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SWEAT girls powers the woman looks deeply


by cowgirl

a woman finds herself in an airport with a teenage girl
who she's finds oddly erotic. (f/F, nc, humil. )

I'm in an airport terminal. my name's lisa. a young
teenaged girl sits next to me. she ignors me chomping
her bubble gum, staring off into space. i do the same,
looking away, as we have nothing in common.

I am thirty four, and am an advertising excective,
single, and was on my way home visiting my sister.
now i sit next to this slightly chubby young girl,
wondering why.

We hold hands tightly, my thumb tickeling hers.

I glance over at her dirty blonde hair, pasted to her
head with sweat. the cool from the air conditioning has
dried it aginst her, in an ugly way. i'm confused that i
seem to find her strangly erotic, this chubby teen, with
the plasterd hair, sweating through her blue and orange
blouse and matching shorts and little plastic sandles.

I find her erotic, because i caused her sweat. you see,
i "made" her sweat. this teenaged stranger who's hand I

I wonder what her names is. she catches me staring. i'm
embaressed she knows full well my intentions. and i see
that look in her eyes... and she squeezes my hand, her bored
look replaced...

...with a lustfull one.

and we both rush off for the public restroom for the
second time.


a woman comes up to a girl sitting by herself and asks:.

uh..excuse me sweetie. is this seat taken?

naw. go for it, lady.

thanks. i was just in the rest room, did you hear if the
called the preboards yet?

take a look at the clock lady, we got over an hour till
the plane gets here!

oh yes. your right, of course.


hey, sorry 'bout that. i'm just cranky s' all.

yeah, i'm bushed too! my second stop over. are you here
with your parents, or traveling alone?

the little girl gets a angry look on her face, and suddenly
i can't for the "life" of me remember...

uh....what were we.......talking about again? i ask.

she grins looking satisfied.

i'm not sure myself. guess it didn't matter WHAT
might've said... - oh i know lady! you were saying how
much you wish i'd go into that woman's room over there
with you!

really? are you sure? i don't know WHY i'd be saying
anything like that...

well it sure wasn't MY idea. what were you asking me
to do that for anyways, lady?

i, no. i'm sure it was me though ! must've been
i'm just a little loopy from all the traveling is all...

so do you wanna?


go into the bathroom?

what for hon?


well..i dunno....whatever....

sweetie, how old are you? sixteen? seventeen?

old enough.

uh huh.

really. i'm two month's away from-

STOP kiddo, i don't even wanna HEAR it! and i'm
sure i don't want to go to the bathroom, or anything
else thank you.

i think you DO wanna go ! why else would YOU be
sugesting it? I think you very pretty... are you getting hot?


cause your sweating like a pig lady !!!

i am not!

yup. sure are. see? it's trickeling down your the
back of your neck right now...

she ran her finger around my neck and her touch got
a rise outta me. i had to fight to keep my normal breath.
all this from a teen agers touching me. my sweating
neck line.



i just must need a little AIR....

here lady. take my hand....

she hald my hand, and i wanted her. i wanted to unbutton
her blouse with my teeth. i was horrified by the images now
racing through my mind !!!

uh...sweetie? where are your parents?

i was tickeling her with my thumb now, as we held hands
i was TRYING to be strong, but she was driving me NUTS,
with her sweating like that !!! it took all my will power to keep
from throwing her on the floor right there and driving my tongue
into her deliouse little snatch !!!!

i'm supose to meet my mom in new orleans.'d better call your mom, and tell her your gonna miss
your flight...

why lady?

but lady, we've got a whole half hour left !

silly girl ! you can't rush OUR visit to the ladies room...

this is so weird ! are you sure?

no, but follow me anyways.

i got up and led her to the ladies room with me. we entered
a stall and i had her turn around as her blouse buttoned up
the back. as i unbettoned her, she continued blathering on. i
licked her sweaty neck as i worked away...

lady, i did'nt even KNOW you when you sat down, and here
we are about to...

yeah, i know...

but were strangers...

uh huh.

do you wanna know my name?

don't need to sport. now quit squirming...

i had just gotten her blouse off and had pulled her shorts to
her ankels, when she grabbed my arm...!

WAIT ! lady, before we DO this, tell me one thing:

sure honey. what?

do me? i've never been with...

you mean your still a-

not even my boyfriend ! i swear. now it'll be with some
strange woman i don't even know, in a public urinel. it's
not the way I pictured it...

i pull her closer and whisper something in her ear. but
the words seem to come from behind me, though the
voice is mine.

"i don't give a shit."

i feel as though i'm watching the whole scean from
outside myself.

lisa pries the young girls fingers off the bathroom entrance
and drags her into a stall. no one seems to hear the girls pitiful
whimpers as she lays on the cold bathroom floor, sweating under
the weight on the grown women above her, holding her skirt to
her waist as hours later she grunts toward the third orgasm,
grinding down into the teeny boppers crying little face.


me and the girl emerge from the rest room for the second time
that day, my memories fading once more. how many times had
this girl toyed with me, making me forget, get excited, drag her in,
then start it up all over again? i even felt my anger smothered
away by her staring into my eyes.

a woman greets us. the girl runs up, hugging this woman, calling
here mom. i wonder if this woman really IS her mother, knowing
the girls powers. the woman looks deeply happy to see the girl,
hugging her tight.

but the girl only smirks.

while my mind was still clear, perhaps i could DO something.

to escape her control over me...

maybe i could...


but then it's gone, and lisa's cowering behind the unlikely
mother daughter team as she fumbles carring their luggage,
like the second class person she knows she will become in
their "family"! the mom doesn't even ask her name. lisa just
picked up the lugage and came along too.

lisa was despertly hoping that mom wouldn't discover what
she's doing to "moma's little girl". the fact it was all the teen's
doing,soon fades from her foggy mind. licking the tast of the
teen from her pouting lips, lisa quickly finds it hard to remember
if she even had a job, or a family... or anyone who really cared
about her.

other than the strange girl and woman before her...

her life will revolve around them now. lisa also knows she's up
shit creek if the girl tells mommy about her bathroom trips with
the teen. the danger of being in the youngsters hands like this
makes lisa nervouse and excited all at once! ........her throat goes

as lisa huff and pants with the bags two steps behind, her eyes
wander over the pudgy girls legs, and the blouse with she
incorrectly re-buttoned from behind. something else for mom to
notice. another clue. lisa licks her lips remembering and the pasty
sweat which cakes the teenaged hair to the young girls head.
only hours before it repulsed her. but now she moistens to the
thought of it...

and she herself.....starts to sweat.

if you want to, you can write to me, jennifer, at:

thanks! : )


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