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Arrival Of The Sapphire Goddess

Copyright 2002 -- DreamSender

MF, mc, AB(abduction), AS(Alien Sex)

This story contains incidents of sexual intercourse, Hypnotic Mind
Control, and Alien Abudction, and is not to be read by persons under the
age of 18.

You are sitting on a park bench in a busy city after a long day at work.
Suddenly you look to your right, and there is a deep-blue haired Lady with
an equally blue cast to Her skin sitting beside you.

You wonder..."Who is this, and why did I not see Her arrive?" Although
you did not speak aloud, She answers!

"I have come...because I felt, both your male need, AND your loneliness.
Now...look into My Eyes, and see what W/we truly are to one another!"

You do look into Her eyes, and find that they are not human flesh and
blood, but sparkling Sapphire jewels...twinkling and
endless depth... and an endless path for you to follow...your
thoughts...slowly come to a complete halt as you stare so deeply...your
body going numb and wooden....all that exists for you is those Sapphire
orbs...drawing you into them...deeper and deeper...your body is now
limp...your will you continue to look, and continue to
sink... deeper...deeper...and deeper still.

Your mind is so still sleepy and drowsy...that you feel no
surprise when She rises from the bench. And as She Rises... She also
grows...taller...taller...and taller still. You are still eye-locked with She reaches the height of 7 feet...8 feet... 9 feet... 10
feet...12 feet...and larger still...and now Her Wings appear, each one the
length of two city blocks.

She lifts you in Her arms as though you were a small Child...and flies
off with you... higher and higher into the sky...She kisses your eyelids
softly...and you lose the last of your consciousness...

When you find you can open your eyes look and know... you
are no longer on the Planet of your Birth.

Crystal trees...many colors...greener grass than ever grew on Earth.
She is now human sized again, and your head is lying on Her lap.

"Hello, My Pet...I am sorry I could not let you enjoy the ride; but this
My Home must remain a Secret location."

She picks a fruit from the nearest crystal tree, and puts it to your
nose... the smell alone, is so sweet, it intoxicates... "now taste..and

You bite into this luscious fruit... it sheds more juice than you
thought such a small one could! And as it flows down your throat, you feel
it spreading through your body like Fire...warming your body, clouding your
mind still further...drunk on the Fruit...drunk on Her Nearness...your Mind
and Body... becoming aroused...another bite...the sensations are doubled...
and you are trancing again...more than a mind-trance... a
trance of Lust.

Deeper and deeper you are sinking...drunk on Lust... drunk with
Desire... but you reach out to touch...and find a though there
were glass betwixt you and She. "I-I n-need..." you stammer.

"WHAT do you need My Pet?" She asks. "I need YOU!" you are finally able
to shout. She smiles wickedly, and then She says... "If you want ME, you
must be polite...a Goddess only responds to Respect! ON YOUR KNEES, AND

So you kneel, and gently kiss those wondrous, Blue toes...whose nails
are also sparkling Jewels. "Please, My Goddess, allow this unworthy one to
Serve Thee?"

Now She smiles, and it is as if a blue Sun has risen; Her smile
alone...driving you deeper... you feel now as though you are Lust
incarnate. Your manhood..more solid than you have ever seen it. She waves
Her hand...and your clothes vanish. She beckons, and your feet leave the you float towards Her. Your motion stops a foot from Her body,
but you remain suspended in air.

Now the Goddess spreads Her Wings, and with two short beats..Her body
touches yours. She lowers Herself onto your man-pole, it feels as though
it is immersed in Lava.

Lava that does not burn...that can only be the Fire...of Pure and
unadulterated Lust! Her Tunnel is so active, you wonder if you can last
long satisfy Her hungry Need. And every thrust, takes you
still deeper... deeper into the Trance of Lust.

"Worried, are you? You should not be!" She touches your temples...and
you feel an energy spark goes down your spine... and into your the more She thrusts, the harder you get!

You Love Her for hours...the time growing endless... She spasms in
Orgasm again and again... your Energies both sustained by Her Powers.

One last mighty Cum, and She collaspes on you...causing you to
immediately explode yourself, stars dancing before your eyes as Her Powers
push you beyond your final limit. "Whew! It has been long since I felt
this satiated...You are Mine now; My total Lust-Slave. I will come for you
again; you will not know where, you will not know when."

"Sleep now, My doting Pet...forget this place, but remember the Lust."

As consciousness leaves you once more, you feel your body re-energizing.
Your last thought before Sleep takes you..."Is this a Dream? And if not,
My Lady, Ohhh make it SOON!"

Now you wake in your own bed, and I must wake you from the Dream as
well, if you were drawn in...*smile*.

More alive than you have felt in a while...wake as I count from:
10...9...8...7..6..5 halfway back to reality now...4...3...2..1. Hope this
was as enjoyable for you, as it was for Me! *Wink*

Mystically Trancing, Hypnotic Enchantress Sapphire (Who Else?)


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