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Sandy Gets Stranded
by Headhunter
Blue smoke began to pour out from under the hood of Sandy's car. The
engine coughed a few times then died. Sandy coasted onto the sholder
of the deserted road and began to curse her husband. "Damn it", she
had told him to get the car serviced, now she was stuck out in the
middle of nowhere. The last town was 5 miles behind her and according
to the map the next town was at least 10 miles away.

It was hot outside and without the airconditioner the temperature
creeped upwards. Sweat began to form on Sandy's forehead and between
her ample breasts. She got out of the car still cursing and opened
the trunk. Looking to make sure nobody was coming in either
direction, she stripped off her blouse and found a white tee-shirt in
her luggage to pull on. Not much chance of anyone seeing her out
here. The last vehicle she had passed was five minutes ago. She had
passed an slow old truck going in the same direction. Well she
thought to herself it would catch up to her in a few minutes and she
could ask them to send a towtruck back from the next town. She cursed
her husband again for taking the cell-phone. Of course he had their
little girls with him so it really made sense for him to have the
phone. She decided to pull on a pair of shorts instead of the calf
length skirt she was wearing. Well at least she was more comfortable.
She left the trunk open, and taking a Coke from her travel cooler she
sat on her suitcase, in the shade of a tree to wait.

Soon the old truck chugged up the road. The first of three travelers
that would make this a most unforgettable day for Sandy. A day that
had started early as she traveled to meet her husband and children at
her mother-in-law's house in the country. A day that would end very
late indeed.

The old truck stopped infront of Sandy's car. Two old men got out of
the old battered flat bed. "Well, missy what's wrong with your car?"

"I'm glad you gentlemen showed up. My car started smoking then just
died. Can you fix it or, when you get to the next town can you send a
tow-truck back to get me?"

"Well little lady," the two dirty but kindly old men said, "two old
goats like us just have to help a beautiful sweet thing like you."

The remarks gave Sandy some concern, but she was reassured when one
of the men reached into the car and popped the hood. "Where are the
keys", he asked?

Sandy got her purse from the passenger side of the car and handed the
old man the keys. While they fiddled with the car she sat back down
on her suitcase clutching her purse to her chest. Aware that with
only a tee-shirt and nylon shorts on, she wasn't wearing much.

Soon she was pleased to hear her car's engine roar to life.

The two men began laughing. "Well missy, we appreciate the car. A
good looking piece of ass like you won't have any trouble getting
picked up on this road. Be careful of who stops for you, they all
won't be as nice as us." Before Sandy could take the few steps to her
car, both the truck and her car roared down the deserted road. She
chased after them for a few yards, but both the truck and the car
were quickly disappearing in the distance.

"Oh Shit!" Sandy yelled in frustration. She turned and walked back to
her suitcase. Now she was stuck with a heavy suitcase her purse and
no car. After crying for a few minutes, she pulled herself together
and decided to begin walking back to the town she had passed.
Fortunately her suitcase had wheels and the housewife made good time
pulling her suitcase and carrying her purse. "Thank God, I got my
purse out of the car. At least I have some money and my credit cards.
This serve's my husband right, now he will have to buy me a new car."
That thought brightened Sandy's mood significantly. Her husband
wasn't a bad guy. He just worked too hard and sometimes Sandy though
he didn't enjoy life enough.

As Sandy trudged down the road she heard the roar of a powerful
engine. In a flash, a red convertable sports car passed Sandy. The
brakes squeeled and the car swirved to a stop. Two blonde young women
waved at Sandy, and backed up to the stranded housewife. Sandy was
releived when she realized that two attractive young women were in
the car. Like Sandy they were dressed in shorts and tee-shirts. At
least she wouldn't have to worry about anything else happening to

The sports car pulled off onto the sholder of the road and the two
women jumped out of the car. "Hi", they both said with bright smiles.
Sandy couldn't help but notice that they were both beautiful, in
their early twenties. "Do you need a hand?"

"Oh, thank you, I'm really tired of pulling this suitcase", said
Sandy. "I thought I was going to have to pull it the whole five miles
back to the town. My car was stolen and I need to get to a phone."

"Well we promise that you won't have to carry that suitcase or that
purse any further." The first girl grabbed Sandy by the arms while
the second girl tossed the suitcase into the back seat of the
convertable. Sandy was shocked and before she realized what was
happening. The girl holding her grabbed her purse and tossed it to
her friend who dumped out the contents onto the trunk of the car.

"Now you bitch, how much money do you have?" Sandy ran to the car and
cried, "Stop, those are my things." The girl lifted her leg in a
kung-fu move and kicked Sandy right in her soft round belly. Sandy
dropped like a rock and began crying and trying to catch her breath
on the hard packed dirt.

The two women ignored Sandy and began rummaging through her
belongings. "Only $75 dollars... hey look she's got a gold card, we
can go shopping on this bitch... I wonder what her credit limit is...
ugly lipstick... com' on lets go... maybe we better see if you hurt
her, she's still trying to catch her breath."

One girl told Sandy to get to her knees and lean forward, that would
help her breath normally. "Damn Brenda, how hard did you kick her?"
"Not hard, lets look at her stomach." The two girls pulled the tee-
shirt over Sandy's limp arms. They could see the outline of Brenda's
foot on Sandy's stomach but there was no brusing. "Aw, she's fine.
Just knocked the breath out of her. Lets go!"

The two women jumped back into the car. Brenda still clutching
Sandy's tee-shirt and the car roared back down the road. One women
called out to Sandy. "You got nice tits, just stick out your thumb
and somebody will pick you up."

Sandy slowy regained her composure and her breath. Finally she was
able to stand. She took stock. She guessed she was still 4 miles from
the town. No money, no credit cards, wearing a sheer white bra and
panties and red nylon running shorts. To make matters worse she was
wearing medium heeled shoes with no socks. Definately not walking
shoes. Thank God it was warm. Sandy thought, "damn my husband for
having me drive alone. When I get home I am going to give him hell
for this."

Sandy began trudging down the deserted road, acutely aware of how her
breasts swung in the light bra. Also, she was perspiring making the
sheer bra almost transparent. Her dark nipples showed through the
thin white nylon. Suddenly a horn honked behind her. A young man in a
pick-up truck grinned at her through a dusty windshield. He rolled
down his window and Sandy approached the truck. The cool air from his
airconditioned escaped from the truck. It felt great to Sandy,
unfortunately for her the cold air hitting the wet fabric of her bra
caused her nipples to wrinkle and harden, creating two distinct bumps
on her sheer bra, pointing right at the smiling face of the man.

"Well it looks like your happy to see me, hop in and I'll give you a
ride. How in the world did you end up here dressed like that?"

Sandy had a choice to make, she thought to herself, "surely this man
would be OK, there couldn't be crooks in every car that passed this
way." Sandy scrambled to the passenger door carefully holding her
tits in each hand so the young man would get an eyeful of her barely
covered c-cups and hard nipples.

"Oh thank you for stoping, I have had my car stolen and I was robbed.
I don't have anything. I need to get to town so I can call my husband
to come and get me and report the robbery to the police. If my damn
husband had just serviced the car or had allowed me to go with him I
wouldn't be in this mess."

The young man smiled as he hit the accelorator, "well lady, looks
like you have got real trouble. You will catch a cold in this
airconditioning with those wet sweaty clothes on, here is a towel,
now strip out of those clothes and dry yourself off."

"What... what... no I don't want ... I'll be OK."

"Listen bitch... you think this ride to town is free. If you ain't
got no money then you got to pay for the ride by showing me some
skin. Besides You don't want to catch cold do you."

"No.. I don't.."

The young man pulled a wicked looking hunting knife from under his
seat. He waved it in Sandy's face, then with one smooth flick of the
blade he popped the strap on her sholder. He turned the blade and
said, "this is razor sharp". With a practiced move of the blade he
slit the bra on the side facing him. "Now toss your titty holder out
the window or I will carve you up. I want to see those baby's."

Sandy, frightened of the man rolled down the window and tossed the
bra out of the speeding truck. She tried to cover her breasts with
her hands, but much of the flesh on the sides of her breasts could
not be covered.

"Looks like you got more than a handful of titties, you sweet thing,
now lose the shorts or I'll go to work with the cold steel again."

Sandy began to plead that she was a married wife and mother. The
young man soon became impatient and calmly inserted the knife blade
under her waist band and slit open the nylon as if it were a hard
cock sluicing through a wet cunt.

"Out the window with them too, mama," mocked the young man. I ain't
never seen nobody's mama naked before." Sandy had to drop her hands
to remove her shorts. Her mature breasts swayed enticingly before the
young man's eyes. "Wow, you got some nice big'uns."

Sandy began to cry as the ruined red nylon fluttered out the window.

"Let me see your pussy", the man demanded, "after all I am giving you
a free ride." Once again Sandy began to object, through her tears.

The young man cursed, "Shit lady, shut-up. Walking down a deserted
road in a bra and shorts, what did you expect. I'm tired of your
complaining." The young man turned sharply off the road onto a bumpy
dirt road. He slammed on the brakes, reached across Sandy feeling her
tits as he went, and pushed open her door. Then he pushed her out and
followed her. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the back
of the truck and pushed her onto the pick-ups bed. The pickup had a
ladder rack. The young man juumped up on the bed and quickly tied
Sandy's wrists to the to posts extending from the sides of the truck.
Once secure the young man jumped down and looked up at the crying
Sandy. Her tits were fully exposed because her arms were tied wide,
but her legs were free. Sandy kicked at the man, but that only made
her tits jump and bounce to the young man's delight. He would bate
her moving close, then jumping back when she kicked. "Wow, look at
those babies bounce. I loooove your titties. Comm'on kick at me

Finally exhausted, Sandy begged to be let free. "No not yet." The man
sensing her surrender, jumped forward and pulled down her panties.
Exposing her golden triangle. Sandy kicked out again and her foot
caught his sholder, but her panties went flying into the bushes.

"Spread those legs again darling. It was worth getting kicked to be
able to look up into your sweet honey pot," the man laughed. The man
hopped back into the truck and proceeded up the bumpy road with the
helpless Sandy standing naked and restrained in the back of his
truck. She could feel her heavy tits bounce and swing as the tires
hit potholes and bumps.

Since she was facing backwards she heard rather than saw a chorus of
whops and hollers. The truck drove past a cinderblock building on the
side of the road. Parked out front was a line of big motorcycles and
four or five leather jacket clad men stood at the door. Cheering..

"Hey baby, nice big tits... Johnny where did you find that sweet
looking piece of ass... Check out the tits and ass on her... "

The truck slammed on its brakes and backed up to the front of the
building. Sandy tied naked on the back of the truck was staring at a
group of long haired, dirty members of the Diablo's Motorcycle Club.
Two of the men pulled knives from their pockets and cut the ropes
holding Sandy. She was in shock as the men lifted the naked and
stunned housewife over their heads and carried her into the
cinderblock building.

"Gangbang time fella's... we are gonna turn this sweet meat out... "
Sandy was roughly dropped face-up onto a table and her arms and legs
tied to the legs of the table. To Sandy's horror an additional 5 men
were seated in the room and ten men now surrounded the helpless wife
and mother. "This is gonna be fun... lets fuck the shit out of her...
" Jackets, blue jeans, motorcycle boots started hitting the floor. A
particularly large man stepped up between Sandy's outsretched legs.
"As President of the club I grt to go first... Your gonna love this
baby... before were done with you... you are gonna be begging to be
fucked. Relax and enjoy... you might even learn how to please a

In a back room five people looked out a partially cracked door. The
two old men had parked Sandy's car behing the building. The two
beautiful women were sorting through Sandy's clothes. The red sports
car was also parked out back where Sandy couldn't see it. The last
person a man... . Sandy's husband said, "Thanks for setting this up
for me. I hope this loosens my bitch of a wife up."

The girl named Brenda smiled as Sandy's husband handed her $500. She
said, "OK we get to keep the car, the clothes, the $75 in her wallet,
and the $500 for setting this up." Sandy's husband nodded and smiled
as the first cock of the night slid into his wifes helpless body. He
watched for a while and the first man deposited a load of cum into
his wife. Brenda said, "now that she has a load of jism in her she
will be nice and wet so she will have an easier time with the rest. I
told the fella's that you wanted them to teach her how to suck cock.
I can't believe that you have been married to the bitch for 12 years
and she never gave you a blow job. Well before the night is over she
will be an expert cocksucker. Hell, she will be an expert fucker,
sucker, ass fucker, and triple penatrater. Those boys will go all
night if you let them."

"Look, number three is already mounted up and it looks like big Jim
is hanging his cock right over her mouth."

After a few minutes Brenda continued, "Now there is only one thing
left for you to decide. Do you want her back after tonight? I'm sure
she will be a lot less bitchy and will be willing to give you
whatever sex you want. Or the Diablo's are going to be making a run
to Mexico tomorrow for drugs. I'm sure that they would be happy to
sell her to a Mexican whore house for you. That way you can just
forget about her. American whores don't ever make it back to the
States, they are in demand south of the border. Those Mex's would
keep your sweet wife fucking 24 hours a day. In a few months she
wouldn't even remember her own name, much less even think about her

Hey look shes got number 4 up her pussy and she's taking a second
load of cum down her throat. Looks like she's starting to enjoy it.
They will be flipping her over to get at that virgin asshole in a
little while."

Sandy's husband smiled. "I think I'll watch for a while before I
decide. She can't see me can she?" Brenda laughed, "Hell no. In fact
after a while there will be so much cum on her face that her eyes
will be stuck shut. If you want you can get in line and get your
first blow-job from your wife. She will never know the difference.

Later that night Sandy's husband got his blow-job from his
unsuspecting wife. Then he made up his mind.

"Tell the Diablo's to take her to Mexico, and Brenda how would you
like to come home with me? I could use a smart woman like you in my
business and I could use a beautiful woman like you in my bed. I have
a lot of catching up to do after the 12 years of the lousy sex I had
with Sandy."


Moral of the story ladies-- Unless you want to end up in a Mexican
whore house fucking 30 or 40 brown cocks everyday, don't be a bitch
and suck your husband's cock every once in a while.


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