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SUPPORT1 panties were wet when




Part 1

by Drifter

Karen and Dave had been happily married for some
ten years when things began to change for them. With
most things the relationship had been nothing short of
great for them since they first met. Recently though,
there was just this one problem area. Karen at 29 was
increasingly more interested in sex than Dave was.
Unfortunately, between working too hard and the long
hours to make the two of them financially secure, Dave
did not have the energy that Karen did at the end of
the day. That is not to say Dave wasn't interested...
he still needed his darling wife in bed three or four
times a week. Those sessions were long and hot and
nicely varied ... totally satisfying to both of them
....but unfortunately for Karen just not often enough.

At first Karen tried to resist her appetite but
that didn't seem to work. She purchased a number of
toys to use in her private moments and that helped
but.... well it just wasn't the same. It began to
have the feel of a parting of the ways but Karen and
Dave loved each other dearly and were totally devoted
to each other. In all other ways they seem to be the
perfect match. There was just this one, maybe
critical, problem that somehow had to be resolved.

Karen lay awake a lot of nights after Dave fell
asleep, wanting more, worrying about what to do. At
times it was easy... she would just masturbate when she
needed that extra. But there were days when nothing
else helped. If Dave was around and up to it then he
solved her problem. But there had been times lately
when Karen had nothing to ease her itch and she looked
at other men with a decided hunger. She told herself
she would never be unfaithful to Dave, that it was just
harmless looking and fantasy material. But she did
frequently wonder what it would be like with other men.

Then Dave was called out of town for several days
and Karen soon was hornier than she could ever
remember. They talked nightly and most nights turned
into phone sex with Karen taking the lead as they
both masturbated..

On the night before Dave was to return Karen was
about to climb the wall missing him. She was looking
forward to his return more than ever before Then just
before Dave caught his flight home, he called her and
told her that three of his customers were flying in
with him and asked if she would meet them and join him
in entertaining them for the evening...they needed to
take them out to dinner and possibly a couple of drinks

Karen was royally upset. She hadn't been sure she
could wait until they got out of the airport to attack
her husband, now it would be hours.. She sat there
thinking about how much she wanted to get Dave home
alone Suddenly she was struck by an idea that she was
sure would shorten the time with the customers. She
smiled, and then started to laugh. She checked her
watch and headed for the shower.

As she walked from the parking lot into the air
terminal, every man turned to watch Karen walk by. She
was something to look at in a sheer black see through
blouse over a small black lace bra. The pattern on the
bra made every guy think he saw a lot more than he
really did. Her brief mini skirt and the thigh high
hose completed the perfect display of Karen's long sexy
legs and her great body. If her plan worked, she would
have Dave home in bed in record time.

She paced back and forth at the gate waiting for
Dave. When she saw him she threw her arms around his
neck and gave him one of her hottest wettest kisses.
It was obvious to everyone around them that the kiss
was deep and passionate with lots of tongue action.
Karen was pleased to feel her husbands cock growing
against her hot loins. She felt her own genitals
growing wet for Dave. Then the kiss broke and Dave
smiled down at her still in his arms and said, "Hi
baby, thanks for the welcome." then he turned and
introduced her to the three men who had been standing
around them enjoying the welcome Dave had gotten.

But her plan, to show the others how badly she
wanted her husband home and in bed with her, just went
over their heads. Oh the message was clear, the men just weren't astute enough to let her have what she

They all had huge smiles on their faces as Karen
acknowledged each, Joe, Ralph and Paul the head of the
group clearly.. They walked to the car and Dave and
Karen led the way. The three guys walked a few paces
behind enjoying the view of Karen's cute ass in the
tight mini skirt. At the car Joe commented, "An
Expedition... I've been thinking about getting one of
these, how does it drive?" Dave handed him the
keys and asked Karen if she would mind riding in the
back with Ralph and Paul. Karen wasn't too thrilled
with it but graciously agreed. As the door opened Paul
helped her in and followed her to the far back seat as
Ralph dropped in one of the mid seats. As Karen
stepped into the car she felt Paul's hand brush lightly
across her ass and she wondered, Was that an accident?

She knew it wasn't. She smiled to her self and thought
that this could be interesting, wondering if Paul was
going to do more.
As they pulled out of the parking lot Paul turned
to her and said, "I envy Dave, you are a knockout Karen
and I loved your welcome home for Dave."

Karens' eyes twinkled, she loved the way that Paul
was flirting. She softly said, "Thank you for the
compliment Paul... I do miss Dave so much when he's

"I can imagine.. I'm not sure I would ever leave
you overnight."

Karen had been horny before. Now her need was
coming on strong and she felt that familiar hunger in
her loins growing. When she didn't say anything Paul
continued, "I love your outfit. You know every male
in the place was ogling that great body of yours,
mentally undressing you as we walked thru the
airport.... Dave is a lucky man indeed."

"Paul you are terrible, you shouldn't tease an old married lady like that... but thank you. A woman
always likes to hear complements."

Paul laughed softly and said, "What are you Karen
about a 36 d?"

Karen looked over at him and smiled, "You have a
good eye Paul... that is exactly right. But shame on
you for looking that close." and she laughed softly.
She was loving the interplay and felt safe and more
daring than usual, knowing Dave was in the car.

They were sitting close and she felt his hand drop
to her knee as he said, "Karen I, like all the other
men, would love to see a lot more." His hand was
sliding up and down on her leg. Karen thrilled with
his touch and his boldness. He was coming on to her
with her husband so close. It excited her terribly. His
hand started to move higher on her thigh when Karen
caught it in her own hand and stopped him. She
smiled and said, "I know Dave said we were going to
entertain you guys Paul but I don't think he had this
in mind." and she squeezed his hand in hers.

Paul turned his hand and interlaced his fingers in
hers and their joined hands rested in her lap just
below the hem of her skirt. Paul squeezed her small
hand in his and said, "Ah Karen... so close and you
stop me short of my goal. I bet you are something in
bed. Do you love sex?"

She squeezed his hand involuntarily as her body
tingled with desire. She felt him press their joined
hands higher, pressing down between her legs. She
realized she was letting him spread her legs slightly
and she felt the back of his hand on her bare thigh
above her hose. She looked up at him and saw the same
lust in his eyes that she felt. She sighed, "Paul
don't be so bold."

"Why not Karen, you know you love it?"

Just then Dave turned his head and said, "How
you guys doing back there, hope you are getting to know
Karen better Paul. My wife is a very interesting

When Dave spoke, Karen pulled her hand away from
Paul's in a bit of a guilty, reflex action. Paul's
hand, now free, dropped on her bare thigh an inch below
her wet panties. She let his hand lay between her legs
as he replied to her husband; "I agree Dave old buddy,

your lady is very interesting. I think we may have
found a strong common interest."

Dave replied, "Great, what is that?"

Karen spoke up quickly saying, "Art, honey... Paul
is interested in fine art just like I am." she had
lied to her husband... lied to cover up what was going
on as if she were a conspirator with Paul. She turned
to Paul whose finger tip was less than an inch from
it's goal and she whispered "Paul move your hand

He slid it higher covering her wet panties. He
rubbed her pussy lightly before Karen caught his hand
and pulled it away saying softly, "I meant the other
direction you cad." and she laughed.

Paul smiled and answered, "Guilty, I have been
known to take advantage of another man's horny wife.
But you didn't answer me ... do you love sex?"

She opened her eyes wide, surprised by his
question and said, "Of course, you know I do."

They had just pulled into the parking lot at the
restaurant. As Karen moved out the door, again she
felt Paul's hand on her cute ass briefly. Dave walked
back to her and wrapped his arm around her and led the
way inside. They were seated in a large round booth
and some how Karen ended up between Dave and Paul, with
Joe and Ralph on the outside. Dinner was delicious as
the small band played for the few couples on the dimly
lit dance floor. It was a slow night and soon they
were the only customers in the place. Karen smiled as
she felt Paul's leg pressing against hers intimately on
one side and Dave's on the other.

The men were talking business and it was obvious
to Karen that a huge deal was pending between them,
mainly between Dave and Paul. Then Joe and Dave got
into a detailed technical discussion. Karen was
impressed with the smooth way her husband handled the

In a moment she felt Paul's hand on her thigh
again. She said nothing but turned and looked at Paul.

Then Paul said, "Dave, while you guys work out the
details, would you object if I asked your charming
wife to dance."

Dave looked up from the discussion briefly and
said, "Oh sure, go ahead. I'm sure she is bored with

As the two of them stepped onto the floor Paul
pulled her tightly against him and slowly moved them to
the far side of the dance floor, obscured from their
booth. Karen enjoyed the feel of his body against
hers and then she sighed and said, "Paul.. you are a
naughty man. I admit I like to flirt a little but you
have done a lot more than flirt."

"I want you Karen..... God you are so beautiful
and so sexy.. you are as turned on as I am... your
panties were so wet when I touched you."

"Paul stop. You had no business doing that. I
was just trying not to cause a scene."

He looked at her, their faces so close and he said
as his hand slid between them and he cupped a large
breast. He squeezed it and caught her hard nipple and
pinched it lightly. Karen moaned softly... she was so
horny and it felt so good she made no move to stop him.

Paul recognized her compliance and was sure she was as
ready as he was to carry this all the way. Then he
said, "God your breast feels so nice in my hand. I
suppose you are just trying not to cause a scene,
allowing me to play with this.. I am dying to fuck you
Karen and you want it as bad as I do."

Paul's crude words, and his hard cock pressing
into her excited her even more, "Paul please stop....
I can't help it... Dave has been gone and I need him
.... God I am so horny."

"Karen you don't just need Dave... you just need
to be well fucked. There are lots of us who would love
to do the job... and I am right here. My cock is only
inches from your sweet pussy. Feel how hard I am. How
much my cock wants inside you."

Karen's head was swimming. She loved to hear him
speak so crudely. She knew it was true. She wanted
his cock... maybe any cock. She moaned again as he
continued to play with her nipple the way she loved.
"Oh damn Paul, I have never been unfaithful to Dave."

"But you want to... you want me to fuck you, to
eat your hot pussy, and you want to suck my cock."

"Yes... yes damn it I do I can't believe I am
saying this but it is true. But how....?"

Paul pulled away and caught her hand and headed
back to the table. He whispered, "Let me do the

At the table he asked how close were they to
settling the deal. Joe responded that they could work
out the last problem in another hour if that was OK.
Paul reached behind him with one hand and cupped
Karen's mons through her skirt. He rubbed her pussy lightly and felt her press it against his hand. Paul
nodded and said, "I would like to sign the agreement
when I come back. I'm getting a little sick at my
stomach. You guys go ahead and Karen and I will get
some fresh air. We will walk around for awhile and be
back within the hour to finish this.

Dave looked at Karen and cocked his head. His
face revealed a look of uncertainty.. a question,
briefly but he said, "Thanks honey, we will be through
soon. You and Paul enjoy your walk."

Karen missed the look on her husband;s face, her
attention elsewhere as she pressed her pussy hard into
Paul's hand and said, "We will honey... don't worry
about me just finish your work."

Outside in the dark parking lot Paul pulled her
to him and kissed her long and hard as she returned it.

Then he led her to the Expedition, now standing alone
in the parking lot and opened the door saying, "How
long since you were fucked in a back seat?"

She grinned and moved inside the roomy Expedition
on the wide back seat saying, "Not since college, but
it sounds interesting."

She dropped her hands under her skirt and slid her
panties down and off. Paul closed the door and locked
it behind him. He turned to see Karen laying back with
her long legs spread saying, "Hurry damn you..."

Paul unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock
free. Karen smiled as she saw the size of it and she
caught him in her hands and guided it into her hot
sheath without hesitation or even a thought for her
husband inside or the forbidden threshold she had just

Paul rammed it all the way in with one stroke and
Karen gasped with pleasure and came the first of many.
Paul fucked her missionary, then dog style. He ate her
full cunt and then she sucked him until he was hard
again Paul looked at her as he stroked his hard cock
and said, "Where?" And Karen took him in her tight
little ass hole the way she loved. Finally sated for
the moment they lay there catching their breath and
Paul said, "You are one fabulous fuck Karen. I hope
you will welcome me again."

Karen stretched sexily, her bare breasts swaying
so nicely. She looked at Paul and said, "You are the
only man besides Dave to fuck me since I met him. The
truth is Dave works so hard he just isn't enough for me
anymore. I think you could expect a warm welcome in
the future Paul. Let me know when you are going to be
in town."

Karen opened a compartment and produced some damp
cloths to clean up with. Perfume and makeup and she
looked good as new. Paul looked at his watch and it
had been 45 minutes. They opened the windows to let
the car air out hopefully and they slowly strolled back

They were just finishing up and Paul signed the
multi-million dollar contract concluding the deal.
Dave was so excited he was about to pop. In fact he was
so excited he didn't really react to the faint odor
that still permeated the interior of the vehicle. They
dropped the three of them at their hotel and headed
home. Alone Dave said, "Honey, you know my commission
on this will be over $100,000. Just tell me what you
want and it is yours. You were a real help in keeping
Paul out of the way. I appreciate what you did more
than you realize. It really helped. " and he smiled at
her strangely.

Karen smiled back, wondering if Dave suspected
that something "unusual" had happened... how she had
"kept Paul busy"... she had noticed the car had still
reeked of sex as they drove home but she just said, "I
was glad to help honey... any time."

Finally in bed, Dave gave Karen a second match of
her favorite sport. Karen smiled afterwards. She
hadn't been this satisfied in a long time. Dave kissed
her goodnight and rolled over with this enigmatic smile
on his face.

The next morning was Saturday. Karen awoke as Dave
shook her. He was dressed and ready to go to work. It
was early, not even 7 yet but Dave said, "Joe called
and he needs to meet with me over some details. They
are flying out at noon so I will be home about then."

She heard the car pull out of the drive. She lay
there and stretched her nude body. Enjoying thinking
of the two cocks she had enjoyed. She was surprised
that she felt so little guilt over Paul. She just
smiled to herself and said out loud, "It was so easy...
and soooo good."

The phone rang and Karen picked it up, it was

"Hi sexy"

"Morning Paul, you were pretty sexy yourself."

"Did you fuck Dave's head off last night or does
he have the brains to finish the deal with Joe this

"I think his brains are intact darling, but his
cock was well used."

"God you are a sexy bitch aren't you. I bet you
have never had all the cock you wanted. Even last
night after you fucked two of us down."

"How did you know?" she said laughing

"I would love to see you again. Would you like me
to drop by your place this morning. I can grab a cab
if you tell me the address."

There was only a slight pause then,

'It's 1500 Sycamore, the front door will be open."

Karen had just finished drying after her shower
when Paul stepped into her bedroom. It was two hours
later when he got back into another cab well fucked as
was Karen. Karen changed the sheets and went back to
the shower again.

Paul called her from the airport later. Dave was
in the back yard and Karen said sexily, "I loved your
visit this morning, when will you be back?"

"I think I will have to do a lot more business
with Dave... maybe weekly meetings will be in order.
Dave is going to get a lot of commissions from my

"And what about me Paul, what are you going to
give me?"

"Hmmmm ... how about all the cock you can

She chuckled and said jokingly, "Oh are you going
to bring a friend?"

"Maybe a couple of them. Joe and Ralph worked
hard to make this happen."

Karen stared out the window at her husband working
in the yard. She thought about the three men and she
said in a husky voice, "Oh Paul... could you.. could

"You know you would love it Karen. I will call
you when we get in town Could you get away for the

"I think so....I can't believe I am thinking about
should I fuck all three of you."

"You know you have already made up your mind."


She hung the phone up and walked out in the back
yard with Dave.

"Dave honey, you know how you have been after me
to entertain your clients more here in our home. Well
I have decided I was wrong not to. So anytime you want
to have a little party here I will try to keep your
clients happy. Or if you want me to go out with you
like last night... just let me know. I want to be more
help to you in the future honey."

end Part 1


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