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SUCKER girls far since high school


There's a Sucker Born Every Minute {MC greed noSex} codes
defined at

Synopsis: Suppose I wanted to turn my knowledge and skills
at hypnotism, writing for ASSM/ASSTR, MCSTORIES, and
various SEX websites into some cold hard cash.
How would I do it?

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Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works
by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion
in another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without
the express, written permission of the copyright holder, except
that it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access,
noncommercial archive site.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex
between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only.
If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are
less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW!
Please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy,
characters in this work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe
where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist.
In reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this
work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of
the other activities depicted herein.


There's a Sucker Born Every Minute {MC greed noSex}

Author's Note: Full credit to W.C. Fields for his timeless
observation that's still true today in the age of the Internet.

To recap, I was talking about sex, hypnotism, and buckets of $.
Perhaps I'd start out by sending out lots & lots of SPAM. Of
course I'd start with every Email address that ever appeared on
the* newsgroups. It would look something like this.


From: "ehandler" <>
To: List of SPAM targets
Subject: Hypnotize Women Into Bed! ----- MU

Want more success with women?

How 'bout reeeealy HOT women?

Did you know that you can be:
fat, bald, broke, ugly, short and STILL get all
of the beautiful, smart women you want?

Hey, if you're not in bed RIGHT NOW with twin supermodels,
then you ought to check this out:

http://IP.ADDRESS/smartleads/sm/index.html (FAKE!)


What you'd see if you clicked this link would be
4 or 5 web pages that would look something like this.



Take one second to think about naked women.....
How 'bout the hottest girl you have ever seen...Picture her in your
mind, now. Got it?

She's naked on the beach, with sweet-smelling coconut oil shining on
her breasts like ripe, golden fruit. She's arching her naked back and
slooooowly spreading her perfect, toned legs for you to see....imagine

Now, I don't know if you can see yourself there with her....bending
down to kiss her on her lithe little stomach....she moans softly while
you begin to spread more oil on her breasts and slide your hand down
between her legs to feel her growing hotter and wetter that she's ever
been before. She grabs you by the back of the neck and pulls you
toward her, kissing you hard on the mouth and taking your

Whoa there, there buddy - Take your hand out of your pants!
This ain't about seducing you, it's about seducing women so you'll
never have to shake hands with Mr. Happy again. OK?
I thought so.
Now, if it were as easy to make a woman horny as it is to make you
horny, the earth would have collapsed under the weight of 50 billion
people long ago. But what you just witnessed is the EFFECT that you
can have on ALL WOMEN if you know how to say the right things, in the
right order.
First of all,
when it comes to seducing women, forget what people tell you. Forget
about those hokey pheremones, forget about dating guides, match-making
services, hair plugs, sports cars, and FORGET about that little voice
inside your head that trys to say that you can never get the women of
your dreams just like our little honey on the beach back there.
This revolutionary NEW approach to women
will turn your lonely ass into a Seduction Machine - giving you the
power to seduce any woman you choose. Once you develop this power, you
will be able enjoy the love of many woman at the same time since they
will all know the strange magic you posses and understand that YOU
make the rules now.
Before I explain a little more about how it works,
here are some of the many ways you will benefit from learning these

. Pick only the hot ones!
. Bed as many women as you want - almost as soon as you meet them
. Never feel like you need to 'buy' a woman's affection
. Always maintain the power in a relationship
. Reserve expensive "dates" for women who you've already slept with
. Live every man's dream!
. What more do you need?

How it works (link to next page)



How it works
Unless you've been in the Foreign Legion for a while, you've
undoubtedly heard at least something about recent advances in hypnotic
seduction techniques. First of all, however, we need to dispel any
misconceptions you may have formed:

You cannot take advantage of a woman using these techniques
There is no mental abuse involved
you never have to worry about accusations of rape
you cannot "get caught" trying to recite canned speeches to her

Hypnotic seduction is simply about helping a woman experience intense
feelings of pleasure just by talking to you. Once this is achieved,
you incorporate the insanely powerful use of Neuro Linguistic
Programming (NLP) so she will feel an overwhelming urge to sleep with

Cool, huh?

But that's not all. Some of you may have heard enough about this stuff
to form the opinion that these techniques won't work in every
situation. WRONG! I will show you explicitly how to conduct yourself
in every situation; be it bar, club, coffee shop, beach, office,
party, bus-stop, store, sidewalk, etc. So you can create the
opportunity to work your magic.
Seduction begins with completely changing your attitude about women
and the world in general. You will learn to attract them with your
style, mannerisms and the way you treat them. When you speak, they
will hang on every word and every word will steer them toward
something sexual. Once you begin to absorb the philosophy, you won't
have to think about how to react in a certain situation - you will
simply be the man that she wants right now.

In effect you will become a Seduction Machine

Once you have fully absorbed and practiced the extensive information,
you will find yourself motivated by an unseen force - confidence -
that propels you forward in your search for more beautiful,
intelligent women to add to your list of lovers. Never again will you
be baffled or shot down by a woman because you will simply say "I am a
seduction machine" and move right on to a different technique (or
better woman).

Nothing will stop you.
Looks Don't Matter
Your looks, I mean. Of course you will have to look as good as
possible, but that is simply to convey that fact that you are in
control of yourself and your appearance. You don't have to look like
Fabio or Tom Cruise because once a woman likes you, she will think you
are the hottest guy on earth. SERIOUSLY! If you know what to say, it
is very easy to get past a woman's concept of what she sees as her
"type" of man. You will learn how to demonstrate that YOU are the only
type for her. Then, when she tells her friends about how great you
are, they will all be forced to question why that have been looking
for mister right in the endless parade of souless Abercrombie monkeys
with perfect teeth and a BMW that daddy bought them.

What You Get (link to next page)


What you get
Besides laid like a drunk monkey, you will get a lot more stuff for a
LOT LESS MONEY that those other seduction courses. You will get the
comprehensive and easy to follow workbook, complete with step-by-step
exercises to help you achieve perfect mastery in the art of
seduction.You will also get my special CD set of hypnotic conversation
with DETAILED demonstration of each technique described in the
workbook. You ALSO get my secret confidence excercises designed to
supercharge your magnetism and presence

- ---------------------------------------

Special Limited-Time Offer!
For one week only, you will also get [FOR FREE] my personal Golden
Orgasm guide to bringing any woman to mind-blowing multiple orgasm
every time, and learn how you can use the power of hynosis to make
women orgasm from your voice or touch alone. Learn this amazing skill
and she will brag to all her friends about you. Plus, you can use it
as a 'reset button' if she ever give you trouble - just like your
stupid computer!

- ---------------------------------------

The Seduction Machine guide includes tips on specific things you can
do to change your appearance for maximum effect. Many, many exercises
to help ease you out of the dead-end ways of thinking that have
prevented you from having women like the sexy little beach bunny that
we imagined in the beginning. You will also learn what sort of things
to say to different women in every situation, learn how to bed
virgins, married women, conservatives, catholics, strippers, younger
women, older women - even lesbians or several lesbians at once. There
is far too much material in the guide to explain here, but you can
rest assured that it will change your life in a way that even winning
the lottery can't help with.

Are you beginning to see the immense power this can give you?
You will learn many mind-shattering revelations such as:
Spending money is a stupid way to get sex
Compliments will get you nowhere
Exactly why hot women seem to prefer jerks
How to have multiple open sexual relationships
How to get young women no matter how old you are
How to get older, rich, bored (and WILD IN BED) trophy wives if you
are a young guy
How to unleash the raging sexual beast inside every woman you meet.

Why are you still sitting there trying to decide?

This is what you have been waiting for. THIS is the operating manual
for the female human organism. THIS is how Hugh Heffner manages to
sleep with 12 eighteen-year-old sex kittens at one time. Hugh is a
SEDUCTION MACHINE, and you will be one too when you order this guide.

Only you have the power to make this happen, and you can make it
happen right now, or you can read some testimonials before you...

***The Product***
The Seduction Machine kit includes a 144 page guide/workbook and 2
audio CDs. Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks depending on printing lead
Ok, here is my personal guarantee to you: If you put 90 days of honest
practice into this course and do not experience a gigantic change in
your life, then you are just gay or can't speak the native language.
Nobody has ever asked for a refund, but I guess there is a first time
for everything, and I would honor any such request.

Testimonials! (link to next page)


Here are some of the wacky emails I get from guys who are no longer
wacking :)

Holy smokes! 3 days after i got your guide I ended up doing my boss in
the back of the warehouse. Now she makes everybody else do my work and
is talking about getting me promoted. I'm not quite sure how it works
yet but hell does it ever work. I just can't tell you how much I wish
i'd know all this stuff in high school! THANKS!
- -Ed

Well I did it. I saw another course that was over $300 and then I saw
yousr so I just ordered. All I can say is wow. I have been a complete
lame-ass with women for 32 years but I'm starting to see that I can
truly be the man with the plan. In the past month I've slept with more
women than in the past FIVE YEARS and I met a great girl that I think
I will keep around. She was putty in my hands thanks to you.
- -D.J.

I like it. Good stuff dude.
- -Kevin

Hi, your guide showed up when the mates were over for some FB and they
gave me no end of ribbing about it. But now they all ask me if they
can borrow it! Pack of sods...anyway, here in the UK it can be quite a
challenge to introduce oneself to the better looking women as they are
a bit on the frigid side. But once I learned about the freindly
approach and the imagination, they are sweet as a milkmaids. Just
yesterday a new woman and I walked past a large window on the street
and I thought "Good GOD, who is that lucky bloke in the reflection"
It's me! Cheers.
- -Daniel

Go hypnosis gooooooooooooooooooooooo! This stuff is great. absolutely
great. I tried dating services, and I even got hair plugs, but I still
never got any action until I got this guide. I have to say that when I
first heard about it - it was from that movie Magnolia and I thought
it would be a buch of crap. Well you were right that it would change
my life. I spend over 100 bucks a month on condoms now. Thats a change
I guess :)
- -Winston L

Oh god I wish you could have been there, bud.....I took this girl out
that I had picked up using the techniques and we went from coffee to
get ice cream (she paid HA HA HA HA!) and I tried the oral sex
suggestion thats in the guide and it worked! She started licking the
cone like it was the last ice cream on earth and then as I began to
suggest dirtyer and dirtyer moves SHE DID THEM! And as she did them I
put my arm around her and kissed her. We went STRAIGHT to my car and
she blew me - then we did it of course. absolutely brilliant.
- -Joe

Hey, just wanted to let you know about my experience so far. In a
word: good. It's like I'm suddenly a totally new person when I go into
a public place - I'm tlking to all the women and they seem to have a
really fun time. So far I have not had sex, but I am working up to it.
I've been with one girl in my life but that is going to change I can
feel it. Please just use my initials if you put it on the website,
- - S.G.

Here is my feedback that you asked for, I hope you can use it. I am in
college and I've been with three girls so far since high school. But
now I can go to a party and basically pick a cute one that's not even
drunk yet :^] I can't wait to get a little better and have two or
three at once! I think this is great and every guy needs to know this
stuff. Ok, hope this helps.
- -Chad

Boy am I glad I ordered the course - I cant believe what an idiot I
have been for so long. I mean, its all so simple if you just get the
attitude and ask them those questions, they are all over you. There is
one girl who I can't even seem to get rid of. Using the no date
philosophy I have saved like 400 bucks on expensive dinners already.
You should charge more, seriously.
- - Cal

Hullo I am here living in Sweden where the women are just
flabergasting, but I still could not get them to like me for some
reason. Luckily we all speak fairly good english here and I thought
I'd order your guide before I got old or my penis fell off or both.
Simply amazing what I can do now! I just smile and say something
stupid about their clothes and then on to the suggestions. You have to
be careful once you get a Swedish girl started, you know ;) You are
wilcome to come stay at any time if you are in Sweden!
- -Jorge

........Well there are tons more, but I get tired of copying and
pasting - you get the idea.

You have to be a complete dumb-ass to fail with this stuff.

** Click Here to Order Now before you are too old to have sex! **


All the web pages would be set up to block right-click functions.
That would stop about 95% of casual users from seeing
The con artist "behind the curtain".

Say I charge $99.95 for all that I offer. If I send out 1,000,000
emails and if only one-tenth of 1% have never heard of W.C. Fields
and respond then that's (let's see, carry the 4) $100,000.00!

Not bad at all :-)

I'd have already set up my blind account on Paypal.
I don't even have to accept credit cards. Paypal
does it for me, all for a reasonable fee.

Now I'll just sit back and watch the $$$ roll in.

Will that help me get laid? If you don't think waving $100,000.00
around a bunch of beautiful gold-digger babes will work better
then hypnosis then HURRY UP! Send me $99.95 right away for the
"real secrets".



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There's a Sucker Born Every Minute {MC greed noSex} codes
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