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SYSOPMEET camera and hand appeared over the


Title: Sysop Meet
Keywords: mf, voy
Author: Caesar
"There was a gay Countess of Bray
And you may think it odd when I say,
That in spite of high station
- Rank and education,
She always spelled cunt with a 'K'."
-author unknown

A crowd of crazy "SysOps" have a meeting, and some of them end up
staying late.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

Constructive e-mail is welcome. The characters in this short story are based upon true persons (aliases are used). And this tale is as
close as I could remember with my *feeble* memory. <g> I'm not
admitting the following actually happened but...

Sysop Meet

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1994-2002

$Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:29 $

[the characters in this story in no way resemble or are based upon
real people...<G>...or maybe they are...]

{guys} {girls}
Hardrive Samantha
Caesar Sinfull Sara
Buster Bunny Tasty Tina
Merlin tits Claw (guest star)

My astonished eyes viewed many unfamiliar faces for the first time. I
knew all of these people, in an odd and kinky way - through electronic
mail. I made love countless times, to Sinfull Sara who sucked my
digital cock for hours on end; all through mail passed upon a network
by the name of AdventureNet. With a name like that, it suggested many
indiscretion and smoldering kinky thoughts. On the contrary; it was
just a place to drop a message in and chat, and with over twenty topic
areas, only two were devoted to sex. Definitely not enough for a
simple young man like myself!

Since a few that read this may not have met any of these people, I
will not reveal any quirks or unsavoury knowledge about the players.
In fact, even certain specific descriptions will be hidden to continue
the "mystery" and attraction, just like the fun of electronic mail.

It was suggested by the sysops of AdventureNet to hold a sysop meet,
or as some of us had called it, the "Nerd's Gathering". With many of
our outlets in far away places, the idea was broadened to allow a few
faithful users to attend. We are a small but loud bunch, as it were.

I had met a few faces that turned to smile at me, but most I had never
seen before. Someone yelled, "Hail Caesar!", and that instantly
brought a blush to my face. When I initially began to post in the
adult areas, I kept my "real" identity hidden, but the knowledge was
now commonly known since I became a system operator.

Since someone was using aliases towards me I responded, "Hey Buster!
You ol' shit!" He came up to me, and looked just a little relieved to
see a face he knew.

His usual reply, "Ol' shit?!" We laughed that off, as per usual.

"Hey Buster, meet Sara. Better known as Sinfull Sara." His left
eyebrow raised at the new knowledge and he smiled hugely while
nervously shaking her tiny hand. Sara had arrived with me; she was a
friend and an electronic lover whom, as I mentioned, had often traded
sexual encounters with me on-line. I saw someone else in the crowd
laughing loudly. "Hey Hardrive! Are we using aliases today?" It was
more of a yell, since the noise in that large yard was surprisingly

"Well look who's here...Sure! Aliases it is!" He waded his way over
towards me and my two friends. Trailing him was another young lady
who immediately caught my eye. Hardrive noticed and revealed her name
laughingly. "Tits, meet Caesar." I recognized her alias as well as
the reason she had chosen it.

This time I was surprised when her eyebrow raised, and we shook hands.
"You have a great imagination?" It was more of a question than a

Accompanied by a few forward comments and more than a single snicker I
responded, "Thank you. The research is the best!" I meant it, but
sadly, I was mostly just using common male bravado, which we all knew,
except perhaps naive Buster, who laughed loudest. "And why had you
never told me that?" I asked with a playful, snide voice.

"Well, been busy..." An excuse I was well acquainted with, as I had
also been busy lately. "I usually like the stories where the woman is
in control." I smiled and placed my hand in hers to warmly shake it.

"Hey, Samantha! What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were
avoiding me or something." A woman of medium height, with blond hair
and in her early thirties came up to me and promptly slapped my arm.

"That's for not calling me." She then quickly smiled sweetly for the
rest of the surprised crowd, and stuck her hand out to shake first
Hardrive's, then Buster's. As you may have noticed, we knew each

Sara pulled me over towards a sturdy old picnic table, and we sat next
to each other. tits and Hardrive drifted into the crowd while the
other two also found spots at the table. Someone tapped me on the
shoulder even while Buster Bunny began to discuss his new computer
with us. "Hey, I heard you were Caesar?"

"Lies!" I spoke even before I turned to see another guy.

"The name is Merlin." We shook hands. "Nice to finally meet you?"
He sat at the table also.

We began the boring discussion of "nerd speak", or computers. I
squeezed Sara's thigh and whispered to her that I was going to get us
some drinks. She smiled and nodded affirmative.

At a rickety old card table, several cases of alcohol and soft drinks
moved haphazardly as I pulled out four cans of Coke from the cooler,
and almost tipped the beer keg upon the ground. Damn, I never knew
those things were so heavy!

"Hi." It was not a shy voice, just unsure. "Hardrive pointed you

I comically balanced the four cans in one hand as I spoke, "Well, you
can never believe anything he has to say!" We shook, as per the
custom, and she laughed pleasantly at my simple joke.

"I am Tasty Tina." I tried, unsuccessfully, to hide my interest.
"Could I help you with those?" She already had her own drink.

"Please!" She knew the direction I was heading since she led the way
back to my table.

"Everyone, this is Tina. Tasty Tina." All answered in their own
time, "Hi". She sat opposite me and Sara and integrated right into
the conversation that had been going on, while I, on the other hand,
was becoming bored with the typical chatting. The crowd was becoming
thicker and our little group commanding the table almost got stuck
from the moving bodies about our little island. I learned little that
I hadn't already known about those sitting with me. Our conversation
was still a little acquired, and just a bit forced. Most of us were
still strangers no matter how intimate we had gotten on line.

A hand interrupted my thoughts. Or rather, dainty playful fingertips
broke my boredom.

Sitting next to me, Sinfull Sara, shy, quiet, cute Sara, was seemingly
listening intently while her hand felt my upper thigh and inner knee
at her leisure. We had known each other for over a year, long before
we had begun our little "encounters" on-line. But never in all those
meetings or times that we had spent together had she been so forward
as to make a pass at me, and at a time like this, sitting at a crowded
table while scores of people drifted about it. Perhaps she began it
as a joke, but I didn't acknowledge it or stop her. It was illogical
and so unlike the shy young woman I knew. But of course, I didn't

For the next few hours, I met many different and forgettable people,
but our little group remained the same. It as a comfort zone, and I
enjoyed the sporadic fingers upon my jeans-covered leg, so we all
remained together. I sat listening to the wonderful ladies at my
table, studying each face as they spoke or smiled, learning the colour
of their eyes, the way they tilted their heads, the pouting lips, the
length of their eyebrows. I became infatuated and addicted to just
sitting amongst these few people.

Was it any wonder, between the soft fingers to the smooth bright
intoxicating female faces sitting before, that I became physically,
and mentally, excited?

Sara was the first to realize my predicament, as her strolling
fingertips came in contact with the reaching head of my manhood. It
was the first time she lost control of her faculties that afternoon,
and she visibly shivered and lost her train of thought. She had been
speaking to Tina at the time, and the woman across from me seemed to
be the only one that noticed anything untoward. The fingers became
bold and no longer dainty as they measured and grasped my hardness.

Tina shared a private smile with me, probably guessing the
circumstances that were happening under the table. "Could I get
anyone a drink?" I nodded no, and my friend Sara missed the question
entirely. But this gave Tasty Tina an excuse to get away from the
table. This in itself was nothing, but when she returned, she spent
some time a few feet from the table, an angle that gave her an
excellent view of my lap. When she again sat down, she smiled at me
with a new twinkle in her eye.

Sitting was becoming uncomfortable, and Sara seemed determined to
unzip my jeans, though I often pulled her hand from my lap as a
deterrent. This was not the time nor the place. Possibly the
enjoyment may not have gone much farther than that, but Samantha
sitting on the other side of me got up and went to chat with someone
in the crowd she knew. Tina immediately replaced her, sitting far
enough back to catch an eyeful of the movement over the bulge in my

During this time, my eyes didn't notice that the early evening had
thinned out the crowd, and the noise level had decreased somewhat. It
was not impossible to move about the yard and Buster Bunny and Merlin
decided to move to another location for more chatting, especially
since Sara, Tina, and myself were not talking all that much.

Tasty Tina politely and softly laid her hand upon my cheek, prompting
me to turn my head towards her. I found her face inches from mine,
her lips naturally coming in contact with my own. It was effortless,
and seemed unnatural not to do it. Her full lips parted to allow her
moist tongue to spear into me, my nearest hand reaching out to pull
her closer towards me. We duelled and parried with our tongues, my
thoughts filled with lust and one-minded passion towards these two

I remembered the small hungry woman sitting to the opposite of this
tasty woman, and I parted, leaving a lingering look as a promise to
return to her inviting lips. My head turned and my lips found Sara's.
Like a hell cat she attacked my mouth, demanding my passion to invade
her. Distantly, I felt two hands now stroke and fondle my covered
penis. I could not believe what I was doing, or where I was doing it.
I neither cared if someone saw me, nor if it bothered their
conservative ways. Hell, my thoughts were very distant from this
group of computer nerds. The two lusty women had taken care of that.
The evening was just starting and I began to wonder just what this
party was about to lead to.

A beat took control of my speeding heart rate - someone had turned on
some music. When I took but a second I looked up to find the crowd
all but gone, except for a few individuals. Merlin was slow dancing
with Samantha, his hand enjoying the roundness of her right buttock.
Hardrive was sitting in a lawn chair with tits sitting facing him,
their lips also locked. Buster sat watching me, and I promptly gave
him the finger. I had missed the moment where this party turned into
something else - something much more interesting. Had I been the
initial cause of it with my passionate embrace between two gorgeous
women? A part of me hoped so.

I had the wonderful sounds of two moaning, sighing ladies on either
side of me. I was holding both of them close to my body, and Sara, in
her shy boldness, pressed the heat of her crotch against my hip. I
could feel it right through her loose shorts and my thick jeans. It
was time for me to let out a groan to accompany theirs, as my lips
again returned to the alternating enjoyment of open waiting mouths.

If I had felt reserved about undoing my pants before, it was certainly
gone from my thoughts at the moment two fumbling hands worked together
to get my pants unbuttoned and unzipped. My cock sprung up to taste
the cool early evening air before wrapped in the warm flesh of two
agitated hands. I wished my own hands were free to fondle the
wonderful female flesh pressed to my sides, but I was content enough
to just relax and enjoy the attentions I was receiving.

"Let's go over there?" It was Sara, realizing as I had that our
present perch would only hinder our continued enjoyment. The sun,
lower in the sky, was still warm and covering the yard, but a large
apple tree gave ample shade to hide beneath. Sara giggled while
leading the way, pulling me along. I in turn pulled Tina behind me.
Again I landed between the two wonderful ladies, this time prone upon
the ground. My bouncing cock thrust proudly towards the sky, and Sara
looked upon it for the first time.

My friend and companion for some time practically jumped upon it in
her haste. All that I heard was "Yummy" before a warm mouth enveloped
my cock. Tasty Tina covered my open groaning mouth with hers,
possibly pleased to have this part of me to herself yet again. My
hand,s free at last, fumbled with the buttons on Tina's shirt, anxious
to reach more flesh, my desire causing my movements to fumble and
embarrass me. Without her intervention I would never have reached her
wonderful skin. Without lifting her mouth from mine, she discarded
her shirt and bra in scant seconds. My hands found her round warm

Sara proved surprisingly adept at sucking me, her head continuously
bouncing upon my cock even while a hand reached and found my balls.
My hips moved involuntarily as I pumped myself into her hungry mouth.
She seemed desperate to continue this action, anxious to receive what
would be inevitable. Yet I was determined to continue my enjoyment
long into the night. So I gently pulled my cock from her mouth, and
with a single guiding hand, pulled her back up towards my side. She
instead knelt and began to disrobe. I noticed this out of the corner
of my eye and pulled my lips from Tina to watch as the petite beauty
showed me the body I had always wondered about - her small round
breasts, the flat stomach with the perfectly placed belly button, her
strong thighs and small ankles. I only just got a glimpse of the
patch between her legs before she drove onto my chest, laughing

Out the other corner of my eye, I turned to watch Tasty Tina as she
repeated the show. She was larger than Sara, but very well
proportioned. I hungrily watched every movement, every second as more
of her wonderful body was revealed. Sara nibbled upon my neck,
rubbing her inner thighs upon my thrusting manhood, as her whole body
wiggled about. Tina stood upon her knees before me, naked and proud,
and I had an eyeful of the centre of her sexual being. What other
compliment could I give but to lean forward and place a kiss upon that
delightful mound? She thrust it outwards to receive my offering and
moaned delightfully as my lingering kiss savoured the heat of her
body. Tina was definitely "tasty".

Things became blurred for me then, as you may well imagine, Sinfull
Sara manoeuvred and found the head of my cock and drove herself down
upon it, impaling herself wonderfully, and loudly, in her wet, tight
and enjoyable hole. My upper body was mostly free, and Tina made her
intentions clear as she swung a leg over my chest and straddled my
face with her knees. Before me was the delightful forest of women.
Playfully she kept it just out of my reach and used her own hand to
manipulate it before my eyes, a sight that I enjoyed very much, but if
she did not soon stop, Sara's enjoyment would be short-lived. I could
see the intimate manipulation of her folds, the abundant moisture
contained there, moisture that left her inner thighs glistening, her
fingers shining, and her dark pink lower lips glowing. Just when I
thought I was going mad with pleasure, Tina saved me my lowering her
warm sex expertly upon my ready lips.

The physical sensations were exquisite, and the mental stimulation was
exotic. Two women - it was a fantasy that I always dreamed of, that
most guys dream of. Yet I didn't even consider just how lucky I was
at that moment. I just concentrated upon the task at hand. In other
words, I was a mindless sex toy.

My hands reached up and grasped the round smooth buttocks of Tina,
causing her to fall forwards upon her hands, my tongue quick and soft
upon the length of her sex, which tasted exquisite. My lower body
slapped with the rhythm of Sara's work, her vagina loud with the
continual violation it was undergoing with my hardened prick. All
three of us were glistening with sweat, our bodies working hard
towards that divine end: an orgasm.

Contrary to the pattern that I had done so far, I was fully conscious
that another tongue was now rubbing along mine within, and against the
womanly folds of Tina's sex. Sara, small sweet Sara, now lay upon my
torso, her face pressed upwards at an impossible angle just to get her
lips and tongue into the area I was enjoying so much. I recognized
that cooperation at this point would benefit all, so began to
earnestly lick the hard enlarged clitoris with a newfound passion.
Sara enjoyed spearing her tongue deep into the joyous hole I had
yearned to discover ever since I first shook Tina's hand.

The three of us were sexual beasts, our loud animal noises getting
louder and louder, our bodies wiggling about to get the best possible
angle, to reach the best depth or touch of another body. We depended
upon the others to alleviate our sexual temperaments. My own would
quickly be upon us, as the mere thought of these two ladies
intertwined in a passionate embrace with me could almost put me over
the edge. We echoed our pleasures and I was actually in pain as I
held back my discharge.

I was surprised at the moment it happened, but Tasty Tina was the
first to achieve an orgasm - I could feel it upon my tongue. I could
well imagine Sara's tongue grasped inside the wonderful wet vagina and
this was partially the reason why my dear friend began her own spend.
Finally I let go the dam; my pent-up frustrations and desires shot out
the head of my cock to flood the depths of the wonderful vagina that I
was now familiar with. I let out my own groan of pleasure to
accompany the sounds of my two beauties.

Nothing mattered to me at that moment. As my spend left my body, I
was left an exhausted shell. Tina slowly crawled down to lay next to
me in a close embrace, while Sara was content to lay above me in a
strong hug, her sex still engulfing my own. It was heaven.

Many long minutes went by before I recovered enough of my senses to
realize that we had not been alone. In fact, the thing that brought
me out of my self-induced state was the familiar sound of skin upon
skin. I turned my head slightly, as did Tina, to witness Samantha
upon her knees, naked. Behind her Merlin was stroking slowly in and
out of her sex. Buster Bunny, on the other hand, knelt before the
older woman, jack hammering his young cock into her mouth. Samantha
took it all, moving her body upon hands and knees in time to the two
men at either end of her. It was a surprising sight, yet one that
should not have surprised me after my own exhibition.

Upon the patio, Hardrive was standing naked facing the trio. Before
him, bent over the low wooden hand hold was Tits, her body shaking
with the pounding he was giving her. I could see that she was biting
her lip to hold back the sounds of pleasure, even while she alternated
looking upon the trio and upon my little group. Beyond these two
groups, we were alone.

I moved my hands to fondle two different buttocks as I also enjoyed
the show being put on. Surely this would not have happened if I had
not lost control of my senses and began my show with Sara and Tina.
But of course, I had no regrets. I figured Buster to be the one to
finish first, and was surprised when Hardrive and his beauty seemed to
have a mutual orgasm that was easily noticeable even from my distance.
Merlin and Buster both groaned in unison as they came powerfully
within the body of Samantha. I smiled as they both collapsed, looking
as I felt. Exhausted.

The eight of us made a kinky bunch, and I wondered who would speak
first. I could see that Samantha was blushing when she saw me looking
upon her, but then after looking at the junction between Sara's thighs
and my own, she smiled openly at me. Sara still held me, laying
silently with eyes closed, too content with the emotions of this
moment to allow other sights to intrude upon her happiness. I envied
her at that moment, the ability to do that. Tina was also content,
but like me curious at what was going on around us. She was rubbing
her free hand happily about Sara's back and buttocks, often stopping
to hold my hand in a warm grip. I turned my head to both these
wonderful ladies and gave them loving kisses. The three other guys looked content and pleased at what they just accomplished - boys will
be boys after all. Only tits was looking towards the high fence, as
if looking for, or at, something.

"Hey, who is that?!" she suddenly asked, pointing to a nondescript
spot in the fence. All but Sara turned their heads towards that spot.
I too saw something, but wasn't able to make it out as it was on the
other side of the fence. "There is someone there!" She spoke again,
perhaps convincing herself as well as us.

It was a surprise when Claw's face suddenly appeared above the seven
foot height, obviously climbing upon something wobbly. "Hi, guys!"
Tits grabbed her discarded tee-shirt, as did Samantha. Buster and
Merlin covered their crotches with hands. But I just lay there
looking, surprised at the outsider. "Boy, is Australia going to like
these pictures I took!" A camera and hand appeared over the fence,
and he smiled hugely at his joke.

Hardrive began to laugh heartily while I just shook my head in dismay,
then spoke, "I hope you have another roll of film; I don't think I'm
ready to quit yet!" I then turned my face backwards, Tina and I
laughed even while our tongues duelled.




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