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Disclaimer: You must be 18 years of age or older. No exceptions!

Note: Although this story could stand alone without too much confusion,
you really should read the first story called; "Sabrina & Tabitha - Teenage
Witches". You can do this by visiting my new web site, or the Erotic Mind
Control stories Archive or the breasts Expansion stories Archive. -
something I highly recommend!

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NEW! "Sabrina & Tabitha - Teenage Witches, The Sequel" by JR Parz


Sabrina woke with a yawn. She stretched out feeling totally alive and
totally in love. It was this way every morning, and the only thing that
could have made her feel any happier was if her lover, Tabitha, was in bed
with her. Sabrina slowly got up and pranced naked to the full length
mirror. Sabrina still loved looking in the mirror. That didn't change
from her past life. Although, before she used to pop on and off different
sets of clothes, but now, all she did was gaze at her gorgeous reflection.
Sabrina's body was very different from the image that looked back at her
nearly a year ago. Now, Sabrina's body was taller by a few inches. Her
hair was still blond but came down to her lovely rounded buttocks, speaking
of which, Sabrina blushed at the memory of what Tabitha did to her buttocks
last night. Sabrina brought her hands up to cup her very huge breasts,
weighing them in each palm with a smile. Sabrina never thought she'd go
for huge tits, but Tabitha knew better. Tabitha used a growth spell and
right before Sabrina's eyes, she swelled from a very healthy 34C to a hefty
38DD. Sabrina used her thumbs and forefingers to pinch her nipples. She
closed her eyes as the sensation shot straight to her groin. It was as if
her nipples and clit were one in the same.

Every now and then, Sabrina would use this quiet time to reflect on her
new life here with Tabitha. It took a long time for Sabrina to accept what
Tabitha had told her, but now she understood it to be the only rational
explanation. Sabrina didn't dwell on it. She wasn't capable. Sabrina
knew she was under a very powerful love spell, but knowing it meant
absolutely nothing in changing her situation. In fact, Sabrina found she
had no desire to resist the spell. Sabrina felt nothing but the purest
pleasure in Tabitha's body, and "came" every time she pleased her mistress.
Why would she ever want to be living any other type of life than this?
Sabrina realized her feelings were a byproduct of the spell she was under,
but again, it simply didn't matter. The bottom line was that Sabrina was
totally in love with Tabitha, and very happy in her new life.

Sabrina remembered their first morning together. It was the sweetest of
all their sweet times together. It was nearly a year ago when Tabitha gave
birth to her. That's how Sabrina liked to look back at it, because
everything prior to this point in her life, was meaningless. Sabrina
remembered how she begged Tabitha to let her go live with her when Tabitha
casually mentioned that she was going off to an alternate Universe. Even
then, Sabrina thought nothing of leaving her old life and going with
Tabitha. When Tabitha asked if she wanted to say goodbye to anybody in
particular, she responded in a confused voice that she couldn't think of
anybody. Sabrina now could recall the various mortals and witches in her
previous life, but they were just names. Not one of them elicit any
emotion in her at all.

Sabrina had no idea where Tabitha was at the moment, and like every
other time when Tabitha was away from her, she felt an emptiness inside.
Sabrina knew Tabitha was very important in this Universe and one of the
lessons she had to learn from the start was to deal with being separated.

Sabrina walked out naked to the next room and stopped one of the maid's
in the hall way. Not only was Sabrina completely naked, but the maid was,
also. This maid in particular was one that Sabrina had grown fond of, and
wished for more than friendship.

"Hi Bambi. Could you please prepare a bath for me." Sabrina's eyes
basked in the girl's innocent beauty. then added; "thanks."

The maid beamed with pleasure, smiling wide for Sabrina. Sabrina always
enjoyed looking at Bambi. She was very sweet, and a very innocent sixteen
year old. Sabrina openly gazed at Bambi's nudity, while Bambi did the same
with her. The big difference was in the curves of their bodies. Sabrina
not only sported a huge set of knockers, but her hips flared out
beautifully from her slim waist, giving her a nice rounded ass. Sabrina
didn't always possess a body like this, in fact, she looked more like
Bambi, but after a month with Tabitha, Sabrina found her body slowly
transforming to the exact replica of Tabitha, except of course, the hair.

Bambi, on the other hand, possessed apple-sized titties, and a slim ass,
making her look even younger than her sixteen years. Bambi's dirty blond hair cascaded around her shoulders and her blue eyes sparkled no matter
what direction you looked at her from. Sabrina always thought Bambi was so
cute, and in the rare times that Tabitha allowed another girl to join their
love making, Sabrina wished it could be Bambi.....but it never was.

For the most part, Sabrina's life was spent right inside Tabitha's
mansion. The rare times that Tabitha allowed Sabrina to go any place else
was under her strict supervision. Sabrina didn't mind this and never
complained. Tabitha also forbid her to use her witch craft. At first,
Sabrina thought it would be difficult to go without her powers, but as time
went on, she found it she liked doing things the mortal way. Her baths
were her favorite. As time went on, Sabrina found she could only remember
the simple spells.

In the beginning, the one rule that Sabrina did find herself blushing
over was when Tabitha forbid her to wear clothes. Tabitha instructed
Sabrina to stay naked all the time, unless told otherwise. Sabrina found
herself blushing and discreetly trying to cover herself every time some
stranger popped in. It wasn't until about a month later that Tabitha
instructed the entire household staff, which included nine pretty girls,
ranging in age from sixteen to eighteen, to walk around completely naked.
Now, Sabrina wasn't alone in her blushing, and it did make it easier for
her knowing that she wasn't the only girl parading around naked. Tabitha,
on the other hand, only went naked inside her bedroom. As Sabrina leaned
back in the tub, enjoying the suds and relaxation, she smiled. She
couldn't imagine life better, spell or no spell.


Hilda stood at attention, as like Zelda and the rest of the slaves in
Salem's chamber. Six girls in all, wearing nothing by a g-string. Hilda
had heard that Salem received a promotion from Master Trainer to
Magistrate, and now she wondered how this development would effect Zelda
and her.

As soon as Salem entered the chamber, all six of them immediately went
down to their knees, legs spread with their heads bowed. In Hilda's case,
it always took a few moments before her giant breasts stop jiggling with
the movement.

Salem came around to the front of them; "Slaves, as I'm sure you are
well aware, I take on a new role tomorrow. This will mean changes for most
of you. As a gift, tonight, I give you permission to enjoy yourselves in
any way you so choose. In addition, I have set up a schedule, which is
posted on the board, indicating your last time with me. Dismissed."

All the girls moved up to their feet and started moving towards the
sleeping chambers. Salem had been strict about free sex between the girls,
and with the pent of passion they felt, this would mean that they could
enjoy not only Salem, one more time, but each other. As Hilda and Zelda
were about to leave, looking forward to their time together, Salem called
out to them. Immediately, both girls went over to him, assuming the
position by kneeling down.

"Yes Master", both girls whispered. "How may we serve you,"

Salem always took special pleasure in them, given their former
relationship. "I thought you'd like to know that I plan on keeping you

Hilda felt a flush of excitement spread to all her pleasure centers.
This was a conditioned response due to their training under Salem, and
there was no denying it. Hilda knew Zelda was feeling the same. They had
to repress a giggle, and the temptation to touch themselves.

"I also thought you'd like to know that there will be a special ceremony
tomorrow marking my promotion, and Tabitha has informed me she will be

Anytime Hilda heard the name Tabitha, she felt a mixture of anger,
sadness, and pleasure. Tabitha was responsible for their new life and
Sabrina's enslavement, but she was also responsible for some of the most
intense orgasms she'd ever experienced.

"In addition, she told me that she's bringing a certain someone we all

Hilda's eyes lit up with understanding while Zelda appeared totally

"Hilda, I can see by your reaction that you want to see me, you and Zelda will both be in attendance. I
wouldn't have you miss it for the go enjoy yourselves."

As Hilda and Zelda made their way off to their chamber, Hilda reflected
on the possibilities. Was this the right time? Hilda hoped beyond hope
that it was. Once a witch formulated a spell, it was hers until she cast
it. When Tabitha stripped her and Zelda of their witchcraft, it only meant
that they couldn't cast any new spells. Hilda, who was a pretty powerful
witch before Tabitha got a hold of her, had cast a couple of wishes on
herself as a precaution, and this enabled her to maintain her sanity during
this ordeal. Hilda knew that her body and mind still could be triggered by
key words, thanks to the conditioning, but unless those key words were
said, she could function intelligently. Hilda knew she looked like your
classic bimbo, with her long blond hair and huge chest. Not to mention the
attacks of the giggles she would get from time to time. Hilda remembered
how everything started over a year ago, when she agreed to Zelda's summer
vacation idea. Hilda felt the compulsion to go right along with it despite
thoughts of doing otherwise. This didn't make sense, so, as a
precautionary measure, Hilda formulated a teleportation spell and a self
analyzing mind set spell. The teleportation spell would deliver her and
one of her choosing, to any location she so chose. Throughout this ordeal,
she was often tempted to zap her and Zelda away from here, but until she
knew how to save Sabrina from her enslavement, she was forced to hold on to
the spell until the right time. Her conditioning and Tabitha's initial
spell still rendered her an obedient sex slave, but thanks to the self
analyzing spell, she was able to exert rational thought every time that she
was alone or with Zelda.

Hilda was tempted to tell Zelda of her plans, but wisely chose against
it. Zelda didn't have anything protecting her and was totally entrenched
in her submissive role. Hilda wouldn't put it past Zelda to win some
points with Salem. Hilda knew that she would only get one whack at this,
and it was essential that she make it count.


Sarah Michelle Gellar found herself in a daze, as her plane made it's
way back to the studio. Sarah had been commuting now for nearly a year,
and regardless how many times she played back over the irrationality of her
sudden twist in life, she couldn't prevent her trips back east. It was a
good thing that her "Buffy" series paid as much as it did, because the
plane trips alone were costing her a fortune. Sarah could still taste
Libby's juices on her taste buds. The thoughts of their love session last
night flooded her body and was making her horny again. Sarah knew that
this was going to frustrate her because Libby was the only one that could
relieve this pent up arousal and instead of flying in the direction towards
her, she was flying away from her. Sarah wished she never had to go back
to Hollywood, but Libby insisted and for whatever strange reason, she felt
compelled to please her young lover.

Another twisted thing about their relationship was the fact that Libby
was engaged to be married to another high schooler by the name of Harvey.
In fact, they were planning on getting married after their graduation in a
couple of weeks. It wasn't bad enough that she was having a torrid love
affair with a seventeen year old, but soon she would be having a love
affair with a married girl. When Sarah begged Libby to leave him and come
live with her, Libby firmly told her that Harvey elicit a animal like
passion inside of her that she never knew existed. Sarah felt her own
tears well up as she remembered their discussion. Why did she agree to
discreetly be Libby's lover? Remembering how she sought her out in the
first place was another mystery. If Sarah didn't know better, she'd swear
that she was living out an episode of her 'Buffy' show. None of this made
any sense, but week after week she flew out to see her.


Tabitha popped into the bedroom while Sabrina was masturbating. Before
Sabrina even noticed, Tabitha quickly zapped off her clothes and quickly
moved between Sabrina's legs. Sabrina's pussy was shaved and Tabitha's
tongue didn't hesitate to stab a perfect hit on the blond beauty's clit.
The mere contact sent the girl gasping while Tabitha lapped up the juices
that formed around her vagina. Sabrina moaned in ecstasy.

Tabitha had given Sabrina permission to masturbate anytime she felt the
need and loved catching her in the act. Sabrina spread her legs wider,
allowing Tabitha easier access. Tabitha always felt heady from Sabrina's
musk, and the act of her ministrations never failed to wet her own pussy.
Tabitha loved Sabrina, but unlike the love that Sabrina had for her,
Tabitha's was genuine. Anytime she caught Sabrina fingering herself, she
knew that the girl was thinking of her. It was all built into that one
single spell.


Harvey had set a date to be married with Libby the day after graduation.
Harvey was tempted to impregnate her while she was still a student, but
chose not to for reasons he couldn't explain. Ever since Harvey's sudden
obsession with Libby and Sabrina's mysterious departure, there was a lot of
things he didn't understand. Harvey always felt that Libby was a hot babe,
but part of the distaste for her was this evil way she treated Sabrina.
Well, that was then and this is now. Sabrina was nowhere to be found and
Libby was more than willing to spread her legs for him. Harvey took
pleasure in knowing that Libby responded like a bitch in heat around him!

Harvey remembered their first fuck session vividly, and the memory was
getting him horny. Libby had called to meet him at the Library after
school. When he saw Libby, he was floored. Her boobs must have grown ten
times their previous size! She was huge! Everything that followed just
seemed so natural to them. First, they went in the back room, stripped
naked and began rutting like pigs. Harvey found they could fuck and fuck
and fuck and never tire of each other. He knew he gave Libby multiple
orgasms by her passionate screams.

Harvey enjoyed life these days, and although he admitted from time to
time that it didn't make sense, he didn't care........Libby was his very
own fuck toy, and a good one at that!


Salem couldn't help laugh at these proceedings. The promotion ceremony
was silly, but when he thought about it, a lot less sillier than being a
cat. Just then, an extremely beautiful Tabitha walked
in....or.....wait........Sabrina! Sabrina's long blond hair was up, but
yes, despite being identical to Tabitha in every way, except for the color
of her hair, there was no mistaking Sabrina. Sabrina was wearing a pure
white wraparound dress that strained against her very womanly body. Her
voluptuousness was only eclipsed by her sweet innocence. Sabrina walked
over to the chair designated for Tabitha, and turned facing in front. She
then slowly dropped down to her knees and kneeled down. Her beauty was
breath-taking, and Salem couldn't help respond to it. There was something
about seeing her subservient to Tabitha that was incredibly erotic.

When Tabitha walked in, she looked identical to Sabrina in every way
except where Sabrina's long golden hair was sitting on top of her innocent
head, Tabitha's long pitch black hair sat on top of her less than innocent
head. Tabitha wore a black wraparound that hugged her body as equally as
provocative as Sabrina's. There was nothing innocent in the way Tabitha
looked. Salem glanced back at Sabrina and saw that she was gazing lovingly
at Tabitha. He knew Tabitha had placed a very powerful love spell on
Sabrina, but seeing it work first hand was making all of his ten inches
strain forward.


Hilda and Zelda kneeled obediently beside Salem, looking very much like
harem girls. While Salem was obviously captivated with the entrance of the
identical twins, Hilda couldn't help steal a few glances herself. Hilda
was no stranger to beauty, having to look at herself in the mirror every
day, but when Sabrina and Tabitha walked into the room, it was as if every
set of eyes in the room was riveted on them. Both identical, yet
completely opposite. Sabrina, the epitome of sweet innocence, and Tabitha,
the epitome of evil.

Hilda didn't feel right leaving Zelda behind in this plan, but hopefully
she wouldn't feel any backlash for what was about to happen. All Hilda had
to do was touch a part of Sabrina's body and the spell would transport them
instantly. Away from here and safely in the hands of the most mightiest
wizard in this Universe........Merlin.

Hilda knew that Tabitha was very powerful and that the only one capable
of resisting her powers would be the highest ranking wizard. Hopefully,
Merlin wouldn't be in the middle of something private when they
materialized in front of him.

It wasn't until after the promotion ceremony when Hilda and Zelda were
brought over to kneel at the feet of Tabitha. Only five feet away, Sabrina
kneeled down at Tabitha's side. Could she reach out and touch Sabrina
before being stopped? Probably not. Hilda noticed that Sabrina didn't pay
them no mind which meant that she had no idea who they were. Hilda knew
that she had to act fast.

"Master......please allow me to say hello to Sabrina."

Salem glanced at Hilda and replied; "She don't even know who you are."

"Please Master.......please."

"Alright, you can go over there, but kneel down in front of her."

Hilda beamed with pleasure. She took a quick glance at Tabitha, who was
talking to some other dignitaries, and then quickly moved over to Sabrina,
who made eye contact with her for the first time.

"Hi Sabrina."

" I know you?"

"Oh least you did. I'm your Aunt Hilda."

Sabrina smiled back at her and replied; "Oh can't be.....your
much too young to be my Aunt Hilda."

Hilda responded; "Oh......Tabitha age regressed me back to my teen

Sabrina still didn't show emotion, giving Hilda a small smile, then
returned her gaze back to the object of her desire.

Hilda extended her hand to Sabrina, hoping that Sabrina would take it.
Every second seemed an eternity as Sabrina smiled at her, while extending
her own hand. Hilda thought that Tabitha would pounce on them any second
if Sabrina didn't hurry up. FLASH! They were gone.


While Jennifer Love Hewitt squeezed her vaginal muscles tight against
his shaft, a feeling of pleasure flushed his lower region. The young actress was so cute and pretty. Along with her very pretty smile, she
sported a rather large set of tits, and Merlin just loved to watch them
bounce up and down as she rode him. She was becoming well versed in the
art of lovemaking. Her long brown hair fanned out touching her extremely
pretty behind. Every time he went to grab hold of her shapely ass, her
hair would get tangled in his hands. Jennifer continued to ride him and
cried out again with another orgasm. Merlin always made sure his lovers
had multiple orgasms before he would release his own stream of come.

" you!"
panted Jennifer, as she continued to gaze lovingly in his eyes. 'Of course
you do, pretty girl, your under my twenty-four hour love bug.' Merlin said
to himself, as he alternated between squeezing her breasts and squeezing
her ass cheeks.....both incredibly erotic. As they continued fucking he
reflected on the spur of the moment decision. He saw Jennifer, along with
a woman he found out later to be her Mother, leaving an LA cafe. Merlin
loved to just walk amongst the mortals and recognized the young actress
from a special he'd seen her in. He remembered remarking that she was a
very sexy piece of tail and being captivated by her huge beautiful boobs,
plus her smile. Merlin had a standard twenty-four hour love bug that he
could give a girl with a single sneeze in her face. First he held her
attention, using a mild form of mesmerizing. Then walked up to her while
she simply gazed back at him, and sneezed right in her face. The sneeze
sprayed a bug which directly took residence inside of her. Within seconds,
Jennifer Love Hewitt swooned, and instantly fell in love with him. Merlin
sent the mother home and took the excited Jennifer back to his place. They
had been making love for nearly four hour now. The girl simply couldn't
get enough of him. Merlin continued pumping in and out of Jennifer's very
wet sex, burying all nine inches of him, until he finally screamed out his
own release. A gushing stream of his own come flooded Jennifer's ovaries.
Jennifer cried out with her own earth shattering orgasm, but this time she
passed out from the intensity, while collapsing on top of him. Merlin
wasn't sure how passionate the girl was before this love bug she was
experiencing, but a by product of the virus would stay with her forever and
would keep Jennifer Love Hewitt in a constant state of readiness. He
wasn't sure how Jennifer felt about sex prior to this bug, but from this
day forward, she'd be living for it.

While Merlin climbed up out of bed, letting the young actress sleep for
awhile, a FLASH quite suddenly lit up his bedroom. Merlin knew that only a
council member, witch or warlock, had access to this magic, and only in the
event of a serious emergency. As a precaution, never underestimating a
potential risk, he quickly threw a shield around the naked beauty on the
bed. Jennifer would be protected. As Merlin watched, two very pretty
blond girls..........looking to be about Jennifer's age......materialized
in front of him. Merlin quickly zapped on a pair of black trousers while
he took in the sight of both girls. He smiled, both were very pretty and
he couldn't help be impressed by the size of their boobs. Merlin thought
one girl in particular looked incredibly breath-taking. He didn't know it
then, but he was looking at Sabrina.

"What did you do!" screamed the more beautiful of the two.

The other girl turned to Merlin. "Merlin, I'm Hilda - I need your help.
Make her sleep while I explain!"

Merlin gazed into the girl calling herself Hilda, and saw that she was
telling the truth. Obviously, a much younger version. In fact, Hilda now
looked like the Hilda he fucked many moons ago. Merlin turned to the
pretty one and cast a sleep spell on her. The girl, who was terribly
frightened, was about to scream but was stopped instantly, as her blue eyes
closed. Merlin elevated the beauty off the floor and floated her to the
bed, softly dropping her beside the sleeping Jennifer Love Hewitt. Merlin
couldn't help but appreciate the extremely erotic sight of these two
beauties sleeping together on the bed. But wait......the unknown beauty
was still dressed in a white wrap around and wearing white high heeled
shoes. Merlin smiled, and the blond's clothes instantly vanished, leaving
her completely naked like Jennifer. Merlin couldn't help notice that the
blond was shaved of her pubic hair and the look aroused him. Merlin turned
back to Hilda.

"Okay, who is she?"

"My niece.....Sabrina. She's under a very powerful spell."

Merlin scanned the spell surrounding Sabrina and the power of it
startled him. "You aren't kidding. I've never seen one this powerful
before! Who owns it?"

"Tabitha........she's Sabrina from an alternate Universe."

"Ah.....I see. Well.......You're going to find this hard to believe,
but there are parts of the spell that I can't even break."

Hilda was shocked. "Tell me she doesn't have to be tied to Tabitha for
the rest of eternity. Please tell me she doesn't."

Merlin went over and hugged the pretty witch. "No, at least not like
this.......anyway, look at you."

Hilda blushed, still in her harem get up. "I've been a slave to Salem
for the last year."

"Your cat?!?"

"No......Tabitha turned him back into his true warlock form."

"Where's your sister?

"Back at that resort and totally under Tabitha and Salem's power. My
teleporation spell was only good for two passengers, so, I had to leave her

Merlin scanned Hilda and detected strong traits of the slave
conditioning still in her. He also saw the self analyzing spell she had
placed on herself and was impressed. Merlin scanned further and saw how
she'd been stripped of her powers. "Very clever proved that
you are not one to reckon with lightly. Incidentally, let me make a few
adjustments to you." Merlin motioned with his hands before Hilda had a
chance to respond, and then quite instantly, felt her witch craft return to
her and the disappearance of her conditioning. She smiled; "Thank you."
Hilda immediately got rid of her harem outfit and popped herself on some
jeans and a tee shirt. Now, instead of a slave, she looked like a high
school girl. Hilda tried the only spell she could to restore herself to
adult hood, but it didn't work. "I think I'm going to need your help in
this department." gesturing down at her youthful body.

Merlin smiled and nodded, sending a bolt of energy towards her. Nothing
happened. Merlin then took his time to study the spell, and noted the spin
to it. "Looks like I can't restore you. The spell she has placed on you
is permanent. Your locked at age seventeen eternally......sorry."

Hilda sighed. "Well, things could be worse."

Merlin walked over to Sabrina and took his time to study all the spells
placed on her. After several minutes of deep thought, he finally
concluded. "I'm afraid she's in worse condition than I previously
thought..........there's only one way to break this obsession she feels for
Tabitha, and it means altering her life forever if I do it."

Hilda looked concerned; "Anything is better than what she's under now."

"Maybe......but I suspect she was happy being Tabitha's lover. If I do
this, she'll be confronted with a lot more responsibility than her
seventeen years should have to worry about."

Hilda didn't know what Merlin meant by all this, nor did she question

Merlin, popped off his trousers and glanced at Hilda. He could see her
blushing at his sudden nudity, and turn yet a darker red when all of his
nine inches sprung to attention. Merlin then turned back his attention to
Sabrina. He used his mind to mentally stroke Sabrina's pleasure centers,
and within seconds, the unconscious girl was withering around the bed while
moaning. Merlin knew what he was going to find when he inserted his middle
finger inside the girl, but he had to be sure. "Did you know that Sabrina
is still a virgin?"

Hilda smiled, feeling proud of her niece. Apparently, Tabitha didn't
want the girl soiled. "I thought that she might be, knowing that Tabitha
was a full fledged lesbian."

Merlin felt his own arousal build and guided his erection into Sabrina's
vagina. Taking Sabrina's virginity would cause many things to happen, but
Merlin saw no other way. He had to flood her insides with his own come,
while reversing the mantra that Tabitha used. He was well aware of the
spell she used, and gave her credit for her selection. Merlin pushed his
erection inside the sleeping Sabrina, which elicit a louder moan.

Merlin then closed his eyes and chanted;
"Talto.....Remor......Vesul......Misa" and at the same exact time Merlin
said 'Misa', he broke through Sabrina's hymen. Sabrina screamed out while
bucking hard against Merlin's erection. Knowing that Sabrina needed it,
Merlin continued pumping in and out of her until they both screamed out an
orgasm simultaneously. Merlin flooded Sabrina's inside walls with his come
and smiled. Hence, the birth of a powerful sorceress.

Hilda, who watched the entire experience, couldn't help her own body's
reaction. It reminded her of the time Merlin fucked her after winning the
Miss Witch contest. What she would give to have him touch her again, but
what she was witnessing was more for recovery purposes than sexual. As
Merlin pulled his huge member out of Sabrina's treasure, Hilda could see
her virgin blood seeping out. Sabrina lost her virginity to the most
powerful Wizard in the Universe.

"Is this she free of Tabitha's spell?"

Merlin zapped back on his trousers and climbed off the bed. He looked
back down at Sabrina. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her
face. "Not completely, but she's no longer mindlessly devoted to her. Nor
will she feel passive around her. Sabrina will be totally herself now with
the exception of her sexuality. When she sees Tabitha again, she'll still
feel a healthy sexual attraction towards her. In fact, from now on,
Sabrina will find herself attracted to every pretty female she sees."

"You mean she's been turned into a lesbian?"

"Well, not exactly. By me taking Sabrina's virginity, I've taken away
her ability to feel passion for another male. She'll find a very powerful
attraction towards me and love the orgasms I can bring her body, but I'm
the only male she will ever feel this desire, on the other
hand, she will feel a strong sexual desire for her own sex. This will help
her sate the constant state of arousal she'll feel."

"Is that it, or is there something else?"

"Oh, there's a lot more. Understand, the only way I could break the
hold Tabitha had on her was to take her virginity and reverse the spell at
the same time. Now, her body is stuck just like yours. She will look this
way through eternity, and finally, the most important difference."

Hilda looked at Merlin perplex like; "What's that?"

"When I took Sabrina's virginity......I instantly elevated her from
witch status to a very powerful fact, she's nearly as
powerful as me. I've bestowed her a great honor that I've only did with
one other witch during my existence"

Hilda's eyes lit up. She was curious; "The Scarl....Wanda!?!"

"No.....she gained her powers from....well, that's another story."

"Then who?"

Merlin smiled. "You remember Samantha?"

Hilda asked; "Endora's daughter?"


"Wow.....whatever happened to her."

"Trapped in a time warp.......somewhere in the sixties. She's stuck
inside the reruns of some television show......even I failed in my attempt
to rescue her."

"How'd that happen?"

"Her twin cousin......but that's another story, so, let's stick with
this one."

Hilda glanced at the other naked girl, who she hadn't paid much mind to
until this moment. She looked so pretty sleeping beside Sabrina. "What's
the story with her?"

"She just happened to be here when you two interrupted
recognize her?"

"No....should I?"

Merlin smiled at Hilda. "No....I guess not."

"She looks awfully young.....did you have yourself two virgins tonight?"

Merlin laughed. "Actually, no.......she's been with at least one

"She's very pretty.......something about the two of them laying there
naked together, innocently sleeping side by side that's extremely erotic."
Hilda stated while gazing at the two of them.

"Yes......I most certainly agree, but now, however, we must wake Sabrina
up." Merlin replied.


Sabrina woke up feeling strange.....and sore. Without realizing just
yet where she was and who she was with, she suddenly realized she was
naked. She reached down to touch her soreness, dipping a couple of fingers
inside her swollen sex. Sabrina could feel the stickiness of her fingers
and when she brought her hand up to look at the stickiness, she saw the
blood mixed in with her come?

"Actually, it's from both of us. We came together." stated the male
voice to her left.

Sabrina was startled by the male voice and as she was about to jump up
out of bed, she noticed a naked girl sleeping next to her! Sabrina looked
at the girl's face. No! It couldn't be! Yes! Jennifer Love Hewitt laid
there naked, apparently sleeping, next to her!!! Did we just???? Although
the thought of them together sounded appealing to her, Sabrina quickly
buried the thought due to the shock of her whole situation. Sabrina turned
back to the guy, who looked in his late twenties, and then saw the
beautiful blond girl standing in back of him. They both stared at her.
Sabrina was about to ask 'who the hell they were, when she realized she was
still naked.

"Here....let me take care of that for you." said the pretty blond girl.

Sabrina looked back down at herself, and she was now wearing faded jeans
and a plain white teeshirt. "Wh....What is going on?.......why did you
rape me?" Sabrina asked, looking at the man.

"Take a second to remember everything.....alright Sabrina." stated the

All of a sudden it hit her! Sabrina remembered how she first met
Tabitha, then how she was seduced by her, and then enslaved by her. The
memory made her blush and feel arousal at the same time. "Oh my God......I
can't believe it!" exclaimed Sabrina.

"Sabrina......I know this may be hard to swallow, but there's a whole
lot more. To start with, I'm your Aunt Hilda."

Sabrina looked up at the pretty blond teen and suddenly realized it was
her aunt. Sabrina ran over to her and they hugged. As they separated,
Sabrina glanced at the man. Sabrina suddenly started to feel desire for
him. A strong desire, and she backed up, not understanding why? This man obviously took her virginity, and she was still confused. "Who are you?"

"Merlin............and I have a lot to tell you. Lets go out to the
living room." Merlin stated, while noticing Sabrina looking back at the
sleeping brunette. "Jennifer will be alright by herself."

Sabrina gazed at the young actress one last time before leaving the
bedroom. In addition to being in awe of the actress, she was also feeling
an attraction to her. Maybe I can talk with her later, she thought to
herself. I've always been a big fan.

Merlin went on to tell Sabrina all about what he had to do to lift
Tabitha's spell. Sabrina sat there listening and remembering. She blushed
as her memory recalled everything, including the loss of her virginity and
how she reacted to it. Merlin entered Sabrina's mind for the final stage
of her transformation. As if he were throwing on a light switch, that's
all it took to turn Sabrina's new powers on. Instantly, Sabrina's eyes lit
up with power and understanding. Merlin commented; "No incantations simply think what you want, and make any gesture and your
thoughts become reality."

When Merlin was done explaining, Sabrina looked at Hilda. "Zelda is
still there, isn't she?"


Sabrina spoke with conviction "Payback can be a bitch. Watch out
Tabitha, because here I come!"

The End of "Sabrina & Tabitha - Teenage Witches, The Sequel"

Authors Note: Although the third part of this story won't be out until
the Halloween time frame, the story's exciting conclusion will be titled:
"The Teen Sorceress, Sabrina's revenge on Tabitha"

Does Harvey still marry Libby? Does Sarah find new happiness with
another? Does Sabrina use her sorcery to seduce Jennifer Love Hewitt? Is
Jennifer pregnant with a little witch or warlock growing inside her? Does
Tabitha withstand the might of a full fledged sorceress? Does Merlin fall
in love with Sabrina? Does Zelda regain her former self? Does Salem grow
claws...again? Answers to all these questions and more in the third and
final segment!


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