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Disclaimer: You must be eighteen years old in order to read this story. No

Author's Note: This is the third chapter of the Sabrina & Tabitha -
Teenage Witches trilogy. If you haven't read the first two chapters, stop
right here and go do so. If you're not sure where to find them, please
email me and I'll either email you a site link or the text. The story is
meant for the enjoyment of adults.

Special Note: I had no idea when I started this story line, how popular
and well received this story would become. I'm not naive to how many
people this story reaches, nor to the content. I'd like to offer my most
sincere apologies if this story upsets anyone. My intention was to provide
an enjoyable light hearted adult fantasy... Please receive it this way.

Comments are appreciated (praise or criticisms) Email me at

Special thanks: To jdw, a fan of my work - and my new proof reader.

Sabrina & Tabitha ~ The Teenage Witches III (Teen Sorceress ~ Sabrina's


Tabitha stood there fuming. Not knowing was her biggest fear. Were
there powers in this universe greater than hers? You think... Sabrina and
that bitch Hilda disappeared last night, and despite every tracking spell
in her arsenal, she lost the trail. This didn't make sense? Hilda must
have received outside help...but from whom?

Tabitha spent the entire night trying to locate her lover, but came up
empty. Now it was morning, and she walked into her parlor chamber in an
unpleasant mood. Upon entering, she headed straight for the parlor's new
addition. "Damn you!" she shouted at the nude statue.

A few hours ago, Tabitha directed all her anger and frustration at
Salem. "It's all your fault!" she had shouted at him...then added; "It was
your idea to have Hilda and Zelda see Sabrina!...your idea!" Tabitha didn't
give the low grade warlock a chance to answer, instantaneously turning
Salem into a solid stone statue. As to further humiliate him, Tabitha
stripped him naked and gave him an erection. Tabitha now looked at the
statue critically, and saw something she didn't like. "Oh my, we can't
have you looking all that now, can we?" Tabitha pointed at Salem's ten
inches and shrunk it in half.

Tabitha's mind filled with Sabrina again. Did she lose Sabrina forever?
Tabitha loved Sabrina more than she cared to admit and felt a deep
emptiness without her. Tabitha was confident that the love spell Sabrina
labored under couldn't be broken, and because of this, she worried that
Sabrina was feeling stress from their separation.

Tabitha still couldn't believe Hilda... Did she underestimate her? Did
Hilda really possess a power strong enough to elude a witch of her stature?
No way! Tabitha's thoughts were interrupted by a knock... With a flick of
her finger, the door opened. Zelda stood at the door with her head bowed.

Tabitha motioned Sabrina's aunt inside. Zelda walked straight up to her
and stood at attention. Zelda's teen body was pretty... It wasn't the
type of beauty that knocked you over, but she did possess a cute slim look,
oozing sweet innocence.

"Yes Mistress, how may I serve you?" whispered Zelda.

Tabitha didn't say a word. She glanced over at the cauldron... The
potion that was brewing still had awhile to go. Tabitha turned back to
Zelda and asked; "Where did Hilda and Sabrina go?"

Zelda replied; "I don't know Mistress...please believe me...I don't

Tabitha knew that Zelda was telling the truth but felt angry anyway.
Drastic events called for drastic measures, and with that thought, Tabitha
needed to prepare herself for the worst.


Zelda felt fear like never before. She had already been questioned by
Tabitha, so she wasn't sure why she was here. Zelda witnessed Tabitha's
anger and was present when Salem was turned into stone... Zelda stood at
attention and wondered if this was her fate.

Tabitha moved in front of her, and captured her eyes; "Look deep
Zelda...look deep down and straight into my eyes...keep looking."

Zelda found herself responding to the order. A very small part of her
realized that if she was going to make any stand at all, this would be the
time, but she found her conditioning too firmly in place and relished a
sweet pleasure from obeying. Tabitha continued to stare into her eyes,
sending Zelda down deeper and deeper.


Tabitha smiled after Zelda was firmly entranced. Her strongest hypnotic
would keep Zelda in a suspended animated state until the potion was ready.
They both had to drink the potion in order for the spell to work, and once
accomplished, there would be no turning back. Tabitha walked over to the
cauldron hanging over the fireplace. As primitive as it was
necessary. Tabitha picked up the ladle and slowly stirred... Did she
really need to go this far?


Sabrina, Hilda and the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt popped back home.
Sabrina blushed at the memory of her and Merlin's love making...especially
when Jennifer joined in. The actress still labored under the love bug and
as a gift, Merlin transferred the girl's obsession to Sabrina.

Sabrina remembered how desperately she needed Merlin. She also
remembered her sexual attraction to Jennifer. It made for the greatest sex
she ever experienced. Tabitha's touch didn't even compare.

Sabrina knew it wasn't going to be easy living away from Merlin.
Jennifer would help alleviate some of her desire, but would it be enough?
Jennifer wondered whether she should go out and ensorcell a few other
girls? Then she sighed... Regardless how many girls she took, her body
would always crave Merlin the most.

Sabrina sent Hilda out to wrap up some lose ends. She wanted to have
everything cleared up before she went after Tabitha. While Hilda was out
running some chores, Sabrina called Jennifer into her bedroom. It was hard
to believe the actress was really here. Sabrina merely thought her naked,
and Jennifer's clothes disappeared. Jennifer stood naked before her,
smiling that famous smile, and...visibly aroused. Sabrina popped off her
own clothes and moved over to her bed, willing Jennifer to join her. It
was about this time when Sabrina noticed the growth of Jennifer's breasts!
Did Merlin put a spell on them?


It wasn't totally by accident that Hilda materialized inside of Libby's
bedroom at the precise time when the two high school seniors were having
sex. Hilda smiled as she watched Harvey plunge in and out of Libby. So
not to startle them, she quickly threw an invisibility cloak on
herself...then thought that she might as well enjoy the show. Hilda looked
at Harvey altogether differently now. She found her new teenage body
responding as Harvey continued to thrust in and out of Libby. As Hilda
continued to watch, she slipped her right hand down to her own wet slit and
slowly played with herself. It didn't take long before all three of them
screamed out in a mind-boggling orgasm.

"Who's there!" shouted Harvey, hearing the additional scream.

Libby jumped up off of Harvey to find something to cover herself with,
and in doing so, some of Harvey's come dripped out of the pretty brunette's
pussy. Hilda smiled at the girl's actions while gazing at her bouncing
breasts. Her tits were gigantic in size...obviously a product of Tabitha's
doing. WAIT! What was this!... Libby was pregnant!

Hilda quickly placed a silence spell on the both of them and
materialized; "Don't mind me, I just got caught up in your love making."

Both Harvey and Libby's eyes lit up at seeing the young naked blonde girl materialize in front of them, but remained silent. Hilda giggled at
their reaction and popped them all back to Sabrina.


Merlin listened to the lad's plea. If it weren't for the fact that the
lad was the son of a personal friend of his, he would never be dealing with
this...but out of respect to his friend, here he was helping this mortal
like a third ranked wizard. While Merlin listened, he found his mind
wandering. Never in his immortal life, had he felt this confused about his
feelings. Sabrina was constantly on his mind, and the mere thought of her
distracted him in more ways than one.

"Sir, she never gives me the time of day, and I really love her. My dad
says you can fix this, and I would be really, like, really thankful..."

Merlin glanced back at the young lad and smiled. guys usually had the
same request, and the girls were no different. "If I place a spell on this
girl, it will be relentless... Is this someone you want to live with for
the rest of your life?"

"Yes Sir. Every time I look at some other girl, I see nothing but
Sheri's face. I can't get her out of my mind..."

Merlin thought to himself, 'Tell me about it' thinking of Sabrina.

"Sir. It doesn't have to be a real powerful love spell, just one that
will give me a chance with her."

Merlin hadn't done this type of thing for anybody in ages. This was
something he simply grew out of eons ago. Normally he would just give a
girl a nudge in a certain direction, and accompany it with a slight
infatuation spell, but a larger part of him felt this lad's frustration.
Merlin entered the lad's mind, and captured a picture of his obsession.
Sheri Carson. The image was enough for him to cast a spell and quite
instantly, Sheri materialized before them.

"Wh...What!" exclaimed Sheri, who was standing there half dressed. She
must have been in the middle of changing. She didn't have her shoes on,
she wore jeans, but she only had a bra on. Her breasts were small, but
perky. Merlin figured he'd have to enlarge them before he released her.

"Hi Sheri... I'm assuming you know Jimmy." Merlin said while glancing
at the lad to her right.

"Jim...Jimmy Peters! What is this!?!" the girl screamed. Then she
realized she was still halfdressed and covered her tits.

The lad was in shock, having never actually seen magic performed.
"I...I...I'm sorry Sheri...I couldn't...I couldn't help

"The nerve! You did you get me here!" the very
pretty girl exclaimed while frantically looking around the room.

"I...I want you to love me."

The girl's eyes looked fiery red as she screamed; "NEVER!"

Merlin had enough and snapped his finger, instantly freezing the girl in
place. Merlin noted the lad's look of fear when he cautiously reached out
and touched the frozen girl. He stammered; " she alright?"

"Sure she is... I just had enough." Then Merlin waved his arm and what
little clothes the girl had on vanished. Sheri now stood completely
naked... The lad gasped.

Merlin had to admit the girl was stunning. Merlin then asked the lad;
"Do you like the girl's tits?"

The lad gazed at the girl's breasts in rapture, along with the rest of
her body. "Yesssss Sirrrrrr." he replied.

Merlin saw that the lad would have said 'yes' to anything and decided to
take a different approach; "Okay Jimmy, look at her breasts now."

The lad watched as the girl's breasts grew right before his very eyes...
Merlin stopped their growth when they reached a healthy set of "D" cups.
" you like them like this, or do your prefer small?"

"Oh my god! This way...god yes! She's so beautiful with those tits!"

Merlin then gestured the girl's tits back to their normal size. "Okay
Jimmy, that's the size Sheri will have, but I've placed a gradual growth
spell on them. It'll take a few months for her to grow them that big.
This way there will be less explaining."

"Th...thanks!" stated the lad.

Merlin snapped his fingers and the girl suddenly found herself unfrozen,
but still rooted to the floor. After attempting to move, and failing, she
asked what was going on, and was startled when her voice didn't rise above
a whisper; "Please...please don't hurt me...please tell me what is going

"Okay may turn to Jimmy."

The girl blushed when she turned to face Jimmy, knowing full well that
she was naked. She also knew that this boy was somehow responsible for her
being here.

"Look at him closely, find him sexy and attractive, don't

The girl started to say no, but looked closer. All of a sudden a
surprised look crossed her face. The girl stammered as if realizing it for
the first time; "I...I don't know why...but all of a sudden...he does look
kinda cute...real and cute."

"Keep looking closely Sheri...the sight of him also makes you
feel...horny...doesn't it."

The girl continued gazing, and because she was naked, it was easy to
tell she was feeling excited. Her little breasts moved up and down on her
chest with her increased breathing, and her hands roamed all over her body,
especially down between her legs; "Yesssss. I'm getting hot.... I...
I... feel so hot..."

"You sexually desire Jimmy, don't you? You want him to make love to
you, don't you? You want to have sex with him, don't you?"

The girl was in a state of great need by now, panting with desire. The
girl couldn't help herself as she slipped her right hand down to rub her
swollen clit. The girl moaned as her arousal grew. "Yesssss. I...I...I
want Jimmy me..."

Merlin threw his arms up and the girl again froze in place. This time
she made an incredible sight, standing there with her legs slightly spread
and her fingers tips barely inside her wet pussy.

Merlin looked to the lad and smiled. He could see the lad's hardon
poking against his trousers. "I take it you approve."

"God YES!...she's so fucking sexy!"

"Well, she's yours now... Oh, she's still herself, but now she has the
hots for you. She'll be so horny for you that she'll agree to be your sex
slave just to be close to you." Merlin then freshened her up, popped her
clothes back on, and sent her back to her bedroom.

The lad looked confused; "Huh?"

"She's back in her bedroom. Her desire for you will go into full effect
the second she lays eyes on you."

"Thank you sir."

"Thank your father...and tell him I'm one up on him."

As the smiling lad left, Merlin wondered how Sabrina was coming along.
She had specifically told him that she wanted to deal with Tabitha herself,
so he respected her wishes and stayed clear. He was feeling horny, and
thought to himself; 'Maybe I'll just pop in on her, and see what


Sabrina had both Harvey and Libby, completely naked, standing at
attention. She needed to see what Tabitha had done physically and mentally
to them. Both humans were in a state of deep hypnosis.

Sabrina, feeling her own arousal from the sight of Libby, lightly cupped
the brunette's huge breasts. She knew that Libby's enlarged tits were more
so a product of Tabitha, than of her pregnancy. In any event, they looked
nice on her and Sabrina decided to let Libby keep them. Sabrina walked in
front of Harvey, and felt a slight sadness at the memories they shared.
She remembered them and her love for Harvey, but thanks to her curse, the
memories sparked no emotion. Sabrina then looked down below Harvey's
waist... Physically, Tabitha may have added a few inches, as he seemed
abnormally large, but she wasn't sure. Their own relationship never
advanced to that stage.

Sabrina flexed her mind and straightened out Harvey's artificial
personality. Tabitha had been mean to him, making him cold and violent.
Sabrina could see that he didn't really love Libby, he just needed her to
slake his passion. To him, she was merely a tool. Sabrina stripped him of
all his artificial traits and resurfaced his old traits. Instead of the
cold passion he felt for Libby, she replaced it with a genuine love. These
two were scheduled to be married and it would make no sense to break up
their relationship...especially given Libby's pregnancy.

Sabrina scanned Libby's mind and WAIT! What was this! Libby
and...and...Sarah Michelle Gellar! Sabrina couldn't believe it. Tabitha
had given Libby a mistress...and it was Buffy, the Vampire Slayer! Oh my
god! Sabrina thought for a second. She wondered if Jennifer and Sarah
knew each other. Sabrina telepathically sent the sleeping Jennifer the
question, and the gorgeous young television star subconsciously responded
that they did a movie together. Sabrina smiled. Tabitha must have done
this...but why? Sabrina dove deeper inside Libby's mind and discovered the
girl's real was for her. A year ago, the idea would have
repulsed her, but now it aroused her. Libby was a beautiful girl. Maybe
instead of Libby sneaking out to meet Sarah, she would have her sneak out
and meet her. Sabrina removed all the artificial mental commands in
Libby's mind, and resurfaced her old ones. Sabrina did place a similar
type love spell on her, so she would feel a genuine love for Harvey.
Sabrina removed all real memory of Sarah from her mind, and merely made it
a fantasy. Sabrina then popped them out of her house and back to their
apartment. They would live happily ever after...


On the set, Sarah was having her usual tough morning. The physical
frustration she had to endure being this far away from Libby rendered her
restless. During a class room scene she suddenly felt a strange ripping of
emotion. Sarah tried to identify it and then it HIT her! Sarah stopped
talking in the middle of her scene and smiled. The director yelled 'cut'.
Sarah apologized and ran to her dressing room. The feeling she felt for
that high school girl Libby...was gone. Sarah cried...with joy.

"Hi Sarah." said a soft voice.

Sarah looked up startled. She thought she locked the door. 'What?'
"Oh...Melissa, what are you doing here?" mistaking the young blonde beauty
for actress Melissa Joan Hart. (Again, I couldn't resist)

"Melissa?...No, I'm not name is Sabrina." replied the soft
sweet voice.

Sarah looked at the blonde girl and could now see the slight
differences...especially in her breasts. "Oh...I...I...what are you doing did you get in?"

The Melissa look-a-like was pretty, and Sarah found herself responding.
'Oh no...not again.' She thought to herself. As if the blonde could read
her mind, she replied; "This time it will be much more pleasurable...I


In just a short time, Jennifer Love Hewitt's life changed so much.
First she meets Merlin, who is the most incredibly guy she ever met in her
life... She still felt arousal when she recalled their lovemaking. Never
had she been so totally consumed with desire before. Then she meets
Sabrina. What was it about this girl that looked so familiar? Jennifer,
who would admit to fantasizing about making it with another girl, never
thought she'd actually be doing it. Sabrina was so beautiful.

Jennifer then indulged in another first...a threesome with Merlin and
Sabrina! After she woke from the greatest sex she could ever imagine, she
practically begged Sabrina to let her stay with her. Jennifer knew she'd
be missed from the set of "Party of Five", but being with Sabrina was the
most important part of her life now.

In fact, now that Jennifer had time to think about things, she felt
totally comfortable and alright with her new lesbian life. What actually
confused her was her breasts!?! They'd been tender, sore and swelling ever
since that special night the three of them made love. Jennifer was proud
of her tits. She felt they were nice sized and was happy to know she
wouldn't need breast implants. A lot of actresses had that dilemma, and
she always felt comfort knowing she wouldn't need to make that decision.
Jennifer slowly crawled out of bed and walked over to the mirror. Her
breasts had grown noticeably larger... At this rate, Jennifer wondered if
she would soon need breast reduction surgery? Maybe she should say
something to Sabrina? Hell, she wouldn't have to say anything... All
Sabrina would have to do is look at her! Jennifer felt a tingle in her
groin from the thought of Sabrina. Only way to explain her Jennifer smiled back at her reflection... She still had
the cutest smile in Hollywood. Just then the door opened.



Despite her nudity, Jennifer went over and hugged Sarah with genuine
friendship. They hadn't seen each other in so long.


Sabrina walked in behind Sarah, and was pleased... This would certainly
make their lives easier. When they separated, Sabrina thought it was cute
how Sarah blushed...then Jennifer blushed. Sabrina thought they were
perfect for each other.

"Okay girls... Ground rules. Take a seat on the bed.

Both girls complied.

"By now you two realize I'm a witch. Well, actually I'm a sorceress,
but that only matters to other witches and warlocks. Jenn... <Sabrina
then noticed Jennifer's breasts> Jennifer! What is happening to your

"I...I don't know...they're just growing all of a sudden." stammered the
lovely actress.

Sabrina was just about to take a closer look when Merlin popped in the

"Merlin!" Sabrina and Jennifer excitedly exclaimed...while Sarah looked
on in wonder.

Sabrina rushed over to hug him, relishing the feel of their bodies
together. Sabrina felt a rush of pleasure spread throughout her body...she
hadn't realized how much her body missed him. Sabrina wanted!


Merlin popped him and Sabrina back to his place. The two actresses were
left to reacquaint themselves...this time more intimately. Just before
leaving, Merlin watched Sabrina throw a desire spell over them. Good
selection, he thought to himself. It would compliment them nicely. Their
sexual desire for one another would increase as the other's increased. It
worked like a loop, never ending.

Merlin could have easily popped Sabrina's clothes off of her, but
decided he wanted to let her passion grow a little. Sabrina's normally
strong personality was swallowed up at the moment, and she was totally
subservient to him. Merlin thought about the only way he could lift the
curse... He had to be sure.

Merlin had Sabrina down to her fiery red panties and stood back to gaze
at the girl's beauty. She was absolutely breath-taking. Enough was
enough, and Merlin popped off his clothes, springing free his eight inches.
He then popped off Sabrina's panties, displaying her bare pussy. He willed
Sabrina to kneel before him, and the girl's eyes lit up with excitement as
she opened her mouth. Her breath was warm, and lips were wet. Merlin
cried out at the contact. Sabrina proceeded to swallow all of him full,
and used her tongue to slide pleasurable strokes up and down his shaft.
Sabrina was incredible! Where did she learn this? Just as Merlin was
about to come, he willed Sabrina to go over to the bed. Sabrina stopped in
mid stroke, still smiling and picked herself up. She crawled onto the bed,
and turned herself around. Sabrina then very sexily thrust her beautiful
ass up in the air and awaited... Merlin gazed at Sabrina in love. The
sight of her in this doggy position flooded him with more desire than at
any other time in his immortal life. He loved taking a girl like this!
How did Sabrina know? At that very moment, Sabrina was the most erotic
sight he'd ever seen in all his years as a wizard.


Sabrina felt she was floating on a title wave of pleasure... Merlin
slammed his huge erection in the depths of her hot vagina, and she cried
out her passion. Sabrina couldn't help how her normal personality
disappeared in Merlin's presence... Sabrina couldn't help this sweet
submissive side surface when she was with him...and when Sabrina
experienced Merlin the first time a couple nights ago, Sabrina begged her
Aunt Hilda to teach her everything. Man's favorite positions, and the
advanced art of fellatio were part of the "A" list. Sabrina smiled while
shoving her ass back against Merlin's thrust. It was nice that Hilda
retained all her slave training memories... Sabrina closed her pretty eyes
and basked in the most pleasurable climax of her young life...

Merlin collapsed on top of her, and then off to the side of her.
Sabrina and Merlin both rolled over on their back. "That was incredible!"
exclaimed Merlin, as Sabrina snuggled in close to her lover. Now that
Sabrina felt sated, she felt a tad bit of her own personality seeping back
in. "We have to do the time! Please Merlin...

"Maybe we can get know...twice a week."

Sabrina smiled at Merlin... Here he was the most powerful wizard in
this universe, holding absolute authority over her libido, and he actually
stammered his response to having more sex with her. "I'd love that."
Sabrina said with a smile, and added; "It's worth this passive feeling that
over takes me."

"Have you decided how you're going to deal with Tabitha?"

Sabrina smiled; "Yep...and I'll be ready to move on her tomorrow evening
at midnight."

"Do you want any help?"

"Nope...although, I wouldn't mind another session like this one after
I'm through."

Merlin smiled at Sabrina, and responded; "You'd better make time for a
session before the mission."

Sabrina blushed, feeling her passive obedience to Merlin kick in and
replied; "Yes sir."

Merlin continued. "Remember Sabrina... Tabitha can still affect you
sexually...and you don't know how powerful that affect will be. The best
armor against her would be for you to be sated and I can help in this

Sabrina again replied; "yes can."

"I won't get in the way of how you handle her. That is your call, but I
want you to be totally prepared. I have no doubt you're more powerful than
her, but don't underestimate your adversary."

Sabrina felt more of herself come back, feeling as if Merlin had somehow
lifted the command portion of his tone. "Alright Merlin...I'll be careful.
You wouldn't want your number one slave to be under that bitch's spell
again now, would you." Sabrina replied with a chuckle.

Merlin shuddered at even the thought of that. "Don't even joke about

While Sabrina laid there snuggled close to Merlin, her eyes came to rest
on her huge beautiful breasts. As they moved up and down on her chest,
they reminded her of Jennifer's. "Oh yeah, by the way...did you put some
sort of spell on Jennifer's tits...they're growing."

Sabrina was startled to see Merlin spring out of bed. "Oh NO!" he


Sarah and Jennifer laid back on the bed cuddling one another. They knew
that Sabrina had cast a spell on them to feel attraction for one another,
but it didn't matter. This life was so much greater than the greatest
fantasy either of them could have ever imagined. Sarah found herself
reaching over to Jennifer, and cupped her huge breasts...they appeared yet
even bigger. Sarah guessed that Jenn had grown an additional cup size
during their love making. Jennifer blushed and murmured; "Sarah... You're
making me horny again...and if you don't stop now, we'll end up '69'ing'
again." Sarah smiled at her friend, and kissed her on the mouth. Both
girls dueled a moment with their tongues, feeling love for one another.
Sarah dropped her mouth down to kiss Jenn's nipple and then a playful tug
with her teeth... A gush of milk sprayed out and down her throat.

"'re lactating!!!"

Jennifer brought her own hands up and squeezed her nipples. The
pressure caused her milk to spray all over Sarah. Sarah brought her mouth
down on her nipple again, exclaiming; "God Jenn, this taste so good!" As
Sarah continued to suck on Jenn's nipple, swallowing more and more of her
milk, Sarah not only was horny, but pleasantly drowsy. Soon Sarah fell
asleep with her mouth still on Jennifer's nipple, and her throat continued


Sabrina looked in on her actress lovers. They were both sleeping.
Sabrina gasped at the size of Jennifer's breasts... Abnormally huge now,
and leaking milk. Sabrina glanced over at Sarah. Uh oh... Sabrina
reached down and cupped Sarah's breasts...they were growing too. Why?
Then it dawned on her... Sarah must have suckled on Jennifer's teats.
Sabrina wondered how big they would grow...


Sabrina popped in on Hilda. "Opppps...sorry Aunt Hilda. Do you need to
be left alone"?

Hilda was crying and sniffled. "That's alright Sabrina...I...I just
can't help it lately. I keep on thinking of Zelda, and it depresses me to
know that she's still Tabitha's slave."

Sabrina smiled at her aunt, and sat down on the bed next to her. "Well,
that's why I'm here. We're moving against Tabitha tomorrow night at

Hilda perked up. "We?"

"Yep... I need you to act as my game?"

Hilda was ecstatic...this is what she had been waiting for! She did
feel nervous about going against Tabitha, but she wouldn't have wanted it
any other way; "You bet Sabrina! Anything you want me to do, I'll do."

"Aunt Hilda... I have to go out tomorrow afternoon and...well...let's
just say I need to prepare. Anyway, I've placed a sleep spell on Jennifer
and Sarah which means they won't wake up until noon. I'd like you to take
care of them for me, while I'm gone."

"Sure honey...but why? What's wrong?"

Sabrina looked at her aunt and smiled; "Hold onto your seat for this...
Jennifer is pregnant with Merlin's child."

"She's WHAT!"

"I'm not kidding...and right now, Jennifer's tits are expanding to the
size of beach balls...and I'm sure by morning, Sarah's breasts will join
her in size."

"What happened???"

"Oh...and here I thought you knew how a male impregnates a female."
Sabrina said with a chuckle.

"Oh that's not what I mean!" Hilda replied while laughing. "How did
Sarah end up looking like least in the chest area?"

"I'm not really sure how it works. I think she must have drank
Jennifer's milk...and the milk must have some sort of built in spell to
prepare a nursing maid to help Jennifer. Anyway, I placed a calming spell
on them. I don't want them freaking out...and please don't say anything to
Jennifer about her pregnancy. I'll tell her after we get Zelda back and
take care of Tabitha."

"Sure Sabrina" stated Hilda.


Jennifer woke up first and shifted around to her side...WHAT!?!
Jennifer reached down with her hands and cupped her...her...nipples. She
couldn't come close to wrapping her hands around these monsters!
"SABRINA!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Sarah jumped up from her
deep sleep, and when she realized she was in the same condition, she
screamed along with Jennifer. Both girls had their hands cupping the tips
of their humongous tits, wondering what had happened to them.

Hilda popped into the room and immediately recited an incantation.
Jennifer felt a comforting lassitude envelop her and smiled. When she
turned to Sarah, she saw the same glazed expression on her. Jennifer not
only cupped her tremendous breasts, but she also started to caress them.
Jennifer wasn't sure why her breasts grew to these proportions, but the
fact of the matter was, she no longer seemed upset about it. Nor
apparently did Sarah.

Hilda interrupted Jennifer's daze by helping both her and Sarah up to
their feet. Both of them were naked, and thanks to Sabrina, neither of
them possessed any modesty. Hilda recited another incantation, and
Jennifer quite instantly felt totally clean and smelling fresh. It was as
if she had just soaked herself in a bathtub. Jennifer glanced over at
Sarah, and could see that her lover's state was the same. Hilda waved her
hands before them and suddenly clothes materialized on them. Jennifer and
Sarah both smiled, presenting quite the picture.


Sabrina felt powerful but more importantly, completely sated... Merlin
seemed to work extra hard in rendering her totally female... She couldn't
get over how many orgasms she experienced. The memory made her blush.
Sabrina used a strong cloaking spell to make herself invisible. Not only
to the human eye, but to a witch's eye. The spell would only last for a
few moments, so it was important that Hilda draw Tabitha out as soon as
possible. It didn't take long before Hilda found Zelda... She was a
statue...the same with Salem. Her Aunt Zelda and Salem stood side by side
completely naked. Sabrina fumed at this apparent act to humiliate them...
When Sabrina looked closely at her Aunt Zelda, she found her strangely
erotic. Something about her was different, and it was more than her new
teen body. Why was her body responding in this manner? Sabrina continued
to look on as her Aunt Hilda tried to break her Aunt Zelda out of the
statue spell...but she couldn't.

Then everything happened so fast! Tabitha suddenly materialize behind
her Aunt Hilda...and Sabrina sprung into action.

"Stop right there Tabitha...its over!" stated Sabrina, who pointed her
finger at her alternate universe self.

Sabrina watched Tabitha wave her hands in front of her. Was she trying
to stall for time? Sabrina didn't hesitate, and cast her ready-made spell.
Sabrina could feel her spell link on to Tabitha and she wondered why she
felt no resistance. Maybe Tabitha wasn't as strong a witch as she thought
she was? Slowly, Tabitha started to lose her womanly figure... She was
age regressing! Tabitha's form rapidly lost age... 14...13...12...
Tabitha's breasts shrunk to almost non existent now... The jump suit she
had been wearing appeared way to big on her child's frame...
11...10...9... Tabitha age regressed younger and younger... 8...7...6...
Sabrina watched the transformation in stunned silence. It was like looking
at herself get younger, and the thought of it was eerie. Tabitha stopped
age regressing at 6 years old. She stood there looking like she was
playing dress-up with her mother's clothing.

Sabrina walked over to the little girl and smiled. The spell would lock
her in this state forever. The little girl would know her name was
Tabitha, but not remember anything about her previous life. The old Tabitha...was gone. The girl looked up at Sabrina and smiled. "Hi...wanna
play with me."

Sabrina replied; "Sure Tabitha...but not right now...okay sweetheart.
You have to go take your nap." With that statement, Sabrina zapped Tabitha
out of her oversized clothes and into pajamas with little hearts on them.
Sabrina then magically made a small bedroom inside her house, and zapped
little Tabitha into bed. The little girl fell asleep the second her head
hit the pillow.

Sabrina walked over to join her Aunt Hilda, who was standing by the
statues of her Aunt Zelda and Salem.

"Can you break Zelda out of this?" asked her Aunt Hilda.

Sabrina looked at the spell and replied sure. Suddenly, Zelda was back
to normal. The teen looked at them and ran over and hugged Hilda; "Oh's over!"

While her two teen aunts hugged each other, Sabrina's body continued to
respond to Aunt Zelda. Something about her was turning her on, and she was
a little surprised by it. Then it hit her! Her Aunt Zelda must remind her
of Tammy from the alternate universe. That was it. Both of them were
sweet and innocent looking. Her Aunt Zelda did not have the vivacious body
that she and her Aunt Hilda possessed... Her aunt Zelda's was more slim
looking and athletic.

" about my hug?" commented Sabrina with a tease.

Her Aunt Zelda was crying with joy and ran over to her and they hugged.
The crushing of her huge tits against her aunt's small ones reminded her of
the first time she hugged Tabitha. Same erotic feelings, too. Although a
role reversal regarding who was carrying the larger set of tits.

Aunt Hilda broke the strange moment; "What about Salem?"

All three of them gazed at the naked statue of their former cat.
Sabrina turned to Zelda; "Well Aunt Zelda...since you went through the
most, you decide what you want to do with him..."

Zelda walked up to the statue and replied; "Let's make him our mute
slave...and reduce his IQ to about ten."

Sabrina was a little surprised at the severity of her decision. 'She's
reacting in anger.' Sabrina thought to herself. "Are you sure?"

Her Aunt Zelda's smile almost looked evil; "Yes... Make sure he's

Sabrina figured that she could always change the spell later.

XVIII. (Epilogue)

Sabrina broke the news to Jennifer of her pregnancy. The lovely (and
rapidly rounding) actress with the huge breasts, and leaking milk...cried
with joy.

Jennifer was the happiest mortal on the planet to know that she was
carrying Merlin's baby. Then Jennifer again experienced tears of joy when
she found she was carrying TWINS!

Sarah felt pleasure in knowing that she would be Jennifer's nursing
maid. Her huge breasts also leaked milk, and the fact that her best friend
and lover was carrying twins meant that she would be nursing a baby as
often as Jennifer!

Sabrina whipped up a couple major spells to have the television networks
grant both actresses a leave of absence. Sabrina also put an idea in some
executive's head to give Jennifer her own show. Sabrina then made everyone
on the planet believe that Jennifer and Sarah always sported huge breasts.
Only a sorceress could wield such power.

Hilda decided to take responsibility for little Tabitha, feeling a
strange closeness to the six year old girl.

Merlin offered to take in Hilda, Zelda, Sabrina Jennifer, Sarah, little
Tabitha and Salem into his huge mansion...they agreed.

Merlin proposed to Sabrina...who did her own crying with joy. Merlin
knew by marrying Sabrina, he would be breaking the submissive curse she was
under. Merlin made it a point not to mention this to Sabrina. He didn't
want to give her the impression that their marriage was for this reason.
On their honeymoon, Merlin was a little surprised that Sabrina acted no
differently. Merlin chuckled in between one of their love sessions. Who
would have figured that Sabrina was a true submissive...inside the bedroom.

XIX. (Months Later)

Hilda was surprised to see the door slowly open to her bedroom...who?
"Oh...Zelda. What is it?"

"I...I'm feeling lonely...can I cuddle."

Hilda smiled at her teen sister and replied; "Sure Zelda..." while
lifting up the covers to allow her to crawl in with her. Over the last few
months, Hilda had noticed small personality changes in Zelda, but not big
enough to be concerned. However, when Zelda slid in beside her naked, her
nudity startled her. Before their enslavement, Zelda never slept
naked...ever. Zelda always wore panties and a teddy. Hilda was the one
always sleeping in the raw. They had both agreed not to continue their
sexual relationship, now that they weren't under Tabitha's spell. But here
was Zelda hugging her naked body against her naked body and the contact of
their warm bodies felt good. Hilda was slowly drifting back to sleep when
she felt her sister's hand caress her large breasts. When her other hand
snuck around to play with the crack of her ass, Hilda murmured;
"Zelda...Zelda...wh...what are" Zelda
answered by replacing her hands with her mouth.

Zelda shifted her body around and positioned her mouth between Hilda's
legs. In doing so, Hilda saw Zelda's slim ass come down on her face.
Hilda tried to move up but when she tried, Zelda wet mouth starting licking
her pussy... She thought she heard Zelda whisper; "Just enjoy
Hilda...don't fight it, enjoy it...and do what comes natural."

Hilda found her own mouth sucking the juice she elicit from Zelda's
pussy, while Zelda continued mouthing her wet slit. Hilda knew it was
wrong, but it felt so, so good... Just as she was about to cry out her
orgasm, she heard her sister say four words;
"Misa...Vesul...Remor...Talto." Hilda wasn't sure where she heard those
words before, but the thought was swallowed up in the throes of her most
intense orgasm...

XX. (Later...)

Zelda gazed at her reflection in the mirror. "Not bad" she whispered
with a smile. She turned to look at Hilda, who was sprawled out naked on
the bed sleeping. Hilda was now her's. The spell she used was usually
placed on virgins... Only difference, Hilda would feel an irresistible
lust for her instead of love. Zelda turned back to the mirror.
'Sabrina...I'm not done with you yet.'

The End of the Sabrina & Tabitha - Teenage Witches Trilogy.
Yeah...Right! Tell me I didn't leave this open for another chapter or two
or three!!! Please! Tell me I didn't do this!!!


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