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SUNNY cum before even entered her


Sunny (MFf, cons. inc)
© 2000
by Abelard

[Warning: If it is illegal for you to read sex stuff, my condolences, but
fuck off. The events depicted in this story are performed strictly in the
imagination of a professional. No not try this shit at home. If you read on,
please maintain at least one hand on your controls at all times. If you
wanna’ publish this story for profit, ya’ better ask me first. Finally, tell me
what you think at <<>>.]
How do you spend your weekend mornings? Here's how my wife, Martha,
our four year old daughter, Sunny, and I began to spend ours last spring.


First, a brief background:

I am a forty-four year old partner in a large Los Angeles law firm.
I have been six feet tall and weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds
since I was eighteen. Four years ago, at forty, I had been divorced from
my first wife for five years and was playing the field, beginning to panic.
Then, at a business meeting in another law firm, I met my wet-dream of a
trophy wife, Martha. She was a secretary, in the conference room to take
notes. Her gorgeous full breasts strained at her silk business blouse.
After the meeting I asked if she wanted to go to dinner. At twenty, she
was five foot five, one hundred and fifteen pounds of sexually charged
energy. Things progressed rapidly. Martha turned out to be the most
"user friendly" and sexually generous woman I had ever met. She was
also very "low maintenance" at my firm's cocktail parties where, instead of
clinging timidly on my arm as my first wife had done, she would flirt
outrageously with everybody in pants and then go home with me, snuggled
under my arm, for long hours of uninhibited sex.

We married when she was six months pregnant, and now, a little
more than four years later, she and I have a beautiful blonde four year old
we call Sunny, because of her sweet disposition. Last June, Martha was
three months pregnant again, her nipples brown and enlarging. And, as
with the first pregnancy, after only a few days of morning sickness, she
became almost insatiably horny.

That Saturday, I was home after being out of town all week
preparing for an upcoming trial. I had arrived home late Friday night, and
although we were both so lustful we could feel it in our throats, I was
tired, and after a quickie just to relieve the tension, we put off serious
lovemaking until the morning.

We were both awake by eight on that warm June morning, lying
nude, without even the sheet over us. We had just started to make love.
We were kissing, and I had dipped my finger into Martha's cunt and was
flicking lightly up on her clitoris while she was idly stroking my already
semi-erect cock when Sunny walked into the bedroom. She was in her
flimsy little cotton nightgown, dragging her teddybear by the ear. Sunny
came up to the side of the bed and I reluctantly rolled flat on my back,
thinking I would have to give up on the lovemaking and accept my
parental duty instead. It was going to be hard to stop, but Sunny was an
adorable little child, and maybe Martha and I could get back to our lusty
activities later in the day.

I was surprised when Martha kept stroking my swelling hard-on
and beckoned Sunny up onto the bed. I guess the pregnancy was making
Martha so horny she just didn't want to stop. Sunny clambered aboard and
sat with Pooh in her lap as she watched in fascination what her mother
was doing with my cock. We had always been very natural with our
bodies, walking around in the nude without even thinking about it, but
Sunny had never seen me with an erection before.

She pointed and said, "What are you doing with Daddy's peens,
Mommy?" (We had taught her the basic words, penis, which she
pronounced "peens" and vagina, which she pronounced, "jina" without the
first syllable.)

Martha smiled at her and said, "When it’s all small and everything
it's called a penis. When it gets all big like this, it’s called a cock.
Mommy likes to rub Daddy's penis and make it turn into a cock because it
makes Daddy feel very good when I do it."

Sunny said, "Oh," in a small voice and settled in to watch. Pretty
soon she began rubbing the teddy bear around in her lap as she sat
crosslegged by my shoulder.

I brushed her blonde curls off her face and said, "Why don't you
see if Pooh can wear your nightgown?" She was definitely using his foot
to stimulate her own little pussy, and I really just wanted to distract her as
gently as possible.

As Martha continued to stroke my cock, Sunny stood up, right by
my head, with her feet apart to maintain her balance on the soft mattress.
She slid the little nightgown up to pull it over her head, and I was
suddenly looking straight up her slim little legs at her plump four year old
pudendum. I felt a small thrill of sexual interest go through me. Martha
felt it too as my cock twitched and swelled from ninety percent hard to
fully erect.

She grinned at me and whispered, "Look at that sweet little angel
child. Don't you just love those little folds of flesh around her cunning
little cunt? Couldn't you just eat her up alive?"

Cunt? Eat her up alive? EAT HER UP ALIVE? I moaned softly,
"Oh God, Martha, I love you so. What are you doing to me?"

She smiled slowly and rolled onto her back. "Come fuck me now,
Daddy. Fuck me with you big hard cock while your sweet little daughter
watches you."

It was all I could do not to cum before I even entered her, but I
managed to get on my hands and knees over her (so as not to put too much
pressure on her slightly swelling belly) as she guided my cock into her
warm and wet cunt.

Sunny sat down and Martha wrapped her arm around her plump
little butt. Sunny forgot all about Pooh while she watched in fascination
as I held myself several inches above Martha and slid my cock in and out,
in a slowly increasing rhythm.

Sunny asked in a small voice, "What are you doing, now, Daddy?"

And I said, as gently as possible, "Now Daddy is putting his cock
in Mommy's vagina. When I do that, Mommy's vagina is called a cunt,
and I slide my cock in and out of Mommy's cunt because it makes
Mommy feel real good when I do that. It's called fucking. I'm fucking
Mommy. This is how we made you, Sweetie. I fucked mommy and my
seed came out of my cock and went into Mommy's cunt and up into her
tummy, and pretty soon you came out and were born."

Sunny thought about that for a minute. She knew that Martha was
pregnant, and she asked, "Are you gonna make another baby, now,
Daddy? Is mommy gonna have two babies this time?"

But Martha said, "No, sugarplum, we are just doing this now
because we love each other." Then she turned to me and cooed, "and
because it feels sooo gooood!"

Sunny curled into Martha's side. I rose up higher on my arms, and
she began reaching her fat little fingers toward Martha's full breast.
Martha drew her closer and gently guided her head down to suckle on the
big brown nipple. Sunny lay mouthing the erect nipple as she continued
to watch my pelvis thrust between my young wife's legs.

Martha was getting that dreamy look on her face that meant her
orgasm wasn't far behind. I said, "I love my girls. I love Mommy's sexy
cunt and I love Sunny's sexy little cunt too."

Martha moaned softly as her vaginal muscles began their
contractions. I loved this part the best. The spasms of her orgasming cunt
milked my cock, and within seconds I felt the surge of cum flood through
my cock and into her warm, willing womb.

That was the first time, that Saturday, but we slid rapidly into
involving Sunny more and more in our sex play. In fact, the very next
morning, Sunny was back on the bed even before I woke up. She had
already taken off her nightgown, was sitting between my legs, and actually
had her hands on my penis as the rush of sleep left my ears. Naturally,
before I opened my eyes, I thought it was my wife, ministering to my
needs as she often did, waking me with a gentle blowjob.

Martha was already awake, but her head was up next to mine. She
had a mischievous sparkle in her eye as she watched what Sunny was
doing. She stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered, "Good morning,
lover. Your four year old daughter is playing with your cock. Sunny is
jerking you off!"

As she knew it would, that sent such a surge of lust to my loins that
my erection stiffened in two seconds flat.

Sunny looked up as she was sitting there between my legs and said,
happily, "Look, Daddy. Look what I did! I made your peens into a cock
all by myself!"

Martha said, "Good girl! Do you want to help mommy make
Daddy's seed come out the top so you can see it?"

Sunny nodded her little blonde curls so vigorously that her head
was a golden halo of activity. She was still holding my hard-on, and her
action caused her hand to shake wildly. She was tugging on my cock with
each nod of her head, and the sensation was sending me into outer space.

Martha moved down my body so her mouth was over my cock. She
opened wide and breathed warmly over the swollen head. Then she
slowly took it into her mouth and licked around the rim with her tongue.
She guided Sunny's hot little hand up and down my shaft, and in no time at
all I was on the verge of orgasm.

Martha pulled her head away just as I exploded. What seemed like
gallons of cum surged up my shaft and flew into space in spurt after spurt.
It landed everywhere. Some on my legs, some on Sunny's chest, some on
Martha's tits. One glob landed on the bridge of Sunny's nose, and I nearly
came a second time as she grinned up while her mother licked her pretty
face clean with her long and talented tongue.

Martha said, "I just gave Daddy a blowjob, Sugar, and you
helped!" Then she said, "What I did has a big fancy name, called fellatio,
but it's also called cocksucking. I was a cocksucker and I sucked your
Daddy's cock."

I said, "Sometimes I put my face down to Mommy's vagina and
kiss her and lick her there. That's got a big name too, its called
cunnilingus, but we just call it cunt licking. mommy likes it a lot!"

Sunny said, "I might like it too, on my 'jina. Will you do cunt
licking to me, Daddy?"

Martha drew her little daughter to her breast and told me to move
over a little. She rolled so that Sunny was lying on her back with her head
resting on the pillows. Gently she kissed the little girl on the eyes and
then slowly kissed her way down her chest and her belly, parting her lithe
little legs as she drew lower. I grew erect again as I watched my young
wife divide those plump vaginal lips delicately with her fingers to search
out Sunny's tiny clitoris with her tongue.

Martha was on her knees with her face in Sunny's wide open cunt
and her ass up in the air. Her newly pregnant belly swelled below. It
usually takes me a while to recover from an orgasm, but these sights
brought me erect again almost immediately. I crawled around behind
Martha, licked her from pussy to ass, and slid my cock into her already
dripping cunt. I fucked her slowly, as Sunny smiled up at me over her
mother's head. She was panting dreamily and had nearly the same
expression on her face that Martha gets just before she orgasms.

I reached around Martha's legs and began fingering her clitoris as
she brought her hand up to join mine. She trapped my fingers on her clit
with her palm and spread her first two fingers on either side of my cock as
it slid in and out. As she squeezed lightly, the sensations became intense,
and Martha and I came at almost the same time. Little Sunny shuddered
and thrust upward very soon thereafter. She moaned "Oooh, mmmm,
Oooh, mommy I like that, mmm, yum."

Martha raised her head slowly and said. "Yummy, yummy, yummy
in my tummy, tummy, tummy!"

Sunny giggled and said in her best Pooh voice, "Yeah, yummy,
yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy, tummy!" and giggled some more.

Then we all snuggled together and hugged. Martha and Sunny
eventually went off to have a bath together while I went down stairs to
start breakfast.

We could hardly wait until the next weekend.


The very next Saturday morning, my dream of a wife arched her
newly pregnant twenty-four year old body as she gurgled, "Oh, god, I can't
help it...I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum. Oh, god, I'm cumming! Oh!
OOOh! I'm cum... I'm cu... Mmmmmm."

Our four year old daughter, Sunny, lifted her little golden head up
out of her mother's cunt, her nose all shiny with Martha’s juices, and
grinned happily. Martha gasped, "There's my little girl! There's my
sweetheart! mommy loves you VERY much. There's my sugarpie!
Come up here and give mommy a BIG hug and a kiss!"

I watched as the adorable little blonde crawled up from between her
mother's open legs and nestled onto her ample breasts. Sunny had her
mother's cunt juices smeared around her mouth, and as I moved my hand
away from stroking my hard-on, I carefully and lovingly wiped her little
mouth with my fingers. Then, as she began mouthing one of Martha's big
nipples, I brought my head in toward her and kissed her pretty, fresh little
face as I licked the juices from around her mouth.

She and I shared the nipple for a little while, and then she smiled
winningly up at me and said, "Do ME now, Daddy. Do ME."

I lifted her warm little body as I rolled onto my back and set her so
that her soft little-girl thighs straddled my neck. She was sitting on my
chest with her plump, silky little vagina resting on my mouth. Slowly I
started licking and dividing those soft pink lips with my tongue.

The little girl arched her back above me and pressed her sweet
little pussy on my mouth. Martha sat up and helped to hold Sunny over
me, a hand under each arm, her fingers nearly meeting on Sunny's small
chest. She cooed soft love noises in Sunny's ear as Sonny hung suspended
over my face while my tongue explored farther and farther into her little-
girl cunt.

I touched my tongue to the closure where her thin virginal hymen
was, and probed its small center opening. Sunny began squirming as
warm trickles of sweet little-girl wetness flooded my mouth. Her honeyed
juice ran down my tongue as I pulled back a little and, as lightly as
possible, flicked my tongue on her precious clitoris again and again.
Sonny was gasping and giggling and finally squeezed the sides of my face
with her thighs as she shuddered in ecstasy.

Soon, Martha lifted Sunny off my face as I lay there flat on my
back. Martha placed Sunny on the other side of me, with her head on my
right hip and her feet up by my head. Martha moved smoothly into the
same position on my left. Resting her cheek on my left thigh, she began
stroking my cock slowly as she guided Sunny's hand to it too.

They moved closer together and each kissed the sides of my cock.
Martha and Sunny began licking and dribbling warm saliva on my shaft as
their tongues met occasionally around my ever stiffening hard-on. Then
Sunny knelt up and began to take the head of my cock in her little mouth
as her mother stroked up and down its length with her hand.

Sunny could just get the whole head in her mouth, and her taut
little lips were moving on and off the head in rhythm to Martha's stroking.
They gradually increased the pace as they felt my legs stiffen and my
pelvis begin to thrust upward.

When I couldn't hold back any longer, I felt the semen come
rushing all the way up from deep in my groin and drive through the shaft.

Sunny pulled her head just off the top and let the first several
surges of cum splatter on her face. Then she came back down and
breathed hot little breaths around the head of my cock as she licked, and
sucked, and swallowed the remaining portion of my sperm as it flooded
from me.

She grinned up at me and said, "I love you, Daddy."

When I could speak again I said, "I love you too, Sugarplum. You
are just the sweetest little cocksucker in the whole wide world!"

Sunny giggled and Martha said, "And you are Mommy's good
little cunt licker too! Don't we have fun?"

Sunny smiled happily and said, "I love you too, Mommy. Next
time can Daddy fuck me too, like he does to you?"

Martha laughed and said gently, "Well, honey, I think your sweet
little vagina is still a little bit too small for Daddy's big old cock. I think
we may have to wait until you're a little bigger."

I moaned in anticipation while Sunny sighed, and Martha drew
her up between us. She turned around so all three of us had our heads on
the pillows again. Martha and I lay nestling Sunny comfortably between
us so that we could lick the cum off her face from each side and coo softly
in her ears as we felt up her smooth, little-girl body.

We lay like that for another half hour, dozing, as Martha and I
played with Sunny's body and with each other. Then we all got up and
had a warm shower together before we went down to the kitchen for a big
breakfast of pancakes and bacon.


On Sunday, Sunny came running into the bedroom and jumped on
the bed. She began bouncing on it like she was on a trampoline. She had
taken off the bloomers of her flimsy shorty nighty, so every descent
revealed her sweet plump little-girl cunt. I watched in admiration for a
while and then reached up to invite her for a hug.

She dropped on her knees beside me and launched herself at my
neck, smothering my face with very wet little-girl kisses. Martha slid over
to get in on the action and all three of us kissed and licked and made soft
love noises together. Then Martha pulled Sunny's head toward her and
flipped her onto her back so her head was on Martha's breasts and her feet
were on my stomach.

Martha said, "Goodmorning, Sunshine! Mommy's gonna get you
now!" And she began tickling Sunny on the stomach and running her
hand down between Sunny's legs.

Sunny giggled and squirmed. I sat up and swung around onto my
knees as I lifted Sunny's legs over mine. My swelling cock lay on her
belly, my balls between her legs.

Martha knelt up facing me so our knees touched and Sunny's
forehead was directly under Martha's cunt. She gave me a passionate open
mouthed kiss as she reached down an began rubbing my cock around on
Sunny's belly. Sunny's cunt was obviously way too small for me to
penetrate, but Martha lifted Sunny's hips and pushed my cock down
between the cheeks of Sunny's ass. My erection was so stiff that it hurt to
be bent downward like that, but then Martha lifted Sunny's head up to my
chest and my cock was now at a more natural angle, wedged along the
crack of Sunny's ass, protruding out beyond her back, as Sunny wrapped
her legs around my waist.

Martha herself then lay on her back under my cock and began
licking both it and what she could reach of Sunny's ass and cunt. I raised
and lowered Sunny so that my cock slid along the cheeks of her ass.
Sunny was clinging around my neck and turning her precious face up to
me, breathing hotly. Martha brushed the underside of my cock with her
fingertips as I continued to slide Sunny up and down along the top of it.

Sunny was panting hot little breaths on my neck, and when Martha
scrunched under me a little farther and began gently licking and sucking
my balls, I felt the buildup and then intense release of cum that shot up
Sunny's back and splattered on Martha's tits.

Sunny smiled up at me and kissed me on the cheek. I grinned
down at her and kissed my sweet little four year old, very gently, on the
mouth. She gave a happy little gasp and responded enthusiastically,
kissing me wetly all over the face.

We all spent the next hour nuzzling, and touching, and rubbing,
and kissing each other until finally it was time to get up and go to church.
. . . yes, church, because, after all, we DO want to bring Sunny up
Since those first two June weekends, all three of us wait with
barely controlled anticipation for Saturday mornings to arrive. Without
even discussing it, Martha and I are in agreement that I should definitely
not try to penetrate Sunny, but short of that, anything goes.

Sunny goes to kindergarten this fall, so I guess we are going to
have to teach her that what we do is very private. That shouldn't be hard,
however, because Sunny is a very bright and loving child, and she already
knows that there are some things that it's impolite to talk about in public.

The End. Don't ask me to continue this story. I don't usually fantasize
about children this young. When Sunny gets to be about eleven or twelve,
however, after all this early training...hmm, maybe I WILL write about that!


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