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Ciana Rose (c) 2001 All rights reserved

I come home from work, much agitated because I've had a hard day.

When I walk into the bedroom, I see you're lying naked against the
pillows. You're waiting for me--the covers pushed aside, your legs
slightly parted, your cock standing stiff. The sight of your manhood never
ceases to awe me. I see it as a work of art--empowering, shaped perfectly,
so endowed for rendering pleasure.

With one glance at you, my irritation, my fatigue, all fade away. We
don't speak--your expression tells me better than words that you will take
care of me; you will make the world right again. At that moment, I feel
like the luckiest woman alive.

Silently, I undress myself while you watch. I don't rush as I unbutton
my blouse and remove it. Soon enough, all will be well. Unzipping my
skirt, I drop it. I stand in my under things before you, letting you look
your fill. When I see the satisfied look in your eyes, I continue to
remove my bra, my stockings, and finally my panties.

I come to you bare. I want nothing between us, nothing to hamper
feeling every inch of your body against mine.

I climb the bed and straddle your thighs on my knees. We look at each
other, eyes locked, knowing we will exchange more than physical

You reach for your cock proudly and hold it for me. I use both hands to
part my cunt, then position myself above it. I pause, seeing that you are
looking at my spread pussy. Again, I don't want to interrupt your visual
pleasure. When you raise your eyes to mine, slowly, I begin to lower
myself. As I feel the first brushing of your cock's head against my
entrance, my eyelids droop with the satisfaction of our contact. A
long-winded sigh escapes me.

I lower myself enough to press my cunt against the crown of your cock.
Its thickness covers the entire span. God it feels good. I hesitate
momentarily, then push lower. I gasp as the thick head breaks through, but
will myself to go slowly. My eyes meet yours again and I see the same wild
urge I'm feeling myself. We smile at each other--a smile of delight, of

As I lower myself upon your shaft, you moan right along with me. The
walls of my vagina vibrate as, inch by inch, my small cunt stretches to
accommodate your powerful cock. The fullness I feel extends to my heart,
to my very soul. Every time you enter my body, it's as though you infuse
me with new life.

I take all of you--so deeply that I'm able to sit without supporting my
weight. You take my hands and lace your fingers through mine. Another
brief look and we're ready for pleasure.

As I begin to rock back and forth, I lean toward you. You cup my
breasts and take both nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. My
drawn out moan crumples the silence and my eyelids flutter from the bliss.
We both know I'm too ready, it won't take me long.

Jarred by my body's hunger, I keep my eyes glued to yours as I move my
hips more urgently, more determinedly. You help me along by thrusting to
my rhythm, giving me longer slides while my cunt squeezes your cock in
demand for pleasure. You know the instant I'm ready to release. Your
expression turns more possessive and you pinch my nipples harder to take me
across the line.

I scream, as suddenly, all my frustrations explode. Abandoning myself,
my awareness centers solely on the sensations swirling in my cunt as it
grasps, sucks, and devours the long hard tool that's granting me this
satisfaction. As the means of my ultimate pleasures, it is an enormous power that it wields over me. It's contenting to be held so dependent.

As my orgasm begins to dwindle, you allow me to lower myself into your
arms. I latch on to you gratefully while I kiss and suck your neck for
further fulfillment.

Your own needs impatient now, you suddenly roll us over so that I'm
underneath and you on top. You hold my head and call for my attention.
Seeing the hunger in your eyes, I want to tear myself open for you. I want
nothing spared in your taking of me.

As if to punish me for the extent of your needs, you attack my mouth
with a savage kiss. Your hot, moist tongue slithers in and rolls around
mine, then it sweeps my mouth thoroughly to claim it as yours. While you
suck and bite, your appetite and thrusts gradually grow so demanding that
when you break the kiss, my lips feel swollen and bruised.

Consumed with passion, you squeeze your hands under my ass cheeks and
raise me so that you can pound me more deeply. I welcome every thrust,
every demand for your manly needs.

You don't seem to be able to get enough and you slip my legs over your
shoulders. Pressing me into a roll, you take even more. Your pounding is
almost violent as you repeatedly withdraw to the tip of your cock, then
plow back into me even more forcefully.

Approaching the end, you thrust faster and faster, filling the room with
our heavy breathing and the ring of your balls slapping against my bottom.

My need to give to you is too urgent to express silently. Low moans
emerge from the bottom of my heart, but that's not enough. Compelled, I
whimper and plead for something I can't even name until with a
reverberating growl, you begin to fill my cunt. Then I scream out your

Images of your rigid cock taking its pleasure, relieving itself of the
burdening pressure inside my cunt flash through my mind and I strive to
absorb your entire being into mine. Then, as if refusing to make the
journey down the spiral of ecstasy alone, you grind against my clit. The
pressure is all I need to join you.

We moan and grunt--you, pouring your precious seed into me, I, greedy to
absorb every drop. And in this way, in this give and take, once more,
together, we have achieved the ultimate state of being.

It's a long time before our pulses beat as they should. With my
stirring, your soft cock slips out of its sopping nest. You reposition me
to lie in your arms, partially atop you. As we kiss tenderly to seal our
sharing, I hook my leg over yours. Then I lay my head in the crook of your
shoulder and dwell on this wondrous feeling of being so fully drained, yet
so very complete. It's a feeling that always follows in the aftermath of
our lovemaking.

As I begin to drift off, I feel a trickle of heat flow through my
swollen cunt lips. I smile, knowing that I'm overflowing with the wetness
you have left behind. I press my crotch against your thigh that's wedged
between my legs to remind you--you have just finished fucking me and your
cum is dripping from my cunt. You express your appreciation by placing a
lazy kiss on my forehead.

Satisfaction prevails--you have made the world right for me once again.
I sigh and reach for your balls. Cupping them gently in my hand, I fall


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