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SURVIVOR thick the waist and with


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Sam Hill VII - The lost Episode: In which Sam and Staci have
repeated and repetitive bondage sex for six chapters, (according to
Staci) Staci is forced into her first lesbian affair, Sam (dopey
romantic that he is) decides to take the plunge for the fourth time
with Staci, Sam hires Liv (pronounced Leev) to replace his wife, who
he has sworn will never work while she is married, falls prey to the
Scandanavian temptress, and in the ensuing rounds of concilliation of
his wife and his mistress angers them both to the point that they band together and collaborate in castrating him.
Sam awoke with a start. What a terrifying dream. married for a
fourth time? That wasn't going to happen.

Sam Hill VII - Survivors write History (survivor.txt) - Sam didn't
even tell me he had a brother until Gumby showed up. You don't need an
ocean for this guy to take a long walk off a short pier. He's gullible
enough to look for a motor boat in the desert. M/F, B&D, the usual.

Survivors write History

Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam. It sounded more stupid every time he said
it. Another thousand repititions or so and Sam would be down to Gumby's
Gumby wasn't one of the two partners Sam claimed. True, he had
worked for the office- at least Sam had paid him, but Sam was still
trying to forget that.
His real name was Howard, but everyone called him Gumby because
of his moldable personality. Sam would have rather been called Gumby
than Howard himself, but his brother liked the name.
Sam would have also rather his brother had influenced Gumby into
working for the insurance company. Instead, Sam's brother named his son
Howard and encouraged him to choose his life for himself.
Gumby idolized his uncle and chose to follow in his footsteps.
Sam didn't know where he ordered the mail-order private detective
course, but he was sure they should be investigated for fraud.
Worse, Gumby was coming for an extended visit. "Not to worry,
Uncle Sam," he had written, "I'm on the clock and I won't cost you
anything in upkeep." Sam wondered if Gumby had a line in his expense
account for grief he caused to relatives.
It put any plans Sam had for renting an apartment of his own on
the back burner. The reward from the bank hadn't been that big anyway,
and he certainly wasn't going to make life nicer for Gumby.
A few nights on a cot and his nephew might decide there were
greener pastures. Sam wondered what kind of idiot would hire Gumby and
what they wanted him to do. He decided the detectives at the agency he
worked for had taken up a collection to pay Gumby to get out of town.
"You never said you had a brother," Staci was giving him her
inquisitor stare. "Don't you two get along?"
"It never came up, doll," Sam tried his hardcase nonchalance on
her. "I've always tried to make my way on my own."
"Oho- Daddy left the fortune to older brother and little Sam got
the shaft," Staci mocked him.
"Daddy liked little Sam almost as much as the neighbor's
Rotweiler, and he shot that," Sam said, "Never blamed him, though, I
didn't like him as much as he liked me."
Staci was sorry she had goaded Sam into that confession. She was
curious, but it was none of her business. It was obviously a tender
"Well, at least you got the shaft," she said, quickly shifting
She reached down into Sam's crotch to make her meaning clear. Sam
jumped a little and then looked up and smiled. He tangled his fingers
in the hair at the back of Staci's head and pulled her down to kiss him.
He stood up still kissing her and they went into a clinch.
"He's due any time," Sam warned Staci.
"Fuck him," Staci snorted.
"I thought it was me you wanted," Sam said in mock horror.
"Uncle Sam?" a voice interrupted from the outer office, "Uncle
Staci was still trying to juggle her tits back into her bra when
Gumby opened the inner door. A handcuff swung from one wrist and Sam was
buckling his belt and trying to settle his pants over the obvious bulge
in front.
"Sorry-" Gumby said, his eyes goggling at the swells of breast that Staci's bra exposed, "Did I interrupt something?"
Sam was red in the face, but he took a deep breath.
"We knew you were coming," he said more calmly, "This is my
assistant, Staci. Staci, this is my nephew, Howard."
"Everybody calls me Gumby," Gumby said.
His hand fluttered as he started to reach out and then saw Staci
had her hand behind her, hiding the handcuff.
"Nice to meet one of Sam's relatives," Staci said as she sidled
past Gumby, "I better get back to work."
"Wow!" Gumby said after Staci had closed the door, "That's some
doll. You're quite the stud, Uncle Sam."
Even with all the bother he caused, it was hard not to like Gumby
in person. Sam was ready to yell as soon as Staci left, but he found
himself grinning sheepishly at his nephew's praise.
"Staci and I have worked closely for a long time. We're good
friends," Sam said.
"Worked closely... I like that. You sure have a way with words,
Uncle Sam," Gumby smiled and winked. "So hands off- like Plutonium, I
"Only for your own good," Sam said. "Staci is tougher than she
looks and smart. She could chew you up and spit you out."
Sam was speaking from experience. There was an extra knob in his
nose where Staci had broken it.
"Well, I'm here on business anyway," Gumby shifted the subject.
Oh yes, the mystery assignment. Sam resisted the bait. Gumby
didn't want to tell him what his case was and Sam, frankly, didn't give
a damn.
"I'm glad you understand the confidentiality of the matter," Gumby
said after a long pause. "I'd be hard pressed to keep it from a great
detective like you."
Sam didn't want to help, either. There were a lot of good reasons
for staying out of it and some of them were for Gumby's own good. Sam
smiled again and moved on.
"We got you an extra cot while you're bunking with me," Sam said,
pointing toward the bathroom door. "It'll be like roughing it."
Gumby's eyes lit up. If Sam hoped Gumby would be disappointed by
his frugal lifestyle, it was Sam that was disappointed.
"You've got a hot plate and a coffeemaker and a tiny little
shower, I bet," Gumby said excitedly. "This is so... real. I think I'll
love it."
It was so cheap, Sam thought. But there was something about
Gumby's hero worship that always took Sam off guard.
"We'll get you settled and then we can get something to eat," Sam
"Great!" Gumby enthused, "Some little cafe with great food, I bet.
Can Staci some along?"
That could be amusing. The kid was obviously taken with her. Sam
thought it would be good for a laugh to watch him drool.
"Why don't you ask her," Sam suggested.
Staci whipped the cuff under the desk when the door opened. She
had been trying to pick the lock with a paperclip. Her ears were a bit
"Staci, Uncle Sam and I are going to get something to eat. Will
you please come along?" Gumby asked her.
"Well, I... uh..." Staci stuttered.
"First, will you check that I've put everything away?" Sam rescued
her and threw his keys to her. "We've got to get Gumby's luggage."
"Sure," Staci said, staring at the handcuff key on the ring. "I'll
come along."
"I don't mean to pry, but do you always cuff her when you're "working closely" with her?" Gumby asked as they went down the stairs.
"Staci will appreciate it if you pretend you didn't notice," Sam
It was Sam's turn to feel like an interloper when Gumby opened the
trunk of the rental car. Behind the two suitcases was an array of high
tech eletronic gear and an ominous looking case.
"You take this," Gumby said, handing Sam the case, "Not a good
idea to leave that in the car."
Sam knew what it was. His nephew had gone wild west on him. It was
a gun case. He lifted it gingerly as Gumby pulled the suitcases out of
the car.
Over food, Gumby only wanted to tell Staci how great his uncle
was. Some of the cases she recognized, only without her input. She
enjoyed Sam's embarrassment at the efflusive praise.
Then she took her leave. It was time for her to get back to her
own comfortable apartment and leave the boys to bunk together. Sam had a
hang-dog look as he watched her drive off.
"If I'm in the way, Uncle Sam, I can sleep in the car while you
"work closely" with Staci," Gumby offered.
At least his skills had improved, Sam noted grumpily. He didn't
think he had been that obvious, but his nephew had picked up on it.
Gumby began to irritate Sam for the opposite reason than he
imagined as he efficiently set up his luggage and made his cases into
a bureau. He had a lot of new-fangled tricks up his sleeve.
Gumby was setting his alarm when he looked up and saw Sam scowling
at him.
"Got to get off to an early start tomorrow," he said
apologetically, "I cleared today to catch up, but I've got to get to
work. Time is money, you know."
Sam fell asleep wondering what was wrong with him. He had dreaded
Gumby's usual calamities. Why was he troubled that his nephew had seemed
to turn into a good detective? He couldn't be jealous. Could he?
Sam was aware of Gumby moving around before he opened his eyes. He
rolled over and went back to sleep. Some time later he awoke to Gumby
shaking him.
"Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam, I'm sorry, but I need to ask you
something," Gumby apologized as he shook Sam awake.
"How do I get to the airport from here?" he asked.
Sam mumbled the directions. He was awake in time to see Gumby
holster two huge chrome-plated pistols under his arms. Gumby saw him
look and patted one of the bulges under his arm.
"Never know when you're going to need to be heeled in this work,"
he said brightly.
Sam knew when he wanted to carry a gun- never. Not carrying a gun had saved his ass. He didn't like them, but Gumby didn't seem to have
time for a lecture. Sam said nothing as Gumby walked out of the office.
He had slept in. He was still in socks, underwear and his hat when
Staci came in. She looked at him and laughed.
"That what the smart dectectives are wearing this season?" she
"Oh shut up," Sam snarled and kited his hat at the coatrack.
The hat teetered on a hook for a moment and fell to the floor.
Another half-assed try, Sam thought to himself. Gumby was as much
trouble as ever, but for the wrong reasons. He felt like a slug compared
to the exhuberance of his nephew.
"Rough night with Gumby?" Staci asked, still chuckling, "What's
the matter? Does he snore?"
"He gets up too early. He works too hard and he carries two 7-inch
magnums," Sam counted off.
Staci took Sam's cup and filled it. When she returned, she sat on
his lap and handed it to him.
"And I thought you just missed me," she said.
"Gumby says he'll sleep in his car if we want to fuck," Sam said.
"What a sweet boy," Staci said, "Did he say where you'd sleep if
I want to fuck him?"
Sam wasn't in the mood. He gave Staci a sour look.
"I was kidding," she said quickly.
"He made some noise about you, but I got the feeling that was so
I'd think he was one of the boys," Sam said.
"What did he say?" Staci asked.
That irritated Sam too. He had no room to blame Staci for being
interested, but it was one more thing against Gumby.
"He said you were a doll and he'd stay away in deference to the
fact I was already pumping you," Sam said.
Staci smiled too much at that. Sam was being crude in hopes of
puncturing her joy, but he had missed.
"Come on, cheer up," Staci responded to his mood, "He's gone now.
You might be able to get some pumping in before he gets back."
Their eyes met. Sam did smile a bit. Staci wasn't the problem.
It was hard to put his finger on what the problem was. But he wasn't in
the mood to fuck Staci right then.
"Thanks," Sam said, "Really, thanks, but I got to do something to
shake this mood. Maybe I better get dressed."
He waited until ten for the inevitable phone call, but it never
came. He told Staci he was going out for a walk.
Walking cleared his head. After a few blocks he remembered what
Gumby had asked him. Airport? Why would Gumby need to go to the airport?
It didn't matter. Sam was glad Gumby was keeping him out of it.
However, there were some questions Sam could ask that wouldn't
be prying, like how long he was going to stay.
Staci was on the phone when he got back to the office.
"He just walked in," she said as Sam walked in.
She covered the mouthpiece and said, "This man insists on talking
to Sam Hill. But he didn't sound like he was sure he had the right
number at first."
Sam took the phone.
"Sam Hill," he said.
"I've seen a new Ford parked outside your building. Is it yours?"
the man launched right into an interrogation.
"No." Sam said.
"Whose is it then?" the voice asked.
"You the prize patrol?" Sam sneered into the phone. "If you're
handing out money, it might be mine. Why do you want to know?"
The man on the other end was just as prickly about being
questioned as Sam.
"Watch it buddy," it warned, "You're lookin' for a split lip."
"Nah," Sam started to smile, "I can find a split lip at any gym.
I'm looking for a yahoo that makes crank calls."
"You'll get yours, wise guy," the voice said before the phone slammed down.
"What was that about?" Staci asked.
"You said he sounded strange at first?" Sam asked.
"Well, he read off our address first and then hesitated before he
asked for you," Staci said.
"Reverse directory," Sam said absentmindedly.
Many things were crowding into his mind all at once. The man was
asking about Gumby's rental. The man looked up the address and called
the building. The man was a thug. Sam didn't think he knew it was Sam
Hill- Detective.
Gumby was in deep. Sam thought about the pistols and wondered if
Gumby knew that. He wanted to believe it was a mistake and he wanted to
believe Gumby knew what he was doing. He couldn't make himself believe
Staci was staring at him with a frown.
"He was asking about Gumby's car," Sam said. "He wasn't a nice
guy. I'm going to ask around- see if he's been calling everybody."
Everyone was home. Sam started at the top and worked down. He got
no satisfaction. No one remembered a call asking about a car. He cringed
in front of the door to Miss Zsa-zsa's.
Miss Zsa-zsa was a psychic reader- crystal balls, tarot cards, the
whole bit. She operated out of one of the streetfront offices. She also
had the hots for Sam. He hesitated before ringing the bell.
No one else had heard from the man, why bother? Then he heard the man's voice saying, 'You'll get yours'. He had to make sure. It wasn't
just his ass on the line.
The door opened as he reached out his hand. Miss Zsa-zsa grinned
at him out of the open door.
"I had a premonition you were coming," she smiled at Sam.
Miss Zsa-zsa wasn't bad looking under her expansive blue eyeshadow
and scarlet, scarlet, scarlet lips, fingernails and rouge. She wasn't
old either, probably a couple of years older than Staci. She and Staci
probably even weighed the same, though more of Zsa-zsa's weight was in
her hips than her chest.
The problem was one of approach. Miss Zsa-zsa was a steamroller.
Sam naturally pulled away from being rushed. And Miss Zsa-zsa was not
one to be reticent about announcing her conquest. Staci knew he fucked
other women, but Sam knew she wouldn't like her face rubbed in it.
"I was asking everybody if they just got a call asking about a
car parked out front," Sam said.
"Yes, yes, come in," Zsa-zsa pulled on his arm.
Sam wasn't sure she was answering his question. She closed the
door behind him and pulled him into a dressing room behind the curtain
of her parlour. Sam kept talking.
"Did he tell you why he wanted to know?" Sam asked.
"No- he just asked." Zsa-zsa said. "I told him it was yours."
Sam had started to relax and then straightened up at her last
"How did you figure it was mine? You've seen my car," Sam asked.
"Miss Zsa-zsa knows all," she said in her stage woice and then
turned vernacular. "I seen yoose do it. Yoose was taking suitcases upstairs."
"What else can you tell me about this guy?" Sam asked.
Miss Zsa-zsa leaned back on the daybed by her mirror. She tried
to look as sexy as a woman in a turban and a gauzy dress can look.
"I think I'm going to need some help remembering," she breathed,
"Come over here closer."
Sam was ready for her. He stepped over, intending to nip this in
the bud.
"Why do you always do this, Zsa-zsa?" Sam asked. "You know I don't
think this is a good idea. I think you just tease me to be mean."
"I want you, Sam Hill," she said, sitting up. "You're the one that
teases me. You're the one that's mean. Why won't you sleep with me?"
"It's not a good idea," Sam said, "We're in the same building, a couple of floors apart- we see each other all the time- We're just too
close to have a fling."
"Too close to Staci?" she accused.
"Well, you aren't the most close-mouthed woman I've ever seen,"
Sam admitted.
"Miss Zsa-zsa sees all- tells all. It's on the sign," she said,
"But if all you want is to keep it from your secretary..."
Miss Zsa-zsa pulled up her dress to reveal some unattractive
underwear. It wasn't shabby, it was just plain cotton and not sexy.
"Not keep it from her, just not call it out forever after," Sam
said. "You're psychic, you know I have another woman now and then."
It was suppose to be a joke, but Miss Zsa-zsa was on a roll. She
kept the parlour voice and pointed to Sam's crotch.
"I am psychic and I see all we are doing is haggling. You have
succumbed. Let's end this foolishness and make wild love!"
She was right. After she answered his objection to her loose
tongue, Sam was ready to throw a little her way. He'd been interrupted
the day before and he was in the mood. He stepped forward as she
reached out for his zipper to make it easier for her to open his pants.
It turned out to be a good move. Miss Zsa-zsa's turban moving back
and forth at belt level was only an interesting visual compared to the
feel of educated lips on Sam's cock. They closed around his prick like
they knew it, kissing every inch as she sucked it into her mouth.
His worries were turned off when his zipper came down. Sam stood
there and enjoyed Zsa-zsa working her tongue over his growing cock. He
didn't need much encouragement to grow in her mouth and force her to
pull back to avoid choking.
"I see this shaft and Miss Zsa-zsa doing marvelous things," she
said when she came up for air. "Get undressed."
Sam wasn't sure about that, but when Zsa-zsa unfastened her dress
there was nothing else to do, so he took off his clothes. Zsa-zsa naked
made Sam re-assess his earlier judgement. Where Staci was a stocky girl,
a bit thick in the waist and with a broad, but not flabby butt, Zsa-zsa
had a few more rolls of flesh about her midriff and her butt was big.
She evidentally knew her way around her shortcomings. As she
kicked her underwear off her foot, she reached for Sam's cock again.
"Zsa-zsa needs to know more of your secrets," she said and went
down on Sam again.
His wasn't the first cock she had sucked. It didn't feel like he
was in the first two hundred. Her tongue found all the sensitive spots
right off and she quickly discovered Sam's secrets. He shivered when he
felt Zsa-zsa force his cock into her throat and gag loudly.
Sam liked them to want it that bad. Somehow Zsa-zsa had caught on
to that little kink. She had Sam past caring about the expanse of her
butt in short order.
She took care to keep Sam in that mood as she lifted her head and
looked into his eyes.
"Zsa-zsa needs to be free to enjoy this marvelous thing," she
said. "Lie here on this bed."
It felt like pussy inside Miss Zsa-zsa as she climbed over Sam
and settled down on his cock. She moved hard on Sam, making sure her
pubic bone banged against him each time she took all of him inside.
All Sam could see was her high cheekbones and sharpish chin
looming over him and her average breasts bouncing wildly as she rode his
hard-on. She knew how to fuck as well as she knew how to suck. Sam lay
back and let her do the work. He was glad he gave in.
"God! I am psychic!" Zsa-zsa grunted, "This feels just like I
thought it would!"
Her hips didn't come down quite so accurately and she missed a
few beats. Her breathing was erratic anf Sam suspected she was about to
cum. He wondered for a second if she would make it and then took matters
into his own hands. He grabbed Zsa-zsa by the shoulders and pushed her
There was the awkward moment of passing when Sam's legs came under
him and Zsa-zsa was tipped over her own feet onto her back. Sam's cock
popped out for a second, but drove back to the hilt as he fell on top
of Zsa-zsa.
Her breathing had paused, but moaned back into panting as Sam took
over pounding his cock into her. They had missed a beat, but they took
over where they left off as Sam picked up the rhythm.
"Ohhh- You knew! You knew!" Zsa-zsa said with a loud sigh and
gripped at Sam's arms.
She was definitely cumming. Her tits vibrated like jell-o and her
hips made spastic jerks. Her cunt surged like Sam's cock was an electric
wire as he poked it into her.
That was good, that was nice, Sam thought as his cock fucked into
the whirlpool of flesh. He kept fucking faster, but Zsa-zsa collapsed
beneath him.
"Oh! You strong man!" Zsa-zsa grunted under him, "Please! Have pity! I can't take any more."
Her tune changed when Sam sat back and his hard-on popped up
between them. It seemed she hadn't forseen that.
"You poor man. I make you stop before you finish," Zsa-zsa cooed,
"I must make that up to you."
She was agile. She was face down in Sam's crotch in one smooth
motion. It seemed he sank just as far into her throat, but this time
she wasn't choking. Sam didn't care. Sam wasn't that aware of anything
beyond the muscles of her throat around the head of his cock.
His being was centered in the swelling glans of his penis. His
attention was entirely on the anticipation of his cum pouring out in
great gouts. She sucked him deeply and the event arrived in a great
jerk of Sam's balls.
He was cumming. That was all he knew. As his consciousness flowed
back to the big head, Sam realized Zsa-zsa was still massaging his
cock with her throat. It made him want to cum again.
Zsa-zsa sucked slowly off his cock and smiled up at Sam. She
hadn't lost a drop. Her lipstick was slightly smeared. That was the
only evidence that she had just sucked him off. She was beaming.
"Sam Hill, you are a rat bastard for making me wait so long to get
fucked like that," she scolded.
"Kismet, baby," Sam bluffed along, "It must not have been meant to
be until this moment."
"Then you liked it too?" she fished.
"Hoover would make millions if their vacuums sucked like you," Sam
complimented her offhandedly, but was quick to add, "I guess finding
out once can't hurt."
"Don't say that," Zsa-zsa argued and then changed her tone when
she saw the look Sam gave her. "Leave the door open to fate."
"Yeah, okay, never say never," Sam granted as he reached for his clothes.
"Miss Zsa-zsa told the guy it was my car," Sam reported to Staci.
"At least they'll be looking for the wrong Hill," Staci said.
"Since you're not involved, they'll get bored after a while."
"I am involved," Sam argued, "They're looking for me. It doesn't
matter that I'm the wrong guy. I'm the one they fingered."
"I guess Gumby will have to tell you what he's working on now,"
Staci said.
"Like I was hoping to find out," Sam groaned. "I never wanted to
For once Staci was wrong, but that was fueled by Sam's reticence.
He warned Gumby about the phone call and Gumby didn't respond. He said
it was interesting, but betrayed neither concern nor surprise.
Sam left it at that and so did his nephew. Staci seemed a little
irritated as she got ready to leave for the night. Sam figured she was
the one that was burning with curiosity about Gumby's case. She was the
detective groupie, after all.
That night Gumby began to call hotels in the area. Sam tried not
to listen, but Gumby was in the same room. Gumby was checking the prices
of rooms. That was a step too far.
"I know it isn't much, but you don't need to move out," Sam
confronted his nephew.
Sam couldn't believe what he was saying. He had hoped Gumby would
move out. Now he was arguing about it. But things had changed. Sam felt
like Gumby was moving away to protect his uncle. That struck at Sam's
"Whoever it is already thinks it's my car," Sam said. "You're not
going to change that by moving out."
Gumby looked confused at first and then understood. He shook his
"I'm not moving, Uncle Sam," he said. "I like roughing it with
you. In all the excitement of seeing you again, I forgot to check for
an average rate in the area. I told you I have an expense account. I'm
checking to see how much you should charge me to bunk here."
That was another can of worrms. Sam puffed himself up to protest,
but Gumby had anticipated his argument.
"Don't even start," Gumby said, "It's client money. I'm not going
to put it down if I don't pay it out. They expect to pay it and you
might as well get it."
It made sense. Sam didn't like being a landlord, but his sense of
fiscal responsibility wouldn't let him argue. Actually it was kind of
sweet of Gumby to think of his old uncle.
"So how much is this rat trap worth?" Sam asked.
"Sixty-four dollars a night," Gumby said. "Do you take
Sam laughed.
No more was said on the subject. Sam asked about the insurance
company. His brother was as deep in his rut as ever.
Staci was smoldering as Gumby left again in the morning. It wasn't
an obvious burn, but Sam didn't miss it.
"Did you find out how long he's going to stay at least?" she asked
crossly after Gumby left.
"No, but he is paying $64 a night on his expense account," Sam
Staci snorted. She was being odd. Sam didn't think she was
offended by the money. He couldn't believe she was that interested in
Gumby's case. Yet something was bothering her.
"So, what's up, doll?" Sam asked, "What's got your panties in a
"It isn't you," Staci barked.
Fortunately for Sam he was too shocked to laugh. Staci's glare was
aimed directly at him. He guessed it was a consequence, if you could
call it that, of their growing feelings for each other. Staci was horny.
Sam turned his emerging grin into a scowl. He swung his hand out
and pointed to his office door.
"In there. Now," he said forcefully.
Sam was gratified to see a flicker of doubt on Staci's features.
She wasn't sure what caused his bad temper. He liked the worried look.
Sam palmed the handcuffs when he opened his desk drawer. He
pointed with his other hand.
"You see what's in this drawer?" he asked Staci.
She bent over his desk to look. This was a new game and Sam took
her by surprise when he snapped the cuff on her right wrist. Staci
could only squwak when he pulled her hand out from under her and made
her tumble onto the desk. Sam had her wrists cuffed through the drawer
handle before she could react.
He pushed his cot over to block her as Staci tried to move around
the corner of the desk. He had her trapped, stretched over the desk with
her hands cuffed to the other side.
"A receptionist is supposed to be pleasant," Sam lectured as he
came around behind her. "If you want to snarl, I'll give you something
to snarl about."
Staci reminded Sam of a certain spicy redhead in that position. He
pulled up Staci's skirt and ruined the comparison. The other butt had
the rounded curves of a woman, but it wasn't pale and lush like Staci's
Sam wasn't going to be satisfied sticking his fingers in Staci
either. Her butt pleaded for a color change. Sam's cock was hard from
planning what to do. He felt very evil.
"I have to do this way too often," Sam said, a chill running down
his spine at the thought of what he was about to do. "I'm going to make
an impression this time. I know you'll remember this."
"What are you thinking, Sam?" Staci sounded worried. "I'm not
really in the mood."
"I think the mood will strike you," Sam gloated.
He wasn't sure where the impulse came from. He felt sorry for
Staci if she was as horny as she seemed. Her kink was compulsion- being
forced to submit to humiliating and kinky scenes. He was only mildly
amused by the idea, although it had grown on him as he and Staci grew
The discipline part of her bondage had always been playful
spankings. Sam was uncomfortable with the idea of pain.
Then why the urge to tug his belt from its loops and use it on
Staci? Sam didn't know. He was puzzled, but he knew Staci's rump was
crying out for the strap. However he felt about pain, he was driven to
beat her.
"Oh god, Sam! What!" Staci yelled as his belt left a red stripe on
the pale flesh of her ass.
It was beautiful. The stripe was pink in the middle and bright red along the edge. Sam only half-heard Staci as he marvelled at the mark.
Still confused, he dropped to his knees behind her to see it closer.
His lips wanted to feel the heat. His tongue needed to trace the
edge. Sam no more knew why he was kissing the mark than why he needed to
make it in the first place. Something deep inside him was coming out.
"Gee, Sam, that's creepy," Staci complained unconvincingly.
"I just know you need this," Sam croaked, not really sure which
one of them had the need, "I feel it in my bones."
The bone in his pants vibrated when he struck her again. Staci
screamed and Sam knelt to kiss the weal. He repeated the cycle.
"Sam!" Staci screamed as he hit her the third time, "You're making
me crazy! You make it all nice and then you hit me again. I can't take
Sam felt the shiver again. Something inside him was cheering. Sam
foggily recognized that this was an ultimate exploitation of Staci's
kink. It still confused him that he was so heartily embracing it.
"But you have to," Sam croaked, "I can do anything I want."
He hit her again for emphasis. That was two welts without the
benefit of comfort. His cock felt like it was ready to spurt in his
pants. Sam hurridly let his cock out and them paused for a moment with
it pointing toward Staci's red-striped rear.
There was no longer any doubt. She had made him her creature. He
had enjoyed abusing her. It wasn't just a preliminary so he could fuck
her. His cock was hard from beating her.
Staci protested when his cock smashed against her sex, but it was
for show. Crazy or not, she was wet for him as his cock forced open her
cunt. Sam was rough as he pushed all the way into her so he could feel
her hot ass on his belly.
"You fucking love this, you know you do," Sam told her as he
pushed hard on her ass. "You need it, don't you, you bad little bitch."
Staci only gasped as Sam bucked against her tender cheeks. He
fucked her. He fucked her with long, hard strokes. Her butt danced as
Sam slapped into it.
He wasn't going to last long at that rate. Sam didn't care. He
wanted to fuck her as fast as he could. He wanted to get off as soon
as possible. It was that kind of fuck.
"Ohhhhhh Sam!" Staci wailed.
There had been a hint of tears before. Now there was a real quaver
in Staci's tone as he fucked her hard. She was really crying now, but it
wasn't all desperation in her voice as she cried out. Sam sensed they
had both tapped something dark inside themselves. He felt that they had
reached some secret place in each other's souls.
It was the same old place deep inside Staci that received his jizm
when his balls exploded. It had been brief and tempestuous, but Staci
was still quivering as he leaned against her and let his cock soak in
the heat of her cunt.
He felt strangely alive. His orgasm had been as powerful as any,
but he was invigorated by it. He felt like rolling Staci over and
putting it to her again.
Staci's ass was still arched up like a receptive bitch. Sam was
sure she felt the same way. Fucking her again would only make her
But that wasn't reality. His cock was limp when he pulled back
from Staci. His libido was fresh, but his flesh was not. He walked
around his cot to the front of the desk and squatted down.
He picked up Staci's face and kissed her. The innocent meeting of
lips became a tangle of tongues. Sam's knees were stiff when he finally
straightened up.
"I think you should display my handiwork for a while," Sam said,
still a bit breathless from the kiss.
"I think you should fuck me again," Staci said in a raw growl.
"Tell you what. Next person with a dick can have you," Sam said
He preferred to sound withholding to admitting she had drained him
so completely. It was a fortunate choice. Staci shivered at the thought
and Sam knew she was still in bliss at the thought of an anonymous cock
taking her.
Staci's eyes crinkled in pain for a moment as she sat down. Her
rear was still sore from the belt. It had been hours since Sam had
released her, but they hadn't said a word about it.
"I wasn't too rough, was I?" Sam asked.
The guilt had set in when he saw the still angry stripes on her
ass when he unlocked her. He was a little uneasy how far he had let
himself go.
"Yes. Way too, very much so rough," Staci glared at him and then
smiled, "I hated it and I came so quick. I don't know what got into you,
but it was interesting. No, it was hot."
"I don't know what got into me either," Sam admitted. "I was just
doing it, wondering why all the time."
"Proves you've got good instincts," Staci said, "But let's let me
heal before we try it again- okay?"
Sam wanted to figure it out before it happened again. Waiting was
no problem.
They didn't have to wait for Gumby either. He was back with a
grin on him face. He walked to Staci and dropped a wad of bills on the
"I'll need a receipt," Gumby said.
It was $256 for four nights. Staci made him the receipt. She
handed Sam the cash.
"You think you'll be done in four days?" Sam asked.
"I think you've got $250 bucks no one can take away," Gumby said,
"I figured up front was better than waiting. You never know about
They were interrupted by the phone. Staci picked up and then
handed it to Sam with a warning look.
"I see you're back," said the same voice as before, "You don't
learn, do you?"
"I learn, but most my teachers can read," Sam said.
Gumby was looking at Sam. He looked at Staci questioningly.
"I warned you once to butt out," the voice said.
"No, you said I was a wise ass," Sam corrected. "I figured you
were a crank stroking his crank."
"Then I'm warning you now. Butt out," the man tried to sound menacing.
"Butt out? That sounds like my secretary. Let me put her on," Sam
Staci blushed furiously. The phone was dead when she put it to her
"What was that?" Gumby asked.
Sam took a deep breath. Gumby should know. It might be serious.
"The guy who wanted to know about your rental yesterday," Sam
said. "He's still got the impression it's mine. He warned me to butt
Gumby got a guarded look on his face. He pursed his lips.
"It's obvious they're watching the car, Uncle Sam," Gumby
said, "Why else did they call just when I got here?"
Sam was both irritated and proud of Gumby for pointing that out.
He hadn't given it that much thought. The kid was right.
"Is that why you carry the artillery?" Sam asked.
Gumby smiled.
"There are my pride and joy," Gumby said, crossing his arms as if
to pull them out, "Revolvers. Real realiable. One misfire and you go on
to the next cylinder. It doesn't gum the works. And with two, I've got
about the same firepower as an automatic."
"With those two, you've got about the same firepower as a tank,"
Sam countered. "You expecting a shoot-out?"
Gumby looked Sam over carefully. There was more intent in his gaze
than Sam remembered seeing before. Perhaps he was selling his nephew
"I think I'm working for criminals, Uncle Sam," he said seriously.
"You can work for whoever you want to as long as you don't break
the law yourself," Sam said.
Gumby dropped his hands to his sides and sat down heavily.
"Didn't tell you how I got the assignment, did I?" Gumby said
Sam shook his head.
"Two other agents passed. They said to give it to me. I'm the
eager one," Gumby said, "I think they were scared."
"Scared of what?" Sam prompted.
"Our clients. They've got Spanish names and the case stinks of
drug money," Gumby said.
"That's what you meant by working for criminals," Sam realized,
"You want to tell me what you're looking for?"
"I'm looking for a boat in the desert," Gumby said.
Sam had to purse his lips. It sounded like a bad joke. It was just
the kind of wild goose chase he would expect someone to send Gumby on,
but Gumby was serious. He didn't trust himself to speak. He waited for
Gumby to add more details.
"It's a cigarette boat, you know, the kind drug runners use to
smuggle product into the country," Gumby said.
"I saw Miami Vice once," Sam said, "What would it be doing so far
from water?"
Gumby looked around nervously.
"I think they've decided to use the boats as shipping containers
all the way to their destination," Gumby said quietly, "I think the
drugs are well hidden in the boats and it's safer than loading the stuff
into trucks where it's easier to spot."
"And you can't turn in your client," Sam said, remembering his own
brush with that part of the ethical code.
"I can't find the boat," Gumby admitted glumly, "Granted, they
were unclear about where it was lost- some story about it jumping the
hitch and the drivers not noticing- but I've swept the desert for a mile
on either side of the road for two days. I think it was hi-jacked."
"I would say that's a certainty," Staci interrupted.
They both had forgotten she was sitting there. They turned their
heads to stare at her dumbly.
"Who else would be warning you off but hi-jackers?" Staci said.
"You can take my car tomorrow," Sam offered. "It's not much, but
I'm sure the phone caller hasn't spotted it. I'll drive the rental
around to get them off your tail."
"This isn't your case," Gumby said with a pained look, "I
appreciate the offer, but I want to do it myself."
"I won't be working the case," Sam argued, "I'll just be driving
your car around town. They haven't interefered with you have they?"
"But they might be getting desperate," Gumby said, "We don't know
what they'll do then."
"Why don't you take the rental back and get a new one? Park it
around the corner," Staci suggested.
"They think it's my car," Sam said. "They'll get suspicious if it
doesn't come back. They might move the boat or something."
"We could spot it then," Gumby sat up in excitement and then
slumped back in his chair, "If we had any idea where it was."
Gumby decided to let both cars sit the next day. He tried to
explain the infrared radar to Sam, but Sam only listened politely. Gumby
couldn't see the boat by day. He was going hunting at night. That was
more than Sam needed to know.
Gumby wandered off to check in with his agency. He was using the
pay phones in the lobby of a hotel to cover his location. Sam thought it
was a bit much.
Landlord Sam took advantage of the time to become maid Sam and
change the sheets on Gumby's bed. Staci watched with amusement.
"You're going to make someone a great little wife," she chided him.
"Had a wet dream about Darla Dare," Sam sniped, "How about you?"
Staci's reaction to Darla had become something of a joke between
them, but it still stung Staci a bit too much to be funny. She snorted
and stomped back to her desk.
Sam was glad for his domestic interlude when Gumby returned. Gumby
was dejected.
"They don't take me seriously," Gumby pouted. "They don't expect
me to find that boat. All they want to do is bleed our client. You're
the only one that ever had faith in me, Uncle Sam."
Gumby made Sam feel guilty. He had no faith in his nephew. At
least he had put clean sheets on his bed, Sam soothed himself.
The airport called after Staci left for the night. Dust devils-
little tornadoes of sand- made flying hazardous. Gumby would have to
wait for his night mission.
Sam felt vindicated for every mean thing he'd ever said about his
nephew. He'd planned to sneak over to Staci's. Gumby would be out and
Sam would be getting in. It was a typical Gumby foul up.
Sam stewed for a while. When Gumby turned in early, Sam listened
to him breathe with mounting agitation. Staci was suffering as much as
he was. It wasn't fair to either of them to be celebate while Gumby was
here. Sam got up quietly and went out.
Staci carefully took off her clothes by her desk. She didn't want
to make a noise in Sam's office and alert him. She was going to surprise
Gumby was out flying and this would be the perfect opportunity for
them to steal a few private moments. She closed the door to the inner
office sliently behind her.
The street lamp outside the window lent an eerie glow to the room
at about shoulder level. The rest of the room was cast in shadow.
Staci homed in on the sleeping figure by its breathing.
She crawled onto the cot from the bottom, sneaking under the
covers. She was going to wake Sam up with his cock in her mouth. She
grinned to herself when the erect penis touched her cheek. Sam was
having a dirty dream.
She crawled carefully over him, pausing each time he stirred. She
had changed her plans. He'd wake up fucking her. The idea had set a fire
in her belly.
He mumbled when she took a hold on his cock. He startled as she
began to slide down on his hard-on.
"Shhhhh!" she shushed him, hand over his mouth, "This is just a
dream. Lie back and enjoy it."
He seemed frantic. She stuffed a handful of sheet in his mouth
with her other hand as her first hand had to grab his arm. He was
fighting like he wanted to escape. Staci rode him faster.
If he wanted to play, she'd show him how she could be when she was
in charge. He kept trying to resist. First he pushed at her and then
tried to pull away her muffling hand. Staci kept fucking him.
His resistance seem genuine, but he never could settle on how he
was going to dislodge her. He kept changing his area of effort and Staci
hung on. Then he stiffened and Staci galloped on his cock.
His cock was very vigorous inside her. He was hard as steel and
throbbing like Staci had never felt before. She worked her hips harder.
Then he arched and she felt him swell and throb inside her. A long
moan came muffled from under his hand.
That had been for Sam. Now Staci wanted to ride the remainder of
his erection for her own good.
The lights snapped on. Staci looked over her shoulder in horror.
Sam was framed in the doorway. She looked down at the man under her.
It was Gumby.
"I went to your place, but you weren't there," Sam accused.
"Oh god, Sam, I thought it was you," Staci whined.
She jumped off Gumby and then realized she was standing there
naked in front of both of them. She tried to cover herself with her
hands and then grabbed the sheet Gumby was pulling away from his face.
"I tried to tell her, Uncle Sam, but she wouldn't let me," Gumby
gasped, more frightened than Staci.
Sam held the stern face a moment longer and then melted into a
fit of laughter. He held his stomach and bent at the waist. He laughed
until he had sunk to his knees in the doorway. Staci's face registered
anger. Gumby was puzzled.
"So how was it? You like being on top for once?" he gasped past
the guffaws.
"Very funny," Staci snapped, "If you must know, I was wondering
how you had become so virile."
"Ooooooo," Sam chortled. "Gumby's got a girlfriend. Gumby's got a
Gumby reddened at the sing-song rhyme.
"I tried to stop her, Uncle Sam," he protested.
"And what's with the sheet?" Sam asked Staci. "You throw me over
for a younger man and I can't even look at you any more?"
Staci threw the sheet on the floor.
"That's enough!" she snapped. "You've embarrassed us enough now.
Cut it out. It was an honest mistake. I was trying to do something
special and this is how you treat me. See if I ever do anything like
this again!"
Sam wasn't quite done. He tried to stop his mirth, but the
chortles kept bubbling out. He had one more shot.
"You mean surprise me by screwing my nephew?" he giggled.
Gumby had become silent since Staci threw down the sheet. He had
known she was sexy, but no imagination could capture how great her huge
tits looked in the flesh. Then there was that big, white bubble butt,
begging to be bumped. He was struck dumb by the sight of her standing
naked only a foot away.
Perhaps it was Gumby's wide-eyed adoring stare that calmed Staci.
Maybe she was infected by Sam's mirth. Possibly the reality of the
situation finally overcame her embarrassment. Her eyes began to twinkle.
"Maybe that's what I will do," she said, punching her fists down
on her hips and making her breasts bob, "So you go away and let us
finish what we started."
Now it was Gumby's turn to go pale. He didn't understand any of
"I didn't do anything, Uncle Sam," Gumby pleaded, "She was on top
of me when I woke up."
"She's better on the bottom- or up the bottom," Sam told Gumby,
now in his own power play with Staci.
"He can have me however he wants me," Staci shot back.
"Really, you guys, come on," Gumby whined, "It was a mistake."
"See, he..." Sam started and then had another fit of the giggles.
"You're right, Gumby," Sam said to his nephew, "It was a mistake,
mistaken identities, Shakespeare stuff, but if Staci wants to fuck you,
I don't mind. You probably are more virile than your old uncle and
Staci deserves that. It's not like she wouldn't do the same for me."
"You want to fuck him?" Staci asked.
Gumby caught on. They thought it was funny. They were playing
around. Uncle Sam was a cool dude. He could make women jump through
hoops. He began to laugh a little nervously.
"Well, I'm going home," Sam said and turned to leave.
"Don't call it home. You're not moving in," Staci called after him.
Staci looked at Gumby. Sam had instinctively known- or sensed that
they had something to say to each other that was better said in private.
She was proud of him for his discretion.
She wasn't sure how Sam had it figured. She knew he wouldn't say
anything if she stayed and fucked Gumby again. She was beginning to
believe that Sam was getting over his exclusive notions about her and
him- him in particular. That left it up to her.
Gumby was younger than Sam. She hadn't been able to tell much in
the struggle the first time, but she was betting he would be at least an
energetic fuck. And she hadn't cum...
Gumby was still awestruck with it all. Now that the distraction of
fear and shame was fading, he was thinking about the naked woman he had
been staring at. He wasn't just seeing her mammoth mammaries; he was
imagining sucking their nipples. He was no longer studying her lightly-
furred delta; he was thinking about invading it.
He could feel his cock getting hard under the blanket. His uncle
had said he could fuck her...
"So, now we know who we really are, do you want to do it?" Staci
Gumby looked like someone had run him through with a sword. His
face was twisted as if with pain.
"Oh yes," he said, his hand unconsciously pressing on his growing
cock, "But I don't think I can."
"I think it looks like you can," Staci said, staring down.
"Oh, I want to," Gumby admitted, "But it would be creepy. I can't
explain it. Uncle Sam would know what we were doing and it would be like
he was watching. I want to, though."
Staci thought he was cute. She also understood. Sam was his uncle
and that was more important than a father when it came to respect.
"We'll make it another time," Staci said with an arch of her
eyebrows, "When Sam is busy somewhere else."
"That would be so cool," Gumby said.
Staci left the confused boy and went to her apartment. She had no
luck surprising Sam as she had Gumby. He heard the bolt snap back and
was staring at the door as she crept in.
"That didn't take long," he said.
"We just talked," Staaci said, "And Gumby stared a while. He
didn't want to do it knowing you'd be able to see the whole thing like
you were there."
"Stupid kid," Sam said and then smiled, "But that's the way he's
always been. I guess we had the same idea."
"He is putting a cramp in our style," Staci agreed.
"But I guess you've had yours for the night," Sam teased.
Staci pulled off her dress. It was all she was wearing. She leaped
on top of Sam and pushed him flat on the bed.
"I haven't had anything. Gumby was fighting too much to give me a
chance," Staci menaced in his face. "Somebody better be ready to screw
hell out of me to salvage the family honor."
She was holding down his shoulders and that left his arms free.
Sam reached up and grabbed her butt with both hands and pulled her down
on the covers. He rubbed his hard-on on her crotch through the wool
blanket. Staci winced.
"That hurts!" she complained.
"Let me up and I'll make it hurt more," Sam threatened.
Staci sat up and Sam rolled her over to the bed beside him. He
kicked back the covers and climbed between her legs. They didn't need a
game. Sam stabbed forward and Staci yelped. He promised to hurt her.
He'd let her warm up to the sway of his cock up her unready twat.
Staci warmed to his touch and even more to his kiss. It didn't
take long for her need to burn hot again. Sam only had to remind her of
her unfufilled lust and give her the hope he would satisfy it.
"Jesus, Staci, we're fucking like normal people," Sam gasped.
"Shut up and fuck!" Staci scolded.
The next day brought an uneasy peace to the office. Gumby wanted
to apologize again, but he didn't want to broach the subject. Sam and
Staci were trying not to embarrass him.
Sam was thinking about what Staci had told him. He tried, unsuccesfully, to keep the grin off his face. Gumby would become a man
after he'd fucked Staci. He kept trying to think up excuses to leave
them alone so Gumby could cross that threshold.
He tried to go out to lunch, but Gumby tagged along.
"You and Staci have got something going, huh, Uncle Sam," Gumby
said timidly.
"She came back to her place and we did it, if you want to picture that," Sam said flatly.
Sam felt bad for toying with Gumby. He looked so chagrined.
"Look, Gumby, Staci is a real hot dish. I don't think she's been
after you from the start, but I think last night put ideas in her head,"
Sam said. "She's been getting pretty desperate since you've been here
and I think you owe it to her, if you know what I mean."
"What do you mean?" Gumby asked, clueless.
"She hasn't been getting it regular since I've been staying with
you," Sam said and held up his hand to still Gumby's protest. "That's
not too much to ask. She's gone months before, but, since she seems to
have taken a shine to you, it would be nice for you to make the gesture."
"You mean you want me..." Gumby lowered his voice to a whisper,
"to do it with her?"
"I fall more into the category of don't care," Sam said, "Staci
has her own life. She seems to want you. For her sake, my advice would
be to put the blocks to her hard and long."
"And you wouldn't care?" Gumby was incredulous.
"Don't have the right," Sam said. "Staci puts up with more from me
than that. It would be pretty mean of me to object to her having some
guy she wanted while I'm out screwing broads all over town."
Gumby grinned. That was the real man uncle he dreamed about
becoming. Broads everywhere dropping their pants for him. Hell yeah. a
guy like that wouldn't mind sharing his stock.
Evening took Gumby out to the desert. His idea bore fruit. The hot
ground reflected red everywhere in the IR display. And then there were
blue spots like acne on the face of the desert.
Holes. old shafts. Dead spots the sun had not baked and that were
not reflecting the stored heat. He mapped coordinates on the GPS.
Sam spent a blissful evening torturing Staci with her lust for
young men. He made her admit her desire for Gumby before he would let
her cum on his invading fingers.
He made her admit it over and over as he kept her cumming over and
over. He made her tell him what she wanted Gumby to do. He made her tell
him what she'd do for Gumby.
And then, with Staci still trussed like a goose on his desk, he
rammed his cock down her throat and fucked her gasping face until he
came off with an explosion that buckled his knees.
Staci was on her way out as Gumby came in. He gave Sam a
questioning look.
"I bet your ears are burning," Sam smiled at him, "You should have
heard what she wants to do to you."
Gumby's ears were burning with the sudden rush of embarrassment.
He tried to shake it off and pushed the map toward Sam.
"I found a bunch of places that might be big enough to hide a
boat," Gumby said.
"Yeah," Sam's mind clicked on, "Old mine shafts. There were guys
daft enough to think you could find treasure anywhere. They even dug
around here."
"Then that's a plan," Gumby said happily. "I'll check them one by
one until I eliminate them or find the boat."
"What if there are guards?" Sam cautioned.
"I just have to find it, not bring it in," Gumby dismissed Sam's
concern, "I think our client should be happy with proof of loss- that's
why he claimed to have hired us. The insurance company wanted proof
before it paid the claim."
"Well, don't be dumb," Sam cautioned, "If it's stolen, then it's a
police matter. Don't hesitate to call for back-up."
Gumby smiled patronizingly at Sam.
"I'll be careful, Uncle Sam," he said.
Staci waited with Sam until 8:00. Gumby still hadn't returned. It
was too dark for him to be looking for the boat. Sam was pacing back
and forth in front of Staci's desk.
Staci opened her mouth to comfort Sam for the 100th time and the
phone rang.
"Howard Hill?" the voice asked.
"What do you want with him?" Sam challenged.
"Is he there?" the man asked.
"Who is this?" Sam asked.
"Deputy Sheriff Payne," the man said. "Are you Howard Hill?"
"I'm his uncle," Sam said, "Howard is late. What do you have?"
There was a pause. Sam braced himself for the worst.
"We found a rental signed out to Harold Hill along the highway,"
he said.
"Signs of foul play?" Sam asked.
"You talk like a detective," Deputy Payne said.
"I am, Sam Hill, P.I.," he said. "So's Howard- Florida license.
What about the car?"
"Been sitting by the road since- 11:42," Payne said. "It was
tagged for 24-hour tow away. It was still sitting there 10 minutes ago.
We called to warn Howard."
"Anything else?" Sam asked, "I mean we can pick it up?"
"If that's what you want to do," Payne said.
"I'll be in to file a missing persons on the way back," Sam
assured the deputy.
Sam let Staci drive to the location Deputy Payne had given him.
He sat in the passenger seat in a funk. He hadn't been listening close
enough when Gumby talked about the case. He didn't know where to start
to look for Gumby.
The car didn't give him a clue. It was locked up like Gumby had
left a minute before Sam arrived. He let himself in with the spare key
he found in Gumby's suitcase. The car started right away.
Staci followed Sam to the Sheriff's office. Sam didn't have much
to tell the deputy. It was the deputy that had information for Sam.
The office had handled an inquiry about the missing boat.
They hadn't come up with anything, but the deputy did have an
interesting bit of information. The two men hired to drive the boat both
had records.
"Drugs?" Sam asked.
The deputy gave him a strange look.
"Shoplifting- burglary," he said.
Sam explained Gumby's drug theory. The deputy smiled politely.
"No matter how they hide the drugs, a cigarette boat is still
easier to spot than a truck," the deputy explained, "It would stick out
like a sore thumb. Trucks are easier to lose in the crowd."
Sam left the sheriff's office with one less lead. He didn't sleep.
He spent the night staring at Gumby's luggage. Staci found him
glassy-eyed in the morning.
"It doesn't help to stew, Sam," she reminded him. "You'll think
better if you try to relax."
Sam knew she was right, but how could he relax while Gumby was
going through God knew what?
Gumby was wincing as he moved his head off the rock that had
served as his pillow. He was tied hand and foot. He had been that way
since the two men had amubushed him walking into the desert.
They had dragged him into the mine shaft and pushed him down
under the boat he was searching for. He had located it.
One of the pair came over to him where he lay. Gumby was nudged
by his boot.
"Hey, wise guy, who took your car, eh man?" he asked.
"It wasn't me," Gumby feigned confusion.
It was one of the things he did well. The man didn't kick him.
"Then who would take your car away?" he asked.
"It must have been due back at the rental place," Gumby tried to
sound like he was guessing. "Maybe they took it."
Stupidity could be used like a tool. The men didn't seem like
they'd know a dumb answer from a smart one. Inside, he felt relieved.
It had to be his uncle Sam. Sam would find the map and realize where
Gumby was. He was fortunate the thieves had picked the most isolated
of the mines on the map.
Gumby struggled to s sitting position under the boat. It didn't
look like it had been touched. The shorter of the two saw him looking
and came over.
"Sweet, huh," he said, "We figure we can get $100,000 for it."
"You mean apiece, don't you?" Gumby found a crack.
Greed was the easy thing to work on talking to a criminal. Gumby
didn't even have to lie.
"What's he saying?" the tall one walked over.
"He said this boat is worth a lot more than 100 grand," the short
one said.
"Sure, but we gotta take less- it's stolen, remember?"
The tall one liked to think he was smart. Gumby would use that.
"Then sell it to me," Gumby broke in. "I'll need a week and I
can get you $100,000 easy."
The tall one's eyes narrowed.
"You trying to get smart with us?" he asked.
"No, I'm just making it easy on you," Gumby said. "I'll give you
$100,000, I just need a few days to get the money."
"What makes it so easy for you?" the short one broke in.
"I just know some buyers," Gumby stalled.
They would have to get smarter or rougher before they would
believe what he told them. Gumby was hoping for smarter, but he resigned
himself to rougher.
"Look at him, he's lying," the tall one said. "He's trying to get
us to untie him. Don't listen to him."
"He isn't the only one," the short one argued. "You know Mooch is
going to screw us if he can."
"Don't use names, asshole," the tall one scolded.
"Oh yeah, like he can look up under Mooch in the telephone
directory," the short one scoffed.
"Just shut up anyway. And get away from him," the tall one said,
"No telling what he'll feed you."
It was the tall one that thought he was smart enough to question
Gumby. He came over a while later and looked down at Gumby.
"Who you think will pay for this boat?" he asked.
"I don't have a name," Gumby said, "I'm just betting I can find a
few of them."
"What's so great about this boat?" he asked.
"It's nice looking isn't it?" Gumby obviously stalled.
The tall man looked at him suspiciously, snorted and walked away.
Sam had a new working premise. Gumby's client had hired a couple
of theives to trailer his boat across country. They had stolen it and
hid it instead.
Sam had to eliminate the possibilities. First up was checking out
Alberto Martinez, the owner. Gumby would have been helpful there. Mr.
Martinez was in Miami. Gumby would give him a contact in Florida.
It turned out to be easier than Sam thought. Records on Martinez
poured out of the computer. Successful developer along the Tex-Mex border, sport fisherman, newly married, no record at all, Matinez was
a Hispanic-American model of success.
There wasn't a whiff of involvment in drug traffic. Gumby had been
way off base with that.
That left a couple of petty criminals with an expensive boat
hidden in the desert. And, hopefully, Gumby hidden with it. The sheriff
had passed on searching the desert where they found Gumby's car. Sam
understood. There were no signs of foul play. The sheriff was waiting to spot the boat. Like the deputy said, it would stick out like a sore
Sam wasn't about to search himself. He didn't kid himself that he
would be any harder to dry gulch than Gumby. Then they would have both
of them. Sam had to do what he knew. He had to hit the streets.
This would be a big score for shoplifters. There should be a buzz
about it. They would want to boast about hitting the big time. Sam
asked around.
There was one benefit to the hi-jackers mistrust. They had a
renewed interest in keeping Gumby alive. They dragged him out by the
fire at night when it got bone-chilling cold in the mine. They gave
him a blanket to sleep.
The tall one kept trying to be clever, but could never manage it.
Gumby found himself trying to give the guy hints how to trick the story out of him.
Gumby had been their "guest" for two days before the man got
tough. Gumby was frustrated enough to welcome the treatment. The tall
one dragged Gumby out in the desert and stood over him.
"Look asshole, you're nothing to me. You're an idiot that got
lost in the desert and died," the man menaced, "No one know where you
are because they haven't come looking. Your well-being depends on my
good nature and I'm running out of that quick."
It was a big speech for so small a mind.
"Tell me your angle on that boat," he demanded, face inches from
Gumby wanted to spill his guts, but he waited. He didnt want it to
be too easy.
"Come on, it's a fine piece of machinery, fastest boat on the water," Gumby said, "You gotta see that."
There was no light in the man's eyes. He hadn't caught the clue.
"You tell me the truth or I'll leave you out here to freeze,"
he threatened.
Yes, he was just dumb enough to believe Gumby now.
"It's a drug boat, stupid," Gumby told him. "I bet there's a
couple of million dollars worth of cocaine hidden in it. I was going to
give you 100 grand and fly away with the rest. That good enough for
"Where's it hidden?" the man demanded.
Gumby was ready to talk to his shoe. This guy was dumb.
"I don't know. That's what hidden means," Gumby said. "It's
somewhere where the Coast Guard wouldn't find it. But you got to know
it's there somewhere."
Maybe they were hiding in the desert since they stole the boat,
Sam thought as he pounded the pavement. There wasn't anything about a
boat in the grapevine.
It wasn't an easy one. He knew who to ask about jewels.
Electronics were only hard because there were so many places to look.
Furs, cash, cars; he had a line on those. But there wasn't much traffic
in boats so far from water. Sam wondered if it was a consignment heist,
made to order for a buyer.
His feet had taken him past 6th street into Darla Dare's old territory. He recognized the bowling alley and looked up at the
crumbling gray building where Darla used to live.
` She had moved out just in time, Sam thought. The neighborhood had
gone down like it had been pushed off a cliff. There was no life on the
streets. Sam saw rats in the alleys and garbage on the curb.
He was startled when one of the rats hissed at him.
"Hey mister, want a date?" the rat said.
Sam was wondering why a rat would think he was that kind of guy
when he saw the real speaker. Sunken eyed and skelatally thin, it was
an obvious hype. Sam wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl.
"Sure," Sam said.
They walked a few feet into the alley and the junkie pulled up her
skirt. She was a girl.
"Come on, twenty bucks," she said disinterestedly.
He was supposed to pay her, fuck her and go home with AIDS. Of
the three, paying her was the most attractive. Sam held up the twenty
between his fingers.
"How about twenty dollars, twenty questions?" he asked.
"You a cop?" she asked.
"Am I busting you?" Sam asked back.
That semed to settle it. She dropped her skirt and reached out for
the twenty. Sam made her wait and then held it out for her to grab.
"I bet I can run you down if you try to rabbit," Sam said.
"So what's the question," she asked, beginning to weave back and forth.
She wanted to turn the money into a fix. She would be motivated to
answer quickly.
"You know anybody rich?" Sam asked.
Her answer was a hollow cackle that Sam took to be a laugh.
"Anybody got more money than they should? Come into it recently?"
Sam asked.
She cackled again.
"I know there's a big score out there. Who's been talking about
getting rich?" Sam asked.
"You sure you're not a cop?" she asked.
"Look- somebody picked up some merchandise and they don't know
what it's worth," Sam decided to put his own word on the street. "I want
to find them- make then an offer and what's left over is my gravy."
"Times are hard, man," she said. "Nobody's got no money. You're in
the wrong town."
"Somebody's about to get rich," Sam maintained, "But not as rich
as they could be. I'm telling you."
He let her go. He hoped he had just tossed a pebble in a pond and
the ripples would reach the right ears. Now he had to wait for the
tips to come to him.
He didn't follow her. He stayed in the alley and watched as she
went in and out of the shadows a few times. For all her attempts at
being covert, she was making a beeline for the Box Lunch, one of the
seedy bars on the block.
He didn't want to look too smart. Sam went home. He's come back
the next night to see if his story took.
The two men were mumbling together. Gumby only caught the occasional word. "Rich" was one. "Stupid" was said a lot. He couldn't
get the gist of the conversation, but he felt sure they were hashing
out his bit of information.
There was nothing like greed to set thieves to arguing.
They were kind enough- and smart enough to re-tie his ropes
every day. He wasn't suffering great pain from his bonds, but he
wasn't getting the chance to loosen them as time went on.
Gumby knew his hopes rested with his uncle Sam. He was growing
more concerned each day. He had thought it would be hours until Sam found the map and rescued him.
Sam hadn't touched the Ford since he had parked it in front of
the building. It looked too much like a cop car for his investigation.
"But the sheriff said it doesn't have anything to do with drugs,"
Staci was arguing.
"I started there, but I got nothing," Sam said. "Junkies are like
flies. No one cares what they say in front of a junkie. They might turn
up something no one else has heard."
It was a slim chance, but Sam didn't want to admit that. His
nephew was missing and he felt responsible. He couldn't let himself
think that there was no hope of finding him.
He went straight to the Lunch Box. It would be the hub where his
pebble hit the pond. He sat at the bar and ordered a shot. He took his
time looking over the place. His first choice would be someone coming
over to talk with him.
No one approached in an hour. Sam had plenty of time to think out
his next move.
"You know where a guy could find some party accessories?" Sam
asked the bartender, running his finger along his nose and sniffing.
"You know Mooch?" the bartender asked.
"I don't see him," Sam said without looking. "Where can I find
"You can't see him because he doesn't want you to see him," the
bartender said. "You're one of the guys that's looking for him, aren't
"I'm looking for him, but I don't know if it's what you think,"
Sam said.
"Look, the asshole owes me money too," the bartender started and
then took a breath, "But it ain't good business to snitch. And do me a
favor. If you're going to get rough, take it away from here. I don't
need the grief."
Sam suddenly had a lot of pieces, but he wasn't sure they fitted the puzzle. Some guy called Mooch dealt drugs, owed a lot of money and
was lying low. Sam decided to try and pick up some of the soggy bread
he had cast upon the water.
"You got me wrong. I'm not a collector. I'm the guy Mooch needs
to see," Sam whispered across the bar. "I've got a deal that might set
him right. Word is he knows where an item I'm interested in is being
The bartender came up blank. He laughed and asked Sam if he was
ready for another shot. Sam paid for the drink and waited.
He didn't see the bartender talk to anyone. He didn't see him pass
a note. The ripe brunette seemed to walk up to him all on her own.
"There's a rumor you're looking for a party," she said.
"I was looking for some blow to have my own party," Sam said.
"Can't I come to your party?" she pouted.
There was too much meat on her bones to be a junkie. She was
shaped just right everywhere except her chest where she was too right.
She couldn't have been 30 and her unlined fair complexion contrasted
with her dark hair, set off by large blue eyes.
"I don't think I've got the budget for a party with you," Sam
She leaned in close and whispered so her lips brushed his ear.
Sam felt it down in his dick.
"A hundred bucks for a gram AND me," she said. "As long as I get
to share the gram."
She had the look of a user, but not the hunger of an addict. Sam
had to take the deal. There was some reason she wanted to get close to
him. Sam smelled blood in the water.
"Sure," Sam said. "When do we start?"
She wanted the money in her hand and Sam wasn't letting her out
of his sight. A hundred bucks was too much to let some babe grab and
then disappear. She was prepared for his suspicion.
"We'll just leave it here," she said as she put the five $20s
under a trash can. A folded envelope the size of a stamp was already
Sam felt more confident he was getting close to this Mooch. This
wasn't the usual deal. Mooch wasn't going to appear until he was sure
it was safe. Sam only hoped Mooch had some connection to the boat.
"So where do you want to go?" Sam asked.
"It's your party," she said.
She was either trusting or hard-boiled. Sam chose hard-boiled. It
wasn't usual for a woman to feel comfortable going to a strange house.
She must be pretty confident in her charms, Sam thought.
It left him with a problem, but a problem with only one solution.
He couldn't take her to a room with "Sam Hill- Private Investigator" on
the glass. They had to go to Staci's.
He opened the door with his key. Staci was in a nightgown reading
on the sofa. She was confused.
"Gwan- beat it," Sam said before she could speak. "I've got
somebody better to party with. Get out of here."
"But I'm not dressed!" Staci protested.
"Who cares? Get your big butt out on the street and walk up and
down. Maybe somebody will want you," Sam snarled.
Staci immediately put her hands over her face and began to sob.
Sam noticed she remembered her purse and hoped she was putting on the
crying act. At least he could explain later.
"She was kind of cute," the brunetts said.
"She's okay, but I've had her every way there is," Sam said,
"Tonight I want to explore new territory."
The brunette gave no indication of her game. They got down to
business first. They broke the coke out into four lines on a mirror.
Sam rubbed the paper on her nipples and pinched them as she did one
"Let's leave one for later," she suggested.
She moaned as Sam licked her bitter nipples. He could feel
numbness on his tongue. She had good product.
"Let's hurry before we lose the buzz," she suggested again.
She was an old hand. She pulled her dress the rest of the way over
her hips and took her panties with it. She took over unfastening Sam's
pants as he worked on his shirt.
When his cock sprang out, she rubbed it on her nipples to transfer
any of the drug left to the head of his cock. The coke was singing in
Sam's blood. He let her delay him as long as she had to as she held
his cock to the lips of her slit. Then he was a bear driving into her.
She was as active a partner as Sam was a ravager. The bed was
in quite a shambles after they had rutted wildly to a first climax.
"Now comes the fun part," she said.
They both snorted up the remaining cocaine and she carefully
gathered up the crumbs and rubbed them on the head of Sam's cock. It
was a strange collision of numb and heightened sensation. She sucked the head of his cock to a red color Sam had never seen before.
She had been quite aggressive with her sucking. Sam imagined he
would feel the effect when the drug wore off. For the moment his cock
head was swollen and oversized on his still recovering shaft.
She slid up and let Sam watch as she used his cock to stroke her
clitoris. She seemed as charged as Sam felt as she danced on the strawberry colored glans of his penis.
Sam hadn't thought he was ready when she stuffed his cock up her
cunt and moved her hips on him. He found out he was as she bounced up
and down on his cock.
"Now give it to me again," she said, rolling off and laying
splayed on her back, "Rougher and slower this time."
It was hard to mange the combination. Slower was the worst. Sam
found himself wanting to fuck her at the speed of a sewing machine
needle. Holding back from the urge to plunge breakneck into her, he
found it hard to push hard enough into her. She took up the slack. Her
hips came up to meet him as he drove down.
They fucked with as much energy as the first time only this time
the power came as their genitals mashed together and they struggled at
their full meeting. It was a dance of aggression rather than sex. At
least that was on Sam's side.
He was sure she had cum at least once as they fought to push his
cock even deeper than the roots into her. For Sam, he needed more in-
out. Exhausted or finally satisifed, the brunette dug her fingers into
Sam's trapezius and arched her back.
"Oh god! Fuck me!" she gasped out. "Cum for me."
She finally lay quiet as Sam plunged into her. He found rough
then. Frustration or the drug was making him drive into her hard enough
to make her cry out. Her cries only fueled his thrusting.
He was sure he left her bruised by the time the cold lightning
shot down his spine and he emptied his balls inside her. Her fingers
tightened even more and her legs locked him in place when he stopped his
"Leave it in me. I'm still running," she gasped, "It feels so good."
With the coke gone, she was either going to get to the point or
leave. Sam hoped she got to the point, but if she left he felt she had
been worth the $100. He felt like he had experienced sex like an animal.
It had been an interesting perspective.
"Now, what do you want with Mooch?" she asked, still surrounding
him with her legs.
She didn't seem disturbed that Sam registered no shock. It might
have been what she expected.
"A piece of property has gone mysteriously missing and I don't
think the ones that have it know it's real value," Sam kept to his
"What does that have to do with Mooch?" she asked.
"It's enough to cure his ills and leave plenty for a lot of
people," Sam said.
"You want in," she said.
"I am in. I know what's in that boat," Sam said, breaking the
"A boat? In the desert? I don't know what you're talking about,"
she said.
The answer came too quickly for her to be truely surprised.
"The boat has a cargo," Sam ignored her protest. "Mooch might
locate it, but then there's the problem of the owners. They are serious
about their goods- deadly serious. I can work out a deal that both
sides will survive."
She looked interested. Her face went smooth and blank and then
she spoke.
"I don't know what you're talking about," she said, "But if I
find anyone that does, where can I reach you?"
"You know where I live," Sam said.
"You're living inside me now," she said.
As quickly as the conversation came up, it disappeared. She was
doing very talented things with her vaginal muscles on Sam's cock. The
discussion was over. She was a good time girl again.
"You want more even after the candy has run out?" Sam asked.
"I don't have anything else to do," she said. "What better way
to spend the evening?"
Truth be told, she was even better without the rocket fuel. She
had a nice, firm body that Sam enjoyed more without the driving need
to pound his cock into her. Her butt was a welcome firm sensation
buffing his belly. Her breasts were young and solid in his massaging
He explored this firm young woman fully before they dropped off
into a final sleep after he had fucked her two more times.
The hi-jackers were already dismantling the boat when the stranger
showed up. He yelled at them, but he didn't seem very upset. His
concern was why they would ruin the boat.
He took the news that it was a drug boat in stride. Gumby was
beginning to believe it himself. Obviously, the stranger had his own
reasons for suspecting contraband in the sleek craft.
Gumby took heart. It sounded like something was going on. He could
only hope it was someone working for his good.
Staci had on her puppy dog eyes. Sam could hear them speaking-
"You don't love me anymore. You're throwing me out like trash." She
was still in her nightgown hiding in his office.
"I imagine you want an explanation," Sam said obtusely.
"Oh no, I'm used to being thrown out of my apartment by a man that
wants to cheat on me in my own bed," Staci said.
At least she wasn't mad. There was too much banter. She had
figured out that it was a last resort and had to be important. Or she
was waiting to skin him alive.
Sam explained. He thanked Staci from the bottom of his heart for
not jumping to conclusions. He glossed over fucking the woman four times
and told her about the business conversation.
It was about Gumby. Staci understood the panic that was in Sam's
heart. It would be way far out of bounds for an ordinary case, but this
time she understood. She was worried about Gumby too, and it sounded
like Sam had lucked into a real lead.
"You sure this isn't some trick to move in with me?" was Staci's
only contrary question.
The office had lost its appeal. If anything was going to happen,
it was going to come to Staci's apartment. That was a relief for Staci.
She got back into clothes as soon as they reached her apartment.
They waited all day. Sam found remarkably little to do. Staci's
apartment had always been a focal point of the best part of the day.
Now he realized he had spent little time there when he wasn't fucking
or preparing to fuck Staci.
He was so bored he began to thumb through one of Staci's detective
He still had one in his hand when he answered the door. The
brunette was there.
"Don't explain the caper to the dick and they'll never catch you,"
he said, pointing to the book.
She smiled. Staci had seen who it was and was gathering up some
things. The brunette looked over at her.
"You can stay, honey, I'm taking him with me tonight," she said.
She had a car. That meant Staci could follow in his. Sam got in.
"Mooch believes you about the cargo," she said. "He wants to meet
you to talk it over."
It was all there. She had as much as admitted this Mooch was
behind the hi-jacking. Sam was on his way to meet him. Staci was his
back-up. His usual concern for her was lost in his concern for Gumby.
Mooch met them two blocks away from the Lunch Box. There was a
fenced-in basketball court on the corner. The brunette pulled down the
street next to it and parked. Mooch was leaning against a building where
he had a clear view three directions.
"Bits says you want to broker a deal," he said without prelude.
"The shipment was missed- can I call you Mooch? If the people
that own it are convinced it was an honest mistake, I think they'll
offer you a generous finder's fee for returning it," Sam said. "I
might even get them to let you keep the boat."
He saw Mooch wince. Sam didn't know the boat was being reduced to
junk in the desert.
"What if I keep it?" Mooch asked.
"If I can find you..." Sam left it hang. "People are going to
notice a couple of mil of cocaine."
That got the reaction Sam was looking for. It was a big enough figure to make Mooch's eyes glaze.
"If they can make it right with my people, I won't ask too much,"
Mooch said. "Then there's a couple of guys that need to be taken care
Sam raised his eyebrows. Mooch thought he knew what Sam was
"I mean paid," Mooch said. "I just wanted to give the boat to my
people as a goodwill gesture against some debts..."
"You want to sit in or do I act as the go-between?" Sam asked.
Sam liked the way Mooch reacted to danger. He flinched.
His answer was lost in a car screetching around the corner on two
wheels. It came right at them.
"It's a trap!" Bits yelled.
Mooch looked around. It was enough hesitation for Sam to clock him. The woman got away, but Sam had Mooch.
Sam dragged Mooch into the sheriff's office in handcuffs.
"This enough probable cause to search the desert?" he asked the
deputy on the desk.
He gave his statement while Sheriff Medina himself interrogated
Mooch, a.k.a Sherman Watts. Sam stuck his head into the room as he left.
"Remind him he's an accessory if his friends kill my nephew," he
Medina scowled at him. It wasn't good procedure to break up an
"That twit your nephew?" Mooch asked, "I don't know how he found
us even if he did have a map."
Sam hadn't thought about the car since he had driven it back to
the office. He remembered the map. He was too edgy to wait for the cops.
There was a clue to Gumby's whereabouts parked in front of his office.
The girl was loose. Sam had to get back and check it out.
He told Staci to wait and answer any questions. She could catch a
ride with a deputy. Sam had to get back now.
The map was staring out at him when he opened the glove box. There
was only one mark on the map anywhere near the place the car was found.
He could take it to the sheriff or go now. It wasn't a question.
Sam didn't wait. He marked the copy and left it under the
windshield wiper of his own car. Staci would understand his message.
The days of tension had taken their toll. At last he had a lead to
where Gumby had disappeared. The brunette was still out there. Minutes
could make the difference. Sam put the pedal to the floor.
The turn-off was easy to find. Sam turned off the lights and
tried to roll forward as quietly as he could. The crunch of the desert
beneath the tires sounded like explosions to his over-sensitive ears.
The two hi-jackers weren't as sensitive. He could see them by
the fire long before he turned off the motor and let the car roll to a stop in neutral.
He was only about 100 yards from them in the dark. He could see a
tall man and a short one moving around. Gumby was tied up by the fire.
He didn't look hurt.
He had the element of surprise. He hoped that would be enough.
They were petty crooks. They might be scared into giving up if he played
it right.
Sam took out the bullhorn and considered what he'd say. He wanted
to be more ominous than the standard 'throw down your weapons and put
up your hands'.
"It's over guys," he said. "We got you. Don't make any sudden moves."
The sound echoed over the desert floor. The men looked into the
mine shaft at an echo before wildly looking out into the surrounding
dark. They couldn't locate him. That was a good thing.
"Put your hands in the air and walk this way," Sam instructed.
The problem was they didn't know where he was. They were still
looking for the source of the sound.
"Over here," Sam's voice boomed as he switched on the Ford's headlights.
It looked enough like a cop car to pull this off, Sam hoped.
The ploy backfired. The men chattered to each other.
"You by yourself?" the tall one asked.
They were slowly spreading apart, approaching from two different
angles. Sam thought about running over them with the car.
"Which one you want?" the short one yelled.
They were within 30 yards when the other lights hit them. They saw
the beams and ran for it. Staci scraped to a halt 10 yards from the Ford. They had grabbed Gumby and retreated into the mine.
It was a stand-off. The only good thing was they had run back into
the shaft as Staci pulled up. They didn't know it was just the two
of them. Sam turned off the Ford's light and motioned for Staci to do
the same. Sam took a deep breath.
"What are you going to do?" Staci whispered hoarsely.
"I'm going to try and scare them out," he whispered back, "Be ready to hit them with the lights so they don't figure out there's only
two of us too fast."
"But they've got Gumby," Staci hissed. "The sheriff has Mooch. Shouldn't we wait for them to show up?"
"They've never been violent before. I think they're in there shaking already," Sam said. "I don't want them to have the time to talk
themselves into being brave."
He was trying to sound confident for Staci. Inside he was as
brave as jell-o himself. There was nothing more than shoplifting and
burglary on their rap sheets. He hoped he wasn't gambling Gumby's life.
"You- in the mine," Sam said into the bullhorn. "There's only one
way out of there. Throw out your weapons and come out with your hands up."
For a minute it was quiet. Sam thought he could hear something
moving behind him. He was about to turn and look and a voice rang out.
"We're not coming out and we'll pick you off one my one if you try
and come in," the voice Sam recognized as the tall one shouted.
Sam was sweating. He hoped they were too. His first bluff hadn't
scared them. He hoped his second one would.
"I suppose you've got lots of food and water," Sam said. "We can
wait while you use it up. You stay there. We'll be waiting."
They quickly recognized the siege. It didn't take them long to
find a solution, either.
"You back off or we'll kill the hostage!" the short one threatened.
"You kill him and we cut you down like dogs," Sam said.
He had decided to play tough guy. It was not the time to change.
He raised the ante to pull the balance back to his side
"Otherwise we wait until you pass out from dehydration and then
come in," Sam challenged. "It's not nice, but it's better than your mother claiming a body with a hundred holes in it."
They were petty criminals. A wild west shoot-out was romantic. A
tense hostage situation was cool. Doing the Bonnie and Clyde mambo as a
hail of lead made you jump like a spaz was not inviting.
"Okay, we're coming out," the tall one said. "Turn on the lights
so you don't shoot us by mistake."
The desert went ablaze in light. Sam turned slowly. There had to
be two dozen cars in a half circle behind them. men in sheriff's
uniforms were running forward carrying shotguns.
Sam was drinking out of Sheriff Medina's thermos. There wasn't
going be a long stand off. He wouldn't need his coffee tonight. The
Sheriff was thanking Sam for that.
"We couldn't very well rumble up closer when you were telling them
we were pulling back," he was saying, and he winked, "Besides, I
couldn't say half the things you did. You got it over a lot quicker than
I could."
Gumby was beaming at his uncle. Sam was proud and embarrassed at
Gumby's worship. Mostly he felt tired. He hadn't known how tense he was
until it was over.
Staci came over to hug him and let him pretend that she wouldn't
let go. She already knew how scared he'd been. He held her until he
stopped shaking.
"There's still something Gumby and I haven't worked out," Staci
said with a raised eyebrow.
"He paid the rent. His client gets the insurance. He's been
praised by his boss. What's left?" Sam was obstinately obtuse.
"That will be between him and me," Staci said.
"Awww, Staci, that's all right," Gumby blushed, "It was real good
just imagining it. You don't have to."
"Good enough for you, maybe," Staci said. "But I think you owe me.
I'm not doing it for you. You're doing it for me."
Sam was trying not to laugh.
"You," Staci pointed at Sam, "Scoot!"
Staci was usually right and in this case she was double right. She
deserved some strange. She had done her part flawlessly. And she was
double right because Gumby needed to have a woman like Staci at least
once in his life.
Sam closed the door behind him and walked off down the hall. He
didn't want Gumby thinking he was listening at the keyhole. He didn't
think of Miss Zsa-zsa (honestly, he didn't) until he saw her back door.
He caught a glint of light. There was her premonition. One of the
screws holding the doorframe was a camera. Zsa-zsa could see who was at
her door before she opened it. He went over and waved for the camera.
"Is it never already?" Zsa-zsa smiled as she opened the door.
"I- uh... don't know if we have time..." Gumby was stuttering.
Staci smiled indulgently. She pointed to the clock.
"It's 4:15. Your flight leaves at 10:30. You have to be there an
hour early and it takes 15 minutes to the airport," she counted off, "If
it takes you more than four and a half hours to fuck somebody, then
let's have a quickie."
She had thrown off her cute little jacket as she was speaking and
was wiggling her butt to get her skirt over her hips. She looked at him
as she was undoing the buttons of her blouse.
"This isn't for you," she said, "I'm the one getting a reward. Get
your clothes off so I have something to look at."
Gumby moved as quickly as he could and still not muss his suit.
Staci waited in her underwear until Gumby was down to his own.
"Now me boy, let's see it in the light," Staci challenged him.
"Well, I suppose fate can be the glint of a camera lens," Sam
said, "Anyway, I'm here."
"Good, no silly stuff this time," Zsa-zsa said. "I've got clients
coming at 6:00."
Sam looked at the clock. That should be enough time. He looked
back at Zsa-zsa. She was already skinning down her panties. She didn't
want to waste a minute. He started on his belt.
She was laying back playing with the curls of her pubic hair when
Sam was naked. She opened her knees wide as he approached.
"I see you kneeling to me this time," Zsa-zsa said. "And then you
can be on top."
Sam was naked and had no place to go. It wasn't worth a scene to
fight her. He didn't mind licking a little clit before getting laid.
Gumby was an energetic fuck. He had come out of his underwear hard
and Staci had squealed as she dropped to her knees to blow him.
That was the only squealing on her part to the present time. Gumby
had been quite an excited slobberer of tits. He threw his hips at her
from every angle. His cock was an exceptionally eager solid bar.
Those were his good points. He lasted about 49 seconds. That threw
the rest into shadow. Staci looked up with feigned satisfaction and
started to get him ready again.
It was her fuck. She should at least cum.
Gumby's butt was ticklish. Staci started there. She could feel his
cock wiggle inside her as he flinched. That was nice.
Zsa-zsa's face was so red it looked like she was wearing clown
make-up. Her hands were waving wildly in the air and she gasped like
she had come up from the depths.
Sam looked up at her over the furred hill of her pubis and
grinned. She wouldn't be able to protest him taking her now if she
wanted to- and Sam didn't think she would. He slid up and pushed his
cock into her sopping slit.
"Yes, fast and hard, make it count," Zsa-zsa gasped as Sam drove
inside her.
Staci pushed Gumby back until he was on his knees. His cock stood,
but not yet with the vigor she wanted. She turned over and sank her
mouth on his cock. Gumby groaned.
"Staci! That feels so good I can't stand it!" Gumby moaned.
He stood it remarkably well as she sucked his cock to a full
stand. She let him put it in her for a dozen thrusts or so and then
pushed him back to suck his cock again.
She was hoping to give him the stamina to last to her own climax.
Zsa-zsa floundered under Sam. Her hands grasped empty air to
either side of her. Her knees gripped him like the sides of a steed.
She was keening as her cunt clamped down on Sam's thrusting cock.
Sam stuck her once more as she moaned and then pulled back to
horse her onto her belly. He pulled her up to her knees and pushed back
into her cunt from behind.
He drove fast and hard again, slapping loudly on her generous rear. He was going to make her squeal again.
Staci bent her fingers like claws and gripped Gumby's shoulders.
He was thrusting into her so hard her breasts flew up and slapped her chin. She didn't care. Her insides were knotting. Gumby was making her
Staci could still feel the hard cock moving inside her. The second
time was the charm with Gumby. She put her hands on his chest and tried
to control her breathing.
"You've done this. Is there anything else you'd like to try?"
Staci asked, assuming he would finally want to finish in her mouth.
"I want to try anal sex," Gumby said, blushing, "I wouldn't be too
disgusting if I put it in your butt, would I?"
His uncle was on the same wavelength. He pulled back from the
gasping Zsa-zsa and aimed his cock higher on her expansive butt.
"No, wait!" she protested as Sam put his cock to her anus, "I
can't. It brings back horrid memories from the past."
"So tell me your story," Sam groaned.
"We were much in love, that truely giddy love of youth." Zsa-zsa
launched into her excuse. "But, of course, I was a Gypsy and not a proper woman. They caught us together, his father and brothers, and made
him watch as they all brutally raped and sodomized me."
She batted her eyelashes at Sam over her shoulder.
"I never let anyone do me back there any more," Miss Zsa-zsa concluded her story.
She was no more Gypsy than Sam. He tightened his grip on her hips.
"Never say never," Sam said and pushed his cock against her
"I have done it with yout uncle- from time to time," Staci admitted. "But are you sure that's what you want?"
Gumby heard her hesitation, but this meant a lot to him. He'd
never even gotten to the question with any other woman.
"I've never done it and I really want to," Gumby said sincerely,
"If you don't mind too much."
She had boldly- and pleadingly- told Sam she'd do anything for
Gumby. After her admission during a stream of forced orgasms, she didn't
want to imagine what Sam would do to her if he found out she reneged on her confession. She shivered at the idea with both longing and dread.
It only hurt for a little while, she consoled herself. And
Gumby... well, if Gumby was ever going to fuck an ass, it probably was
hers. She rolled up on her knees and pushed her butt out toward him.
"Okay, I said I'd do anything," Staci said, "But take it easy,
Gumby eased forward. He got nowhere. He eased harder. Staci
grunted as the head of his cock spread her sphincter.
Two floors below, at the same instant a cry echoed out into the
"Never! I said never!" Miss Zsa-zsa yelped.


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