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SUSIE camera range she crawled


Keywords: M/F, rom. oral, anal, office games, teasing, MMMMM/F, nc. humil. exhib.
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Susie Sexretary

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Susie Sexretary- (Susie.txt)- Everything was like a dream come true
for Susie. She had caught the eye of her rich and powerful boss and had
wedding bells in her ears. The silly goose thought he was serious. M/F,
rom. oral, anal, office games, teasing, MMMMM/F, nc. humil. exhib.
Susie Sexretary
by older N. Wiser

Old Miss Sour Apple could scowl all she wanted. Mr. Barrett had
requested her personally and there was nothing that dried up old maid
could do about it. Screw you and your ancient dress code, Susie thought.
She wasn't even at her best today. The blue party dress with six
petticoats was cute, but it had a very limited sex appeal. The square
neckline displayed enough of her cleavage but the flouncy skirt was only
cute and gave her little opportunity to be sexy.
She had misgauged Mr. Barrett's directness. While the petticoats
established a wide perimeter around her, they also called for ankle socks
and long, bare legs. The perimeter was no bar to Arnold Barrett, rake and
ravisher of the prime, and the bare legs seemed quite an attraction.
He had his hand to the top of them in the first minute she stood by
his desk for instructions. He couldn't see that the panties he was
fondling were blue to match the dress, but he could feel their satin as he
rubbed them over the satin of her skin.
"I hate pantyhose," he said. "Invention of some twisted bondage
pervert. Damn claustrophobic, seems to me."
"Does that mean you don't want me to wear them?" Susie was confused
by his remarks.
"Do as you want, what's it to me?" he said, just as mysteriously,
"I'll never have you in here again, but you wear what you want."
He was a strange bird. He couldn't say anything straight out. If the
first thing he did hadn't been sliding his hand up to her ass, Susie
would have thought he was just a queer old bird. But the hand was saying
its piece loud and clear.
"You want to look in my bottom drawer or are you comfortable with
just bending over so I can look down your top?" he asked next.
He was perplexing. But that was the clearest thing he had said to
her. She bent over. He looked down her top. She was wearing a half-bra
(blue) and he could see most of her breasts.
She imagined it would go like this at some point, but she thought it
would take him a few minutes more at least. And she didn't expect him to
be so matter-of-fact in his advances. She wondered if she'd have to open
his pants or if he would do that himself.
"I like this in a secretary," he said, "You stay just as receptive
to suggestions as you are now and we'll get along fine."
"Is there something else you'd like me to do now?" she asked slyly.
"Well, of course, I don't consider showing off your tits as a full
days work," he said abruptly. "I dictate letters, you know- need them
typed up or whatever you do. I issue the odd memo from time to time. We
will work, that's what a secretary does. How did you get this far in the
world without finding that out?"
"Then do you want me to sit down and take a letter?" she asked,
completely lost.
"No letters at the moment, young lady, by the way, what is your
name?" he asked.
"Susie, Mr. Barrett," she said with a bob of her head.
"No letters at the moment, Susie, perhaps you could take off those
panties and show me your bottom," he went on.
She was ready to suck his withered old dick. It seemed like showing
him her butt was a lateral move. She felt like it was some kind of test
to see if she took off her underwear the way he liked.
She turned around and bent from the waist and then pulled her
panties out from under her haze of petticoats. Once she had them halfway
down her thighs she dropped them and they settled around her shoes.
She gave him a decent interval to lift them himself and then reached back
to raise her petticoats so he could see her butt.
"I don't mean to be demeaning, honey, but we'd go through this
sooner or later and I like to get it out of the way," he explained, "By
the way, you do have a nice ass."
"Thank you Mr. Barrett," Susie replied automatically.
"Now sit down and let's talk about your career," he said.
Susie was really smart in her own way. She had it figured out now.
She backed up with her skirt still high and plopped down on Mr. Barrett's
lap. She leaned back against him.
"Well, one always likes a friendly employee," he said.
He wasn't groping her or anything. Susie was afraid she had made a
mistake. He was the same odd bird through the first week. Then she got
used to his manner. She also got used to the taste of his semen.
On the one hand it was her suggestion, but his droning, boring
letters drove her to it. There was a lull as he was staring at the desk,
looking for a correspondence that needed a response. She saw her chance.
"You look so tense, wouldn't you like me to help you relax?" she
He had no better plan to offer. He shrugged his shoulders.
She went behind his chair and rubbed his neck. Neck became
shoulders and she wasted little time before running her hand down his
front into his crotch.
"I think I know something that will drain all the tension out of
you," she said softly, her mouth pulled close to his ear by her position.
"You think?" he said and let her play.
He was purely calm as she massaged his crotch. Susie slipped around
the arm of his chair and rolled it back as she stroked the bulge in his
briefs. She made room to kneel between his knees and then knelt there.
"Were you thinking of giving me a blow-job, Susie?" he asked.
She looked up, smiled and nodded her head.
"Then I'm sure we'll be more comfortable over on the couch," he said
and added, "And I know you'll feel freer without those constricting
clothes in the way."
It was kind of deflating to have him steal her thunder when she
thought she was being spontaneous and fresh, but there was no way to say
no now. She took off her dress and bra and he seemed satisfied with her
in her panties, shoes and socks. He neatly folded his own trousers and
put them on his desk and sat on the office couch with the target area
ready for her ministrations.
She never did decipher this bit of behavior. It was easy to assume
he was more at ease on the couch. People have all sorts of kinks when it
comes to sex and maybe he only liked to do sexual things with naked women
and sitting on couches.
She never, through their entire relations, was told about the color,
high-speed taping system aimed at that corner of the office. She joined in
many games in range of its lens, but she never saw the tapes or knew they
Her first appearance (Barrett had used his personal cam-corder to
tape her introductory exposure) on the high-quality, suitable for video capture stills tape came as she slithered into the camera's view and went
straight for Barrett's cock.
There were no conflicting agendas clouding Susie's mind. She was
about to show him how valuable an employee she was. She would still be his
girl, but she wanted to be his special girl. She was going to give a
little service that he wouldn't get from the other secretaries in the
pool. It might not be real power, but it was incentive.
Barrett waited, face above camera range, as she crawled up and
sucked his cock into her mouth. She was a cute little thing and had the
openness to be a special prize, he thought as she sucked his choad.
Susie was trying to think of the right thing to say when she made
his cock hard. She tried to assemble just the right stream of words as
her tongue worried his cock in her mouth. She stretched it out like a
worm and sucked it all back into her mouth.
Soon it was too big for all of it to fit. She could move her mouth
on the stiffening shaft then and spend time circling her tongue over the
head of his cock. He would be ready for the little speech and the big
finish shortly.
She had settled on an outcome-oriented line rather than
complimenting the taste or size of his cock. That might sound insincere.
"I don't think we ought to stain the furniture, so you better cum in my mouth," she told Mr. Barrett.
She took the head and perhaps an inch beyond into her mouth and
gripped the base with her hand. It didn't have to be the best blow-job
he ever had. The best blow-job right now would be a quick, efficient
blow-job that would make him shoot mightily, but quickly. She'd take
care of the memorable part as he was squirting his juice in her mouth.
They all liked tight. She made her mouth as tight a squeeze as he'd
ever had and moved up and down. She gripped his shaft and turned her hand
back and forth as she bobbed. His cock went hard in between her tongue
and palate and she sucked as she pulled back. She went faster and faster
as Mr. Barrett began to shift on the couch and groan.
She gave him a moment of respite, taking her mouth off his cock and
jacking him furiously to bring him to the edge. She darted her tongue at
the head of his cock when it was exposed in her hand to make him need her.
Then she used her mouth alone, except for her finger and thumb
circling the base of his cock, to suck him off. She went as deep as she
dared to start again and sucked him until she felt his cock swell in her
mouth. Then the strokes got shorter and quicker as she urged his cum to
leap out into her mouth.
She dared the very limit she could go down on him as his cock
jerked and spat its hot juice into her mouth. She maintained her sucking the best she could as she struggled not to gag as his cum hit the back of
her throat. But most of all she kept him as deep as she could hold him
and moved her tongue on the underside of his spewing cock.
She sucked for the remnants when the spurting stopped, pulling off
him in a long stroke and and dropping back down as if she would start the
process all over again. She played with his balls and Mr. Barrett jerked
as if she had plugged him into the wall socket.
"I think once is enough," he interrupted her single-minded attack
on his cock by grabbing her hair and lifting her head. "We can play some
other games if you want to."
"Whatever you want, boss," Susie said brightly.
"Then let's play 'Susie sit on my hard-on'," he said and drew her
up where he could yank her panties down.
He turned her around and pulled her onto his lap with his cock
resting in the crevice of her butt cheeks.
"Now if I keep my hard-on, you can play with it," he told her.
Susie was sure this had something to do with a lap-dance. She tried
to squeeze her cheeks together as she moved up and relax them as she
sat down hard with her cheeks around his cock. She wasn't sure why she
wanted to keep him hard. She had no great desire to fuck her boss, but it
seemed like a challenge she couldn't turn down.
It was also a challenge she couldn't win. She did keep him almost
hard and hopeful for a time, but his natural reaction was much stronger
then the limited tools she was allowed to use to reverse it.
"There, there, my dear, it was most enjoyable while you were
trying," he soothed her as he lifted up on her waist to induce her to
get off him. "A nice, reasonable girl like you is a treasure."
She actually forgot her panties the first time. Well, it's a longer
story than that, but certainly it was not her intention to come to the
office without her underwear. Mr. Barrett liked it so much that he spent
most of the time they usually devoted to 'relaxing' him playing peek-a-
boo with her naked bottom and crotch.
It became part of her uniform for work. Susie would slip into the
rest room first thing and slip her underwear into her purse and work
uncovered until it was time to go home.
Susie was having her doubts where all this could be headed when
Mr. Barrett asked her out the first time.
"Not a good move, not a good move at all, but I am becoming
fascinated with you, Susie," Mr. Barrett told her in his confusing way,
"I wonder if your sensibilities would be offened by a dinner invitation
from your boss?"
"Are you asking me out?" Susie asked to be clear on this.
"First I'm asking you if the idea disgusts you, then, depending of
course on your answer, I will issue the invitation," he said.
"No, it doesn't offend me, and yes, I'll accept an invitation,"
Susie said.
Free food was free food and Susie imagined it would be at least
good food. The old goat would probably expect something for his kindness,
but so would any other guy that bought her dinner. And Mr. Barrett could
do her more good than any of them.
"Then are you free tonight?" Mr. Barrett asked.
Fascinated was an exact term for Barrett. Other than his admittedly
crude introduction of himself, Barrett had been the passive one as Susie
had introduced the daily blow-job and the naked bottom to their daily
schedule. Barrett thought of her as the wild child and wished to see what
she was like beyond the confines of an office's decorum.
Good did not begin to cover the food in the 'steak house' Mr.
Barrett chose. And since the menu didn't list trivia like prices, Susie
had no idea what he was spending on her. Her biggest guess was low by
a half. And then there was the wine.
Two bottles of wine and congnac after dessert had Susie in warm
fog as they left the restaurant. She settled into the seat of the cab
actually excited about the prospect of showing Mr. Barrett her gratitude.
She certainly was in the mood and Mr. Barrett should do nicely to give
her what she craved.
"Do you wish to be taken home, or should we stop around by my
place?" Mr. Barrett asked before he instructed the driver.
Wanting him had nothing to do with being able to think. She wasn't
being that general in her fantasies. All that occurred to her was that her
apartment was small and unkempt and she didn't want him seeing that.
His 'place' was a suite in a hotel and it was spotless. Susie was
thinking that this whole night was going very nicely. It was even going
to be pleasant paying for her dinner on her back. In all that made it the
best kind of date.
Mr. Barrett excused himself briefly, to 'freshen up' she supposed.
In fact, he was checking the cameras of a system like his in the office.
He was pleased that she had opted to come into his lair. Now he could
record what he imagined to be a night of wild debauchery for posterity.
"So then, my dear, how do other men go about getting into those
non-existant panties of yours?" he asked. "Should I flatter you or simply
sweep you off your feet with the force of my virility?"
"I like the virility thing," Susie answered, "I think this wine has
made me horny, because I've been waiting for you to fuck me since we got
into the cab."
Just as he imagined, Barrett thought. She was a sexual Titan, ready
to be used and eager for the contact. He wondered what twisted tastes
churned in that strange little mind.
He went over, wrapped her in his arms and kissed her. There was one
way to find out what adventures awaited him. He picked her up and lugged
her to the bed.
Mr. Barrett naked didn't dampen Susie's enthusiasm. She thought it
a bit odd that he stripped to the skin before he joined her on the bed,
but she was generally impressed that he wasn't as gross as she would have
guessed. He was a bit paunchy and soft but she could still mostly see the
shape of a man in him.
While they cooperated in taking off her clothes it no longer
mattered. He was hands and lips and warm body then and that was just what
Susie wanted. She threw her bra across the room and took advantage of
her higher position to roll him on his back. She was going to make him
want her enough that he would do her some good.
She only paused at his mouth and his nipples on her way to his
groin. She was going to ignore his bulging belly as well as she could.
Her work was half done when she reached his cock. It was everything but
standing up straight when she reached it.
She had learned that he liked to be teased when they had a lot of
time to play. He responded strongly to light touches of her tongue and
she could keep him hard and ready without hurrying him to climax. They
had all night to play. She nudged his cock around with her tongue and
then let it rest across her face as she dove down to lick his balls.
His cock didn't rest long. It raised off her face and stood proud
as she ran her tongue over him. She took some time licking him from his
balls to the head of his cock. Part of it was that he was her boss and
she wanted to be without peer in his mind, but part of it was her personal
desire to be a great date.
This man had bought her expensive food and filled her with expensive
wine. She wanted to show him, and vicariously all her cheap boyfriends,
that she was particularly appreciative of good treatment. She was going
to try to fuck Mr. Barrett to death.
All he had to do was get her drunk and turn her loose, Barrett
mused. She was camped between his legs worshipping his erect phallus. He
could sense he was in for a wild night. This one more than enjoyed her
work. She was eager and not because she was scheming to get ahead.
"Do you want me on top?" Susie asked finally.
"Decisions, decisions, I'm tired of making decisions," Mr. Barrett
told her, "You take over tonight and I'll put it in wherever you put it."
He was going to make her responsible for giving him a good time. It
was nice in a way, but it also meant Susie would have to think what
would make him happy all on her own.
It was easiest to start by climbing over him and settling down on
his hard cock. It felt good to have something finally filling the void
between her legs. He was a nice size inside her- just right. She sat
down on him to take it all and tried to rub herself on his pubis.
She was hot for him. She had no trouble slipping him inside her and
Mr. Barrett found she was pleasantly snug and happily warm inside. She had
a good cunt for fucking, he assessed as his cock got inside her for the
first time.
This wasn't the real wild thing, however, he thought as she rode
up and down on his cock. This was basic sex. It was nice, you know, but
Barrett wanted smarmy, he wanted dirty. He let her bounce up and down on
his cock until she seemed to be having a good time.
"Now let's play Nazi soldier and peasant girl," he suggested.
"How do you play that?" Susie asked.
He pushed her off him as he sat up and then gathered a wrist in
each of his fists as he climbed over her. He pinned her arms up to the
sides of her head with his grip and entered her with a hard thrust.
"Just like this," he said, "You struggle and the nasty storm trooper
rapes your pretty little body."
Mr. Barrett was full of surprises. It was an old man fantasy,
particularly starring Nazis, but he was surprizingly energetic as he
played it out. He was thrusting a little bit too hard as he stabbed his
cock into her. She needed to wiggle to deflect the force of those thrusts.
The grip on her wrists gave her something to pull against as she
jerked her hips under him. The oddness retreated in Susie's mind and she
got into the steady plunges of his cock deep into her cunt. It was
different than the rabbit fucks she usually got. She began to slip into
the rape fantasy with Barrett.
"Please, Mr. Nazi, don't," she played along as he fucked her.
"Oh yes I will, yes I will!" Barrett menaced her as he gave his
thrusts a little grind on the end to emphasize his mastery of her.
Susie didn't so much struggle as help as she moved beneath him.
Then she wrapped her legs over Barrett's and began to control him. To be
sure, it was a control that he welcomed as she moved strongly against him
as he plunged into her.
This was more like it. Even if she did seem to be helping, he was
getting all the vibe he needed from the hard collisions of their sexes.
This was wilder than average. He did feel like he was ravaging the girl under him. It made him feel like the boss in all respects.
It was getting too good. Barrett was going to conserve and try and
last late into the night. He came down heavy on Susie and pulled her
wrists from beside her head to higher over her head.
"Ve haf other games to play vith you, liebchen," he growled at her
in a very bad German accent.
Susie thought he had cum. It was clear he was done and she relaxed
her grip with her legs. It had been pretty good. It was better than she
had given the old guy credit for. She was confused when he lifted up and
pulled her along with him.
"Sprawl on your belly and spread your legs," he instructed.
He had propelled her half-way there and she settled onto the bed
with a lot of questions in her mind. If he had cum, what was he going to
do? In general, she felt like she was about to be fucked in the ass in
this position. Was he going to try and penetrate her ass with his limp
cock? Or was there some weird thing she didn't know about?
Barrett had a way of keeping up his ardor while cooling down that
she had never experienced. It wasn't that weird. He lay over her back
and let his cock slide up and down her wet crack. He let his cock pop into
her for a few short strokes and then he'd pull back.
His cock rubbed over her cunt or between the cheeks of her ass
between his short ventures inside her warmth. It was a real good feeling
for Susie. His cock stroked her better than a finger and the unpredictable
thrusts inside made her moan. He was keeping her even warmer than he was
keeping himself.
"Is that making you think of something?" Barrett asked the groaning
woman, hoping for the wildness he though she had.
"It's making me think you have to finish it," Susie gasped.
"How should I do that?" Barrett asked.
"Harder! Faster!" Susie suggested.
Barrett kept his cock between the lips of her cunt and responded as
she had asked. He liked the sounds she made as his cock sawed against
her cunt, but he had been hoping for a more exciting suggestion.
It was exciting enough for Susie. The increase in speed was just
what she needed. Again she humped up against his thrusts and this time
brought her clit within range of his cock. That was all the extra Susie
needed to gasp and shiver into an orgasm.
It was beginning to become disturbing. Susie was looking forward to
slumping limp after she came, but Barrett's cock was still hard pressing
against her. Did this old guy stay hard all night?
The anal possibilities of the position were not lost on Barrett. He
lay over Susie's back knowing he only had to lift a little to drill his
cock into his secretary's asshole. But that would have been a quick end
and he wanted to last long into the night.
She had been hardly wild up to this point, but very receptive.
Barrett tried to think what he was hoping a wild woman would do so he
could suggest it to Susie. Fucking all over on the furniture was the
first picture that came into his mind, but he saw the energy he would
be required to expend dancing everywhere and discarded that idea. Fucking
several people at once flashed, but he was alone and not in the mood to
invite others, either.
His vapor lock in trying to define what a 'wild woman' would do was
having a bad effect on his hard-on. He didn't want to hurry, but he
didn't want to lose his hard-on either. He raised up off Susie and knelt
behind her.
"Get up on your knees," he croaked.
Now Susie knew what she was getting. He was going to jam it up her
butt-hole now, for sure. She got to her knees and tried to push her ass
back to spread her cheeks and make the access as open as possible.
She was shocked when he slid up from underneath her overhanging
ass and slid deep into her pussy. The old man was just going to bang her
some more.
That had not been Barrett's intention when he put his cock in her
from behind. He needed something to restore the edge to his erection. She
was so effective in restoring the edge that he found himself 'banging' her
some more like she had predicted. It was too good of a pussy to waste with
his silly ideas of lasting.
They had started fucking over an hour before, after all. He didn't
have to store up for the winter. And he knew it would feel so good to
shoot off in this tight little body kneeling in front of him.
Those arguments from his cock convinced Barrett to go at Susie
like he meant it. Again he was just a bit too much for Susie and she had
to shift to direct him to places where his cock did not bang so hard into
the back wall of her cunt. The dirty old fucker was making her take it
and making her like it. Ramming her full was better than teasing the
portal. Susie banged her ass back to him in sheer lust.
She fucks wild, Barrett thought as they slammed together. I'll set
up the scene and this little girl can provide the wild fuck as the
centerpiece. Who cares about wild scenes? This is great.
His twice-denied prick nearly fell off when he blasted her full of
his jizm. All the rawness of his semen's third trip up his cock was
compounded by Susie's ass threatening to pull his cock off at the roots as
she kept fucking back while he shot out his load inside her.
Susie only felt hardness up inside her as she worked herself off
yet again on the cock pushed deep in her twat. After so many times of
being left hanging with others, she was glad that he was still hard inside
her so she could force herself over the pinnacle again.
Now she could rest. Susie flopped flat out on the bed exhausted.
Barrett had a brief thought of how that would play on the tapes. It
would make him look good if he could fuck them into a coma.
Much more energetic, Barrett got up and took a quick shower to wash
off. Susie was still sprawled on her face on the bed when he came back.
She made a nice picture spread-eagled on the bed.
He had been a bit disappointed by her lack of leadership in bed, but
not by her responsiveness. He decided that, yes, he did want to fuck her
again. He always started with the intention of going all night long, but
that drive seemed to fade after he got his rocks off the first time. He
was never quite as horny after he had fucked them once.
She should be recovering from the effect of the wine and it was
possible that she wouldn't want to fuck him again. Barrett assumed the
sale and moved over to convince Susie that she wanted to go some more.
It seemed she had no longer than a snooze alarm's rest. Barrett
was lifting her head up by the hair and rubbing his cock on her face.
She had no opinion about that. Her mind didn't want to leave the refuge
of near sleep. sucking his cock had become a habit and she could do that
automatically without leaving the haven of drowsyness.
She was still drunk, Barrett noted as everything went in slow
motion. Her tongue was clumsy licking his cock. It took her three tries
to suck his cock into her mouth. He guessed he'd have to fuck her a third
time to see how she liked it sober.
Susie roused from her stupor enough to dislike his grip on her hair.
As she came back from her sleep, she lifted her head up on her own to
relieve the pressure on her scalp. She also became sharper as she sucked on his growing cock.
"You know, my dear, you are a lucky girl," Barrett told her, "Not
many people from the company get to stay in these rooms. I'm not sure
anyone else below the rank of vice-president even knows they exist."
His snobism was wasted on Susie because she was wasted. Sober, even
her less-than-steel-trap mind would have laughed at his assertion. Big
deal, the boss wanted to get laid. Big priviledge to get fucked in the
firm's private bedroom.
As she was, Susie only noted that he sounded happy and kept sucking his cock. That was enough to keep her occupied. There were lots of things
about sucking a cock she didn't usually notice. Barrett's cock wasn't
particularly large, but she had to really open wide to get it in her
mouth. And the head part felt real velvety, like she imagined mousefur
would as it rubbed against her palate.
Susie was slobbering a lot more than usual as she sucked his dick.
She was also taking her time and neither of those things distressed
Barrett. It gave him all sorts of thoughts about cock-hungry, eager sluts.
He would use her like a disposable piece of meat for his own amusement.
His cock rose quickly as that fantasy formed in his mind.
"Now roll over, hold your cunt open and beg for it," he ordered
It was an order, but it wasn't a mean order. It sounded like he was
playing. Susie figured it was like 'Nazi and peasant'. She might have fun
playing the floozy.
Susie flipped over rather than rolled and settled his her cunt under
his cock. She pulled her knees back and reached under her bottom to pull
her cunt open with her fingers.
"Give it to me!" she ordered him right back, "Stick that whole thing
in me and fuck me like a man! Come on, ream me out good!"
It wasn't the scene he had dreamed, but it was hot. Demanding was
good too. Barrett's cock jumped a little at her order to fuck her.
She maintained the attitude as he stuck his cock into her. She
urged him on as she held herself open for his thrusts. It was a twisted
adult version of the airplane and the hangar as he fed her the salami.
Yes, this was the kind of wild he imagined, Barrett admitted to
himself. It might not be his taste, but that was part of it. It was a
game he wouldn't have come up with. And it was hot. He felt 18 again
as he porked this cunt on the bed. Her demands made him feel like the
best fucker in the world.
Susie's orders dropped off as his cock brought on the ragged
breathing of her growing excitement. She was becoming very easy in the
hands of Mr. Barrett. He was taking good care of her and the freedom of
the steamy things he was encouraging her to do was adding to her arousal.
It felt different to be fucked while holding her outer lips out of
the way. Not only did she feel so open, she was thrilled by the thrusts
that made her touch herself in a new way.
Those were the little things. The big thing was that she was
really enjoying this night of sex. Mr Barrett was not timid in his
intentions or his implementation of them. From the time she decided to
make the best of fucking him, Mr. Barrett had been a skilled and
inventive lover.
His cock felt so good that she wasn't even thinking about him being
her boss. She was cumming again as his cock fucked into her. She hadn't
had this much pleasure from a man in ages.
She was a horny bitch. Apart from anything else, she made Barrett
feel like a stud with her easy orgasms. If she had been faking to gain
his favor it would have been one thing, but he could feel her genuine
reactions in her cunt as he plowed his cock into her.
Now she should have to do something wild, Barrett thought. He had
been good to her, several times, and she owed him. He also knew, or at
least sensed, that he would have to come up with the 'wild' thing since
Susie seemed surprisingly untutored in such thngs.
"At least you should be doing the work," he said, suddenly breaking
from thought into speech.
Susie didn't have clue what he meant, but she was used to that with
Mr. Barrett. She waited faithfully for him to explain. She was in the
mood to do about anything.
"Up, up, up, I get to lie down there now," he said, pushing on her legs.
"Now up you go," he instructed when he had taken his place.
For all his idiosyncratic speech and nebulous meanings, Mr. Barrett
could make things clear in bed. He guided her on top of him and she knew
he wanted her to mount him facing his feet. It wasn't her favorite because
it took a lot of work, but Mr. Barrett wasn't making a suggestion.
Any way, she felt he deserved it for being so good for her so far.
His hands let her know he wasn't interested in having her lean backwards
over him in a squat so he could thrust up into her. She was to lean the
other direction. He wanted her kneeling over his cock and doing the work
She did have a nice ass. Barrett enjoyed the sight of it bouncing
up and down on his cock. She was a determined little girl and he enjoyed
the way she jammed herself down onto his cock as well. It wasn't the
wildness he fantasized, but he had determined that Susie was more willing
than learned in her sexual habits.
It was the time for reflection. Barrett was enjoying the way she
ground his cock inside her hot little twat, but it was going to take a
lot of that to get him off. She was going to have to work a lot harder to
make him cum. He wasn't about to tell her. He liked her dancing on his
cock that way.
Susie was feeling the same way. His cock was good, but not quite
enough. But she didn't want to wait forever. It felt too much like working
out to raise and lower herself on his cock.
At first she leaned forward to ease straining thigh muscles. Then
the new angle of his cock gave her the idea to lean farther forward with
her hands on his knees. Now her butt was on its own. She didn't have to
lift her whole body to slam her ass down on his cock.
She let herself down even more to find the magic angle and then
slapped her cunt on him vigorously. That was so good she forgot the
exertion and she fucked him on automatic.
She was a quick fucking learner, Barrett thought. He put his hands
down to help her move in the right rhythm and enjoyed her slapping her
cunt down onto his cock. For once he had found a woman that moved fast
enough when she was on top.
He had a flash of being taken as she rammed her rear down to impale
herself on his cock. This must be very much like what a woman felt as
a man forced her to cum with his insistent thrusts. He liked letting her
force him to climax. It was a relief not to be responsible.
Then it was nerve-wracking to be at her mercy. He had a silly fear
that she would stop and leave him hanging while his cum was still pumping
out inside her. The tension didn't diminish his climax, however.
Susie couldn't stop. She was in the middle of her own climax and
obsessively moving on him in the throes of her passion.
Barrett wanted one more ride on his secretarymobile. If she had not
been an historic episode in the annals of his sex life, she had been
a fully satisfying fuck. He wanted her again, but first he needed a
little rest.
The 'little rest' ended when Susie snapped awake at 6:30 sharp as
if she was hearing her alarm ring back in her apartment. It was time to
get ready for work.
Taking away the tit he was holding woke Barrett. He knew what had
happened. He considered letting her come in late in exchange for a
quick fuck, but that made no fiscal sense at all. They'd be lucky to get
in on time if they hurried as it was.
He had plenty of clothes in the suite, but Susie was distressed with
the prospect of wearing the same thing two days in a row. He thought it
over as he took his shower. The idea came to him as he was washing his
genitals. He called Susie into the bathroom.
"Take a quick shower and I think I have a solution for you," he
told her.
He dressed while she showered, wandering in to check his tie as she
was drying off. He'd see if she was a wild woman or not.
"I think we'll have time to drop by your place and let you put on
some new clothes," he dangled like bait, and then told her fun part, "But
I don't think we'll have time for you to change."
She was appropriately puzzled by this proposal. As usual, she waited
for him to clarify. When he didn't, she had to ask.
"I don't understand," she said, "It doesn't take long to change."
It was his grin that did it. The idea was scandalous and Susie
wouldn't have agreed if she was thinking. But she was looking at his grin
and feeling good about herself for his feeling so good.
"It takes twice as long, but if you don't have to take anything off,
I think we'll have just enough time," Barrett grinned.
It wasn't solely an impulse that made Susie agree. She thought about
Mr. Barrett and his position. She decided that it couldn't be as
outrageous as it sounded or he wouldn't do it. She decided it was some in
joke at this hotel and it wouldn't really be strange.
That fantasy lasted down to the lobby since there was no one in the
hall or elevator to react to the woman wearing nothing but high-heeled
sandals. Then the doors opened and Susie could see the street out front.
There was no boy's club that could shield her from the daylight of a
city street. She gulped when she realized what she had agreed to.
At least Mr. Barrett gave her his arm as they stepped boldly into
the lobby. The amazed double-take of the desk clerk was one thing, but
when the open mouth closed into a leer, Susie felt like a whore. She tried
to pull Mr. Barrett into a trot, but he maintained his dignified shuffle
and made her walk slowly, naked and exposed, across a lobby that seemed
miles long.
The doorman had had ample opportunity to memeorize her body by the
time they reached the door. Mercifully he didn't make eye contact with
her, saving his lecherous chuckle for Mr. Barrett and the bill her boss
pressed into the man's palm.
He had earned his tip. The cab was waiting with it's door open for
them and Susie looked neither left nor right as they crossed the sidewalk
and she clambered in. The driver looked once and didn't seem to be
impressed by having a naked woman in his cab.
"You want to go in to work that way?" Barrett asked as they stopped
in front of her apartment.
She hadn't thought about this end of the journey at all. There would
be all sorts of people in the halls at this hour, people she knew. How
could she scamper into her apartment naked and what would she say to
explain it?
Again the gallant Mr. Barrett offered to accompany her and Susie
grasped at whatever cover his portly body could afford her. Squeezed
next to him and holding her purse over her crotch, Susie was able to
control her panic. She tried to believe she wasn't as naked that way.
Mrs. Billet destroyed that belief when her head popped out of her
door. Susie was naked and everyone who caught a glimpse of her would know
that, no matter what they did or didn't see. The sight fortunately struck
the landlady speechless and they were able to get by and up the stair
before she recovered.
But she was seen. And there was no way of explaining it. Susie
didn't like the feeling in her stomach as she thought of the tales that
would circulate now.
Mr. Tabor, the delivery man, was better and worse at the same time.
"Well, hello, how you...." his friendly greeting trailed off as
he got a look at the exposed flesh of his 'favorite tennant'.
He too was left open-mouthed as they hurried past. It was better
because Susie knew he would enjoy his peek at her nakedness. It was
worse because of the way he would think about her now that he'd had his
Then they were inside the sanctum behind her door. Mr. Barrett
couldn't have been more pleased. There was more to his happiness than
just his grin. Watching Susie squirm as they made the naked trek from
the hotel to her apartment had been very exciting.
"You know, I think we'll have time enough for you to relax me,"
he said as he opened his pants and let out his swelling erection.
"Could we, you know, relax together?" Susie asked, "I'm really
flustered and all, but I'm real horny too."
It seemed like the only thing her danger reaction did beyond making
her open her eyes like saucers was to pump lubricant to her pussy. All
the time she was trembling with uncertainty, her pussy was gushing. It
went double-time when she was spotted by Mrs. Billet and Mr. Tabor.
Finally safe enough to think beyond her nudity, Susie saw Mr.
Barrett pull out his cock and her thoughts turned sexual. She'd blow him.
She didn't mind blowing him. But the floor would be hard on her knees.
That hesitation in jumping to his command was the crack her self-
assessment needed to slip through to be heard. That thing would feel a
lot better up your hot snatch, her body told her.
"Where?" Barrett's voice cracked a little.
"My bedroom's in here," Susie hissed back as she led the way.
"The dresser," he said and let his pants fall around his ankles.
It was an old dresser with a row of small jewelry drawers along the
top and large drawers below. It once had a mirror, but that was lost
before the dresser came to Susie. It's best feature at the moment was
its broad top.
She knew what he wanted. She backed up to the dresser and hopped
up on its top. This was perfect for her too. She wanted hard cock and
figured that was what he'd give her while he was living out this kinky
bit. She gripped the edge of the dresser and leaned back against the wall.
Then she held on tight and lifted and opened her legs for him.
She was as wild as the things he could think for her to do, Barrett
realized as he looked at her legs spread like angel wings to enfold him.
She had chanced being seen and was seen by two people as she made her
naked cab ride at his suggestion and now she was spread and glistening
for him to fuck her. What could be wilder than that?
He put aside his marvel and moved up against Susie. The thing he
had noticed about the dresser was that it was the right height. He
proved the accuracy of his eye as he slid all the way into Susie's
welcoming cunt. He would be able to fuck her without bending his knees or
going up on his toes unless he wanted to.
"Oh Mr. Barrett, I was so scared all the way over here and it was
all down there," Susie sighed as he slid into her, "If feels so good to
have your hard cock inside me."
It certainly did. On that point Barrett was in complete agreement
with Susie. With his cock in her for balance, Susie let go of the dresser
and reached out to pull his shirt up out of the way. She rolled the shirt under and held it lightly as Barrett started pumping into her.
"You're a very horny girl," Barrett told her as his cock made wet
sounds as he fucked her. "I'd be a fool not to fall for a very horny
Barrett grasped her behind the knees and held her in place as he
thrust into her. It was welcome support for Susie. It relieved her
struggle to stay at the edge of the dresser and allowed her to lose
herself in the hard cock moving inside her. It was just what she needed.
Nice little tight cunt, juicy little hot cunt, that was just what
Barrett needed. All the trimmings faded away as he was fucking into her
perfect little cunt. His mind was in the head of his cock deep inside her.
He pumped into her as fast as he could, eager for the squishing
sounds and the hot grip of her juicy cunt. She was a great hunk of
pleasure pussy and right where he could use it best.
Susie felt like she was falling and didn't care. The hard thing
ramming inside her was carrying her off and she had the feeling she was
floating free, restrained only by his hold on her legs. Then she exploded
in mid-air or was hit by ack-ack or maybe hit a mountain. She didn't care
how the image was extended. Her floating became the violent reaction of
climax as Barrett fucked her.
Barrett felt her cunt suck at him as she came. It was good, but it
wasn't enough. In fact, her orgasm was a little intrusive on his own
fantasy as he drilled her. He knew what he wanted now. He stepped back
from the mewling woman.
"Now suck it. I want you to suck it now," he gasped.
Only part of Susie's mind grasped his order in the haze of
afterglow, but it was the part that activated reflexive response. She
hopped off the dresser as if she was escaping a burning building and went
for his cock as if only that could save her.
Barrett didn't need much stimulation. He had been close when her
orgasm interrupted his thoughts of drilling, piercing, pounding. Her
tongue was active from the time he slid into her mouth and she only had
to begin to suck on the head of his cock to make his balls jump in their
"Oh god that's good!" he grunted as he grabbed her head and fucked
her face.
Susie was just trying to survive the rod jamming the back of her
throat, but in the back of her mind she noticed that Mr. Barrett was
more aggresive than he had ever been before.
This was something special, Susie thought as she wiped some stray
cum from her lips with the back of her hand. Then she heard an echo of
Barrett saying something about falling for her when he was fucking her.
This wasn't the start of the dream, but it was the seed from which
the dream grew. In the next minute Susie was scrambling to get dressed so
they would not make a scene arriving together late for work.
Mr. Barrett was relaxed enough that they didn't take their break
for a blow-job after lunch. Instead he had Susie sit on his lap and
feel his hardness pressing into her ass through the tight red sheath
with the fine gold design that he had picked for her to wear to work.
There was never any place for underwear in that dress and Mr.
Barrett's dress code removed any temptation for Susie to wear any. There
certainly was never any place for the bulky outline of even a half- bra
and the clingy material of the tight tube of dress made it extraneous.
Panties left lines and Susie would have been tempted to omit them, but
Mr. Barrett's preferences took away that decision.
She was glad for her nakedness under the dress as they had their
cuddle. She could nearly tell the outline of Mr. Barrett's cock as it
wriggled under her ass. And his hands on her breasts were nearly skin on
skin. Then his hand found her thigh and he squeezed her tight against
him before he made a mess of his pants.
"You are a very agreeable sort and I was wondering if you'd agree
to another night out tonight," he said abruptly. "Yup, I'm sure I want
to have another night like last night, if you'll agree, of course."
His offhand address seemed almost normal to Susie now. He wanted
to fuck her all night again. In her present state of arousal, Susie saw
it as a good idea. The old guy hadn't been bad in the sack, maybe not
the best, but top five. Then she remembered scampering around naked.
"Only if we can go to my place tonight and I can use the stuff in
my own bathroom," Susie bargained.
She was out of her element even with this obtuse old fart. Barrett
saw a deal like a shark sees blood in the water. It was no inconvienience
to go to her apartment, but he heard the uncertainty that invited him to
"Then I shall have my rule, too," Barrett counter-proposed, "For
every game I think for us to play, you have to invent one of your own
or pay a penalty."
"Penalty? What kind of penalty?" Susie asked.
"Something you can satisfy with your body, to be sure," Barrett
said. "Something less bold than your nude cavort across town this
Susie still wasn't sure what he meant, but that was kinda exciting.
He might show her something she didn't know and she might like it. She
had been terrified during her nude streak, but the engulfing tingle had
felt a lot like excitement. The possibilities were interesting.
Susie had to struggle to supress a giggle when she saw Mrs. Billet
peep through the crack of her door. It was funny to think what Mrs.
Billet must have been thinking as she saw Susie with the same man that
had brought her in naked just that morning. If she only knew it was her
boss. She would certainly hear enough to remove any other mysteries.
"Since I made a rule, I suppose I should go first," he said as they
entered her apartment. "I think we should start by re-creating our
afternoon, only with more personal contact."
Barrett led her to her sofa and sat down. Before he pulled her
down, he opened his zipper and pulled out his cock. As she came down,
he skinned her skirt up until it was just above her crotch. This time
when she sat it was indeed more personal.
He hadn't entered her yet, but he searched for the haven of her
wetness as he moved her around in his arms. Then he was inside her
suddenly and she pushed down onto his cock as hard as he pushed back up
to bury it in her.
It was a different thing. They were nearly fully clothed and his
cock was inside her. It was as if they were on the dance floor and
through some magic his cock had slipped inside her. To all bystanders
they appeared to be innocently dancing while they were having a fuck.
It qualified as a game. It was a pretty good game. This time his
hands carried more emphasis as they stroked her breasts through the
dress. She leaned into him more assertively, giving him her throat to
kiss. His hand, orphaned by her move, dropped to stroke under her thigh
as his cock moved inside her. Susie only wished she could move better
on her perch upon his prick.
It was tantalizing. His cock felt good rummaging inside her, but
it wasn't quite good enough to make her cum. She could almost make it-
and then collapse into his fondling hands as she saw it was no use. But
it was good and she would try again to wiggle her hips in just the right
way for her to climax.
Her spurts of effort made it good for Barrett too. He was enjoying
the feel of her body in his arms and her warmth around his cock, but her
grinding on his cock was more than enjoyable. He was delighted in all
aspects. Of course it felt good to have her hungrily squirm on his rod.
It pleased him in a deeper way to feel her urgency as he made her want it
badly. And in the big picture, it bode well for her continued co-operation
with whatever desires he introduced her to.
Then on to new desires, he thought as he turned her more to the
front. Both hands again had places on her breasts as she faced away and
he found her nipples through the fabric to pinch them. She could do much
better for both of them in her new position.
It seemed he had penetrated another mile inside her as she was
turned. It may have been only an inch, but it was the inch that had been
separating her from a chance at cumming. Susie had hopes of ending her
frustration as she jerked her hips forward and back with new vigor. It
might be just enough...
"Put your hands on my knees," he said gently.
He bucked up into her as she worked derterminedly to get off on his
cock. The big picture had melted for both of them as they struggled in the
energetic fuck. She was almost there. He was going to help her.
His hands left her breasts and slid teasingly up the insides of her
thighs as she bounced on his prick. Then his right slid roughly up her
body to grip a tit as the fingers of his other hand found her slit.
That was it! Susie could feel a cold tingle in her breasts and
then the grumble deep in her belly that augered a climax. His fingers
adding their stimulation was all she needed.
"God yes! Give it to me!" she screeched as her hips went wild on
his lap.
He let her ride on in fury as he tried to grasp the big picture again. He had other plans. He was going to work her out over a piece of
ground tonight to see how she performed. The night before he had been
lost in non-specific lust and hopes some equally non-specific really
good and exciting thing would happen. He was better organized tonight.
He bumped up into her still-clothed body as she froze in the throes
of her climax. His busy fingers nipped at the fleshy meeting of her lower
lips, pinching her clit in a blanket of wet flesh. Susie only knew it felt
very good as he poured accelerant on the fires of her desire.
Then it was her turn. She had been thinking since he had made the
proposal and she thought she had come up with a game to play.
"I think we should play hold-out," Susie announced.
He prompted her for an explanation with a questioning look.
"We each take turns making the other person as horny as we can
without doing anything directly sexual, you know what I mean," Susie said,
"Like a massage would be good, but no rubbing you know where. And when
we can't stand it anymore, we fuck with all this stored up energy."
She didn't explain it as well as it played out.
Susie started with Mr. Barrett, making him lie naked on her bed on
his stomach. She started undoing knots in his neck and his shoulders
before she moved down to his shoulders and back. The massage was very
relaxing and it was only the wet kiss of her pussy as she moved around
on his back that kept him from falling asleep with the luxury.
That started the rumble in his groin that her move to massaging his
buttocks made bloom into a straining hard-on. She moved down his legs
without adding much to her arousal, but Barrett was shocked to find out
how sexy it was to have his feet massaged.
She ignored his cock pointing to the ceiling as she turned him over.
She started high, by his collarbones and rubbed him with firm pressure
from the heels of her hands. She teased as she went down his belly, going
near, but never touching his cock. It was good, dirty fun, but nothing
like she had yet in store for him.
For that, she turned him over again and teased him lightly with
her fingertips all over his back. While the massage had been arousing in an
earthy way, the dance of her fingertips aroused him as inevitably as
tickling would have made him flinch. When she was extending the treatment
to his buttocks, Barrett finally had all he could stand."
"Damn. I want to fuck you so bad. I don't think I can get any
hotter," Barrett groaned, "It's your turn now."
Susie didn't seem to need to be unpacked. Instead, he smoothed her
flesh with the full touch of both of his hands. Over and back, up and down
with broad strokes of broad hands, Susie melted like butter into the
bedspread. He wasn't trying to be the least bit sexual. He was preparing
her attitude for that.
He turned her over and stroked from her shoulder, over her breasts and down over her belly to her thighs in a likewise unaffected way. No
part received more or less or different treatment as he sought to make
every inch of her skin alive with feeling.
Then, as she had done with him, he turned her back on her stomach
and straddled her to use his fingertips in a cat's paw print of massage.
This was not very sexual either, but his hard cock lay in the crease
of her buttocks and Susie began to feel its need as another presence in
the room.
The thought of it throbbing there, waiting for her, waiting to
plunge into her and take her to those heights again was all the eroticism
Susie needed to make her impatient to have him. His touch was nice but she
needed what lay hot against her ass. She thought of the feeling of him
thrusting deep inside her and began to squirm with wanting it.
"Brimming with that stored fuck energy, are we?" Barrett asked.
"I know it's going to feel so good when you put it in me," she
replied. "Yes. Put it in. Put it in me now."
This was as good a game as they had played and Barrett had his own
florish to add. He climbed off to roll her over and then scooted in
between her legs as he sat on the bed. Her thighs lay over his and with
a little movement, they fit his cock to her cunt. He slid up tight against
her and his hands went back to work drawing light patterns on her naked
Now his touching was augmented by the feel of a hard cock inside
her. That was more of a force in her growing excitement than her fantasies
had been. His touching was turned sexual by the insertion. Now the light
touches of his fingertips inflamed where they touched and she moaned with lust.
She wanted hold-out. He would give her hold-out. He worked up her
belly one last time and concentrated on her breasts. They were swollen
and heavy and the light flickering of his fingers made her nipples
quiver as she took sharp breaths at the contact.
He could feel her lubrication leaking around his cock and down over
his balls. Her moans were not just for show. She wanted him and she
wanted him badly.
"Do you think we should fuck now?" he teased her.
"I don't care!" she gasped, "Much more of this and I'll cum anyway!"
Barrett decided to test her. He made her yip with a quick pinch on
her nipples and then slowly drew his fingers down her belly again. Her
hips would not be still as he touched her. Her clit was a stiff stalk
peeping between naked humps defining her pubis. He toyed around the edges
and made her squirm.
"Please, do something!" she begged with pain in her plea.
He touched her clit and she wailed.
"Noooooooo! Don't tease me!" she begged, "I'm so horny it hurts!"
He gave her relief with a firm pressure on her clit and short fuck
strokes with his imbedded cock.
"Yeah- yeah-yeah-yeah," she repeated like the call of a bird as his
treatment sent her passion zooming to climax.
"Yeah! Oh god, MORE!" she demanded as her hips rocked on him.
He obliged by flicking his finger on her clit as she tossed on the
bed in the release of her pent-up orgasm.
Barrett pulled out of her when she slumped limp. He was stimulated,
but able to maintain until they played their next game.
"You're going to fuck me all night again, aren't you?" Susie asked
him with neither an approving nor disapproving inflection.
"If I was younger, I might, but I can't imagine fucking you more
than a dozen times given my age," he overestimated wildly.
Susie spoke without emotion because she was unsure what emotion to
have. Some basic tenant of the balance of power of the sexes told her she
was remiss in allowing him free rein. Once he's had it, hold out and make
him do things for you before you give him more, it said.
She wasn't sure that applied to fucking your boss. She wasn't sure
what applied to fucking your boss. She'd prtetty much crossed the line
when it came to self-determination or even self-respect in their
relationship. She had started dressing like his Barbie doll and now she
was letting him fuck her every night.
The other side was that she actually didn't mind. She didn't have to
force a smile on her face when he made her cum. She even liked the game
they had made out of her sucking his cock every day at work. He had a way
of making her feel special whatever they did.
She was special to him, no doubt. She only wondered if that applied
to her as a whole woman or just as the part he was sticking his cock in at
the time.
Barrett was perfectly happy to live in the now. Motives, logic,
who could do what for whom, they were part of deal-making and he didn't
want the distraction in the bedroom. His desires were straight-line, like
his cock as it swung rampant before him.
"Anyway, it's your turn to say what we do next," Susie said.
"Then get off the bed, turn around three times and follow me," he
said beating her up from the bed.
These was no point to turning her around, but it was Barrett's
experience that women thought out of a different side of their brains
while they were following a set of involved orders. She did as she was
told and he led her to the nook off her kitchen.
"I call this dessert on the clam shell," he said as he lifted her to
sit at the edge of her table.
He pushed her back until she was lying down and kept pushing her
legs until she was doubled. Then he took each of her hands and put them
behind each of her knees to hold her position. Finally, he pushed her legs
apart so her knees didn't overhang her torso.
This was hardly a game. It was like fucking her on the desk. Susie
was going to point that out when he returned with jars and a bottle in
his hands.
She heard of things like this, she had to admit as he fished out
hunks of strawberry from her jam to place on her nipples. He put a mini-
marshmallow in her navel and then started the chocolate syrup from nipple
to nipple and then down over the marshmallow to her shaven cunt.
Her cunt held quite a bit of the sauce in her position on her back.
Barrett put down his toys and sat down in front of her chocolate-filled
"The dish may giggle if it wants," he told her before leaning
forward to taste dessert.
He was eating the sauce. At least he didn't make it seem that the
chocolate was just an excuse to lick her pussy. He scooped the sauce out
of her cunt with his tongue and then cleaned each area as he moved up to
clean the chocolate off her clit and then up her belly.
He snapped up the marshmallow and licked the chocolate from her
navel, neither pausing nor hurrying as his tongue made her squirm and
giggle. Only when he reached her nipples was there some indication that
he was sucking a bit more than it took to clean them of the jam.
It was indeed something different for Susie. The accidental nature
of her arousal was engaging. His exploring tongue was stimulating as it
emptied her cunt. She wanted more when he moved up to lick her clit. Just
as that started getting good, he moved up to lick her belly.
She was being teased, but in a way she couldn't protest. She wanted
more at every stop along the ribbon of syrup, but that was tempered by
knowing more stimulation lay ahead. By the time he was gently chewing the
bits of strawberry from her nipples, every point along the line he had
travelled was alive with a desire for more. Her cunt fluttered against
open air in her need.
He loomed over her when he was finished and his cock touched, just
touched her gasping pussy. Her cunt opened and closed in an attempt to
pull it in without her direction.
"I guess you'd like to wash up now, since you're sticky all over,"
Barrett teased her.
"No! I want you to put your cock in me and put me out of my misery!"
Susie begged.
"Sorry I made you miserable," Barret said and let the head of his
cock enter her ever so slightly, "Does that help?"
She tried to throw her entire body into the air and move down into
his cock, but she couldn't.
"No! You've got to put that thing inside me and FUCK ME!" Susie was
demanding loudly now.
It was the same as being fucked on his desk, but it didn't feel that
way now. After his dastardly build-up, the feel of his cock filling her
was like a victory. She felt satisfied when he pressed up against her
bald pussy. When he started to fuck her, she was already starting to
"Oh GOD! I'm going to CUM!" she cried out about the fifth thrust.
It was music to Barrett's ears. She was a horny one, but he knew
that. He could tell how badly she wanted his cock by the way her cunt had groped like the mouth of a fish out of water for anythng to fill it.
It was her volume and lack of concern for her surroundings that was
giving him chills of passion.
He knew that landlady would be listening at the door. Along with
neighbors with ears to the wall, she was getting an earful of Susie's
begging and cries of passion. They may have heard her moans before, but
they couldn't miss her outcry this time. He slapped loudly into Susie
as she lay doubled up on the table.
Let them hear what was causing her loud moans and whines as she
came this time.
She was launched into her orgasm by his sudden increase in pace and
energy. The relief of satisfaction quickly became a star-burst explosion
of sensation on his demanding cock. She didn't know where she was. She
cried out because that was what she had to do.
He reached up to rub his hands over her breasts and back, not
squeezing or pinching, just molding them under the firm pressure of his
palms. She moaned. His cock kept pounding into her. He slapped hard on
her buttocks, mount and thighs. He wasn't going to let her rest. She was
going to cum again.
"Oh Christ! AGAIN!" she called out as his cock bullied her into
another climax.
Barrett himself may have let out a long grunt as her pussy spasmed
on his fucking cock. His feverous attack on her cunt had kept his own
long-denied climax at bay until then. He had been lost in the ravage of
her hot hole, the feel of his hardness cleaving through her soft cunt.
When her cunt clamped down, his jizm exploded out of him in an
unstoppable rush. His hands did grip her breasts now. He jabbed her hard,
but not loudly as he held on and tried to keep fucking her while his cum pumped out into her belly.
Susie was whipped. She had done herself twice in a row when she
first discovered the mystery of masturbation, but the last time she had
endulged had been when she was still in her teens. In the recent past,
she could count the times, ignoring the last two nights with Mr. Barrett,
that a man had made her cum twice in the same night, let alone in a row,
on one hand.
Her mind was swirling and refusing to settle on any one thought.
The main motif interrupting her attempts to think was that she had just
been fucked like she had never been fucked before.
It had been good for Barrett too. His balls hadn't exploded without
warning since the time one woman was licking them while he fucked the
other. And this time he wasn't disappointed with their treachery. It had
been perfect timing and he was sated in mind, body and spirit.
But he had an extra tingle, knowing he wasn't quite done with this
willing hunk of girl. In fact, they were only now getting to the whole
point of his agreement with Susie.
"I think we need a shower, so hold off on the next game until we're
a little more refreshed," he told her.
Next game? Somewhere in the back of her mind that clicked for Susie,
but it wouldn't have made any difference how clearly she was thinking at
the moment; she didn't have a clue. Barrett was sure she wouldn't be
able to remedy that no matter how long he gave her to try.
The cool water restored Susie's memory. She understood what he had
meant, but she still didn't have anything prepared. There was also a
troubling memory of someone screaming things that made her blush, but she
pushed that to the back of her mind.
Barrett was washing her off like a pet. He was bringing her back to
life with a careful and thorough sponging of her body under the water.
He avoided no part of her, but his touch was efficient rather than sexual.
He wasn't trying to arouse her yet.
He was taking his own break under the cool spray. His cock felt
like it needed to be dumped in cold water after its bout of hot lust.
His balls needed a little perking up after their exertion. His set still
had work to do. He wanted them fresh and ready.
They revived wrapped in robes and sitting on her bed. Susie rattled
on about how being dessert had excited her. Barrett was willing to let her
rattle on. It kept her from thinking about what came next.
"Watching your left tit wink at me in that robe has me thinking
dirty thoughts again," Barrett said finally, "What do you have planned
for us now?"
Oh yeah. Susie was no more prepared now than she had been. She
wasn't good at thinking up new stuff. She guessed she was in trouble now.
"I can't think of anything," Susie admitted right away, "I guess
I'm going to find out what the penalty is."
"You're accepting the penalty now?" he questioned her closely, "You
don't want more time to think?"
It was purely an act of legality. Barrett asked out of reflex in
closing deals. He was already plotting his next move.
"I won't think of anything. What is the penalty?" Susie was more
curious than apprehnsive.
"Take off that robe. I'll tell you what you need to know when you
need to know it," Barrett told her, "You just follow orders."
Maybe it was some more of that Nazi stuff, Susie thought as she
stood up and threw off the robe. Barrett opened his robe to give her a
clear path to his cock.
"I'm going to need a hard cock for your penalty," he said, "You
know what to do."
Practice is the key to everything. Susie had become quite skilled
in sucking cock with her daily practice on Mr. Barrett. She dropped down
and attacked his limp cock hungrily. She was no longer shy and gentle
with him. She wrapped both hands around the base of his cock and sucked the head.
With the independant motions of both hands and her sucking, his cock
rose quickly. She greeted the stiffness by squeezing him tighter with her
hands and concentrating her sucking on the head of his cock. Then she
began to lap him from balls to crown.
"Lay back," she said with sudden inspiration.
She had made timid forays under his balls when he had been standing
while she blew him. She was struck by an idea given the freedom of her
"Hold these," she said as she pushed his legs up toward his shoulders.
Her rude order and the awkward position became insignificant when
Barrett felt her tongue run down his sac and continue down to flicker
over his asshole. His cock crawled up his belly as she licked back up
to his balls and then went back to play the tip of her tongue around his
She had just washed him in the shower so she didn't feel that she
was doing anything dirty licking him there. A little evil, maybe, but
he seemed to respond well to her treatment.
She tipped him back up to sit in the edge of the bed and went at
his cock with her mouth and one hand. Barrett responded to her taking
most of his cock into her mouth in long swoops by grabbing her hair.
"Now up on the bed on your knees," he told her.
He guided her knees to the edge of the bed with her legs sticking
out into the air. He pushed her down until she was on her elbows.
"You knew you were going to get it sooner or later," Barrett told
her, "Your penalty is that you have no say in how I fuck your ass. I don't
have to listen to you beg me to go easy and I'll fuck you as deep, as hard
and as long as I want."
A fiery blush spread from Susie's cheeks down her neck to her chest.
It wasn't the thought of taking his hard cock in her ass. Barrett had
opened her nightstand to look for lube and had found the lube resting
on her vibrator. He noted it without saying anything. It was something
to add to future plans.
"Don't know. Doesn't look like a finger hole to me," he said
distractedly as he stepped behind her. "Looks like a go ahead and go
hole to me."
He made it evident that he was talking to himself when he addressed
her a moment later.
"Do you need a finger up it to start or should I just do it?" he
Tongues were nice, but a finger never seemed to help. It still felt
like they were pushing a cock in your ass with or without the finger. And
Susie had had several varieties of men fuck her asshole.
"I'm having a penalty. I don't think I get to choose," she said
She was an extraordinary girl, Barrett thought. And certainly no
anal virgin. He did grease her ass with little circles around the pucker
nad then put his cock on the star. He pressed forward to make her rectum
dimple inwards.
"Then I say for part of your penalty, you have to push it in
yourself," he decreed.
"Oh do take your time," he said as a lurch threatened to bend his
cock, "I do enjoy your effort and will for as long as it takes."
This was a new one. She had climbed atop one man and slowly slid
down onto his cock, but that was after she had been laid on her belly
and penetrated fully first. She tried to will her anus to open as she
pressed firmly back against his hardness.
Finally her sphincter gave way to the constant press backwards on
his rod. It was an eye-opening as well as bottom-opening experience. It
was like riding in a bubble up from the depth of the ocean and then
breaking through into the air with a pop.
Except that this open air seemed to take her breath away as his
cock cramming her small hole made it seem like it was hard to breathe.
But he was in her butt and the feeling couldn't be described as pain.
She pressed her hips back more and the familiar too-full feeling
of rectal invasion swarmed over her. Only this time she was over-filling
herself. She felt constipated as she moved back and then, just as quickly,
she felt the need to go as she took in another inch of his solid cock.
Congestion, panic, strange lusts, they seemed to war inside her
as she rocked back to push her bottom into the hollows of Mr. Barrett's
hips. Then she had it. She was buttfucked to the hilt. Now the war was
between wanting the intrusion gone and wanting him to fuck her hard and
deep so she could join in the joy.
"It is in now," Barrett informed her, "Now fuck me with your ass and
make me cum inside you."
It seemed like a horrible request until she began to move. She
quickly realized that there was something to having control of the
thrusts. She didn't have to pull almost all the way off and slam back
like a robot. She could take it shallow and fast and then fill herself
by pushing back to him.
As the intrusion began to excite her, she could ram him in to just
the right point and let him batter joy into her as she shook her ass on
his hard-on. But joy was all she could muster as she drove her ass back
to take his cock.
Frustrated by her dangling at the edge, she slapped her ass against
him, ramming him to his deepest in her bowels. She slapped against him
over and over, hoping that the splitting and stuffing sensation would
take her over the top.
That roused Barrett from his passive enjoyment of her impaling
herself on his cock. She was being just a tad too good. Her forcing
him to his deepest in her rectum also forced a reaction. He grabbed her
hips and tried to lunge even deeper into her asshole.
"I'll drive now." he gasped as he pressed into her.
In the next instant he was half-way out of her and driving back in
again. As he fucked her, his arm snaked around her thigh and his finger
settled on the top of her slit.
"This is the way you get off being ass-fucked," he said in a
superior tone as his finger vibrated back and forth over her cunt.
It was the way! She pushed her ass back to meet his thrusts as he
fucked her. They slammed at each other in growing fury as his finger added
the bit that had been missing from her anal reaming.
"I'm going to cum!" she announced loudly.
"Do- and then fall forward," Barrett grunted as he kept burrowing
deep into her ass.
She tried to keep up with his thrusting, but her climax made her
freeze and only receive his cock deep in her ass. She didn't have to be
reminded about falling forward. The fluttering grip of her anus on his
cock made Barrett give a lunge that knocked her flat on the bed.
He followed that lunge and landed at the apex of the wide "Y" of
her legs with his cock driven to the root in her rear. Her orgasm both
numbed her to the feel of his cock stabbing like a peg in her guts and
heightened her sexy feelings at being weighed down and pounded into the
bed by his cock in her ass.
She was flat under him and he was deep inside her. Her inability to
evade him added a certain psychological lift to buggering her butt.
He felt like king- of this woman at least- as he let his load spurt out
into her depths. Then he laid down on her back and let his cock bask in
the tight heat of her rectum.
"Is being crushed part of my penalty?" Susie said after a minute of
having his weight on her back.
Barrett did his best to pull her with him as he rolled off her, but
his cock came out of her anus in the process and lay in the harbor of her
buttcheeks while the lay like spoons. At least his cock seemed to block
the wind that Susie felt would blow up her asshole as it gaped wide after
the removal of his cock.
She could feel the wind of his breath wheezing near her ear. He
sounded spent. She decided to tease him.
"I guess this makes it your turn," she said, "What game do we play
"How about sultan and hareem," he replied quickly. "I'll lie on my
back and you suck the shit off my dick and make me cum in your mouth. Or
you can shut up and we'll lie here a while longer."
She couldn't even win when she was teasing him. However he was in
the office, he certainly wasn't a distracted old fart in bed. She took
option "B" and shut up.
Barrett fell asleep and didn't wake up until Susie disturbed him
getting up to go to the bathroom. She had to move his hand off her where
it had dropped off her breast and move away from his cock nestled in
the crack of her ass. By the time she returned, he was half-awake and
waiting for her.
He was awake enough to have an erection and want to use it. He
didn't exactly fuck her in his sleep, but he did slide his cock inside
her from behind and drift back to sleep after thrusting it deep a few
He was laying sprawled on his back when she woke up a tick before
the alarm was to go off. It was an interesting concept to find a man who stayed until the next morning. Then she noticed the tent made by his
morning hard-on.
Reality check. Of course he'd stay the night. He was her boss.
They would go to work together this morning. And he was her boss so his
hard-on was still a point of interest. She was over it under the covers
when Barrett woke up.
"Great idea, but I have a better one," he said, lifting the covers.
Susie ended up kneeling under the spray of the shower as she
sucked his cock. The worst part was getting her hair wet and then having
to hurry it dry. The good part was Mr. Barrett took her to breakfast
at the cafe across from their building.
Barrett's amusement came from the knowing look and conspiratorial
grin from Mrs. Billet as they walked down the stairs. The old bag was
making it clear that Barrett was welcome in her place any time. She
must have been impressed by the cries she heard coming through Susie's
"Office gossip is like office cancer," Mr. Barrett told her out
of the blue. "Likely everyone will be talking if I accompany you to the
office another morning."
"Yes sir," she said, confused how to take his meaning.
It sounded like miss secretary had her moment in the sun and now
he was calling it off. Of course he would still want her to suck him off
every day. What had she been thinking? Was she fool enough to think a
man like Mr. Barrett would be interested in her?
Well, maybe she had. At least for more than two nights. The worst
part was she would kinda miss him. Whatever the result of her reality
check, it was nice to have a man in her bed when she woke up for a change.
"I guess we ought to come right out and make it official," he said.
"Now, I don't think stepping out in the office and shouting: 'I'm
fucking my secretary and I like it!' is the way to handle this."
Susie had no answer for him. He was off in the opposite direction
she expected. Make it official? What did that mean?
"What do you mean?" Susie asked.
"Highly inappropriate and ignores all decorum," Barrett answered
the wrong question. "I think, given my stature in this place, that we
should do something more traditional. Let the acceptance trickle down
from the top. We must give a party."
Susie was afraid to be elated. She was afraid she was wrong again.
Mr. Barrett sounded like he was going to announce that they were a couple
of some sort. She didn't dare get her hopes up.
"Well, well, time to work," he responded to her hesitation, "Things
to do. Presidents and vice-presidents, department heads, company officers,
we need invitations. We need caterers. We need the ballroom downstairs."
"We need a date and time to tell all those people," Susie offered.
"Good. Good for you. Details can become quite important," he said.
"Let's say Friday. Yes, Friday it is."
It was Thursday. That gave her all of a day to make the
preparations. Susie panicked.
Panic was the proper attitude to have when attacking the problem.
It made Susie think faster than she realized she could. She was
highlighting all the names on the internal mailing list to receive
invitations as she talked to the building manager about renting the
She was awed by the calm with which he and the caterers greeted her
request. Short notice? Yes, it was rather, but fortunately they would be
able to accomodate Mr. Barrett. After all, he had always been -chuckle- so
good to them.
She had anticipated only bitching and whining as she rushed to put
this party together. Instead she was greeted by such extensive toadying
that she was making out the menu with the caterer while feeling giddy as
a bride planning her wedding. Mr. Barrett was a well-respected man, at
least at those companies.
"Ballroom? Fine. Caterers? Very good. Invitations on their desks
certainly by the end of business today? I guess I didn't give you enough
to do," Barrett said when she reported.
She was beaming. Barrett was his distracted self, but she knew that
he must be impressed with how quickly she had made the preparations. She
didn't know how she did it herself.
He was so cute teasing her about the momentous coming occasion. He
pretended that he had put it out of his mind completely. About the normal
time he got a puzzled look that broke into a smile.
"Relaxing! I was so fuddled that I knew there was something we
should do, but couldn't think what it was," Barrett said.
Like their song or their restaurant, this was their sex act. It was
the way they had first had sex and it had become the staple in their
relationship- even before it became a relationship. Susie felt all
sentimental as she urged Barrett to lie on his couch and set about getting
his pants off.
He was letting her show her gratitude. Some may have mistaken his
passivity for lack of attention, but Susie knew he was giving her 'her
head', so to speak as an opportunity to thank him for the party. He was
usually particular about where and how she sucked his cock. Putting her
in charge certainly was a sign.
She licked his familiar cock and then used her hands one after the
other to stroke him as if she was pulling up a rope. She was going to
relax him. She was going to give him a nice relaxing feeling of well-being
before she went down on him and insisted that he squirt his cum in her
His cock bobbed as she dug her tongue firmly into the joining of his
shaft and body. Her hands gently kneaded his thighs as she licked around
the base of his cock. Barrett showed his interest by squirming. She
lashed her tongue back and forth as she moved up his cock and then licked
him from balls to head.
It wasn't relaxing him. Rather, it was attracting his attention. He
was watching when she plopped her mouth over his cock and began sucking.
Susie was happy to be able to look in his eyes as she blew him, but there
was something distant in his gaze.
Then it seemed like she had been doing everything in slow motion
when time sped as she sucked up and down on his cock. Barrett went from
noticing her to straining for release in record time. She felt she was
doing something right.
When Barrett had filled her mouth with a rather generous load of
his cum, he pulled up his pants and went back in his dream world. He broke
out of it to make a pronouncement.
"Decided that gossips should get their smug-faced reward," Barrett
said. "Have their superiors tell them that their tales are old news. We
should go to the suite tonight."
He grinned at her confusion.
"We'll let you get something to wear on the way," he promised.
Susie decided that it was okay. She guessed there was room to
disagree in his 'we should'. Not that she wanted to disagree. It was okay
to sleep with him tonight. It was just different that he hadn't asked her
directly first.
It was bordering on the bizarre to fuck the same guy all night long
three nights in a row. Even during her brief period with a live-in he had
seldom come home three nights in a row, let alone want to fuck all night
long when he did.
In Mr. Barrett's defense, he was making a big deal of the fact they
had become lovers. And their sex had been good, if a bit exhausting. It
wasn't what she expected from an employer, but there was plenty about
Mr. Barrett that she didn't expect.
It turned out that 'on the way' meant in the boutique at the hotel.
And it didn't mean when they first got there. Barrett was in a state over
their coming party and it wasn't the state of confusion. It was more like
a state of constant arousal.
He was a bad boy in the elevator and Susie thought for a moment
that he was going to open his pants and put his cock where his hand was
feeling as they rode up to the suite. He lasted into the first room of the
suite before he leaned her over the first chair and pushed her skirt up
over her naked rear.
"It's nicer to be clean when you're shopping," he muttered as he
got out his hard cock and pushed it into her from behind.
His need clearly had a lot to do with his excitement over their
plans and little to do with her. It was the first time she felt she could
have just as well been a knot hole in a tree in the last three tempestuous
days. He didn't pound hard and fast just to shoot his load into her, but
he didn't waste time on niceities either.
His long, steady thrusts sped a little and then he bent over her and
dog-humped her rear with his cock deep inside her. He hadn't cum when he
pulled out and stepped back from her.
"Jack me off on your face," he gasped like a small boy begging for
ice cream, "Make me cum on your face. I want to see that."
Since he was so nice about it, Susie didn't mind the icky idea as
much as she might have from another man. She already knew men were weird.
She'd never been able to figure one out. She turned around and got on her
knees and did what he asked.
He at least was looking at her as she stroked his rod. It didn't
take much to urge the jizm from his balls. It was sticky, unpredictable
and not particularly pleasant when it spurted out, but she kept stroking
him like a trooper. He did seem to enjoy it very much.
He didn't let her wipe her face as he stripped her down. His cum ran down her face and hung obscenely from her jaw before he had her naked
and shooed her into the shower. He leaned against the vanity and watched
as she washed herself.
As soon as she had patted herself dry, they were on their way to 'on
the way'. She wasn't one bit more comfortable parading nude through the
hotel, but she had lost most of her panic. She no longer feared arrest,
which gave her more time to ponder what the staff and other guests might
be thinking as they saw Barrett parade his naked girl through the lobby.
Francois, from his name tag, greeted them as if she wasn't standing
naked and shaved in the middle of the expensive clothes.
"Will it be evening clothes or casual," was his inquiry.
"We're going to suit her up with the works, Al," Mr. Barrett told
Susie was beyond caring what the man's mame was. She was caught on
the many horns of a multilemma. She was pleased at his nonchalance about
her lack of dress while uncomfortable at his ability to see all her flaws
in the flesh. There were marvelous gowns hanging around her, but she
feared her choice would be some decoy placed there just to humiliate
pretenders when they chose it.
"I would say madame is a zoftig size 6," Francois Al said to her,
making a gesture that politely fell short of juggling tits.
That only aggravated her self-consciousness about her body. He had
seen every unsightly bulge and knew that her thighs should be slimmer. Her
other fear dissolved when she saw her input wasn't needed. Francois was
choosing the gowns.
There wasn't much shopping involved. Barrett waved off most of the
dresses in favor of a spaghetti strapped tube of material made of some
satiny fabric. She held her arms up and Francois helped her slide the
gown over her naked form.
Francois called the color double-dyed beige and Susie fell in love
with the way it stayed neutral and brought out her natural colors. She
looked damn good in the gown.
She was also very obviously naked beneath it as it hugged every
contour of her body. Barrett had Al put it aside. Next they examined a
very dark, but not quite black skirt and a cinnamon colored sweater.
The skirt hugged her hips and then relaxed down her thighs. Barrett
lifted the hem once and seemed pleased with the ease of unveiling her in
the skirt. The sweater was cowl necked and Francois demonstrated how it
was to be worn crushed. The overlong sleeves were pushed up to mid-forearm
to give a bunched look as was the torso when the bottom was pulled up to
tuck in the skirt.
Susie thought it made her look like a fullback, but Barrett liked it
and he was buying. Their other purchase was a full slip much like one
made famous by Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8, only in black and with a
somewhat more lacy and therefore transparent bodice.
"Will you want these wrapped?" Francois/Al asked as Barrett signed
for the purchases.
"Send them up to the room, if you will," Barrett told him, motioning
for Susie to take off the slip.
Her pouting must have touched Barrett because he tossed her the
sweater when she had surrendered the slip. Then she found the other
interesting facet of the sweater. Pulled down, it barely covered her ass.
She was almost decent when they left the boutique. Only the most
lecherous would see a flash of buttock as she walked across the lobby
with Mr. Barrett.
"Now should we dine down here or order room service?" Barrett asked.
Susie knew the proper response was to go to the dining room in her
scandalous sweater and let Barrett steep in his salacious thoughts while
they ate. She also had had enough of her nerve-wracking exhibitionism
and really wanted to hide in the suite. She was honest with him.
"I'll go to the dining room if that's what you want. I know that
must be exciting for you, but I'd just as soon eat in private," she said,
then added kittenishly, "Maybe we can come up with something to make that
exciting too."
Barrett knew it wouldn't be Susie's idea if they did, but was in
a mood to humor his secretary. Eating across from a woman exposed would
only be a momentary thrill in any case. They would be much freer to
explore their whims in the suite.
Gratitude went a long way with Susie. She wanted to be very sexy to
reward him for humoring her. She did her best to make it seem accidental
when she gave him flashes of her ass and shaved mons because she thought
it would affect him more that way.
It made her feel sexy too as long as it was on a deserted elevator
or in the empty hall. She liked playing that kind of peek-a-boo game when
it was for him alone.
When the waiter arived with their supper, Susie expanded her
horizons. Of course the waiter was intrigued by a woman so briefly covered
and so obviously naked beneath. Susie was willing to let him suffer, but
she saw the way Barrett looked at them. He wanted her to tease the man.
Teasing was difficult given the brevity of her costume. Susie had
to carefully plan her moves into and then out of the waiter's path so she
did not simply uncover all her mysteries in an anti-clamatic flashing.
She had to sway to the side ever so slightly to let the curve of her
buttock be revealed and carefully guard the gap between her thighs so the
man never had too clear a look at her naked charms.
"You vixen!" Barrett attacked her when the door clicked closed.
He did not immediately throw her on the bed and plunge his cock into
her. Instead, he grabbed her in his arms and kissed her roughly. His hands
attacked her rear with the firmness of possession and she could feel his
erect cock rubbing on her mons through the material of his pants.
"If you want to give it to every man you see, you'll give it to me,"
he growled as he pulled the sweater over her head.
He still neither opened his pants nor threw her on the bed. This
time his mouth made straight for her breasts as his hands continued their
roaming. Only when he had kissed his way back up to her throat did he
push her gently toward the bed and hurridly open his pants.
She lay back as he pushed pants and underwear to his knees and fell
upon her. His entrance was a brutal as any thus far and he fucked her like
a man possessed. Still, she felt more like a person and less a cunt than
she had when he had first bent her over the chair that evening.
She felt she could be proud of exciting him to this level. It was
gratifying to know she could still incite such passion after three days
of steady fucking. It was all the gratification she would get as Barrett
stroked faster and came without giving her a chance to join him.
"Don't imagine it was much good for you, but I'll tell you it was
good for me," Barrett said when he rolled off her.
He encouraged her to don the sweater again before they ate. For his
titillation, she didn't clean his jizm from her cunt as they dined.
Barrett had already been as much of an animal as in any of the
past two nights. Both he and Susie were wondering how he was going to
carry on after the whirlwind start to their evening. They didn't need to
be concerned. With the party looming the next day, their anticipations
took care of those matters.
They noted with some amusement that the same waiter came to clean
up their dishes. He must have been a bit disappointed that Susie was in
the other room and he barely caught a glimpse of her at all.
Finally alone, she asked Barrett if he wanted her to discard the
sweater now. His reply was to take off his pants. Now they both were
playing a ridiculous game of peek-a-boo with their respective familiar
parts. It became more than a game when he sat down and pulled her onto
his lap.
There was something crude about feeling the patchwork of shirttail
and flesh under her naked butt, but there was something homey about it
as well. It was kind of like being comfortable enough to fart in front
of each other. It wasn't romantic, but it revealed a new level of intimacy
between them.
And he wasn't getting hard from the contact with her butt. He seemed
to be enjoying just having her in his arms.
"Would you like to go out for a change?" he asked, "Or should we
just bum around here tonight?"
So she wasn't just a fuck toy. He was willing to take her places.
It was good to know even when she decided that she needed the rest after
two strenous nights and didn't feel like dressing up to go out.
She really meant to rest when she decided to stay in. She couldn't
even blame the way it turned out on Barrett. She was the one that got
more comfortable by laying her head on his shoulder and pressing her body
against him. She was the one that got warm all over in that sweet embrace.
She could feel his genitals under her butt and he wasn't stirring the
least bit while she began to wish he was.
"Do you mind if I take off this sweater?" she asked to coax a
reaction from him.
He didn't. She threw the sweater across the room and settled against
him nude. She toyed with his tie, but her attention was on the feel of
his cock resting against her ass. She moved her ass to see if she could
get his cock interested.
"I thought you wanted to rest," he said.
His cock stirred under her ass, but it wasn't poking up into her
yet. On the one hand, she did want to have a nice, quiet evening. On
the other, vanity required that she be able to arouse Barrett. She made
one more attempt at the quiet evening by getting up.
"I guess it's dangerous to be that close to your winkie," Susie
told him, "I think I'll go out on the balcony."
They could share the blame on that one. Barrett had his own little
hot spot there. They were 23 stories up and balconies were separated by
a brick facade, but Barrett's personal fetish for exhibitionism was
activated when she slid open the glass doors and stepped out naked.
Perhaps there were spy satellites or someone with a telescope
trained on the building. Barrett didn't need real observers for the idea
to make him excited. Susie stood at the rail and looked down at the city
lights. Barrett's calm deserted him as he looked at her rear view against
the speckled black of the night sky.
It was the perfect combination for a cautious old man. She was
exposed enough to trigger his special desires, but the reality was safe
enough he felt no fear joining her on the balcony with his erect cock
poking out between the tails of his shirt.
"Is this what you were looking for in my lap?" he asked as he let
his cock slip up the valley between her ass cheeks.
Susie would have let him do what he wanted anyway, but Barrett
changed her grimace at the touch of his hard cock to a smile by reaching
up to rub her shoulders. He leaned forward and Susie turned her face back
towards her shoulder to return his kiss. It was hard to resist something
romantic like that, particularly when it was happening high in the night
outside a very expensive hotel suite.
So he liked to fuck her constantly. What was wrong with that? He
had more to give her than any other guy she'd found. That wasn't a
bad thing, especially when it had been good every time and sometimes
She was hoping for marvelous with the perfect start and perfect
setting this time. Barret did nothing to dash her hopes as his hands
trailed down to rub her back and butt with the same soothing and not
blatantly sexual massage.
It wasn't blatantly sexual, but it did make Susie receptive to
sexual thoughts. She didn't think he was going to rub her, massage her
feet and tuck her in bed without wanting to fuck her. She would have been
disappointed if he had. It was a compliment to feel his very stiff cock
resting between her buttocks. He had fucked her twice already and she
still excited him that much. Even the guys that had only wanted her for
sex hadn't wanted her for that much sex.
Eventually his hands slid up her belly and cupped her breasts like
she was wearing a bra of man's hands. His tie tickled the swoop of her back
just above the swell of her bottom.
"Do you like being out here?" he asked quietly.
"It's so romantic," she gushed, "It makes me feel all tingly just to
look down on all the lights."
"Would you like to pretend an anonymous fellow came up and made love
to you while you looked down on the lights?" he asked.
Susie closed her eyes and swayed. Mr. Barrett was so smart. It would
be a wonderful feeling to be up so high in the night and have some fantasy
man pamper her with gentle lovemaking as she enjoyed the view. It would be
like being a queen.
"Yes, that would be wonderful," she sighed.
He leaned her forward so her hands gripped the rail. His hands
trailed down to pull up on her buttocks on every pass of his massaging
hands down her body. On one pass he took advantage of the opened access
to slide his cock under her buttocks and slip deep inside her. He
continued to run his hands up and down her back as he slowly fucked her.
It was all so perfect- just so perfect. Susie slowly sank down until
her elbows were on the railing and Mr. Barrett had to lean over her to
continue his sensuous massage.
She imagined the city lights strewn beneath her as she eyes closed
and she concentrated on the cock sliding in and out of her sex. The
romantic setting had been nice to get her in a sexy mood, but now it was
a lot more than a mood. Mr. Barrett had turned that spark into a raging
fire in her belly.
She moved her hips to urge him to fuck her faster. He reached down
to trace the curve of her gently swinging breasts and kept his pace. He
let her struggle for more as the urge took her.
Susie's feelings of being used were discarded. She wanted him to
use her now. She wanted him to fuck her harder and help her reach the
climax she was straining for.
Just before she went mad- ar at least thought she would, his grip
became a bit firmer. His hands were no longer as gentle as he gathered
up her breasts. He responded with a little more energy when she moved
against him.
She still had to demand his attention. He was not taking the lead,
but he was giving her what her hips begged for. Then even being up on
her elbows was too high and Susie leaned down so her breasts rested on the
cold metal railing.
It let her open the way wider for him amd seemed to give her more
leverage as she pushed her ass up and back at him. Chased from their hold
on her breasts, his hands went back to her shoulders and she had the
definite sense that he was holding her down to relish the extra pentration
her postion afforded him.
Her eyes opened again and she had a fleeting sense of vertigo as she
saw the city below from her new angle. Given her plateau of excitement,
the sharp mountains and deep valleys of city terrain below made her feel
as if she was flying over them in her joy.
"Please- please fuck me now. Make me cum," she begged Barrett.
Her begging was not just her begging to Barrett's ears. It was her
proclamation to the city below and, more arousingly, the occupants of the
suites on either side. Perhaps there was someone there. Perhaps they heard
Susie's pleas to fuck her to orgasm.
It was only right that he yield to her wishes. She had yielded to
his many times when he knew she was frightened and embarrassed by his
requests. He was neither at her plea to fuck her. He grabbed her hips and
held his target still as he put his cock in her.
This was another one, swirled in Susie's head as her boss slapped
against her rear and gave her the climax she craved. Whatever his desires
for her flesh, he was paying with the most satisfying sex.
She lost her grip in the throes of her orgasm and for one dizzy,
terrifying moment, she felt as if she was falling. She was falling with
a cock pounding at her cunt. And she was ready to die that way. She was
ready to die having an orgasm and flying.
His hands kept her from falling and his cock kept fucking her until
she slumped back to the rail, holding on with all the ferocity of her
orgasm. His cock was still hard inside her, but he stopped fucking her
when she fell down to rest on the rail.
"Did I make you cum?" he asked. "Was that what you wanted?"
"Oh yes!" Susie said happily, "But you're still hard. Don't you
want to go on and finish? Or should I finish you myself?"
"That's a nice idea," Barrett said, "Come over here and you can
take care of me this time."
Barrett pulled out of Susie and stepped backward until he came to
the wooden chaise on the deck. He lay back and motioned to Susie to join
Barrett's erection had faded a bit in the change of position and
Susie held his cock to her sex and rubbed it up and down the lips until
he was fully hard again.
"Were you thinking of doing something else?" Susie asked as she
teased he around her entrance.
"Can't say I was thinking," said Barrett, "In fact, couldn't think.
I don't know what I want."
Miraculously, Susie knew what he meant. But she couldn't think of
anything either. She sank down on his lap and let his cock fill her.
It was like her cunt was beginning to recognize his cock. There was a
familiar fullness inside her as she sat on his erect pole.
She moved her hips. He had been very good for her and she wanted to
return the pleasure. He reached for her breasts and she leaned forward to
give him full range over the heated flesh. They both fondled and rocked
quietly, brains whirring as they tried to think of some better way to
get Mr. Barrett off.
Their thinking had unexpected results.
"I think they went in," came a low male voice from beyond the wall
by Barrett's head.
"Can you imagine that?" replied a female voice, "We could have
peeked around the wall and watched them doing it."
"You feel like you were turned on enough by just listening," the
man, obviously eager himself, said.
The woman giggled in return and they stopped talking. Susie was
reminded to keep her hips moving by the way Barrett's cock throbbed
inside her when he heard the conversation. Now they were the voyeurs as
they quietly meshed and listened for sounds from the next patio.
Susie reached back to brush Barrett's balls as low sighs and moans
came from next door. The other couple seemed to be following their lead
and satisfying their own excitement on the other side of the wall.
Barrett pulled Susie close and whispered in her ear.
"Wait until we hear their fucking and then go for it," he said, "At
that point, I don't think we'll have to worry about the noise we make. We
might as well return the favor."
For a long while it didn't seem that the couple next door was ever
going to start fucking. Then Susie heard tell-tale rhymthic grunts from
the woman and decided they were just being quiet about it. She showed no
such reticence as she raised up to slap down on Barrett's lap.
Barrett added his own agreement to her loud response by finding her
nipples and squeezing them so she gasped. There was a brief pause on the
other side of the wall and then the couple next door got louder.
The unmistakable slapping sounds of hard fucking came from both
sides of the wall as the two couples went at each other like it was a
competition. The rules became clear as they fucked on. No crying out, no
begging to be fucked, only the sound of cock plunging into cunt and the
unavoidable gasps, grunts and moans that caused.
There was a distinctive cry and something like growls coming from
the other side. It sounded like their neighbors were cumming. Susie felt
Barrett's cock swell as they heard it. He gripped her breasts tighter
and came with the neighbors.
Nothing was said. Both couples moved quietly and went back into
their rooms. It was an exciting prelude for Barrett. He drifted off to a
satisfied sleep picturing Susie in the slinky gown he bought her.
Susie was busy all morning confirming details of the party. She
wasn't sure if the executives couldn't believe there was a party or if
they were fearful of doing something improper in not making the proper
appearance. They all wanted to know what the party was for and she
relayed Mr. Barrett's description- he was introducing his secretary.
Mr. Barrett turned down his daily relaxation in order to save his
energy for the evening. Susie was impressed with how serious he was
taking this official announcement he was going to make.
He was very particular about the way she dressed for the
presentation. No panties, no underwear of any kind, Barrett gave her
thigh-highs to cover her legs. He said underwear would ruin the lines of
the dress and Susie had to admit he had a point. The sheath clung to her
curves like a second skin.
She knew what he was doing. Barrett wanted all the other executives
to be jealous of his new lover. She was a bit uncomfortable being the
prize goose on display, but there was part of her that was proud at the
same time. It would certainly be better than riding naked in a cab and she
certainly wasn't ashamed of her body.
It did seem a bit strange that the room was filled with men- only
men, but most of the company executives were men. Still, Susie had
expected a sprinkling of women at the gathering.
"Where are the women?" she whispered to Barrett as he led her to
the front of the room.
"They will be here when it is time," Barrett assured her, "But the
first round still goes to the 'old boy's club' in homage to days gone by."
It was a strange answer, but Susie was used to Mr. Barrett being
obtuse at times. She wondered if he meant the men wanted to be free to
act like boys when she was first introduced. Perhaps they didn't want
the women overhearing the kind of comments they might make about her.
Close was oh so far off in Susie's suppositions about Barrett's
intent. As Barrett made his announcement, she stood frozen with the shock
of his real intent. She was too confused to speak and too frightened to
run as she listened to her lover's speech.
"Good evening gentlemen, glad to see you all here. I wish our
corporate meetings were so well attended," Mr. Barrett began to a
smattering of laughs.
"On my right is Susie, the reason we've gathered together tonight,"
he said, pointing to her. "And let me say there is no better fuck in the
company, whatever you think of your own staff."
Susie blushed at this intimate fact being so boldly stated, but
inside she was proud to have Barrett think so highly of her. The blush
spread down her body out of sight for the moment as Barrett went on.
"Now the time has come to get to know Susie," Barrett said. "I've
fully tested her and I maintain that no one will be disappointed by what
this juicy little girl has to offer.
"You know the order- board members, partner, senior VP's..." Barrett
went on.
Susie was horrified as an ancient, wrinkled old man stepped up on
the stage with his wrinkled old cock hanging out of his pants. Her eyes
flew wildly around the room and she saw all the men were opening their
tuxedo trousers and forming a line that went around the room.
"Don't stand there like a sitck, get to it girl," Barrett told her
in a stage whisper.
"Get to what?" Susie asked verging on tears.
"Your presentation," Barrett said. "Suck 'em off and then we'll have
an informal period for everyone to get to know you better."
The crashing realization was enough to bring Susie to her knees by
itself. She had no idea what to do, so she did as she was told. Once on
her knees, the old man stepped up and pushed his old cock toward her
mouth. Like an automaton, Susie did what was obviously expected. She took
the old man's cock in her mouth.
She did not truly despair as she sucked the old man until he came
in her mouth. Nor when the next stepped forward with an erection and
demanded the same. She was too numb to think about what was happening.
She could only suck on the hard, hot stalks and let her mind stay
blank. There was no way she could comprehend the misunderstanding she had
about Barrett's intentions. She could only swallow as fast as she could
when they spurted out their hot seed and try to be ready when the next
man stepped up to present her with another cock to be sucked.
Her jaw ached. Her neck was sore. Her knees began to hurt from
kneeling on the hard floor. They still came forward, man after man, cock
after cock to be thrust in her mouth until they filled it with their cum.
The young ones giggled at her blank stare and bedraggled looks when
they came to the front and had their turn. Their mirth at her predicament
was somehow soothing. She knew from the order Barrett had announced that
she was reaching the end of this ordeal.
Finally it was Barrett standing in front of her. She sensed that
signaled the end of the parade. He rested his hand on her head as she
leaned forward to finish the long line.
"Show me how strong you are. She everyone how strong you are," he
told her, "Suck me like you would if we were alone in my office. Show
them what they had only the taste of."
It wasn't quite the same as understanding, but Susie felt an
emotional resonance with his instructions. If she took control, then she
would be in control. If she sucked him like it was her idea, then she
would be in charge.
And partly it was the easiest response to his suggestion. The
turmoil in her head could quiet as she retreated into the familiar. She
didn't have to resolve the gang-rape of her mouth. She could let her
tongue carress his cock as if they were alone in his office.
Susie gave him a good blow-job. She didn't notice the ache as much
while she carefully sucked the head of his dick and then slid down to lick
his balls. She teased him by taking him deep in her mouth for a moment
and then took his cock out to lash at it with her tongue.
By the time she had exhausted her teasing tricks and begun to suck
him in earnest, she had nearly blocked out all that had gone before. Her
head bobbed up and down on his cock with total concentration on making
him spurt his cum in her mouth. It was a vacation much needed by her
"Now you will take off the dress," Barrett told her as he pulled
his shrinking, satisfied cock from her mouth. "The men will want to
fondle you while they regain their erections."
Barrett turned to the gathered men as she stood and went on with the
"Was I wrong?" he asked loudly and waited for the applause before
going on. "But I know you will want to examine the goods closer."
Barrett turned to Susie with a sweep of his hand and she knew it
was time to take off the dress. Perhaps emboldened by the applause, Susie
wasn't as unsettled as she reached for the hem of her sheath and slowly
pulled it over her head.
She hadn't had a sudden conversion to craving gang-bangs, but there
was a part of her that felt powerful as she held this audience in her
hand. She saw nothing but lustful appreciation as she held the dress out
to the side and dropped it from her fingers.
With a strange kind of logic, it didn't seem so extrordinary to
stand naked for these men since she had already sucked all their cocks.
It was a weird intimacy, but she had established an intimacy with the
entire crowd.
That feeling of acquaintance stood her in good stead as Barrett
took her hand and gave it to the old man who had been first in line for
her blow-job. The old man ran his hand down her back in almost a fatherly
way until he reached her butt. Then he probed firmly into the crevice
between her cheeks, sliding his fingers down until they reached her
slit from the rear.
They were all familiar with her, each fondling the part or parts
that most interested them as she was passed through the throng from
grope to grope. Some of the younger executives pulled her to them and
kissed her hotly. She could feel their hardness against her groin and
had a premonition that she would feel those hardnesses in a more personal
way in the near future.
Susie's feeling was fufilled, but not in the manner that she
expected. She was not laid on a table like a sacrifice and made to
service another line of men. Instead, the men came to her like partners
on a dance card filled out by Mr. Barrett.
The first was a baby-faced exec whose wish was to lay her on a
table and eat her pussy until she squealed and pulled at his hair. He got
up with a sticky faced grin and the next man filled her still quivering
hole and fucked her fast and hard.
The next pulled her to the edge of the table. Her buttocks perched
on the edge supporting the part of her weight he was not holding up with
powerful thrusts into her cunt. Susie looked for the next cock that would
use her, but there was no rush toward her. Barrett pulled her to her
feet and patted her bottom.
"Level of self-assurance, my dear, level of self-assurance," he
said cryptically. "They are all more or less exhibitionistic."
She had no idea what hw was talking about. She wasn't particularly
curious, either. She figured she would find out in due time. She was right.
Susie had a greater confusion to deal with as the door opened and a
flood of women entered the room. At first Susie thought they were women
hired to help her take on the crowd, but then she saw women too old and
too wrinkled to be prostitutes.
One of them walked straight to Barrett and her.
"Magel Barrett- not the Star Trek lady," the women said as she
offered her hand. "Arnold has certainly taken a shine to you. Now I
intend to see if he has good taste- or rather how you taste."
It was the biggest shock of the evening so far. Barrett's wife not only seemed unaffected by her husband's affair with her, she seemed
appreciative for his straying. Susie found herself on the floor with
this woman in sequins between her legs before she knew what was
It was Susie's turn to be appreciative. She hadn't had time to
consider the lesbian embrace. She had gone straight from her surprise
at Magel's reception to gasping at the effect of her knowing tongue.
"Now where are the young studs?" Magel asked as she stood up
wiping her mouth.
Around Susie an orgy ensued. She didn't see where Mrs. Barrett
went. She was joined on the floor by another suitor and by the time he
was finished, there were unidentifiable naked bodies everywhere she
It seemed like a rule that old and young should mix and match as
they coupled in the carnal debauch. Susie thought it must be the deal with
the wives that they would have access to what Mrs. Barrett called the
young studs. Two men picked her up off the floor and ended her pondering.
She found herself back on a table with her rear hanging off the
edge. One of them put her legs up over his shoulders and entered her.
the other straddled her face and pushed his cock into her mouth. She found
she wasn't expected to do anything but suck. They fucked her and her job
was to provide the warm holes for their dicks.
There was a mild commotion around her and she caught glimpses of
some others gathering to watch the show. The men responded to the crowd
and got a little rougher as they fucked her. That led to Susie being put
on her knees and two more taking her fore and aft again.
She took on couples, licking the woman while the man fucked her or
sucking the man while the woman ate her cunt. Susie was trapped in the
moment. Tonight it didn't count that she had never been with a woman
since some timid explorations as a teenager. She did it all.
It wasn't as if they were offering her a choice. She was the subject
of their lusts and expected to submit to their desires. She went along
because she didn't know what else to do. It was easy to give in and the
whole evening seemed like a dream.
She wasn't even confused anymore until Barrett reappeared and led
her from the throng.
"How did you all like Susie?" Barrett prompted the applause.
She blushed at the attention. It was a strange time to blush after
they had fucked her and felt her for hours, but the applause gave Susie
a feeling of appreciation that caught her off guard. None of it made
sense, but she wasn't terrified either.
Barrett led her from the room and through the lobby. By now it
seemed normal to walk past the other guests and staff nude. Susie's mind
was busy trying to understand what Barrett had in store for her.
"I think you were a hit," he said to her in the elevator.
They stopped on their normal floor. Was Barrett going to take her
to their room like it was just another night? Was the company orgy behind
them and things back to the way they were before? What about his wife?
Susie was full of questions as Barrett led her to the door and
opened it for her.
"You probably want a nice hot shower after all that," Barrett said.
He left her alone in the bathroom for a few minutes to soak under
the spray. The hot water washed away the fluids and juices from her skin,
but hardly made a dent in her aching muscles and soreness of overuse
between her legs. Then he came in, still in his tuxedo, and helped her
wash herself.
"Damn fine girl you are," he said. "Damn fine. Thought you might be
a bit of a dud, but you were outstanding. Appreciate it. Appreciate you."
Susie felt an urge to ask for a raise, but he was rubbing her crotch
and she was distracted.
He had her stand with her arms out as he dried her her carefully
with towel after towel. She suspected he was getting some perverse
pleasure from it, but the bulge in his trousers was obvious in its
absence as he stepped in front of her.
"Now I told you about comfort levels," he said. "The shy old birds
don't like an audience. So be nice to them."
She still didn't know what he was talking about. It hadn't mattered
up to now and Susie thought she'd find out soon enough what he was saying.
He escorted her two steps from the bathroom and then nudged her
toward the bedroom. She stepped in and found the old man who had been
first in line laying in bed with the covers pulled up to his chin. He was
giggling like a girl.
When she approached, he threw back the covers and proudly showed her
his erection. She took it as a compliment that the old man could get it
up for her.
"Do you want me to sit on that?" she asked sweetly.
"Hell no, dearie, I want you on your back holding your stuff open
for me," he cackled and patted the bed beside him.
Susie wasn't sure how to do that, but she lay on her back and let
the old guy help her. He wanted her feet on the bed with her knees bent
and spread wide. He pulled her hands down to rest on her belly and used
her fingers to spread her pussy open.
She thought he was going to have a heart attack just looking at the
way she displayed herself for him.
"Now I'm going to give it to you. Get ready!" he announced and fell
over her.
He certainly was energetic, but he missed being rough by about 30
years. It wasn't for lack of trying. He seemed to be having the time of
his life sawing his cock in and out of her twat.
When he came, his eyes went blank. It looked like someone had
knocked him on the head to Susie. He went stiff for a moment. His grin
was the first sign of life and then he tumbled off her.
Mysteriously, another old man appeared just as the first was tying
the sash on his robe. Susie was going to experience her gang-bang in
slow motion. If the pace was relaxed, her lovers were not.
The second man tried to climb right on her. He tried ineffectively
to push the remnants of an erection inside her and then knelt and
pulled her head toward his cock.
The old geezers were not as nice as the others had been. She had
been effectively and efficiently handled in the ballroom. A few of them
might have been a little rough in their enthusiasm, but it had seemed so
much like good fun that Susie had been caught up in the outrageous
behavior. This man was much more specific.
"Make it hard you sick little slut!" he berated her as he forced her
face into his crotch. "Suck me like you do every other dick in town."
For the first time Susie felt forced rather than co-erced. This man was saying bad things about her. She began to think she deserved them.
"You suck off dogs, don't you? And fuck little baby boys, you dirty
slut pervert cunt whore fuckhole bitch!" he ranted, nearly foaming at the
Susie understood. He was talking dirty in a desperate attempt to
arouse himself enough to fuck her. She let him rant and drool as she went
to work on his cock. Together they produced a serviceable erection and
he quickly dropped on top of her to put it to use.
Susie wasn't sure if he actually came or just pretended. In either
case, it was over quickly and again the next person entered the room
just as he got off the bed.
From flat on her back, Susie's gaze first fell on a strange looking
erection between the person's legs. It was solid and large, but too yellow
for the pink thighs it hung between. Susie looked up into Magel's face.
"Being Arnold's wife has its priviledges," she said.
This was a bit different from being overwhelmed by a pussy-eating
woman. She was not caught up in a sexual atmosphere nor lost in a
sexual haze. This woman wanted to fuck her like a man and it made Susie's
skin crawl.
Her reluctance seemed to be just what Magel wanted. She squatted
between Susie's legs and worked the dildo into her husband's secretary,
all the while reminding Susie of her position of dominanace over her.
"Now you'll get to see why I'm the better half," Magel taunted
Susie as she worked the dildo into her.
Her dildo was longer by inches and a bit thicker than Barrett's
cock. Magel shoved it to the hilt with a flourish and then kept pushing
against Susie.
"Fills you up pretty good, doesn't it?" Magel taunted. "I bet you
like big cocks. I hope you like mine, because I'm going to shove it up
your cute little asshole later."
Tingles covered Susie like a cold gust of wind. Suddenly the dildo
felt even bigger as it stuffed her cunt. Mrs. Barrett could hurt her
with a cock that big. The thought of it rammed up her ass made Susie
begin to tremble.
"That's my girl, wiggle that butt for me," Magel picked up on her
fear, "I'm going to fuck you better than Arnold ever did. You'll be both
of ours, bitch."
If Magel wasn't a woman, Susie might have been able to appreciate
the fuck. Mrs. Barrett was active and imaginative with the rubber cock,
but it was too disturbing to see a woman between her legs ramming her full
of the faux phallus.
It was unfortunate for her. Magel was enjoying the exercise and
showed no signs of relenting. She fucked Susie like the most energetic of
men and kept at it. Only another man stepping into the room finally made
Barrett's wife pull the dildo from Susie and yield her position.
The new man slipped between Susie's legs and took up where Magel left
off without hesitation. It was as if he had come to her in mid-fuck from
the way he drove into her and started right out with energetic thrusting.
The circus was beginning to pale for Susie. This man was reminding
her how many cocks had thrust inside her and touching every soreness those
cocks had rubbed inside her. It just wasn't fun any more.
How much Magel's disturbing presence had disrupted her fairy land,
she didn't know, but it was beginning to be unplesant to lie there and let
a stream of men use her. She wasn't aroused by them any more.
The man finished and Susie looked in horror as two men stepped in the
room as he dismounted. They both were virle and erect. She knew her
troubles had doubled.
"Look at it this way," said one, noticing her distress, "It takes
only half the time to satisfy two at once."
The one who spoke walked up the bed until he was over hea head and
knelt down. He pushed his cock in her mouth and Susie felt the other
pulling her legs up. It was not as bad as it could be, she thought as each
one fucked one end of her.
Her optimism was shattered when they rolled her on her side. The one
still fucked into her face as the other crawled up behind her. Her head
was held down on the gagging cock when she tried to protest the other man probing her anus.
He was inside the sphincter in a burst of pain, but they weren't
through with her. They let her sit up as the man with his cock in her ass
rolled on his back. She perched on top of his cock precariously as the
first man arranged himself between the other man's legs.
"You didn't think we'd be satisfied with a fucky-sucky, did you?" the
man she could see asked her. "That wasn't the look I saw in your eyes."
Susie's only answer was a cry of pain as they forced her down on the
cock in her ass. It was so sudden and so huge that it took away her
thoughts for a moment. She was still trying to deal with the impaling
intrusion when the first man moved between her thighs and pushed his cock
into her sore cunt.
There was too much going on down there and too much cock being
stuffed into her two holes. The man beneath her gripped her breasts and
pulled her down on him to give the other man free access to her cunt.
The only good thing as her legs flopped helplessly around the
invading men was that only one of them wanted to fuck. The cock in her
ass gave her no relief for the uncomfortable fullness as the man on top of
her fucked in and out of her cunt.
That lasted until the first came inside her. He then held up her legs
to help his partner jab up into her asshole as he furiously and painfully
sought his own orgasm in her bowels.
She was joined by Barrett, Magel and another man as her last two
beaux left her. Three! She could clearly imagine how they planned on using
her. She looked at the long, thick phallus still dangling between Magel's
leg and remembered her threat.
"Mr.Barrett, please," she appealed to her boss, hopefully her
protector, "Don't make me take that big thing up my butt."
"Don't worry, my dear," he soothed, "I'm just here to watch for the
time being."
The obtuse old fart thought she meant him. Or perhaps he was wilfully
misunderstanding. The same demonic light was in his eyes as had lit the
others that had come to her. He was clearly eager for what game they were
going to play with her.
"Come here, you poor thing," Magel said soothingly as she encourged
Susie to get to her hands and knees. "I'm sure there's an executive with a
cock as big as mine that you have already fucked. Pretend I am him if
being fucked by a woman disturbs you so."
They were not animals, or perhaps the stranger enjoyed watching her
asshole being prepared. Magel took her time spreading some lubricant on
Susie's anus and spreading the drawstring muscle with her fingers. All the
while the other man stood by her side watching Magel and stroking his
"Laramie has a particular appreciation of women fucking women,"
Barrett told her as his wife fingered Susie's asshole. "He will be in
supreme ecstacy to watch Magel bugger you while you suck his dick."
Out of all the jumble, it was Magel's words that were the most useful
as the two closed in on her. There was no way to minimize the intrusion as
Magel shoved the dildo against her anus. A cock would give a little even
swollen to its utmost in erection. Magel's phallus gave no quarter as it
stretched open her poor asshole. It was like being raped by a mechanical
Like a mechanical man, Magel had no distration from the feel of
Susie's tight anus gripping the dildo. She only pushed it deeper until
Susie was sure she would gag from the butt-bursting intrusion. Taking
Magel's words, Susie thought of only the cock splitting her rectum and not
the woman behind it.
The other man found his pleasure in knowing it was Magel buggering
this poor girl. He watched as Magel forced the dildo to its end in Susie's
ass and then walked around to face Susie. His eyes raked up Magel's
soft body from where the phallus disappeared into Susie's backside to her
eyes. They stared like conspiritors as Magel fucked Susie and the man gave her his cock to suck.
He did not enjoy Magel's gaze too long. His eyes were drawn to the
intersection of ass and dildo as Magel fucked Susie's ass. Susie's mouth
was only the dressing as his eyes roamed over the breasts and back to the
crotch of the woman fucking the woman sucking him.
He came in pure ecstacy at the sight as Magel grabbed Susie's hips
and bucked the fake cock into Susie's ass. Susie had to deal with the
spewing cock as Magel rammed her onto it with her thrusts into her ass.
Magel was disappointed when her turn was over. She took all the time
she could before finally pulling the dildo grudgingly from Susie's anus.
"There my dear," Barrett said as he helped her from her kneeling
position, "You were marvelous tonight. I am sure no one in the boardroom
will think they can better that."
Susie was confused. Barrett was as concerned and caring as he had
been when she thought he had feelings for her. He made it sound like they
were a team in this orgy of excess. She didn't understand her role in this
as office politics. She didn't know what he meant and this time it was
"What becomes of me now?" she asked.
"Well, I would say a nice hot shower will perk you up nicely," he
said, missing her point.
Barrett gave her the shower, harkening back to a night spent at her
apartment. Susie was still confused by his treatment of her. She couldn't
integrate his caring demeanor with the present he had made of her body
for all to use.
And a wife? What place could she have when Barrett had a wife? Susie
let his hands soothe her soreness away and resolved to figure out her
predicament later.
It only became curiouser and curiouser. Magel seemed to be unable to
contain her mirth as she sat in the chair. She seemed to be trying to sit
regally, but a grin kept playing around her lips and making her eyes snap.
Susie wondered what devilment she had in store for her. She was
taken completely by surprise by Barrett's jovial words and cold intention
toward his wife.
"Now, my dear, we should show our guest an example of our wedded
bliss," he said gently.
Susie thought she had mis-heard his words from Magel's reaction. She
scowled, but in a most pathetic way. She looked like Barrett had suggested
she eat snakes.
"Can't we both show her bliss?" Magel whined.
Barrett only tilted his head and Magel slumped down in the chair. She
put her hands slowly on the arms and heaved herself up. She opened the
robe she was wearing with the same deliberate slowness and let it drop to
the floor.
Susie's wonder was interrupted as Barrett reached around her waist.
She looked down to see Magel's horrible cock hanging in front of her.
Barrett pulled the belt too tight and then reached down to pull up a strap
that went between her legs. There was an interesting bump on the rear of
the dildo that Barrett made press her slit as he drew the strap too tight
between her legs.
The dildo felt like part of her as it wobbled in front of her. Every
twitch was transferred into her cunt by the bump and the biting strap
parting her buttocks attached the dildo to her as if it was her own.
"While my reasons differ greatly, I would like to enjoy the same
scene as Laramie," Barrett told her.
Tha name seemed familiar. Barrett had mentioned it recently.
"Which one was he?" Susie asked.
"The one that had Magel use her toy on you," Barrett said, "Only I
want you to use the toy this time."
"He's punishing me for being disapproving, dear," Magel put in.
"Almost one hundred per cent wrong," Barrett responded. "I am simply
using checks and balances to keep your behavior in line. I think you should
inflict no more than you can endure."
He looked at Susie's questioning face. He had become used to re-
phrasing for his secretary.
"I don't want to punish her," he said directly to Susie, "I just
happen to like seeing her get fucked in the ass."
Barrett meant just like Magel had taken her. He held open his wife's
ass and guided her through preparing Magel's asshole. He had her take her
time and play a long time with Magel's anus. Magel seemed to flinch in
anticipation as Susie's fingers pulled open the sphincter.
"She doesn't have to put it in my ass, you know," Magel made a final
"You didn't have to put it in her ass to suit Laramie, either,"
Barret silenced her.
"Make sure you put plenty of grease on that thing," Barrett said to
Susie as he moved towards Magel's head.
He didn't stand as Laramie had. Barrett flopped down on the bed and
pulled Magel's head to his cock. She had some resurrection work to do
before the real cocksucking could start.
As her head was pulled down, Magel's butt raised and opened for
Susie. Her asshole came out to greet the dildo-wearing secretary.
It was not the most anticipated sight in the world for Susie. There
was a moment's hesitation as she considered what she was doing as she
was poised to fuck another woman. This was pretty twisted.
Then she considered all the other things involved, the big picture.
Her boss wanted her to fuck her ass. This woman had reamed her out without
any regard. And, surprising as it was, the very fact a cock hung in front
of her gave her some very man-like desires to use it.
Susie was lost in the view from a different perspective and didn't
let the lesbian aspect bother her any more. Just stroking the inert thing
jutting from her crotch made her want to ram it into Magel. A cock, even a
fake one, was a mood altering device.
As instructed, Susie had lubed the dildo well. She didn't want to
make Magel scream. From recent experience she knew the most terrible thing
about the fake cock was its unfeeling advance into one's ass. There was
plenty of dildo to make Magel squirm without damamging her asshole.
It was finally time for Susie to act. Magel was busy slurping
Barrett's cock and Susie had exhausted all her excuses for not raising the
dildo to her anus and hitting the mark.
It was much easier and much nicer to press the rounded head to the
round muscle than Susie had feared. Again, the dildo felt like a real
thing as she held it to Magel's asshole and pushed. The dildo pushed back
against Susie's clit and felt good. The formed rubber testicles below the
dildo were pulled tight between her legs and gave Susie sensation along
her whole slit as she pushed against the resistance of Magel's anus.
She had a foreign urge to heave the cock forward and drive it into
Magel's sphincter. It was the cock, she realized. She had felt that kind
of thrust from the other side. It was strange to have the urge to give it.
Susie mastered all the urges to hurt Magel with a sudden thrust. She
was still enough girl to remember her orignal plan. Slowly deeper and
deeper would be so much more effective.
Magel responded to the dildo creeping up her ass even better than
Susie had forseen. Magel reacted like she didn't like it in her ass,
regardless of its length and size. She squirmed like a child being fed
oatmeal as Susie eased the rubber dick up her rectum.
While Susie was making this caravan to a quasi-male understanding,
Barrett was enjoying the sight before him. Magel was neither great nor
horrible in the cocksucking department, but it was not her expertise that
was putting the lead in his pencil. Even the long-ago dominance that first
made Magel go to her knees and suck his cock against her protests was
only coloring in the scenery.
He liked to see her get fucked in the ass. First, because he knew
she hated it. He had no active resentment of his wife, but it evened out
a hoard of little things she had done over the past weeks. Not that those
weeks were different from any other. He always liked to see his wife get
fucked in the ass.
Magel thought it lowered her and she would never admit that she got
any pleasure from it. Barrett was getting hard watching Magel be obedient
to his cock as she suffered the anal intrusion.
"You've got to FUCK it," Barrett told Susie, capitalizing the letters
with his emphasis. "It's a big butt and it needs a good banging."
He was ready for Magel to set about getting him off. This was the
kind of kink he had hoped Susie would have brought him on her own.
It was easy to obey Barrett. Susie heaved against Magel's rear at
his first suggestion. It was this rubber cock making her act that way.
At the first opportunity, she threw off her plan of a careful incursion
and reverted to a male plundering of the anus in front of her.
It certainly was the hottest fuck of the night as the participants,
willing and unwilling, were active in their pursuit of raunchy pleasure.
Barrett guided Magel's head to turn her struggles into excitement for his
cock. Magel flopped helplessly between the two and Susie poured it into
her ass with the passion the base of the dildo was returning to her own
If she responded to the thrill of fucking Magel's ass without
thinking about it, the dildo became almost a living extension. Susie had
glimpses of what it must feel like to be a man as she shoved the long
hard thing into Magel's asshole. No wonder they liked to be rough when
they had a blugeon like that growing right on their bodies.
Susie knew Magel would be begging for him to stop her if her own
mouth wasn't crammed full of his cock. Or maybe she was so frantic because
she knew making him cum was the only escape from the cock ramming up her
ass. Susie hoped Magel took her time. She was getting excited fucking
Magel in the ass.
She did have a lovely cum and by no coincidence, Barrett came a few
moments later. Susie had relented on the butt-fucking as she drifted in the
pleasure of orgasm and Magel was able to apply herself without interruption
in that time. It was all she needed to bring Arnold to the crisis.
If it had to end, that was the way for it to end, Barrett mused. It
might not be the most exciting thing to cum in Magel's mouth, but it was
one of the most satisfying in an emotional way.
Her sharp tongue couldn't wound him when he could look at her and
remember it swimming in his jizm. And most importantly, the fact that she\
obeyed his distasteful requests meant she needed him enough to submit to
his control.
Barrett let them sleep on either side of him. Magel was still in
bed when he had Susie had to dress for work.
"Aren't you glad I got that sweater and skirt for you," Barrett asked
when Susie found them laid out for her to wear.
"It beats having to go home naked to find something to wear," Susie
She thought about Magel lying there after she shared the intimate
memory with Mr. Barrett. She decided she didn't care what Magel knew. It
was obvious that Barrett wasn't keeping their affair secret from anyone
anymore. Susie wondered how that was going to affect her at work.
Her answer came with the lines on her telephone lighting up like a
drag race Christmas tree as soon as she shut the door to her office. The
day was spent clearing calls one by one as the lights lit again as soon as
she clicked the last one off.
The calls were all for Barrett and they were all for her. There was
a rapid boomerang as Barrett answered the calls and then sent them back to
Susie to schedule a meeting.
She would have felt like the company whore if Barrett had not shown
her respect in the way he suggested the scheduling. Certainly there would
be no more than three 'meetings' in a day and not everyone that asked got
instant access to the comely secretary.
"Stams might be good enough for a blow-job," Barrett said as Stams
was on hold. "You put him in the next available slot and we'll see how we
feel about him then."
She was the company whore. Barrett was passing her out no matter
what discrimination he was using. Susie had to face that as she recorded
each meeting- stretching out for weeks- and her own dot code that told her
how much that person was allowed.
She was the company whore, but it didn't seem that harsh to Susie.
It was only slightly different than taking a nude taxi ride for Mr.
Barrett. He enjoyed her satisfying the management. Susie enjoyed the aura
of being his woman, because that was part of the appeal she held for the
vice-presidents and managers.
She wasn't so much whore as asset. A prime company asset to be used
wisely to make the company perform better. There might be women who would
object to their sexual prowess defining their value, but Susie was willing
to use whatever she could to make the company better.
And her relationship with Mr. Barrett only got better in those next
weeks and beyond. 'Relaxing' Mr. Barrett became a bit less regular with
all her other appointments, but she was a regular visitor at the suite.
Magel never returned, but one night Susie heard Barrett threatening
to bring Susie to their house. She tried not to think about the kind of
relationship Barrett had with his wife. One dose had been enough and
Barrett was always nice to her.
Susie never did visit Barrett at home, but he did make a few more
appearances at Susie's apartment. Susie had learned several new games since
she had been with Mr. Barrett. She had learned to be the wild child that
he mistook her for at first.
And Barrett had much to do with that. After all, you couldn't be the
prime motivator and ultimate perk for a large company and not pick up a
few new ideas from the executives.
It wasn't the love of a powerful man, but it was the lust of a lot
of pretty powerful men. Susie decided she had to count her achievements
on the ledgers of business rather than romance because she mostly did it
with businessmen.
It was like getting flowers every day that she checked the market
and saw the company stock rise. It let Susie know she was doing a good job.


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