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SURVGUILT movie and jerking off beat


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at Copyright 1999, Robert B. Morton II, all rights


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector - you have been warned. The following is a work
of fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people
or places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Survivor's Guilt, by Rob Morton (M/F, inc, cons, preg)


"Mayday! Mayday! This is November-One-Three-Niner-Niner-Kilo, on
course bearing 221, five-zero miles south-southeast of Angel Island,
one-three-zero knots airspeed at flight level eight-five. We have one
engine out and one engine experiencing difficulties. We're losing
altitude. Mayday! Mayday! This is November-One-Three-Niner-Niner-Kilo..."

The plane felt sluggish as it fought to stay in the air. Even as I sent
out the distress call, my eyes scanned the horizon in a desperate search
for somewhere safe to ditch the aircraft - but all I could see was mile
after mile of deep blue ocean. Beside me in the right-hand seat sat my
wife, Carol, her face showing all the fear and concern that I wasn't.

"Are we going to make it?" she asked, her eyes flicking from me back to
the deceptively smooth waters below a few thousand feet below us.

"I don't know, Carol," I said, increasing power on the remaining engine
while trying to trim the plane. "If I can keep the nose up, we'll be okay
- but unless I find some place to put this thing down, we're not going to
be okay for very long."

I could hear the fear in her voice, just as I was sure she could tell
that the stress of our predicament was beginning to get to me. Even though
I was just as scared as she was, I couldn't let it show. I moved the
throttle up just a notch, adjusted the trim once again, and breathed a tiny
sigh of relief as the altimeter rose a little.

"Look, I'm going to keep trying to get someone on the radio. You should
go back in the cabin and make sure Chris is strapped in - and you'd better
strap in, too."

The color drained out of Carol's face at my suggestion. "I want to stay
here with you," she protested.

"Honey, there's nothing you can do here and you'll be safer back there
than up here," I said, the tone of my voice letting her know that the topic
wasn't open for discussion. "Go, baby - please!" Carol climbed out of the
seat as I began my distress call again. I didn't take the time to look at
her because I needed to find some place - any place - to land this plane.

Carol touched me lightly on the shoulder as she made her way to the main
cabin to join our 18 year old daughter, Chris. "Just land the plane, Donny
- get us down in one piece."

"Don't worry, I will," I said with an assurance I didn't feel. I felt
bad for Chris; what started out as a graduation present for her was quickly
turning into a disaster.

I was totally focused on broadcasting the distress call and keeping the
Beechcraft Commander in the air; still, I could hear Carol's comforting
words to our daughter over the muted sound of our one remaining engine.

"Are we going to crash?"

"No, honey. We lost an engine and the other one isn't doing good right
now - but your father has it under control."

"That's my girl," I said to the instrument cluster. I was beginning to
think that we had a shot of making it when the Commander's remaining engine
suddenly went silent and every warning light came to life on the cluster.
Instinctively, I pulled back on the yoke to gain as much altitude as I
could - this plane was going down!

"Carol, brace for a water landing," I yelled over the din of the warning
buzzers. "Mayday! Mayday! Any station! This is
November-One-Three-Niner-Niner-Kilo. We have lost our remaining engine -
we are going down. I say again, we are going down."

The plane shuddered under my hands as I tried to turn it into a glider,
my eyes frantically scanning the ocean. The plane seemed to hang in the
air for one brief moment before beginning to descend. I took what I
thought would be one last look through the windscreen in time to see a dark
dot on the surface of the ocean.

"Land! I see land," I cried out.

"Can we make it?" Carol asked.

"Shit, I don't know, but I'm sure as hell going to try," I said, banking
the aircraft over and lining up the nose of the plane with the dot. I
busied myself for a few seconds with killing all power to the plane's
systems, grabbed the yoke with both hands, keeping one eye on the altimeter
and one on the rapidly approaching patch of what I hoped was dry land.
Suddenly my concentration was broken by Carol's appearance in the cockpit.

"I see a beach," she said, holding on to the back of my seat.

"I see it. What the fuck are you doing up here? Get back in your seat,
woman and let me land this fucking plane!"

"Fuck you, Donny," Carol replied, climbing back into the copilot's seat
and placing her hands on the yoke.

"Hard-headed bitch," I muttered. "Okay, we're getting close! When I
tell you, pull back as hard as you can - we need to keep the nose up if
we're going to have a chance!" I eyed the altimeter carefully as we passed
through two thousand feet.

"Ready?" I asked as we quickly went through a thousand feet. "PULL!" I
could feel something in my left shoulder give as I hauled back on the yoke
as hard as I could. The plane hit the water hard and skipped like a flat
stone a couple of times. Whatever lift I had been counting on with the air
cushion went right down the toilet as the plane suddenly pitched down, the
nose of the doomed aircraft plunging into the sea. The impact slammed me
forward against the harness and I could feel the plane cartwheeling. My
head banged hard against the side windows and I could hear the panicked
screams of Carol and Chris just before everything went black.


I regained consciousness and noticed several things. For one, the plane
was still intact, although it was partially submerged. We were taking on
water, but not as bad as it could have been under the circumstances. The
next thing I noticed was my wife, who was slumped over the controls. I
unfastened my harness and reached over to pull her upright, choking back a
cry of despair at the sight of her ruined face. That's when I noticed that
she hadn't strapped herself in; the impact must have slammed her into the
instrument cluster, breaking her neck in the process.

Realizing there was nothing I could do for her, I frantically climbed
out of my seat, stumbling my way back to the cabin to find Chris. She was
strapped in, thank God, but out like a light. The water level was rising
faster back her and I knew I had to get us out. Undoing her seat belt, I
shook Chris to bring her around.

"Chris? Chris! Baby, we've got to get out of here! Wake up!"

"Huh? What happened?" she moaned.

"We crashed. Now, come on - we've got to get out of here." I grabbed
her by the arm and dragged her out of the seat, making my way to the large
container that sat behind one of the seats. Chris stumbled along behind

"Where's Mom?" she asked, trying to look around me into the cockpit as I
wrestled with the container.

"Your mother's dead," I said without preamble. "I don't have time to
explain - open the door, but be careful. The water's really going to rush
in." I felt a moment of fatherly pride replace the grief and shock of
Carol's death as Chris moved to the door and unlatched it. As she did so,
I moved the container into position.

"Okay, I'm ready," I said. "Open the door."

Chris leaned on the handle and the door cracked open, water pouring into
the plane. Putting my shoulder to the container, I shoved as hard as I
could, sending both the container and Chris into the ocean while holding on
for dear life myself, the resulting backwash grabbed us and served to pull
us away from the plane as it sunk beneath the waves, sending my wife to a
watery grave.

As heavy as my heart was, I knew I didn't have time to mourn yet - the
first order of business was to get out of the water and onto the beach. I
helped Chris onto the top of the container and took a moment to judge our
distance from the beach.

"Looks like about a hundred yards or so," I said to my sobbing daughter.
"Just hang in there while I try to guide us onto the beach."

"Mom's dead," was Chris' only reply. "What happened and why couldn't
you save her?"

Placing my hands on the container, I started kicking towards the beach,
hoping that the current wouldn't be too strong - and hoping there were no
sharks in the area. "Your mother didn't strap herself in," I began,
settling into a steady rhythm. "I couldn't save her because I had my hands
full trying to land the plane before I got knocked out for a moment.
Chris, honey, there wasn't anything I could do."

I could see her nodding as she absorbed my explanation of our last
moments of flight. I continued to kick toward the beach as Chris sat and
cried, wondering what I could have done differently to avoid this tragedy -
and realizing that whatever I could have thought of, it wouldn't have made
a difference.

I was relieved to finally feel sand under my feet; my legs were about to
give out on me and I don't know if I could have gone any further. With
Chris' help, we dragged the container onto the beach before plopping down
ourselves. The sun felt deliciously warm after having spent so much time
in the water and between that, my minor injuries and the shock of Carol
dying, all I wanted to do was close my eyes and sleep for a couple of
years. However, sleep was out of the question for the moment because I had
to take stock of our situation. Using the container to brace myself, I
stood on shaky legs and surveyed the immediate area.

"Where are we, Dad?" Carol asked, sitting up and shading her eyes from
the sun with her hand.

"I'm not sure, baby," I said as I worked to get the straps off the
container and break its waterproof seal. "All of my maps went down with
the plane, but we were about a hundred miles south-southeast of Angel
Island when we went down. We could be anywhere between there and Baker's

"Baker's Isle - wasn't that where we were going?"

"Yeah," I said, tossing the first strap aside and beginning on the
other. Ron Baker bought an island out here and we were going to spend a
couple of weeks with him and Barbara camping out."

"Do you think anyone heard our distress call?" Chris asked, helping me
break the seals on the container with a rock.

"I didn't hear anyone respond - but that doesn't mean we weren't heard,"
I said, giving voice to the one real fear I had during the crisis.

"So, what you're saying is that we might be here for a while, right?"

"Could be," I admitted, the despair in Chris' voice making my heart sink
lower than it already was. "But, we're in pretty good shape, considering."

"What the hell does that mean?"

I looked up at my daughter with a surprised look on my face at her
outburst and was rewarded with seeing her cast her eyes downward.

"Sorry, Dad."

"Hmm. What it means is that for one, we're alive and relatively unhurt.
Two, we're nice and dry for the moment but it's going to get dark soon and
we have to find some shelter. And, we have what's in here," I said as the
cover of the container finally popped open.

"What is all this stuff?" Chris asked, peeking under the lid.

"Well, Ron and Barb said that we'd go camping for a few nights so I made
sure that we weren't going to be roughing it too much. What we have here
is enough food, water and other stuff to last us for, oh, about a week or
so - more if we ration things." I reached inside the container and wrestled
the four-person tent out.

"You might be a lousy pilot," Chris said, coming to help me empty the
contents of the container onto the hot sand. "But you sure know how to
plan ahead."

"Thanks - I think," I replied. I looked up at the nearby stand of
trees. "This looks like a good place to set up camp, don't you think?"

"Whatever you say, Dad."

"Okay, then. Let's get this stuff up there and get ourselves situated.
Then we can see what we can do about getting our asses rescued."

I picked up the tent and headed for the trees. Chris followed behind me
with a handful of items and, before long, we had set up the campsite.
Chris used the camp stove to fix us something to eat after arguing the

"How can you eat at a time like this?"

"One of the survival rules, honey. We need to eat to get our strength
back and, besides, I don't know about you, but I'm hungry enough to eat
this tree."

As she busied herself with preparing a meal with the freeze-dried items
from the container, I started to examine the radio I had thought to pack.
It wouldn't help us in calling for assistance, but we could listen to the
short-wave band to see it anyone was looking for us. It survived the crash
and I had the foresight to have included a couple of eight packs of
batteries. In retrospect, I wish I had thought to pack a flare gun or even
a walkie-talkie - but I really hadn't expected to be in this situation in
the first place.

We ate in silence, listening to the radio for any signs that a search
was on for us. I was pretty sure the radio on the plane had been working -
I just wasn't sure if there was anyone out there who could have heard us.
It was a depressing though and I shoved it to a corner of my mind so I
could plan our next few days on whatever island we happened to be on.


I woke early the next morning, silently moving around the tent so I
wouldn't wake Chris, who was finally getting some much needed sleep and
rest. She had spent most of the night crying and, even though I had done
all I could to comfort her, there wasn't much I could do other than to hold
her in my arms and let her cry.

Stepping outside to relieve my bladder, I took in our surroundings. The
repacked container was intact and elevated about twenty feet off the ground
using some of the rope I had brought along. I smiled as I remembered
Chris' confusion as I hoisted the container aloft and explained to her that
if there were any wild animals on this patch of land, we didn't need them
getting into our food.

And, speaking of animals, outside of a few sea birds, I didn't see any.
I realized that it didn't mean there weren't any so I made a note to myself
to be on the lookout for them, as well as any poisonous insects or whatever
that might be lurking about. The tide had come in during the night, but we
were still high and dry. Seeing that we were still safe for the moment, I
returned to the tent to check on Chris.

I found her sprawled on top of her sleeping bag, her shorts riding up
and exposing more of her thighs. Her T-shirt had ridden up as well,
exposing her flat tummy and just a bit of bare breast. Just watching her
like this reminded me of the way her mother used to sleep and I had to
mentally slap myself because I realized that my cock was stirring in my

I hurried out of the tent, a little ashamed with myself at having an
erection while watching my sleeping daughter. I went to the backpack I'd
left out of the container and removed the compass, watching the needle
settle down until it pointed north. I realized that we might be stuck here
for a while and it would be a good thing to scout out the island - or
whatever we were on - for additional food and water. I actually laughed to
myself, remembering the hard time Carol used to give me for having been a
Boy Scout. A good thing I was - it would take the kind of skills learned
as a scout to keep us alive until we were rescued. Getting my bearings, I
left a note for Chris and I set off for the east end of the island.

I returned an hour later to find Chris waiting for me. She had changed
into a one-piece swimsuit that left little to the imagination and she was
arranging the clothes she wore the day before out on the hot sand to dry.

"You found my note?" I asked as I approached.

"Yeah, although I wasn't happy to wake up and find you gone," she
complained. "What did you find?" I took a cup of water from her and downed
it in a couple of gulps before answering.

"Well, my guess is that this island is about three or four miles long
and about a couple of miles wide. I hiked along the beach for a while
before turning to the south and going inland for a few. I found what looks
like a stream flowing back in this direction, so we don't have to worry
about water any time soon."

Chris looked at me and frowned. "You make it sound like we might here
longer than a few days."

"We might and we might not," I conceded. "Regardless of how long we may
be here, finding water is important - those four or five gallons in the
container aren't going to last forever, you know."

"Find anything else?"

"Something that looks like berries and a few trees with some kind of
fruit on it," I said. Other than that, it looks like we're alone here. I
was going to wait for a while before heading in the other direction; would
you like to come with me?"

"I guess so," Chris said without enthusiasm.

"Well, I'd rather not leave you here alone very often because I have no
idea what could happen," I retorted.

We spent the next hour in relative silence as we fortified our campsite.
As we worked, I found myself watching Chris' lithe form in the one-piece,
noticing how full her breasts were and how nicely they complimented her
body - not too big, but more than a mouthful, just like her mother. At one
point, she caught me staring at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?" I said sheepishly.

"I've been stared at by boys before, Dad, and I know that look anywhere
- you were staring at my boobs, weren't you?"

"I guess I was," I admitted. "I didn't mean anything by it." Chris
didn't reply but I could tell she was watching me as I hoisted the
container back into its leafy perch. I was really glad when she turned
around because it meant I could stand up and rearrange the tremendous
hard-on I was sporting. I looked around for a second then headed off
toward the trees.

"Where are you going? Is it time to leave?"

"No, it's not time yet. Gotta go pay my water bill, if that's okay with
you," I said without turning.

"Oh! Okay - hurry back!"

I rushed into the thicket of tropical plant life, freeing my cock once
out of sight. It throbbed hotly in my hand, the veins standing out as I
tugged at myself quickly, hoping to relieve the incredible pressure in my
balls. Flashes of Carol's naked body zoomed through my mind as I jerked
myself off and I reveled in the memory of her sucking my cock the night
before we took off. I could feel myself getting close to erupting and just
as I got to the point of no return, I was shocked to realize that visions
of a naked Chris had replaced those of Carol!

"Oh, God," I moaned as my seed erupted onto the nearby leaves, each
spurt sending wave after wave of guilty pleasure through me. Just as the
last few drops flowed out of me, I heard the rustle of leaves behind me.
Flushed with the sensations left behind from my recent release and a little
panic, I stuffed my limp meat back into my pants just before Chris bounded
into the area.

"Hey! What's taking you so long?" she asked as she approached me.

"I wasn't aware that I was taking too long," I said, trying to keep my
voice cool and even. "You can't rush these things, you know."

"Whatever. C'mon, let's get to exploring while we still have some
light. I've got some water and something to snack on while we're walking."

"Okay, okay - keep your pants on," I grumbled, noticing she had changed
from her swimsuit into something more suitable for walking. "Did you bring
the lantern? Good - let's roll."

Chris took off in the direction I indicated, setting a quick pace. I
trundled along behind her, barely paying attention to where we were going.
Instead, my thoughts were on those last few moments before I lost my load;
why was I having those kinds of thoughts about my own daughter?

I mean, it's not like Carol and I didn't have a sex life, you know?
Hell, there was never a time where I had to go for too long without feeling
her cunt wrapped around my dick. So, what the hell was going on now? I
ducked as a branch came sailing back; had I not been paying attention, it
would have hit me in the face.

"Hey! Watch those branches, will you?" I said to Chris, my eyes taking
a moment to fix themselves on her, oh, God, rather ample backside.

"Sorry, Dad!" came the cheerful reply. "Do you want to take a break or

I looked at my watch - we'd been going for over an hour. "Sure," I
said, clearing a patch of ground to sit on. "Let's rest up for a few then
head back - I want to be back at the camp before dark."

We drank some water and munched on chocolate pieces for about fifteen
minutes before heading back the way we came. I stopped to get my bearing
on the compass when Chris stopped alongside me.

"Dad? Can I ask you something... personal?"

"Sure, honey - what's on your mind?"

"Well, I was wondering why you had suddenly gotten up and ran into the
woods. It didn't have anything to do with taking a piss, did it?"

"Of course it did," I lied, feeling the heat of embarrassment settling
onto my face. "When you gotta go, you gotta go."

"Don't bullshit me, Dad. I know a hard-on when I see one. You were in
there jerking off, weren't you?"

"Yeah, I suppose I was," I finally admitted, not seeing any reason to
lie to Chris. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

"No need to apologize - I saw the way you were looking at me. Besides,
I find it kinda flattering, if you know what I mean."

I nodded while thinking had she seen what was in my mind, she wouldn't
be at all flattered. "Come on, let's get back - it looks like a storm is

We made our way back to camp in good time without saying a whole lot to
each other. On the way back, I'd steal a peek at my little girl every now
and then and see how much of a beautiful woman she had grown into, only to
quickly look away when my cock began to harden. In the back of my mind, I
knew I wanted her just like I would have wanted Carol - I just didn't want
to admit it to myself.

The storm hit just as we returned to our spot on the beach, the wind
ripping through the trees with alarming force. The rain followed in short
order and we worked quickly to get our precious container of supplies out
of the tree and into the relative safety of the tent we shared. Once
inside, we did our best to dry off but we were pretty soaked.

"We'd better get out of these wet clothes," Chris said as the storm
raged around us. Before I could utter a single protest, Chris had her top
off, exposing her lovely breasts. As she stood up to remove her shorts and
shoes, I just sat there transfixed by the sight of her pendulous globes
swaying with her every move - and my cock was as hard as a rock!

"What are you waiting for?" Chris asked, completely oblivious to my
problem. "You want to catch a cold or something?"

"Um, well..." I stuttered, trying my best to avoid what could turn out
to be a rather humiliating experience - for me, anyway.

"You act like you've never seen me naked before," Chris commented as she
did her best to wring out her clothes.

Not like this, I thought as I reluctantly pulled my soaking wet shirt over my head. I stalled as long as I could before having to remove my
pants, but knew I wouldn't be able to put it off any longer without drawing Chris' ire. I stood up as best I could within the confines of the tent
and, balancing on one foot at a time, wriggled out of my pants, my cock
slapping wetly against my stomach as it finally sprung free. I felt much
relieved and embarrassed, more so because I couldn't even turn around to
hide my shame.

It didn't take long for Chris to notice it, either. For a long moment,
she just looked at me with her face unreadable. "I take it you've got that
problem because of me," she said quietly, nodding at my cock, which had the
audacity to remain very rigid.

"Baby, I'm sorry," I said, feeling the heat of my shame burning me as
the sun had a few hours earlier. "With your mother gone and all that,
well, I just..." I broke down and cried, giving in to the grief I hadn't
allowed myself before. I felt Chris' arms around me, cradling me to her
bosom in an attempt to comfort me; but all it really did was make matter

"Just let it out," she whispered, holding and rocking me gently. The
heat of her body surrounded me, lending the type of comfort I'd only known
in a different situation with a different woman. Even as the sobs
continued to wrack my body, I could feel my hands gently kneading Chris'
back as I clung to her and she cried along with me.

It's hard to say what happened next. One moment we were holding each
other. Having gathered some measure of composure, I looked up at her just
as she was moving her head to look at me, causing our lips to brush against
each other. The contact was electrifying, as if someone had rammed a
cattle prod up my ass. Without thinking, my lips sought and found hers
again and we were soon kissing with a passion I'd never experienced before,
not even with Carol.

Our tongues waged a battle for supremacy against each other and the
small confines of the tent was soon filled with the liquid sounds of two
people trying to kiss each other to death.

The intensity of the storm outside increased, the tent being rocked by
strong gusts of wind and the driving rain. The intensity of the storm
inside the tent increased as well as my hands, oh, my God, caressed my
daughter's supple tits, my thumbs and fingers bringing each nipple into
full hardness.

With her mouth pressed tightly against mine, I could feel Chris moan in
response and she pulled me tighter against her body, her fingers digging
into my back. The kiss broke, leaving us both gasping for air - but only
for a moment. Without missing a beat, I began to kiss her neck and throat,
using my lips and tongue to increase the heat building inside of us.

"Oh, Daddy..." Chris sighed as I latched onto a nipple, sucking it into
my mouth and teasing it with little nips of my teeth. Gently, I pressed
Chris onto her back and made my way down her body, licking and sucking every inch of her sweet flesh. I tongued her navel wetly, causing her to
arch her back in response before I felt her hands on my head, pushing me
lower until I was face-to-face with the dark thatch of hair surrounding her

If I had any second thoughts about what I was doing, they were swept
away as I inhaled her scent. It was some pretty incredible shit, let me
tell you and, in that moment, I forgot all about the fact that I was about
to go down on my own flesh and blood - and wasn't going to waste any time
in doing it.

I plunged my tongue into her slit, tasting her tangy juices. I passed
by her clitoris, opting to stab my tongue into her center and let it roam
around inside her for long moments. I was lost in my lust; the only thing
I knew was that this woman was here and mine for the taking - and take her
I did.

I gave up my probing of her inner walls to latch hungrily onto her
throbbing clit, lashing it with my tongue, using my hands to keep Chris'
legs high and wide and giving me total access to her sex. As I ate her
sweet pussy, I could hear my daughter's lusty screams as an orgasm
thundered through her young body just as a gigantic bolt of lightning
ripped over our heads.

After giving this beautiful child of mine another spine chilling
orgasmic experience, I knew I couldn't wait to feel her around my
burgeoning maleness. As Chris writhed in sinful delight, I moved between
her legs, keeping them high and very wide open as I positioned the knob of
my swollen prick at her entrance.

"Oh, yeah, do it, Daddy! Do me now!" Chris screamed as I plunged fully
into her wetness with one deft thrust of my hips. Even as my balls slapped
against her buttocks, I noted absently that Chris wasn't a virgin, not that
I gave a damn at the moment. Setting the odd thought aside, I continued my
assault on her pussy, delighting in how wonderful it felt to feel it
stretched around my thickness as I plowed into her.

I let Chris lock her legs around me as I continued to fuck my hot cock
into her, each downward stab into her causing a squeal of pure, sexual
delight to fill the air. I don't know how long this went on before I felt
an all-too familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Lightning strobed across the skies outside the tent as I looked into
Chris' eyes, my strokes coming faster and harder as my cock began to
thicken so much I thought the skin would split like an overcooked sausage.
Chris could feel it, too, and her eyes went wide with surprise as the first
spurt of my seed coated her slightly-abused inner walls.

"Oh, shit! SHIT!" I cursed as my cock continued to jerk and spit into
Chris' velvety hot embrace. The sensations seemed to stretch on into
eternity as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through our joined bodies.
My lips crushed hers as one last blast of sperm filled Chris' cunt to

You know, it's really funny; a moment ago, the only thing I cared about
was busting a nut into Chris' pussy and while I was doing so, everything in
the world was just fine and dandy. Now as I lay beside my daughter, all I
can think about is the shame I've brought upon myself having given in to a
moment of weakness. I propped myself up on an elbow, wanting very much to
apologize and explain my behavior to my freshly violated child.

Only to find her snoring lightly, her spent form twitching every now and
then as the last of her climax worked its way through her body. I guess
it's just as well she is sleeping because I really don't think I could
explain this to her now.

As the wind and rain continued, I remained wide awake as guilt entwined
its greasy fingers into my soul. Lightning flashed and thunder shook the
heavens and, despite this, I finally fell into a fitful sleep.

I awoke the next morning to find Chris gone from the tent. I sat up and
crawled from the tent, taking a moment to see what damage last night's
storm had left behind. The beach was badly eroded but not to the point
where we would have to think about moving a little further inland.
Turning, I could see a few broken and twisted palm trees; again, bad enough
but it actually made it a little easier to collect whatever firewood we may
need in the next few days.

Content that our part of the island was still intact, I went off in
search of Chris, hoping to find her and explain my actions. Following her
footsteps in the sand, I had gone about two hundred yards down the beach
before finding her sitting on a fallen tree trunk, her finger idly braiding
some palm leaves. She looked up at my approach, patting the trunk as to
invite me to sit with her.

As I made myself comfortable on the wind damaged bark, I felt a moment
of complete awkwardness, not really sure how to discuss this with Chris.
It was ironic that I could fly a plane, crash it into the sea and survive
it - but couldn't talk to my daughter about why I had sex with her. I
finally decided to bite the bullet and take my chances with fate. As I
cleared my throat, Chris looked at me expectantly.

"Chris, honey, about last night..." I began.

"Dad," Chris said, cutting me off. "There's no need for you to
apologize to me for what happened. Obviously, I wanted it just as much as
you did. Besides, I should have known better than to just up and strip in
front of you like that; I guess I knew something would happen."

"But, baby, what happened was wrong," I complained, watching Chris'
fingers work on braiding the leaves. "I was very upset last night and took
advantage of you. I'm just wondering if you can forgive me for what I've

Chris gave me a look that reminded so much of her mother I almost
started crying again - and thought better of it. "Well, I'm not going to
accept your apology at this time."

I was stunned! "Why not?" I inquired.

"Because there's nothing for you to apologize for in the first place;
weren't you listening when I said that earlier? Look, I've had most of the
morning to think about all of this and I had to realize that you did the
best you could getting the plane down and that it wasn't your fault that
Mom died."


"Be quiet for a moment, will you? I saw you staring at me yesterday
morning and even though you did a good job of running away, I could see
that your cock was hard. It didn't take a genius to figure out I was
turning you on. With all we had been through, I felt better knowing that I
was giving you a woody. That's why I came into the woods after you, hoping
I could catch you choking your chicken."

"Chris, I..." Again, my daughter cut me off with a look and having been
properly chastised, I once again fell silent.

"When we got back to the tent and started taking off my clothes, I was
really concerned about catching a cold or something, even though we're in
the tropics. It's just that when you started crying, well, I knew that now
that mom is gone, I had to do something to ease your pain. And, when we
kissed, I knew what was going to happen next and, well, I wanted it to
happen... for the both of us. Now, what were you going to say?"

What could I say after that? All I could so was sit on the broken tree
trunk and stare stupidly at the woman who used to be my darling baby girl.
"Nothing," I finally said after finding my voice. "I wasn't going to say

"That's good, because I made a decision just before you got here."

"A decision about what?"

"What I have to do in case we're stranded here longer than expected.
Mom's gone and I'm now the woman of the family and it makes sense to me
that I should assume those duties in every way."

"You don't have to do this," I pleaded. "I mean, I can take care of
that myself."

"Yeah? And what about my needs? I don't suppose it occurred to you
that somewhere along the line I'd need someone to fuck me, did it? And, if
you hadn't noticed, I think yours is the only cock in the area. So, the
way I figure it, it was only a matter of time before this happened."

I had to admit that she was right and as I did so, I felt as if a great
weight had been lifted from my soul. I took Chris' hand in mine and gave
it a little squeeze. "Come on, let's get something to eat and try to put
camp back into some kind of order."

Hand in hand, we walked back down the beach and, somehow, I knew that
things were going to work out just fine.


A month has gone by and neither of us has seen anything remotely
resembling a boat or a plane. Fuck, even if we had seen something, we
don't have anything to signal with. Still, that's no reason to give up
hope of being found.

The other day, I took a chance and paddled our makeshift raft out to
where the plane went down, hoping to find a flare gun or something we could
use to signal for help when the moment arrived. I could see the wrecked
plane below me in about twenty-five feet of water. Not being an
experienced diver or anything, I felt I could reach the plane after a
couple of tries before being forced to give up my search.

An hour later found me sitting on the raft, coughing up water and
feeling pretty damned disappointed. After the third try, I had made it to
the plane with plenty of air to give me a few precious seconds to search
the cabin. As luck would have it, there was a small pocket of pitifully
stale air trapped in the cabin and I took advantage of it to extend my
search. Until I reached the cockpit, that is.

Instead of finding something we could use, all I found were Carol's
remains, her body having been ravaged by whatever sea creatures could get
to her. Admittedly, I panicked at the grisly sight and expelled the breath
of air I'd been holding. The panic set in further as I struggled to get
back to the stale air pocket to get enough air to make it back to the
surface. Those scant few moments felt like an eternity as the afterimages
of Carol's partially eaten corpse ran through my mind. My air ran out six
feet from the surface and it was all I could do to reach the surface.

But not before inhaling a little water. As I sat and continued my
retching, I kicked my self for panicking at my discovery. I mean, where
did I think she was going to be? I paddled back to the beach empty-handed
and feeling very sick to my stomach and in my heart.

Chris greeted me on the beach and helped me drag the raft high up on the
shore. She, too, was disappointed that I didn't find anything (I didn't
tell her about her mother) but was glad that I made it back in one piece.

"So, what do you feel like doing tonight?" she asked, handing me a cup
of tea made from the bark of a tree found during one of our exploration
missions. The tea from the container had long since been consumed despite
careful rationing of the bags. Without sugar, also an early victim, the
brew was strong and bitter - but just what I needed after a day of diving.

"I don't know, sweetie," I said, taking another sip of bark tea. "What
do you want to do?" Like we really had a lot of options, right?

"Well, we could make plans to explore the north end of the island or..."

"Or what?" I prompted, somehow knowing what she was about to suggest.

"Or we can spend the rest of the evening making love - that's if you're
up to it, that is."

Despite my fatigue, I had to smile. Ever since that first night, Chris
and I spent almost every day of the past month screwing each other's brains
out. It was like we could never get enough of each other and we were
making up for lost time. I'd wake up in the morning to the delicious feel
of Chris' mouth on my morning erection; then there were the sneak attacks
in the middle of the night from both us.

I'd wake in the middle of the night hard and ready, only to find her
sleeping. I'd wet my fingers and apply them to her pussy, working my
fingers into her until she was wet enough - and then I'd slide my cock into
her. The first time, I thought she was still sleeping as I pumped a few
ounces of sperm into her - only to have her turn her head to look at me
with a smile on her face. And, as you might expect, since I went through
the trouble of waking her, I would have to make up for it by giving her a
proper fucking.

It's funny how you get used to certain things. Back when Carol was
alive, I'd never give a thought about sucking on her pussy after spilling a
hot load into her. That all changed with Chris, who seemed to get a big
thrill out of me "sucking my own dick by proxy," as she crudely put it one

During the day, we'd explore our little island, stopping only to eat or
drink... or to make love. When we weren't exploring or fucking, we'd talk
about all the things fathers and daughters don't generally discussed, like
how Matthew Rogers took her cherry on their third date and how she had been
giving her boyfriends head since she was 11 years old.

Some of the things we discussed would make me angry - like Matthew, for
instance. Chris would laugh and point out that I could go kick his ass
after I perfected my water-walking trick, which usually had both of us
laughing until it hurt. I came to realize that my little girl had grown up
right under my nose - and I almost missed it.

Even as the recent memories flowed through my mind, I didn't miss the
luscious sight of Chris peeling off her one-piece and lying back on the
tattered blanket.

"Come to me, man of mine," she cooed, opening her arms invitingly.
"Come fill me with your love, Donny." I smiled at her use of my given name
as I made my way into her waiting arms - we'd long since agreed that her
calling me "daddy" just wasn't going to get it any longer.

I began as I usually did by paying homage to her breasts, making sure
each nipple received the proper amount of attention to get them hard while
stoking the fires within in her. I took my time making my way down her
still-firm body (all the walking we'd done was doing a great job of keeping
us pretty fit), pausing here and there to nip a bit of flesh here, suck a
bit of flesh there, until I reached her honey-pot. Once there, I wouldn't
waste much time eating her into one orgasm after another and would have
done so until she begged me to enter her - except I had something special
planned for her.

I waited until we made our way into our favorite 69 position with her on
top sucking my tool for all she was worth. Over the last few weeks, Chris
had learned to suck my cock all the way down to the bone - much to my
delight. And now it was time to repay her for bringing me that very
singular pleasure. Reaching up with both hands, I spread her ass cheeks
and plunged my tongue into her puckered ass hole as far as I could get it.
Because it was something I had never done before, I really didn't know what
to expect.

I found the taste of her bung hole to be curiously sweet, considering it
was a major chore keeping our bodies clean once the last of the soap
finally ran out. The taste ignited a bigger fire within me and I rimmed
poor Chris until she forgot all about sucking me and concentrated on making
her ass a permanent part of my face.

To keep her off-balance, I'd switch from her ass to her cunt, marveling
at the diverse flavors her supple body had to offer and I was rewarded over
and over with her lusty curses and statements about my probable parentage
and the fact that they weren't married when I was born - stuff like that.
At first, I was taken aback at the amount of rather colorful statements
spilling from my daughter's mouth, but I learned to ignore what she was
saying in favor of why she was saying it.

I reamed her with my tongue until it hurt - is it possible to sprain
your tongue during oral sex? If not, mine sure felt like it. The heat of
the day combined with the sexual heat our bodies put out and I knew... we
knew... that it was time for some serious pounding to take place.

Deftly, I removed my squirming, cursing lover from my face, taking a
moment to swipe at the copious amount of juices smeared on my face with my
aching tongue before turning her onto her stomach.

"Yeah, Donny - you know what I like baby! Give it to me from behind,
you bastard! Stick your big-assed cock into me!"

I don't know where she got the 'big' part from - fully erect, I was only
about six and a half inches long. But like they say, it ain't the size of
the boat - it's the motion of the ocean! Knowing that Chris preferred
being fucked doggy-style just made it easier for me to initiate the next
part of my devious plan.

I put my fingers to my mouth and applied as much saliva to them as I
could muster (my tongue still hurts), applying it to the swollen knob of my
prick. With the other hand, I guided my hardness to the only hole I hadn't
fucked yet - her tight ass! As I made contact with her back hole, Chris
cried out in protest.

"Donny, no! Not there! It's too big and I can't..."

Too late, because I had the head of my dick past her ultra-tight muscles
so fast it actually took a whole minute for her to realize that I was into
her nether regions.

"Oh, shit yeah! Fuck my ass, Daddy, uh, Donny, uh, whatever the fuck
your name is! I don't care - tear my ass apart!"

Let the record show that being the loving father I am, I gave my
daughter what she asked for. I waited until she relaxed just a bit before
slamming six and a half hard inches into her bowels. My God, but she was
tight, even tighter than I could ever dream of! I could only manage two or
three good, long strokes before my dick began to swell in the painfully
tight confines of her ass; a split second later, I was emptying my balls
into her guts, riding an incredible wave of incestuous pleasure as my
lover, my daughter, urged me on with her filthy curses, during which she
accused me of sleeping with farm animals.


It's been six weeks since the crash. We were pretty much settled into
our daily routine which consisted of fucking, eating, fucking, exploring,
fucking... you get the idea. We never gave up hope of being rescued,
though, especially the day the plane flew by.

A week ago, we were forced to move further inland due to a hurricane
that passed very close to us. We did have some warning of the approaching
'cane thanks to the radio, and it gave us plenty of time to pack up our
meager belongings and relocated them to a place I had hoped would offer
some protection. Once more relying on my ancient scouting experience, I
managed to build us a crude hut using whatever I could get my hands on.
Chris helped as well, braiding sections of palm leaves into rope.

Hurricane Erin passed within 75 miles of us - but it felt like we were
right in the middle of it. We spent the entire day and night of the
storm's passing huddled together in our hut, praying that it would hold up
under the battering we got from the fringes. Fortunately, the hut remained
in one piece and after the storm had passed, we went down to our original
campsite to inspect the damage.

I suppose it's a good thing we moved when we did; the entire section of
beach we previously occupied was now under about four feet of water. It
looked like a giant had reached down and scooped out the whole section of
beach, turning it into a miniature bay which Chris promptly named after her
late mother. We were picking through the partially destroyed trees looking
for dry wood when a very familiar sound reached my ears. I turned,
scanning the sky for the source of the sound, getting Chris' attention in
the process.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I thought I heard something," I replied, never taking my eyes off the

"Wait - I hear it, too!"

"Quick - go get the blanket!" I commanded just as a tiny dot appeared on
the horizon, a little south-east of where we were standing. As Chris
hauled ass back to the hut for the blanket, I could now make out the shape
of some kind of aircraft. By my best reckoning, it was about four miles
out, flying at around 2,000 feet and, best of all, it looked like the plane
was going to pass right by where I was standing!

Chris returned quickly with the blanket upon which we had scrawled "SOS"
using the juice from the berries on the island. Frantically, we opened the
blanket, jumping up and down, and hoping to hell that the pilot could see
us. However, the joyful thought of being finally rescued faded quickly as
the plane continued on its course until it was out of sight.

"Damn," I said, helping a dejected Chris refold the blanket.

"Do you think the pilot saw us?" Chris asked hopefully.

"I don't know, baby. It depends on exactly how high he was flying and
how fast he was going. Shit, I can't say for sure that he was even looking
this way."

"How do you know he didn't?" I had to hand it to Chris, trying to remain
positive after such a tremendous letdown.

"Well, if he had seen us, he would have circled back to make sure he
wasn't seeing things - at least that's what I would have done."

"Oh, hell," Chris said, sitting down on the wet ground. "We should have
built a fire."

I rolled my eyes at her bringing this subject up again. "You know good
and damned well why I'm against it," I said, sitting down next to her.

"Tell me again," she said. "Just so I'll know that I'm not the crazy
one here."

"Look around you," I said, waving a hand. "Yeah, we've got enough wood
to start a pretty big bonfire - provided it stayed dry enough to light."

"Well, suppose it was dry enough to light - we should do it, don't you

"Honey, with a few exceptions, we've gotten very little rain here. Even
if this stuff was perfectly dry, lighting a big fire could set the whole
island ablaze."

"It would guarantee that we'd be seen," Chris said sarcastically.

"Yep - it sure would. But, if no one saw the fire, where would we live
after the whole island burned? What would we eat?"

"Oh, yeah - I forgot that part. Sorry I brought it up."

"No, that's okay, honey. Trust me, if another plane or a boat comes by,
we'll start a big fire. But until then, I'd rather not risk our survival
without a damned good reason. Come here."

Chris scooted over next to me and I hugged her close taking in the
warmth of her body. We sat quietly for a moment, wondering if the pilot of
the plane had seen us or not. Even if he had, I figured it would take a
few days before any rescuers would get here.

Until then, we just had to hold on as best we could.


It's been two weeks since we saw the plane and it's hard to stay
positive about being saved from this place. Even with the careful
rationing we've been doing, we're almost out of all the freeze-dried stuff
from the container. Chris has been doing her best to supplement our meals
with whatever items we could find growing in the area, but there were so
many plants I'd never seen before and we really didn't want to accidentally
poison ourselves.

I did get adventurous and tried to do some spear fishing in Carol's Bay.
It took me quite a while to get the hang of it, but soon we were eating
fresh fish whenever the little fuckers decided to visit the tiny bay -
which wasn't very often.

I was standing in the water with my spear in hand waiting for a stupid
fish to swim by when I saw Chris approaching. Just as my eyes flicked from
the water to Chris, a fish swam by and I plunged my spear into the water...
and right into my damned foot! Fortunately, it didn't penetrate very far,
but it sure hurt like hell, something Chris took great amusement in.

"You know, I just realized that I missed my friend," she said as she
tended my wound.

"Your friend?" I repeated. "Honey, don't give up hope yet. I'm sure
we'll get the fuck off this island and you'll see your friends again."

Chris looked at me and laughed. "Huh? Oh, I see - you don't get it, do

"Don't get what?" I said, clearly not getting it.

"My friend, you know, the one that shows up every 28 days?" Chris
finished bandaging my foot while I pondered her words. It actually took me
about three minutes before I finally realized what the hell she was talking

"Oh, my God," I whispered. "You've missed your period!"

"Bingo," Chris confirmed.

"But what about your pills?"

"They're in my suitcase," she replied, pointing in the general direction
of where the plane went down.

"Oh, shit," I groaned. Between the things we were doing to survive and
fucking like a couple of rabbits in between, I never gave one bit of
thought about condoms. Which I guess was okay, seeing as how they were
with Chris' birth control pills: in a suitcase, in the plane, on the bottom
of the ocean.

"Don't be too hard on yourself," Chris said. "I mean, I kinda figured
it would be a matter of time before something like this happened."

"Hold on a minute," I said, remembering something I once read in Cosmo.
"Is it possible that you just skipped a period because of all the stress
you've been under?"

"Possible, but not very damned likely," Chris said. "I thought about
that, too, but I'm afraid that's not the case. Face it - I'm pregnant."

Suddenly, the pain in my foot wasn't nearly as bad as the sudden pain in
my heart. I turned away from Chris to look out over the ocean at the
setting sun.

"Donny, what's wrong? I hope you're not upset about me being knocked up
by you."

"No, that's not what's bothering me, baby," I said turning to face her

"What is it, then?"

No need in trying to be nice about it. "I'm happy that you're going to
have my baby; but what bothers me is I have to find some way to get you off
this damned island."

"I don't follow you - of course we have to get off this rock. What's
your point?"

"My point is simply that unless I get you back to civilization, you're
going to have a baby in the God-forsaken place - and they didn't give out
merit badges for delivering babies. That plus the fact that you'll need
medical attention during your pregnancy and after you give birth." I
stopped for a moment, waving my hand expansively. "This place ain't
exactly equipped for this sort of thing."

"Hmm, I see your point," Chris said, sliding over closer to me and
putting her arms around me. "I wouldn't worry about it too much - we'll
get rescued soon."

"I sure as hell hope so," I said, patting her hand lovingly. "Come on,
let's get something to eat."

We made our way back to the hut for some food. During the short trip
back, I had another major concern, something I wasn't going to bother Chris
with: How was I going to explain her being pregnant when she wasn't
pregnant when we left?

Dinner consisted of some berries and a couple of the fish I had managed
to catch before spearing my foot. As we ate, all I could imagine was
Chris' belly growing more and more with each passing day. I wasn't sure if
I was up to the task of delivering a baby if it came down to it, but had to
concede the fact that I'd just have to do the best I could.

After dinner, we sort of sat around talking about this and that. We got
to talking about my college days and some of the crazy things I did, you
know, like getting totally plastered the night before an exam and stuff
like that.

"What was the craziest thing you did back then?" Chris asked.

"Hmm, that's a tough one - I did some pretty wild shit back then. But,
if I had to pick one particular adventure, it would have to be the night I
got drunk and had sex with my roommate."

Chris' eyes lit up upon hearing this. "You fucked your roommate? Wow,
I didn't know it was like that!"

"Well, no, it isn't," I said. "Believe me, I'm a pussy man. But, well,
when you've had about six too many, shit happens."

"Tell me about it," Chris asked. "What was it like for you?" As she
waited for me to launch into my sordid tale, Chris took the opportunity to
slip out of her short and began to stroke her pussy with her fingers.

"I remember us sitting around the apartment getting pretty plastered.
Josh, my roomy, had just gotten dumped by his girl and, of course, wanted
to drown his sorrows. I really felt bad for him and when he asked me to
sit and drink with him, I felt a little obligated, seeing as how he was my
best friend and all that."

I paused to take a sip of water, my eyes following every movement of
Chris' fingers as she stroked herself. What I really wanted to do was save
the story for another time and replace her fingers with my mouth and cock,
but there was something really hot about watching her masturbate.

"So, after a half case of beer and a fifth of vodka, we were pretty
wasted," I said, picking up the story. "The whole time we were getting
soused, Josh kept talking about how much of a slut Wanda was and how much
he loved her. I couldn't help but notice that Josh was as hard as a rock -
I figured that between his imagination and the booze, he was getting pretty

"So you just went for it, right?" Chris asked, her eyes partially closed
and partially off into her own masturbatory world.

"No, it didn't happen like that at all," I said, mesmerized by the light
glistening off her now-wet cunt. "Josh was never the bashful type; there
was many a night when I'd come home and find him on the sofa watching a
porno movie and jerking off to beat the band. It was so regular a thing
that I pretty much would ignore him."

"But this night was different. I guess Josh's horniness finally caught
up with him and he pulled his cock out and began sliding his hand along the
shaft. I was fucked up beyond belief, but at the same time, I was
fascinated with what he was doing, so much that my own dick was hard."

"Did you whip yours out?"

"I sure as hell did, but I really wasn't paying much attention to it - I
was too busy watching Josh. I don't know - there was something... erotic
about the way the skin would slide up and down his shaft. The next thing I
knew, I was kneeling on the floor next to him, getting a better view of
what he was doing."

"Oooh, that was nice," Chris moaned, working her way through her first
orgasm. "Don't mind me - go on with your story. It's making me so hot."

"Yeah, I can see that," I said, licking my lips. "Anyway, I'm down
there on the floor, my face just inches from his cock when he suddenly
tilts it in my direction. Without even thinking about it, I started
gobbling his meat like I'd been doing it for years. Next thing I knew, we
were both on the floor, lying on our sides, and sucking each other for all
we were worth. The part of me that wasn't drunk was shocked that I had
another man's dick in my mouth; but with Josh sucking me like an old pro, I
didn't care."

I paused again to take another sip of water, just as Chris slipped three
fingers into her juicy quim. "I don't know how long we were at it, but I
felt his dick swell up and before I could take my mouth off him, he was
shooting a huge load of jizz in my mouth! I guess it was reflex on my
part, but I just started swallowing. It was such a weird feeling that I
blew my load a minute later and Josh didn't miss a drop!"

"Damn, I wish I had a cigarette," Chris said.

I blinked at her comment, knowing that she didn't smoke - and neither
did I. "Anyway, we got ourselves untangled long enough to wash down each
other's load with a few shots of vodka. We really didn't say anything to
each other for a while; we just sat there looking at each other. Just when
I was about to say something, Josh put a finger up to his lips, leaned
over, and started sucking me until I was hard again."

"Was that all you guys did?"

"Pretty much," I said. "We sucked each other and drank until the sun
came up. After we both sobered up, we were pretty embarrassed at what had
happened. We agreed that it was because of the booze and that it wouldn't
happen again."

"Did it?"

"No, it didn't," I said, suddenly wondering what old Josh was doing
these days and wondering why I suddenly had the urge to suck a cock. "How
about you? Any wild high school tales?" I asked, pulling my rock hard dick
out of my pants.

"Sure," Chris said, sitting up to watch me. "There was the time me and
Betsy bagged school."

"Oh, yeah - I remember that day. Got you grounded for two weeks, didn't

"You bet your ass it did," Chris said smiling. "What you and mom didn't
know was what we were doing that day."

"So what were you two doing?"

"Well, me and Betsy hid around the corner and waited for her parents and
brother to leave the house. Once we got inside, we sat around watching tv and talking when Betsy asked me if I ever did it with a girl before."

"Had you?" I asked, pumping my cock a little faster.

"Almost did it with Karen one time but her geeky brother came home. I
told her that I hadn't and she asked me if I wanted to try it with her.
Seems like the girl had the hots for me for a while."

"Weren't you afraid?"

"I was while we were undressing, but when she started sucking my boobs,
well, I forgot all about being scared. We took turns sucking each other's
tits - hers are way bigger than mine - and it was so nice. While we did
the titty thing, we played with each other's pussies until we were both
very hot to trot. I guess Betsy had enough of the foreplay because she
laid me down on my back and ate me out like a fiend."

"She was that good, huh?" I asked, feeling my nuts begin to tighten. My
hand was a blur as it ran along my thickened shaft and my fist was covered
with sticky pre-cum.

"Dad, she ate my pussy better than anyone ever did - no offense."

"None taken."

"She got me off three times really fast and I knew it was my turn to
return the favor. I dove into her pussy fast, you know, so I wouldn't have
a chance to chicken out and change my mind. At first, the smell of hot
pussy gagged me; but I held my breath for a moment and stuck my tongue on
her clit a few times to see what she tasted like. When I decided that it
wasn't a bad taste or smell, I went to town on her until she was screaming
for me to stop."

"I didn't know you knew how to eat pussy," I said.

"I didn't until then," Chris confessed, her eyes fixed onto my cock as I
whipped myself into a frenzy. "All I did was what I like done to me,
that's all. Obviously, it was good enough for Betsy. I got her off a
couple of times then we got into a 69, with her on the bottom. Dad, that
girl tore my ass up - she was sucking everything she could get her mouth

"Even your ass?" Almost there...

"Even my ass. That was the first time I'd ever been rimmed until you
did it a while ago. Jesus, Betsy had me coming like a machine gun - she's
really got a talented mouth."

The image of Betsy Rogers eating Chris out was way too much for my horny
ass and I blew my load, a single jet of sperm arcing into the air between
us. Chris sat quietly and watched as I grunted and groaned and jerked my
way through a rather powerful orgasm.

"So that was your first and last time, huh?" I asked, finally regaining
some composure.

"Oh, no - it wasn't," Chris confessed. "Why do you think we spent a lot
of time staying overnight at each other's house?" Chris smiled at me as I
tied the events together.

"You two were lovers?" I asked, a feeling a little stupid after finding
out what had been going on in my own house.

"Are lovers, Dad. Where do you think I was the night before we left?"

"Wait a minute," I said. "Aren't you two going to the same college?"

"Yep - and it's no accident, either. Providing we get off this rock,
that is."

"Damn," I muttered. "You know, Betsy's not going to be happy with you
for getting knocked up."

Chris stood and stretched for a moment and I could feel my cock getting
rigid again. "I know, but I'm sure she'll understand once I explain it all
to her. Come on, let's go to bed."

I got up and followed my pregnant daughter into our home away from home,
hoping that the next morning would be our last on this place.


We were into our tenth or twelfth week on the island - I've lost track
of time when my watch got smashed against a tree. The routine hardly
varied except we didn't do any exploring - I didn't want Chris taking the
chance of falling down and hurting herself. Of course, she bitched me out
pretty good but eventually agreed it was the right thing to do.

In return, I agreed to stockpile enough wood to build and light the
signal fire. I still hadn't given up hope of being rescued, but I was
still worried about burning down the island and leaving both of us - I
mean, the three of us, dead and charred beyond recognition. We hadn't had
any serious rain for a while, something that just made me worry more.

We were down on Carol's Bay one afternoon. Chris was straddled across
me, riding my cock like it was a champion racehorse when we heard the sound
of an engine.

"Did you hear that?" Chris asked, stopping in mid-stroke and eliciting a
groan of disappointment from me.

"Hear what? Keep fucking me, woman!" I complained. Chris wasn't about
to be put off, though; she twisted her body around and stared at the sky.

"I hear an engine - it sounds really close," she said, continuing to
move around to get a better peek at the sky... and getting closer to me
filling her pregnant cunt with more hot sperm.

"I hear it, too," I groaned, hoping she'd stay still long enough for me
to cream her. "Give me a minute and we'll check it out."

"We don't have a minute, Donny," Chris said, suddenly standing up just
as I began shooting my load. Thick, hot sperm splattered all over my chest
and stomach as I watched Chris run down to the water's edge.

"Get off your ass, old man, and light that fucking fire," Chris
commanded, pointing off into the distance. Completely pissed off, I got up
and went to see what she was pointing at.

Off in the distance, I saw the shape of something that looked like a
boat, the sun glinting off something that just had to be a metallic

"Oh, shit," I said, forgetting my disappointment at being left hanging.
"It's a boat!"

"Yes, I can see it better now! Hurry, light the fire!"

"But, they may not see it," I protested.

Chris turned to look at me, her features letting me know in no uncertain
terms that this was our only chance to get off this fucking rock. "Do it,
Dad - get us out of here! We'll worry about shit later if it doesn't

I ran the short distance to where the wood and my fire-making tools were
lying. Clumsily, I began striking the flint-like stones together while
Chris kept me up on the boat's position.

"It doesn't look like it's moving very fast," she said. "Must be a
sailboat of some kind... yes, I can see sails! Hurry, Dad!"

"I'm going as fast as I can," I shouted back, slicing my finger open on
the sharp rock. The pain hit me so fast that I almost didn't see the fat
spark fly from the rocks and onto the waiting wood.

"Baby, I got it! It's burning!" Helped by a gentle breeze, the wood
began to smoke; I could see little licks of flame under the smoke as the
fire really caught.

I jumped up and ran to Chris' side, keeping an eye on the growing blaze
as thick clouds of smoke began to rise into the air. The wind picked up a
little and, to my horror, I could see a second blaze starting to form.

"Oh, no," I said, watching the dry grass catch and burn.

Chris didn't bother with looking at what might be our funeral pyre.
Instead she kept her eyes focused on the horizon, looking for any movement
that would indicate that the boat had changed course.

The fire quickly spread to the adjoining brush, eventually surrounding
us. I didn't have to look behind me to know that our home was burning like
a son-of-a-bitch; if we didn't get rescued, we were going to die here.

"Dad, I think the boat is turning," Chris said, barely keeping the
excitement out of her voice. I strained to look through the fiery haze
around us - it did look like the boat was changing course. But we had a
bigger problem.

"Baby, this whole area is going up in flames - we can't stay here much
longer!" The heat around us was blistering - and getting closer!

"Where's the raft?" Chris asked suddenly, looking around frantically.

I started looking, too, hoping that it wasn't a part of the inferno
around us. I looked to my left and saw it; the palm rope we used to tie it
up had burned through and it was slowly drifting away from the island.
"There it is!" I shouted, running for the water. "Come on, we've got to
get on that motherfucker or we're fried!"

A tree splintered and came crashing down, missing Chris by a few feet as
she dove into the water behind me. After helping her on the rickety
construction, I climbed aboard and we both started paddling like all holy
Hell was chasing us. And, in a way, it was. Clear of the smoke and flames
for a moment, I rubbed at my eyes, trying to get them to focus on the
growing shape of the boat. It did look like it was moving toward us, but I
really wasn't sure.

"Dad, look," Chris said. The sad tone of her voice made me turn back
and look at what had been our home for so long.

Carol's Bay was completely in flames, the tremendous heat incinerating
everything it touched. I felt a moment of sadness knowing that even if we
were saved, the island would be completely destroyed.

"You know," I said, wiping a tear from my eye, "In a way, I'm going to
miss that place."

"Me, too," Chris said, waving her hands at the boat which was now only a
couple of miles away and growing closer. "It's where we finally found each
other and really fell in love." Absently, Chris patted her fattened belly,
filled with the growing body of my - our child.

"I know," I said, feeling nothing but love for my daughter. "I just
wish our new relationship didn't have to end here."

"Who said it was going to end?" Chris asked, watching the flurry of
activity on the approaching boat's deck. "I don't want what we have to
stop - ever."

"What about school? What about Betsy?"

"Fuck school - it'll be there for me when I'm really ready to go. As
for Betsy, well, I guess you'll just have to fuck her and knock her up,

I really can't say whether it was the joy of finally being rescued or
what, but I was really overcome with emotion. I barely noticed the hands
that had reached down to help and Chris off the makeshift raft which, by
the way, sank the second we were on-board the larger craft.

Even as the crew questioned us about how we wound up in such an isolated
place, all I could see was Chris, pregnant with my child. Ironically, the
boat passed over the spot where the plane went down; Chris and I stood at
the railing, wrapped in blankets, gazing into the azure waters that marked
Carol's grave.

"Mom would have wanted us to go on like this," Chris whispered, taking
my hand and squeezing it.

"You know, I think you're right. When we get to a safe port, let's call
Betsy after we arrange for a ride home."

Chris didn't answer because she was being shepherded away by the
captain's wife, who was clucking over her like a mother hen. As I watched
the woman lead my pregnant daughter below decks, I turned and looked back
at both the island and my long lost wife. It didn't seem fair that she
died and I lived but, in a weird sort of way, I'm glad things turned out
the way they did.

"Goodbye, Carol," I whispered, as I was led down the ladder into the
belly of the boat.


We arrived in port with some kind of welcoming committee waiting for us.
The captain, a man named Ross something-or-the-other, had radioed ahead to
tell the authorities of our plight and rescue. Chris and I were whisked
away to a local hospital where we spend quite a few days being treated for
a variety of things.

While we recuperated, I was able to arrange transportation back home for
us, as well as having some money wired to me so I could buy us some new
stuff. The local authorities had been more than generous by providing us
with clean clothing, but I knew I'd feel better having my own things. I
was in the middle of packing my new bag when I heard footsteps behind me. I
turned to find Chris beaming at me.

"You look funny," she said, resting her hands on her tummy.

"What do you mean?"

"I'd gotten used to seeing you with long hair and a beard," she said,
barely stifling a giggle. Absently, I ran my hand along my cheek, feeling
the smoothness of my sun-baked skin.

"Well, it'll be a while before you get rid of that tan," I said, putting
the last item into the bag.

"I'll be the envy of everyone back home," Chris said. We stood there
for a moment, just looking at each other, remember our time together on the
island and what it meant for our future. The quiet contemplation was
interrupted by the sound of a horn.

"There's our cab," I said, hefting my bag and hers onto my shoulders.
"Let's go home."

Mercifully, the flight home was uneventful, although Chris did have a
bit of a bad moment as we boarded the plane, remembering what happened the
last time we flew. Still, we arrived home safely. Betsy met us at the
airport, just as we had arranged and the discussion during the ride home
was something to remember.

But that's another story...

The End


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