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Supply and Demand

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2001 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as all author related information and this paragraph
remain on the copies. I don't mind if you send it along
to a friend, repost it to an appropriate newsgroup, or
post it to your adult-oriented web site, so long as you
don't charge money for any of these activities. No
alteration of the contents is permitted.

It was all about supply and demand. That was the
reason I quit my too-comfortable-to-ever-leave job
after investing five years into it.

I worked as a concierge in an upscale hotel. Most
girls would cream themselves for a job like this one.
It was respectable. I wore nice clothes. I drove a
beautiful car, provided by the hotel of course. My life
was basically one big shopping trip, and my only major
job requirements were to look pretty for the guests,
and to be able to find cocaine on short notice. It
couldn't be easier.

That was the whole problem. There were dozens of
girls who would have taken my job in a heartbeat, and
the management of the hotel never let me forget it.

Need some time off ? Maybe after this coming trade

You want a raise ? Forget it. Instead, here's a free
pass to a local fitness club. Keep your ass cute for
the guests, Brenda.

Maybe I should have counted my blessings. I could
begin my day with a complimentary massage, and then
take a dip in the pool if I wanted. I could take my
time in front of the mirror, co-ordinating outfits that
were bought on the hotel credit card. I could apply
make-up meticulously, making myself into the picture of
style and class.

But, I still wore a cell phone leash that kept me
tethered to the penthouse suite of the hotel. In the
end, I was just a pretty errand girl, and I was still
just picking up dry-cleaning for a living.

Don't get me wrong. I was damned good at it.
Whatever I do, I take pride in my professionalism. I
would make sure that our guests got tables at the best
restaurants, that they got the impossible seats at the
hockey game, and that their wives were occupied at the
spa while they entertained their mistresses.

As good as I was, that didn't change the economics
of the situation. There was an excess supply of people
who were willing to do my job, and there was a new crop
of them every year coming out of the hospitality
programs of the local colleges. That put me at the
mercy of the free market, and there was nothing I could
do about it.

Supply and demand. The 'invisible hand' was always
ready to smack me up side the head.

The answer was nearby the whole time. For years, I
had been procuring prostitutes for my guests.
Sometimes, I had even considered the economics of their
job for myself. The demand was almost limitless. The
supply was limited by the natural aversion of young
women to becoming whores.

Some of these girls were making my weekly income in
an evening.

But the fact is, they were still whores. No matter
how much money they came home with, they were still
just meaningless little playthings for these
influential men. They still had to take it in the ass
like a good little girl, and then suck the guy clean.

So I didn't think it much of an option. There were
just too many risks.

Then came a little plot twist in my life. You see,
these guys had varying tastes. Some wanted exotic
flavour, like a Pakistani girl, or perhaps a mock
Geisha. Some of these guys wanted a young thing off the
streets, and I would do the cruising in the hotel car.
And when they asked for a bondage session, I called in

Lady Corrine, actually. Or mistress. Or whatever
other fucking silly name she had these guys saying.

When she called me in that time, I was just a prop,

Dr. Oliver was the head of a pharmaceutical company
that had just gone public. His personal net worth had
been instantly catapulted into the hundreds of millions
of dollars. He could definitely afford the price tag on
a little experimentation with a dominatrix. I'd never
had a complaint about Corrine, so I called her for an
evening session.

I was a little surprised when I was paged up to his

" Come on in, Brenda, " invited the female voice I
knew from the phone. It's funny, but I guess I'd never
even met Corrine in person.

I wasn't too shocked by her fitted leather outfit.
That's what I hired her for, after all. I was a little
surprised by the way she looked, though. Corrine was
not a young woman, nor was she particularly attractive.
She just seemed incredibly stern and commanding.

My attention was soon distracted, though. The
billionaire doctor was on his knees, whimpering with
arousal. His engorged cock bobbed lewdly in front of
him. Secured around his head was the strap for the
black rubber cock that filled his mouth and throat. red
markings were everywhere on the man's body. The
instrument of Corrine's punishment was a short leather
whip that dangled at her side.

" The sissy little doctor told me he has quite a
crush on you, Brenda. He resisted for a while, but
eventually, he gave me his secrets. He was even
considering asking you out for a date tomorrow evening.
But you would have turned him down, wouldn't you ?"

I nodded without thinking.

She probably could have asked anything. In truth,
she was right. Not that he was an unattractive man, but
I always turned down the advances of our guests. I just
didn't want to become another one of the pathetic
mistresses that these guys string along. They became so
addicted to the lifestyle, they forget how easily they
can be replaced.

There's that old supply and demand thing popping up
to ruin things again. Money is nothing to these guys.
They'll buy the jewellery that it takes to keep their
girls happy. They'll buy the drugs to help keep their
torrid little sessions exciting. And just when these
girls think they've got it all, the prick finds some
girl in a silly hat behind the counter of a donut shop,
and she's dumped.

Or maybe she's traded to another guy. There's a
whole sorority of these disposable women floating
through the bedrooms of the Fortune 500. They probably
think it's a pretty good life, but there isn't much in
the way of retirement benefits. So in my books,
flirting is okay, but dating these guys was definitely
a bad idea.

" Of course she wouldn't date a pathetic little
sissy like you, " Corrine continued, circling her slave
now. "Brenda's a smart, classy girl. She's way out of
your league. "

His face was red, and his eyes were on the floor. I
couldn't believe he was enjoying this kind of verbal
abuse. His hands stayed behind his back, but they
weren't tied there. His submission to this was
completely voluntary. Corrine addressed me now.

" You should have seen this pathetic little whore a
few minutes ago, Brenda. I had him fucking his own ass
with a champagne bottle. Can you imagine anything more
ridiculous ? Now I've called you up here to see him beg
for his orgasm. I told him that if he was a good little
slut, I might let him cum on your feet, and then lick
up the mess. "

What can I say ? I was mesmerized by the scene.

I watched while she played him like a musical
instrument, plucking at his submissive arousal to a
near climax, and then pulling him back. She taunted him
mercilessly, and commanded him to do the most degrading
things. He begged with his body. Whimpered. Shook.

It wasn't until she finally allowed him to
masturbate onto my feet, and he began to lick up his
sperm apologetically, that it occurred to me that
Corrine hadn't even allowed him to touch her body. She
hadn't needed to show him her breasts, or rent out her
pussy. She had been in complete control of the whole

That's how I found my new place in the economy.

It's such a lucrative niche market that I'm
surprised more women aren't ready to fill it.
Everything in my experience has taught me a lesson
about wealthy men. If you treat these guys like the
gods they think they are, they'll use you up and throw
you away. Now that I had seen Corrine in action, I knew
the other part of the equation. If you treat these guys
like dirt, they'll beg for your attention.

I'm not going to tell you that the transition was
easy. I could tell you about the first times I
practiced my methods on various throw-away boyfriends.
It took me a while to get them to obey me. It took me
even longer to be confident enough to try it

By the time I made the transition, there was no
doubt in my mind, really, that I would succeed. Much
like the smart, confident men and women who made up the
executive ranks I was accustomed to dealing with, my
strength was in my focus.

To tell the truth, I didn't much care why the recipe
worked. An evolutionary quirk maybe. Perhaps it was all
cultural. I didn't give any thought to why people
enjoyed the kind of pain and humiliation I was learning
to apply so expertly. All that mattered to me was that
it worked.

Maybe I should have given it more thought.

As it was, I focused on the right outfits to wear,
and the right tone of voice to use. I made mental notes
of every transaction, remembering how each action
affected my client. It was the same approach I had used
to perfect my techniques in my previous occupation,
only this time, I was completely in control. It felt
really good.

There was one moment in particular that really made
me realize how much I enjoyed my new status in life.

George Grey was just another junior executive. With
my previous connections in the hospitality industry, I
soon found my time was at a premium. George had been
waiting his turn for a month, after hearing about me
from a friend.

In my previous lifestyle, he was the kind of guy who
would have tempted me to rethink my position on dating
clients. He was around my age, cute, and a bit on the
shy side.

I had to be firm with George to get him out of his
clothes. He had a smooth, athletic body that I admired
while he crawled the floor for me. I reminded him how
pretty he looked with the pink collar and leash hooked
around his neck. He blushed like a schoolgirl.

" Did the other boys make fun of your little cock
when you were in school, Georgie, or did you avoid the
showers altogether ?"

The little thing was bobbing rigidly between his
legs as he crawled for me. I barely gave him enough
time to let my insult sink in.

" Answer me, you little sissy," I swatted his ass
with my free hand. " I want to know if the other boys
teased you about your tiny prick. "

" No... I mean, no one really noticed. "

" Well, it's hardly worth noticing. Roll over for
me, I want a better view. "

He took his commands well. He rolled onto his back,
with the pink leash still around his neck, and spread
his legs for me. He had a beautiful body, but I could
see already by his reaction that I'd found a weakness
to exploit.

" Come on, Georgie, let's see you jerk-off for me a
bit. Get it hard so that I can see it better... that's
right... play with yourself like a good boy. "

He followed my humiliating commands. I stood above
his head and allowed him a bit of a view up my skirt,
just to reinforce my position of authority over him.

" Is that the whole thing, Georgie. Why, you're
barely a man at all. I think those are actually girl
parts, don't you ? What kind of company could possibly
hire a sissy like you ?"

I was two steps ahead of the game. George was really
enjoying the feeling of being teased by a girl. I could
see it in his reaction. He had probably fantasized
about this for a long time. Today, I would delay his
gratification, and learn all of his dirty little

" I work for a brokerage, " he answered me.

His answer wasn't really important. I already knew
what direction I would go in our future sessions. Step
by step, I would break his barriers. Soon enough, his
body would be completely hairless, and he would be
wearing perfume and lacy panties for my amusement. I
would teach him to be my pet sissy.

In the end, I knew he would be squealing like a girl
while I fucked him with a strap-on dildo.

But we had a while to get there. It was all about
the anticipation for him. In the meantime, I wanted to
lay the foundations.

" What do they pay a sissy little jerk-off like you
at the brokerage, Georgie ?"

It was just an off-hand question. I didn't expect
the answer to affect me the way it did.

" About a hundred and twenty-five grand. "

A moment later, the realization hit me. I had been
so focused on my work, I hadn't really stopped to
consider it until now. I was making more money than
George. If business kept up this way, I would easily
pass his total income this year.

The taste of success was hot on my tongue.

I had been looking at these guys as my measure of
success for so long, I had never even considered that I
might have surpassed any of them. My body lit up with
excitement. I was barely able to keep myself under

" Stop playing with yourself, sissy girl. Get on
your knees, and stick up your ass. I still have a lot
of work to do on you today. "

And I was really in the mood for it now. I unhooked
my little whip from my side, and teased the crack of
his ass with the leather. Yes, he would take a lot of
punishment today, and I already decided to indulge
myself in the pleasures of his tongue before the day
was over.

Of course, I'd make him pay extra for the privilege
of worshipping my pussy. God, I loved this job.


A little taste of success wasn't quite enough.

I followed the economics of the situation. Early on,
it became apparent that I could never meet the demand
for my services. Even at my extremely high session fee,
I had referrals calling every day.

What else could I do ? I hired more girls.

Corrine was the first. She was a little old for the
business, and I had really cut into her customer base,
so I sort of felt responsible for her.

That was my first mistake. It was a sympathy hire. I
was soon to learn that it had been much easier to make
myself into the perfect fantasy for these submissive
men than it would be to train other girls to do the

I mean, the reason that I had taken many of
Corrine's clients from her in the first place was that
I was simple better than her. I was more attractive. I
was more driven. I worked hard every day.

Corrine wasn't my only bad hire. Darcie was a good
looking girl, and had some sex trade experience as an
escort, but she lacked knowledge of how to really
humiliate and abuse the kinds of submissive men I
catered to. She was a nice bit of eye candy, but I felt
like I had to hold her hand all the time.

Ivy was another questionable addition to my stable.
She was really good at inflicting pain. The problem was
that she didn't understand the art of building
anticipation. She went directly to the extreme forms of
punishment, skipping all of the intermediate sessions
that kept my clients eager to book their next
appointment. Only the true fan of physical pain
requested Ivy for a second session.

It was a tough transition. The addition of the other
girls increased my income substantially, but I also
spent a lot more time trying to get them to work up to
my standards. On several occasions, I would hand over
one of my regulars to another one of the girls, and
then lose his business after a couple of sessions.
Overall, the business was doing well, but I still
wished that I could have at least one other girl who I
could really trust to help build the client base.

Aside from those concerns, I was beginning to enjoy
the fringe benefits of my newly found wealth.

All of the luxuries I had taken pride in providing
my guests at the hotel were now mine to enjoy. It was
no trouble for me to get invitations to the best
parties. It gave me a perverse pleasure to see some of
my more submissive clients in this kind of setting.
They acted like kings of the world, comparing stock
portfolios and showing off their latest girlfriends.

I enjoyed the curious attention all of the women
paid me. They would bring me drinks, and share their
drugs, and press me for information about why all the
men seemed afraid of me. In the end, it didn't matter.
I wasn't going to tell them anything, so we just drank,
and laughed, and got wasted on whatever chemical
supplement was handy. God, those were good times.

Somehow, I always found my way home afterwards, to
my apartment just a floor above the apartments I kept
the girls in. One such morning, I awoke with a pleasant
surprise in my bed.

" Good morning, Tia, " I nudged the girl, trying to
free my leg from beneath her. We had known each other a
while. She must have hooked up with a wealthy guy when
she was pretty young, because at just over twenty years
old, she was a veteran of the social scene.

She was an expensive one, too. Tia was an exquisite
looking black girl, with short hair, and a model's

" Oh, hi Brenda, " she tried to orient herself to
the surroundings. An endearing smile approached her
lips. "I never thought I'd wake up in your bed. "

We'd both been so high the last evening, I'm
surprised either one of us ended up here.

" Did you need a ride uptown ?" I offered.

" No, I'm between guys right now. Do you mind if I
catch a little more sleep before I take off ?"

" Sure. Stay as long as you want. "

It was an offer that I didn't regret, even though it
lasted much longer than I intended. After working with
a few clients downstairs, I returned to find her still
napping in my bed. We ordered Thai food that night, and
shared a nice bottle of champagne.

I can't really describe the feelings I had when Tia
crawled into bed with me again that night. I guess I
already knew that she would be staying, and maybe for a
long time. I mean, that's her role in life. She's a
pleasant companion for the wealthy. She enjoys the
expensive lifestyle, and doesn't mind being a kept
woman to get what she wants.

In truth, I don't know what I liked more; the
pleasure her company, or the fact that it showed how
successful I had become.

She was a luxury. She was a guilty pleasure that I
could now afford.

On the days that I wasn't working, I took her
places. Sometimes it would be shopping. Really, what's
the use of having money if you aren't going to spend it
? Tia was very good at helping me spend it. On those
days, we were like a couple of teenaged girls with a
limitless credit card.

I would take her out to expensive restaurants. It
was another reason I liked having her. It's no fun
going to the most prestigious restaurants without a
date. I certainly wasn't going to date any of my
clients. In Tia, I bought a permanent companion. She
always looked good, and smelled delicious, and hung off
my arm like I was the most important person on earth.
Entering with a girl like Tia on your arm was a real
status symbol. I loved the way that the other
executives would look at us. I'm betting we spawned a
few naughty fantasies.

The funny thing is, sex wasn't really a part of our

At night, I liked to dress her in a cute little set
of silk pyjamas. I loved the smell of the perfume I
always bought for her. She took on the fragrance of
rose petals for me.

God, I loved that exquisite scent on her body. Any
time I caught a taste of it in the air around her, it
reminded me that she was mine.

I loved the warmth of her body as she nuzzled up to
me in bed. Sweet Tia would kiss the back of my neck and
whisper that she loved me. Then I would fall into a
comfortable sleep, with the scent of rose petals still
fresh in my nose.

Despite the way it appeared in public, I just wasn't
a lesbian. I worked off all of my sexual energy while I
worked. Tia and I would trade kisses in public, and I
would sometimes enjoy a late night massage from her,
but we didn't really explore much beyond that.

All in all, I was really enjoying my new role in
life. I was now living the lifestyle of those men I
used to envy, and I had Tia to prove it.


Back to the mundane details of life. Part of my
success had always been my attention to detail. In
this, I wouldn't change. In the daytime, when I had no
clients booked, I took care of the shopping. They were
ordinary, every day items, and no one would guess how I
would be using them. There were candles, to drip hot
wax on my slaves. There was shaving cream and razors,
baby powder, clothes pegs, cute little panties, and, of
course, blank video cassettes, for those who wanted a

They were ordinary item, on an ordinary day, as I
strolled down the exquisitely planogrammed aisles of
the local department store, when I first set eyes on
the most extraordinary creature.

" Are you callin' me a liar ?" Her voice cut
purposely through the calm of the retail music.

" No, ma'am, I'm not. I'm just saying that we need
something to show that this went through our

So far, the clerk at the returns desk was
maintaining her composure, but even from two aisles
away, I could see that it was a mismatch.

" What you're saying is that I took this stupid
$29.99 blouse from your sales floor, and now I'm trying
to get money for it. That's what you're saying.
Goddamn... really, do I look like I really need to be
stealing crap from your store ?"

I was watching now. I wasn't even pretending not to.
There were other customers too, all drawn by the
demanding voice of this white trash customer at the
returns desk. The clerk looked around self-consciously,
knowing that there was no way to answer the question
without causing more trouble.

" No, I mean, it's just policy ma'am. "

" Bullshit. You're saying it's policy to argue with
a customer over a lousy thirty bucks ? Hell, both of us
know that your supervisor would have a heart attack if
he knew you were accusing a customer of theft over a
stupid blouse. I already told you, I lost the fucking
receipt. How big a deal are you going to make out of

The clerk hid behind her apologetic demeanour,
trying not to let the redness in her cheeks betray her.
She was itching to fight back, but she didn't dare. The
female customer was looking for further confrontation.
She would enjoy it.

God, it was like watching the school yard bully
picking on a cripple. I felt guilty for watching, but I
was transfixed nonetheless.

" I'll tell you what... I could probably give you a
merchandise credit..."

" Enough of this shit. Get me your supervisor, " the
customer demanded, not satisfied with the offer.

" My supervisor is the one who insists that we get
receipts. She won't authorize cash back. " There was
just the hint of a gloat in the clerk's voice. It was
all the customer needed.

" You know what... unless you change your bitchy
little attitude right now, you're going to regret it.
We both know how this works. I'm going to talk to your
boss. Then I'll talk to her boss. And then I'll talk to
your head office. At some point, my phone call will
reach the desk of some prick who makes a ridiculous
salary, and he'll be pissed off that he's even wasting
his time talking about thirty bucks. "

The clerks face went a deeper shade of red, knowing
that what the woman was saying was true. The false-
blonde customer continued with her threat.

" And you know exactly how it'll end. I'll be right
back here at this counter, getting my cash back, and a
gift certificate, and you'll be kissing my ass while
your boss looks over your shoulder."

I don't know if everyone else watching was aware of
the subtle reactions of the clerk. Her body language
said it all. I'd seen it a hundreds of times with my
own clients. I could see the humiliation in her very
posture as she stood there, trapped in the gaze of the
dominant customer.

" Are you a good ass kisser... " the customer paused
to read her name tag, " ...Maggie ? ...'cause by that
time, I'm really going to be in the mood for it. "

Magnificent. The whole scene left me breathless.

In the painful moment that the clerk took to back
down fully, and give this woman what she wanted, I had
already decided to offer the trashy blonde customer a
job. She was a natural.

" Could I get your name please ma'am ?" The clerk
was almost afraid to ask.

" Andrea White. Do you need me to spell it real slow
for you ?"

Yes. I had to have her.

Truthfully, I had some second thoughts after
inviting her to lunch. Andrea was just too crude. I
wasn't sure my clients would accept her.

Let's face it, there's a huge cultural difference
between the Fortune 500 and the trailer park set.
Andrea belonged firmly in the latter. She was a thin
woman with dark roots showing through her blonde-from-
a-bottle hair, and too much lipstick by half. She wore
stretch pants and a halter top. A greenish tattoo
peaked up through her cleavage.

Here, in a mall fast food restaurant, she seemed in
her element. She eyed me suspiciously from across
table, blowing a trail of smoke over her french fries.

" You wanted to talk to me about a job ?" She seemed
amused. "I mean, no offence lady, but I'm not going to
sign up for any of that Amway crap or nothing. The only
reason I'm listening to your pitch is that you're
buying lunch. "

I didn't blame her for being wary, and it wasn't
like I had a business card to hand her.

" I'm not sure how to explain this...I, um..."

The way she looked at me made me feel like I was a
complete moron. What was it about this girl that made
me so nervous ? It was probably the same thing that had
tripped up the store clerk. Andrea seemed to have
complete disregard for anything but herself.

" ... let me put it this way... I think that if you
let me help you, we can make a lot of money together. "

" I do okay already. "

We had two different measures of success, that was
for sure. She was content to scam the store for thirty
bucks. Now she'd promptly spend it on a cab ride home
and a case of beer, I suspected.

" Somehow, I think we can do a little better. "


Finally, I had someone in the downstairs apartments
who could match my skills. Right from the start, Andrea
*got* it. She didn't work too hard to please the
clients, like poor empty-headed Darcie. She didn't jump
straight to physical torture, like Ivy was apt to do.
And unlike Corrine, she had no problems attracting new

When I passed a client on in Andrea's direction, I
had no worries about whether he would re-book.

Don't get me wrong. It took her a little while to
learn the techniques. I tutored her on some of my most
loyal clients, and I was surprised by their reactions
to her. Despite her obviously low-class origins, or
perhaps because of them, the guys seemed really eager
to please her and accept humiliation at her hands.

She loved every minute of it.

" Jesus... if I had've know that guys went for this
kind of shit, I'd never have had to put out for any of
my low-life landlords just 'cause I was short of rent
money. "

She went on to earn more in her first week than she
had managed to bilk from Wal-Mart and Target in the
last year. In the following weeks, she only got better.
The guys lapped up her brand of verbal and physical

So I let my guard down a bit. I guess I was
surprised by how quickly she began to eclipse me.

I really should have known better than to have
expected professionalism from Andrea. About a month
after I hired her, I began to hear rumours from the
other girls. No customers complained, mind you, but I
was concerned nonetheless.

The first complaint was about drug use. That was
always a touchy topic. Some of the guys liked to take a
little cocaine before our sessions. Within limits, I
allowed it. It was just a fact of life amongst the
wealthy clientele we served.

Andrea had crossed the line on this one. Not only
was she allowing drug use, but she was taking the drugs
herself. On a couple of occasions, she had even
approached the other girls about securing a supplier so
that we could sell drugs ourselves.

Another line she had crossed was on setting herself
limits with the clients. She got carried away. She
inflicted too severe punishments. She flirted with
asphyxiation. She played games with water sports. I
heard that she had even ordered one of her female
clients to undergo cosmetic surgery.

I mean, hell. You've got to set limits.

She was just too narcissistic. Far from being
thankful for her new apartment and source of income,
Andrea was always complaining, sometimes directly to
me, and sometimes behind my back. She wanted a bigger
cut of the profits. She wanted me to cover more of her
expenses, like the massive room service bill she had
racked up.

Many of the expenses were for alcohol she had
ordered when she invited over her trailer park friends.
I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of her white trash
buddies hanging around the apartments, and was appalled
when I heard the rumour that she had included one of
her girlfriends in a session with a regular client.

Fuck. She just couldn't be trusted.

It came to a head on the day that I went out to my
accountant's office for an appointment, and returned to
find my suite empty. It wasn't like Tia to just leave
without asking for money.

I checked the downstairs apartment to see if she was
visiting one of the girls. I found her in Andrea's
apartment, giving the new dominatrix a foot rub while
they passed a joint back and forth between them. I
don't know why that should have pissed me off so badly.
I always knew that Tia liked to do drugs every now and

I guess it was just the intimacy of the scene that
bothered me. Andrea smiled casually at me while she
enjoyed the foot rub. Tia giggle dumbly and offered me
a hit.

At that moment, I decided to lay down the law. I
called a meeting with all of the girls for the
following night.

" I've been hearing some rumours lately, and I
wanted to set some things to rest. I want to be clear:
these are *my* clients, this is *my* business, and
you're going to have to follow *my* rules if you want
to stay here. I'm not here to be your maid, or your
chauffeur, or your personal shopper. I'm here to run a

I tried to ignore how lamely managerial all of this
sounded. It reminded me of the meetings my boss at the
hotel had given every few months to shake up the
kitchen staff.

" I don't want to hear anything about you girls
using drugs with the clients. Do you have any idea how
dangerous that is ? We don't need any extra scrutiny
from the police. We have to be really careful. That
means we cut out any activities that put us at risk.
Our clients shouldn't be going home with anything more
severe than a little bruising. If anyone has questions
about how to accomplish this, ask Ivy. She's an expert
at pain, and she does it without having to keep the
first-aid kit handy. "

I focused my attention now on Andrea.

" I've heard that you included one of your friends
in a session recently. Is that right ?"

I expected her to lie, but instead she shrugged. "
Yeah. "

" Jesus, Andrea... this isn't show-and-tell. Why on
earth would you want to have your friend there ?"

" Aside from the fact that it was fun..." she began,
still not intimidated by my lecture, "... the client
offered me extra money to have a helper in the room. "

" That's not good enough. If a client requests
another girl, you can have Darcie or one of the other
girls help you out for the session. Any of us would be
glad to help. The two of you can split the commission.
Under no circumstances are you to bring in another girl
without my permission. "

" Whatever..."

It certainly wasn't the response I was hoping for,
but at least I had set some limits.

Now I just needed to see if she would respect them.


Just a week later, I found out my answer.

" Could I have my friend Lindsay over to help with a
client ?"

" I thought we talked about this..."

" Yeah, but I've got another client over this
afternoon who wants a second girl for our session. "

" And...?"

" ... and Darcie's out of town to visit her mom. Ivy
and Corinne are both booked this afternoon. "

" Can't you rebook the client ?"

" No, and I don't want to lose my commission either.
If you're not gonna to let Lindsay help me out, I think
you should pay me back for the money I lose..."

She was getting a little confrontational. I could
hear it in her voice. I still wasn't ready to back down
on the issue. I knew that as soon as I let Andrea get
away with stuff like this, she would walk all over me.
There was only one solution I could think of.

" I'll fill in..."

It meant cancelling an appointment at the spa, but
it was a small price to pay if that's what it took to
keep Andrea in line.

" Whatever... " she rolled her eyes. " Come down at
one o'clock, so that I can get you prepared. "

The tone she took with me was unbearable. I spent
the next two hours stewing about it. I don't know why I
let her talk to me like that. She knew that she was
pushing all of my buttons. Andrea was just the kind of
girl who could get away with that sort of thing. I was
beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be better just to
let her go.

Her disrespectful tone didn't end when I came down
for our session.

" Get out of your clothes. We don't have much time
left. "

" My clothes ?"

" Well, yeah. You didn't expect us to do this fully
clothed, did you ?"

" No, but... I thought..." my eyes dropped to the
floor, where I had set down the bag with my regular
leather outfit.

" You won't need that shit today. My client had very
specific instructions, and I don't have time to go over
them all with you. Just strip down to your bra and
panties, and let's get on with it. "

She made it sound like I was being unreasonable. I
tried to hide my angry reaction as I unbuttoned my
blouse. I knew she would just love to see me losing
control of my emotions.

All of this was intentional. I had studied the art
of domination, and I could feel the power shift in the
room as I undressed at her command. I found myself
feeling exposed, standing there in my underwear while
Andrea wore tight black leather. She appraised my body

" Yeah, this'll work okay I guess..."

My face flushed. I didn't *need* her approval of my
body. I was about to spit something back, but she
attacked pre-emptively.

" ...unless you can't handle it. "

I swallowed hard. She was looking for a reaction. I
didn't want to give her the satisfaction of knowing how
much she was bothering me. I surprised even myself with
how meek my voice sounded in answer.

" I can handle it. "

" Good. Follow me. "

She led me into her living room. I expected to go
with her into the bedroom, but she stopped there. Two
sofas lined either side of the room. A mahogany coffee
table was in the centre. I bought it just the previous
week at an auction. On the coffee table were three
objects; a blindfold, a set of leather cuffs, and a
wooden paddle.

Andrea took a pulled up a chair at the opposite end
of the coffee table, leaving me standing there
awkwardly. Then she just watched me.

" Wha... ?" I began.

" Shhh."

Why did I let her silence me like that ?

She didn't so much sit in her chair as straddle it.
She was perfect for the role I had chosen for her.
Andrea radiated dominance. Her eyes were on me now, and
I couldn't believe how much it unsettled me.

" Did you want... ?"

My voice trailed off. I felt so stupid just standing
there. If she wanted me on my knees, why wouldn't she
just say so ?

I watched her eyes. She was waiting for me to do

Slowly, I began to lower myself onto my knees,
watching her reaction. This was what she expected,
wasn't it ? Just a trace of a smile came to her lips,
but she stayed there, silently straddling the chair.

One more thing...

I reached out uncertainly for the blindfold. Her
smile remained. It was the last thing I saw before I
pulled the black material up against my eyes. It was a
smile that said, ' you know I'm winning. '

And she was. I was letting her win just by playing
this stupid game. I was sure she could see the flush of
anger in my face now as I tied the fabric behind my
head. As much as this all bothered me, however, I just
couldn't make myself back out of this. I had to show
her how a professional handles things.

Her eyes were still on me. I could tell.

We waited there silently for her client to arrive,
and every minute, I felt more the fool for staying in
position, blindfolded and nearly naked, while Andrea
sat dominant at the other end of the coffee table. It
was completely unnecessary.

Finally, I heard a knock at the door. Andrea stood
slowly, and brushed past me as she walked to the door.

I heard them whispering as they came back into the

" Doesn't she look cute... ? " Andrea taunted just
loud enough for me to hear.

They were right behind me now.

" And look how obediently she sits. I didn't even
need to tie her up. "

The words burned in my cheeks. Andrea was definitely
playing a part for the client, except it all came so
naturally for her, it was hard to tell that it was

" Sit down, " she commanded the client. " I'll
allow you to masturbate while you watch, but don't cum
without my permission. "

The thought of somebody watching me right now,
jerking off while looking at my body... for some reason
this was affecting me more than usual. I could still
feel Andrea's presence behind me.

" See how this slave girl keeps her body nice and
pretty for me, " Andrea began her monologue, running a
fake fingernail along the back of my neck. I shuddered
from the unexpected sensation. Andrea chuckled. "And
see how she craves my touch ?"

She circled me slowly.

" You want to see more of her body. I can tell. Yes,
you're enjoying looking at my slave girl's titties,
aren't you ? You like looking at her tight little body
while you play with yourself. But I'm not going to
order her to display herself. That would be too easy. "

She paused in front of me and bent forward. I could
feel her breath against the side of my face as she
whispered, " Instead, I'm going to make this little
bitch squirm until she's anxious to do anything that
pleases me."

I wasn't sure if she had even spoken loudly enough
for the client to hear, but my own reaction was
immediate. Her hot breath against my ear made the hair
on the back of my neck stand on end.

God, she was good. For the first time since I began
doing this, I got a taste of why men enjoyed this kind
of thing. I was humiliated by the way I passively
remained there, under her control, but I could feel my
body warming up.

She stayed close to me, allowing her fingers to
brush against me every so often, and watching the way I
trembled to the touch.

None of this mattered, I told myself. Andrea was
playing a role. So was I. Otherwise, I wouldn't even be
here. Otherwise, I wouldn't be on my knees. I couldn't
help it if my body reacted this way. It was unexpected,
is all. I never thought that I would be this excited by
the touch of another woman.

" Nothing is holding her here. I don't have a leash
around her neck. I don't have chains on her ankles. So
why is she here, obeying me ? " Andrea talked louder
now, playing to the client again. " You can see the
answer in the way she breathes. Can you see the wetness
in her panties ? "

I hadn't noticed.

" And if I hold my fingers near her lips..."

She didn't even need to finish the sentence before I
was instinctively opening my mouth. Andrea rested her
fingers between my lips and waited for me to lick and
suck at them. I had done this to men so many times, but
I never knew how it felt before.

" You'd never guess how modest and awkward she was a
few minutes ago. Now she sucks my fingers so eagerly. "

Her words were as much for me as they were for the
client. I could feel that. Andrea knew that I wasn't
just acting, and she wanted to rub it in a little.

" And you still want to see her titties, don't you ?
Maybe I'll let her show them to you. Yes. I'll let her
do that. "

I kept my lips around her fingers and reached back
to unsnap my bra. This scene had so many flavours I had
never tasted before. Yes, I had let clients worship my
breasts, but it was never like this. I was always in
control. Now, I felt like a whore, displaying my body
on command.

" Very nice. See how eager she is to please me ? "
She slipped her fingers free from my mouth. " But I
told you that I would make the bitch squirm, didn't I ?
Yes. You're looking forward to seeing that. Slow down.
I didn't give you permission to cum. "

Andrea walked around behind me, rubbing against my
bare skin with her tight leather. She crouched down
behind me. I could feel her there, her breath against
the back of my neck. She reached around front of me and
cupped my breasts in her hands, as if offering them up
for the client. Then one of her hands slowly made their
way down my belly.

" Aaah... you see the way she anticipates. So I
tease her a little bit. Someone taught me that lesson.
I forget who it was. She taught me to tease my slaves
mercilessly. "

I was regretting that lesson right about now. My
world was darkness, and all I could feel was Andrea's
taunting hand. Shamefully, I spread my legs.

" Mmmm... she's so wet for me. I can feel her
wetness through the panties. I wonder if she's ready to
show off her pussy now. Is she squirming yet ?"

Squirming ?

" Don't worry... soon, she'll be squirming against
my hand, just begging to display her wet little pussy
for me. Isn't that right, slave girl ?"

I wanted to fight it. The idea of grinding my pussy
against Andrea's hand, like some sort of animal... it
was too degrading.

Another part of me was only too eager. I'm just
playing a role, I tried to convince myself. Just play

" There she goes. Look at her squirm. Gawd, she's a
horny little girl, isn't she ? "

Andrea held her fingers still, making me do all of
the work. I gyrated my hips lewdly against her,
desperate for the pleasure that only her fingers could
proved. She brought her lips to my ear.

" Enjoying yourself, Brenda ?"

The smug bitch. She knew that I wasn't acting. She
had me completely under her control, and she was
rubbing it in. I whimpered in frustration.

" I think she's earned the right to show off her
pussy now, don't you ? Go ahead, slave girl... show us
your pussy. "

With her permission, I reached down and rolled my
panties down my legs, exposing myself for my employee
and her client. I wished she would touch me again.
Instead, Andrea circled around front of me, and placed
her fingers against my lips.

I accepted them into my mouth, and tasted my own
warmth and wetness on them.

" See how anxious my slave girl is to do anything I
want ? She even enjoys hearing the words. Slave Girl.
Did you see the way her body shakes when I say those
words ? She's the kind of girl who loves to be
humiliated... tied up... used... punished. "

"Right now, she's probably thinking about the
handcuffs that are sitting on the table in front of
her. She probably wishes that I would put them on her.
Isn't that right, slave ?"

I nodded my head, still licking her fingers. I felt
like I did that first time when Corrine invited me in
to watch her work. I would have agreed to anything.

" But she's got to earn it. My little bitch has to
show how eager she is to please me. She'll do anything,
won't she ?"

I nodded again. She pulled her fingers from my
mouth, and left me there in darkness, wondering what
she wanted me to do. Her hand touched the back of my
head. I leaned forward at the silent command, and found
my face in her crotch.

Through the black fabric of her panties, I nuzzled
against Andrea's mound. I could smell her. It was a
mixture of leather, and cigarettes, and cheap perfume.
It reminded me of who she was; some trailer trash girl
who just happened to be a natural dom.

" My god, she is anxious. " She pushed my head
further downwards, and tapped her foot against the
floor. I understood. She wanted me grovelling at her
feet. My tongue traced the leather down her legs, and
when I reached the bottom of her boots, I humbled
myself further, licking and worshipping her feet while
she stood above me.

" She really deserves those cuffs now, doesn't she ?
She really deserves to wear the trappings of slavery. "
Then a warning came to her voice again, as she told the
client. " Stop... you're getting to close to orgasm.
Wait until I tell you. "

Andrea reached back and took the cuffs from the
table. I could hear it. I placed my hands behind my
back obediently while she snapped them into place.

" There... she really likes like a pathetic little
slave girl now, doesn't she ? I think she deserves
another treat. Maybe I'll let her worship my body a
little more. Does that sound good ?"

I could feel my cheeks flushing red at Andrea's
verbal degradation. She was right. I was a slave girl
now. That's how I would look to her client, blindfolded
and handcuffed, and ready to lower myself to her feet

" No, girl... higher now... I have something else I
want you to learn how to do. "

She was facing away from me now. I felt my cheek
brush against her bare flesh. She had lowered her
panties, and my face was now level with the bare skin
of her rear end.

" Kiss my ass now, slave girl. Show everyone what a
good ass kisser you are. "

I hesitated, but I knew it was pointless. I had seen
dozens of my slaves try to defy me, at one point or
another. They always lost. They always surrendered.

Andrea would tease me. She would make me beg for it.
My body was so hot with desire, I knew I wouldn't be
able to resist for long.

So what was the point in holding back. I knew I
wanted this.

God, how I wanted it.

The skin of her ass was oddly cool against my skin.
I nuzzled her with my cheek before giving her ass a
long tender kiss.

" Isn't that sweet ? " Andrea taunted. I could tell
from her voice that she was bent forward over the
coffee table now. " Doesn't this make a pretty picture
? Don't stop now, slave. Prove to me what a pathetic
little ass kisser you are. "

I gave her another long kiss, and then began to lick
and suck at the smooth flesh of her ass. Andrea
encouraged me by calling me names and pushing her body
against my face.

" Are you enjoying the taste of my butt, slave ? ...
Answer me. "

" Mmmm... yes, Mistress, " I replied breathlessly
between kisses.

" Yes... I can tell... you're a real natural at
this. "

The more I licked and kissed, the more I enjoyed all
of the degrading sensations. I could smell her arousal,
and my tongue's closeness to her pussy was so tempting.
But no... I didn't have permission. I knew the rules.
So I worshipped the flesh of her ass adoringly. My
pussy was begging for attention, and if she hadn't have
tied my hands, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to
stop myself from masturbating while I continued my

" That's a wicked tongue, ass licker. I want to feel
it inside of me... that's a good girl... right in the
crack of my ass... push it in for me..."

I could barely breathe, I was so excited by her new
instructions. I always avoided this with my own
clients, worried that they might think it unhygienic.
Andrea wouldn't consider those kinds of limits. She
just wanted to feel her boss' tongue in her asshole,
and whatever Andrea wants, she gets.

Her taste was strong. It filled my mouth and nose as
I pressed my tongue into her hole. Her saliva covered
ass cheeks pressed against the sides of my face. I
could hear the wet smacking of my lips as I serviced

" Don't be shy now... I can feel that you want to go
deeper... that's right... clean me with your tongue. "

My revulsion towards this sex act was lost in the
haze of arousal that filled my head. She pushed back
against me, obviously enjoying this indulgence of her
whims. I could hear her voice, telling me how low and
pathetic I was... but the words rattle meaninglessly
through the air. Nothing could compare to the dark of
my blindfold, and the feel of her tight hole against my

When she finally pulled away, my tongue was numb
from effort, and I gasped to regain my breath.
Nonetheless, I begged for her to continue. I begged
with my body. She would read it easily.

" See how she's still anxious for more ? She knows
that there's a paddle on the table. I wonder if she
would like a little spanking ?"

I groaned. God, why was I begging to be punished ? I
couldn't really want pain, could I ? Wasn't degradation
enough ? My body was giving me a different answer than
my mind. Andrea held me firmly by my hair.

" She's going to have to do something else for me, "
she leaned forward again, and whispered into my ear.
"What are you willing to do for me now, Brenda ? "

" Anything, " I whispered back.

" Are you sure ?"

" Yes. " Anything.

" Well, you see Brenda... I have these friends..."

" Uh huh, " she reached down and was fingering me
again. Not fair.

" ...and they've come over tonight for a couple of

" Uh huh..."

" ... and I'll bet they'd really like to come in
here and see what a horny slave girl I have. "

I knew I was insane to even consider this. It would
totally undermine my authority. Up to this point I had
been telling myself that it was all a role I was
playing... that I would set everything straight

But who was I kidding. I had completely undressed
myself. I had begged to be handcuffed. I had spent the
last fifteen minutes licking the woman's ass clean. And
I was writhing on Andrea's fingers, more aroused than I
had ever been.

" Yes. " The single word escaped my lips.

All I could think about was the way it would feel
for her to use the thin wooden paddle against my ass.
The fact that her client and some of her trashy friends
would be watching my punishment only compounded my
shameful arousal.

I could hear Andrea opening the door. I could hear
her friends laughing and joking as they entered the
room. How many were there ? Three ? Four ? I could hear
a couple of guy's voices, and at least one girl
laughing along with them.

" Oh man... this is a hot scene Andy..."

" Have a seat guys... help yourselves to a beer...
she's just getting ready to beg for her punishment..."

She helped lean me forward over the coffee table. I
could feel everyone's eyes one me. I heard the wooden
paddle scrape along the top of the table as she dragged
it along towards my rear end.

A couple of beer bottles were opened while she
teased the tender flesh of my ass with the thin strip
of wood.

" You want me to punish you ? "

" Yes, " I admitted quietly.

" You surrender your body ?"

" Yes. "

She was such a natural at this, I could hardly hear
my own thoughts. All I could think about was my
humiliation at her hands.

" Aaaahh, " I was unprepared for the first real
blow. I jerked against the table, and squirmed my ass,
much to the amusement of my new audience. Somewhere
around me, I could smell the smoke of tobacco and
marijuana as her friends made themselves comfortable.

Two more quick swats made me squeal. I imagined the
red welts forming across my ass cheeks.

Her teasing fingers found the wetness between my
legs again. " You want more ?"

" Please... "

" And you'll do anything ?"

" Anything. "

" Mmm. I love the sound of that. Rick, why don't you
take a turn in her mouth ?"

And just like that, I became a prostitute for her. I
wasn't just showing off my body. I was letting people
use it. I hadn't given a blow job in over a year, but
when Rick slid the head of his uncircumsized prick
between my lips, I tried my best to earn Andrea's
renewed attention.

" Oh, man... look at her go..." the other guy
cheered from the sidelines, and then took another swig
of beer. Andrea paused in punishing me to take a drag
from a joint that was circulating the room, and she
flicked hot ash against my backside. The whole
atmosphere was becoming lower class by the moment,
which made my submission to her all the more degrading.

Rick pulled out of my mouth before cumming,
preferring to make his mess across the side of my face.

While his cum dripped down my cheek, Andrea was
abusing my ass in a whole new way. I felt the cold
glass of a beer bottle being levelled against my anal

" Are you going to take it in the ass for me, like a
good little slave girl ?"

I didn't want her to ask me. The answer was always
too shameful. " Yes. Please. "

I wanted her to abuse me in every way possible. My
body was screaming for it. I gritted my teeth as the
cold glass entered me. She pushed it deeply into me,
and then handed the task over the other guy she invited
over, Shawn.

" Take over for me Shawn, and I'll let you use her
pussy in a few minutes, " she promised.

While her raped my ass with the bottle, Andrea
brought her face close to mine. I could feel her breath
close to my lips. I tried to kiss her, but she pulled
away. Instead, she whispered more abuse into my ear.

" Poor Brenda... you figured everything out, didn't
you ? You had it all down to a science. The problem is,
you never really *felt* it. You didn't feel the rush of
sexual power. You didn't enjoy the cruelty of it. In
the end, you were just a professional... just like all
of the other rich guys who come through here. Do you
think I couldn't see how much you try to be just like
them... the wealthy... the stupid..."

I grunted as I felt the beer bottle tip forward, and
the cold liquid filling my bowels.

" And now, here you are... you really are just like
them, living in your expensive suite... eating in the
fancy restaurants... keeping a beautiful mistress. It
looks like you're like them in other ways too... right
now you'll do anything to humiliate yourself for me and
my lowlife friends..."

" Ungghhh. "

" Oh, don't think I haven't heard you talking about
my friends and I. You think we're poor white trash...
and hell, you're probably right... but it's not me
who's getting fucked in the ass with a beer bottle now,
is it? Nope. And now that I've got your number, things
are going to be a lot different around here...aren't
they ?"

" Yes. " I could feel tears of defeat coming to my
eyes. I only had myself to blame for this. I let her do
it to me.

" I mean, hell... you're pretty good at the
scheduling, and keeping books, and picking up the
laundry and such... and you'll be useful for going out
to get us drugs, and running little errands... but I
don't think you're any good for *this* anymore..." she
slapped my ass to emphasize the point.

" And you can always help out to entertain my
friends and all that. "

I whimpered as she continued. God, I needed an
orgasm. I'd be able to think so much better once I
wasn't so damned horny. Maybe then I'd be able to find
a way out of...


" Oh, I suspect you'll resist a little at first,
seeing as you think you run things around here... but
we'll keep training you. Ivy has already offered to
apply the punishments when you disobey us. "

She took another drag from the joint that was
passing around the group, and blew the smoke in my

" But now I think I'm being a little bit rude. I can
see that our client is getting impatient, and we're
here, after all, to please the client. It doesn't seem
fair. She's paying the bill for this session, and I've
been hogging you all to myself. She seemed to really
enjoy watching you lick my ass... maybe she would like
to try out your tongue for a little while...?"

She ? I thought...

" Come on, Bren. Don't keep her waiting. She's been
looking forward to having her asshole licked... she's
been playing with herself in anticipation. "

I had no pride left. Yes, I was an ass licker.
Anything, I had told Andrea. Anything to further
humiliate myself.

Andrea led me on my hands and knees to the sofa,
where for the first time, I touched the client. Her
body was soft and responsive. Andrea held me by the
hair, and positioned my face into her rear end.

She scent of her flesh was striking. It reminded me

... rose petals.


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