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SURVIVAL extreme guys For the first time


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
"A laugh-a-minute riot of fun" - Newsday - Hey, wait a minute, this
isn't by Mel Brooks!

"Only the first amendment allows things like this to be forced on the
public" - Harvard Law Review

"Grand prose- majestic setting- sweeping story" Elmo Firsthand
reviewer at large (For $10 more I'll add "scintillating characters")

"Thank the Gods I died before things like this were written" - Homer
"Me too" - Aristophanes

Kelli was, like, super pissed to the max. One little wiggle of
Terri's spandex clad ass and the boys were in hot pursuit. Typical.
(Note: this story is set when this slang was cool - don't worry,
Kelli doesn't have many more lines)
She didn't even like to ski. She couldn't even stamp her foot
with that stupid plank on it. All there was to do now was to fishtail, or
herringbone, or whatever they called it down to the lodge and look for
someone to make Todd jealous.
Kelli couldn't figure out why the mountain was dancing like it
was or where the rank, ratty old rug had come from. Her suppositions
roamed wildly for a while before a disturbing revelation came with the
clearing of her vision. The mountain wasn't dancing. She was moving.
And the ratty rug was the pack mule she was moving on. Her
hands were tied behind her and she was fastened in some way over the
back of the beast on her belly. It was a nauseating discovery. Now
every bounce threatened to empty her stomach and made the pain in
her head pound.
Her head! Her thoughts started to clear and she began to
question that being tied to the back of a mule was her preferred or
even normal state. No, of course not, she preferred sleeping in. She
preferred sleeping in in bed. And nowhere in her worst day did being
tied to an animal fit in.
Then she snapped back to the nearer present and pieced it
together. Someone had hit her in the head and had tied her to a mule.
"Hey! What are you doing!" she finally got around to protesting.
"She's awake," came a whiskey drawl.
"So what," came a deeper voice.
"Want me to bonk her again?" said whiskey.
"No, you stupid little loon, what do we care that she's yellin'?"
said deep.
"What are you doing to me?" Kelli cried out.
"Can I tell her? Can I? Can I?" cajoled an excited whiskey.
"Do what you want, asshole, just don't hit her with a piece of
stove wood again," agreed deep.
She saw boots that were dancing as whiskey sidled along
beside the mule.
"We're going to raise up a new generation," came whiskey's
excited voice. "We went and took us a wife and we're going to raise up
seed in you little lady."
"The fuck you are!" Kelli sneered.
"Yes indeed, this is how it was explained to me," whiskey
answered, "Fuck you we will and faithfully so the new generation can
take root."
EEuuuwwwwww! She could smell him five feet away outdoors.
She couldn't imagine being in a room with him. Particularly when he was
in the room to, yuck!, put his dick in her.
She was fucked. That was as sure as if they had stopped the
mule and done her right there. There wasn't any way to get away. That
was for sure. The rope was strong and the knots were tight.
This was worse even than Terri fucking her boyfriend right now
at this very minute. She couldn't deal with the possible outcomes here.
Taking her like this wasn't legal- she knew that. So these were some
pretty extreme guys. For the first time she realized that they could kill
her just as easy as fuck her- easier even.
She shut up. Faced with the decision to think her situation
through and to tremble in numbed fear, she chose trembling.
One of them, deep she thought, swung her off the mule and over
his shoulder when they reached a pine log cabin nestled under the cover
of the trees. Inside it was only slightly less wild than the forest. Furniture
was fashioned from split logs lashed together and they had seemed to
have settled on the pieces of dead animal accent decor. It was freaky.
Deep threw her down on the bed and she kicked at him. It was
a mistake. He caught her foot and studied her ski boot for a moment
before he pulled it off. He watched for another kick as he reached
down and did the same with the other boot.
"Damn cold out in that snow for you to run out barefoot," he
told her matter-of-factly.
Barefoot- and pregnant. The second half of that phrase came
unwillingly into her mind. She remembered what whiskey had said. She
began begging. She begged without knowing why or knowing what to
beg for. She begged because it was the only thing she could think to do.
"You'll calm down in a day or so," he answered her pleas. "I
didn't know you was such a flighty one."
Then whiskey came in covered in a grin and began nattering.
"Can we plant them seeds now?" he asked, hopping from foot
to foot. "We ought to be gettin' to it pretty soon- don't you think? You
wanna go first or should I?"
Kelli fought as hard as she could, but between them they
managed to pull off her pants. They had left her nude from the waist
down and wearing one sock. She knew she couldn't run away then.
She didn't want to be found naked frozen in the snow.
But her struggles had had their impact on the pair.
"We gonna have to fight her like that when we're procreating'?"
whiskey asked, his ardor dampened some.
"We can fix her," deep said.
For all his gosh bob whoopee manner the one with the whiskey
drawl looked older than the other man- and skinnier. He had a scraggly
rabbit-brown beard heavily infused with gray. She decided to call him
graybeard. The other was a strapping, barrel-chested man with a thick black beard. He would be blackbeard.
Blackbeard had graybeard sit on her leg while they bent the
other up so blackbeard could tie her calf to her thigh. Kelli didn't like
that one bit. She knew what they were planning and it looked like they
had an effective way of keeping her wishes out of the picture.
Blackbeard tied that rope to the bedframe and they turned to
her other leg. Shortly, she was trussd with her knees bent and spread in
the perfect raising up seed position. Laying on her arms was stressing
her shoulders and Kelli could hardly be more miserable.
"There, no fighting necessary," blackbeard said with a hint of
pride in his voice.
"So- you want to do her first?" asked graybeard, beginning to
bob up and down again, "Or you want me to?"
Kelli looked at them and revised her thoughts on misery.
"Go 'head, you so all-fired anxious," blackbeard told him.
She was like a bird under the spell of a snake, Kelli told herself
as she couldn't take her eyes off the penis graybeard exposed as he
struggled out of his coveralls and pulled down his longjohns. It was like
studying your attacker so you can identify him later, she maintained.
It was thin and long with a bulbous head that made it look like
some sort of arrow that would be shot up her vitals. The rest of him was
stringy and his thighs were pimple covered and red with rash.
"She likes my pecker," graybeard said as he followed her gaze.
"I don't like anything about you smelly men!" Kelli argued, her
cheeks ablaze with embarrassment that she had been caught looking.
"She don't have to like it, does she?" graybeard asked as he
crawled over her..
"She'll get used to it," blackbeard said.
Kelli's screech as graybeard tried to shove the head of his prick
into her unwilling cunt could have been intrepreted as her just not liking
it except graybeard agreed.
"This ain't nice. It's hurting me," graybeard complained.
"Then I guess you ought to grease it up some first," blackbeard
said, snickering a little.
Kelli couldn't tell who he thought the joke was on, but she knew
she wasn't laughing. She found it even less humorous when graybeard
came back with some yellow substance that looked like congealed
chicken soup.
The strong smell told her it wasn't chicken as he smeared it all
over her exposed crotch and then took his place again. Maybe in some
sense it eased the rape, but that wasn't good thing in Kelli's mind. His
cock wasn't all that large, particularly once he'd pressed the bulbous
head inside her, but she would have resented a toothpick.
And graybeard used the thick head to his best advantage,
rooting it around in her once he'd got his cock most of the way in. There
wasn't anything she could do and she was at their mercy, but Kelli
couldn't restrain herself.
"You guys are wrong!" she bellered. "You guys are foul! Stop it
right now! Let me go!"
She had run through most of her library of manipulations and
come at last to demands. The demands worked as well as all her other
attempts had. Graybeard was lost in the obviously novel feel of fucking
her and blackbeard was giving no indication he was even listening.
She was about to lapse back into begging because graybeard
had turned up the intensity a notch and was tenderizing her insides with
his cock. It made her arms ache all the more and it was the antithesis of
having a good time.
Graybeard wouldn't have said the same thing. Willing or not, her
cunt was warm and if not sopping wet, then at least greasy with the
possum fat he had used to lubricate it. He was enjoying himself
immensely. He continued to ravage her until he growled like a dog with
a bone and came inside of her.
It broke Kelli. The feel of the wet flood inside her opened the
floodgates of her tears and she sobbed helplessly as the grinning
graybeard pulled out of her and climbed off the bed.
The enormity of her situation rolled over Kelli. She was more
vulnerable than vunerable, more helpless than helpless. She was at the
mercy of these wild men and more than not able to fight back, she
couldn't even resist. That made graybeard's words more devastating.
"You want her now or are you gonna let that steep?" he asked
"I'll do what I do without needing to inform you," blackbeard
What he did was leave her trussed to the bed and threw an
itchy wool blanket over Kelli. She appreciated the gesture, but would
have rathered he at least untie her knees from the rails of the bed.
Instead, they left her in the uncomfortable position for what
seemed like hours. Her arms were long numb and her legs were going
the same way. Then blackbeard threw the blanket off her and gazed
at her exposed body.
"She's getting blue," he commented. "I guess we ought to get
her into another position."
Kelli was like a limp sack as he loosed the ropes and lifted her
off the bed. Her legs didn't feel like they would hold her and her arms
were just dead weights hanging from her shoulders. That was frustrating
as she was unfettered for the first time since she had regained
consciousness over the back of the mule and she couldn't even make
a token effort at struggling.
Blackbeard handled her like dead weight as he stood her
against one of the supporting poles of the cabin and used her dead arms
to hold her up on her unsteady feet. Almost as an afterthought, he
opened her flannel shirt and studied her bra-covered tits.
She was about to be totally naked for these men for the first
time. Blackbeard fufilled her prophecy by pulling her bra up over her
tits and stepping back to admire his work.
"Screwed up, huh?" Kelli still had the gumption to chide her
captor. "It's going to be hard to rape me now."
Blackbeard snorted and then stepped up against her, reached
down and picked up her legs. His crotch was pressed to hers.
"Not hard at all," he said and then dropped her legs.
But he obviously wasn't in the mood yet. Kelli hadn't felt a hard
cock pressing against her when he demonstrated how he could take her
even tied to the post. The tension would continue. She could only wait.
Graybeard filled in the interim with his own brand of harassment
as he came over to play with her newly exposed nipples. His rustic
facination as if they were the first nipples he had seen was disturbing.
Then the blood flowing back into her extremities distracted
Kelli from her other troubles. That was enough. She was cramped,
uncomfortable and not having a good time. She was owed better
treatment. The burning pins and needles in her arms made her reckless.
It brought out the natural bitch in her.
"Let me loose, dammit! Get this crazed goomer off me and untie
me!" she demanded. "If you're nice to me now I won't have them cut off
your balls when they rescue me!"
Blackbeard didn't say anything in answer. He came over and
pushed the staring graybeard out of the way and stood in front of her
staring down with a baleful gaze.
"You just don't understand and you don't learn. I thought after
you were tied down and fucked you'd figure it out. You're ours now."
he badgered Kelli.
"Then treat me right," Kelli whined."I'm miserable. I'm in pain."
Blackbeard wasn't impressed. He reached up and trapped her
left nipple with a big finger and thumb and pinched until she yowled with
the shooting pain.
"Not as bad as that, huh," he said and jerked the tortured nipple
before he released it. "You got to toughen up. It's a rough life up here."
And then he cut her heart out when he added, "And there's no
one coming for you. We watched for a while and nobody was even
looking for you. You're all alone with us."
He could be lying, but deep down Kelli knew it was true. It
could be weeks by the time anyone cared that she was missing. Then
they would look for her in the city, not up in the mountains.
Now she ached all over and Kelli burst into tears again.
"At least you have a hobby," blackbeard said and turned away
from her again.
Even graybeard was consumed with some other activity for the
moment and Kelli finally cried herself out and then had the time to grow
bored being tied to the post. Then graybeard piped up again.
"You gonna ever fuck her?" he asked blackbeard.
"I told you I'd get to it," he replied, a little testy.
"But I'm feeling all jumpy again..." graybeard said, "Do I have to
wait for you?"
"You just go pester her to your heart's content," he said.
What could have been termed childish glee looked to Kelli like
dangerous lunacy. There was just too much bounce in the way he
hopped out of the overalls he had put on after he was done with her the
first time. And his swagger with the funny bulge in his longjohns swaying
looked dangerously menacing rather than humorous to Kelli.
Then they each made their mistakes. Graybeard untied her
hands and Kelli let her panic make her flee.
She got two steps past graybeard before blackbeard brought
her up short by the hair. The jerk was enough to pull her off her feet
and Kelli landed with a splat on her back on the wood floor.
"Damn it! What does it take for you to learn?" blackbeard
roared down at her.
The next thing she knew, he was whipping her with a slender
stick as she unsuccessfully tried to shield her thighs and then her breasts from the cutting blows.
"Do what you're told," he yelled as he beat her, "Act like a bad
dog and I'll whip you like a bad dog."
Kelli yelped and shrieked as the switch marked her. She rolled
away in a desperate attempt to escape the blows, but blackbeard only
changed his aim so the switch cut across the broad expanse of exposed
She tried to crawl away but the blows followed until he had
chased her back to graybeard. He picked her up and threw her on the
Kelli was terrified beyond her fear of graybeard. She lay
trembling and awaited the inevitable. She only had to wait for him to
fish his big-headed erection out of the fly of his long underwear.
She was still grease-coated from their last encounter and he
entered with relative ease. Horrible as it sounded, it was easier this time.
She was too scared to move her hands, but at least she was not laying
on her arms this time. She closed her eyes and lay still as graybeard
pumped away on top of her.
"Oh man- oh man- oh man." he crooned as he worked his cock
inside her. "This is real fun."
He fucked her faster rather than harder this time and the broken
girl was ready for the wet flood he loosed inside her. She was numbed a
little to the horror. It was better than being beaten with a stick.
"Can we trust her now? Can we trust her now?" graybeard
asked in almost a sing-song as he pulled on his overalls.
"No, not now- not ever," blackbeard said. "You gotta
remember that. Maybe she'll get used to it. Maybe she'll learn. But we
don't ever trust her."
But this time even the bondage was nicer. Blackbeard still tied
her hands behind her, but this time he only tied one ankle to a post of the
bed. And he gave her a couple of feet of slack so she could move a bit.
He also removed the last of her clothes before he tied her and
threw the wool blanket over her again against the chill in the cabin.
That brought up another detail she had been dreading.
"I've got to go to the bathroom," she said.
Blackbeard kicked a bucket and it slid over to clang against
the bed.
"Go ahead," he said.
"I.. I can't do that," Kelli blubbered.
"I gotta go too, should I take her out?" graybeard said.
"She might as well get used to one or the other," blackbeard
said and then said to Kelli, "You see we ain't got running water. I think
you'll like using the bucket in a little while."
Kelli did not think that was likely. An outhouse might be bad
enough, but she wasn't about to do her business while these two
gawked at her. It took all of ten seconds for her to change her mind.
It was about 17 degrees outside. And she was naked.
Graybeard led her through the snow by the rope on her ankle to the
far corner of the cabin- downhill side. Her teeth chattered and she
shivered as graybeard pulled out his cock and pissed.
"You get to it or you're gonna freeze to death," he told her as
he wrote yellow in the snow.
To her relief, he didn't pay any attention as she squatted and
relieved her bladder. But that was small comfort in the freezing cold.
She asked for paper and graybeard scooped up a handful of snow.
"Paper messes up the mountains," he said as he wiped her cunt
with the freezing snow and responded to her jerking protests, "You'll
get used to it. I kind like it myself. Feels so good when the cold goes
But the cold wasn't going away. Even when she entered the
blessed heat of the cabin she still felt frozen to the bone. She rolled up
in the blanket as well as she could without the benefit of hands and
She didn't recognize the symptons of shock setting in, but
blackbeard did. Kelli only heard him draw a deep, tired breath and then
feared another beating as he came to stand over her.
He didn't calm her any when he groaned, "Oh Dammit!"
But blackbeard gathered her up and made her a place by the
fire. She was only marginally aware of drifting to sleep when the
shivering stopped.
She came awake struggling to reconcile the finished pine logs of
the ski lodge with the rough interior that met her eyes. And then the
horror of the day rushed back at her as blackbeard was gathering her
up again.
Her wrists were free, but she was bundled tightly in the blanket
as she was carried back to the bed. She only noted that. Blackbeard
picked her up like she would pick up a pencil and she had no more
illusions that she could escape him.
"Do I need to tie you down?" he asked as he shrugged out of
his suspenders.
She shook her head slowly. Fear gnawed inside her like a little
mouse caught in her rib cage, but she was too beaten to respond. A
voice far off in her skull screamed for her not to surrender but she lay
still and watched with horrid fascination as blackbeard pulled off his
Her curiosity disgusted part of her, but she frankly was
interested in what this bear of a man had between his legs. With those
mixed emotions she saw he had a completely unremarkable penis.
"I guess you ain't gonna get used to this anytime soon," he
said with what sounded like regret. "But you know if you pretended a
little bit, it would be nicer for everybody."
She was physically drained and emotionally vulnerable. When
he lay down between her legs she opened them wider to give him room.
He didn't enter her immediately. Instead, he traced the weals he had
inflicted on her breasts and then ran soothing lips across them.
Lost in confusion and the moment, Kelli arched up as he
pressed his cock against her entrance. She even let her hands rest lightly
on his back as he surged inside her. It was far from both unwilling force
and grateful acceptance, but it was in some way soothing not to fight
as blackbeard fucked her.
His fucking was as unremarkable as his cock, but that was a
small blessing in itself. He didn't hurt her and she didn't expect to find
startling carnal pleasure in the arms of a rapist. He finished after a
modest period of thrusting and then, to her relief, got off her quickly.
"Now I've got a surprise for you," he said and Kelli instantly
tensed, fearing the other shoe would now fall.
"I've been working all day," he said proudly as he held up some
iron contraption and a silvery thick chain.
He pulled her ankle from under the covers and wrapped the
thing around it. He snapped it to the chain with a padlock. She was
like an animal in a trap.
"Now we won't have to tie you up," blackbeard said happily.
Kelli was not impressed. But she came to see the advantage as
time wore on. The chain gave her some freedom to move around and
she had the use of her hands. It certainly made sleeping easier.
Or would have if graybeard was not her bunkie. He moved
constantly in the night and seemed to only be comfortable when his arm
was stretched out across her face. But she was chained to his bed and
had to put up with him.
Morning was another rude reminder that she had been abducted.
Kelli felt sorry for herself awhile and then climbed out from under the
feather bed to pee in the bucket. She had gotten over her modesty in
light of the alternative.
But not everything was sweetness and light. Blackbeard was
less nice in the morning. He was rough and brusque as he pinned her to
the mattress with a beefy forearm and entered her quickly. He also
fucked quickly and came quickly and then rolled off her like she was a
urinal he had used for his morning piss.
Only graybeard seemed immune to the morning grumps. He was
his same giddy self and blackbeard growled at him as well.
"We got work to do," he informed graybeard sharply, "If you
going to fuck her, get it done."
Of course he wasn't passing that up. His cock wasn't hard when
he climbed on top of Kelli, but it seemed he rubbed it twice on her
cuntlips and he was ready to go. She had sunk into acceptance at that
point and having been opened by blackbeard made even accepting
graybeard's swollen crown easy enough to do.
Graybeard rutted around in her for some time longer than
blackbeard had and this time he nuzzled her breasts as his cock did its
work. It was only an irritation to Kelli, but it seemed to make it special
for graybeard.
He was nattering on about how having a woman to fuck just
made their life god-awful great even as they walked out and shut the
door behind them. Now she was alone.
Wrapped in her blanket, Kelli examined everything within
reach of her chain- the chain first. It was case-hardened steel. With a
hacksaw, she probably could be loose in two weeks. The shackle itself
would be a piece of cake, but she was only taunting herself.
The best case was that she would wander off the mountain in
her make-shift coverings of blankets and barely escape death by
exposure. The more likely scenarios were that she would freeze, be
attacked by animals or shot from a quarter of a mile off by one of her
captors before she could find her way to safety.
She turned her examination to the cabin with the same
disappointing results. They obviously trapped some, hunted some and
lived a meager existance in return for the freedom of their isolation.
Anything, useful, valuable or interesting they might have was beyond the
reach of her chain
Judging time by the movement of the sun, they were gone four
or five hours in the morning before she heard them tramping to the door.
She noted with more disappointment that she only heard them the last
six feet or so and that was because graybeard was still running his mouth.
"Should she be cold?" graybeard asked when he saw she was
wrapped in the blanket.
"Why don't you strip buck naked and see," blackbeard
"Seein's what I was thinking about," graybeard said and then
asked Kelli, "You cold or just shy?"
"It's drafty in here," she said, trying not to set anyone off.
"Well, can't be assholes now can we? Maybe you'll feel warmer
when we get the fire ta goin," he said as much to himself as to her.
Anger boiled up in her at the asshole remark, but Kelli held it in.
Abduct and rape a girl. Beat her, chain her in your cabin, but don't be
assholes?!!?! What went on in his pea-brain that passed for thought?
She was just getting started on hating them again when
blackbeard toasted some chunks of meat over the fire that graybeard
had set to roaring and her stomach reminded her she hadn't eaten since
her abduction. Blackbeard dumped the seared meat into a pot and the
smell was delicious. Actually delicious, not some enhancement caused
by her gnawing hunger.
It seemed they could more than make do where food was
concerned. Blackbeard was mixing something else in the kitchen as the
smells were soothing her rough edges. She was downright amenable
by the time he set the dutch oven in the coals and the smell of baking
joined the savor of the stew.
And it was much warmer with the fire roaring. She made as
much of a show as she could without making it obvious she was showing
off as she swirled the blanket from her shoulders and bent rather more
than necessary to fold it on the bed.
Seeing she had graybeard's attention, she said, "Is this what you
wanted to see?"
"He's not simple-minded enough to help you, but he'll play it for
all it's worth," came blackbeard's warning from back in the cabin, giving
a name to the idea that was still only half formed in her mind.
She ignored the warning to deny its truth and carefully sat her
naked butt on the wood bench next to graybeard. She was braced for
him to paw her, but he only looked her up and down with evident
"I think she's got nice titties," he announced and then told her,
"I think you've got nice titties. You think she's got nice titties?"
"Yeah, they're nice titties," said blackbeard.
Graybeard hesitantly put out a finger and rubbed one of her
nipples and then pulled it back when the nipple popped into erection.
"Ain't got time for that, we got work," he reminded himself.
Blackbeard had turned the biscuits once and now he retrieved
the pot from the fire. He shook the golden brown mass onto a cloth and
then swung the stew off the fire.
Kelli didn't ask what it was when she was handed a bowl and
a biscuit. It smelled good enough and she was probably happier not
knowing. It was heaven to her starved stomach.
As she ate, she even began to feel a little normal. Even better
than normal, given she had narrowed her thoughts to exclude she was
chained in a remote mountain cabin. She was eating good food in front
of a warm fire and she was able to even elicit sidelong glances from
blackbeard as she proudly displayed her naked charms to her captors.
She would think of it as sick later on, but at the time she was
proud that her charms had her audience nearly as captive as she was.
Even later, she would alibi that a girl likes to be appreciated.
Contrary to graybeard's contention, it didn't seem like they had
much to do after they ate. They went in and out, the cold forcing her
back into her blanket, and she heard wood being split briefly, but they
were not leaving the area.
She wondered what part of their routine they had altered to go
off and abduct her the day before. That was not the best memory to
disturb. The horror of her situation came crashing in on her then and she
was forced onto the bed in a fetal position as she tried to make it go
Blackbeard seemed to read her thoughts.
"Best to let it go," he said. "Start over from this morning. You
didn't seem too peeved then. Just get used to it."
That was an even more horrible thought. Falling into the routine
of being their evening entertainment, slowly losing her memories, maybe
ending as the apron-clad kitchen help and cabin cleaner as her self
melted into some squaw for these men.
She moped through a meal of roasted something after they had
returned from a jaunt in the approaching darkness of evening. Then
blackbeard produced some applejack and the fiery apple juice made
some of her desperation go away.
She was in fact quite drunk when blackbeard peeled her out of
the blanket she was clutching, more for security than warmth, and bent
her over the bench by the fire. The liquor had loosened him a little too
as he seemed to celebrate as he took her from behind in the animal fashion.
He wasn't as deliberate or hurried as he slammed into her butt
and seemed to be taking the time to have fun rather than simply answer
an urge as he fucked her fast and slow in turns. He was even quite
congratulatory to the both of them.
"That's some pretty nice pussy," he grunted as he filled it with
a hearty thrust, "You ain't half bad as far as tight and warm goes."
And nothing else considered, he was fucking her almost like a
normal man, Kelli was able to admit. It even felt a little bit good to have
him take his time and explore all the corners of her sheath as he reached
deep inside her from this angle.
"Oh yeah, baby, give me the squirts!" he prompted as he wished
to hold back no longer and rammed her deeper and faster as she
squirmed on the bench.
It was almost good for her when the flood began and he jerked
powerfully as he spurted out his cum inside her. He fucked her hard past
the end and then pressed his cock deep inside and ground on her ass
as the tingles died in the afterglow. It was almost like sex for Kelli.
Of course graybeard wanted to follow his example and was
quickly fumbling his own big-headed cock into her cunt when
blackbeard moved away.
"Jiminey, this is nice!" he enthused. "You teach me any more
good tricks?"
Graybeard couldn't contain himself and was thus done in short
order. That was good for Kelli since his longer cock was slightly
irritating as it reached deep into her with no art or reason and stimulated
none of the acceptable feeling she had been getting from blackbeard..
But then drunken blackbeard was incautious enough to let the
jinni from the bottle.
"Here, I'll show you the secrets of secrets," he told graybeard
as he lifted Kelli to sit down on the bench.
"Now I know you know what to do. And I know you know
better than to do anything you shouldn't do," he warned Kelli as he
pulled her back down and held his cock up to her mouth.
She had been surprised she hadn't been forced to suck them
before, but now it was a disappointment to see her hopes that they never
would get to that dashed. It wasn't even the foul smell or taste anymore.
It was having the picture she was drawing ruined by reality.
On the other hand, there was no refusal. She feared blackbeard
drunk more than she feared him sober. She opened her mouth and let
him push his cock inside. She looked up at graybeard and saw his look
of horrified wonder.
"She's eating your thing!" she gasped excitedly.
"Naw," blackbeard soothed, "Women know better than to bite
and it feels real good licking you with their tongue and all."
Blackbeard wrapped his fingers in her hair to pull her on and
off his cock and Kelli saved him the trouble by moving on her own. She
had been told she was quite good at cocksucking and she did her best
to live up to that despite her circumstances.
The more she blocked out, the easier it was to pretend that this
was just another cock and let her practiced skill take over. She teased
and urged him based on his cock's reaction rather than the setting in
the remote cabin of her abductors.
But then she wasn't sure what was expected of her. Was she to
hold him off until he decided he wanted to fuck her again, or finish him
with her mouth? She wasn't sure he knew what he wanted either in his
drunken state.
She decided to try and hurry him to a decision by sucking him
frenetically until he pushed her away or filled her mouth with seed. He
took the first option and rolled her on her back to pounce on her and
fuck her briefly before cumming inside her.
It gave Kelli time to catch her breath before it was graybeard's
turn to try out the new treat. The dread she had of the large knob turned
out to be a benefit as graybeard was very sensitive just around the
broad ridge where it met his shaft.
But graybeard was overwhelmed by the very novelty of her
mouth on his cock and quickly, too quickly for Kelli to prepare, came to
his crisis. Then it was too late to roll back and open her legs for him as
she had blackbeard. She squeezed her eyes shut and bobbed twice
more fearing the reaction.
She was not disappointed in her fear as graybeard came with
great animation and lodged his cock deep in the back of her throat as
the cum poured forth and nearly suffocated her.
"And I thought fucking was a miracle," he said in reverant awe
as he calmed and Kelli had coughed her way back to the ability to draw
a few careful breaths.
It was the jinni from the bottle in many ways. Graybeard had
become confident in the ways of sex in his two days experience and
the night was not longer quiet but for his arm falling across Kelli's face.
That night she awoke with her back hugged to graybeard's chest
and his hard cock seeking entrance from the rear. She accomodated him
since it seemed all he wanted was her passive body to use. He lay back
to rest when he was finished with his cock still inside her and it was
some comfort to Kelli as a reminder of lovers past.
But when she was roused in the morning to the feel of his cock
pressing her lips, she did act badly. Before she could grasp what was
happening, graybeard had pushed his cock into her mouth and was
again threateneing her throat.
He was squatting over her head facing down her body and she
reacted in panic that knocked out his knees and brought him crashing
down on top of her. Perhaps she could have paused there, but it was
also a reaction that wrapped her thighs around his neck.
But certainly his struggles caused the frustration of her position,
which she had submerged in fear, to flare and overcome her sense. He
was trapped and by the time blackbeard responded to the commotion
she had pulled the chain up from her ankle and had nearly wrapped it
around the helpless man's neck.
"You bitch!" blackbeard had shouted as she refused to open
her legs as he pulled and then she saw the flash of his fist approaching
her face and then blackness.
When she woke, her hands were tied again and she was seated
on the bench by the fire. Blackbeard was and angry and she noted with
terror he was holding the fire poker in his hand.
He threw the poker into the fire and grabbed her by the
shoulders near her throat.
"That's murder! You understand? Murder! There's no
forgiveness for that," she menaced into her face.
The contrast of his killing animals every day and his fervor about
the sin of killing his own kind was shocking. Then suddenly another cold
realization burst on her. His fine moral sense didn't reach as far as taking
a woman and making her his slave.
All the warm feelings she was beginning to have went cold. As
far as he was concerned, she was another animal to be done with as he
pleased. The realization not only canceled any embryonic affection, it
made his next threat all the more terrible.
He pulled the poker from the fire and held the glowing red end
close enough to her face that the heat was painful.
"We got to deal with crimes ourselves up here," he menaced.
He then told graybeard to turn her over. She could feel the heat
over her left buttock. It was burning her and she braced for the pain.
Then she felt the heat retreat.
"I will brand you," he promised. "The smell itself will punish you
and then you'll limp for a week. I will brand you. The slightest indication
of planning anything like this again. and I'll give you a mark that will
never go away."
She didn't know what made him pause, but she believed the
suspended sentence he had issued. Next time she better make sure she
could kill them both before she acted.
There was no playful morning rape that day and she was left
bound and laying in bed when they went out for their morning rounds.
The situation had turned dangerous and Kelli lay in a pool of her
own fearful sweat as she tried to chase away all the brutal images that
she feared might be her fate. And every time she kept coming back to
her first realization while still strapped over the pack mule. It would be
easer for them to kill her than it had been for them to rape her.
She couldn't know what had been said while they were away,
but blackbeard was less surly, if just as sullen, when he loosed her hands
so she could eat. And graybeard was solicitous, but silent.
Kelli's reading of the situation was that graybeard knew she was
going to die and was sad. And he had been warned not to tell her. The
tension broke Kelli open.
"What did you expect, kidnapping me and raping me day after
day," she exploded and then fell to sobbing.
"We just wanted you to get used to it," blackbeard said. "I
thought you were goin' that direction."
"The crazy thing is I knda like the old coot," Kelli half laughed,
half sobbed. "But it felt like he was trying to kill me."
"We know women don't like livin' up here like this, but I thought
we could teach you," blackbeard went on. "But now..."
That had a fearful, final sound. Kelli had a sinking feeling that
threatened to make her black out as the maudlin silence settled on their
failure to search out answers. When they trussed her up and left again,
Kelli prepared to die.
She couldn't even begin to guess what was going on when a
tumult of noisy voices approached the cabin. There were more than two
and at first she didn't hear either of the beards among them. Then she
heard blackbeard's roar above the others.
"Just shut up! We're here. Get inside," he was ordering.
If she wasn't chained to a bed with her hands bound, fearing
death with their return, it would have been a comical sight. Blackbeard
and graybeard were propelling three stumbling blindfolded men into the
cabin. She recognized them as ski patrol from the words "Ski Patrol"
emblazoned all over their clothing.
Graybeard cut their ropes, one by one, and let them tear the
blindfolds from their own eyes. Blackbeard covered them with a rifle.
"You can't get away with this," the big blonde said. "You'll save
youself a lot of trouble if you release us now."
Knowing them as she did, Kelli was surprised that graybeard
wasn't dancing a jig at their outrageous assumptions. Instead both men were sporting sly smiles that told her the fun- at least for them- was just
"There's three of us and two of you, you can't cover us all," the
first one said.
Blackbeard supressed a laugh and said slowly," You're a jerk
of the finger from being two, so who wants to get shot, who wants that
toad sticker in his ribs and who wants me to whack him with the butt of
this gun?"
There were no volunteers. They were brave enough, but no
amount of bluff was going to overcome the careful planning of
blackbeard. Whatever he had planned was going to happen. Kelli could
tell them that.
About that time the sknny dark guy noticed Kelli on the bed.
"Look- the missing skier," he told the others.
"You perverts!" the first one said, getting all fierce again, "You're
going to pay big time for that. And if you've hurt her..."
"Guys," Kelli piped up, "Shut up. Running your mouths isn't
going to do anything. If he says you're fucked, you're fucked. If I've
learned anything in the last couple of days, it's that he don't tackle
anything he can't handle. So shut up and listen up and we can get
whatever he's got planned out of the way as easy as possible."
"Thank you, little lady," blackbeard said, "And the first thing
I want to see is what kind of underwear you city folk wear."
There were some tense moments- at least for the ski patrol- as
they resisted the order, but Kelli took matters in her own hands, er, feet.
She kicked the blanket covering herself off and lay naked before them.
"Come on, join me," she said more prophetically than she knew.
For whatever reason, that got the boys off square one and they
started to peel off layers down to their underwear.
"Now go sit over there by the fire. Don't want you catching a
chill," blackbeard snickered.
Kelli had no clue what was going on in his mind, but she was
relieved since he seemed to be having such fun and she knew firsthand
his feelings about killing fellow humans. She watched as the fateful jug
of applejack came out of hiding and saw blackbeard pour the boys each
a glass.
They balked when he told them to drink, but he poured a shot
out of the same jug and knocked it back. Then they grudgingly downed
the liquid fire. Graybeard came over to untie her wrists and she was
included in the next round.
It got a little misty then, but Kelli remembered snatches of the
guys losing the underwear and vivid impressions of each cock exposed.
There was a little dancing on her part. A raucous, obscene dance if the
truth must be told, including squatting in and on guy's faces as the
night became drunker and drunker.
She remembered being taken from behind as she sucked one
of them sitting on the bench and the messy splatters on her face as she
struggled to keep her mouth over an ejacualting cock as the one
behind her did his best to fuck her off it.
She vaguely remembered being pushed across the bench and
clearly could relive every detail of being greased and having another one
of them push his cock into her anus. She could remember the feel of the
rough wood rubbing her belly as the cock pushed deep inside and the
clear consternation that now someone had shown graybeard a new
trick he would have to try.
And she remembered graybeard's thick-headed cock making
her screech even through the haze of applejack as it forced her asshole
to stretch farther than she thought it could when he popped it inside
as soon as the first had dumped his load in her bowels.
And she remembered the feel as that large knob travelled up her
insides and the strange sensation of her anus snapping down on the
thinner shaft once the monster had passed beyond.
Then someone, who must have been blackbeard, lifted her like
a feather and jammed her down on his cock. She seemed to float in the
air as she was filled and emptied as if by magic and she remembered
crying out in orgasm as that man jacked himself off with her body.
Then there were more. Once, at least, she straddled a man and was filled cunt and ass while the third let their incessant pounding
at her bottom end drive her mouth back and forth on his prick.
She remembered the sour and the salty, the egg white and the
oyster as an uncounted number came in her mouth. And she
remembered being pressed in the midst of muscled flesh even after the
cocks atttached were limp and helpless to drive into her any longer.
And then she remembered waking up in a pile of the ski patrol
men, dressed in her own clothes and still wrapped in 'her' blanket just
a few yards from where she had met the mountain men a few days
They had no clue where the cabin was or how far and were not
inclined to put out a search. In fact, it was only bragged of at drunken
parties and became a sort of local legend that no one truly believed.
Oh yeah, Kelli had one more misty memory. It seemed she
recalled floating near the surface of consciousness as someone kissed
her on the forehead.
"Sorry you didn't get used to us, little lady," she heard before
she dropped back into the black bag of her dreams.


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