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School Girl Slave Ch 13


School girl Slave
by Fantasy stories (c) FantasyStories2000

Initially this was planned as a trilogy however as I've
slowly progressed I've realised that this is only a two
volume opus. First book should be finished within a
couple of months (by Oct 2002). Second book is already
started but will take well into 2003 to finish I think.
Sorry, but I'm a slow writer, constantly going back and
doing re-writes.

The normal disclaimer applies. This is story is
copyright. May be freely distributed but not for
money. If you are under the age of 18 please don't
read as the contents are adult. This story is fantasy
and I do not condone nor encourage any of the non
consensual activities in it.

The story is archived at and at

Very brief synopsis:
Story about a school girl enslaved by the neighbours

Chapter 13 - Twin Peaks

The next morning she waited in her room till her
parents had left for work before venturing downstairs.
After a quick breakfast she showered and dressed. That
was the hardest part, working out what to wear because
she wanted to cover herself as much as possible but
didn't want him to realise it. If it wasn't that she
knew it would piss him off she'd have worn baggy pants
and a loose top. What she settled on was a wrap around
skirt that came to just above her knees, pair of her
plainest panties and a sports bra, a crop top that was
very loose so that it didn't really show off her boobs
and a pair of sandals.

By five to nine she was standing outside Richard's
front door. Taking a big breath to try and dispel her
fear she reached out, opened the door and stepped
inside to find the ominous leather cuffs laid out on
the floor along with her leash and lying next to it two
fake cocks. To one side was a tripod with the video
camera he'd used to film her yesterday focused straight
at her.

"Good morning slave."

Her head whipped to the right where there was a small
speaker sitting on a chair.

"That's right, I'm watching you on the camera and I'm
speaking to you through this. Shut the door. Good.
Now kneel in front of the clothes I've prepared for
you. Kneel slave! Now!"

She dropped to her knees, hands behind her back
assuming the ready position.

"Good slave. Except you still have your own clothes
on. Bad slave. From now on as soon as you come in you
take your clothes off. Now, take everything off, put
on your cuffs and then get back into position. Come on

"Yes master."

Cunt! The word reverbrated in her head as she took off
her clothes, not even having time to consider how
pointless it had been taking so much time earlier
deciding what to wear. Skirt, top, sandals, bra,
panties and she was naked again, shivering now with
fear as the reality of once again being his slave, of
having to let him degrade and hurt her struck home.
The embarrassment of having no clothes on also flooded
back and she had to work hard to control her urge to
cover her tits and pussy. Picking up the cuffs she
started putting them on, starting with her wrists and
them twisting around to put the ankle cuffs on before
locking the collar around her neck. Then she was back
in position, clothes scattered around her, eyes staring
at the floor, trying not to look at the two horrid fake
cocks in front of her as she became conscious of her
nipples, hard and pointing straight at the camera.

"Good slave. That's the way you should be all the
time, naked, on your fucking knees, ready to be used
like the fuck slut you are. Now for the interesting
stuff. I hope your cunt is wet because you have 30
seconds to get the vibrator up there. That's the pink
plastic cock. Starting now!"

Reaching out with a shaking hand she picked up the
vibrator. It looked so real, at least seven inches
long and probably as thick as Richard's cock. Kneeling
up she slowly brought it between her legs till the head
was against her hole. With the fingers of her other
hand she spread her pussy lips apart both thankful and
disgusted when she felt the slickness on her fingers.
Thankful because it meant that she was wet enough to
put the vibrator in without having to hurt herself,
disgusted because it was just another bit of proof that
she really was a slut.

"Ten seconds."


She doubled over as the head slid inside, once again
trying to get used to the feel of something this big
inside her pussy.

"Five seconds bitch. Hurry up if you don't want your
punishment to be even worse than it's going to be."

Taking a big breath she pulled her hand up, the
vibrator sliding all the way into her till it hit the
top of her pussy.


"Good slut. Leave it there. Now the butt plug.
That's the black cock of course, fat on one end,
skinnier in the middle. It goes up your arse. And
because I'm kind I'll let you grease it first. Forty
seconds to grease it and fuck it up your arse."

Straightening up she looked at the black thing in front
of her and then up at the camera as though she might be
able to actually see him, mouth open in shock as she
realised exactly what he wanted her to do.

"Yes cunt, up your tight arse. Time's ticking away.
If I were you I'd get that tube of KY and get to work.
Otherwise I'll have to punish you so bad for not doing
what you're told. Good little slut, that's the way."

With trembling hands she gingerly picked up the tube of
KY and then the plug by its base. She squeezed a glob
of lubricant on it and started carefully rubbing it
over the thing.

"Twenty seconds left. I'd hurry up if I were you. And
you might want to stick some of that up your arse as

The panic almost overwhelmed her. She didn't know if
she'd be able to push this thing into herself but she
knew she'd have to try.

"Fifteen seconds cunt."

Putting the dildo down she bent over, her head on the
floor and her arse sticking up in the air. Reaching
behind herself she squirted the KY against her
arsehole. Dropping the tube she spread it around,
finally pushing a finger into herself.

"Ahh shit."

She pushed her finger around a bit, trying to spread
the slippery stuff as much as she could. Her other
hand groped around on the floor till she found the
dildo again. Holding it against her arsehole she
presses but there was no way she could do it.

"Five seconds bitch."

Squeezing her eyes tightly shut she pulled forward as
hard as she could.

"Ahhhh . oh fuck . uhhhh."

Toppling over she fell on her side, shaking with the
shock of what she'd done to herself. It felt so big,
filling her bum and pushing up against the vibrator
that was jammed into her pussy. After the initial jab
of pain that had caused her to lose her balance, it
didn't really hurt but it felt so unnatural, so
disgustingly dirty to have these two things filling her
down there.

"Okay, you made it just in time. Now get back on your
knees. Come on slave, get on your fucking knees. Get
up you fucking cunt!"

Shakily she knelt back up, every move reminding her of
the two objects now invading her body.

"Yeah that's good. Okay slut, now you're just the way
you should be all the fucking time, cock filling your
cunt and your arse. Now put on the leash and get on
all fours and crawl to me. You've got two minutes to
find me fuck toy."

Richard was in the family room, sitting naked in a
chair, one hand holding a microphone, the other slowly
stroking his hard cock, watching the tv screen that
he'd connected to the video camera. It was on a wide
view and he'd seen everything that janet had done for
him. Now as he watched she was moving off screen,
crawling as fast as she could to find him. His slave
was coming to him and he knew that now she'd do
everything he told her to do and that she'd never run
away from him again.

As she crawled she hoped that he hadn't gone upstairs
because she knew she be late if that was the case.
First she tried the lounge room but that was empty so
she headed for the family room where he'd hurt her so
badly the first day. There she found him waiting for
her. She stopped in the doorway, on all fours, and
they stared at each other, her eyes filled with defeat,
his with victory.

"Hello slave. You made it with thirty seconds to
spare. Good slave. Come on, over here and in

She stopped in front of him and knelt again, hands
behind her back and eyes down. Standing up he circled
her before crouching in front of her, tilting her head
up so he could stare into her eyes. On hand reached
between her legs so he could touch his new toys, buried
inside her. He pushed on the butt plug making her
grunt and then he twisted the vibrator which elicited a
small moan from her.

"Like my new toys do you slut? Well cunt?"

"Yes master, your slave likes your new toys."

Taking hold of her naked breasts, he caressed them for
a while before starting to squeeze them.

"You were a very bad slave running away the so as we
agreed I'm going to have to punish you for being so
bad. And I'm going to really enjoy it bitch."

By now he was holding her hard nipples between finger
and thumb, and he started clamping down and twisting,
sending lances of pain darting through her breasts.


Somehow she held on, staying in position until he
finally released them.

"That's a good slave. Didn't pull away. So, what do
you think your punishment should be?"

She was so terrified that whatever she said he'd tell
her it was wrong and just add it to what he wanted that
for a few moments it was like she was struck dumb.
Eventually she whispered the number she'd come up with.

"Sixteen master."

"Sixteen? So you think sixteen is enough for running
away do you? Really?"

"No, yes. More? I . your slave doesn't know. I'm .
she's sorry master. Should it be more? Please master.
I'll . your slave will say more if you want her to."

"No slave. The deal was that you say what you think.
And you did that, you said sixteen. Now if I thought
you should get twenty, then you're going to get thirty
six aren't you?"

"Yes master."

She'd got it wrong. She should have said more, now it
was going to be twice as bad. More. Finally the tears
started trickling down her cheeks.

"But I was only going to give you twelve, so it'll just
be the sixteen that you think you deserve slave."

"What? Only sixteen? Oh, thank you master, thank

Her relief was palpable. Sixteen, not thirty six.

"Next thing is should I use my hand or should I use the
whip? Which hurts more? Well slave girl, which one
hurts more?"

"The whip master."

"Right. So which do you think it should be? Should I
whip you, which you say will hurt more or should I just
spank you?"

It was like a trick question and she had no idea what
would happen if she got it wrong. If she said spanking
maybe he'd just whip her anyway or maybe even punish
her more for asking for the one that wasn't going to
hurt as much. But if she said whip then that was
probably all that would happen.

"I'm waiting cunt. Tell me which one you think you
fucking deserve or I'll do sixteen of both."

"Whip master."

"Okay. Good choice. That's what I think. So let's
get started. Get down on the floor over here on your
stomach. Come on, face here and feet her. That's
right. Now attach you ankles to these. Come on, hurry
up slut. Okay left hand here. Lock it on. Now put
your right hand here. Good slave."

Richard had set up four ropes on the floor that were
tied off to different parts of the wall. After he'd
secured the cuff on her right hand to the final rope
she was spreadeagled on the floor, her arms and legs
forming right angles. He then grabbed her hair in one
hand, using it to lift her head up.

"Open up. Need to put the gag in cause I think you'll
be screaming a lot. There we go, just making sure it's

With the gag secure he moved down to her hips and
taking hold of the flange of the butt plug, he tapped
his finger on it. This was so fucking amazing. He had
a fake cock up the arse of janet Sheen! Then he
twisted it which caused her to jerk and grunt.

"Like that bitch? Like having your arsehole stuffed?
And your cunt stuffed. Want me to turn on the
vibrator? Of course you do because you're a slut,
aren't you?"

Apart from her muffled grunt, there was no obvious
reaction when he switched on the vibrator but he
guessed they probably took a while to have any effect.
Not that he really cared because now he wanted to get
on with her punishment which would be followed by his
first come of the day and he had something special
planned for that.

Janet's concentration was now on her pussy and the
vibrating cock that was filling her. Even in this
terrifying position she could still feel the first
tendrils of pleasure seeping in. The movement in her
pussy seemed to be making it easier to have the other
thing stuck inside her bum. In fact the way the
vibrator was moving against the other thing was already
starting to feel nice.


Her whole body exploded, jerking with the incredible
pain that slashed across her bum. She twisted her head
to the other side, craning up to try and see where he
was as the second stroke landed on her already stinging

The whip he'd chosen was a single strand one, about
four feet long with a braided handle that added another
foot to it. He hadn't used it on her before but the
way she was jerking about it was obvious that it hurt
even though he hadn't swung very hard. He'd have to be
careful because he didn't want to hurt her too much,
just enough to show her that she couldn't piss off on
him like she had any more.

"This one is going to go from your right shoulder
diagonally across your back. Ready? Yeah, perfect,
now I just have to move around to get the other side.
Okay, that looks great, there are these two red stripes
now. Looks like a cross on your back. I hope you like
it. Now for you legs bitch."

Methodically he worked his way over her body. The
worst part was probably the way he'd tell her each time
exactly where he was going to hit her. Most of the
time he even bent down and traced a line over her body
with his fingernail as he told her where he was going
to try to land the whip. Then he'd wait, letting her
imagine it before striking. And with every stroke she
jerked and grunted, fresh waves of pain radiating
through her poor body. He lashed her sixteen times
till her body was patterned with angry looking red

"Well cunt, that's your sixteen lashes. Now it's time
for me to have some fun. Can't have you being the only
one enjoying yourself can we? Umm, trouble is your
cunt and your arsehole seem to be full, and your mouth
is full too isn't it. Guess I'll just have to work
something else out. Here, roll over and spread
yourself out again."

He'd undone her restraints and flipped here over onto
her back causing her to jerk with pain as her bum and
back hit the floor. Quickly he re-cuffed her into the
spreadeagled position and them knelt over her, sitting
on her stomach. He'd discarded the whip and was now
holding a small bottle and a pillow which he roughly
pushed under her head.

"This is for under your head so you can see what's
happening. Oil's for your big tits. Need them nice
and slippery for the next thing bitch."

Pouring the massage oil on her tits he spread it all
over them, making sure that there was plenty of oil in
the valley between her tits before he discarded the
bottle. Leaning forward he rested his cock in between
her tits, one hand cupping the outside of each tit.

"Know what I'm going to do now cunt? I'm going to fuck
your tits and then I'm going to come all over your
fucking face. And don't you dare close your fucking
eyes or I'll whip your fucking tits. That's better

Pressing her tits together he closed them around his
cock and then started moving his hips back and forth.

"Oh yeah, like that slut? Like having a cock fucking
between your big fat tits? Of course you do because
your a cock sucking, come eating little cunt aren't you
slave? Yeah, that feels real good."

Her mind was slowly clearing from the shock and the
pain of the whipping and it wasn't till he was pushing
her tits together, his cock was moving between them
that she really understood what was happening. She'd
never heard of anything like this, using a girls tits
so that a guy could come till he'd threatened to do it
to her on the first day. But it was just another of
the perverted things that he was doing to her. His
cockhead kept appearing and disappearing as it moved
through the tunnel he'd formed. All she could do was
lie there, waiting for his cock to spew his come all
over her and listen to him saying all the horrible
things about her.

Already he could feel the pressure building in his
balls and this time he wasn't worried about trying to
hold back. He wanted to come on her, wanted her to be
humiliated and suffer for running away. He squeezed
her tits together even harder, fingers sinking into
them, not caring how much it hurt her. With every
stroke the underside of his cock and his balls were
rubbing over her breastbone and he was getting closer
and closer. Sliding his hands up a bit he took her
nipples between thumb and forefinger, holding them
lightly, waiting for that glorious moment when he would

By now she was getting used to the pain in her tits and
the pleasure from the vibrator in her pussy started to
intrude. She tried to concentrate on the pleasure
building in her pussy, wanting to block out what he was
doing but it was impossible to do as he gripped her
tortured tits even harder. As she watched his cockhead
constantly appear and reappear from between her
squashed tits she knew that soon it would be spewing
his load all over her face, just like in the videos she

"Get ready cunt, get ready for a cum bath. Ahhh, fuck

The first spurt of come splattered over her face,
leaving a trail from her forehead, across her left eye
and onto her cheek. But the worst part was the pain.
As he came, he clamped down on her nipples as hard as
he could. Her body jerked, trying desperately to
escape the searing pain. He kept thrusting through her
tits, another spurt of come splattering over her face
with each upward thrust. And as each glorious spurt of
come coursed through his cock he tortured her nipples
again, making her jerk her bound body uncontrollably.
It felt like he was like riding a wild horse as she
tried unsuccessfully to throw him off her which just
spurred him to pinch her nipples even harder.

"Oh fuck yeah. Fucking cunt! Covering your fucking
face. Oh shit, right up your fucking nose. Awesome.
You bitch, take it all slave."

After the first half dozen spurts of come her face was
covered, globs of come in her hair, on both eyes,
cheeks and even in her nose. Letting go of her bruised
tits he grasped his cock and started jerking off,
milking the rest of the come out so that finally there
were creamy strands of come on her neck and over her
heaving tits.

"Yeah, cum slut. That's what you are, my come slut.
Oh fuck that's good."

He stayed kneeling over her for ages, slowly stroking
his still hard cock as he looked in awe at the sight.
From her tits up there were ropey stings of his come
which in some places was slowly dribbling down her face
and tits. As he watched, one strand rolled down her
cheek and pooled in her ear while another rolled down
the slope of her tit to puddle on her stomach.

Finally he climbed off her.

"That's all for now, slave. But you can stay there for
a while, maybe think about what a bad slave you've
been. And while you're thinking about what a naughty
cunt you've been you can watch some more videos."

He'd dubbed a four hour tape the night before. It had
some of the `How to Please Your Man' videos on it
interspersed with some really hardcore vids he'd
collected. They were bondage, gangbang and rape
scenes, really heavy stuff. He had the tv set up on a
trolley with a special arm so that it could be
suspended over her head. Wheeling it over her started
the tape.

"Now I want you to enjoy yourself while you watch the
videos. And you'd better fucking watch every second of
them because I might just test you on them. Plus some
of them are sort of a warning of what will happen to
you if you keep being a naughty slave. See this? This
will help you enjoy. It plugs into your vibrator to
make sure that the batteries don't run out. External

It was just an AC adaptor which meant that the vibrator
could run forever. Crouching between her splayed legs
he grasped the vibrator, pulling it almost all the way
out. Yet another turn on for him as he saw how wet and
slick it was from her cunt juice. She must be getting
turned on from it even with him whipping her he thought
as he started working it in and out of her wet cunt a
few times before plugging in the adaptor. Then he
changed the setting to variable. See how she liked

Picking up his digital camera he took a few shots
before hitting the play button on the vid and leaving


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