
you little cunts really want is a pussy full of cock and cum. Yes, I know.
You know the best part? We get to play this little game every time we
fuck. And we'll be doing allot of that over the next while, every way you
can imagine, and many you can't. Until my net catches another fish. Then
I'll find you a job. One that pays well - with one of my... special
clients. Remind me to call Forester about Jayne tomorrow, will you?
That's a good girl."

"Now lets pull ourselves together, get into you car, and you can take me
home. We can get to know each other. Then maybe I'll take you up the ass.
You'll like that too, as much as you loved this."

The still semi-rigid rod gradually withdrew from her and Francine
shivered, feeling hollow and empty in more ways than one. Slowly, almost
in a daze, Francine stood up, straightened her rumpled clothes and headed
to the car, unlocking the passenger side as she got in. She waited for his
door to slam shut. They drove off into the night. She never looked at his


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