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This story involves characters from T.V. land (Sabrina - The Teenage
Witch). You must be at least eighteen years of age or older to read it.
This story contains seduction of innocence, lesbianism, and fantasy.

"Sabrina & Tabitha - Teenage Witches" by JR Parz


The last day of school! Sabrina was really excited! Her boy friend
Harvey promised he wouldn't go away to visit his father, and Sabrina wanted
this summer to be most memorable.

Later that evening, while Sabrina surfed the net, she stumbled upon a
chat room called the Witches Coven. The site posted warnings regarding
entrance to the room. 'Witches Only' Sabrina's curiosity got the best of
her, and she clicked on the graphic 3D art picture of a cauldron. As she
entered, the members of the chat room sent their hellos; "Hi Teen Witch".
Sabrina responded with her usual flair, extending her hellos. It didn't
take but a minute to realize these girls knew their witchcraft, as they
chatted about various incantations, chants and curses. Sabrina was just
about to type in a specific question, when the hostess of the room, who's
screen name was "Teen Sorceress", sent "Yes Sabrina, we're real". Sabrina
almost fell out of her chair.

Sabrina asked "Teen Sorceress" how she knew her name. The "Teen
Sorceress" told her that she could teach her that trick, just instant
message her. Within seconds, Sabrina learned the trick and applied it.
Sabrina picked up the vibes and was able to tell the "Teen Sorceress" was
in fact a teen girl. Sabrina smiled and sent; "Hi Tabitha".

Tabitha invited Sabrina to a private chat room where Tabitha explained
all about the Witches Coven. Later on, when Sabrina was about to say
goodnight, Tabitha told her about the Witches & Warlock Party this Friday
night. When Tabitha invited her, Sabrina felt an overwhelming compulsion
to attend. Tabitha told her she would e-mail her the incantation to
instantly transport her to the party. Each incantation was specifically
formulated to the witch attending, so, it would only be good for her.
Tabitha added that the party would begin at midnight. Sabrina typed back,
"kewl", and told Tabitha that she would definitely be there!

The next morning, Sabrina asked her aunts if she could attend. The
answer shocked her. Sabrina couldn't believe it! Here she was, sixteen
years old, and her aunts were treating her like she was a baby! It was
only a party! So what, the party was exclusively for witches. So what, in
order to go you had to be invited. Her aunts told her that parties of this
nature usually included black magic, and she was far too young to be
associating with this type of wizardry.

On Friday night, despite her aunts wishes, Sabrina prepared herself for
the party. Sabrina stood in front of her huge mirror, zapping in and out
of various clothing. She finally settled for a flashy tight black jump
suit, with black pumps. Sabrina loved looking in her mirror. She knew she
was pretty, not the model-like beauty, but pretty nonetheless. Sabrina
felt her three greatest assets was her shoulder length blond hair,
sparkling blue eyes, and nice full breasts. Sabrina looked down at her
breasts, cupping them. Harvey had yet to see them naked, but has taken to
sneaking feels through her blouse. When Harvey did caress them, his touch
would elicit pleasurable sensations in her nipples and groin. Her Aunt
Hilda, who possessed 40Ds, commented one day that she must take after her
side of the family. Sabrina cast an illusion on her chest just to see what
it would like and she almost fell down with shock. The illusion, which she
quickly sent away, made her appreciate her 34Cs all that much more. Right
now, her breasts filled out the front of her jump suit nicely. Sabrina's
self inspection was interrupted when she heard the downstairs clock strike
twelve. Sabrina recited the incantation out loud, and was instantly

The party was outside, and with a quick glance to her left, she noted
that she wasn't on earth. The party was on the moon! Wow!

"Hi Sabrina."

Sabrina stood in awe. Standing right in front of her was her exact
double! Well, not exactly, but someone who could have passed for her twin!
There were some noticeable differences. This girl possessed more curves,
especially on top. In fact, she was huge! She also wore her hair sexily
down to her curvy ass, and it was pitch black.

"Hi.....this is incredible......are you....ah.....Tabitha?"

"Yes, I'm Tabitha...............your newest best friend and I'm also
your cousin."

"This can't be possible. I mean....the cousin part. How come nobody
told me about you?"

"Oh Sabrina.....don't worry about that. What's more important is that
we are finally together." Tabitha then stepped forward and they hugged.

Sabrina felt flooded with warmth and love as they continued to hug, then
something quite strange. With their height being the same, Sabrina felt
Tabitha's huge breasts crushing against her breasts and for the first time
in her life, her body responded sexually to her own sex. What! She
couldn't believe it! She only felt this way when she was making out with
Harvey. How could a casual hug with her cousin make her feel this way?
Sabrina did a spell check on herself. Nothing. Sabrina pulled away to
break off the sensations. She hoped that Tabitha hadn't noticed the
pitching of her body and her irregular breathing.

Sabrina and Tabitha talked for hours, telling each other about their
likes and dislikes. Sabrina found she could tell Tabitha anything, feeling
absolute trust in her cousin. Tabitha told her she searched the world wide
web for her location. The chat room was merely a tool to contact her.


Tabitha knew it was extremely important to maintain patience. While
Sabrina told her all about herself, Tabitha couldn't help fantasize what
the two of them would soon be doing. This was going to be fun. Sabrina
had no idea she was actually talking to herself from an alternate universe.
Unlike Sabrina, who was merely a rookie witch, Tabitha was ranked as one of
the most powerful witches on her earth. This was due to Tabitha's access
to the black arts.

It was only two weeks ago when Tabitha discovered this world through the
portal inside the ancient gypsy's crystal ball. It was earth, but not
hers. This earth was in an alternate universe. Curiosity led her to look
herself up and what she found totally captivated her. Her name on this
earth was Sabrina. While she was dark and wild, her alternate was blond and pure. Further more, Sabrina was heterosexual while Tabitha was a

As the week progressed, Tabitha became obsessed with Sabrina. Her
innocence was driving her wild and most of her thoughts envisioned
themselves naked in bed together. Tabitha had to possess this blond for
her very own.

When Sabrina told her about Harvey, her mortal boy friend, Tabitha
couldn't help feeling a little anger. Careful not to be detected, she
stayed clear of her mind, and mentally probed Sabrina's lower region.
Tabitha knew that Sabrina was pure, but for what she had planned, constant
checks were paramount. Tabitha smiled. Sabrina's hymen was intact.
Tabitha suggested to Sabrina that they spend time together this summer and
Sabrina responded enthusiastically. Tabitha didn't want Sabrina's aunts
knowing about her at this particular time, so, she asked Sabrina to wait
until she did a couple of things before asking them for permission.
Sabrina agreed.


Sabrina wanted to get back before her aunts woke up, but she didn't want
to leave Tabitha. Tabitha hugged her again and said not to worry. Tabitha
said they would chat together in the Witches Coven while Sabrina felt her
cousin press against her body. Sabrina again felt the tingling of arousal.
These feelings concerned her. When they broke apart, Sabrina recited the
party's departure spell.

Sabrina popped back in her room, still feeling the arousal that her
cousin evoked. Sabrina walked over to her mirror in quiet confusion. Was
she bi? She blinked off her clothes and now stood naked. Sabrina was very
pretty and portrayed a stunningly erotic sight standing before her mirror.
On one hand she felt elated that she had a cousin, but on the other she
felt shock at the sensual feelings Tabitha elicited from her. Her hands
went up to cup the fullness of her breasts. The mere contact of her warm
hands sent a jolt of pleasure to her groin. Why did she feel this way
about her cousin. Her mind brought up her cousin's image. 'So, that's
what I would look like with big tits' and long dark hair', she thought to
herself. Sabrina climbed on her bed, not bothering to slip on her teddy.
As she laid back, her right hand snuck down between her legs, and parted
her lower lips. She was wet. The touch sent intense desire for more. For
the first time in Sabrina's life, she thought of someone other than Harvey
as she began to masturbate. She pictured Tabitha.


Tabitha smiled at Sabrina as she disappeared. She was so pretty, so
innocent, oh she just had to have her! She knew that she could whip up
something quick and have her in an instant, but her carefully planned
seduction would prove much more gratifying in the end. In order for the
strongest spell to work, Sabrina had to remain a virgin.

Tabitha turned back to the crowd of party goers and waved her hand.
They disappeared. Warlocks and witches, everyone of them. All from this
earth. All pledging their loyalty to her when she demonstrated her powers.
Tabitha ordered this little gathering for the sole benefit of meeting
Sabrina. Tabitha used a powerful spell on her breasts, which would elicit
sexual arousal in whomever made physical contact with them. Tabitha knew
other witches were trained to detect spells placed on themselves, and this
is why she placed the spell on herself. Tabitha also had the other witches
and warlocks send waves of trust, comfort and love at her. With Sabrina's
close proximity to her, the innocent witch would find herself feeling these
waves of emotion.

Tabitha used the web to contact Sabrina the following night. Making
sure she came off innocent and friendly. Sabrina didn't want to physically
go there until she decided the best way to handle Hilda and Zelda, her two
aunts. Then a comment Sabrina made about her cat 'Salem' perked her
interest. Tabitha didn't have a familiar on her world. Sabrina told her
how he was a warlock that pissed off a powerful witch and destined to live
as a cat for the next century. Tabitha's mind quickly formulated a plan
and smiled. A potential ally.

Both Hilda and Zelda were protected by charms. These charms were
necessary for witches who did not wield black magic, and would neutralize
any black magic cast against them. Without the charms, these two witches
would be powerless against her. In Sabrina's case, her virginity was a
charm in itself. As long as she retained her virginity, black magic could
not work against her.

The next night, as soon as the clock struck midnight, Tabitha willed
herself inside Sabrina's home. It didn't take but a few steps when Salem,
the black cat, made his presence known.

"Interesting illusion...................I like the original, better."
Stated the black cat.

"Speaking of the word original. How would you like your original body
back. Or would you prefer being a black cat for the next 100 years?"

Salem had every intention of warning the others when this sexy young witch said this. Was it possible?

Tabitha read Salem's thoughts, and responded; "Yes. With a snap of my

"Okay. What's the catch?"

"Bring me back two charms. Bring them to me and you may have your body

Salem knew she meant Hilda and Zelda's charms against black magic; "I've
grown mighty fond of this little family........I have to know that you
aren't going to hurt them."

"Witches promise. In fact, where I plan on sending them will be much
more pleasurable to them than this menial existence they currently are
living in. You may even be interested in filling a current vacancy for a
male stud them proper technique." Tabitha smiled at the
cat; "You interested?"

Salem figured he was in a no win situation. If he didn't help this
witch, and she had the kind of power she proclaimed, then he'd be in
serious trouble. Obviously, Salem had no charm to protect him. This witch
was going to use the black arts, and this is the type of magic that placed
him in this current condition; "Sabrina........what is she in all this?"

Tabitha smiled; "Everything. Let's just say that Sabrina will reap
nothing but pleasure."

"How do I know you will keep your word?"

"You don't. I do."

Salem knew he had no choice; "I'll be right back."

Salem darted up the stairs and entered Hilda's room. The charm was part
of a necklace she wore around her neck. Salem knew that Hilda slept like a
log, and he wouldn't have any problem removing it. Seconds later, Salem
darted back down the stairs. 'Half way to my old body' he thought to

Salem quickly entered Zelda's room. Her charm stood alone on her ring
finger. This wouldn't be as easy. He started licking her finger, all
around the ring - making her finger slick. He carefully wrapped his fangs
around the ring and backed up. It was working! In seconds, the ring was
in his mouth as he trotted quickly down the stairs.

"You now have what you want. Now me."

Tabitha's grinned, holding the charms in her palm. She glanced up at
Salem; "As you were!" she commanded with a simple flick from her hand.

Salem instantaneously popped out - then back. Now a six foot tall and
powerfully build man stood naked inside the living room. Salem, noting his
nudity and erection, quickly materialized himself some clothes.

Tabitha was impressed. He was good looking. Only one slight change
would be necessary, but she could wait till later to do it.

"Now.......about that job?" Salem asked with a smile.

"Recite this spell and it will transport you to a vacation resort. The
resort caters to sexual fantasies. Hilda and Zelda will be going there
real soon."

"Ah. I hate to say this, but they are kind of long in the tooth for
this sort of thing. Don't you think?"

"They'll be as young as I when you see them next. Now, you go. Tell
admissions that I sent you, and that you are to be prepped as a Master
Instructor. I promise you, you won't regret it."

Salem popped out.

Tabitha popped into Zelda's room, standing by her bed. She recited an
incantation to send Zelda into a deep sleep - it was so deep, that Zelda
found herself in a deep cavern. Once Zelda was totally under, Tabitha
focused mind control measures and instructed her to come up with the idea
of a two month summer vacation. Tabitha implanted the incantation she
would need to transport her and Hilda. Once recited, the two of them would
be directly transported to the resort. Tabitha then popped into Hilda's
room, and used the same methods. Tabitha instructed her to
enthusiastically agree with Zelda's idea. Tabitha took special care to
erase all traces of her visit in their rooms. She also materialized fake
charms to replace the ones she now had in her pocket.

Tabitha popped into Sabrina's room, and the sight of the young witch
elicited an ache deep inside her. She looked down at Sabrina, who's body
was spread out naked on top of her sheets. The sight was so erotic,
Tabitha moaned in desire. Not yet! Patience! Tabitha entered her mind
for a peak into Sabrina's dreams. This was one time a witch could enter
the mind of a witch without detection. Sabrina dreamed of Harvey. Nothing
'x' rated but Harvey nonetheless. Tabitha wouldn't allow this tonight.
Tabitha gazed down to the blond's pussy and gazed beyond her flesh. "Feel
the fire Sabrina and now picture me. Feel the heat lick deep. Feel the
heat lick your clit. picture me. picture me naked. picture me in your
wildest most erotic fantasy. Now dream!" Tabitha smiled at the innocent
witch. Her dreamed changed instantly. Now Sabrina laid out naked, spread
eagled, looking up at Tabitha. In the real world, Sabrina twisted on the
bed with a moan. Tabitha mumbled; "You will remember your dream most
vividly Sabrina.....and every time you do, you will feel the arousal flood
your body." Tabitha gazed at her soon to be lover with hunger. "Soon


Both Zelda and Hilda responded according to instruction, and when
Sabrina was told of their decision to take a summer long vacation, she
responded just like a teenager! Ecstatically happy! Through e-mail,
Sabrina asked Tabitha if she'd like to come visit her. Sabrina mentioned
that her aunts were going to a summer vacation resort, and she had the
place to herself all summer. Tabitha responded enthusiastically, and said
she would make arrangements to come visit her. The only arrangements
Tabitha had to make, were to meet Hilda and Zelda at the resort. She
looked forward to this meeting.

Hilda didn't know where she was being transported when Zelda popped them
out of their home. All she knew is that the vacation resort sounded like a
great idea, and that Zelda was handling all the details. Hilda had no idea
that Zelda was laboring under a spell. Upon their arrival, two things
happened. Number one, they were stripped of their witchcraft. Number two,
they were stripped of their free will.

When Zelda and Hilda realized they couldn't move, they were stunned.
They stood at attention, trapped inside their bodies. Both witches
wondered why there charm didn't protect them from this attack, fully aware
that black magic was being used against them. They tried continuously to
break free of this paralysis but to no avail. Suddenly, a figure
materialized before them. Sabrina?

"No, not Sabrina........Tabitha."

Both witches tried to say something, but found they couldn't. In a
closer look at the girl before them, they noted the differences. They
wanted to shout at her, ask why she was doing this to them, but nothing
came out of their mouths.

" two could have caused some trouble if I let you stay with
your niece. This is why you are here. You are at a vacation resort, and
it is very exclusive. Once you go through the door behind me, you will
begin a new life. I've taken away your witchcraft. You don't need it now.
I've left your immortality."

Both witches stood still, unable to do anything other than listen. They
couldn't believe that this was happening to them. The girl before them
waved her arm and quite instantly, their clothes disappeared leaving them

"I see we're going to have to do something about your bodies. You see,
you will be undergoing some training before your allowed to really enjoy
yourselves. This place has standards regarding looks and age. You two are
way to old, and well, let me see....."

Tabitha started circling her hand in a quick counter clockwise motion.
Then she pointed at Zelda, sending a bolt of energy at her. Instantly,
Zelda felt different, but given she couldn't move, she couldn't see what
had happened to her.

Hilda wanted to turn her head but couldn't. She could just barely catch
Zelda in the corner of her eye. Then a movement of Tabitha's hand brought
her attention back. A bolt of energy flooded Hilda, instantly transforming

"Much, much better. I wish I had time right now, but I don't. You can
bet I'll be coming back to pay you a visit after your training is

Tabitha materialized a full body mirror in front of Hilda and Zelda.
The girls stood silent, wide eyed, gazing at their new bodies. Zelda
couldn't believe it. From early forties, to, maybe, seventeen. Her hair
was auburn and it came down longer than she could ever recall it. Her
breasts weren't big. They never were. But they were formed perfectly.

Hilda also gazed in awe at herself. When she was seventeen, she was
winning Miss Witch contests. Hilda always possessed huge tits! Now that
she was back in her seventeen year old body, there was no more droop.
Their firmness and roundness made them her sexiest attribute! Her waist
was slim and her hips spread out nicely. Her blond hair was thick and
long, hanging down to the crack of her ass. Hilda was absolutely

"These aren't illusions,'re looking at the new you.
Black Magic can be a wonderful tool. Now, a couple fine tuning adjustments
and you'll be ready for your next step."

Tabitha gazed at the girls, using her mind to heighten certain sex
centers on their body. She then gave them a dose of submissiveness. Not
enough to alter their minds, but enough that their bodies would react
accordingly to certain situations. Hilda and Zelda were transformed into
highly sexed submissive teenager's now. Physical touch and word
association would render them the perfect sex slaves.

Tabitha had them turn and face one another. Hilda and Zelda gasped as
they laid eyes on their naked beauty. They were breath-taking! Then
Tabitha added the last touch to their transformation. As the girls gazed
at one another, the final alteration kicked in. One second they
appreciated the beauty of their bodies. The next second they felt their
bodies flood with arousal. The arousal was directed at one another. Hilda
and Zelda knew that they wouldn't normally feel this way and that whatever
Tabitha did to them, elicit these feelings. Knowing this didn't help them.
The attraction they felt for one another grew.

"I'm not a mean person. Believe me, your training will elicit cravings
in you that will be very difficult to relieve. I've provided you a way to
slake some of your desires. You will thank me for it, later. Now, I'd
like you to turn and meet your Master Trainer."

Hilda and Zelda turned to the door behind Tabitha.

"Girls, I think you know Salem."

Hilda and Zelda stared at the man coming through the door. Salem?
Their Salem?

"Yes girls.....although, as you've probably noticed. I am no longer a
cat." Tabitha said with a chuckle.


Salem gazed at his former friends. They were gorgeous....especially
Hilda! He looked down at himself, and chuckled. Tabitha stripped him of
his clothes. The only person in this room with clothes on was Tabitha.
Tabitha pointed at his crotch area, and he felt the growth. His semi
erection sprung to attention, then started to grow before his very eyes.
His dick didn't stop growing until it was ten inches long! He looked up to
the girls, and saw that their eyes fixated on his huge dick. Then he
looked at Tabitha and nodded his thanks.

"Girls, follow me." Salem said.

Hilda and Zelda, still locked under Tabitha's power, followed Salem
through the door. The second they were inside the new room, they regained
their own will. They both could resist touching themselves and performing
a some self inspection. Then they looked at Salem.

"Why Salem. Why are you part of this?" Asked Hilda

"Because I knew that I'd be a victim if not a beneficiary. "Now, I bet
you're just dying to put those bodies to use. Come girls. I command you
to suck me off."

Both Zelda and Hilda felt an intense passive arousal flood their bodies
with the word 'command'. Their desire overrode their intellect, and they
rushed over to Salem.

Salem saw Tabitha standing in the doorway with a huge smile on her face.
The girls before him dropped to their knees and started licking each side
of his enlarged cock. Both girls responded hungrily. How poetic, he
thought to himself. The girls pet was now their master. Now they were his


Tabitha was free now to seduce her look alike. She popped in Sabrina's
home, materializing inside her room. The young blond was sitting in front
of her computer.

"Hi Sabrina!"

Sabrina had learned long ago not to react on people sneaking up on her.
A witch or warlock could pop in and out of practically everywhere. Sabrina
got up from her chair, and hugged her cousin; "Hi Tabitha......I'm so glad
you're here." Sabrina again felt the contact of their breasts together.
There was no denying her arousal for her. The sensations flooded her lower

"Harvey is coming over tonight. I told him you would be here. He
really wants to meet you."

"Sure. Sounds like fun."

"You can't do witchcraft around him. He has no idea I'm a witch, and I
don't want him knowing."

"Okay Sabrina. I'll behave." Tabitha said with a smile. Sabrina just

When Sabrina's boyfriend showed up, Tabitha made sure she played the
part of a bubbly teenager. Tabitha knew that Sabrina was confused now that
she had both her sexual interests inside the same room with her. She could
see why she felt an attraction towards the boy, he was cute. Dumb, but
cute. If she wasn't a full fledged lesbian, she might consider turning him
into a boy toy for a spell. The thought made her laugh.

During the evening, Sabrina discreetly asked Tabitha what she thought
about Harvey.

"He's so cute. Have you fucked yet?" Tabitha questioned for shock
value, knowing Sabrina was a virgin.

Sabrina turned beat red from embarrassment. Tabitha saw that she was
caught off guard by her bluntness. Sabrina stammered a reply;
" But I think we're going to this summer. I really want

Tabitha smiled at the lovely girl. So sweet, so innocent. No Sabrina.
He'll never have the opportunity.

When Harvey said his goodbyes, Tabitha cringed when she saw the two of
them kiss. She needed to do something about him, and fast.

Just before going to sleep, Tabitha told Sabrina she had to take care of
a few things and would probably be out for awhile. Tabitha hugged Sabrina
goodnight, giving the innocent beauty something to think about. Sexual
desire was a powerful emotion and Tabitha made sure Sabrina would feel it
as often as possible.


Harvey couldn't get the fantasy of having both Sabrina and Tabitha at
the same time! The thoughts obsessed him all the way home. When Harvey
climbed into bed, he couldn't help rub the huge bulge in his crotch area.
Within restless minutes, the Haynes underwear were stripped off and he
slept completely naked. His mind visualized the three of them in bed
together. Both girls laid there, legs slightly apart, passively awaiting
his touch. Harvey tried shifting his body between Sabrina's legs when he
suddenly felt strange. Without conscience will, he found himself sit up
and move to the foot of the bed. He watched as Tabitha moved towards
Sabrina. His eyes followed the movement of Tabitha's hands. One hand
started to caress Sabrina's nicely rounded breasts. Tabitha's other hand
went to Sabrina's blond bush between her legs. Harvey hadn't realized his
own hand as it wrapped itself around his throbbing member. Harvey pumped
while watching the two girls. Occasionally, Tabitha would turn to Harvey
and smile. Tabitha's face wore a "eat your heart out" look. Harvey could
only gape at the erotic sight before him. Sabrina's body was slim and
tight, while Tabitha's was curvy and oozed sexual appeal. Harvey again
tried to move forward, but couldn't. In the dream and in real life, his
right hand continued moving up and down on his erect shaft. Tabitha
inserted a couple fingers inside Sabrina, who responded passionately to her
ministrations. Tabitha then shifted around in order to bury her head
between Sabrina's legs. Tabitha started to lick and Harvey screamed out!
It was that first lick of Tabitha's, on his girlfriend's love nest, that
shot his wad straight across the bed and against the wall. In real life,
it merely soaked himself and his bed sheets.

Tabitha enjoyed playing with Harvey's mind. Transporting herself into
his dreams and fantasies turned her on, especially when they starred her
and Sabrina. The boy's come was all over the sheets and in his hair. She
laughed. Now for the reason she was here.

Tabitha delved into his mind, picking out various people he saw everyday
until he came to a very attractive dark haired girl called Libby. A
further probe told her that Libby was always causing Sabrina grief. She
flaunted her looks all over the school and this appealed to Tabitha. The
girl was hot and would fit perfectly in her plans! In fact, Libby could
take care of other needs. Tabitha sent Harvey's mind down a deep tunnel.
She didn't have to be careful with him. If Sabrina did get suspicious of
his sudden change in attitude, she didn't have the powers to dig this deep.
Tabitha telepathically asked 'Harvey, do you hear me?' The boy didn't say a
word in the waking world, but answered 'yes' in the deep cavern he found
himself in. 'Harvey. From this point on, you are not sexually attracted
to Sabrina. In fact, you'll feel no emotions whatsoever when you see her,
hear her, or talk to her. She doesn't make you feel anything. Do you
understand?' 'Yes' replied Harvey. 'From this point on, you will find
yourself totally consumed with lust for Libby. picture her. Yes, the
sight of her makes you hard. She is the answer to every sexual desire,
fantasy, and wet dream you ever had. Libby turns you on with a mere
glance. You lust Libby more than life itself. You want to be with her
constantly. Do you understand?' 'Yes.' replied Harvey. Tabitha smiled.
Harvey was out of the way.

It was 2:00 a.m. when Tabitha popped into Libby's room. Libby had a
frilly while night gown on and slept on top of her covers. Tabitha just
stood there inspecting the girl, probing her mind. The girl was sexy and
knew it. This was alright with Tabitha. She then willed the girl to
continue sleeping while having her take off her night gown. Libby then
slid off her white silk panties. Libby's breasts weren't as big as
Sabrina's, but they were nice. The girl now laid there completely naked.
Tabitha willed her awake.

Libby didn't know why she awoke all of a sudden, and immediately sensed
something wasn't right. There was enough moonlight coming through her
window to see, and the sight of her naked body startled her; "What!"

"Hi Libby.......I did that. I wanted to make you more comfortable." a
sweet voice said to her right.

Libby tried to reach for the covers to cover her nudity, but her arms
wouldn't cooperate. Why, she didn't know. Her mind screamed again to do
it, but her hands wouldn't reach for them. She then found herself laying
back down and turning to the girl; "Sabrina?" She asked with fear.

"Na......although I've been mistaken for her a couple times. I'm

Libby all of a sudden felt her fear disappear. The girl had dark hair like herself, but it was real long, reaching her ass. Her black outfit did
nothing to hide her huge breasts. Part of her wished she possessed tits that big.

"That can be arranged." Tabitha stated in a calm voice. "Tell me,
Libby, have you ever thought about making it with a girl before?" Tabitha
again smiled.

Libby's mind recalled the fantasies she had with Sabrina. A couple of
nights ago, she frigged herself to a couple orgasms while her mind had
Sabrina eating her out; "Yes." Libby admitted with embarrassment. Libby
was shocked when she realized she answered her.

The Sabrina look alike, who called herself Tabitha, quickly stripped.
Libby gazed at her beauty with lust, feeling arousal build like never
before! She had to be dreaming this, her mind screamed. The girl climbed
over her body, positioning herself in a '69' position. Libby felt sweet
passiveness spread throughout her entire being. The girl lowered her wet
pussy onto her mouth. Libby lapped quickly, wanting to please her. The
aroma of the girl's sex was heavenly, and Libby hoped she smelled like that
for her.

Tabitha was feeling far too horny to prolonge this. Libby's fantasies
of Sabrina heightened her own arousal and this was one girl she didn't have
to seduce through supernatural means. The contact of Libby's mouth on her
wet slit flushed her with an orgasm, and Tabitha responded by diving her
tongue deep into Libby's cunt. Both girls swooned as their sex throbbed
with more desire. They lapped each other's pussy's, eliciting more
pleasure and several more orgasms.

As they lay together resting, Tabitha was reluctant to follow through on
her plans. She liked this girl. Tabitha probed Libby's mind and saw where
she did feel a slight attraction to Harvey, but not as much as she felt for
Sabrina. Libby treated Sabrina rotten because she blamed her for eliciting
these feelings for her. Tabitha willed Libby into a deep sleep. Then like
Harvey, she sent Libby down deep into a dark cavern.

'Libby. Do you hear me?' 'Yes' replied the sated teen. 'From this
moment on, you will feel a deep sexual attraction for Harvey. You desire
to have him sex him. You want to kiss every part of his body and be taken
in every sexual position he so chooses. You lust him more than life. Do
you understand?' 'Yes' replied Libby with a smile. Tabitha couldn't
resist. 'You will continue to find girl's attractive, but understand that
Sabrina is off limits. You will seek out one special girl you find
especially attractive. I will return to you one week later and your mind
will tell me her name. You will wake up horny. You won't remember our
time together. Do you understand?' Libby again said; 'yes'. Tabitha
transferred her clothes from the floor to her body with the blink of her
eye. The room smelled of sex. She gave Libby one more look. She was
still naked, with her legs slightly spread. Tabitha smiled and thought,
let her wake up like this.

It was nearly 7:30 a.m. when Tabitha popped back into Sabrina's house.
She again blinked out of her clothes and walked naked to the bathroom. A
bath would relax her and set the stage for the final seduction. Sabrina's.


Sabrina woke up with a yawn. She saw the sheets all twisted around her
legs, leaving her virtually naked. God, she was horny! Sabrina recalled
her dream. The vividness both surprised her and excited her. It wasn't
about Harvey, and this part continued to embarrass her. She slipped a hand
down to her pussy. It was wet. Every time she dreamed about Tabitha, she
woke up so, so wet. Sabrina wanted to masturbate, feeling her arousal.
First a quick scan of the house to make sure she was alone. Tabitha was
here! Tabitha was taking a bath and the sight of her nudity caught her off
guard. The sight also elicited a greater desire in her. Witches could
blink themselves clean, why was she in the bath? Sabrina, who always
seemed to lose her panties during the course of the night, popped on a
teddy. She laid there on the bed. The temptation was there to use her
witchcraft and watch Tabitha bathe while she masturbated. She felt tears
well up as she refrained.

Later, Tabitha came walking into her room in all her glorious nudity.
Sabrina gasped at the lovely sight. Sabrina was unable to stop herself
from looking at her huge tits and the shaved pussy. Tabitha was beautiful.
The sight of her was too much!

"Hi sleep good?" asked Tabitha, obviously very
comfortable in her nudity.

", sure. When did you get in?" stammered Sabrina.

"About an hour ago. Its been ages since I enjoyed a bath. I forget
sometimes that there are a few things that mortal's do, which are

Tabitha walking over to Sabrina's full length mirror. Sabrina watched
her cousin inspect herself, and couldn't help gaze at her the entire time.

"I saw you looking at my hairless crotch, Sabrina, do you like it?"
Tabitha asked with an innocent voice.

Sabrina wasn't prepared for Tabitha's bluntness, turning red and quietly
replying; "Yes....but I don't think I could do that to myself."

Tabitha turned to her and said; "Sure you could......and it feels so
sexy. You'd love it."

Sabrina felt nervous and uncomfortable, yet horny and excited! Tabitha
just gave her a sexy smile and whispered; "Tell me Sabrina. Have you ever
thought about sex with another girl?"

"No.....I mean......not really."

Tabitha turned to her and sat on the edge of the bed. Sabrina continued
to gaze at her, feeling her arousal grow.

"You don't sound so sure of yourself...........have you ever kissed a
girl before?"


"I tell you what. I'm going to ask you to trust me. Lay back on the
bed. Oh wait. Let me help you take this off, first."

Sabrina knew this was wrong, but with all the feelings she had
experienced over the last week, she couldn't resist a certain passiveness
towards Tabitha. Sabrina raised her arms up obediently as Tabitha pulled
her teddy over her head. Sabrina knew that her panties were long gone, so,
this left her totally exposed. When the teddy blinded her face and curled
around her arms, Tabitha stopped. The hint of helplessness burned her
lower region, intensifying an already heightened desire for this. Tabitha
kept her in this pose while she kissed her left nipple, then her right.
Both nipples were erect and when Tabitha brought a hand down to her pussy,
Sabrina's breathing increased noticeably. The sensations flooding her body
could not be denied.

"Do you want this Sabrina?"

"No......we......we shouldn't."

"Your body tells me to continue. You want it?"

"Yes....but it's wrong....we.......shouldn't."

Sabrina felt Tabitha's breasts flatten on her breasts. The contact sent
her to another plateau. Tabitha's tits felt so good on her naked body, and
more than anything, she wanted her. She really wanted her.

"I'll ask one more you want me to continue?"

Sabrina didn't answer at first. The feelings coursing through her body
made her breathing ragged and it was hard to talk; "Yes.......Yes I want to


Tabitha dove her face down to Sabrina's pussy. The innocent blond was
wet and wanting, and Tabitha wouldn't contain patience any longer. Tabitha
nibbled Sabrina's clit, sending the girl a tremendous orgasm! The first of
several! She blinked the teddy off of Sabrina, then shifted her body
around and lowered her pussy on Sabrina's face. The incantation required
'69'. Tabitha mouthed Sabrina's pussy, drinking in her come while Tabitha,
slowly, stared to do the same. Tabitha was horny, and at first contact,
she flooded Sabrina's mouth with her come.

"Misa............Vesual................Remor................Talto!" The
spell was cast!

Sabrina screamed out her passion and passed out! Tabitha stopped and
turned. The blond was hers.


Sabrina woke up with her body erotically entwined around Tabitha. The
mere sight of her sent her a rush of arousal. She was beautiful. She
loved her. She loved her more than anything. The thought didn't disturb
her. It excited her. Sabrina felt an overwhelming passion to start
licking her pussy, not realizing that the feeling was generated by her
great desire to please her.

Sabrina moved her body around to Tabitha's shaved pussy. The intensity
of her desire to mouth her clean, coupled with the sweet aroma of her sex
was getting her really horny. Sabrina started lapping her. All around her
pussy, then inside her. The mere act made Sabrina wet, and she thought
about masturbating while performing this act, but Tabitha may be upset with
her if she did, so she stopped from moving her hand in the direction of her
own pussy. Sabrina performed this oral bath to Tabitha's pussy for several


Tabitha woke to Sabrina's ministrations. Her lover was beautiful and
made her feel so wonderfully sexy. She spread her legs wider for Sabrina.
The blond lapped her like no other lover before.

The spell would only work on a willing virgin. It was an irreversible
Love Spell. The most powerful. Sabrina would love her through eternity.
No fact could deter it. The love spell would render Sabrina totally
consumed with Tabitha's body and pleasure.

"How do you feel, Sabrina?"

"Oh Tabitha.....I didn't realize how beautiful this could be. I.....I
really love you! I love you so much."

Tabitha had Sabrina come up her body, and they both hugged. For the
first time, they both kissed on the lips. Using their tongues to dive
deeper inside their mouths. Tabitha released the kiss and then they both
laid back; "Sabrina, I love you, too."

Sabrina sighed and replied; "I don't ever want to lose you."

"You won't honey. That I can guarantee."


Tabitha eventually stripped Sabrina of her pubic hair, transformed her
breasts to 38DDs, and lengthened her blond hair down to her ass. Sabrina
would also have the slim athletic look, while Tabitha, the more curvaceous

Tabitha also payed Libby a visit a week later. She popped in when Libby
was getting forcibly fucked by Harvey, who appeared very happy in his new
lust interest. Tabitha checked out Libby's mind. She wanted a girl named
Sarah, an actress who played in a series called; "Buffy, the Vampire
Slayer." (Sorry, couldn't resist). Tabitha made it happen.

Sarah felt her compelled to relocate to a small town, which baffled her.
Then seek out a high school girl by the name of Libby. The first time they
met in person, Sarah found herself so sexually turned on by her, she begged
Libby to make love to her. Sarah never experienced a lesbian relationship,
and found her compulsion strange, but the excitement overruled the strange.
Stranger still, was that her female lover had a boy friend, therefore, they
had to keep their relationship discreet.

Tabitha did pay Salem, Hilda and Zelda a visit. Salem had already
broken the two girls into their new roles. Both girls found themselves
loving every second of their captivity. Tabitha enjoyed their tongues.


Tabitha eventually took Sabrina home to her world. There, they loved
each other every day. Back on Sabrina's earth. The rest of the 'Sabrina -
The Teenage Witch' cast lived happily ever after.

The End.


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