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School Girl Slave Ch 12


School girl Slave
by Fantasy stories (c) FantasyStories2000

Initially this was planned as a trilogy however as I've
slowly progressed I've realised that this is only a two
volume opus. First book should be finished within a
couple of months (by Oct 2002). Second book is already
started but will take well into 2003 to finish I think.
Sorry, but I'm a slow writer, constantly going back and
doing re-writes.

The normal disclaimer applies. This is story is
copyright. May be freely distributed but not for
money. If you are under the age of 18 please don't
read as the contents are adult. This story is fantasy
and I do not condone nor encourage any of the non
consensual activities in it.

The story is archived at and at

Very brief synopsis:
Story about a school girl enslaved by the neighbours

Chapter 12 - Blackmailed again
Janet didn't stop till she was safely in her bedroom.
She sat at her dressing table, staring into the mirror,
searching for evidence of the traumatic events she'd
been through. Nothing. Surely there should be some
external evidence of what had happened to her but she
didn't look any different.

At least she was free from him. Trouble was she didn't
feel free, not with him still holding the evidence of
her and Marcia cheating. Not that it mattered as he'd
probably emailed it to everyone by now. If she thought
her life was over before then now she was sure it was.

If only she could at least talk to someone but the
choices were kind of limited. Normally if there was a
really big problem in her life she'd talk to her mom
about it but she knew that she had to hide this from
her parents no matter what. The only other people she
could tell were Kelly who was going to be away for
another fortnight and Marcia who'd be away even longer.

There were other friends but she couldn't talk to them
about this. She could just hear the conversations.
"Hi it's Janet. I've just been raped and whipped and
had all sorts of horrible things done to me by the guy
who lives next door. How did it happen? Well, he did
it because I stole some exam papers and cheated on my
exams and he found out so I agreed to be his sex slave
if he wouldn't tell anyone." Shit!

Staring in the mirror wasn't helping so she ran a bath
and soaked in it for ages, imagining the water washing
away her problems. This helped a bit when she was in
the bath but as soon as she got out the problems were
back with a vengence.

Janet spent the next few hours alternately pacing
through the house, trying to watch tv to escape or
lying on her bed, clutching her pillow and fighting
back tears. It wasn't until early afternoon that she
remembered Marcia had said she'd occassionally check
her email while she was away. She turned on her
computer so she could send Marcia an email telling her
she had to call her no matter what.

Richard's first response was disappointment. Huge, all
encompassing disappointment as janet disappeared from
his life. Then as he shut the front door his
disappointment was swept aside by fear that she'd tell,
fear that next time he opened the front door there'd be
a cop standing there, waiting to arrest him. Maybe if
he got rid of the evidence he'd be able to deny it all.
First, all the stuff he had on the computer had to go
he thought as he headed back to his room.

Sitting down in front of his computer he moved the
mouse to deactivate the screen saver and there was the
image he'd been working on in photoshop. She was naked
with her arms and legs stretched out and the red lines
from where he'd whipped her traced across her beautiful
body. He clicked on the image zooming in till her
blindfolded face and gorgeous tits filled the monitor.
How could he delete something so special, so sexy?
There must be another way out of this and even if there
wasn't he'd prefer to risk being arrested rather than
getting rid of the pictures and the video.

The pictures and the video. Maybe there was another
way. Maybe he could use them. Maybe it wasn't over
but he'd have to hurry.

As janet loaded her email program her mind was mostly
occupied with working out what she could risk saying to
Marcia. From force of habit she checked her inbox,
dumping a few spam emails and barely glancing through
the others which she'd reply to later. However the
last email stopped her dead.

Hi Janet. This is Richard. If you want to check out
your new website click on this link. Lots of pics of
you like the one below and a vid of you doing you know
what. You have two hours to call me to talk about

Underneath was a web address and she watched in shock
as an image of her downloaded below the address. He'd
obviously taken it yesterday after he'd first whipped
her. For ages she just stared at it, unbelieving that
pictures of her looking like this could exist, unable
to move before she finally hit the delete button.

No. Wrong. She had to check out the site, see if it
really existed. The delete folder. It was still
there. She dragged the email back to her inbox and
with a sinking heart clicked on the link. It worked.
There was a pink background, some text and lots of
pictures, all of her.

Welcome to janet Sheen's Teenage Slut site.

I'm janet and I'm a total teen slut. I'm only fifteen
but I'm into some heavy shit. Check out the pictures
below of me tied up after my master has whipped me.
Then click on the video icon. This will download my
first net video. In it I tell you what a slut I am and
then I finger my hot cunt just for you until I come. I
think you'll like it because there are lots of close
ups of my tight teen cunt. If you do like it, email me
at the address below and if you're lucky I'll email you
back with my phone number and tell you where I live so
you can come visit and we can fuck and suck all night.

Hope to hear from you soon.

She didn't bother clicking on the video link. There
wasn't any point because even if it didn't work the
photos were real and there was no doubt it was her
behind the blindfold and the gag. No doubt it was her?
As if that mattered when the page was called janet
Sheen's Teenage Slut Site.

Yesterday when she'd signed that stupid slave thing to
stop him telling family and friends about her cheating
it was to stop all the people she knew from finding
out. If she hadn't maybe she'd have been expelled from
her school, maybe she'd be grounded for a long time but
it probably would only have been for the cheating and
it would have been forgotten eventually. Not this.
This was going to be forever. Everywhere she went,
every person she met for the rest of her life she'd be
wondering if they'd seen this, if they had watched her
masturbate. If she didn't do something about it her
life really would be over this time.

She didn't know how long she sat staring blindly at the
screen before, with trembling hands, she picked up her
phone and dialed Richard. She hadn't called his number
for at least three years but she still remembered it
from when they were friends. So long ago. Shit, why
did she do what Marcia demanded all those years ago.
Kel was right, she shouldn't have shut Richard out of
their lives and now it was too late.

Richard was in the kitchen grabbing some food when he
heard the phone. Racing for it he skidded to a stop as
he grabbed the handset.

"Hello? Hello?"

There was no one there. Shit he must have missed it.
He was just about to hang up when he thought he heard

"Hello. Is there ."


It was Janet, her voice so quiet he barely heard her.
That must be a good sign he thought. She wasn't
yelling at him, demanding that he get rid of the web
site as he'd half thought she might.


"It's me. Ummm . I . I saw the email and the ."

"Right . and?"

"Umm, okay."

He punched his fist into the air, mouthing a silent
victory cry. It wasn't over. He still had her. More
than had her, she was really totally fucking his now
and she knew it. She'd tried to get away and now she
knew that she couldn't. Ever.


"I'll . you know . I'll do what you want."


There was a long silence before she replied, her voice
almost inaudible.

"Your slave . master."

"Right. Better. You've been a naughty little slave
haven't you?"

"Yes master."

"A very naughty little slave. And what happens to
naughty slaves? Well, what?"


"Yep. They're punished. Guess what your punishment
will be slave."

"You'll . you'll hit me . hit your slave."

"Tell you what, let's play a little game. I want you
to tell me how many times you think I should hit you.
Not now. Tomorrow at nine o'clock when you'll come
over. Here's how the game will go. I know how many
hits you deserve. If you tell me I should hit you less
than I think then you'll get your number plus mine. If
you tell me the same as I think or more, then that's
all you'll get. Understand slave?"

"Yes master."

"Okay. Nine o'clock tomorrow morning. Don't you dare
be late slave. And you'd better be able to stay all
night again or else."

Yes! It was on again. Initially, if she'd called and
given in again, he'd planned on telling her to come
over immediately. But while he was waiting for her
call he'd started thinking about what he wanted to do
if she did come back. He was going to need lots of
preparation time so he'd decided that he'd have to wait
till tomorrow. It was going to be worth it though and
if he got too horny waiting he could always jerk off to
his new video of her.

Somehow janet survived when her parents came home and
she had dinner with them without either of them asking
her if anything was wrong. After dinner she retreated
to her room and spent the next few torturous hours
trying to work out the magic number. She knew that
coming up with the right sort of number was really
important. If she said something easy like one or two,
he'd probably get really pissed off and make it lots.
But if she came up with a bigger number and it was
still too small then she'd be getting that plus
whatever he thought. Finally she settled on a number
which she of course adjusted constantly every time she
thought about it.

Eventually she went to bed but for ages she couldn't
sleep she was so wound up. There was a way she knew
which normally helped her fall asleep but it felt wrong
to be doing that tonight so she tossed and turned till
she couldn't stand it anymore.

Easing her hand down to her pussy, she conjured up
images of one of the guys from her favourite tv show as
she started stroking her finger through her pussy. She
had to bite on her lip to stop from moaning because she
was very sensitive tonight. Good though she thought,
it would mean she could get off quickly. Slipping her
finger inside she covered it with her juices and
started playing with her clitoris, coaxing it out as
she started to think of someone licking her. It had
felt so good, so complete when he put his mouth on her
clitoris, so much more complete than using a finger
was. And when he'd licked all over her pussy and
pushed the tip of his tongue into her pussy and even
when he put his tongue into her bum. But the best part
was when he'd sucked her clitoris into his mouth and
she'd exploded in that first overpowering orgasm this

As she came, one hand pushing into her pussy the other
gripping her bedclothes, images of sucking his cock and
of having his cock in her pussy flashed through her
mind. It was only as she relaxed after the waves of
her orgasm had washed over her that she realised that
she'd actually masturbated with Richard as her fantasy.
Tears rolled down her cheeks once again. Even in her
fantasies she couldn't seem to escape him.

Less that a hundred yards away Richard was also in bed.
His tv was positioned so he could watch in bed and he
had linked the video camera to it. As the video of
Janet masturbating started and she smiled for the
camera, introducing herself as a sex slave, Richard
started stroking his already hard cock, settling down
for a long stroke session.


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