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Title: Sailing We Will Go
Keywords: ff, mf, mdom
Author: Caesar
"There was a young sailor from Brighton
Who remarked to his girl, 'You're a tight one.'
She replied, 'Pon my soul,
You're in the wrong hole;
There's plenty of room in the right one.'"
-author unknown

A sailing trip means a chance to rekindle the marital files for the
husband, and revenge for the wife.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictitious and a figment of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail is welcome.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter I

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1995-2002

$Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:27 $

The slight westerly breeze promised a wonderful start to a week of
sailing. The six-year-old sloops sails caught the wind only moments
after leaving the breakwater. The forty-eight-foot ship creaked as
the wind pressed it to starboard and the few remaining unsecured items
fell about below deck. Cold west-coast water washed over the side as
the sleek craft came about to take full advantage of the strong
breeze. It was a sailors wind.

May sat back in the cockpit on the port side where it was still
relatively dry and watched her handsome husband pilot the craft
expertly. Next to her, Susan, her best friend, clapped with happiness
as the winds strength could be felt throughout the metal hull even
while her inept husband followed the commands of the ship's pilot and
captain, May's husband. The ship needed a crew, after all.

"Make fast those lines, Rob." May ignored the direction where her
husband was pointing and just enjoyed the sight of him, a tall,
strong, handsome man who had captured her heart and soul twelve years
ago, from the short, black, slightly graying hair that caused him to
look distinguished instead of old to the thick wide hands that could
be gentle or strong, as he wished, and even the thick sturdy legs,
which had caught the seas dance to become a part of the boat. There
had not been many times in the recent years that May had sat thus,
simply enjoying the sight of her husband. She could feel her strong
emotions cause her sex to tingle with a familiar anticipation.

"With this wind, we'll reach the cove ahead of schedule." He spoke to
no-one, or perhaps to the boat, his pride and joy for the last few
years. Susan happily laughed and grabbed May's arm to share her joy
at the wonderful news. Nothing at that moment would have been bad
news, so enthralled with this new environment was Susan. May's
husband looked at the giggling woman, then to his wife, a private
smile passing to her. It promised a rekindling of the marital fires.

The cool wind and her husband's smile caused May's nipples to show her
own anticipation and press outwards. Even while she looked into his
deep blue eyes, she felt a simultaneous lust and hate for John, the
man she married.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter II
"God, I love it out here!" Susan continued to look out the slit
window towards the coast, only a few hundred feet from the anchored
ship, doing more talking than work; she had whipped the same bowl
clean for almost two minutes. "I wish it could always be like this."
She had said the same thing numerous times since the men went topside
for a drink and talk.

May was polite. "Yes, it is gorgeous." Her best friend wasn't overly
intelligent, nor was she street-wise, but Susan was the only remaining
friend her husband had allowed May to have. With the last of the
dishes washed, and May's job finished, she sat back to watch her
friend slowly dry the remainder.

Susan was voluptuous, curvy, top heavy, whereas May was tiny, strong,
and boyish. The two women were opposites, physically as well as
mentally. The men had always looked at Susan, ever since they first
met as teenagers. Susan was the classical blonde bomb shell, May the
brunette bookworm, both attractive, perhaps May more so, yet initially
Susan had always caught the boys' eyes first.

"I'm glad we were able to finally come out here to spend time with you
guys." Susan so happy she was about to cry, with May's smile as her
only response. "Things have been a bit rocky for everyone the last
few months..."

To interrupt, as well as to get the weight of the next question off of
her soul, May blurted out. "When did you last sleep with my husband?"
It was spoken quietly but seemed to reverberate about the cabin.
Susan lost her lively colouring and paled as she spun about to devote
more quality time to the wet dishes.

After some awkward moments came the murmur, "I told you that was over
with." May's silence seemed to weigh upon the shoulders of her best
friend. "Almost six months ago," she finally answered. John had told
May it had been over a year since his affair with his wife's best

May knew the both of them were lying.

"You never told Rob?" Susan shook her head. This was the truth - May
knew the overweight balding man had a temper, especially when he was
drinking, and that her best friend was deathly afraid of it. May took
a few steps and stood behind Susan, one hand coming to rest upon a
soft shoulder almost to reassure the unfaithful woman.

"I hope Rob never finds out." Even while she said this, May's free
hand snaked up the leg of Susan's shorts to find its way beneath her
panties. Before the tall blonde even realized the extent of her
friend's actions, the hand found its way to the natural crack between
the wide soft buttocks. A single finger traced downwards then pressed
inwards, forcing itself into the tight anal opening. May whispered,
"Did he ever fuck you here?"

Attempting to escape the sudden violation of her person, Susan pressed
forwards, her waist crushed against the counter and her torso almost
bent fully over the stacked dishes. The blond realized it was useless
to attempt escape, at least without her husband finding all out. More
than anything else, Susan was shocked at her normally docile and warm
friend's actions. Even the last question had not registered yet.

May roughly forced the finger deeper until the middle digit was almost
completely immersed inside the warm dry hole. Susan grunted and
whimpered as her friend pulled upwards, forcing the blond to her toes.


The tiny woman felt the sudden power that she held over her best
friend, the surge of adrenaline that coursed through her veins. Her
original plan was to question the last time her partner was
unfaithful, not to assault her only remaining teenage friend. Yet
when Susan had spun about, May knew. She knew they were still lovers
and the two lying adulterers could not even get their stories straight. Something snapped and that cute saucy bottom that May had
envied and that often taunted her, flaunted the sexy curves that had
obviously attracted her husband. Without even thinking, she had
rushed forwards and at that moment did not even know what the next few
seconds held for either of them. She did know that she had agreed to
this cruise only to confirm her suspicions.

"Yes! Yes, a couple of times." Sobbing, Susan clenched her body,
allowing May to control the next move. "I'm so sorry, May. Really!"
Obviously the blond was using a familiar voice to calm her best
friend, a voice that May had never heard used on herself before, yet
had been used on Rob often enough.

But May was not to be dissuaded. "Yes, I can see why John liked to
fuck your ass. It's so round and cute." The hand that had been on
the shoulder came down to pull the loose fabric of the shorts to the
side, allowing May to view her hand upon much of the white buttock.
"If I had a cock, I'd fuck you right now, too." To her own surprise,
she meant it.

Once, May had agreed to anal sex with her husband, something she had
always thought of as dirty. The single experience was disappointing,
and painful. She never again tried, though knew of John's continued
attraction to a youthful bottom.

There were a few awkward seconds before May asked, "When did you last
fuck my husband?"

Perhaps Susan's will power had already crumpled by the sudden
personality change in her best friend, and she quickly answered the
question. "Wednesday, at lunch." May believed her, yet was surprised
at the recentness.

She jerked her submerged finger. "Did he fuck your ass then?" Susan
shook her head. "How did John fuck you?"

"The usual... Ouch!" May had moved her free hand up under the loose
woolen pullover to grasp a full breast and tweaked her breast friend's
thick nipple. She blurted out, "He likes me to suck him then bend
over his desk." The bra was roughly pulled to the side, just enough
for the nipple to poke out. May experimented with the touch of the
rough hard point seconds before she pinched it viciously, knowing the
pain would shoot through her best friend's body even as her nails bit
deeply into the skin. Susan barely contained a scream and bit her lip

"You're a whore, Susan!" was May's cold remark.

The larger woman was biting her bottom lip, almost to the point of
drawing blood. May had known her friend was not too intelligent, and
could see how men could be attracted to her physical beauty as well as
her seeming mental dullness.

There was no longer any plan. Originally, it was just to find out the
truth behind her husband's infidelity, but her actions had gone way
beyond that. Disgusted at the buxom blond as well as her own actions,
May rapidly withdrew her finger from the tight anus and quickly
retreated back to the couch about the table.

Susan stood for a long while, grasping the counter in her hand while
breathing rapidly. May watched in disdain - Susan hadn't even
corrected her clothing. A white buttock and a pale breast still hung
out. Finally, when Susan forced back her sob then began to correct
herself, May interrupted her actions.

"Come here, slut." May had waited until the woman was again composed
before speaking, and used a calm forceful voice.

Susan turned about and came towards her best friend, but could not
look upon her.

"On your knees!" This time, May used more force in her voice.

Susan did as she was commanded. May realized her husband probably
used the big-boobed blond very often in this role - she was a natural
submissive and had a way about her that men must love to take
advantage of her.

May slowly pulled her loose summer skirt up her long thin legs, her
knees moving apart. Susan could not look upon her friend, nor did she
even glance up at the tanned thighs that she always envied. Instead,
she looked to the floor and began to shiver, though it was not cold.
Finally, when the skirt was about May's waist and her knees widely
spread, the smaller woman reached between her thighs and pulled the
white cotton panty to the side of her crotch, exposing her sex.

"Eat me, slut." It was spoken so calmly, so gently that even May was
surprised at the power she felt. Yet she was more surprised when
Susan didn't even hesitate before leaning down to press her face
against the near-hairless crotch before her. Unseen, a wet hot tongue
gently trailed upwards from the anus to the top of her sexual gully
and pressure button, her clitoris. Again and again the tongue
continued the same path, while taking longer and longer each time at
the top of the trail.

Grasping the mane of blond hair in a single hand, May gasped out in
surprise - surprised that her best friend was following her
directives, surprised that the use of *this* power was so easy,
surprised that the tongue felt so good. Continuously, the tongue and
lips continued to lick and flick gently, causing a delightful

May had never before felt the tongue of another woman. A male tongue
was an infrequent visitor to that area, yet the expert technique of
this woman was obvious. A woman knew how to please a woman, even one
that was coerced into the act.

Seconds became blurred, then turned into minutes. The mouth worked
relentlessly until the sexual heat of May's loins became a boiling
torrent. The small dark woman held the blond head in both hands,
pulling it inwards, unintentionally attempting to get the face inside
her. One leg was placed upon the shoulder of the hard-working,
voluptuous blonde, the other up onto the table.

May lost track of time as her desire exploded with a climax. Her body
felt the wonderful feeling that radiated from her sex. The orgasm
flowed freely, causing a her vagina to act like a fountain. Though
May hadn't thought of it then, she would soon realize the orgasm given
to her by Susan was better than any that her husband gave her. The
biggest contributor to this fact, though, was the power she held over
her friend.

The hazy mind of May began to return, with the gentle rock and creak
of the sailboat, the light sound of Mozart on the deck, lips on her
neck and a body pressed against her. She realized Susan was humping
her naked thigh, squatting down over it while pressing her large
breasts to May's. The small dark-haired woman took several deep
breaths, gaining her strength back. Susan's crotch was bare and was
rubbing a six-inch length of May's tanned, smooth leg, the skirt
lifted up and the panties obviously discarded. While she relaxed, the
larger woman above her began to pant harshly, her body sweating and
wiggling frantically. Susan sighed and clenched as her own orgasm ran
through her body and out of her wet cunt.

May pushed the tired woman off of her leg and onto her knees before
her. Most of her anger had been drained from her body by the orgasm
she had just experienced, though her heart pounded at the diabolical
plan she was forming - a plan in need of the subservient help of her
slutty friend.

Susan was kneeling between her friend's thighs, face to face, breast to breast; the sweaty vagina juice covered face radiated and shone.
May leaned forward, taking the scared, tired face between her hands,
licking slowly. Lapping much of the wet skin, May enjoyed the taste
and feeling the juices gave her. She realized Susan was surprised, as
well as turned on, by the simple action.

When it was finished, several moments later, May said, "Thank you,
Susan." Her friend had a tear of regret and happiness forming. "I
want your promise that you will do as I ask on this trip?"

Looking a little surprised, Susan replied with a simple, "Yes." She
remembered the strong woman who shoved a finger up her butt. It was
not the woman she had been friends with, but a stranger. One that was
not totally unappealing.

"Good. Now go get cleaned up. The boys will be down soon." Susan
tiredly got up and found her way to the fore cabin. May headed aft to
take her own advice, and clean the encounters evidence from her body.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter III
The boat was anchored with a stern line to shore near an islet that
May's husband passingly referred to as "his" place. The gentle
rocking and sway of the ship, as well as the active day, caused a deep
drowsiness to dull the wife's senses.

May watched her handsome husband get ready for bed. He had left the
door to the head open as he washed his face in the stainless steel
basin. The water cascaded about his day-old beard as well as bead the
tanned face that May had always found extremely handsome. As she
silently lay there, waiting for her husband, the extreme range of
emotions that flushed through her soul was the only thing that kept
her awake. May felt a flush of heat to her loins remembering the feel
of the tongue between her legs. The same tongue her husband had
frequently enjoyed. Perhaps it was the transition of power that
caused the vagina to tingle, or the feeling of control over another
person that wet the sexual folds of the middle-aged lady.

In any case, the man May loved and hated was also the object of her
immediate desire. In a dreamy state, the small woman barely noticed a
hand casually cupping and squeezing the mound between her legs. Her
own hand lent to the desire that flushed though her body.

Bare-chested, John could see his wife's reflection in the mirror as
she watched him. The promise that this cruise would help light the
marital fires seemed inspired as he watched his wife's own hand stroll
across her crotch. Bringing Susan had been even more inspired, he

Without a word, John turned off the dull light in the head, leaving
only the moonlight through the open ports to light the room. Standing
at the foot of the waist-high bed, facing his wife, he leisurely took
off the rest of his clothing. Both of May's hands were now busy, one
at her breast, the other over her sex while her eyes hungrily took in
the sight of her handsome husband.

After the last piece of clothing was left upon the floor, John stood
straight, facing his wife, his left hand finding and cupping his cock.
May focused her eyes on this sight and became more aggressive in her
own pleasure. The silk jockeys were quickly pulled aside and her
fingers found the folds of her own sex wet and ready.

"God, you are beautiful, babe!" May sighed and her breathing became
laboured after those words escaped from her husband's mouth. She
flicked her clitoris gently from side to side as she wondered if those
same words were spoken to Susan less than a week ago. "Spread your
legs wider, baby, let me it all." She followed his directions
unconsciously. What would John look like with the thick blond hair of
her best friend bobbing up and down before him?

Perhaps John would ask her to suck him before pressing her over the
edge of the bed to fuck, just as he did with the slut sleeping in the
fore cabin? May fantasized about Susan's wet, warm tongue as it
licked and sucked that hard cock her husband loved so much. Thinking
these thoughts and knowing that that relationship was now in her hands
got her very "hot".

Only moments later, John climbed into bed next to his sleepy wife.
His strong hands easily removed the loose lingerie that barely covered
his wife's sexy body. May felt his kisses as he rolled over above her,
his hard cock finding its way to the familiar spot that they had both
enjoyed over the years.

John spoke even as he finally entered her, "God! You're so wet!" The
cock quickly submerged and ground deep inside the love channel.
Without wasting time, nor with any preliminaries, John began a frantic

Other than breathing heavy, May had yet to make a sound. The quick
and rough treatment that her husband was used to with her seemed to
destroy the fantasy that the wife was earlier imagining, though that
was partially her own fault, as their sex life in recent years was
less than desirable - and in the last few months, it was almost

"So fucking wet!" Again and again the cock drove deeply into her sex
while the heavy hard body above her grunted and trembled with
exertion. May knew her husband could last a long time without some
stimulation from her, and though the idea repulsed her, she knew it
had to be done. In a way, it also allowed her to control the
situation, to hold all the cards in this marital bonding.

John was roughly kissing his wife's neck when she whispered into his
ear, "God, you're so hard, baby!" She raked one of her clawed hands
down his back, leaving a trail from her long nails. "Fuck me, babe,
fuck me good!" Her tongue flicked his ear lobe. "Come on, baby,
faster." She felt his hands force her knees further back almost to
his shoulders. "Put your finger in my bum."

This caused him to lose his rhythm and he pulled up to look into his
wife's eyes. She spoke directly at him, "Finger my asshole, darling!"
It had always been his fantasy as well as a fetish of his that she
usually stopped cold. Anything to do with her bottom hole was off
limits, barring that single time her coerced her into doing it. One
strong large hand slid down her thigh to roll past her smooth buttock.
Without hesitation a finger suddenly touched the hard muscle of her
anus before pressing firmly into her.

There was a slight pain as the finger forced itself in, but it had its
desired effect. Her husband was grunting with his activity, the
finger up his wife's ass heightening his enjoyment. May bit her lip
from the pain, then began to drive her hips upwards to meet her
husband's thrust of both finger and cock. Effectively she was being
fucked in both holes. She knew her husband was close to completion,
while she was getting turned off by the whole affair.

To get to the climax of this session, May whispered, "Come on my ass,
baby! Let me roll over - shoot on my bum."

John loved to watch his own pearl-coloured sperm drip upon his wife's
skin, a fetish that he was not often able to enjoy. That, and the
offered pleasure of his wife's gorgeous bottom was almost too much for
the middle-aged man. He passed off this exuberance on his wife's part
to the effort they both promised before stepping onto the ship.

Quickly he knelt up and watched as his enthusiastic wife rolled and
turned to her knees. She quickly positioned herself with her round
bottom raised high, giving him the perfect view of her two enjoyable

The first touch May felt was the return of the thick finger to her
anus, but this time John forced it deeply into her. All the way to
the knuckle it drove, evidence that her anus was lubricated by her
earlier self-enjoyment as well as the loosening that John had caused.
Again and again, the finger fucked her ass; she controlled the urge to
turn about and rake her hubby's eyes with her nails. A few moments
later, she felt him slapping his cock against her taut buttock,
preparing for his release.

This is what John loved, his beautiful wife allowing herself to be
pleasured in the method that he wished. He pumped his cock faster as
he felt the familiar tingle deep in his gut, even before the
tightening of his balls forewarned him of his release. He wanted to
shoot his come on the breadth of her bum, and even between her cheeks.

The hot sperm fell onto her sweaty skin, and May silently laughed as
an idea floated into her brain. As her husband rubbed his softening
cock across her bottom, rubbing in his sperm, she knew what she had to
do next.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter IV
John felt the hardness between his legs and attempted to orient
himself from his slumber. He was upon his boat, his pride and joy,
and had fallen asleep after an enjoyable session of love making with
his wife. He realized the hardness was enveloped by warm moistness
that could only be a mouth, his wife's mouth. A soft tongue slid
along the underside of his cock and over the head. May was working
hard to please him, and John realized he was right not to leave her
months ago. "Hummmm...!"

The mouth came off him for a second. "Morning, darling."

His eyes were not even open yet, but he knew he had slept in from the
brightness beyond his eyelids. His desire for his wife rose
considerably the more his faculties returned. "Sit on my cock, May."
It was barely a whisper as his mouth was dry and hoarse.

Again the mouth came up from only a second. "I want you to come in my
mouth." She returned to her work. After years of learning her
husband's body, she knew the places to use her tongue to the greatest
effect, the way he liked his balls to be squeezed. And the sloppy
sucking sounds that came from her was music to his ears, she knew. "I
love your cock, John, I could eat you forever." This and the
knowledge that her husband hadn't shot his load into her mouth since
the first months of their marriage should be enough of a catalyst to
allow her to finish him quickly.

She was right.

John's sperm was soon spurting deep into her mouth while she didn't
allow a single drop to escape and swallowed loudly. The orgasm,
though smaller than last night's, was still powerful enough to exhaust
the middle-aged man again.

When his cock was flaccid, May crawled upwards and into his strong
arms, all the while her hand gently manipulating the soft member. Her
come-smelling breath could be felt against John's neck and he moaned
pleasantly. "That was wonderful, bunny." Bunny was his pet name for
her. "I hope we didn't wake up Susan and Rob?" He smiled, proud of
his performance as well as the events of the last few hours.

"I have something to confess, John."

He didn't like the sound of that; he froze. Was her confession why
she was willing to put out the extra sexual effort for his pleasure?

"Susan and I made love yesterday." She smiled inwardly, knowing her
gamble would work.

John felt his guts turn, then return to normal after hearing the words
his wife had spoken. It took a few seconds for him to realize exactly
what she said had meant. Then, instead of anger, he felt desire. A
mental picture of his pretty wife and his mistress having sex caused
his tired cock to jerk in response. It was like some fantasy,
something he never thought could ever happen, yet the thought was
certainly enjoyable.

Realizing his wife must be fearful of his response, and had proved her
willingness to prove her love to him, he forced his voice to be stern.
"How did this happen?"

Even though his voice hinted at anger, May felt her husband's cock
twitch from the thoughts running through his head and she knew she had
him according to plan. She whispered, "I don't know. I think it was
mutual, and it just happened!" She sobbed. "I'm sorry, baby! It
will never happen again."

Not wanting to push his anger too far, he pulled back some. "Did you
enjoy it?" She only sobbed louder as a response, reflecting an
affirmative. "Tell me what happened?"

May took a few deep breaths. "We were just talking and I kissed her,
as a friend. And before I knew it we were frenching and feeling each
other up. She took the initiative and ate me out." His cock began to
grow. "I was too tired to do the same and Susan humped my leg until
she came too." May hid her face in his shoulder, attempting to hide
the smile that was creeping onto her face.

There was silence for many minutes as John considered the words of his
wife. The more he told himself he should be mad, the more he was
turned on by the image of Susan's blond mane between his wife's thin
thighs. His middle-aged cock stood proudly at attention, even though
it had only released its flood moments before.

John considered what he should do next. How could he tell his wife how much the thought of her and Susan fucking turned him on? Yet she
was sobbing against him, and he wanted to use her feelings to better
his situation. Her leg had arched up and came down over his torso,
and as he thought of what to do his wife slowly rolled upon him. He
smiled when he figured her guilt was so great she was willing to do
anything he wanted, as long as he played his cards right. Perhaps he
would even get to fuck her in the ass again. Or a more exciting idea
was watching his wife and his mistress lick each other before joining

May felt the hardness between her thighs and wiggled expertly
downwards to impale herself onto him. This time she desired the hard
pole inside her. She was going to enjoy this fuck. Perhaps it was
the feeling of power she felt over her husband, and yesterday over
Susan, that was bringing on this surge of sexual need. Still hiding
her face, while pretending to sob infrequently, May felt the rock-hard
cock slide deeply into her.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter V
Susan awoke with the sharp pain from her vagina as it was being
pierced. Someone had lifted up her nightgown and was now pressing
something into her.

Rob held his wife against him as he felt his cock enter her dry hole.
Facing sideways, away from him, with her knees lifted up gave him
great access to her sex. Usually he was an "on top" kind of guy, a
conservative lover who demanded sex whenever he felt in the proper
mood. His wife's mood didn't matter. Yet, this morning, he was
wakened by the sound from the stern cabin. The sounds of fucking.

He could hear the whimpers and cries of desire from May as his buddy
properly fucked her. There was also a slight rocking to the boat,
irregular and too fast to be waves, as the two of them coupled only
forty feet away. It was natural that Rob was attracted to the tiny,
pretty, quiet woman, and had always fantasized what it would be like
to have her legs wrapped about his waist instead of his wife's.

The buxom blond was very attractive, yet Rob was tired of her. He
felt like a strong, handsome man who deserved a woman like May, not
the big-breasted , dumb wife he ended up with.

Susan realized where she was and who she was with. Considering her
on-going affair with John and the recent entanglement with May and her
own limited intellect, it was a feat to figure who was behind her
while the haze of sleep still controlled her senses.

Anything sexual turned Susan on, and soon even this intrusion excited
and lubricated her sex which allowed faster and easier penetration by
her husband. And though Rob didn't like her to make too much noise,
she could not help panting loudly. It was a treat for her to have sex
with her husband in any other position other than the classical
missionary, and this turned her on.

Yet what turned her on more were the thoughts running through her head
brought on by the sounds of enjoyment in the rear cabin. Her lover
was having sex with his wife, the sounds of that coupling easily
discernible. And she could bring up the image of May's wet vagina and
pussy that she intimately knew, and of the familiar cock. In her
mind, Susan was back there with the two of her friends, watching and
waiting for her turn. Her fantasy enabled her cunt to dampen
considerably, and even heighten Rob's enjoyment.

Only a few moments after entering his wife, his orgasm exploded from
his cock, which ended his wife's fantasy and enjoyment. "Morning,
Rob", she whispered, surprised he had lasted as long as he did.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter VI
The weather that morning was perfect to continue sailing, yet turned
ugly in the afternoon. The wind went up a few notches as did the sea
state. Sailing up the Strait of Georgia, John made the decision to
run back to shoreward and find another cove to wait out the weather.

Susan felt the motion of the ship and sat in the rear cockpit, her
complexion a little green. May tried to clean up the mess the violent
movement of the ship was causing her galley, which was unprepared for
a rough sea journey, while Rob tried to help topside as much as

A few hours later the entire ship's company sat below decks as May
served up the quick meal. The mood was definitely lower, but John was
the only one who had enjoyed the rough afternoon. He loved the sea
and the challenges it presented.

Seated at the table were Rob and May on one side, Susan and John at
the other. There was little talk, as all were weary from the day's
activities up to that point.

May had noticed since sitting down that Rob was consistently staring
down at her legs. She wore shorts that left her long, coltish legs
easily visible from the same side of the table. She had known of
Rob's interest in her since he and her best friend had first met. She
also knew about their drab sex-life and his lack of experimental
interest. In her present mood, this made him a perfect target.

Sliding her leg over more during the course of the meal until her
tanned thigh rested against his hairy bulk, she noticed his attentions
were more focused towards the area beneath the table. His hand had
found its way down to his own lap, with the small finger resting
against the warm hard skin of her outer thigh. After much of her meal
was finished, she simply reached down and placed her small hand over
his then pulled it towards her.

Rob froze as his hand was pressed down onto May's thigh. He attempted
to look calm and at ease but felt himself sweating profusely. His
wife, Susan, still looked a bit green and wouldn't notice his
reaction. John was studying a detailed coastal map, readying for
tomorrow's sail. Why did she do that? he wondered. Perhaps she was
as interested in him as he had always been with her. Maybe John was
inadequate in bed, though the sounds from earlier today did not
confirm this.

A few seconds after dropping his hand upon her lap, she took her small
hand from his. May felt his paw relax before he squeezed, perhaps to
test out the waters, as her husband would say. He didn't move for
several long seconds afterwards before again squeezing. Rob moved his
hand upwards towards her knee then back down closer to her hip.

May smiled. men were so predictable. She moved her hand back under
the table and placed it directly upon his crotch. Even now, she felt
the power from the controlled situation.

Rob froze - the small hand was measuring out his hard cock through his
pants. Almost comically, she fumbled with the zipper to his pants,
even while he remained unsure of the situation, wondering if he should
stop her. Before he could even make a decision he felt her warm hand
against his hard penis. She forced it from the tight confines of his
pants to stand proudly in the open. The small hand began to stroke it
up and down with an expertise Rob knew could only be learned through
practice. His own hand, momentarily forgotten, didn't hesitate and he
moved upwards to cup May's sex over her light clothing.

It was John who caused Rob to jump in surprise. "Perhaps you should
go topside and get some air, Susan?" She only groaned in agreement,
looking nauseas. Sliding out from the table, he stood back to allow
Susan out. The sick blond found her way topside. John stood over his
wife and friend, though didn't notice that they both had a hand on the
other's lap. "I'm going for a smoke. You want to join me Rob?"

"Naw, I'm just going to sit and relax. I ate too much." It was
probably true, but he wanted to stay for other reasons. John shrugged
then found his own way topside after retrieving a cigar from the stern

The weather was still cool, and to conserve heat and battery power,
John closed the hatch after him. Without hesitation May pulled out of
Rob's grasp and dropped at the end of the table before crawling

Rob watched, amazed at the forwardness of the woman. If his wife had
attempted the same wanton actions, he would have beaten her. Yet, if
May wished to act the slut, he would treat her as one. Friend or no

It wasn't a hand that returned to his hard cock, but lips. Waiting,
he felt the soft confines of a mouth slowly envelop his penis and move
all the way to the base. It then began to retrace it tracks and move
backwards up his cock, the warm wet tongue doing swirls and testing
the texture of his organ along the route before again dropping

May was going to let the little troll fuck her when John said he was
going topside, leaving the two of them alone. Yet she wanted to be as
bold as possible while still staying in control. sucking Rob off was
the easiest and quickest method if Susan's description of their love
play was any indication. His cock as on the short thin side, and
easily fit within her mouth.

He grunted and intertwined his hand in her hair. Lips had never
touched his cock before, and he never actually desired the attention.
Why put your cock in a mouth if there is a warm pussy nearby was his
feeling. Rob felt the familiar stir in his balls and the warm sperm
forcing itself to a climatic ending to his enjoyment. Grabbing May's
small head in both hands, he forced her face all the way down until
her nose was pressing against his stomach and his cock was deep inside
her mouth before feeling the first jerk of his orgasm.

May felt like he was pulling her hair out by the roots, and could not
wait for him to shoot. When the first shot of come hit deep in her
mouth, she was overjoyed since it would mean a quick ending to her
disgusting plan, and one she regretted. Why did he have to be such a
pig? Why did Susan even marry the guy?


Susan had half her body over the port side, half of her supper already
coming out of her mouth. She felt positively sick, as only the sea
can make one feel. Gasping for breath, she attempted to relax and try
to hold the remainder of her food in.

Behind her, she heard someone come topside and close the hatch
afterwards. She didn't care who it was. She felt the heave of her
abdominal muscles again warn her of the next rush of puke. Even as
the substance left her mouth she felt two fingers hook into her
shorts. Susan gasped again for breath as the person behind her forced
her lower garment to her ankles. It couldn't be Rob; it had to be May
or John. Another wave of nausea shot through her body.

The large round bottom looked delightful in the pale moonlight. John
ignored his mistress's current predicament and bent down and pulled
her cheeks apart, enjoying the sights that were presented. He watched
his finger slide into her vagina and smiled at the enjoyment he has
had with her cunt over the years. She was completely different from
his wife, it was like eating Italian after enjoying chinese food.
John just didn't like to eat one type of meal for too long. He got

Susan wanted to talk but couldn't - the heaves of her stomach and her
gasping for breath didn't allow any time or strength to do this. She
did smell a cigar and realized it was John behind her, and wished she
could be left alone. "Please, I'm sick", she whispered. His finger
was experimenting with her sex, and though he was being gentle about
it, she barely noticed. It was when his finger was replaced by the
familiar hardness of his cock that she started to focus her attention
back to him.

Holding her hips, he began to fuck her slowly with long, even strokes.
"May told me you ate her out yesterday." John didn't feel, or hear,
any reaction from his mistress's body, and even though sick, her sex
was acting in a familiar way. It was getting wet with the slightest
attention. "I want to watch you lick her pussy."

Susan was horrified - May had told her husband! She knew her own
husband couldn't know, or he would kill her. But John knew. Did he
now think she was a lesbian? Did he care? He was acting normal, and
though she didn't want to think or talk about it right now, the
knowledge that John desired her to eat his wife out while he watched
turned her on. Susan enjoyed her encounter with May yesterday - she
thought it brought their friendship to a new and exciting level. She
also entertained the idea that they may be able to again taste the
pleasures of each other's bodies.

She hadn't the energy to acknowledge her lover's suggestions, but
attempted to keep what little food there was down in her stomach. Her
sex was enjoying the attentions, almost as if it had a life of its
own. Behind her John was laughing to himself as he pounded
professionally, as only he was capable of doing, into Susan.

Without climaxing, John pulled his organ from the sick blond's pussy,
then wiped it partially upon her bare flanks. "Next time I fuck you,
it will be after my wife has eaten your cunt." Susan had always
enjoyed the submissive roll in her relationships, and the thought of
May's tongue inside her vagina moments before her lover's cock caused
a shiver of delight to run through her body. Then another spasm
caused her to vomit again into the sea.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter VII
Two days passed as Susan impatiently awaited a summons from either May
or John - two sunny calm days that the four of them enjoyed and
relaxed. They drank, ate, and laughed together. Unable to be alone
with either of her friends, Susan attempted to stifle the urges she
had by giving her husband a few matrimonial attentions, yet even this
didn't work. Rob fell into a deep sleep every evening, almost as if
he was tired out from some exertion. Susan was left with only her
hand, which she used a few times while locked up in the miniscule

May never gave any indication that anything went on between them,
though John would give her a wink or a quick pat on the bottom to
remind her that she was his. Perhaps she had read too much into the
statements her two lovers spoke? Maybe John did not mean to have her
join him and his wife, at least on this trip? That would make the
most sense, especially since Rob was constantly about.

So, horny as well as impatient, Susan wrote a short note to May.
Telling her that she loved her more now than ever before, and hoped
they had another chance to "talk". Nothing was returned, either
written or verbal, to Susan's disappointment.

As a desperate measure of some recognition of their last meeting, and
to tell her best friend that she was not mad or embarrassed from their
coupling, Susan left May a pair of her expensive panties tied up in
two short cords. It was something that had worked on John months ago,
when he hadn't the time to give to his mistress. This was a way of
telling the recipient that she was a sex slave to fulfil the wishes of
her lover. And the longer she waited, the more desperate she became.

In the last two days she had noticed the sounds of coupling coming
from the main bedroom in the rear of the sailboat at least five times.
Rob ignored it, but she could not help but feel envious and horny at
the same time. She hadn't stopped to think about the current
situation - that it was strange May and John were having such great
sex just after May found out her husband was cheating.

Finally, a chance came when Susan could be alone with her two friends.
All four of them swam to the shoreline and baked for an hour in the
sun. It was Rob that wanted to return to the ship and relax. He
asked if anyone wanted to join him, while looking at May, but John
told him to go back and relax. The three of them would walk about the
tiny island and explore.

Susan's heart raced as she watch Rob climb out to of the water and
onto the sloop's stern. She was alone with her two friends, finally.
"Why don't we go up to the top of that hill?" John suggested, pointing
upwards to a virtual cliff overlooking the cove and the ship.

May led the way, with Susan not far behind. This allowed John to
contemplate and enjoy the two rear sides of the attractive ladies.
And it was not beyond Susan to notice May's small hard buttocks before

Thirty minutes of climbing the tree-covered hill left the three of
them tired and sweaty, so when they finally reached the summit and
came to an overhanging rock ledge that afforded an extensive and
attractive view for several miles about, they took a few moments to
catch their breaths. May was in the best physical shape of the three,
and didn't need as long to catch her breath. Susan took the longest.

John came over and put his arm about Susan's waist. "Help May with
her bikini," he said quietly.

It was the command the buxom blond had been waiting for.

May was wearing a orange two-piece skimpy bikini that didn't hinder
the sight of her thin attractive body. When Susan came over and
quickly pulled the slip-knot holding the top on, May jumped and
whirled about. She didn't even look at the sweaty blond next to her,
but instead at her husband. After a deep breath she allowed the top
to drop to the ground, giving the other two a perfect view of her
breasts. She smiled at her husband and ignored Susan.

"Use your teeth on her bottoms," commanded John.

Susan quickly but gently knelt upon the moss before her best friend
and didn't even hesitate to lean forward and grip the edge of the
cloth between her teeth. She pulled downwards with her head. The
fabric pulled over the swell of May's hips and then easily downwards
to the woman's small feet.

After stepping out of her last garment, May placed a hand on her
friend's shoulder then knelt down facing the blond's pretty face,
bending forward to passionately kiss her friend.

It was what Susan had fantasized and wished for, during the last few
days. The tongue that followed the kiss explored and duelled inside
her mouth. She barely noticed the feather touch as the top of her one
piece bathing suit was pulled down over here large sensitive tits.
Her best friend grasped Susan's mane of blond hair and roughly guided
her face down to the swell of her own bosoms. Susan sucked on the
little hard nipple while May moaned with delight. The tiny hand
continued downwards and forced the remainder of the black bathing suit
off her body.

Profiling the two naked ladies was John as he stood, witness of the
delight sight before him. His wife had taken the initiative and was
moving Susan's mouth alternately to her breasts. He watched with pure
delight as his wife pushed the large blond woman down upon the mossy
ground and lay over her. The two ladies pressed their sexes together
and ground delightfully to stimulate their clitoris while the two
mouths returned to their sloppy kissing.

May felt the sweaty pale skin stick to her own as she rotated her
hips. This was all to give her husband a good show, not for her own
enjoyment. If it were her decision, she would start the foreplay by
pushing John off the cliff then having Susan eat her out. She would
just have to enjoy what she could.

After several moments of laying face to face, May sat up suddenly and
smiled down at her female partner. She rotated and straddled Susan's
pretty face with her knees, then lowered her body upon the mouth that
was open and waiting, her damp sex ready for the comfort of the hungry

May sat astride Susan's face, and by the noises she was making the
tongue was doing a fine job. John could not wait much longer and
pulled off his trunks, his cock rock-hard. Taking a few steps
forward, he stood over the two ladies. He guided his wife's face
towards him. "Say ah", he warned her as he pressed forward, putting
his cock into her mouth.

Susan could not see what was going on above her, yet could hear the
sucking sounds as well as John's verbal commands. He was always a
verbal lover. She had never felt so horny and used one hand between
her own legs while the other was enjoying May's taut tit. Knowing
what she enjoyed, Susan constantly used her tongue in the most
sensitive of places, the clitoris. It seemed to work, since May was
practically drowning her friend in her love juices.

As John was slamming his cock into her mouth and Susan flicked her
love button, May attempted to force herself to stay aware, not to lose
control, nor allow herself to enjoy this situation too much. She just
tried to remember who she was with, and how much they both had hurt her in the last few months.

"You suck cock great, bunny!" John did not want to come already and
pulled from her wife's hungry mouth. He pushed her face downwards
towards Susan's feet. "Get down there and suck on that pussy." May
calmly lay down upon the larger woman, with her face between those
shapely thighs.

Susan moved her hand away from her sloppy wet sex when she felt the
tongue upon her sensitive folds. This was heaven to the simple-minded
blond. Yet it wasn't finished;, above her, someone else was
straddling her face. It was John, of course, and he aimed his cock
towards his wife's raised bottom and pressed forwards, sinking his
firm cock into her wet pussy. From below, Susan could see everything,
and was delighted to have such a fine seat. Never before had she seen
someone fuck from this close before. "Lick my balls, Susan,"
commanded John. She complied.

May could not help it - her excitement level rose and her awareness
dropped. She could not concentrate on anything else but the aromatic
cunt before her and her own wet pussy, both of which were getting a
workout. Behind her, John pounded his cock deep into her vagina,
while from below, a tongue often found its way to May's clitoris. And
from above her, an unknown finger had entered her anus and attempted
to widen the normally tight passage.

John could not believe the sight of his wife. She was totally a
different person, a different fuck. She could not control the gasps
for breath or the little screams enough to lick her best friend's
pussy. Instead she was pressing the side of her sweaty face into the
meaty thigh while using two fingers to fuck the sloppy wet blond cunt inches from her lips. John fingered his wife's asshole, amazed with
his luck, as well as the pleasure all three seemed to be having. The
tongue that massaged his balls and the underside of his cock felt like

John loved his wife more at that moment than ever before.

It was May who reached an orgasm first, her body convulsing
uncontrollably above her best friend until she lay near-comatose on
Susan's warm, soft skin.

John viewed the sight of his wife as she shivered, screamed, then
collapsed from her strong orgasm. He pulled his still-hard cock from
her furnace of desire and pointed it downwards to the pretty inviting
lips below. Susan easily accommodated the thick organ.

Susan gently rolled her best friend from her body and spun herself
about to her knees. She sucked hungrily at the cock while also
savouring May's flavour upon the hard skin. A few feet from her she
realized her best friend was laying upon her side watching her suck
off her husband. Mistaking the fire in the gaze, Susan worked even
harder on the organ in her mouth, attempting to give a good show.

His mistress was one of the best cock suckers that had ever wrapped
lips about his fuck-stick, and today was no different. His own orgasm
was fast approaching, but he didn't want to deposit his load within
Susan's mouth. Instead, he pulled his cock out of the warm confines
and spoke quickly: "Go over to May and lay with her. I'm gonna come!"
She quickly crawled over.

The buxom blond felt her own orgasm approaching even as May's fingers
returned to her sexual folds. May was laying upon her back looking up
while Susan lay partially on her front and side, over the top of her
best friend. Above the both of them, John stood with his legs
straddling the two faces which looked up to watch him stroke his own
cock. Both knew what was approaching. Susan could hardly wait, while
May dreaded the next few moments.

The first blast of pearl-coloured come shot out and landed upon
Susan's huge pale breast. That set off the blond's own long-awaited
orgasm upon her friend's expert fingers. The next few drops of
life-giving juice landed directly upon both of the ladies' faces.
Even in her orgasm, Susan attempted to catch the falling drops with
her open mouth and expert tongue, yet was more successful in catching
the thick liquid after it had fallen by licking it from her best
friend's face.

May closed her eyes and endured the loss of dignity and degradation
from being on the receiving end of a come facial. It only lasted a
few seconds before her husband lay upon the moss, exhausted from the
ordeal. Susan continued to use her tongue upon May's face and mouth,
attempting to share the male tribute with her.

The tiny woman disengaged from her friend's smothering sweaty body and
retrieved her bikini. Wanting to leave that secluded forest and get
back to the ship, she still wanted to follow through with her plan.
May walked over to her husband and bent over to give his slimy,
shrivelled-up cock a quick suck before placing her lips next to his
ear. "I would like to watch you fuck her in the ass next time. Just
the thought of it gets me so hot!"

She walked back to the tired blond even while her husband smiled at
the wishes of his sexy wife. May whipped a finger across the blond's
face to collect the come deposited there, then reached down and
inserted the finger into the woman's vagina. "Next time I want to be
on the bottom." Bending over, she whispered into her ear, "I love
you, Susan! I have always loved you." She gently kissed the
surprised face. "Please don't hurt me like that again." Both knew
she was referring to the affair with John, and a tear came to the
blond's eyes.

May turned about and walked away, the seeds of dissent planted. She
could hardly wait for the sea to cleanse the remains of her husband
from her skin, her hatred heightened by the actions she just partook
in during the last hour.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter VIII
May wanted a climax to her hatred. She wanted revenge upon her
husband and his mistress. Yet she was having second thoughts when a
fatal moment of her plan came upon her, a moment when she could not
stop the events that she had started - events that had no final

Rob sweated and grunted between her spread legs, his cock as deep as
his four-incher would go inside her womanly folds. Holding her slim
ankles in his meaty paws, he used her legs like a bicycle handle as he
coupled with her. May had her bikini bottoms about one thigh and a
tee-shirt on her top. Rob had no interest in her small firm breasts -
just with sticking his cock inside her.

May lay upon the table, her legs pointed up in the air, with her
buttocks almost all the way off the edge. Rob stood before her,
holding onto her legs and slamming into her sex repetitively. The
middle-aged woman closed her eyes and attempted to clench her vaginal
muscles to better stimulate the cock and hence to shorten this
coupling. And Rob did not disappoint her, and just as Susan once
related, he finished with a single grunt and a sharp jab then
collapsed as his orgasm drained the overweight male of his energy.

This was the part that May was still not sure of, whether she should
continue with what she had planned. Rob had collapsed onto her tiny
body, crushing her to the hard tabletop, his harsh hot breath against
her neck. Somehow May's body started her plan in motion, even while
she had not resolved herself to her task.

May began to cry.

"My God, did I hurt you?" Rob sat up looking down at the beautiful
tanned woman that he had just possessed. She shook her head. He
looked like the answer had come to him and with his reasoning clouded
with lust, he figured her sobs were due to guilt from sleeping with

"It's John and Susan." She finally got it out even as Rob zippered
his cock up in his Bermuda shorts.

That froze him. His wife and his friend? "What about John and Sue?"

"I caught them back at the island at the top of the hill..." She
turned onto her side, seemingly ashamed. After a few tormenting
seconds and just before Rob spoke up to demand more info she
continued, "She was sucking his cock."

His first reaction was "Impossible!" Yet he did have his doubts,
though he would never voice them to this slut.

"John had said, 'When we get to the next island I'm going to fuck you
in that tight asshole of yours , Susan.'" She allowed her body to
wrack with sobs. "He pulled out and shot his come all over her face
and boobs. She looked like she loved every drop of it!" Silence. "I
don't know what to do!"

Rob felt the fury and anger rise up within him, and this controlled
his thoughts - he knew that he was hearing was true. "I'll tell you
what I'll do..." Rob turned and was about to storm up the ladder to
the cockpit to confront his wife and John when May cried out.

"Wait." She sat up, conscious that she had nothing covering from her
waist down. Whipping tears from her eyes, she changed her mood. To
anger. "Wait till l they are together, Rob. Then we will both know
and I'll have a witness for the divorce." She almost growled, "I'm
even going to get this boat." She knew he wanted to rush up there and
beat the truth out of his sun bathing wife, and probably to do the
same to John. But May was counting on his harsh temper to explode at
the right moment - catching his wife getting fucked would be a good
time. "I will come get you the next time they are alone together. All

He stood there looking up at the hatch, and neither of them knew what
he was about to do - whether his animal instinct to rush up on deck
would win out, or to bottle his emotions up and allow them to come out
at the right moment, which was just as May planned, though what
happened when he did lose his temper was beyond her control.

Rob stood there and nodded in agreement. May just won another round.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter IX
May felt warm moist lips pressing against her own. Her slumber
interrupted, the woman realized someone had stripped the thick quilt
from her body and was laying next to her upon the stern cabin bed.
She could feel a larger soft frame pressing against her own, and May
knew it could only be her friend Susan.

The kiss slowly became hungry with passion, and a hand began to stroll
about the tiny hard-bodied woman. May relaxed and took her time
before she actively returned the kiss. Fingers strolled through her
dark sparse bush seeking, and finding, her vaginal valley. Expertly
those same fingers lightly trailed from the top of that valley all the
way down to the aperture at the bottom before trailing back upwards.

It was still the middle of the night and the darkness hid the two
ladies, yet May could feel the presence of her husband still in bed
with her. Reaching over, she sought out and found his soft cock
beneath the covers even while tongue duelled with the buxom bisexual
next to her.

John felt his cock being manipulated as well as its natural response.
Susan was making out with his wife. At first he could smell the
familiar scent of his mistress, then heard the wet kissing of the two
mouths. And when he opened his eyes, the pale moonlight through the
round port highlighted them erotically. With a smile he sat up and
reached for the reading light above the headboard.

May could feel the disappointment of the blond woman in her arms when
the light filled the small cabin. John had wakened and desired to
join in the enjoyment that he had first partaken in only a few days
before. "This is a delightful surprise!" she heard him say happily
even while her hand continued to manipulate and stir his senses.

Susan had never felt so horny, so hot, so wet, and all due to her best
friend May. It had been a few days since they had coupled and the
voluptuous blond had not thought of anything else but having more time
alone with her beautiful friend. When the light went on, she winced
at the sudden brightness as well as the knowledge that May and she
could not be alone in this encounter, either. John would join them
and her attention could not now be focused on her newest love, the
tiny brunette whose small breast she now fondled. In fact, John's
strong paw began feeling the large round contours of her bottom.

"Come here, darling", May hoarsely whispered to her husband. She then
began to earnestly work upon her friend and submissive, attempting to
get the woman extremely excited for what she had planned. John lay
opposite her, with Susan in the middle, helping May accomplish her
task. Susan had been excited before crawling into bed, yet with two
lips and four hands upon her sensitive skin she was soon groaning and
gasping in pleasure.

John's hardness throbbed with anticipation and excitement and his lips
kissed an exposed neck. John felt his wife's hand grasp his own and
guide it to Susan's generous bottom. She pressed his fingers
downwards between the twin globes and even pressed the tips against
the hard muscle of her anus. John smiled hugely at his wife's words
days before. He would fuck both pretty bottoms before the night was
out, John promised himself.

May slid off the bed and away from Susan's grasping hands. Without
guidance, John smiled up at his wife and pressed the buxom blond to
her stomach. "Don't leave me...May!" He then lifted her up from the
waist so she now rested upon her knees and shoulders, her large round
bottom raised high in the air. Susan mewed with desire and need while
John ignored her.

"You want me to screw her in the ass, don't you?" May nodded,
attempting to put an anxious face on. "It turns you on to see me fuck
Susan's big ass, doesn't it?"

She forced herself to smile, but could only feel revulsion. "I can't
wait! Hurry, dear." She knelt next to him, both her hands clawing at
her own sex, as she simulated high sexual heat.

"You will have to do two things for me, May." He paused but didn't
wait for her to answer. "You will have to get this pretty bum ready
for me, and after I'm finished I get to fuck your asshole while Susan

May balked at the idea, yet if her plan worked John would not have the
chance to get near her tight sensitive bottom. As an answer, she
simply smiled then crawled about the bed to kneel behind her best

Susan groaned with delight when she realized the hands parting her
bottom were her newest love and not John's. In fact, when the tongue
speared into her vagina, Susan had a delightful orgasm against the
pretty face behind her.

The amount of juices flowing from Susan's sex were bountiful, and
flowed freely down the inside of the meaty thighs. May lapped it up
hungrily, feeling her own desire mount as she enjoyed working upon the
flowered vagina before her. Only after the blonde had obviously had
an orgasm did May begin to tongue the small anal opening. Between the
vaginal juices and saliva, her tongue could easily press into the
tight opening that was now lubricated.

John could stand it no longer and pulled his wife's face from the
wide-spread buttocks. He even missed the desirable faces expression
change to hatred after he did this, then the smile again reappeared.
Pointing his manhood down at the wet opening that seemed to wink to
him, he pressed forward, sinking his penis into the familiar asshole.

Watching his wife hungrily lick the attractive blond pussy had worked
him up to a burning passion. John drove hard into the small anus, and
though Susan had felt his cock inside her bottom before, this time was
brutal and she screamed out.

Unknown to either of John or Susan, May had slid off the bed and
quickly opened the cabin door a few inches. Now any sound could
easily carry back to the fore cabin and to Rob. May prayed he would
wake quickly and end this disgusting spectacle. John's voice startled
her. "Come over here, dear."

John could see his attractive wife standing off to the side with both
of her hands frantically masturbating. She did get off on this, he
thought. He loved her more at that moment than ever before,
especially since he could not distinguish love from lust.

The tiny woman climbed upon the bed and knelt beside Susan, her bottom
also raised high in the air. She felt her husband's hands fumble with
her outer vaginal lips, which were wet still from Susan's earlier
attentions. The buxom blonde sought out her lips and they kissed
sloppily, and with much noise on May's part. Susan's noise was mostly
from the sounds of skin slapping upon skin and her frequent grunts,
part pain, part pleasure. The blond was starting to enjoy this
evening's encounter.

Two fingers entered May's wet hole. Her husband did not waste any
time with preliminaries, and coated his fingers with her juices.
After a few strokes he pulled them from her vagina and pressed them
against her anus, which opened reluctantly.

May held back tears, as she realized she may have to deliver what she
had promised her husband, something she never thought she would have
to do again. She could feel him move about behind the two ladies and
position himself directly behind her. The cock replaced the thick fingers. The head was the toughest; the aperture was not yet
stretched enough to accommodate such a thick intrusion.

John did not care. He lunged into his wife's bottom and did not even
hear the scream that escaped her lips. He did see Susan move about to
lay spread before May's face, her wet sex practically pulsating and
flowing with juices.

The docile Susan could not contain herself and grasped her best
friend's face in both her hands, pressing May to her wet pussy, the
mouth immediately coming in contact with the enlarged clitoris. She
did not notice, in her enjoyment, that her love had a look of pain
upon her face and not pleasure as she would have expected. Susan was
so lost in her own sexual bliss she did not notice anything about her.

John felt the familiar tingling in his balls and actually debated
where he would deposit his load. Yet the extremely tight confines of
his wife's asshole practically held him in a vice and just the thought
of shooting off inside her bum caused his cock to jerk with
excitement. Watching his wife eat out his mistress at the same time
was simply too much for the man and he felt the initial jerks of his
orgasm beginning.

May groaned out, thankful of her husband's orgasm as she felt the
thick blasts of hot sperm deep in her bowels. Absentmindedly she
continued to lick and suck upon the clitoris before her, knowing that
Susan was having another orgasm, her fourth for this evening, while
her own bottom felt raw, ripped, and very painful.

The first time she had let him fuck her in the ass, he was gentle and
she had not wanted to try the experience again because of the pain.
Yet this time, with little preparation and no gentleness at all, May
knew she would be sore for days to come. Tears rolled down her cheeks
as she realized her plan didn't work - Rob had not investigated the
noise and found his wife with John.

The considerably smaller cock easily disengaged itself from the
enlarged anus. John sat back and watched his wife continue to
pleasure Susan with her mouth and lips, the juices of his mistress
coating his wife's face. Reaching across, he played with Susan's
large breast and nipple, though he doubted she even noticed.

That was when John noticed a movement by the door. Hadn't it been
closed? The cabin door was open about a foot, and standing in the
opening was Rob.

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter X
She wasn't sure what had woken her up, the storm or the shouting above
deck. It was almost morning, and pale red light was coming into the
main stern cabin to reveal the place of the obscene spectacle only a
few hours before. Susan lay with her head on May's shoulder, her body
cuddling the smaller one possessively. John was not in the cabin at

It was obvious he was one of the voices shouting topside. Rob was the

May could remember what happened after her husband orgasmed inside her
bottom. He went to wash in the private head and when he returned asked
both ladies to "mount" him. Susan climbed tiredly upon the raised
cock while May simply lowered her sex to her husband's ineffective
mouth. It was strange, she thought, how they often changed positions.
John had to have both women in almost every position imaginable,
especially Susan. To finish, he shot his load between those large
twin globes while May held them together for her husband to stroke his
cock between. Then the two ladies were left alone and they were able
to fall asleep in each others arms. Neither had orgasmed from John's
attentions this time.

"...Don't tell me you never noticed?!" shouted John. Something fell
upon the deck above, then the deep voice of Rob could heard, swearing.

May felt a perverse pleasure from the planned encounter on deck.
Slowly she pulled from beneath her bisexual best friend and quickly
pulled a tee-shirt and shorts on.

"By God! Ready that line, you bastard!" The sailing ship tilted to
starboard as it was obvious John was attempting to manoeuvre the ship
into the wind. The loud snap of the canvas sail drowned out even the
howl of the cold northern wind. John must be looking for a better
anchorage to wait out the storm that had brewed all night.

The manipulative woman exited her cabin and headed for the main
ladder. The voices could be more easily heard even through the closed
hatch. Her footing was unsure; May fell onto her hip as a large wave
caught the ship and pushed away from the captains intended course.
Magazines fell upon her head as she caught her breath.

At that moment, May wasn't sure if all her planning and fantasies were
properly suited to the punishment. John had cheated on her, and their
marriage had been near-loveless these last few years, yet was that any
reason to plan to have him beaten, or killed? In other words, May was
having second thoughts.

"Fucking asshole!" Another thunk and the ship lurched suddenly.
"I'!" The wind hid several words as Rob shouted out his

May again found the ladder and attempted to climb up, the violent seas
and ship making the footing treacherous. The hatch opened easily, but
a large splash of cold salty water met her in the face.

"The ship, you bastard!" Footsteps, two sets, ran to the bow.

May's first impression of above deck was of turbulent seas and howling
wind. Her eyes immediately stung as the salt forced her tears out.
Her body felt immediately wet and cold, as the water soaked her thin
layer of clothing to her tiny body. The next was the rolling wheel in
the empty cockpit. John had been right - the ship, and hence its
crew, were in trouble.

"Fucking wife-stealer, I'm going to kill you!" She turned in time to
see Rob swing a long oar and knock her struggling husband to the deck.
John was dressed in bright orange all-weather gear while Rob was
simply in shorts with his large naked belly open to the weather.
Again the oar fell upon her husband.

Even in his dire circumstances, John shouted back at his wife, whom he
noticed had come on deck. "The wheel, May!" The oar fell again, yet
his main thoughts were for the ship. "Ride the wind!" Scrabbling,
May jumped for the proper positioning in the cockpit, her desire to
watch the fight overcome by self-preservation. Her tiny hands grabbed
at the stainless steel wheel and began to fight with the wind, ship,
and sails.

She began to focus entirely on the wind and ship, her strong hands
moving the wheel in the proper direction. May barely noticed a
tee-shirt-clad Susan clenching to her arm, unknowingly helping her by
simply using her weight.

Several minutes went by, and though the storm seemed to become more
violent and destructive, May's efforts paid off. The ship was
practically jumping the waves as the wind forced it forward.

The two ladies looked up at the men, the wind and sails making it
impossible to hear anything. Somehow John had gotten away from his
enraged friend; they scrambled about the main mast with Rob again
chasing May's husband. Even as they watched, John reached down at the
rope that must have come loose in the gale. He waited for Rob to
advance, a broken oak oar handle up and ready to swing. John pulled
with both hands, using all his strength. The rope lifted and was
enough to unbalance the large pot-bellied man,and the next swing of
the ship threw him backwards, completely uncontrolled.

Over two-hundred-pounds fell backwards, and all three witnessed the
hairy shouting man fall into the turbulent sea. Before anyone would
even have thought about a rescue, Rob disappeared to stern, lost from
sight by the high sea state and speed of the sailboat.

John looked to the stern at the two women, astonishment and shock
easily seen on his face by both ladies. All three knew the fat man was lost, and for good. No-one spoke or moved for several moments -
only May had to work to keep the small craft stable in the heavy sea,
her mind frozen by the actions about her.

She saw her husband carefully scrabble to his feet. The area about
the mast was incredibly dangerous, and he slowly made his way back to
the stern of the boat and to the safety of the cockpit. He was only a
few feet from entering safety when May reacted, almost without
thinking. Only her emotions charged her body to act.

Feeling the way the wind wanted to push the tiny craft, May suddenly
forced the wheel in that direction. The craft suddenly tilted and
came about, and the sail snapped, tearing with the wind, and the craft
took a large wave hit to the flank. The effect worked perfectly and
John suddenly lurched from his foothold and flew upwards and outwards,
the sea easily swallowing him up as it had Rob.

Susan screamed out John's name and rushed to the edge of the ship to
look into the dark, unfriendly water. May felt tears rush down her
cheeks, unnoticeable with the salt water coating her body, as she
fought to bring the ship back to safe course.

The two ladies didn't say another word until a safe anchorage was

Sailing We Will Go - Chapter XI
Again May felt the familiar warm skin of Susan laying next to her.
Even before she opened her eyes, she remembered it all. John and Rob.
The storm. Susan's tears.

Strength ran through the small attractive body. May had accomplished
what she had set out to do from the beginning of this cruise. Her
husband could never again bother her, cheat on her, lie to her, or use
her like a whore. She would be able to spend all the money John spent
years earning anyway she wanted. And this ship, something she hated
since he spent more time with it than his own wife - she now loved it
for saving her life, both from the storm and from years of marriage.

May realized she would have to contact the Coast Guard, and a search
would follow. Nothing would be found; she had read enough news
reports to realize it was impossible to find the body let alone save a
sailor overboard. She would use the radio as soon as she got up.

As for Rob, May could care less.

It was Susan that she had no idea what to do with. Nothing was
planned after her husband's punishment. Susan had screwed John many
times, as the submissive slut she really was. Yet did she realize
that May had purposely turned that wheel to force her husband
overboard? Or perhaps that if Rob had lived, he would have punished
the voluptuous blond enough just by continuing the abusive marriage
that had lived?

May knew that answer, or rather she allowed her emotions to answer.

The tiny darkly-tanned woman rolled over, taking Susan with her. She
found the blond's mouth and forced her tongue into it, her tiny hard
breasts pressing firmly into the soft warm ones below, the sexual
mound pressed downwards again into the other woman's.

Susan could not help but awake; she groaned out in pleasure even while
her eyes began to water. She remembered. May began to rotate her
hips, grinding the two clitoris delightfully. Even in her grief the
attractive blond began to react.

May whispered into Susan's ear, "You are going to come and live with
me, Susan." They both sighed in sexual heat and enjoyment. "I love

"I love you, May." Susan meant it, and though she hadn't thought
about it yet, she had no where else to live. Her husband had been
less than prepared for death.

May had lost a husband and found a slave.




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