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SWINGING video camera complete with remote case


!!!!Warning this story contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of eighteen or offended by such material please close this
file now!!!!

Any comments welcome

Swinging By Blueboy

Chapter 1) The Beginning I met my wife at the age of nineteen she was a
year younger than me, she was a sweet girl and had a terrific body she was
slim with small pert breasts, even at twenty two she looked no more than
fifteen she never wore make up, and several times she had trouble getting
served when we went out for a drink. From the start our sex life was
fantastic I had always been ready for sex at any time day or night, and Sue
was willing to co-operate with anything I wanted to do, she had little
previous experience apart from her three brothers who she admitted she had
incestuous relationships with since the age of twelve. I had been able to
make love to Sue in every conceivable position, and in almost every
circumstance since we met, I had fucked her in the park behind some bushes
only yards away from a teenage football team, and joked that they were
going to be next, I also fucked her on a bus sitting on the back seat, with
at least a dozen people sitting only feet away. After six moths of being
with Sue we married, and our sex life continued in much the same way, we
fucked in nightclub toilets, car parks, the cinema, and even in a traffic
jam on the motorway, the more likely we were to be discovered the more
excited we both became.

After a few months of marriage I began to run out of ideas to keep our
sex life exciting, I remembered at fourteen a friend of my fathers had
asked me to fuck his wife, I was a virgin at the time and unsure but she
took me to the bedroom and took my cherry. He remained downstairs the
whole time and I became a regular visitor to the house two or three times a
week I would visit the house and his wife was always willing to stop
whatever she was doing and fuck my brains out. As I recalled this time in
my life, I became excited at the thought of my wife fucking other men and
boys, I would often tell my wife of my fantasies when we were making love,
I recalled the time in the park when I joked about the teenage football
team being next, as we made love behind the bushes as they changed only
yards away, and as I spoke of this my wife became obviously excited, I knew
that although this was my fantasy I was going to have little problem in
getting her to co-operate the idea of being able to have as many partners
as she wanted obviously appealed to her as much as it did to me.

Chapter 2) The Train

We spoke about various people and ways that she could get them to fuck
her, and I said that she could fuck who ever she wanted as long as I got to
hear every detail when we were making love. Over the next couple of days I
got excited when a male friend visited, or we were out, I wanted to ask
straight if they wanted to fuck my beautiful wife, but I could not bring
myself to do so. I was Friday night and we were going to a party in London
my wife wore a short skirt and boob tube and at me request no underwear.
As we left the house I was so excited as any man looked at my wife knowing
that she was wearing no panties, we got on the train and as we sat down two
young lads opposite about eighteen or nineteen years old had a perfect view
of her shaved pussy. I decided to go to the buffet car and get a drink, I
stayed at the bar for about an hour and had a couple of pints when I
returned my wife was no where to be seen, I looked around and saw her
returning from the toilet, just behind her were the two boys that had been
sitting opposite. As she walked back I saw her grin, the boys did not
return to there seats but sat further along the carriage, my wife could not
wait to tell me of her adventure as soon as she returned.

As soon as I left the boys had began talking to her, and she had moved a
little to give them an even better view of her shaved pussy, she had told
them that I was just a friend and that I was boring, she told them that
even though she had removed her panties I would not go to the toilet and
make love to her. The boys who were obviously aroused had said that I was
a fool they would not turn down an opportunity like that, my wife explained
that as she was only fourteen almost fifteen I was worried about getting
caught. Well the boys almost begged her to go with them and walked behind
her to the toilet, soon they were inside and the she sat on the edge of the

The blond boy with the crew cut had pulled her skirt up and slipped his
cock into her before she knew it, he was not very big but as he fucked her,
the friend had pulled down her top and began to play with her breasts, he
soon shot his load and withdrew. The other lad with dark long hair then
took his place he removed his cock from his jeans and although he was only
about five inches long he was so thick that she was worried about getting g
him in, he stretched her to the limits as he entered her and she at last
managed to have two orgasms before he came, he pumped so much sperm into
her she said it felt like a hose pipe inserted pouring warm water into her
body. After he came she sat on the toilet and let the juices run from her
cunt while she took them both in her hand and proceeded to suck them off,
fist the guy with the small dick shot a little into her mouth, then his
friend filled her mouth with copious amounts of cum, she of course had
swallowed every single drop. As she told me of her adventure I became
really hard, she kissed me I probed her mouth with my tongue I could taste
the remnants of there cum in her mouth, I was so excited by the whole
episode that I could not wait for the next.

Chapter 3) The Party

We arrived at Euston at seven thirty and grabbed a taxi to Steve's house
in Tottenham, as we arrived Steve's son Ian opened the door, and showed us
into the lounge, my wife whispered in my ear that she was going to seduce
Ian before the night was over. Ian was eighteen years old, very slim he
had shoulder length black hair and wore John Lennon style glasses, he
looked like a bit of an anorak and I would not be surprised to find out
that he was very much a virgin, however I doubted very much that he would
be for much longer. During the evening my wife took great pleasure in
exposing her bald pussy to Ian at every chance and I saw him blushing on
numerous occasions, by about eleven the party was in full swing and nobody
noticed Sue follow Ian up stairs as he went to his room. He walked in his
room and Sue followed him in, his eyes opened wide and a look of panic set
on his face, she kissed him on the lips took his hand which was shaking and
placed it between her legs.

He needed very little encouragement after that and she soon had him
stripped naked on his back on the bed, she pulled her top over her head,
and unzipped her skirt allowing it to drop to the floor, as she climbed
onto the bed pre cum flowed from his circumcised cock he was a good seven
inches long and not very wide, his cock bent a little to the right, she
assumed as a result of to much jacking off. As soon as she started to lick
the pre cum from his cock, he exploded and filled her mouth with his sweet
youth full spunk.

"I am so sorry, I couldn't help it!" he said

"Don't worry its OK" she kissed him and said

As with most teenagers his cock was back to full force in a matter of
seconds, she straddled him and slid deep onto his cock he reached up and
took her breasts in his hands. Soon she was fucking this young boy for all
she was worth, he managed to come two or three times, and as she sat
astride him regained his hard on so that she could continue to fuck him
some more. After she had finished she left him laying on the bed his cock
once again rising to the occasion.

"Please don't go?" he asked her.

"I have to go now, but if you want you can stay with us next weekend,
bring a friend if you like as long as he's as cute as you" she said.

She left Ian lying on the bed and after a visit to the bathroom to
freshen up she returned to the party. As she entered the room she headed
straight towards me kissing me passionately, I could taste his cum and knew
that if Ian had been a virgin he was no more. She told me about her
invitation, to stay next weekend and to bring a friend, I could not wait.
The party carried on but we did not see Ian again that night I imagined him
laying on the bed jacking off for the rest of the night, we spent the night
dancing and drinking with our friends and got a taxi back to Euston to get
the seven o'clock train.

We arrived home at about nine thirty, I immediately took Sue to the
bedroom and ripped her clothes off, I ate eagerly at her pussy tasting the
mixture of juices within. Finally I lay down while she climbed on top and
I made her tell me again of every detail of her exploits the previous
night, as she fucked me and told me of her three young studs I was more
aroused than I could have believed possible. She had several orgasms as I
made her tell me which of the boys had excited her more, I made her score
them out of ten, the small dick on the train got a six, his friend with the
wide cock got eight, but surprisingly she gave Ian ten out of ten. During
the session on his bed he had told her that no girl had ever seen him or
touched him and she had enjoyed teaching him about sex. I said he may well
bring you another virgin to break in next weekend, she smiled and I felt
her vaginal muscles clamp tightly on my throbbing cock it was too much and
I filled her with my sperm.

Chapter 4) The Friend

I could see that this was going to be a satisfying experiment all
around, my wife certainly enjoyed fucking other guys, I enjoyed thinking
about this and talking to her about it, but I knew that I wanted to join in
the fun as well when the opportunity arose. Tuesday evening when I got
home from work my wife told me that she had seduced a friend of mine Dave
he was twenty, but looked much younger I never recalled him being with a
girl and actually wondered if he was gay. That afternoon, he had called in
to return a drill he borrowed the previous week, as she had just got out of
the shower she answered the door with just a towel wrapped around her, she
invited him in and gave him a coffee. As she sat there she made sure that
he could see her shaved hole and she saw his cock bulging in his jeans, she
stood up she placed her hand on the towel to make sure that it dropped
away. Dave being Dave had turned his head away and as she took him by the
hand and pulled him from the chair.

"No its not fair, Tony is my mate" he said.

"He won't mind in the least, don't worry we do these sort of things all
the time" she kissed him and said.

She led Dave to the bedroom and removed his clothes. She thought she
had died and gone to heaven when she saw the size of Dave's cock, he was a
generous nine inches circumcised and her hand could not reach around his
girth. She had to use the KY to get his huge cock inside her, and as they
fucked he had told her that he had never actually gone all the way before,
the only girl he had ever got into bed had not been able to accommodate his
huge cock. She had jacked him of while he fucked her with his fingers, and
he had been so frustrated after that that he often shied away from sex.

Sue fucked Dave several times that afternoon and he had just left ten
minutes before I got home, she tried to get him to stay so that I could
join them, but he made her promise not to tell me about what had happened
and left. I took my wife on the table eating her hole which tasted of cum,
before fucking her so violently that the table almost broke, I made her
tell me every detail and as I shot her full f cum I forced myself deep as
hard I could, I could see the pain in her face as I rammed deep and hard
into her cunt.

"Is that how his huge cock felt?" I asked.

"Yes!!!!" she replied.

She climaxed one last time, I knew that I would see Dave that evening we
were playing darts at the club I asked Sue to be wearing something sexy
when we returned at about eleven thirty and she agreed. After we had eaten
I went of to the club, Dave was already there when I arrived and I was
aroused by the thought of seeing his monster cock fucking my wife later
that night. We had a few drinks and I said nothing to Dave of the incident
that afternoon, I noticed he was unusually tense though.

"I said hang on Dave I will walk down with you" as he left.

I knew Dave had to walk past our house; we left the club and walked down
the road, when we got to my house.

I said, "Are you coming in for a beer Dave I think the football is on".

"I had better not." Dave said.

"Come on just one it's still early" I insisted.

He eventually agreed and we went into the house I turned on the tv and
grabbed two beers from the kitchen he sat on the couch and I sat at the
other end, a minute or two later I heard Sue coming down the stairs I
glanced at Dave, he had a look of terror on his face.

Chapter 5) Monster Cock Threesome

Sue entered the room wearing a short red kimono type dressing gown, it
barely covered her butt and the sheerness of the silk made it obvious that
she was totally naked underneath, Dave immediately started to get up.

"I had better be going" Dave said.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him back into his seat.

"Don't be silly, finish your drink!" I said.

Sue sat in the middle of the sofa between us allowing her robe to part a
little revealing her pert small breasts, I saw Dave glance at her breasts and noticed the huge lump in his trousers.

"Isn't she the sexiest thing you've ever seen Dave?" I asked.

Dave nearly choked on his beer.

"Yes" he muttered.

"Look Dave we have an open relationship and sometimes we have another
guy or girl join us for a threesome, how would you like to fuck Sue again
before you go?" I couldn't believe how hard it was to say.

"I am not sure!" Dave said.

Sue took control of the situation she pulled her robe wide open.

"Come on Dave suck her tit for her you know you want to" I said.

As I took her breast into my mouth, Dave relented and he was kissing Sue
and fondling her breast, he shoved his hand between her legs and pushed his
finger deep into her cunt, I pulled the robe completely off.

"I think that we would all be more comfortable on the bed," I said.

Sue walked ahead and Dave and I admired her beauty as she climbed the
stairs before us, her arse level with our faces.

"I am just going to grab a shower you two go on and get in bed" I said
to make things easier for Dave. I quickly had a shower and Sue took Dave
into the bedroom I could hear her moaning, I quickly dried myself off. As
I entered the bedroom Dave was on top of Sue resting on his hands,
thrusting his huge cock deep into my wife, I sat on the edge of the bed and
watched in amazement as the nine inch monster withdrew to the point of
removal before driving forcibly back in again. I wondered how her five
foot three inch frame could manage to accommodate his cock it must have
been pushing her stomach up to her tits. Dave had come already but had
remained hard enough to continue, sperm was leaking from the edge of Sue's
cunt running down her cheeks.

"I told you he was big!" she said.

Dave glanced across and blushed he was soon shooting his wad deep into
Sue's stomach, and thrusting as hard and as deep as he could I watched as
more of their juices were squeezed from her cunt. A small puddle had
formed under her buttocks, I knew that I had to taste those love juices, I
grabbed the towel I had brought from the bathroom and as Dave withdrew I
placed it under Sue's buttocks to soak up the juices on the sheet. Dave
was now lying next to Sue and they were kissing passionately, I placed my
head between her legs and licked the remaining juices, from her buttocks
before lapping the rest from her love hole.

I had often wondered if I was bisexual and at this point I knew that I
was, I longed to suck Dave's giant member, after I had drunk all the spunk from my Sue's cunt I took her clit between my lips and brought her to
orgasm. Sue had taken Dave's giant cock into her mouth and was sucking and
licking the head, she could not fit more than a inch or two into her mouth,
as he shot his load she retained the sperm in her mouth, she moved up the
bed and as they kissed she fed Dave his own sperm. Something she had done
many times to me and I suspect the reason I had such a liking for the
taste. We all lay on the bed Dave one side and me on the other, we caressed
Sue's body, with her slim frame and small breasts and youthful face she
could easily pass for fourteen or fifteen. Her bald pussy, which I enjoyed
shaving once or twice every week, enhanced the illusion even more. I
suggested that we double fucked Sue I would fuck her arse and Dave could
fuck her pussy at the same time.

"I am going to do noting else with either of you until you do something
for me" Sue said.

"What do you want us to do?" I asked.

"I have never seen two guys suck each other off!" she said.

I was surprised this was certainly nothing we had ever discussed, Dave
objected at first and I put up a little resistance too, although the idea
already had my cock throbbing, Sue kissed Dave and grabbed his cock.

"Please just do it once for me? Then I will fuck you both all night
long," Sue said.

Dave and I exchanged glances.

"Ok!" Dave said.

Sue moved to the side of the bed.

"Right Dave on top" she ordered.

As he climbed above me the true size of his cock became abundantly
clear, it was huge and circumcised, I had never really seen a circumcised
cock close up and I took hold of his giant tool, I could not get my hand
around its width. I felt Dave take hold of my cock and Sue helped him pull
back the foreskin, I slowly began to lick the head of his cock and as I
took it into my mouth I could barely open my mouth wide enough. Dave
reciprocated and we began to suck each other off, I could feel Dave eagerly
bobbing his head up and down and felt the head of my cock hitting the back
of his throat. I sucked and licked his giant member suddenly I felt it
throb in my hand I knew what was coming or rather that he was Cumming. I
continued to lick and suck the head of his huge cock and simultaneously we
exploded into each other's mouths.

"Drink it, drink it all" ordered Sue.

We obliged I swallowed Dave's cum I was surprised by the amount it
seemed to fill my mouth, I could feel Dave sucking hard on my cock and knew
that he was swallowing everything I could give him suddenly I got a second
wind and began to shoot into Dave's mouth for a second time. As we
finished our performance Sue kissed us both tasting each other's cum in our

"Good boys, that wasn't so bad was it?" she asked.

She climbed back into the bed between the two of us we kissed and
fondled Sue for a while.

"Right I think we should double fuck her for making us do that Dave" I

Dave just smiled, I sat on the bottom of the bed and Sue moved onto my
lap, I inserted my cock into her tight arse and Dave watched in disbelief.

"I am going to have you two swap ends at half time" joked Sue.

Or was she joking, she pulled Dave round to kneel in front of her and I
lay back as she leaned against me to make her bald pussy once again
accessible to Dave's huge cock. She groaned loudly as he entered her and I
could feel his mighty weapon rubbing against mine deep inside my wife's
body. I started to thrust gently from below, and reached around to Sue's
stomach I could feel Dave's monster cock pulsating in and out through the
wall of her flat stomach. I started to manipulate Sue's clitoris and the
base of Dave's cock as we fucked her, she began to groan in ecstasy and we
both increased the pace it was like a sword (cock) fight deep inside of her
stomach. As soon as I heard Dave groan and ram his cock into the hilt I
also shoved as much of my meagre seven inches as I could into her arse and
deposited my load. As Dave withdrew I could feel the tightness around the
length of my cock ease, as he pulled out I felt his juices drip onto my
thigh, he licked these off before standing helping Sue extricate herself
off of my still hard cock. Without warning he leant over and sucked my
cock clean too, Jeeze I thought he his certainly getting the hang of this,
we all returned to the bed.

"I need to rest for a while." Sue said.

We lay either side of Sue and I pulled the Duvet back on the bed, within
minutes Sue and Dave were sleeping soundly, I dozed of to be woken by the
alarm at seven a.m. I knew that Sue was always horny in the morning and
decided to take her at her word from last night.

"Half time darling" I said as she woke.

Dave was already awake and grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"Oh shit, in for a penny in for a pound" said Sue.

"In for a pounding!!!" I corrected.

I reached into the draw and retrieved the KY.

"I think you may need this Dave," I said laughing.

I lay on my back and pulled Sue on top of me I soon slipped my cock deep
into her love hole, Dave threw off the duvet and looked as I spread Sue's
cheeks wide open, he squirted the cold KY directly on her anus she
flinched. I watched as Dave oiled up his huge member finally kneeling
between my legs and pushing the head of his cock against Sue's anus.

"Jesus I want an epidural" quipped Sue.

With one firm stroke I felt Dave's huge cock enter her arse.

"WAIT A SECOND, SLOWLY!!!" said Sue tears running down her face.

I kissed her tenderly.

"This was your idea love." I said.

She laughed and I felt Dave slowly drive his entire length into her arse
as Sue rose on her hands I could see her distended stomach, she looked as
if she was pregnant, I sucked on her nipples and we both continued to fuck
her, she had a look of both pain and pleasure on her face. Soon we were
all moaning in pleasure as we climaxed together I could feel Dave's cock
throbbing as he emptied his spunk deep into her arse, I also began to come
as I felt his throbbing cock Sue tensed and started to scream as she

After we managed to separate ourselves we headed to the bathroom, it's a
good job we had the extra large shower fitted, we all three climbed in and
Dave and I proceeded to soap Sue all over paying particular attention to
her arse, pussy and breasts. Sue climaxed once more and kissed us both
before getting out of the shower, Dave and I finished washing and also got
out, we said little as we dressed and went down for breakfast.

"Thanks that was absolutely mind blowing," said Dave as we ate.

"Your welcome we must do it again some time if I ever recover" Sue said
rubbing her arse as she spoke.

She kissed Dave passionately and he left, we sat and had another cup of
tea before I set off for work.

"What a night that was absolutely unbelievable, I thought we were going
to split you in half" I said

"You bloody near did, now go to work I want to soak in a nice hot bath
for a week or two!" sue said.

"I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!" I said and kissed her tenderly.

I left for work, as I walked out I said "If you seduce any of my mates
today make sure they don't have a monster cock first".

I heard her shoe hit the door as it closed.

At work that day I remembered the events of the night before, although I
enjoyed sucking Dave off I did not really fancy him. I decided that I
would ask Sue to pull the same stunt when I had some one there I really did
fancy, I could think of several younger guys that I would love to be in
that position with. Their was one guy in the warehouse he was eighteen,
blond hair and blue eyes, he had a perfect tan but a virtually hairless
body, he was fit but not muscular, he looked slightly feminine. I had
talked to him once or twice the week before, trying to work out a way to
get him into our bed. We would see I would think of something if all else
failed there was always the option to get him to drop something in home for
me and let Sue seduce him, and I could catch them in the act.

Chapter 6) Ian's Visit

It was Friday night and Ian was due to arrive tonight with a friend, the
pretence to his parents was that he was going to the football with me on
Saturday. I arrived home at five o'clock and Sue was sorting out some
clothes in the bedroom. She was still a bit sore from Dave's monster cock
earlier in the week, I joked at least you will be safe with two little
boys, she threw a coat hanger at me. I helped her choose her clothes for
that night we settled for a silky plain black dress, with no underwear the
dress was so clingy that no one could be in any doubt that she was totally
naked underneath, it was also extremely short. Ian rang from the station
to say they had arrived and Sue decided to collect them in the car, she
left to pick them up and returned about twenty minutes later, Ian had
brought a friend with him, Darren he was a small lad about five feet two,
he has short blond hair, blue eyes and quite a cute body, I thought this
could be interesting I found him quite attractive.

"Ian give me a hand to take your things upstairs, Darren you sit down
and make yourself at home we wont be long" Sue said.

Darren sat down and we chatted for a few minutes while Sue took Ian
upstairs to put there bags in the spare room, They were gone for about Ten
minutes I knew as Sue entered the room that she had just had Ian again, she
smiled and came across kissing me passionately I could taste the sperm in
her mouth. We sat and chatted for a few minutes.

"I fancy a chinese tonight how about everyone else?" Sue asked.

"Great I will go with Tony to fetch it, I am sure Darren won't mind
keeping you company Sue" said Ian.

"Come on then Ian lets get going, won't be long love." I said realizing
that these two had been plotting.

We got in the car and went to the Chinese.

"Don't you mind, your wife doing, well you know what I mean." Ian said.

"Ian she is beautiful I love to hear about other men fucking her, the
only thing I enjoy more than hearing about it is watching and joining in!"
I replied.

We ordered the food and continued the conversation, he told me that Sue
was going to be seducing Darren while we were gone, he told me that she
shouldn't have to much problem Darren never spoke about anything but sex,
he had it on the brain Ian was sure that Darren was still a virgin.

"We've been out for fifteen minutes now Ian I can almost guarantee that
unless he is queer Darren was certainly no longer a virgin" I said.

"I guess not, I would love to see his face, I almost had a heart attack
when she followed me into my room that night" Darren said, as he laughed.

"But you enjoyed yourself though, you didn't mind being seduced by my
wife did you?" I asked.

"Shit man it was the best night of my life" replied Ian.

The food arrived and we set of back for the house.

"When we get back be really quiet we may just get a free show," I said.

We drove back and I parked the car, we went in the front door without a
sound and stood peeking through a crack in the door. Sue had Darren
completely naked she sat on the couch with him standing in front of her,
she was giving him a blowjob and you could see the whole of his body
shaking with pleasure. We stood silently and watched for five minutes
while Sue finished, as he came he groaned and Sue greedily drank his sperm,
I walked in quickly and coughed.

"Leave room for the main coarse darling!" I said sarcastically holding
up the food.

Darren turned bright red; I am sure he blushed from head to toe; he
grabbed his underpants and pulled them on.

"I am so sorry" he said he had a look of sheer terror on his face.

"Why are you sorry, she has already fucked and sucked Ian while we were
down here earlier, later on she will fuck and suck us all again probably at
the same time." I said.

"Shit I thought you were going to kill me!" he said.

"No the worst that will happen tonight is that you will get your brains
fucked out, not bashed out! Come on lets eat." I said.

I put the food on the table and fetched some plates and we sat down to
eat, while we were eating we opened a couple of bottles of wine to loosen
the lads up a little. Ian and Darren asked if we did this sort of thing
often, and I told them of the previous three occasions in great detail,
they were certainly aroused and eager to have some fun, I left out the bit
about sucking Dave off.

"Mind you boys if I satisfy all of you, I may ask you to do something
for me, is that ok" Sue said.

"Anything you want" they both replied.

We cleared the table and settled down in front of the TV, I watched Sue
flirt with the boys after about fifteen minutes she stood up.

"Darren, Ian come here and help me out of this dress!" she said.

They stood either side of her and lifted the dress over her head, she
kissed them both then turned to Ian and removed his shirt, then she removed
Darren's shirt and continued like this until they were both completely
naked. She then sat on the couch and sat one either side of her, they soon
got the idea and started to suck and kiss a nipple each. I sat in the
chair watching these two eighteen year olds, Sue had a cock in each hand
and had opened her legs putting her knees over there legs, as the boys continued to explore Sue's body, took stock of their bodies, they were both
slim, and quite attractive Ian's cock was circumcised seven inches long but
very thick, Darren's was a little shorter and broader but he was uncut.
Somehow his uncut cock which looked much like mine was more attractive to
me, I knew that I would suck his beautiful cock later if I got half a
chance, I let them play for another twenty minutes.

"Come on boys let's take her upstairs and fuck her brains out." I said.

The boys lifted Sue from the sofa and marched her up to the bedroom, I
again left Sue to get acquainted and went for a shower, as I returned to
the bedroom I saw Sue sitting on Darren fucking his young cock and sucking Ian's slim long cock I sat on the bed and just watched for a while as she
bobbed her head up and down Ian's cock, I was almost jealous. Eventually
they all came and collapsed onto the bed, as the boys lay beside Sue I slid
up between her legs and started to eat her pussy, the boys were taking good
care of her tits and mouth, I could taste Darren's sperm as I licked deep
into Sue's hole, I licked her clitoris and brought her to a climax again. I
sat up and saw that Sue had both boys hard and ready to go again.

"Right three holes three cocks lets plug this bitch up." I said.

Sue laughed and knew exactly what I meant, I lay on the bottom of the
bed and Sue sat on my lap allowing my cock to enter pussy
"Apply a little KY to her arse and slip your cock up there Ian, but take
it easy she has had a hard week" I said.

Sue bit my lip to show her disapproval, I felt Ian's cock entering her
arse and could feel our cocks touching through the thin barrier inside her
body. I manoeuvred Darren in position to fuck Sue's mouth, I had not
realised the advantages of this position until this point, as we started to
fuck Sue Darren's balls were swinging immediately above my mouth I sucked one into my mouth and then both, I licked and sucked his balls as we fucked
Sue in every available hole. Sue noticed what I was doing she removed
Darren's cock from her mouth and placed it into mine he continued to thrust
his cock in and out as I leaned my head back to give him better access I
could feel his cock deep in my throat. I was having a little difficulty
but eventually the whole six inches was inside my mouth and throat. Darren
was now kissing my wife caressing her tits and fucking my mouth, Ian was
fucking her arse wildly unaware of what we were doing. I was still fucking
her pussy, I felt Ian tense and drive deeply into Sue's arse, he throbbing
cock was my signal to come, as I came I grabbed Darren's cock and held him
out of my throat I sucked his cock and rapidly stroked his cock back and
forth he soon responded shooting his sperm into my mouth, Sue began to moan
and we were all coming together. I sucked the last drop of cum from
Darren's young cock and he moved back, Ian had also finished and I felt him
as he withdrew, Sue climbed off my already softening cock and we all
collapsed on the bed.

Chapter 7) Sue's revenge
We relaxed for a while and lay on the bed, I knew there was more to
come, or even cum, after we had all recovered.

"Right boys remember you promised to do anything I said," said Sue.

"Yes" they both replied in unison.

"Well I want you to do something special for me, I am always her doing
the hard work and now it was Tony's turn to find out just what it is like."
She said.

Now I was worried what had she got in mind? It wasn't long before I
found out she opened her legs and pulled me on top of her.

"Fuck me you bastard!" she ordered.

I obliged.

"Ian come round here and fuck his mouth," she said.

I knew what was coming, Ian came around and offered his cock to my mouth
I opened and began to suck his long slim cock.

"Darren get the KY and lets see how he likes his arse fucked for a
change!" she said.

Darren came behind me and smeared KY around my hole, he then inserted
two fingers and stretched my hole a little, I felt his foreskin push
against me I tried to relax I knew it would not be as painful if I relaxed.
Darren was applying a gentle pressure and I pushed back a little, suddenly
the head popped into my arse. The pain was unbelievable I felt the tears
running down my cheek. I continued to fuck Sue and to suck Ian's cock I
was almost able to swallow his whole length. Darren got into sync with my
thrusts into Sue, he was soon fucking my arse in perfect harmony, I could
feel his cock rubbing against my prostate, and I was struggling not to

Sue reached around and dug her nails into my back.

"How do you like it darling, is it as much fun as you always tell me it
will be?" she asked.

I could not answer Ian was thrusting his cock deep into my throat, I
could feel my self about to come I squeezed Darren's cock with my butt
muscles and took Ian's cock in one hand, supporting myself on the other. I
started to rub his cock back and forth franticly, furiously sucking on the
swollen head, I increased my thrusting into Sue and Darren kept pace, I
could feel Darren's hot sperm flowing into my arse I worked faster with my
hand and lips on Ian's cock and he to began to fill my mouth with sperm. I
drank greedily all the time fucking Sue harder and faster suddenly she
tensed, I shot my load deep into her pussy she came with the rest of us and
I collapsed on top of her. As Darren withdrew it felt as if I was full of
spunk, I rolled off and lay next to Sue, she smiled.

"Did you enjoy that darling?" she asked.

"That was not to bad at all, but I am glad I will never have a monster
cock up my arse" I replied.

I kissed her and bit her lip hard, I could taste her blood she glared at

"Right for that you can take a shower with Darren and I will have a
shower with Ian afterwards." She said.

Chapter 8) The shower

"Fine if that's how you want it darling!" I said.

I Pretended to be angry and motioned Darren to come with me to the

"Take your time I want to have some fun with Ian" Sue said as we left
the room.

We went to the bathroom and I turned on the shower.

"Is she really pissed with you?" asked Darren.

"No not at all, I told her earlier that I thought you were really cute
when we were taking the plates out, I think that's why she had you fuck me,
and sent us out to shower together." I said.

"I see," said Darren.

"Do you mind?" I asked.

"Not at all I quite enjoyed fucking your arse and your mouth, I find
both men and women attractive, I quite envied your position when I was
fucking you" he said.

I kissed him passionately and he responded.

"Hmmm! I can taste Ian's sperm." He said.

As we stepped into the shower, we kissed and soaped each other all over
in the shower, I kneeled down and pulling back his foreskin began suck his
gorgeous cock. I applied some shower gel to his arse and inserted a couple
of fingers deep into his arse, he opened his legs and adjusted his position
allowing me to probe his arse more easily, I continued to work on his cock
with my tongue and it began to throb as he shot his cum deep into my

I stood up and Darren kissed me passionately his tongue probing my mouth
for any trace of his own sperm, he took hold of my cock and began to stroke
me gently getting me good and hard.

"Will you fuck me now?" he asked.

"I can think of nothing I would rather do more at this moment" I said
and kissed him again.

Darren turned away from me and bent over placing his hands on the shower
seat, applying more gel to his anus and pushing my cock against his arse, I
slipped straight in and I knew that this was no virgin arse.

"Harder fuck me harder, fuck my arse please" he begged.

I began to thrust in and out of Darren I caressed his chest and reached
for his cock.

"HARDER!" he said again.

I took hold of his waist and began to pound my thick seven inches into
him as hard as I could, I pounded away into his arse for several minutes
before I felt his body tense, I shoved my cock in as deep as I could
releasing my first shot deep inside, I continued to ram my cock into his
young arse and shoot deep inside he groaned with pleasure and suddenly fell
limply onto the seat. I withdrew and helped him up, we kissed and washed
each other down once more then got out of the shower and dried ourselves
off, we returned to the bedroom where Ian had just finished fucking Sue
doggy style.

"Having fun are we?" I asked.

"We had to do something while you were in the shower, what have you been
up to in there all this time?" asked Sue.

"Nothing at all!" I said.

Sue and Ian went to the bathroom and Darren helped me change the
bedclothes they were covered in love juices. We made the bed and climbed
in, I cuddled up to Darren we talked for a while and must have fallen
asleep in each other's arms. I woke about seven and there was no sign of
Sue and Ian, I looked into the spare room and they were sound asleep in
each other's arms. I climbed back into the bed with Darren and snuggled up
next to him again, I lay there and just watched him sleep until he woke at
eight, Darren looked up.

"Hi!" he said.

"Morning sleepy head." I said as I kissed him.

Before long we were kissing passionately, I was always ready for sex
when I woke.

"Darren can I fuck you again before we get up" I asked.

"I hoped you might." Darren said.

I lay on my back and encouraged Darren to climb on top facing me he
knelt astride my cock and with just the pre cum to lubricate him he slid
down onto me. I watched as I disappeared inside him, I took his cock in my
hands and began to jack him off as he bounced up and down on my cock. The
door opened Sue and Ian stood silently watching us perform. "Having fun
are we darling?" Sue asked.

"We had to do something while you were in the shower, what have you been
up to in there all this time?" I replied sarcastically.

Every one laughed, I could see the cum dripping from Sue's pussy onto
her inner thigh and knew that she had just received a good seeing to at the
hands of Ian, I motioned them to join us on the bed and Sue sat on my face
so that I could eat the juices from her love hole. Ian stood astride us
all and fucked Darren's mouth, Darren shot his load all over my stomach,
Sue came as I gently bit down on her clit, Ian shot his load into Darren's
mouth, I shot my load deep in his arse. God I was exhausted.

"Right I am in the shower first, the rest of you can fight for it or
share it when I've finished" I said.

I went to the shower alone washed quickly put on a pair of boxers and
returned to the bedroom, Darren was fucking Sue while Ian fucked his arse,
I climbed on the bed pulled down my shorts and pushed my cock deep onto
Darren's throat, I fucked his mouth and came soon after every one else.

"Right I am going to put breakfast on," I said

As I went down the stairs I saw Sue lead the two boys into the shower, I
knew I didn't need to hurry she had that glint in her eye as they went in.
I made a tea and took it upstairs, I sat on the toilet seat drinking my tea
and watching as Sue was fucked by both boy's yet again, Darren was in front
and Ian was at the back fucking her arse, I just sat and watched until they
came the boys withdrew and they all giggled.

"Would you like your breakfast up here?" I asked.

They giggled again and said they would be down soon I went down and
prepared a full English breakfast for four. I had just put the plates on
the table when Sue came into the kitchen with the boys on each arm.

"I think we should adopt these two, they are worse that us they can't
get enough either!" she said.

"We will certainly have to let them stay again, but not for to long I
don't think I could manage that every night. I said".

We sat down and enjoyed our breakfast, I wondered what tonight would
bring the boy's weren't due to go back until tomorrow.

Chapter 9) The video
I took Ian and Darren to the football that afternoon and dropped them
off outside I arranged to pick them up at five o'clock by the bus stop. I
spent the afternoon shopping I went to check out the video cameras if there
was to be a repeat of last night I wanted to record the events for future
viewing. After visiting several stores I came across a bargain a digital
video camera complete with remote, case, tripod, two batteries and five
tapes for just under six hundred. I purchased this and made plans to
record the nights events, I wanted to record the first session without
Sue's knowledge, I would let the boys know of my plans on the way home and
they could keep Sue occupied while I set up the camera in a discreet
location, I had just the place between the cases on top of our wardrobe. I
collected the boys about five and we were home by five forty five, I told
them of my purchase and plan and they agreed to help, I would go upstairs
while they kept Sue amused downstairs. We entered the house and Sue was in
the kitchen, the boys went in.

"I am starving." Said Ian.

"Yep me too I could eat a whole pussy!" Darren added. I knew that I had
a while to get things set up, I quickly got everything set up and went down
to see how the boys were doing, they had Sue laying naked on the table Ian
was kissing her and caressing her breasts at one end and Ian was sitting on
a chair with her feet on his shoulder, sucking her clit, Sue groaned.

"Like fucking rabbits, don't you lot ever give up?" I said.

Everyone laughed, I lifted Sue off the table and she reached for her
robe, I stopped her.

"You won't need that I think we should take to up and fuck you before
dinner" I said.

"Come on then boys" she said, as she ran up the stairs, and dived on the

We all followed and were naked as we entered the room, as we entered I
used the small remote to start the camera recording.

"If I get fucked so does everyone else." Sue said.

We agreed and Sue took control.

"Darren you fuck my arse while Ian fucks Tony." Sue said.

Sue pulled me onto the bed and had me lay face down, she did the same I
turned towards her and kissed her, the boys were now sitting above us and
smearing KY onto both our arses, I felt Ian's long slender cock push
against my arse and relaxed to allow him to enter me. I felt his cock
drive all the way home I watched as Darren did the same to Sue, the boys began to fuck us keeping time with each other I continued to kiss Sue and
we relaxed and enjoyed the pounding the boys were now giving our arses.
They were both pulling almost right out and then driving pumping home
rapidly, I was beginning to enjoy the sensation and as Sue and I kissed I
could feel myself coming as Ian thrust his cock against my prostate,
suddenly I felt the hot liquid pump deep inside me and, I thought shit that
is certainly going to be one to watch again as I looked towards the camera.
The boys had both come and withdrew from our arses we both turned over
and kissed our respective little fuckers passionately.

I was wondering what Sue would come up with next; we lay and rested for
a while.

"Right I will sit and Ian's cock and Darren you can sit on Tony's." Sue
said. Ian lay next to me and I watched as Sue lowered her pussy over his
cock, she smiled and took Darren's hand as he faced me and lowered his arse
over my thick seven inches I immediately began to fondle Darren's cock
pulling the foreskin back and forth. He began to ride up and down on my
cock in time with Sue as she fucked Ian we also kept time and we thrust our
hips forward to gain maximum penetration. Darren had already shot his load
over my stomach once, Sue scooped it of with her finger drop by drop and
fed it to me and Ian of course she had her share too. Darren was still
hard and I worked on his member once more I could feel him throb as I
emptied my balls deep inside him, he exploded again and this time I was
ready I aimed up a little and managed to catch his first spurt cleanly in
my mouth, the second hit my neck and then he drained yet again on to my
stomach. Ian shot his load into Sue's pussy and she eventually climaxed
last of all. Darren climbed of and Sue rolled over and started to lick the
sperm from my navel, Ian leant over and licked the sperm from my neck.

We lay down and I ended up with Darren and Sue either side both stroking
my balls, while Ian and I were working on Sue's breasts and pussy once

"I am going for a shower any one coming?" I asked. "I could do with a
shower I may as well come with you, it looks like these two are busy any
way." Darren said.

Ian was already climbing on top of Sue he had her legs over his shoulder
and was inserting his cock into her pussy as we shut the door. I turned on
the shower and stepped in Darren followed, he kissed me tenderly on the

"I love you." He said.

I was a bit taken back but thinking about it I realised that I loved him
in a way.

"I love you too." I said.

I knelt before him and began to suck his cock I could now take his six
inches completely into my throat, he held my head gently and fucked my
mouth slowly I soaped his arse and inserted two fingers into him he moved
to allow me to get them in up t o the knuckles. He soon came deep into my
throat and I pulled back a little and licked and savoured every drop of his
cum. I stood up and kissed him feeding him his own cum that I had held in
my mouth, he devoured this eagerly and probed my mouth with his tongue.
Darren turned his back on me and leant forward placing his hands on the
shower seat, I took no more encouragement his boyish pert arse was soon
soaped and I gently but passionately fucked him I began to caress his balls
and cock and found that my feelings for Darren were growing stronger.

"Harder fuck me harder" he said.

I obliged and soon I came deep inside him I lifted him while I was still
coming and he turned his head we kissed passionately as I emptied my balls
into his arse. I had not noticed Sue and Ian standing in the doorway.

"Well I was coming to help you lads out but I think I will have a shower
with Ian instead" said Sue.

We quickly rinsed each other off took a towel as we returned to the
bedroom, Ian and Sue got in the shower. As we entered the bedroom I
removed the now finished tape from the camera, and inserted a new one I
lifted Darren onto the bed and we were soon groping madly at each other,
Darren turned me face down and started to insert his cock once more into my
arse, lying flat his cock rubbed against my prostate and I felt myself come
slightly as he fucked me gently the sensation was amazing I came several
times before I felt his hot sperm pumping into me. I decided to fuck
Darren in the same manner, and I lay him face down and climbed on his back
inserting my cock gently, I was just about to come when Sue walked in and
threw a bucket of cold water over us both, Ian and Sue stood and laughed.

"Well you two are like a couple of randy dogs, come on its time for
dinner " Sue said.

We all helped clean up and I got the camera from the top of the
wardrobe, I thought Ian had told Sue about the camera but obviously not.

"So how did you like performing on camera Sue?" I asked.

"You shit where did you get that?" she replied.

Chapter 10) The Viewing

I put the camera leads into the video.

"If you start the dinner I will set this up to watch while we eat," I

I set the camera to transfer to vhs the first tape, and went to help
with dinner, we all helped and dinner was ready in less than an hour, we
had drunk two bottles of wine while cooking so I opened a couple more and
we took the food in to eat in front of the TV. We sat in the lounge Sue
and I were wearing our bath robes, Ian and Darren were still wearing only
there boxers, the transfer had finished so I pressed play, I sat next to
Sue on the sofa. The boys sat next to each other in the armchairs, as the
video started the quality was superb, we laughed and joked as we watched
Ian and Darren fuck us both up the arse, then we continued watching, I
heard more than I expected as I left for the shower with Darren, Sue and
Ian were discussing our sleeping arrangement's for that night, Ian and Sue
had obviously clicked as I had with Darren.

"I will see if I can get them to stay in here so I can spend tonight
with you alone next door, my darling" Sue said to Ian on the tape.

They then went on to tell each other how much they loved each other, and
how much they would like to spend the last night together alone, I was a
little surprised and I didn't see it coming at all, maybe I was to wrapped
up in Darren.

"Well that's nice, she wants to dump me for a younger bloke" I said.

"No, no! That's not what I meant," Sue protested.

As the video finished I said hang on one more to go, I put the second
film in the camera and played it directly to the tv recoding onto the vhs as it played. We continued to eat as we watched the film taken while Ian &
Sue were in the shower, I was being fucked by Darren and then Darren was
being fucked by me, I turned the volume up.

"I think Ian and Sue are getting on really well, with a bit of luck she
will take him next door later and we get to spend the rest of the night
alone together." I said to Darren on the tape.

Sue looked at me and laughed.

"That's nice you want to dump me for a young bloke as well." Sue said.

"Just for one night darling." I said as I kissed her.

"Well then we all get what we want then, go sit over there with your
boyfriend! come over here Ian darling" she said sarcastically.

Ian and I swapped places and we continued to chat and laugh.

"But we are having the camera!" Sue said.

"Fine!" I replied. We watched a film on the tv and Sue cuddled up to
Ian while Darren joined me in the chair we kissed and fondled each other
and as the film finished Sue took Ian, the camera and the tripod to the
spare room, I picked up Darren and carried him to our room.

As I placed Darren on the bed I kissed him.

"I am really going to miss you!" I said.

He kissed me and we climbed under the covers, we spent the night talking
and kissing the urge for sex although still there seemed far less
important, and instead of fucking each other we made love to each other for
most of the night, the sex was even better. We opened up to our feelings,
I told Darren that I loved him in a different way to Sue but that did not
mean not as much, I would never leave Sue but as long as she had no
objections I would love to see him again on a regular basis. Darren told
me that he had spoken to Ian at the football and that he thought that Sue
and Ian may well feel as we did, we kissed and cuddled closely falling
asleep in each others arms. I woke about seven and as I crossed to the
bathroom I looked in on Ian and Sue, they were also cuddled up, sleeping
soundly I felt a slight pang of jealousy but it soon passed I knew we had
both done exactly the same thing. I returned and laid next to Darren I
cuddled up to him and just watched him sleep, he woke around eight.

"Good morning sleepy." I said.

He smiled and kissed me, we were soon aroused and ended up in the six
nine position, but this was different, as last night we made love to each
others mouths not just fucked them. Sue and Ian appeared in the door way
and we both ignored they're sarcastic comments and continued to make love
to each other. Sue was filming and I gave her a victory sign, we soon
climaxed and after sucking each other dry, we lay next to each other and
kissed passionately.

"I see you two seem to be getting on well, I think we should swap for a
while I want to say goodbye to Darren properly, and I think you should do
the same with Ian, I think we will be seeing them both again real soon."
Said Sue.

Darren kissed me and went over to Sue pulling her into the other room,
Ian joined me on the bed I kissed him.

"I want to fuck your beautiful arse." I said.

He did not reply but returned the kiss and smiled, I turned him onto his
stomach and with liberal amounts of KY I entered his arse, he was so tight,
I gently probed his arse with my thick seven inches, he was obviously in
pain at first but soon began to push against me. I felt him climax several
times, and finally I pushed in as hard as I could and released my seed deep
inside his body, afterwards we lay and talked, he said he had really
enjoyed the weekend, and although he preferred Sue to me but he had enjoyed
having sex with me, I kissed him.

"Don't worry I think you may be back soon, I think you are Sue's
favourite substitute lover." I said.

He blushed and I said come on lets get the shower first, we went to the
bathroom and began to wash each other down in the shower, we kissed and
soaped each other all over, the door opened and Sue and Ian joined us in
the shower. We all soaped and washed Sue's slim body and with our six
hands caressing her all over she climaxed in minutes. Sue left the shower
and watched as the boys gave me the same treatment, I soon came in Darren's
hand, he washed me off I got out and joined Sue we watched the boys. Ian
and Darren then washed each other off while we watched, they both came on
last time they cleaned themselves up and climbed out I dried Darren off
while Sue rubbed down Ian. We went to our rooms and dressed, it would soon
be time for the boys to leave.

As they packed I prepared breakfast with Sue, they came down with there
bags and we sat down to eat, every one was so solemn I think that we had
all got more than we bargained for this weekend, Sue broke the ice.

"Ian I don't know how to tell you this but I think my husband may be
bi-sexual." she said.

Everyone laughed.

"I don't know how to tell you this Sue, but I think I may be too" I

We finished eating and cleared away, and decided that we would both take
the boy's to the station. "I will get the car out I think you had better
say goodbye here I can kiss them at the station, I don't think it would be
a good idea for you, you will probably get arrested" Sue said.

I hadn't thought of that I hugged Ian and kissed him.

"See you soon mate take care!" I said.

I turned to Darren and could see a tear forming in the corner of his
eye; I hugged him tightly and kissed him passionately.

"Don't worry mate I will see you next week, maybe I can get Ian to take
Sue off my hands one night!" I said.

They both laughed and we went out to the car, I drove and Sue got in t
he back with the boy's she said her goodbyes, I could see that she was as
sorry to see them go as I was. At the station as the boys went for the
train I shook there hands and Sue kissed them goodbye, as they left we
hugged each other and I knew that we had both fallen for one of these boys,
fortunately not the same one that would have been awkward. The train left
and we set off for home, as we drove not a word was spoken but I think we
both understood and no words were necessary.

That afternoon we were really close and as always honest with each
other, Sue had really fallen for Ian much as I had for Darren, it was
difficult to explain their was no reason for any choices to be made, for
the time being at least we were happy with the situation. I did wonder
though if one day this might turn out to have been a mistake, I hoped not
but I knew fro the outset that the games we played always had the element
of danger, it was not that we loved each other any less, it was that we
loved others as well. Provided the boys could see it that way this could
be the start of a beautiful friendship. One thing that I hadn't realised
until Sue told me was that Ian and Darren had been experimenting sexually
with each other since they were eleven, and that Sue was the first and only
female they had both slept with.

"So they were only hetero-virgins then?" I asked.

"No Ian had never been fucked by any one until you fucked the arse off
him, it's a good job you didn't hurt him or I would have had Dave fuck you
with his monster cock!" she said.

We both laughed and cuddled each other, can you imagine it, and we were
husband and wife consoling each other because our new young boyfriends had

Chapter 11) The Surprise

On Sunday night we went to bed and were more loving to each other than
usual, we never actually made love the first time for many months we had
not, but it did not seem important. I got up Monday morning and set of for
work, leaving Sue to sleep. During that day I thought a lot about what had
happened over the weekend, and wondered if this was going to change the way
we were together, I hoped that it did not although I was looking forward to
maybe having our lovers over regularly. I hoped that we could continue to
experiment with others too, I decided that we would have to talk about this
and agree some ground rules, I didn't want to ruin everything but I needed
to clarify certain points. I finished work at five and when I got home Sue
had my dinner ready; we snuggled up on the couch.

"I have a surprise for you!" Sue said.

I wondered what was coming next, she took the remote and pressed play on
the video, I watched as I saw Sue stripping erotically in our bedroom, she
was wearing a red dress and the full works, suspenders stockings the lot
she had done this for me many times in the past. As she finished she
turned the camera slightly and to my surprise I saw Dave laying on the bed
his monster cock was standing to attention and she knelt on the bed and
started to suck on his huge member has she bobbed her head up and down I
saw Dave insert his finger into her pussy, she continued to suck and lick
and then I saw his whole body shake and small amounts of cum run from her
mouth down his thick shaft, as she finished she licked his shaft recovering
every last drop. I continued to watch and as she lay next to him I saw the
camera pan across on them I wondered that was operating the camera.

"Who's that?" I asked.

Sue just placed her finger on my lips.

"Just watch," she said.

I continued to watch and the camera panned and zoomed out to cover the
whole bed then I saw another body appearing in front of the camera, I was a
another female she was slim and shapely but she had her back to the camera.
I watched and I saw her climb onto Dave's monster cock, as she rode up and
down his cock I tried to work our who she was, she certainly had a sexy
body but I could not recognise her, Sue climbed over Dave's face and as he
ate her pussy she began to make love to the unknown female. I continued to
watch intrigued as to who she was. I wondered about several of our friends
but could not place her, they all climaxed and as Sue climbed off she
kissed the woman passionately and took her head in her hands and turned it
to the camera. I saw it was Sue's younger sister Carol, god I was amazed.

"So how did you manage that?" I asked.

"Carol turned up as I fucked Dave on the floor in the lounge, she walked
straight in without knocking and without saying a word removed her clothes.
She said it looks like he has enough for us both sis!" Sue said.

They had been convinced by Sue to go upstairs and perform on camera for
my benefit, I continued to watch the show it was amazing. The door opened
and Carol came in wearing only her bra and panties.

"Carol is staying for a couple of days while her husband is in Holland
for the football, you don't mind do you darling?" Sue said.

Carol had taken my plate and was now sitting on my lap giggling like a
cheeky little schoolgirl. I kissed her and soon we were both totally naked
and I was exploring her wonderful body.

"Come on you two," said Sue the camera is upstairs.

I picked up Carol and carried her up to the bed, Sue was already getting
undressed as we entered the room, I lay Carol on the bed and started to eat
her beautiful pussy, I parted her lips and as I exposed her rosy hole I saw
the biggest clitoris I have ever seen on a woman. I licked and sucked on
her clit and Sue began to work on her mouth and breasts, in seconds she
climaxed in a frenzy and I felt her juices flow into my mouth, I climbed up
on top of Carol and drove my cock deep into her love hole. I continued to
fuck her as Sue got the camera off the tripod and zoomed in on the action,
I rolled over pulling Carol on top allowing every detail to be seen as my
cock pumped into her beautiful pussy, unlike Sue who I kept shaved Carol
had long black silky pubes.

"Thank god for that!" Sue said.

"What?" I asked.

"I thought you were turning gay." She said as she laughed.

"Never!" I said.

Carol began to bounce frenziedly on my cock and as I shot my load deep
inside her.

"Good because you are on the camera next and me and my sis are going to
give you a show you will never forget!" Sue said.

Chapter 11) The Show

I had never seen my wife with another woman apart from the video I had
just watched, I got the armchair and moved it to a better position, then
sat down and began to film Carol and Sue began the show, as I watched it
through the view finder I zoomed in on the action. Sue started by bending
Carol over on her knees, she licked at her pussy then inserted a finger
into Carol's wet pussy, I watched in amazement as she added another and
another before long her whole hand had disappeared deep into her sisters
hole and half of her forearm followed. She began to pump in and out her
arm was glistening with the juices. I watched as she reached for a bag on
the bedside cabinet and she pulled out the biggest vibrator I have ever
seen, it was at least twelve inches long and as wide as her arm, as she
turned it on it began to whirl around the end was circling in about a three
inch diameter circle. Betty removed her hand and after applying a little
KY to the vibrator started to insert it all the way home, the shaft was
ribbed with veins and as it disappeared into Carol I zoomed in close to
catch the full effect. Carol soon began to shake uncontrollably and the
juices began to seep down the balls of the vibrator, suddenly she collapsed
forward and Sue slowly removed the vibrator. I was still on close up and I
could see deep inside Carols pink hole after the vibrator had been removed,
and then Sue licked the juices from the vibrator like a giant Popsicle. I
continued to film as Carol turned around and lay Sue on her back spreading
her legs wide, she started to eat Sue's bald pussy and then one after
another inserted fingers until her hand disappeared into Sue's hole her arm
did not go as far in but she slowly fist fucked Sue's glorious hole, she
remove her hand and as she did so I saw that her fist was clenched.

Then Carol reached across and took the vibrator from Sue and inserted it
into Sue's hole, I could see how much Sue was stretched and stood over them
to catch every detail on camera, she was stretched so fully that her clit
was standing upright and proud of her lips. I watched as Carol began to
flick her tongue back and forth across her clitoris, the vibrator was
turned up a speed and Sue began to cry out, Carol continued to work
furiously with her tongue and Sue climaxed four or five times in quick
succession, until she pushed Carols head away.

"No more" Sue begged.

Carol removed the vibrator and licked the juices from its thick shaft.
Sue lay there motionless and Carol collapsed next to her and they kissed
and fondled each other, Christ I thought I think I am going to enjoy Carols
stay. I placed the camera back on the tripod and focused to cover the
whole bed then joined the two girls, I squeezed between them and from the
bag betty produced a small strap on vibrating dildo about five inches long
and slim she looked at me and smiled.

"Your turn now." Said Sue.

I declined the offer but Carol pulled me on top of her and I inserted my
cock deep into her stretched pussy. As I fucked Carol Sue strapped on the
dildo and switched it on as she placed it against my arse I had never felt
anything like it the sensation was tremendous, she slowly inserted it and
as it entered me I felt my self ejaculate an tiny amount into Carol's
pussy. I continued to fuck and be fucked and lost all control of my
ejaculations, I seemed to be coming every few seconds I could not feel the
normal amounts flowing but the sensation was unbelievable. After about ten
minutes I could stand it no longer I collapsed on top of Carol, Sue
continued to probe with the vibrator as she found the right place and felt
me quiver she would hold it there for some time, after another five minutes
I was begging her to stop.

Betty withdrew and I rolled off of Carol I lay down with one sister on
each side.

"Shit how long is she staying for?" I asked. "A week, do you think the
boys will approve?" Sue asked.

"Oh! Shit I thought last week was bad, we snuggled up tight and rested
for a while, kissing and gently stroking each others exhausted bodies.
After a while we got up and after the compulsory three in the shower we put
on robes and went down to the kitchen to have a coffee.

"I hope you don't mind me staying?" Carol asked.

"Your welcome, but just keep that vibrating baseball bat right away from
my arse" I said.

The large vibrator stood on the draining board with its smaller partner
I could not believe that it actually disappeared into them.

"That must massage your heart when it goes in." I said.

They laughed and we started to think about what to do for the rest of
the night.

Chapter 12) The Taxi

We decided to go out for a while and we all dressed and set of for a
night on the town, I was absolutely horrified as the girls hung on me in
the first bar we visited and told the barman that I was there pimp, and
offered to do him in the back room for fifty quid. The night as you can
imagine only got worse, about eleven the girls had had a few drinks and
Carol decided to give head to a lad at the bar while Sue pulled her top
down and let him suck on her tits, we got a taxi and headed home the taxi
driver was a guy in his forties, quite fit and not bad looking for his age,
as we arrived I sat in the back kissing both sisters.

"Do you want me to give you a hand with those two?" he joked.

The girls called his bluff and invited him in for a coffee we got in the
house and Sue made coffee, the girls then stripped naked and walked towards
the driver.

"Fetch the camera Tony." Carol said.

The driver ran from the house jumped into his cab and sped off, I
realised that he had not even been paid. Sue and Carol sat on the couch
and gave me another example of sisterly loving, I was quite happy to sit
and watch I had to be at work by half past seven tomorrow morning, I
decided to go to bed.

"You can have the spare room tonight if you want to sleep, I haven't
seen my sis for ages and no-one will be sleeping in our bed tonight!" Sue

I decided that this might be a good idea.

"Ok but don't forget to put the camera on for me to watch tomorrow," I

I climbed into the spare bed and slept like a log, I woke a couple of
times in the night as the girls who were obviously having fun got a little
rowdy. At seven a.m. I woke to find Sue standing over me with the camera and Carol sucking my cock, she got my whole member into her mouth and
throat and as I filled her throat with cum she swallowed greedily.

"I must get up." I said.

I went for a shower, the girls both got in the shower with me and washed
and kissed every part of my body I left them in the shower playing and
dressed quickly, I left for work without even time for a coffee.

I returned home at four thirty and found the girls fast asleep in our
bed, I decided to let them sleep and went down and prepared dinner, I
called them at six when dinner was almost ready. They came down they both
looked absolutely shattered, but they were both wearing identical silk
robes, I could see that Carol had been shaved and I was instantly hard.

"I see you approve!" said Carol as she opened her robe to reveal her
freshly shaved pussy.

"I sure do!" I said as I gently rubbed her soft bald pussy.

We sat down and ate, while we were eating we made plans for the weekend,
the boys had no idea that Carol would be here, and we wanted to arrange
something special for them.

To be continued


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